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17 Jul 07:11

Does it really work? #letsdothis9gag #9gag

Igor Santos

Tem a crepioca também. Fiz aqui e é excelente.
Um ovo e duas colheres de goma de tapioca, bate tudo e assa como crepe.

Does it really work? #letsdothis9gag #9gag

18 Jul 17:56

Perfect angle. #9gag

Perfect angle. #9gag

24 Jul 10:08

No more tuna? #9gag @awwclub

No more tuna? #9gag @awwclub

26 Jul 15:47

Lady pug. #9gag

Lady pug. #9gag

26 Jul 18:36

Sincerely. #9gag

Sincerely. #9gag

27 Jul 15:42

Guy aged his cat 60 years with an ageing app. #9gag

Guy aged his cat 60 years with an ageing app. #9gag

24 Jul 18:59

Photobomb of the Day: The Queen is a Creep

25 Jul 12:30

If Twitter Existed During Old Scientific Discoveries

25 Jul 15:30

This Youtube Video Can Predict What Card You're Thinking of

Igor Santos

Não funciona se você pensar na carta antes do vídeo passar.

25 Jul 16:30

Kids These Days

Kids These Days

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25 Jul 19:30

Kids Are Resourceful

08 Jul 02:28

spankmehardbarry: "how the FUCK do i take a screenshot on this...

Igor Santos

"this motherfucking time vampire"


"how the FUCK do i take a screenshot on this piece of shit"

23 Jul 17:14

5 Reasons You Should Be Using The Ayahuasca. It Has Incredible Medicinal Values

by (judy mboroki)
Igor Santos

"The ayahuasca experience often lasts for 8 hours approximately and is accompanied often by vomiting and sometimes diarrhea."
"Ayahuasca is used on a regular basis by two major religions"

Escatologia ganhou um novo significado.

The Ayahuasca is becoming known worldwide for its incredible ability to heal anxiety, PTSD, depression and other numerous mental disorders. This medicinal tea from South America contains potent psychedelic chemical N, N-dimethlytryptaime (DMT), that induces introspection and intense visions.  The ayahuasca experience often lasts for 8 hours approximately and is accompanied often by vomiting and sometimes diarrhea. The natives call it “la purge” (the purge). This purging process is what has medicinal benefits since it frees the body of worms, emotional trauma and other parasites
The Ayahuasca
Some mind-blowing facts about the ayahuasca include:

1. Antidepressant qualities
Long term users of ayahuasca after having their blood tested showed increased density of the serotonin receptors as compared to those who were not using it. Antidepressants of the SSRI class actually help reduce density of the serotonin receptors in its users over time and these could cause chronic depression.  The ayahuasca is neither addictive nor neurotoxic. It not poisonous and cannot nerve tissue in the spinal cord or brain at any time or in any possible way.

2. The Amazon has over 40,000 plant species but somehow the Indians knew that if they mixed these two specific plants: the Banisteriopsis caapi (ayahuasca vine) and shrub leaves of the Psychotria vidris, they would make medicine.
The ayahuasca vine has monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), a chemical that helps the body absorb DMT leaves. The MAOI prevents the DMT from being destroyed by monoamine oxidase in the gut. If this happened, the DMT would have no effects. Natives who have used the brew for many years claim the plant showed them how ayahuasca is made.

3. Ayahuasca has created a boom in tourism
There is a boom in tourism due to the ayahuasca as seekers worldwide travel to the Amazon to get healing. Ayahuasca is legal in South and Central America and many eco-lodges and retreat centers are available, dedicated to ayahuasca healing and tourism.

4. Ayahuasca is healing PTSD
Many veterans have also sought the cure of PTSD from the ayahuasca.  Users go into a dream-like state and traumatic memories that are trapped in the subconscious get unlocked, reprocessed and the negative emotion and fear detached. It’s a viable treatment and cure of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

5. Used by major religions
Ayahuasca is used on a regular basis by two major religions: the Uniao De Vegetal (UDV) and Santo Daime. They use it as a sacrament that connects them with God. They both won court cases that gave them rights to consume the ayahuasca in the US. 
24 Jul 14:13

9 Completely Unique And Unusual Models. 8 Is Ingenious!

by (judy mboroki)
Modeling as we know it has evolved and gone are the days when you had to be stick thin to be a model. There is still pressure for models to look skinny but agencies are now accepting models of different shapes and sizes. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and for these models, this statement has never been truer. They redefine modeling as we know it!

