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16 Sep 15:40

Danger Zone

16 Sep 04:00

September 16, 2014

16 Sep 03:41

Just my opinion.

Steven Marshall

Watched a man with end-stage cancer die in the hospital yesterday, suffering immensely. Keeping him alive in that state for that long should have been criminal.

16 Sep 06:21

The future generations will hail him as the hero that saved us all.

15 Sep 14:40

Can't even get mad, that's amazing

15 Sep 15:11

Is this acceptable?

14 Sep 05:29

Gif of the Rosetta flight path from launch to landing on the comet

Steven Marshall


14 Sep 08:00

Bae Caught Me Slippin

12 Sep 15:09

Little brother gets more defensive than a religious person standing up for his beliefs when I show him this.

09 Sep 22:02


10 Sep 02:01

What a love history

10 Sep 17:44

Really sorry...

11 Sep 04:02

An observation of our unnatural lives

Steven Marshall

Even though the income distribution has decreased substantially since 1975, this is still the nature of business.

12 Sep 12:09

Warning LONG. Forver Alone Guy. Origins

11 Sep 19:03

This, “OH SHIT”, moment is brought to you by the deity of your choice

11 Sep 20:42

I searched all my life for this statement but never found the right words

12 Sep 00:19

PS Marketing Battle

09 Sep 18:07

Brian Regan

09 Sep 20:33

Ea Game at his Finest

06 Sep 03:45

Seth Rogan calling out the Grammys

06 Sep 19:17

Bad News, Kids

09 Sep 07:28

Eating pussy

09 Sep 16:45

Infographic: Results after legalizing pot in Colorado

07 Sep 12:13

This is me about 98 percent of the time

07 Sep 15:48

Found this on my Facebook feed today. Not sure if original or a parody... but it's beautiful.

07 Sep 15:48

I don't understand...

07 Sep 23:22

MRW I have to bring my wasted friend to back to her BF

06 Sep 11:50

The truth shall set you free.

Steven Marshall

Me, too, you little shit. Me, too...

06 Sep 04:00

September 06, 2014

The slow descent into madness continues...
06 Sep 12:38

Eruption of Mount Tavurvur caught on tape