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23 Apr 18:00

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Bangs a Clown in GQ

by Erin Gloria Ryan

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Bangs a Clown in GQ

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a 53-year-old woman who is so hot and awesome that it almost seems unfair, stars in her very own photo spread in next month's issue of GQ wherein she fucks a clown.


22 Apr 14:00

HBO Made These Outstanding HBO GO Commercials To Remind You Why You Shouldn’t Watch HBO With Your Family

by staceyuproxx

Resharing from Amber. HA!!!



When I graduated college I moved back in with my parents for about six months, and one of the things I remember most vividly from that time period — which was right smack in the Sex and the City heyday — was how much my parents watched Sex and the City. I swear, it seemed like every time I’d go in the family room to ask them something, all of a sudden there were Kim Cattrall’s boobs on display or the redheaded one would be getting full on railed and OH GOD, ICK ICK ICK, TURN IT OFF.

Let’s face it: HBO programming is not intended and was never intended to be watched with your family, so HBO GO has put together these brilliant commercials as a friendly reminder that you can watch Girls, True Blood, Game of Thrones and True Detective on your laptop or mobile apps. It’s a public service they’re providing, really, when you think about it.

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14 Apr 20:58

A Softer World


This is sort of sweet.

10 Apr 18:48

ellendegeneres: Pharrell on equality. We love this man. This...


Pharrell on equality. We love this man.

This clip makes us HAPPY!

08 Apr 20:00

So That's Why The Wall Decoration Fell Down


Did it make me laugh 3x in a row? Yes? Share.

So That's Why The Wall Decoration Fell Down

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08 Apr 00:00

Kate Mulgrew Is in a Doc that Argues the Sun Revolves Around the Earth

by Lindy West


Kate Mulgrew Is in a Doc that Argues the Sun Revolves Around the Earth

Um, so, wait, what, who? Who what now? Did when? Why? What!? The beloved and iconic Kate Mulgrew—of Star Trek: Voyager and Orange Is the New Black—has reportedly narrated a new documentary, produced by virulent anti-Semite and Holocaust denier Robert Sungenis, promoting the idea that the sun revolves around the earth. What does it all MEAN!?!?!?


06 Apr 20:00

Baby Elephant Having Fun Blowing Bubbles

Baby Elephant Having Fun Blowing Bubbles

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07 Apr 18:14

leanin: "Strong is the New Pretty" is a new photo series by...


"Strong is the New Pretty" is a new photo series by Kate Parker which shows her two daughters and their friends "just as they are: loud, athletic, fearless, messy, joyous, frustrated. I wanted to celebrate them, just as they are, and show them that is enough.  Being pretty or perfect is not important. Being who they are is."

Photos by Kate T. Parker.

07 Apr 20:30

Same-Sex Spouses Can Amend Past Tax Returns for a Bigger Refund

by Dave Greenbaum

Same-Sex Spouses Can Amend Past Tax Returns for a Bigger Refund

This year, married same-sex couples can file their taxes jointly, possibly saving money. What you may not realize is that you can also amend your taxes from past years—and TurboTax has a calculator that tells you how much you'll get back.


04 Apr 03:30

Honey Maid Tells Homophobes to Take a Hike in Best Response Ad Ever

by Rebecca Rose


Honey Maid Tells Homophobes to Take a Hike in Best Response Ad Ever

Honey Maid released a glorious response to homophobic idiots who didn't like the snack company's ads depicting gay couples with their children.



31 Mar 21:31

The art of street typography

by Jason Kottke

I don't know exactly what my expectations were of how lettering is painted on city streets, but this was not it. The level of precision and artistry is surprising.

Reminds me of this video of a hand-lettering master at work.

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31 Mar 18:30

This is the Result of Putting Tape Face Up on a Desk to Discourage a Cat from Jumping Up

Have any of you tried this tactic?

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02 Apr 16:23

True Facts (sorta) About the Octopus

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02 Apr 20:30

Kitten Is Still Learning How to Climb

Kitten Is Still Learning How to Climb

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25 Mar 16:00

Adam Scott Brings Back Step Brothers Character to Promote Obamacare

by Madeleine Davies

Whenever I stumble upon Step Brothers while flipping though cable, I will stop and watch the rest of the movie no matter what. The film (written by Adam McCay and Will Ferrell) is so perfectly stupid, funny and absurd that watching it is like the world's best lobotomy — both because it's temporary and, for a few blissful moments, you don't have to think or worry about anything.



27 Mar 17:34

Road Rage Driver Receives Swift Justice

by Don

I'm ashamed of how satisfying this was.


A tailgater attempts to flip a woman off while passing on the SR 41 road in Tampa, Florida and immediately receives quite a heavy dose of karma.

27 Mar 23:43

Dear 10-Year-Old Self, Before you ask me when you have your...

Dear 10-Year-Old Self,

Before you ask me when you have your first kiss or if you’ll ever have a boyfriend, I need to tell you some more important stuff first. What’s more important than a first kiss, you ask? Plenty.

First of all, don’t let that kid in your class, Danny, who called you fat, make you self-consciously wear oversized sweatshirts for the next four years to hide your body. That kid is horrible and years from now he will be boring and bald and trying to get in touch with you to come to the set of the TV show you work on. No, you don’t work on Cheers. That show’s not on the air anymore. That would’ve been awesome, though.

Another thing: Say thank you, always. Gratitude is the closest thing to beauty manifested in an emotion. When you’re grateful, people are attracted to you.

Also: Make sure you appreciate Mom and Dad. Yes, they never seem to let you do anything now except read books. Once you turn 18 you’ll never get to live with them again, and you’ll live far away, and you will miss them so much it hurts.