1. The Lady with Muscular Dystrophy
Jillian Mercado is no ordinary model. She is a fashion reporter and uses a wheelchair due to muscular dystrophy. She met the artistic director of the Diesel Fashion house, Nicola Formichetti while she worked at a fashion magazine. Few months down the line, Diesel was casting young hip models who represented different cultural backgrounds. Out of fun, she applied and got an email soon requesting her to send more pictures. They were interested in casting her in the campaign! She got chosen along with 22 others as the face of Diesel. She was a bit worried on the reaction of people to her pictures since she was in a wheelchair but it was overwhelmingly positive. She wrote this on her blog, “You all have no idea how speechless I am right now . . . Thank you for giving me a chance of a lifetime and believing in me. This is beyond everything. You guys that’s me!!” (Source)
The Lady with Muscular Dystrophy
Image Source:
2. Super granny, 85, that models lingerie
Daphne Selfe will not let age come between her and success. She is in her 60th year as a model, thanks to her striking cheekbones, graceful posture and long lustrous grey hair. As Britain’s oldest catwalk model, she graces runways for Tata-Naka, Dolce & Gabbana and Michiko Koshino. She earns up to £1,000 in a day for magazine shoots and has been in adverts for Olay, Nivea and in a Will Young video. (source)
Super granny, 85, that models lingerie
Image Source:
3. The Cross-eyed model
She is just like any other supermodel, beautiful, young, right body measurements and talent. But something sets her apart from the rest of the models, she is cross-eyed.
Physical “flaws” cost most girls’ jobs in the modeling industry, but Molly’s condition, strabismus, (a condition where eyes aren’t properly aligned to each other) helped her get the job.  She is now famous for her POP magazine photo shoot; she seduced everyone with her unconventional beauty. Storm, the modeling agency which discovered Kate Moss, recently signed her in. (Source)
The Cross-eyed model
Image Source:
4. Former Marine Amputee
He looks good in Skivvies and his finely chiseled tattooed body always gets him a second look. He works out twice every day and has a demanding maintenance schedule. The former marine who became a model experienced a lot before getting to where he is today. Alex Minsky, lost part of his right leg four years ago in Afghanistan to a roadside explosive.  The Purple Heart recipient, however learned how to walk using a prosthetic limb. Photographer Tom Cullis approached him as he trained at the gym one day and one year after he had his first photo-shoot, Alex’s tattooed and ripped body photos are still heating up the internet. (Source)
Former Marine Amputee
Image Source:
5. Tallest Model who stands at 6'8”
At 34, Amazon Eve, holds the record as the tallest model in the world. Erika Ervin,(a name she also goes by) dwarfs majority of people as she towers at a  6’ 8” height.
She appeared on the front cover of Zoo Weekly magazine 4 years ago and her career began. She is also a political lobbyist, personal trainer, paralegal and challenges men sometimes to wrestle her at a $ 400 fee.
She was always tall even as a child and took up acting to boost her confidence.  Her Hollywood star dreams one day came true after she landed a role on Hemlock Grove, a hit TV series, as Shelley Godfrey.(Source)
Tallest Model who stands at 6'8”
Image Source:
6. Woman who models male clothes
35 year-old Casey Legler, exclusively models menswear. She has razor sharp cheekbones and stands at a height of 6’ 2”. Ford Modeling Agency recently signed her to the men’s division. She landed the gig in 2012 after Cass Bird, the photographer, invited her to participate in a man’s role for the Muse Magazine photo-shoot. The photos got shared with a Ford Models agent and Legler was invited the next day to sign a contract. She exclusively works from their male roster now.(Source)
Woman who models male clothes
Image Source:
7. World’s Largest hips model
Mikel Ruffinelli, 39, hails from Los Angeles, CA. She holds the biggest hips record worldwide. She is a mother of four and her amazing 100-inch curves make her struggle while getting through doorways. She also needs two seats on a plane. Mikel, who drives a truck stands at 5ft 4inches, has a 40-inch waist, weighs 420 pounds and has 42D size breast. She is proud of her figure and doesn’t want to lose weight. She models for a website that features women who are big and beautiful and gets $ 1,000 per shoot. (Source)
World’s Largest hips model
Image Source:
8. 72 year old grandpa models teen girl outfits.
Photos of this 72 year old grandpa went viral online after the granddaughter posted them on the largest retail website in China. A silly joke of the Chinese man as he modeled stylish young women clothes, turned into an enormous advertising campaign. Liu Xianping is the first elderly male to reach internet stardom while modeling girl’s outfits. Liu poses for his granddaughter’s fashion store and though the garments have been designed for cute teen girls, featuring, laces, rosy shades and ribbons, the 72 year old pulled it off totally. He has gained admiration from millions due to his camera confidence, slim physique and long skinny legs. His efforts have paid off since his granddaughters store has increased sales 5 times over after the pictures went viral.(source)
72 year old grandpa models teen girl outfits.
Image Source:
9. Men and women from an ugly people modeling agency.
Casting for models sometimes requires quirks, some specific looks or sometimes the bizarre. When this happens, the ad agencies turn to Ugly Models, London. This modeling agency specializes in the casting of weird-looking actors and models. It offers “wee folks” (dwarves), “guys” and “girls”, “bikers”, “bodies”(body builders), “thugs” and “x-files”(people who’ve got lots of body piercings or tattoos). (Source)
Men and women from an ugly people modeling agency.
Image Source:
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#raiseawareness #realcatshavecurves [wolfosaurus]

