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24 Jul 00:30

PBS Digital Studios to Premiere First Scripted Series 'Frankenstein, M.D.' on Tuesday, August 19

by Sara Bibel
Today at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, PBS Digital Studios in collaboration with Pemberley Digitalannounced that “Frankenstein, M.D.,” a multiplatform adaptation of the classic novelFrankenstein
23 Jul 11:00

I'm Really Starscreaming for This One

23 Jul 23:00

The Lord of the Tubers Returns

The Lord of the Tubers Returns

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17 Jul 19:00

Choose Your Own Adventure

by admin

15 Jul 13:00

Gotta Stretch Some Funds Before the "Buffy" Reunion


Vampires like lemonade? Who knew?

11 Jul 13:00

Fido Really Isn't Interested in Your Kale Lifestyle


I would get into it with vegan dog owners when I worked at Petco. I'd calmly explain if your dog does not have a medical issue requiring vegetarian food, you are harming your pet. Those poor dogs.

Fido Really Isn't Interested in Your Kale Lifestyle

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09 Jul 19:00

These Are the Stories That Keep Us Coming Back to Facebook

04 Jul 11:00

American Apparel Gets a History Lesson the Hard Way


I hope this isn't real.

03 Jul 14:00

This is Why We Can't Share Nice Things in the Smartphone Age


That is why, before the cool bit, I say "please put down your phone for the next scene"

01 Jul 19:00

The Detector

by admin

23 Jun 22:00

Go Home, Smell Ya Later!

23 Jun 18:00

Just Look at the Size of That Croc!


Vacation destinations...scratching off Rehoboth.

Just Look at the Size of That Croc!

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20 Jun 14:00

If You Play it, They Will Come


Yup. That'd be me.

If You Play it, They Will Come

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19 Jun 21:52

'Better Call Saul' Renewed for Second Season by AMC; First Season Pushed Back to 2015

by Amanda Kondolojy
AMC today provided the first of several planned updates on the “Breaking Bad” prequel
16 Jun 14:00

I Got a Toy in Mine!


Seriously. We should petition always, tampax and platex for such a thing.

11 Jun 14:00

This Bookstore Shares its Story of a Special, Horrific Customer


This is wonderful!

This Bookstore Shares its Story of a Special, Horrific Customer

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06 Jun 18:00

Skirt is the Best Color


Hahaha! Mine is Caftan Crackers!

Skirt is the Best Color

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09 Jun 14:15

Hillary Clinton to Sign Books at Pentagon City Costco


Hard Choices by Hillary ClintonFormer Secretary of State and expected 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be in Arlington on Saturday, signing copies of her new memoir.

Hard Choices will go on sale on Tuesday. The book chronicles Clinton’s four years as Secretary of State and the “crises, choices, and challenges she faced.”

Clinton will be signing copies of the book at the Pentagon City Costco store from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on June 14.

Following Hillary to the signing will be a large tour bus paid for by Ready for Hillary, the Arlington-based political action committee that’s supporting Clinton in her expected 2016 presidential run.

06 Jun 20:00

Seriously, What's Up With Those Disease Vectors?



Seriously, What's Up With Those Disease Vectors?

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05 Jun 23:45

ACPD to Enforce Va. Uber, Lyft Cease and Desist


Fuck. Well, if they will still operate--I'll still use.

UberX driver in RosslynThe Virginia Dept. of Motor Vehicles today sent cease and desist orders to Uber and Lyft, ordering the popular ride-sharing services to stop operating in the Commonwealth.

The DMV asserts that the smartphone-based services, which allow drivers to make money by using their own cars like a dispatched taxicab, are illegal because they have not received the proper authorization from the DMV to operate in Virginia.

In letters to company officials, the DMV says it will “enforce existing laws by companies… and by individual drivers that lack authority to provide passenger transportation.”

Tonight the Arlington County Police Department said it plans to assist in that enforcement, effective immediately.

“We will enforce it, but it will not be a primary focus of our operations,” ACPD spokesman Dustin Sternbeck told “We are going to take a soft approach, but we will not turn a blind eye.”

Both Uber and Lyft, meanwhile, told news outlets that they’ll keep operating in Virginia.

Sternbeck did not clarify how, exactly, officers plan to single out Uber and Lyft drivers for enforcement. While Uber drivers typically operate discreetly, with nothing to outwardly distinguish their vehicles, Lyft drivers are supposed to drive around with a large, pink moustache attached to their car’s grille.

Jon Liss, Executive Director of Tenants and Workers United, which has been rallying local cab drivers against Uber and Lyft, applauded the DMV’s action and called on the Arlington County Board to do more to protect cab drivers.

