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23 Nov 07:04

yr knave is problematic


  • scoundrel and an outlaw
  • refuses to apprentice to a knight like a proper page
  • defies the will of god and king as he declares no fealty
  • unmarried and living in sin
  • barters with smugglers and trucks with nogoodniks
  • cravat not color coordinated properly; disgraceful lack of design sense
23 Nov 15:29

thecatsmustbecrazy: maths

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20 Nov 21:00

bob-artist: More excited Loki


More excited Loki

21 Nov 15:17

eurotrottest: fathermercer: He wins OMGGGG



He wins


21 Nov 21:01

feverworm: gengrel uses his magical embroidery needle to stitch...


gengrel uses his magical embroidery needle to stitch life into inanimate objects

21 Nov 17:46

this is a laptop commercial

this is a laptop commercial

21 Nov 17:53

a silent hill monster: its me, your mother. i read your blog

a silent hill monster: its me, your mother. i read your blog
20 Nov 13:54

glittergirlgg: condescetier: hungrylikethewolfie: marielikesto...










A tip from your favorite nurse

(that’d be me)

Always have eggs in your fridge

You just never know when someone will split their head open

Or cut their finger while cooking

And so on

See that membrane there?

While the blood is gushing - hold pressure and crack open an egg

Peel that there membrane off and put it on the wound (continue holding pressure)

The membrane will harden and keep the wound closed until you can get to the ER for stitches

If you even need them that is

Nature: 1, Band aids: 0

You’re welcome.

I did some research on this (because I do that now, fucking science get out) and it seems that this was done in the early 1900s somewhat frequently. It was used as a way to treat just about any kind of skin wound, from burn to cut to in at least one case an ulcer. It actually helps the wound heal not by preventing blood loss but by replacing part of the skin tissue and helping it grow.

It also helps in healing scars and reducing their visibility.

Whoah science.




Also, if you have a splinter, smack one of these things on there and it will draw it out of your skin. No more shitting around with pliers.

it will also suck the poison stuff out of mosquito bites and stop them from being itchy

woaaah i didnt know!! awesome stuff :D

Did not know the mosquito bite or splinter thing!  EGGS—IS THERE ANYTHING THEY CAN’T DO?

They cant fix the economy

Or the government

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20 Nov 18:45

Have You Seen These Men?

by Andy Cush

Police are raiding Quiznoses in both countries searching for the men, whom tipsters have indicated, "like the moon."

Have You Seen These Men?

The man on the left is wanted for verbally and physically harassing a young boy in Tewkesbury, England, and the man on the right allegedly sexually assaulted a teenage girl near a Kohl's in Newport News, Va. Police released these composite renderings this week.


20 Nov 04:15

Bill Cosby's Lawyers to Reporters: "Proceed at Your Peril"

by Hudson Hongo

Video in the top comments of Cosby saying the word "integrity" 900 times to an AP reporter.

Bill Cosby's Lawyers to Reporters: "Proceed at Your Peril"

In the wake of renewed rape allegations, Bill Cosby has seen his Netflix special postponed , his planned comeback sitcom killed and reruns of The Cosby Show pulled from rotation. According to the comedian's lawyers, however, it's not Cosby that should be worried, but the journalists covering his alleged crimes.


19 Nov 21:00

Disabled Female Minority Voter Gets Disenfranchised by Democrats

by Adam Weinstein on Fortress America, shared by Lacey Donohue to Gawker

"Sources suggest to the The Hill that the move is less about rules than softening resistance within the party to Pelosi's chosen candidates on the leadership slate; Duckworth publicly supported a challenger against a Pelosi ally in the contest to be the senior Democrat on the Republican-run Energy and Commerce Committee." Stay slimy, Nancy.

Disabled Female Minority Voter Gets Disenfranchised by Democrats

Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) sacrificed her legs in Iraq when a rocket hit the helicopter she was piloting. But Nancy Pelosi is unwilling to make any sacrifices for Duckworth's sake, and so the war veteran is losing the right to vote for her party's congressional leadership along with her 200 peers.