#raiseawareness #realcatshavecurves [wolfosaurus]

21 Jul 19:00

How to Cold Email a Complete Stranger

by Leda Marritz
Igor Santos

Sempre fiz mais ou menos isso. Eu escrevo como se eu fosse receber, aí se o texto começar a me abusar eu apago e começo de novo.

by Leda Marritz

dear stranger I don't know
Reaching out to complete strangers to ask them for help is something we all have to do from time to time.This essential skill is something few people feel comfortable doing. It can feel both futile and presumptuous. How do you get attention and input from a busy person who doesn’t know you?

As an introvert, I’ve never been very comfortable with it, but after years of practice, I have learned a few things that make it easier—and likelier that I’ll get a response. I’ve sent out cold emails for any number of situations: scoping out a job prospect, asking for a comment or quote for an article, personnel recruiting inquiries, and general informational interviews all come to mind. While the ask in each case is different, the principles in play are fundamentally the same.

Here are five tips to get you started and increase your chance of success, with a real life example from an email I actually wrote in 2010 (with some small details modified, for privacy) when I was considering starting my own non-profit.

1. Make your introduction brief and specific
Introduce yourself in a sentence or two and briefly explain why you are contacting them. Ya know, provide some context! Do you know someone in common? Do you share an industry? Get to the point, and do it pretty quickly.

Example (critical point in bold):

Dear John,

I attended the Wildlife Expo on October 3rd for the first time. I was so impressed by all of the wildlife conservation projects I learned about, particularly their passionate leaders. Your model for supporting their work is the first I’ve heard of its kind, and I’m looking forward to being a part of it.

I have been volunteering with animals since I was a kid. After graduating from Brown in 2004 I became more serious, taking on fostering, volunteer management, and adoption counseling with local animal groups first in New York City and now in San Francisco. I’m now considering starting my own rescue group and am seeking advice from people who have done something similar.

(If you’re writing specifically to find out more about a position or a company where you want to work, it’s often a good idea to add a sentence or two about your interests/background and how you see that overlapping with the person you’re contacting.)

2. Have a clear ask

You’re writing for a specific reason—to ask for them to share a comment/quote, to talk to you about their role or a career transition, or to learn about a project they’re working on. Make sure that your ask is clear.
Example (the "ask" in bold):

I've been working with a fellow volunteer to try to create a new business model for a domestic animal welfare group. We want to emphasize an integrated approach making sure that humane education, community outreach, sensible spay/neuter policies, and of course a robust adoption program are all part of the solution. We want to ensure that our group is well-run, ambitious, and can demonstrate measurable results.
Would you consider meeting with us to give us your thoughts on how the WCN model might apply (or be adapted) to work on a domestic scale? Your experience and business savvy would be tremendously valuable to us as we continue to brainstorm and develop this idea.

3. Offer them something in return
This point won’t apply every time, but especially if you’re reaching out to someone who is very busy, it’s always a good idea to think about what you can offer them. This gets their attention and also signals thoughtfulness and reciprocity. It’s not all about you! It needn’t be anything fancy; it could be as modest as sharing information about something you’re working on that you think is relevant for their business or company.

