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Random quote from Borat -- no html parsing

by benjabean1
$ curl -s "" | shuf -n 1 -

Turns out has a text file containing every single one of the borat quotes, each one on a newline. This makes it very convenient, as this can be done without any sed-parsing, and uses less bandwitdth!

Note that borate quotes are quite offensive, much more so than "fortunes-off"!

by David Winterbottom (

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 photo COWBOYS_zpsf2e719bd.png
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Eta Carinae and the Expanding Homunculus Nebula

Eta Carinae and the Expanding Homunculus Nebula
25 Nov 16:50

Freya Jobbins’s “Plastics.” Fascinating...

Freya Jobbins’s “Plastics.”

Fascinating sculptures by Australian sculptor Freya Jobbins.  These works are created from disassembling plastic dolls and then reassembling them as complex, beautiful and also somewhat nightmarish sculptures.  You can see more of Freya’s work below.

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins: Website

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mayahan: Little Hamster Bartenders Serving Tiny Food and Drinks...

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Star Wars's Darth Vader + Marvel Comics's Dr. Doom + Religious Iconography = ???

by Nick Curtis / Trust Pigs
Sket-One's "Our Father" sculpture, the piece of lowbrow art that mingles religious iconography with the visage of Star Wars's Darth Vader, is being released as the ultra-limited "Doom Vader Version," which incorporates the coloring of Marvel Comics villain Dr. Doom into the mix. These resin case objets d'art, limited to a mere 5 pieces worldwide, stand two feet tall (24-inches!) and weigh a massive 10 pounds. Each one has been hand-painted and is available right now to pre-order in Sket-One's online shop for $1800 apiece.
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Springfield, Tim Doyle

Springfield, Tim Doyle

06 Oct 18:59

This must be the quirkiest Lego set ever made

by Michael Schulte on LEGO, shared by Jesus Diaz to Gizmodo

This must be the quirkiest Lego set ever made

We finally have some better images of just about all of the recently leaked 2015 Lego City sets. The most important of these is the above Service Truck (60073) which comes complete with a portable toilet—which is even weirder than Speedo minifig. There are some other great sets as well.


06 Oct 22:17

Short film: Machines keep on fighting a war even though everyone is dead

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Casey Chan to Gizmodo

Short film: Machines keep on fighting a war even though everyone is dead

Here's an uncomfortable vision of the future that'll make your soul tremble a little bit: what if we built automated machines to fight our wars for us? What if those machines killed everyone on the planet? And what happens when the war is over and everyone is dead but those machines are still programmed to fight?


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This visualization of server traffic is like the coolest game of Pong

by Jesus Diaz on Sploid, shared by Casey Chan to Gizmodo

This visualization of server traffic is like the coolest game of Pong

Taiga is "a free project management platform for startups, developers, and designers." After being mentioned by Hacker News their servers got blasted with traffic, which they turned into this cool visualization that it like a game of Pong played by a zillion players against one computer.


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captain toad

21 May 09:44

Bartkira: Exhibition Book

by Jeff


When I first wrote about the incredible Bartkira project (here), over 300 artists were already signed on to help recreate every page of Akira using Simpsons characters. By the end, it took 768 artists, each drawing five pages, to complete the entire six volumes of Katsuhiro Otomo’s comic masterpiece.

Floating World Comics has just released a 96-page exhibition book, including 80 pages from the project, as well as 16 full-coluor gallery pages. Order the book here.

Finger crossed that one day we see the release of the entire thing. More images below.

View the whole post: Bartkira: Exhibition Book over on BOOOOOOOM!.

13 May 16:48

FIRST LOOK: Feature Film Sign Painters. Premieres Today.

Since founding the Wooster Collective more than ten years ago, some of our favorite artists featured on the website have been trained in the art of sign painting.  

Today, the highly anticipated feature film SIGN PAINTERS, directed by Faythe Levine & Sam Macon, is now available on iTunes and for download and streaming worldwide through the film's website

The film explores and celebrates the 150 year-old American history of the artform through anecdotal accounts from artists across the country including Ira Coyne, Bob Dewhurst, Keith Knecht, Norma Jeane Maloney and Stephen Powers.

We're thrilled to be involved with SIGN PAINTERS and are releasing it through BOND/360, the film distribution arm of Marc's firm, BOND Strategy and Influence.

SIGN PAINTERS (OFFICIAL TRAILER) from samuel j macon on Vimeo.


We're thrilled to be involved with SIGN PAINTERS and are releasing it through BOND/360, the film distribution arm of Marc's firm, BOND Strategy and Influence.

You can purchase or rent it on iTunes here or through the film's website here.

13 May 23:21

They mostly come out at night, mostly...

by Iain

H. R. Giger has passed away unexpectedly, at age 74. For the few that do not recognize the name, Giger was a surrealist artist and sculptor who applied his unique “machine/human hybrid” style of work to the design of the iconic monsters from the Alien movie franchise.

Regular readers will know that many LEGO builders have recreated creatures, scenes and vehicles from the Alien movies over the years. So it seems fitting for us to celebrate Giger’s life with some Alien-themed LEGO builds. The two shown here, by the Arvo brothers, are no doubt familiar to many of you.

But instead of reviewing a lot of older builds, I’d like to show you some completely new ones! Flickr member Missing Brick has carefully recreated memorable scenes from the 2nd movie in the franchise using customized minifigs, huge sets, creative lighting, and vehicle designs adapted from the work of fellow builders.

Click below the fold to see them all. WARNING: What follows is several pages of glorious LEGO Aliens movie scene-porn! Revel in it at your own peril, and remember to nuke the site from orbit afterwards. It’s the only way to be sure.

“Hey Bishop, do the thing with the knife!”

“Well I can operate that loader over there…”

The marines prepare to get their asses handed to them by a bunch of aliens…

“Stop yer grinnin’ and drop yer linen!”

“I’m telling you man, they’re inside the perimeter!”

“There must be an explanation, something we missed…”


“You always were an asshole, Gorman”

“Hold on Newt, we’re coming for you!”

Excessive dramatic tension scene number 47

Punch it, Bishop!

Dropship and APC (based on designs by Larry Lars and others)

12 May 21:00

This Lettuce Umbrella Should Count As a Serving of Veggies

by Andrew Liszewski

This Lettuce Umbrella Should Count As a Serving of Veggies

If the thought of putting anything green in your mouth leaves you gagging, this adorable and remarkably life-like lettuce umbrella might help slowly acclimate you to accepting vegetables into your life. And it probably goes without saying that it will keep you dry as well.


15 Apr 18:04

Austin Pscyh Fest, Drew Millward

Austin Pscyh Fest, Drew Millward

23 Mar 04:51

Architecture in Ruins

by Simon

If making a really nice modern architecture building wasn’t hard enough, Andreas has taken it one step further and decided to add unbelievably realistic damage.


The transition from clean lines to rubble is nothing short of amazing.

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07 Feb 17:43

I’d just come across a downed helicopter when I heard a...

I’d just come across a downed helicopter when I heard a voice.

Based on the content of the message and the fact that there was no one physically in my vicinity, the voice was the server administrator using his mic to address all the players on the server at once.

"Uh, just to let you all know," he said, "I’m about to shut the server down. And I’m going to rename the server. And none of you are going to ever be able to find the server again. So you might as well leave."

I didn’t leave. Presumably no other players left either, because a minute later the admin began broadcasting Tiny Tim’s "Livin’ In The Sunlight, Lyin’ In The Moonlight" at full volume to everyone.

Then I left.

06 Feb 04:46

Check out: The Naughty Victorian Hand Book

by David Malki !

One of my wife’s co-workers sent this book home with her, saying “This looks like the sort of thing David would like.” And WOW, was he correct. This book is INCREDIBLE.

It’s The Naughty Victorian Hand Book; or, Furtling: The Rediscovered Art of Erotic Hand Manipulation by New Zealand artists Jeremy Bennett and Burton Silver. Bennett is responsible for the many absolutely wonderful illustrations throughout the book — they’re created with a scratchboard technique that mimics incredibly the Victorian-era woodcut style. Silver is the author of quite a few humor books, including two that I already have on my shelf: Why Cats Paint and its sequel, Why Paint Cats.

(Click any image for a closer look.)

The premise of The Naughty Victorian Hand Book is simple. The introduction describes the lost practice of “furtling”, explaining:

To study the art of erotic hand manipulation is to start out on a wonderful journey of discovery, a journey that leads into a world of secret folds and furrows…

For no matter whether this work was billed as a “medicinal contrivance for the diminished urge” or simply as a harmless parlour-game, the prudish Victorian mind would have intuitively grasped the contagious nature of the underlying message…As you will find, these engravings have lost none of their power to excite and provoke.

They induce powerful statements of tactile value where the reader is encouraged to delight in the sensation of touch — as if the body were in miniature and the finger tip the caressing palm.

Every part of the book includes various cut-out sections, where the reader can place his or her hand physically under the page to fill out the illustration.

For example, on a given page, there will be a diagram showing exactly how to place your hand — you turn two pages, and place your hand underneath both in the configuration pictured.

Then, you lift up the top page to reveal the illustration that, with the addition of your hand, has become INCREDIBLY NAUGHTY.

This book is amazing. It’s a one-note joke, but it’s so elaborately done and so wonderfully done that it’s absolutely worth it. I’ve never seen a book quite like it.

Anyone who’s read my any of my books knows that I like to include mechanics in them that respect the physicality of the book as artifact — whether it’s having to repeatedly rotate The Annotated Wondermark, or hold pages in Beards of our Forefathers up to the light, or match up pages in Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death to create recipes for medicine — I love the idea of the book as thing, an item that’s not just a sum of words and pictures but actually something that gains power from having physical mass and occupying a specific space in the world.

Also I can’t stop giggling at it.

This book was released in Great Britain and the US in 1989, but is now long out of print. Over the last few months I’ve been keeping an eye out for copies in any used bookstores I visit, and also snapping them up when I come across them online. A few of you have seen me show it off at conventions — it’s the only product I’ve ever sold that’s not my own work! But it fits so well with the Wondermark aesthetic and sense of humor that I almost feel it’s my duty to give this now 25-year-old book whatever second life I can.

If you’re as tickled by this as I am, you can find used copies on Amazon or in other used bookstores (not around me, though!).

Or, right now I’ve got 19 copies of my own that I’m happy to offer. Mine are all used copies (as Amazon’s would be), and as such are slightly worn or may feature strange stickers — but not in any way that impedes the reading experience. UPDATE: All my copies are gone! If I obtain more in the future I will be sure to say so loudly!

Plus, if you order from me you also get a handwritten thank-you from Piranhamoose! YOUR MOVE, AMAZON.

The only difference between the British and American versions of the book is the cover design (I’ve got some of each). If you get a copy from me, I’ll send you one or the other randomly.

With Valentine’s Day coming up (and of course I still have Valentine cards for sale too!) this would make the perfect gift for the weirdo in your life!

The Naughty Victorian Hand Book:
on Amazon or available direct from me.
Update: I’ve sold all my copies for now!

…by the way, this whole post is NSFWV (Not Safe For Wilting Victorians)

21 Jan 18:14

We always keep an emergency stash.

We always keep an emergency stash.

20 Jan 05:14

Working on this years very heartfelt Valentine’s Day card. #art



Working on this years very heartfelt Valentine’s Day card. #art

13 Jan 06:54

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (32GB, Deep Grey) + $100 Gift Card - $499

by giveNforgive

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10 Jan 03:30

the circle of………………. uh 2014...


so that's how it works

the circle of………………. uh

2014 new year brings new stuff! Like this music Video I did for Hell Orbs! All Drawn/edited/animated by me in a week. It was crazy to do and I loved it (you will love it too, I promise).

30 Dec 18:21

nprmusic: NPR Music’s 12 Favorite Music Videos Of 2013


wow, I'm really out of it. I don't know any of these.

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Awesome Lego Kaneda's bike from Akira is a must-have

by Jesus Diaz on LEGO, shared by Stephen Totilo to Kotaku

Awesome Lego Kaneda's bike from Akira is a must-have

The Arvo Brothers have created a perfect Lego model of the most famous bike in sci-fi comic and cinema history: Kaneda's chopper from Akira. And while Lego may not make it into a commercial set, don't worry, the Arvo Brothers are publishing an online manual so you can build it yourself.


19 Nov 15:44


Do you love your family?

Do you want to protect them?

Then why have you not yet done anything about the fact that THE FLOOR IS LAVA. YOU CAN'T TOUCH IT OR YOU'LL DIE!

For the low cost of $25 you can spare your family from this terrible fate. We are offering a floor-lava proof island to provide shelter and safety. It has been know to protect up to 4 people simultaneously but may hold even more in a dire emergency.

That's only $6.25 per person to SAVE THEM FROM THE LAVA COVERING THE FLOOR!

As a FREE bonus we'll throw in four soft, comfortable, throwable (and most importantly LAVAPROOF) stepping stones, allowing for the mobility to reach safe areas of the floor. These may provide YOUR ONLY CHANCE OF RESCUE.

So please, for the love of your family -- especially your children -- act now. Don't let this simple solution to a deadly and common problem slip away.

(It also functions as a couch.)

  • Location: Kansas City, KS
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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