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17 Sep 14:19

Don't Put iOS 8 On Your iPhone 4S

by Robert Sorokanich on Gizmodo, shared by Whitson Gordon to Lifehacker

Don't Put iOS 8 On Your iPhone 4S

Apple has made it so that that iOS 8 , which goes out to the public today, will work on iPhones reaching all the way back to the venerable 4S . Which is good! But as Ars Technica found out the hard way, subjecting your elderly iPhone to new software can be downright cruel.


17 Sep 02:30

Russian Woman On Motorcycle Hates Litter, Throws Garbage Back At People

by Mark Shrayber

This is incredibly gratifying.

This woman is probably neither the hero we need, nor the one we deserve, but it's nice to know someone cares so much about litter they're willing to risk their life for it. And that they got it all on video.


16 Sep 22:15

Anheuser-Busch Sternly Urges NFL to Stop Acting Like Stupid Meatheads

by Erin Gloria Ryan

Anheuser-Busch Sternly Urges NFL to Stop Acting Like Stupid Meatheads

Major NFL sponsor Anheuser-Busch has issued a serious reprimand and warning to the NFL in response to the league's latest fuckery. This is even better if you imagine the puppy from this year's Super Bowl ad bark-dictating the announcement. Trust me.


14 Sep 19:14

robotrockers: I’ve got a friend and they mean a lot to...


I’ve got a friend and they mean a lot to me.


12 Sep 14:00

Quote of the Day: James Brown on toxic masculinity

by Alexandra

I don’t know anything about football, but I have a vague sense of what kinds of things TV sports anchors tend to discuss when a big game is about to start. And it usually doesn’t include toxic masculinity.

Yesterday, right before Ray Rice’s team, the Baltimore Ravens, played the Pittsburgh Steelers, CBS anchor James Brown shared a few thoughts on the roots of intimate partner violence (IPV):

Two years ago I challenged the NFL community and all men to seriously confront the problem of domestic violence, especially coming on the heels of the murder-suicide of Kansas City Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins. Yet, here we are again dealing with the same issue of violence against women.

Now let’s be clear, this problem is bigger than football. There has been, appropriately so, intense and widespread outrage following the release of the video showing what happened inside the elevator at the casino. But wouldn’t it be productive if this collective outrage, as my colleagues have said, could be channelled to truly hear and address the long-suffering cries for help by so many women? And as they said, do something about it? Like an on-going education of men about what healthy, respectful manhood is all about.

And it starts with how we view women. Our language is important. For instance, when a guy says, ‘you throw the ball like a girl’ or ‘you’re a little sissy,’ it reflects an attitude that devalues women and attitudes will eventually manifest in some fashion. Women have been at the forefront in the domestic violence awareness and prevention arena. And whether Janay Rice considers herself a victim or not, millions of women in this country are.

Consider this: According to domestic violence experts, more than three women per day lose their lives at the hands of their partners. That means that since the night February 15th in Atlantic City [when the elevator incident occurred] more than 600 women have died.

So this is yet another call to men to stand up and take responsibility for their thoughts, their words, their deeds and as Deion [Sanders] says to give help or to get help, because our silence is deafening and deadly.

Ok, so I’m not going to wax on for paragraphs about James Brown the Hero of Domestic Violence. As Brown said, women have led anti-IPV work and I’m sick of throwing a parade for every man who mentions that maybe men should stop hitting women. Plus, CBS as a whole doesn’t seem to understand the problem: the network repeatedly played the video of Rice punching Janay Palmer and cut Rihanna from the show, dangerously conflating perpetrators and victims of IPV.

But, look, it’s pretty rad to hear a nuanced discussion of the ways language and conceptions of masculinity lead to violence during an NFL pregame show. That’s a testament to Brown, yes, but also to advocates who have mainstreamed what were once really out-there ideas about gendered harms.


Alexandra Brodsky is an editor at Feministing, a founding co-director of Know Your IX, and a student at Yale Law School.

12 Sep 17:34

 fluxmachine gifs Artist Kevin Weir creates ghostly animated...

 fluxmachine gifs

Artist Kevin Weir creates ghostly animated GIFs using Archival photos from the Library of Congress

hello new followers!

09 Sep 22:53

One Guy's Brilliant Adjustment to His Tribal Tattoo

by Laura Vitto

There's not much that can be done to a horrendous shoulder tribal tattoo the size of a large chicken breast.

Despite these unfortunate limitations, Reddit user kvd still managed to change up his cliché tribal-inspired tattoo with one small, but brilliant change. In a post, he writes, "I have an ugly tribal tattoo. But I think I fixed it."

tribal tat

Image: Reddit, kvd

Because everyone knows that there are just some things you should never do when your brain is only 80% developed


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11 Sep 17:36

AT&T Will Give You $200 Minimum for Your Old iPhone 4

by Adam Clark Estes on Gizmodo, shared by Whitson Gordon to Lifehacker

AT&T Will Give You $200 Minimum for Your Old iPhone 4

As expected, would-be iPhone 6 owners are currently wading through a torrent of trade-in and upgrade offers. It's all very, very confusing. But AT&T is being clear about one thing: If you trade in an iPhone 4, 4S, 5, or 5C, you will get at least $200 credit towards a new device*.