Example (the offer in bold):

In this case I actually didn’t offer John anything, but I could have! Even something as simple as "… and I'd love to share some of the things I've been working on that might be of interest to you" would work.

4. Stick the landing
Don’t end your email by saying "be in touch," or "I’d welcome your thoughts." It’s so easy to ignore that. Instead, propose a specific time to talk, either in person or over the phone. In my case, I was writing to someone who was the founder and president of a major non-profit organization. I knew this guy’s time was at a premium, and I wanted to make sure he knew I was aware of it (having said that, it’s always best to assume the person you’re writing is busy, without a lot of time to spare for strangers seeking their advice!).

Example (superb landing in bold):

I imagine the requests for your time and expertise are considerable; we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to squeeze in somewhere. We are both dedicated to trying to achieve this goal, and with some guidance and feedback from people like you I believe we will be well positioned to build something meaningful.

Could we take you out to coffee some afternoon next week—how about Wednesday or Thursday at 4 p.m.? We’d be happy to meet anywhere in the city that is convenient for you.

Leda Marritz

5. Say thanks
If they agree to meet or talk to you, obviously follow up with a thank you email! This is just basic courtesy; I’m sure your folks taught you as much. Like your initial email, make your thank you specific and brief. If there was anything they said they would follow up with, it’s good to remind them.


I so appreciated you taking the time to speak with me earlier this week. Hearing about your experience, including the challenges you faced, was extremely valuable. I also really appreciate you connecting me with Hugo Avery; I am talking to him next week. I hope you don’t mind if I’m in touch periodically about our progress, and thank you again.

These are just a few things to think about the next time you have to reach out to someone you don’t know to ask them for a favor. It may never be easy, but you can become better at it. The result—a response—is what you’re after.

Have you had any success with this? Share any stories or tips you have in the comments.

"The Grindstone" is a series about how we work today by Billfold writers Leda Marritz and Stephanie Stern. Looking for advice? Want to see a specific issue covered in the future? You can email them here.

Leda Marritz lives in San Francisco. You can read more of her writing at

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Having Fun With Statues And Monuments

by (Damn Cool Pics)
Even old statues and monuments need a good laugh every once in a while.

23 Jul 18:19

NATO tells CNN: Russia troops moving closer to Ukraine border

23 Jul 15:30

What the Hell Did I Just Read?

What the Hell Did I Just Read?

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No, You Need to Bring it in Just a Few More Inches

No, You Need to Bring it in Just a Few More Inches

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That facial expression… #9gag

That facial expression… #9gag

22 Jul 10:45


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Black Leopards reaction when he sees his favorite zoo keeper.

21 Jul 13:30

Lovable Lynx Living Large

by Lisa Marcus

This Canada lynx kitten named Jasper seems to be having a ball at the Point Defiance Zoo, between the love he gets from keepers and admirers and his fondness for play. The nine-week-old kitten weighs approximately four pounds and is being hand-reared by zoo staff.

The Canada lynx is native to North America, specifically to Canada, Alaska and the northernmost parts of the United States. Adults of the species weigh 18 to 24 pounds on average and measure 19 to 22 inches in height. 

The lynx is typically a solitary animal, although it may occasionally roam in small groups. The lynx roams anywhere from 1.5 to 3 miles per day. As they take shelter in areas of dense forest, they usually stay close to the treeline, however they generally like to swim. One researcher recorded a lynx swimming two miles across the Yukon River.

Read more and see additional photos at Zooborns. 

Images Credit: Point Defiance Zoo


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Trampolines, Even When You're Getting Off One, Never Lead to Anything Good

Igor Santos

Deu um QWOP no último frame.

18 Jul 04:01

catasters: "Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing…"


"Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing…"

20 Jul 23:16

"O Homem que Sabia Demais - Alan Turing e a invenção do...

"O Homem que Sabia Demais - Alan Turing e a invenção do computador", de David Leavitt

David Leavitt é membro da Creative Writing da Universidade da Flórida e é autor de vários livros de ficção e não-ficção. 

Alan Turing, o biografado, foi um dos gênios da humanidade. Ele teve a ideia de projetar uma máquina para resolver grandes problemas matemáticos de seu tempo e findou criando não só a máquina que quebrou o código da Enigma - sim!!!!, ele foi O CARA que quebrou a criptografia alemã na II Grande Guerra - como criou o computador moderno. 