“It is time for Arlington to get in sync with the state DMV and enforce one set of rules for all taxi-like services,” he said. “Drivers in Arlington deserve ‘dispute resolution’ protections and fair and enforced regulations.”

Arlington Falls Church Young Republicans slammed the state’s response to Uber and Lyft, placing blame on Virginia’s Democratic governor.

“The DMV’s decision to crack down on Lyft and Uber is reprehensible,” said AFCYR Chairman Matthew Hurtt. “During his campaign, Governor McAuliffe emphasized the importance of efficient government and transportation in making the Commonwealth the best place for business. Yet, less than six months into his term, he stands idly by while his administration cracks down on a thriving industry that not only brings jobs to the region, but also provides safe and efficient transportation at an affordable price.”

“The DMV should withdraw their cease and desist letter along with their preposterous interpretation of this law,” Hurtt concluded.

05 Jun 14:30

Brightened My Day

by admin

04 Jun 11:00

"Facebook's New Feature Allows You to Pinpoint Exactly Where Your Life Went Wrong"


This will become a real thing in 3...2..

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27 May 18:35

Syfy Unleashes 'Sharknado' Week July 26-August 2

by Sara Bibel

I'm feeling a viewing party. I can make a trifle for dessert. Anyone?

Sharks. Sharks. Everywhere – sharks! From the eagerly anticipated premiere of Sharknado 2: The Second One (July 30)
28 May 21:40

The ultimate grandparent guilt trip

by Kerry

My MIL does this to Jay. It's so transparent and juvenile I can only roll my eyes.

“I haven’t had a close relationship with my grandparents since I graduated from college 14 years ago,” writes Lindsay in Nashville. “I only see them a couple of times a year, so it’s typically pretty awkward when we get together. I have nothing against them, but they haven’t been involved with my life in so long it’s almost like we’re acquaintances, rather than family.”

This masterpiece is what Lindsay received this year for her birthday.

Dear Lindsay, Hope you enjoy your birthday & that the check will help with that. As you know I am not doing too well, but before I die, I'd sure like to know why you dislike us. Thru the years we've tried to give you what we could, but I guess it wasn't enough.

Adds Lindsay: “They have written me, my sister and my mother out of their will multiple times — though we’re all reinstated now, as far as I know.”

related: Smack! Right in the feels.

02 Jun 19:00

@SavedYouAClick is the Anti-Twitter to Today's Clickbait Internet

@SavedYouAClick is the Anti-Twitter to Today's Clickbait Internet

What you're seeing here are tweets from @SavedYouAClick, a Twitter account devoted to answering the dumb questions posed by today's internet headlines (not that we have ever used or condoned such intentionally-vague clickbaiting ahem ahem). With just a few words or a photo attachment, @SavedYouAClick does all the heavy lifting of internet skimming for you, and we're all the better for it.

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29 May 13:45

Morning Notes


Booze delivery? Life just got so much better.

Gate left open at Lyon Village Park

Booze Delivery Service Coming to N. Va.Ultra, a web-based service that facilitates the delivery of beer, wine and liquor, is launching this week in D.C. and is planning on launching in Northern Virginia “within a couple of weeks.” Ultra promises that most orders will be delivered in 30-60 minutes. The deliveries are made by licensed stores that partner with the company. [Washington Business Journal]

Shuttleworth Releases Poll Results — Former Democratic congressional candidate Bruce Shuttleworth has shared the results of a district-wide poll his campaign conducted earlier this month. The poll shows Don Beyer well in the lead among likely voters, but it also shows a sizable group of undecided voters. Shuttleworth dropped out of the race after the poll results came in, concluding that even if he “went negative” against Beyer he could not overcome the former Va. lieutenant governor’s lead. [Blue Virginia]

Congressional Candidates to Debate — The seven remaining Democrats in the congressional race will face off tomorrow (Friday) in a debate at the Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting. The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. at the NRECA building (4301 Wilson Blvd) and is open to the public. [InsideNova]

Arlington Issues $105 Million in Bonds – Arlington County yesterday issued $105 million in bonds at an average interest rate of 2.8 percent. The bonds will be used to fund capital contributions for Metro, Neighborhood Conservation projects, WalkArlington, BikeArlington, ConnectArlington; street paving, utility projects and Arlington Public Schools projects. The county will also save nearly $2 million thanks to refunding prior debt at a lower interest rate. [Arlington County]

28 May 22:00

Forget it, Shut Down the Internet. We're Done Now.

Forget it, Shut Down the Internet. We're Done Now.

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23 May 16:00

Another Round of Celebs Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves


I love these. Vargara is cute as buttons!!

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22 May 15:29

Charging a Charger

by admin

I wish all police FB's were this awesome!

20 May 21:00

A Little Unsecure

by admin

Time to secure mine now that four twentysomethings just moved next door.