19 Nov 21:30

Heroes Raid Doritos Truck to Survive Buffalo's Devastating Snowstorm

by Taylor Berman

Heroes Raid Doritos Truck to Survive Buffalo's Devastating Snowstorm

As you've no doubt heard, a giant snowstorm has shutdown most of Buffalo. People were trapped for dozens of hours, some of them without food or water. A few of braver ones to took the street to gather food from an obvious source: an abandoned Doritos truck.


19 Nov 05:00

November 19, 2014

If you want a Science book in a hurry, they're on amazon!
18 Nov 22:47

we will seize the means of yogurt and cheese production, we are the cultural marxists

19 Nov 01:49

Exposing the great 'poverty reduction' lie

Exposing the great 'poverty reduction' lie:


What is considered the threshold for poverty - the “poverty line” - is normally calculated by each nation for itself, and is supposed to reflect what an average human adult needs to subsist. In 1990, Martin Ravallion, an Australian economist at the World Bank, noticed that the poverty lines of a group of the world’s poorest countries clustered around $1 per day. On Ravallion’s recommendation, the World Bank adopted this as the first-ever International Poverty Line (IPL).
But the IPL proved to be somewhat troublesome. Using this threshold, the World Bank announced in its 2000 annual report that “the absolute number of those living on $1 per day or less continues to increase. The worldwide total rose from 1.2 billion in 1987 to 1.5 billion today and, if recent trends persist, will reach 1.9 billion by 2015.” This was alarming news, especially because it suggested that the free-market reforms imposed by the World Bank and the IMF on Global South countries during the 1980s and 1990s in the name of “development” were actually making things worse.

This amounted to a PR nightmare for the World Bank. Not long after the report was released, however, their story changed dramatically and they announced the exact opposite news: While poverty had been increasing steadily for some two centuries, they said, the introduction of free-market policies had actually reduced the number of impoverished people by 400 million between 1981 and 2001.

This new story was possible because the Bank shifted the IPL from the original $1.02 (at 1985 PPP) to $1.08 (at 1993 PPP), which, given inflation, was lower in real terms. With this tiny change - a flick of an economist’s wrist - the world was magically getting better, and the Bank’s PR problem was instantly averted. This new IPL is the one that the Millennium Campaign chose to adopt.

The IPL was changed a second time in 2008, to $1.25 (at 2005 PPP). And once again the story improved overnight. The $1.08 IPL made it seem as though the poverty headcount had been reduced by 316 million people between 1990 and 2005. But the new IPL - even lower than the last, in real terms - inflated the number to 437 million, creating the illusion that an additional 121 million souls had been “saved” from the jaws of debilitating poverty. Not surprisingly, the Millennium Campaign adopted the new IPL, which allowed it to claim yet further chimerical gains.

they could basically save the world at this rate

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20 Nov 00:40

zenpencilspencils: (art by Gavin Aung Than, words by Gavin Aung...

18 Nov 15:37

Oh Hey GOP, Whatcha Doin’? Breakin’ Some Laws?

by Dan Weber
No, honey, the rats are just playing a little rough.

No, honey, the rats are just playing a little rough.

You guys are not going to believe this, but CNN broke a story, and it’s got everything — political malfeasance, coded tweets, Karl Rove! It’s a story that once again reinforces how crappy Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s reasoning in Citizens United was, and like most of Yr Wonket’s favorite stories, it appears to have come to light only because one group of professional ratfuckers decided to tattle to the press about another group of professional ratfuckers. First, let’s go over the facts as they’re being presented by CNN’s Chris Moody.

Republicans and outside groups used anonymous Twitter accounts to share internal polling data ahead of the midterm elections, CNN has learned, a practice that raises questions about whether they violated campaign finance laws that prohibit coordination. [...]

The profiles were publicly available but meaningless without knowledge of how to find them and decode the information, according to a source with knowledge of the activities. [...]

At least two outside groups and a Republican campaign committee had access to the information posted to the accounts, according to the source. They include American Crossroads, the super PAC founded by Karl Rove; American Action Network, a nonprofit advocacy group, and the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is the campaign arm for the House GOP.