Mesmo tendo morrido tão precocemente, Turing não só contribuiu para a derrocada do regime nazista como foi um dos grandes responsáveis pela cascata tecnológica que se seguiu à II Guerra e que garantiu que hoje praticamente todo mundo tenha acesso a um computador com internet.

O motivo de sua morte é uma vergonha para a Inglaterra e para o mundo. Como reconhecimento à herança que nos deixou, sua morte deve ser para sempre lembrada.

Segundo os relatos de sua mãe, Alan começou a se interessar por números e por ciência ainda muito pequeno e por volta dos 10 anos de idade já demonstrava aversão contra imprecisões, bem como tinha alguma dificuldade de lidar com abstrações e costumava interpretar questões de maneira extremamente literal.

No capítulo ‘Vendo as Margaridas Crescerem' David Leavitt faz referência às desilusões amorosas e perdas da adolescência de Alan, bem como as dificuldades que passou por viver em um ambiente tão hostil contra aquele que é diferente. Além de gay, ele era tímido e não contava com a sofisticação inglesa típica, ou seja, não se encaixava nos padrões que eram exigidos em sua época.

Aos 22 anos ele foi aceito como bolsista do King’s College e o livro discorre sobre alguns paradoxos nos quais Alan se debruçou e como a matemática evoluia na época, citando diversos estudiosos e filósofos. A obra é meio que também um trabalho de História da Matemática no século XX e cita a origem dos algoritmos, sistema denário, binário, álgebra booleana e mais conhecimentos que foram necessários para Alan criar o computador moderno.  

Pulei uma parte do livro porque simplesmente não consigo entender algumas coisas, já que na minha cabeça (isso só mostra que não sou um gênio, não me crucifiquem, eheh) às vezes o acadêmico fica anos e anos em busca de soluções para supostos problemas que para mim são de fato um enigma genial justamente porque não tem resposta - como por exemplo o Paradoxo do Mentiroso ou do Gato de Schrödinger, duas coisas que não me fazem queimar ATP. Como disse Bertrand Russel, ‘a matemática pura é o tema em que não sabemos do que estamos falando, ou se o que estamos falando é verdadeiro’. Mas obviamente sei, ou preciso entender, que o processo da busca pela solução acaba trazendo novos conhecimentos, novos paradoxos, ou levanta novas verdades que ainda não podem ser aplicadas ou provadas, como por exemplo a ideia da ‘máquina universal’ que AlanTuring teve enquanto pensava em coisas sem solução deitado na grama das campinas de Grantchester :) 

       (Bom, por causa disso, dessa minha incapacidade, comecei a     assistir NUMB3RS  para atiçar a curiosidade matemática e estou planejando ler ‘O Livro da Matemática’ de Clifford A. Pickover)

Turing, nascido em 1912,  chegou à definição dos números computáveis  no início dos anos 30, época em que deixou a Inglaterra pela primeira vez e partiu para sua pós-graduação em Princeton.

Em janeiro de 1937 publicou ‘Computable Numbers’, que de início teve pouquíssima repercussão mas conforme o biógrafo, tal coisa ocorreu porque as Universidades Americanas estavam apinhadas de gênios que fugiram da Europa em razão da perseguição nazista, então havia uma profusão de artigos sendo apresentados e o de Alan passou inicialmente despercebido (para ‘aparecer’ em uma Universidade não basta ser gênio, é preciso conhecer as pessoas certas, publicar nos locais certos e até uma certa dose de autopromoção, coisas das quais Alan Turing carecia).

Mais aí o professor Church, seu orientador para o PhD, escreveu uma resenha sobre o artigo que chamou a atenção do Reitor do Depto de Matemática. O encantado reitor concedeu a Turing prorrogação da Bolsa de pós para ficar mais um ano em Princeton livre para apenas estudar e pesquisar.

Finalizado o prazo ele voltou para a Inglaterra para ministrar um curso de criptografia e encriptação em Londres pois como o mundo estava prestes a entrar em Guerra, o seu cérebro já estava na mira do Governo Britânico.

Em 1939 ele passou a ministrar cursos em Cambridge mas logo após começou a sua saga para a construção da ‘Bomba’, a máquina idealizada por ele para quebrar os códigos da Enigma. 