Next: Learn forgiveness and bestow it generously.

Finally: Don’t let anyone give you any crap. Mastering a balance of these last two will take you a lifetime, so you had better get started now.

Mindy Kaling

26 Mar 13:30

This Nail-Biting Rescue During a Fire in Houston is Terrifying

by Rebecca Rose

HOLY CRAP!! Spoiler: no injuries. BUT JESUS!

A bystander captured heart-stopping footage of an emergency rescue during a fire that broke out at a construction site in Houston on Tuesday.



26 Mar 12:30

Use Ice Cubes and Your Dryer to Steam Out Wrinkles

by Alan Henry

Use Ice Cubes and Your Dryer to Steam Out Wrinkles

If you're too busy to iron, but you need a shirt or pair of pants smooth and wrinkle-free for an interview, a night out, or just so you look good, this time-saving tip can help. Toss a couple of ice cubes (not too many) in the dryer with your wrinkled clothes. Run it on its hottest setting. It's strange, but it works.



26 Mar 21:00

Video Game Logic: Developer's Edition

by Brad
26 Mar 11:33

The Punk Singer


Now streaming on Netflix.

Through interviews and performance clips spanning the career of punk rocker Kathleen Hanna, filmmaker Sini Anderson chronicles the life of the outspoken feminist firebrand, who suddenly and mysteriously retired from the music scene in 2005.
20 Mar 17:56

"Wow, My First Tweet Was Fucking Stupid"

by Christopher Frizzelle

Someone in the office just looked up their first tweet and said that. You can look up your first tweet here. Everyone in the office rolls their eyes when an internet thing like this comes along, and then we all turn toward our computers and do what we just rolled our eyes about doing. My first tweet was apparently a Flannery O'Conner joke. #embarrassing #typical #figures

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20 Mar 17:30

You Kinda Lost That Whole "Regal" Thing...


Derp derp derp derp.

You Kinda Lost That Whole "Regal" Thing...

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20 Mar 19:00

Silpain, the Silpat for Bread, Is a Welcome Addition to the Bread Baker's Kitchen

by dbcurrie


[Photograph: Silpat]

You might say that I bake a bit of bread. Sometimes I bake on a stone or in a loaf pan. Sometimes I bake on a baking pan, and in that case I either sprinkle the sheet with cornmeal or I line it with parchment because I hate it when the crust sticks to the pan.

Although I have a Silpat, I never use it for bread. It's too slick and smooth and I don't get the crust I like. So when I found out that the Silpat folks had a mat made specifically for bread, I figured it was worth a try. The difference is that the Silpain ($17.90) is a fine mesh mat instead of an impermeable silicone mat, allowing air to circulate under the loaf.

Does it make a difference? To give it a test, I made one batch of dough, split it in half, formed two loaves, and put one on a baking pan with the Silpain and the other on a baking pan with parchment. I ended up with loaves of bread that were anything but identical.

As I expected, the bottom of the loaf baked on the Silpain was a little crisper than the loaf baked on parchment. What I didn't expect, but was happy to find, was that I got a little more oven spring (the extra rise you get when the loaf goes into the oven) from the Silpain loaf as well, perhaps because of the dark surface.

The other benefit of the Silpain is that it's easy to slide the whole thing off the baking pan and onto a cooling rack. It's easy enough to lift a loaf of bread to move it a rack, but a full pan of hot buns isn't as easy to move. And since the Silpain has holes, the buns can stay on the mat until they're cool enough to be moved without risk of developing soggy bottoms

This certainly isn't an essential kitchen item, but I like having a lot of different options for baking bread so I get different results. Sometimes I want the crunch of cornmeal on the bottom a loaf, but now that I've got this mat, I won't be using nearly as much parchment paper.

About the author: Resident yeast whisperer and bread baking columnist Donna Currie also has a serious gadget habit. When her father-in-law heard about this column, he upgraded the nickname for her kitchen from "gadget world" to "gadget heaven." You can find her on her blog, Cookistry or follow her on Twitter at @dbcurrie.

Disclaimer: Testing samples were provided to Serious Eats.

19 Mar 16:20

Behold the Most Perfectly Scathing Missed Connection of All Time

by Madeleine Davies

*clap clap clap clap clap*

Behold the Most Perfectly Scathing Missed Connection of All Time

Tuesday evening, a commuter on the T in Boston observed a man approach a woman and — without any prior interaction — tell her to lose weight. The observing passenger was outraged on the woman's behalf and, unable to confront the man before he got off the train, took to Craigslist to air her grievances in what might be the most appropriately scathing missed connection of all time:



11 Mar 13:01

When I'm still adjusting to losing an hour of sleep to daylight savings time


Plus jetlag.

18 Mar 13:01

When I try to walk to work on icy sidewalks the day after St. Patrick's

16 Mar 15:01

When someone asks me if I want to go jogging early Sunday morning


I say this to my neighbor every time she asks if I want to go running with her Sunday morning.

18 Mar 14:00

Adorable Corgi Video Ends in Explosion and Flames

by Kelly Faircloth

Rare is the person who enjoys housecleaning duties, but this corgi really despises everyday cleaning products. Which is how this attempt at a super-cute video ended with an explosion and a woman's kitchen in flames. Ta-da!



19 Mar 00:03

Despite Rumours, Marvel Has No Firm Plans for a Female Superhero Film

by izzyromaro on Groupthink, shared by Rebecca Rose to Jezebel

The upcoming films in Marvel's universe such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy both have diverse supporting casts, unlike past titles, which is a direction I hope it stays in. However in a recent press-junket for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Kevin Feige (Marvel's President of Production), when asked about the lack of diversity in former Marvel Films said the following: