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15 Apr 18:04

Austin Pscyh Fest, Drew Millward

Austin Pscyh Fest, Drew Millward

23 Mar 04:51

Architecture in Ruins

by Simon

If making a really nice modern architecture building wasn’t hard enough, Andreas has taken it one step further and decided to add unbelievably realistic damage.


The transition from clean lines to rubble is nothing short of amazing.

10 Feb 18:34


07 Feb 17:43

I’d just come across a downed helicopter when I heard a...

I’d just come across a downed helicopter when I heard a voice.

Based on the content of the message and the fact that there was no one physically in my vicinity, the voice was the server administrator using his mic to address all the players on the server at once.

"Uh, just to let you all know," he said, "I’m about to shut the server down. And I’m going to rename the server. And none of you are going to ever be able to find the server again. So you might as well leave."

I didn’t leave. Presumably no other players left either, because a minute later the admin began broadcasting Tiny Tim’s "Livin’ In The Sunlight, Lyin’ In The Moonlight" at full volume to everyone.

Then I left.

06 Feb 04:46

Check out: The Naughty Victorian Hand Book

by David Malki !

One of my wife’s co-workers sent this book home with her, saying “This looks like the sort of thing David would like.” And WOW, was he correct. This book is INCREDIBLE.

It’s The Naughty Victorian Hand Book; or, Furtling: The Rediscovered Art of Erotic Hand Manipulation by New Zealand artists Jeremy Bennett and Burton Silver. Bennett is responsible for the many absolutely wonderful illustrations throughout the book — they’re created with a scratchboard technique that mimics incredibly the Victorian-era woodcut style. Silver is the author of quite a few humor books, including two that I already have on my shelf: Why Cats Paint and its sequel, Why Paint Cats.

(Click any image for a closer look.)

The premise of The Naughty Victorian Hand Book is simple. The introduction describes the lost practice of “furtling”, explaining:

To study the art of erotic hand manipulation is to start out on a wonderful journey of discovery, a journey that leads into a world of secret folds and furrows…

For no matter whether this work was billed as a “medicinal contrivance for the diminished urge” or simply as a harmless parlour-game, the prudish Victorian mind would have intuitively grasped the contagious nature of the underlying message…As you will find, these engravings have lost none of their power to excite and provoke.

They induce powerful statements of tactile value where the reader is encouraged to delight in the sensation of touch — as if the body were in miniature and the finger tip the caressing palm.

Every part of the book includes various cut-out sections, where the reader can place his or her hand physically under the page to fill out the illustration.

For example, on a given page, there will be a diagram showing exactly how to place your hand — you turn two pages, and place your hand underneath both in the configuration pictured.

Then, you lift up the top page to reveal the illustration that, with the addition of your hand, has become INCREDIBLY NAUGHTY.

This book is amazing. It’s a one-note joke, but it’s so elaborately done and so wonderfully done that it’s absolutely worth it. I’ve never seen a book quite like it.

Anyone who’s read my any of my books knows that I like to include mechanics in them that respect the physicality of the book as artifact — whether it’s having to repeatedly rotate The Annotated Wondermark, or hold pages in Beards of our Forefathers up to the light, or match up pages in Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death to create recipes for medicine — I love the idea of the book as thing, an item that’s not just a sum of words and pictures but actually something that gains power from having physical mass and occupying a specific space in the world.

Also I can’t stop giggling at it.

This book was released in Great Britain and the US in 1989, but is now long out of print. Over the last few months I’ve been keeping an eye out for copies in any used bookstores I visit, and also snapping them up when I come across them online. A few of you have seen me show it off at conventions — it’s the only product I’ve ever sold that’s not my own work! But it fits so well with the Wondermark aesthetic and sense of humor that I almost feel it’s my duty to give this now 25-year-old book whatever second life I can.

If you’re as tickled by this as I am, you can find used copies on Amazon or in other used bookstores (not around me, though!).

Or, right now I’ve got 19 copies of my own that I’m happy to offer. Mine are all used copies (as Amazon’s would be), and as such are slightly worn or may feature strange stickers — but not in any way that impedes the reading experience. UPDATE: All my copies are gone! If I obtain more in the future I will be sure to say so loudly!

Plus, if you order from me you also get a handwritten thank-you from Piranhamoose! YOUR MOVE, AMAZON.

The only difference between the British and American versions of the book is the cover design (I’ve got some of each). If you get a copy from me, I’ll send you one or the other randomly.

With Valentine’s Day coming up (and of course I still have Valentine cards for sale too!) this would make the perfect gift for the weirdo in your life!

The Naughty Victorian Hand Book:
on Amazon or available direct from me.
Update: I’ve sold all my copies for now!

…by the way, this whole post is NSFWV (Not Safe For Wilting Victorians)

21 Jan 18:14

We always keep an emergency stash.

We always keep an emergency stash.

20 Jan 05:14

Working on this years very heartfelt Valentine’s Day card. #art



Working on this years very heartfelt Valentine’s Day card. #art

13 Jan 06:54

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (32GB, Deep Grey) + $100 Gift Card - $499

by giveNforgive

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10 Jan 03:30

the circle of………………. uh 2014...


so that's how it works

the circle of………………. uh

2014 new year brings new stuff! Like this music Video I did for Hell Orbs! All Drawn/edited/animated by me in a week. It was crazy to do and I loved it (you will love it too, I promise).

30 Dec 18:21

nprmusic: NPR Music’s 12 Favorite Music Videos Of 2013


wow, I'm really out of it. I don't know any of these.

17 Dec 05:23


06 Dec 16:37

Awesome Lego Kaneda's bike from Akira is a must-have

by Jesus Diaz on LEGO, shared by Stephen Totilo to Kotaku

Awesome Lego Kaneda's bike from Akira is a must-have

The Arvo Brothers have created a perfect Lego model of the most famous bike in sci-fi comic and cinema history: Kaneda's chopper from Akira. And while Lego may not make it into a commercial set, don't worry, the Arvo Brothers are publishing an online manual so you can build it yourself.


19 Nov 15:44


Do you love your family?

Do you want to protect them?

Then why have you not yet done anything about the fact that THE FLOOR IS LAVA. YOU CAN'T TOUCH IT OR YOU'LL DIE!

For the low cost of $25 you can spare your family from this terrible fate. We are offering a floor-lava proof island to provide shelter and safety. It has been know to protect up to 4 people simultaneously but may hold even more in a dire emergency.

That's only $6.25 per person to SAVE THEM FROM THE LAVA COVERING THE FLOOR!

As a FREE bonus we'll throw in four soft, comfortable, throwable (and most importantly LAVAPROOF) stepping stones, allowing for the mobility to reach safe areas of the floor. These may provide YOUR ONLY CHANCE OF RESCUE.

So please, for the love of your family -- especially your children -- act now. Don't let this simple solution to a deadly and common problem slip away.

(It also functions as a couch.)

  • Location: Kansas City, KS
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1image 2
25 Nov 04:20

Before GoldieBlox, Beasties plundered the "Girls" melody (fair and square)

by Cory Doctorow

What a great mashup

While we're on the subject of unauthorized use of musical works: here's a timely (and fully rockin') reminder that the Beastie Boys plundered the melody of The Isley Brothers' Shout for Girls.

Beastie Boys Vs Isley Brothers - Girls Shout (Martinn Bootleg) (Thanks, Hondo!)