Key takeaway here: SOMEONE SNITCHED. Was it a disaffected Republican, someone who worked hard on a campaign and got left behind by the transition team? Was this the latest sub rosa tussle between Karl Rove and the Koch brothers in their battle for the soul of the wallet of the Republican Party’s donor class? Or was it a Democrat who just, like, sat on this potential violation of campaign finance law until after the election was over? We look forward to reading your blind items in the comments, which we don’t allow.

So why is this a problem, you ask? Because it might be against federal law. Outside groups — 527s, super PACs, etc. — cannot coordinate directly with candidates or political parties. And because Anthony Kennedy had probably never heard of Twitter when he was writing the majority opinion in Citizens United, he probably never thought about this loophole he was creating.

The law says that outside groups, such as super PACs and non-profits, can spend freely on political causes as long as they don’t coordinate their plans with campaigns. Sharing costly internal polls in private, for instance, could signal to the campaign committees where to focus precious time and resources. [...]

Posting the information on Twitter, which is technically public, could provide a convenient loophole to the law — or could run afoul of it.

“It’s a line that has not been defined. This is really on the cutting edge,” said Paul S. Ryan, senior counsel at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan organization focused on campaign finance issues.

Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing compared this use of Twitter to Cold War numbers stations — shortwave radio stations that allowed one-way communication with spies in the field via short bursts of coded information. It’s a wholly accurate description of what’s going on here, right down to tuning in an obscure frequency in the form of a nobody on Twitter, and if Doctorow’s characterization prevails in court (or whatever star chamber the FEC meets in), Republicans will likely have a lotta ‘splainin’ to do.

That’s why Yr Wonket thinks the GOP operatives in question will argue for a different analogy, and one with a much funnier name: the fumblerooski! Follow us here, Wonketeers — we are about to come at you with a red-blooded American sportsball analogy. Grab a beer if you’d like, or perhaps a tack hammer, whatever.

The fumblerooski is a sportsball play in American tackle football. Basically, the rules of football say that you can’t intentionally give the ball to an offensive lineman. But a fumble is, by definition, not giving the ball to another player, so if you can intentionally fumble right next to one of your offensive linemen, then they can pick the ball up and do the thing that was illegal if someone could prove you did it on purpose. The fumblerooski was technically legal, yet it was also so contrary to the spirit of the law that the NCAA and the NFL made special rules and banned it.

See? Totally cogent sportsball analogy, and a fun word to say. Fumblerooski. Rumblefooski. Stumbleboosbee. Now you try!

Anyway, proving intent is tough, so Republicans will probably get away with this. Materially, the practice doesn’t seem much different than the posting of candidate B roll on public YouTube channels, which gave us #McConnelling back in March. As long as Republicans can stand their ground and insist that they truly believed they weren’t breaking the law, they should be fine.

The accounts that CNN reviewed were active in the months ahead of this month’s election, which gave Republicans their largest majority in the House since World War II and control of the Senate. They were live until Nov. 3 but deleted minutes after CNN contacted the NRCC with questions.

Oh. Well. Lawyer up, fellas.


Follow Dan on Twitter.

18 Nov 18:02

Seals Are Fucking Penguins and Eating Them Because Nature Is Insane

by Adam Weinstein

The BBC wildlife story begins "Warning: You may find the videos in this story disturbing." The BBC is absolutely correct. Nevertheless...


18 Nov 14:54

"Drunk Girl in Public" Actress Says She Was Tricked, Too

by Jay Hathaway

In a popular viral video from last week, men appeared to aggressively try to take advantage of a "drunk" woman on Hollywood Boulevard. Although it was presented as a real "social experiment," the men in the video were paid actors who thought they were doing a comedy skit. And now the model who played the fake drunk girl says she was tricked the same way.


18 Nov 05:13

"It’s Very Cold Out And Love Does Not Exist Also"

“It’s Very Cold Out And Love Does Not Exist Also”

- From Every Russian Novel Ever. (via publishersweekly)
17 Nov 14:05

If you get Ebola, it turns out that the single best thing you can do is to drink a gallon of water a

by Hamilton Nolan

Today I learned: ebola is not necrotizing fasciitis, it is just a horrible dehydration disease. I've been getting it wrong for 20 years.

