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16 Dec 23:47

Racism! Oh wait...

16 Dec 17:11

Gender 'equality'..right.. yeah.. sure..

15 Dec 08:26

About two pieces in we noticed a pattern on our pizza

Steven Marshall

What's with the Lance Armstrong slice?

15 Dec 19:44

Found a magazine from 1980 in a hospital demolition with a 14yr olds interpretation of the future.

16 Dec 09:37

Best handicap license plate ever.

12 Dec 22:34

In anon we trust

12 Dec 06:00

Comic for 2014.12.12

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic
12 Dec 18:33

Seen on a bus in Streatham, London. Intentional or not?

12 Dec 18:33

Never gonna...

13 Dec 10:51


13 Dec 05:00

December 13, 2014

The Augie preorder will close out on the 15th of December.
13 Dec 22:00

Right in the childhood…...

14 Dec 11:09

Thanks Jeselnik

11 Dec 17:46

Separation of Church and State

10 Dec 02:45

I cant see anything...

09 Dec 17:00

How the ISS was built

08 Dec 15:16

My cousin yelling at my aunt, his mom "How can i take advice from someone who still believes in god? He's just an imaginary friend for adults."

08 Dec 03:35

MRW after sex, my boyfriend high fived me in the taco and said "good game,"

08 Dec 04:20

Andromeda's actual size if it were brighter

Steven Marshall

Can confirm: Andromeda should appear ~5x larger (in diameter) than the moon.

08 Dec 05:00


A new study finds that if you give rats a cell phone and a lever they can push to improve the signal, the rats will chew on the cell phone until it breaks and your research supervisors will start to ask some questions about your grant money.
07 Dec 05:00

December 07, 2014

05 Dec 02:40


05 Dec 15:01

Homosexuality is wrong

05 Dec 15:01

PC Gaming and why it makes sense for you, too.

05 Dec 15:30

Should I be surprised that it's leaking?

05 Dec 20:40

GF sent me this. She's the new Sexual Harassment Panda for her company

06 Dec 02:36

What does the Fox say? Cancelled!

07 Dec 12:55

Twerk School. Who did it best?

07 Dec 05:45

please let this happen

06 Dec 18:57

Das Bootles