09 Sep 20:53

If There’s a Pandemic, Homeland Security May be Scrambling

by Charles S. Clark


Department has mismanaged its inventory of masks, hand sanitizer and other emergency protective equipment, watchdog finds.
09 Sep 16:45

Culture Club: 6 Made-in-NYC Yogurts Worth Seeking Out

by Julia LoFaso

Amber, you got these, right? How were they?

Forget fro-yo—New York's greatest tangy asset is its new wealth of locally made fresh yogurt, which come in a dizzying array of flavors and textures that run laps around supermarket brands. Read More
09 Sep 09:00

Why You Should Refrigerate Tomatoes and Ignore Anyone Who Says Otherwise

by Daniel Gritzer

People, even experts, swear that you should never put a tomato in the fridge. They are wrong. Here's the follow-up to our tomato-storage tests from earlier in the summer, with some basic tips for how you really should store your tomatoes. Read More
08 Sep 19:08

Number of New Ebola Cases Increasing 'Exponentially' in Liberia, WHO Warns

by Andrew Freedman

Nothing to see, move along....


In a sobering assessment of the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Liberia, World Health Organization (WHO) experts said Monday that thousands more people are likely to fall ill with the deadly Ebola virus within a matter of weeks.

"The number of new cases is moving far faster than the capacity to manage them in Ebola-specific treatment centers," the WHO said. "Transmission of the Ebola virus in Liberia is already intense and the number of new cases is increasing exponentially."

The assessment comes from a team of WHO experts who worked with the Liberian government and aid organizations to take stock of the response to the Ebola outbreak in the West African nation. Along with several other countries, Liberia has been hard hit by the outbreak since it began in March. Read more...

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07 Sep 22:04

Bulldogs Feverishly Attempt to Save Tire From Villainous Water

by Isha Aran


Okay guys, I owe you. Big time. So here's not one, but TWO adorable videos featuring dogs taking on tires. That's two tires and three dogs total.


08 Sep 02:30

Two Women in Their 90s Wed After Spending Decades Together as a Couple

by Rebecca Rose

Not EVERYTHING is awful.

Two Women in Their 90s Wed After Spending Decades Together as a Couple

Vivian Boyack, 91, and Alice "Nonie" Dubes, 90, were a lot of like most couples on the day of their wedding. Giddy, a little nervous and most of all, deeply in love. But things were a little different for them than they are for most of the couples who get married at First Christian Church in Davenport, Iowa. Dubes and Boyack have spent 72 years together as a couple.


06 Sep 01:58

25 Magically Delicious Engagement Photos

by Charlie Mattingly

There's a whole lot of nope in here. Except the "Welcome to my butthole" couple.

05 Sep 07:30

NYPD arrest human rights lawyer waiting outside restaurant while kids used bathroom

by Cory Doctorow

tl;dr: Everything is awful and no one is safe.

Huq, who has a nose ring and was wearing a traditional Indian tunic and pants on the day of her arrest, said she believes officers targeted her because she is Muslim and South Asian.

She added that officers went through her purse without probable cause before taking her to the Midtown South Precinct — all while her family was still inside the restaurant.

Huq’s husband and children were notified by another officer and eventually came looking for her at the precinct, according to her federal civil rights suit, which is expected to be filed Tuesday.

Officers offered to deliver Huq's purse and personal items out to her husband, but then became suspicious when she told the officer his last name was different than hers, according to the lawsuit.

"In America wives take the names of their husbands,” the officer told her according to court papers.

She was held for more than nine hours in lockup before being arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on charges of obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, court records show.

Chaumtoli Huq, former general counsel for NYC Public Advocate Tish James, attended a rally in Times Square with her family, and afterwards, waited on the sidewalk outside of a Ruby Tuesday restaurant while her husband took their children (10 and 6) to the bathroom. Read the rest

04 Sep 01:48

abcnews: 1. Stunning Aurora Borealis “so intense you could...


1. Stunning Aurora Borealis “so intense you could reach up and grab it” in the Arctic Circle, Yukon Territory, Canada, in late August.

2. Northern Lights glow and reflect off a lake and icebergs during a geomagnetic solar storm in Iceland in late August.

[PHOTOS: Mike Theiss / ]

05 Sep 09:44


04 Sep 13:01

When I arrive back in the office after taking an extra long holiday weekend

02 Sep 15:30

Behind Every Bullied Woman Is a Man Yelling About Free Speech

by Erin Gloria Ryan

"But lately, those rights are so often invoked in defending the actions of men trying to intimidate and humiliate women that I'm starting to think we've conflated 'free speech' with 'freedom to bully without consequences.'"

