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31 Oct 15:30

Pupatella Named Best Pizza in Virginia


It is really really good. Really.

Pupatella (photo via Google Maps)Pupatella is getting accolades for its Neapolitan style pizzas. A recently released list puts it at the top, compared to all other pizza joints in the state., a TripAdvisor company, put together a list of “Best Pizza Worth Traveling For” and chose one pizza place for each of the 50 states. Arlington’s own Pupatella received the honors for Virginia.

A representative for FlipKey said the winners were chosen based on market research and traveler feedback.

The full list of the best pizza worth traveling for in each state is available online.

Last year, Pupatella won another ABBIE for being named the best pizza place in Arlington, and also made the Washington Post’s list of “40 dishes Washingtonians shouldn’t live without in 2013.”

29 Oct 16:00

Wear it like it is…

by admin

Sometimes, the public shaming is a bit too much but this I can get behind. Stylish too!

27 Oct 17:00

Sexual Ceiling

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27 Oct 17:30

Art Installation Lights Up Route 50 at Courthouse


Jay loves these so much he now hates the other bridges. Poor bland other bridges :(

Route 50 bridge LED light show (photo via Vicki Scuri) Courthouse Road Bridge Over Route 50 Route 50 bridge art (photo via Vicki Scuri) Lighted Fairfax Drive bridge over Route 50

Two recently completed bridges along Route 50 — at 10th Street N. and N. Courthouse Road — now look more colorful, thanks to a public art installation. But if you want to catch a glimpse of the art in its full glory, you’ll have to wait until it’s dark.

Arlington Cultural Affairs partnered with VDOT on both the custom-designed concrete panels on the sides of the road and metal grillwork on the overpasses. Both were the work of artist Vicki Scuri, who also designed an LED light show that backlights the grillwork at night.

The light display is programmed as a 15 minute loop that fades and gradually transitions between sets of colors. The show contains intentional sequences and transitions with a “range of non-highway colors” that suggest stained glass, Scuri said. The new light programming went live Friday night.

“The lighting, the pattern elements and the landscape are site specific responses to inform place, creating a signature landmark promoting wayfinding for the Arlington entries at Courthouse Street [sic] and 10th Street,” said Scuri, adding that she designed the art installations to reflect Arlington’s “classical architecture.” She said wanted to make a clear entry to Arlington that complemented the county’s lively, refined streetscapes.

Scuri was in Arlington last week to collaborate with the VDOT contract lighting designer and Arlington’s Department of Transportation to balance the artist’s creative vision with practicality and safety for those areas. They worked on the color and intensity of the lighting, among other things.

“This is a collective effort to provide both beauty and safety. I think we’ve done it,” said Scuri. “The entire project is a response to the site, to the native landscape and to the classical ornamentation of Arlington and that of Washington, D.C.”

26 Oct 11:00

The Pale Green Light Shines Over Tumblr

25 Oct 15:00

Never Count Out Tumblr for a Good Pun

24 Oct 19:00

Madeleine Albright Delivers the Twitter Burn of the Year


Wasn't he so cute trying to take her on? Awwww.

23 Oct 17:00

Taste the Humanity

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13 Oct 15:40

Speech Jammer

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03 Oct 14:30

The Masterpiece

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07 Oct 21:00

We Just Need Teen Toilet Training!


Weeping for future.

06 Oct 16:00

Never Has an Ad Been More Apt

Never Has an Ad Been More Apt

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30 Sep 20:04

'Married' & 'You're The Worst' Renewed for Season Two by FX; 'You're The Worst' Will Move to FXX

by Sara Bibel

Finally! If you haven't seen You're the Worst, do. It's amazing.

FX Networks is staying in relationships with its new comedies, Married and You’re the Worst, with the second season of Married continuing on FX and You’re The Worst moving to its new home on FXX,
30 Sep 15:00

Kirsten Dunst Puts Selfie Culture on Blast in This Advertisement


Her look at the end is me, all the time, everywhere. People don't talk anymore. Cray-zy.

WARNING: Some language in this video.

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29 Sep 21:08

Best or Worst Mother of the Year?

by admin

Best if the word wasn't "stripper" but "safe and legal prostitute".

29 Sep 17:00

Make a Wish, Youths!

Make a Wish, Youths!

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26 Sep 22:00

Get a Dime and Phone Home, Lady

Get a Dime and Phone Home, Lady

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26 Sep 16:00

Say What You Will About Taylor Swift, She Knows How to Have Fun With Her Fans


Heh. Luh it and I'm not a musical fan of Swift, yet I am beginning to think she is a neat-o chick.