22 Nov 17:38

X-Ray burns, Chris Panda

X-Ray burns, Chris Panda

16 Nov 23:13

The Unsettling GIFs of a ‘Cloned’ Erdal Inci

by Danny Olda
Turkish artist Erdal Inci has a peculiarly unnerving style.  He mixes videos and special effects to create trance-inducing GIFs.  Inci uses a strange cloning effect on short snippets of video he often shoots in and around Istanbul, then turns these videos into the animated image file.  The numerous cloned figures coupled with the never-ending loop of the GIF results in a very unsettling animation.  It's difficult to stop watching though the simple scene endlessly repeats.  The infinitely long line of figures walking in lockstep or perpetually repeating objects lend a feeling not unlike that of a fever dream. See more of Erdal Inci's GIFs after the jump.
15 Nov 01:11

the end

31 Oct 19:07

Pew-Pew Punkin’

by Tromas

Continuing with the Hallowe’en theme, Chris Maddison has just posted this neat little transforming pumpkinbot. I would love to have one of these sitting on my doorstep to blast those pesky little kids that run across the lawn instead of using the walkway!



Due to popular demand, Chris has recently posted the following instructions in case you want build your own pumpkinbot.

Build Your Own Pumpkinbot

29 Sep 20:09

hey dragon. you’re not supposed to be here.Conception of...

hey dragon. you’re not supposed to be here.

Conception of Alexander the Great, Les faize d’Alexandre (translation of Historiae Alexandri Magni of Quintus Curtius Rufus), Bruges ca. 1468-1475.

British Library, Burney 169, fol. 14r

15 Oct 19:00

Star Wars fans want to know how Jar Jar Binks died… There are 99 answers at DesignerCon!

by Nick Curtis / Trust Pigs
There's one thing that probably 99% of Star Wars fans envision: the Death of Jar Jar Binks. And now, for this year's DesignerCon, a group of 99 artists will proudly get to reveal their personal favorite version! DKE Toys presents “The 99 Deaths of Jar Jar,” a group art show wherein each artist was asked to submit a black and white, pen and ink illustration on an 8.5×11" sheet of paper and chose one way to maim, torture, and/or kill our least favorite Gungan. Needless to say… brilliant! Here are some mouth-watering teasers, courtesy of L'amour Supreme and Skinner:
“The 99 Deaths of Jar Jar,” a two day only group art show, will exclusively be available for viewing on Saturday, November 9 & Sunday, November 10, 2013 from 9AM to 5PM each day at DesignerCon, Pasadena Convention Center, 300 East Green Street, Pasadena CA 91101.
Participating artists include: 64 Colors - A Little Stranger - Doktor A. - akirophoto - Ardabus Rubber - Asaad - Atila - Jason Atomic - Super Cooper Berella - Bigfoot - Joemm Blanche of CBNC - Botsch - Jon Burgerman - Candy - Nate Carle - Luke Chueh - Nicholas Dewey - Luis Diaz - Mike Egan - Dez Einswell - Brent Engstrom - Gus Fink - Frédéric Fleury - Brian Flynn - Steve (Go Hero) Forde - Free Humanity - Renee French - Gregg Gibbs - Darren Goldman - Dan Goodsell - Grenadier Stinny - James Hakola - Gary Ham - Nathan Hamill - Joshua Herbolsheimer - Jesse Hernandez - Francisco Herrera - Kerry Horvath - I Heart Guts - Jay222 - Jeremyville - JSalvador - kaNO - KiLL! - Sun-Min Kim + David Horvath - Scott Kinnebrew - Jim Koch - Frank Kozik - Wade Lageose - L'amour Supreme - Leecifer - LiLJAPAN - Abe Lincoln Jr. – Andy Linke - Jerome Lu - Madtwiinz - Jim Mahfood aka Food One - Man One - Manly Art - Marka27 - Randy Martinez - Mauricio Tubesteak - El Maz - MCA - William Luke Miller - Miso - Nate Mitchell Squid Kids Ink - Nick the Ring - Brent Nolasco - Mitch O'Connell - Odio - olive47 - Jordan Owen - Virva Peikko - Ritzy Periwinkle - The Pizz - Playful Gorilla - PodgyPanda - Poulin Eurlegg - Dave Pressler - Ted Rall - Rob Reger - Renone - Jermaine Rogers - D. Ross "scribe" - Johnny Ryan - Phil Ryan – Nick Sawyers - Dave Savage - SERBAN - Skinner - Bwana Spoons - Scott Tolleson - Triclops Studio – Tracy Tubera - twerps! - Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca - valleyDweller - Denise Vasquez - Scott Wilkowski - Neil Winn - David Zajdman.
15 Oct 12:58


by Myner

11 Oct 20:32

The Far Side

11 Oct 06:00

When candy gets creepy!!! Andrew Bell's creations for 'Bewitching III' at Stranger Factory!