No Capítulo 5, A Casca Macia (menção à maçã envenenada do Filme Branca de Neve e os Sete Anões, um dos filmes preferidos de Turing), há descrição dos princípios básicos de criptografia, da história da ‘Bomba’, de como Alan conseguiu explorar os erros dos alemães e foi ficando mais ‘excêntrico’ com o passar do tempo.

É de arrepiar saber que se os ingleses soubessem que ele era homossexual possivelmente os Nazistas tivessem vencido a Guerra ou a Guerra tivesse durado muito mais tempo (e talvez eu nem tivesse nascido, já que meus ancestrais judeus conseguiram sobreviver, então é melhor parar de pensar nisso).

A vida solitária de Alan fica bem clara no capítulo 6, com a triste descrição da rejeição que sofreu de pessoas que ele não esperava, de ser socialmente punido em razão e não esconder sua homossexualidade, dos amores não correspondidos e das relações homoafetivas de curta duração.

Em 1945 ele foi trabalhar na divisão de matemática do Laboratório Nacional de Física em Teddington, então dirigido pelo neto de Charles Darwin (gente, que massa!!) , enquanto os EUA já trabalhavam em uma máquina baseada na fita de Turing (na verdade parece ter havido uma apropriação de suas ideias).

Ele terminou um importante relatório em 1945 mas naquela data o trabalho não foi compreendido. Em 1948 ele voltou aos EUA para trabalhar em um modelo preliminar de computador moderno que foi testado com quebra-cabeças matemáticos e batizado como ‘Baby’.

Em 1950 Alan publicou ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence”, seu trabalho mais famoso e que gerou muitas discussões éticas na mídia (inclusive críticas religiosas contra uma máquina que pode pensar, que a máquina nunca atingiria a perfeição humana, e outros blás) e em 1951 entrou para a Royal Society.

Parecia enfim que a vida o recompensaria por tudo que desenvolveu, por todo seu esforço.

Em 1952 Turing teve sua casa roubada supostamente por um rapaz com quem mantinha uma relação precária. Ao reportar o ocorrido à polícia, passou de vítima a criminoso e foi preso por ‘conduta indecente’.

O resto de sua curta vida é só aflição.

Quando foi preso ele estava com 40 anos de idade. Foi castrado quimicamente, emasculado, viu suas mamas crescerem em resposta aos estrógenos, engordou, deprimiu-se. Foi solto para viver o resto dos seus dias sabendo que nunca mais teria sua vida de volta,  que não conseguiria mais emprego e o pior, decepcionado com o país para o qual prestou sua fidelidade durante a II Guerra e perplexo diante do fato de ser condenado por algo que não deveria ser um crime.

Na madrugada de 08 de Junho de 1954 ele foi encontrado morto. Embora sua mãe e amigos tentassem esconder o fato e criar provas contrárias, foi constatado que ele se suicidou comendo uma maçã envenenada com cianeto. Ele se foi, e não havia um príncipe que pudesse acordá-lo.

Só depois de sua morte é que parte de seu trabalho foi de fato reconhecido e em meados dos anos 50, acho que em 1957,  ele foi citado pela Time como um dos maiores cientistas do século XX. E salvo engano, em 2000 e pouco o Governo Britânico pediu desculpas pela sua condenação.

"Isto é uma pequena amostra do que está para vir, e, apenas uma sombra do que vai ser"  (Alan Turing, sobre o computador de Manchester)

Recomendo fortemente a leitura. Um beijo,


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18 Jul 13:06

Ou4: A Giant Squid Nebula

Ou4: A Giant Squid Nebula A mysterious, squid-like apparition, this nebula is very faint, but also very large in planet Earth's sky. In the mosaic image, composed with narrowband data from the 2.5 meter Isaac Newton Telescope, it spans some 2.5 full moons toward the constellation Cepheus. Recently discovered by French astro-imager Nicolas Outters, the remarkable nebula's bipolar shape and emission are consistent with it being a planetary nebula, the gaseous shroud of a dying sun-like star, but its actual distance and origin are unknown. A new investigation suggests Ou4 really lies within the emission region SH2-129 some 2,300 light-years away. Consistent with that scenario, the cosmic squid would represent a spectacular outflow of material driven by a triple system of hot, massive stars, cataloged as HR8119, seen near the center of the nebula. If so, this truly giant squid nebula would physically be nearly 50 light-years across.
20 Jul 13:06

A Solar Filament Erupts

A Solar Filament Erupts