23 Sep 16:00

10 Things I Love About Social Media Stalking


If my brother knew he could do this, he'd totes do it all the times. He's a pro at finding home phone numbers of old stars (they still have home phones ;)

10 Things I Love About Social Media Stalking

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05 Sep 21:00

Taylor Swift Gives a Fan a Heartfelt Message About Bullying


Ok. That is awesome.

Taylor Swift Gives a Fan a Heartfelt Message About Bullying

Above: Taylor Swift being the whitest woman at this year's Grammy's. Below: Taylor Swift being the nicest woman to a kid feeling alienated at school. This is her comment on Instagram:

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20 Sep 17:00

Said da Raven, NEVAMOAH

Said da Raven, NEVAMOAH

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18 Sep 14:50

Yelp Wanted: Bistro Rewards Guests for Writing Negative Yelp Reviews

by Khushbu Shah

This is better than funny amazon reviews.

[Photo: Shutterstock]

A restaurant in Richmond, Calif. is encouraging its customers to leave poor reviews on its Yelp page. While other restaurants are in a tizzy over Yelp possibly hiding positive reviews and highlighting negative ones, Botto Bistro is actually rewarding customers for writing one-star reviews by offering a discount of 25 percent off and chance to win a cooking class. The Richmond Standard points out that the restaurant's Yelp page is filled with "confusing one-star reviews, making it quite difficult for potential patrons to know whether any negative review is honest."

According to Inside Scoop SF, Botto Bistro is on a "mission to be the worst-rated restaurant in the Bay Area." The restaurant's website explains that the owners are doing this to prove that a "low score and bad reviews don't impact us and any other successful restaurant." In an FAQ section on the site, the owners note that they are not worried that bad reviews on Yelp will impact their business: "The day that we think that reviews on Yelp are the key for our successful business, is the day we should change business." Chef and co-owner Davide Cerrentini tells ISSF that "that business has increased since he began waging this campaign against Yelp."

While Botto Bistro may be the first restaurant encouraging negative Yelp reviews, it is far from the first to fight back against the influence of the review site. A bar near Boston recently poked fun at a one-star review left on the site by quoting it at the the bottom of its receipts. In New Mexico, a food truck fired back at a poor review with a clever song featuring the ukelele. See some of hilarious one-star Yelp reviews for Botto Bistro below:

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.54.22 AM.png

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.54.12 AM.png

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.54.00 AM.png

· Richmond Restaurant Encourages Bad Yelp Reviews [ISSF]
· Italian Restaurant Waging War [Richmond Standard]
· Botto Bistro [Official Site]
· All Yelp Coverage on Eater [-E-]

19 Sep 17:00

If Classical Paintings Could Text, They Would Get Real Catty


Some of these...well just go. Balls!

19 Sep 18:00

What if the iPhone 6 Were ACTUALLY Better Than its Predecessors?

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18 Sep 13:06

Expansion Wire: Oklahoma Joe's Bar-B-Que Eyes Washington

by Missy Frederick

Oh I hope it's as good as in KC. The original one is in a gas station--the one jay and I always go to.

oklahomajoes.jpgOne of the country's iconic barbecue joints has D.C. in its sights for expansion.

A report in the Kansas City Star says that the founders of Oklahoma Joe's Bar-B-Que are cutting ties. Two of them will continue to operate a restaurant in Kansas City under the name Joe's Kansas City. But the other founder will expand the brand under its original name. From the article:

Now the other co-founder, Joe Davidson, said he will open another Oklahoma Joe's in Tulsa in 2015, as well as two restaurants in Washington, D.C. He also wants to open a facility in the Tulsa area so he can ship his Oklahoma Joe's barbecue throughout the U.S.

A spokesman for the company told Eater they plan to make an announcement in a few weeks with more details about their plans, but did not have further information to share.

Oklahoma Joe's opened its original location in 1996. It has been given such accolades as "The Manliest Restaurant in America" from Men's Health and the "Best Ribs in America" from U.S.A. Today. Even president Barack Obama has tried the barbecue there.
· Oklahoma Joe's Founders Cutting Final Business Ties [KCS]
· All Oklahoma Joe's Coverage on Eater National [-EN-]

Oklahoma Joe's [Photo: Facebook]

17 Sep 14:00

The Struggle of Mobile Browsing in One GIF

The Struggle of Mobile Browsing in One GIF

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14 Sep 14:00

We All Have Our Own Ways of Dealing With Things

11 Sep 13:00

The Time is Beach Ball o'Clock

08 Sep 19:00

All Hail Cronut Dollhouse Carburetor McCoy

All Hail Cronut Dollhouse Carburetor McCoy

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04 Sep 19:00

The Eternal Battle Between Girlfriend and Tacky