by John Stokes
 photo andrewbell-kissofdeath-strangerfactory.jpgBewitching III opens this Friday, October 11th at Stranger Factory... and if you aren't at NYCC 2013 this year, then focus your sites on this! For the show, Andrew Bell has been working feverishly on his pieces, and I gotta say, they turned out fantastic! The annual Halloween themed show will feature some frightfully delicious creatures that Andrew concocted... first up is 'Hurtey's Kisses of Death®!'!!! Coming in both light and dark chocolate, these are mixed between 1" tall to 3.5" tall and include foil wrapping, fangs, and the bigger ones include a full skull... so cool! Also to note, you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting a "white chocolate" chase!

 photo Kill-Kat-II---Green-Tea-Terror-andrewbell.jpgAlso on deck is a sequel to last year's "Kill Kat" inspired by Andrew's recent travels to Japan, Kill Kat II : Green Tea Terror! The perfect complimentary terror to round out this malicious meal! Great stuff Andrew!!! For sales information visit and sign up for their preview!
12 Oct 16:54

The paper torsos of Horst Kiechle

by Ralf Zeigermann

Yes, this may be old news, but perhaps a few of my readers won’t know about this. Horst Kiechle sculpts anatomical models from paper and you can download the templates, print them out and stick them together. Have fun. In fact I may have a go at this too.

Kiechle Paper Torso

Horst Kiechle’s paper torso on Flickr.

Here’s a YouTube Video of ‘how to load the torso’. Enjoy:

11 Oct 15:34

Angry and Inebriated? Why Not Drunk-Dial Congress?

by Rebecca Cullers

Government shutdown driving you to drink? Maybe now's a good time to drunk-dial Congress. Revolution Messaging, a mobile advertising firm that reps political clients, probably had some free time during the shutdown, so the team invented a platform that allows you to randomly dial a member of Congress and start screaming. The microsite,, even helpfully provides topics and drink recipes. As a marketing tactic, Revolution Messaging has found a great way to keep its business top of mind even when members of Congress are out of their damn minds. The beauty of the platform is the random-calling feature. Because everyone in Congress is to blame when no one can watch the panda. Party politics aside, we’ve all got a reason to get pissed.


11 Oct 12:30

DeviantART artist David De Leon Luis has a slightly different notion of Bowser, Yoshi and Super Mari

by Gergo Vas

DeviantART artist David De Leon Luis has a slightly different notion of Bowser, Yoshi and Super Mario. A Yoshi with T-Rex jaws and of that size would stomp through Mushroom Kingdom with ease, leaving only completely destroyed Koopa castles behind.



07 Oct 13:45


by Steve Napierski

Tetsuo: “Link!”
Link: “HYAAAAH!”

It just isn’t the same without Kaneda.

source: Crapeteria
23 Sep 16:43

OWN A PIECE OF AMERICAN HISTORY! from now until Friday, you can...

OWN A PIECE OF AMERICAN HISTORY! from now until Friday, you can get your very own STEFF BOMB COSTANZA PORTRAIT. each print is autographed by some jerk and available in two sizes.

there are buttons and koozies for sale too and all proceeds go directly to helping me apply for the winter Renegade Craft Fair as well as eating on a daily basis, which i hear is a pretty cool thing or whatever.

23 Sep 05:36

c86: They Live, 1988 I have come here to chew bubblegum and...


They Live, 1988

I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum


09 Sep 06:50


 photo TTGO_COVER1_zps79e016ad.png
My cover for the first issue of "TEEN TITANS GO!" coming this December from DC Comics (hey, I'm art director of that show)!