If you get Ebola, it turns out that the single best thing you can do is to drink a gallon of water a day. "I want sports personalities to be talking about it," says a doctor in Sierra Leone. "I want everybody to be talking about it." Spread the word!


17 Nov 18:25

Cops "Surprise" Middle School Students With "Active Shooter" Drill

by Adam Weinstein

From the producers of Florida Man comes Florida Cop

Cops "Surprise" Middle School Students With "Active Shooter" Drill

Terror and death can strike anyone at any time. That's the lesson for Winter Haven, Florida, middle school students, parents and teachers, who were treated to a very special episode of terror last week after the local police staged a mass shooting drill on the school grounds without warning anyone beforehand.


17 Nov 19:58

Here's a List of People to Fire Over Fareed Zakaria's Plagiarism


Human reblog-only tumblr Fareed Zakaria is again being accused of plagiarism

Here's a List of People to Fire Over Fareed Zakaria's Plagiarism

Lloyd Grove, on the Daily Beast, in a sort of irony/empathy juggling act, wrote about Washington Post columnist, contributing editor for The Atlantic, New York Times bestselling author, and "CNN Presenter" Fareed Zakaria, host of Fareed Zakaria GPS on Sundays on CNN (check your local listings) and the trouble he's in for his plagiarizing of all kinds of material, from martini recipes to unimportant stuff, and how "pathetically uncredentialed, no-account bloggers who go by the ridiculous Twitter handles @Blippoblappo and @Crushingbort" are bringing possible ruination down upon the "[i]mperially slim and darkly handsome, possessed of an insinuating charm and a cultured manner of speech that recalls the British Raj" Zakaria, also known to Mr. Grove as "America's most celebrated public intellectual."


17 Nov 20:22

Missouri Gov. Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Ferguson Decision

by Taylor Berman

Missouri Gov. Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Ferguson Decision

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency in Missouri Monday afternoon, just days before a grand jury is expected to reach a decision about whether to indict Darren Wilson , the St. Louis County police officer who killed Michael Brown in August. The declaration, which is good for 30 days, also activates the National Guard in Missouri.


14 Nov 03:17

jean-luc-gohard: yourladyfriend: postracialcomments: HERES...





The leader of a Ku Klux Klan group told MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Wednesday that St. Louis-area residents have supported their campaign threatening to use “lethal force” against protesters they feel act violently in the aftermath of the upcoming grand jury decision regarding Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

“It kind of came about from hundreds of calls we’ve been getting from residents in St. Louis County concerned with things that they’ve seen on social media,” Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK head Frank Ancona explained. “Random attacks on whites, D.C. sniper-style shootings, police officers being threatened that their wives are gonna be raped, and that they’re all targets.”

Ancona did not cite specific evidence of any of these alleged threats.

The Riverfront Times reported that Ancona’s group has been passing out flyers calling demonstrators “terrorists” and saying, “We will use lethal force as provided under Missouri law to defend ourselves.”

But Ancona stumbled after telling Hayes that he has had off-the-record conversations with police regarding the ongoing tension in the region.

“A lot of them are very frustrated with how the governor has sided with the criminals in a lot of instances,” Ancona said.

“Wait a second,” Hayes said, interjecting. “You have law enforcement talking to you off the record, confiding in you as a Grand Wizard of the KKK? You’re telling me that you have local law enforcement talking to you, personally, off the record?”

“I’m telling you, I have friends who know people in law enforcement,” Ancona replied, backtracking. “Let’s just put it that way.”


are you fucking kidding me?

Of course he had cops talking to him. Are they supposed to sit in silence in the locker room while they change into their white hoods before the cross burning?

17 Nov 07:32

why-i-love-comics: Secret Invasion Aftermath: Beta Ray Bill #1...


Secret Invasion Aftermath: Beta Ray Bill #1 - “The Green of Eden” (2009)

written by Kieron Gillen
art by Dan Brereton, Stefano Gaudiano, Mark Bennington, Scott Hanna, Jose Villarrubia 

17 Nov 13:00

beesmygod: what happened in 2010


what happened in 2010