Behind Every Bullied Woman Is a Man Yelling About Free Speech

Sunday's massive leak of photos of nude celebrities — including Jennifer Lawrence and Aubrey Plaza — spiraled out of 4Chan and Reddit, two web communities that fancy themselves promoters of free speech and privacy. Ostensibly, free speech and privacy are good things. But lately, those rights are so often invoked in defending the actions of men trying to intimidate and humiliate women that I'm starting to think we've conflated "free speech" with "freedom to bully without consequences."


25 Aug 16:35

These Australian Tampon Commercials Are Batshit and Delightful

by Madeleine Davies

E: Vagine!

Feminine hygiene brand Carefree is taking a new approach to marketing towards the Australian consumer. New ads by DDB Sydney feature hosts by the name of Fanny Glitterwinkle, Harmony Freebush and Stefan Van Der Blöed. The commercials are funny, weird and — surprisingly — actually use the word "vagina."


27 Aug 22:53

chocolatecakesandthickmilkshakes: dewgonair: lockrocksandcoke: ...







Heart attacks symptoms are different for women. I recently learned this. 

Everyone should know these things.

thanks to mainstream media and being unable to show breasts on TV, way too few people know about female signs of cardiac distress, and impending heart attacks. they only know about the “pain in the left arm” male symptom.

i had all these symptoms once and they sent me right to hospital

it was scary bc i didnt know these were the symptoms for female heart issues

Please, please, PLEASE, reblog this. i don’t know if I did save or called false alarm, with my boss’ life tonight. I felt I was being a bit paranoid, overreacting, but I told Mirage my thoughts and he, after reading over the article I showed him, immediately sprung into action and then shooed her off to the hospital. I don’t know if I did or not, but I knew she’d been super stressed. She’d off-handedly commented on her arm tingling and I asked her if she felt queasy on a hunch. I went to look at the symptoms and we went from there.


27 Aug 18:00

Rescue of the Day: Couple Saves Fat Prairie Dog Stuck in its Own Hole


Start around 1:20.

Submitted by: (via PsihAL)

Tagged: fat , cute , squee , Video , Prairie Dogs , animals , rescue
27 Aug 19:01

When I give someone my phone to see a picture and they start swiping

29 Aug 20:03

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Got Married: How Is Billy Bob Thornton Holding Up?

by Brittany Wong

Here's the direct link:

I el oh el'ed. "In his desperate and pathetic attempt to sire more children than Brad Pitt, will Thornton ever concede defeat? You can practically see his prostate ticking every time he walks down the red carpet. Will Billy Bob Thornton ever get pregnant? It's not looking good."

Finding out that your ex got married is never fun. Especially if you are Billy Bob Thornton. 
28 Aug 10:51

Dashcam nails cops who beat man while shouting "Stop resisting arrest"

by Cory Doctorow

Two cops from Bloomfield, NJ's police department have been indicted, and another plead guilty after a suppressed dashcam video showed them beating a man who was facing years in prison for "resisting arrest" (the DA dropped his charges right away). Read the rest

28 Aug 16:45

Pack Your Lunch in Style, Save on iTunes, BOGO Jamba Juice [Deals]

by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team

The lunch kit is on sale today for really cheap.

Pack Your Lunch in Style, Save on iTunes, BOGO Jamba Juice [Deals]

If you ever take your lunch to work, Rubbermaid's interlocking Lunch Blox system is a great space saver. Several Lunch Blox kits are on sale from Amazon, today only, along with a couple of carrying bags, and even a few shaker bottles. [Up to 40% off Rubbermaid Products]


28 Aug 17:01

Listen to a conservative judge brutally destroy arguments against gay marriage

by Mark Frauenfelder

This was pretty funny.

It's fun to listen to Judge Richard Posner of the 7th Circuit Court slap down disingenuous arguments against gay marriage. It's also fun to listen to the opponents to gay marriage try to defend their illogical opinions, such as Indiana Solicitor General Thomas Fisher, a real asshole.

Image: Chensiyuan/Wikimedia Commons.

28 Aug 14:00

Forget the Ice Water...Get That Camera Out of My Face!

27 Aug 21:34

Discover nature at a National Park!

by Kerry

By day: bears. By night: bird & bees. Gee, you’re right, Glacier National Park does sound like a pretty educational experience. (You’re welcome, notewriter!)

Dear neighbors, When taking our children to such a breathtaking park, we hoped they would learn a lot. We had no idea they could learn so much at the hotel too. Last night, for example, they learned that headboard pounding, drunken sex might annoy neighbors in six rooms, but at least it will only last three minutes. 10:38 to 10:41 to be exact. The early morning vomiting was the best lesson of all. Cheers!

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