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18 Sep 14:34

Too Spooky For Me - Halloween Song

by villeashell


Too Spooky For Me - Halloween Song

17 Sep 19:57

good kid, m.A.A.d. city - Kendrick Lamar (2012)

by villeashell
good kid, m.A.A.d. city - Kendrick Lamar (2012):


Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City
This album losing to Macklemore is the closest I’ve come to actually having feelings about the Grammys. It’s a unique work and a solid autobiographical narrative that becomes more complex the more you listen to it. Lamar adds a new emotional tone to the stereotypical gangtsta/come…
17 Sep 14:34

dailyotter: Cheeky Sea Otter Sticks Out Her Tongue at the...

by villeashell
08 Jun 04:37

On being a thing

by Sarah Kendzior

via willowbl00

I do not write personal essays. This is the first, and likely the last, you will see.

I write articles that have resonated with millions of people, often in an emotional way. But I never write about myself or my personal life. I have multiple platforms and if I wanted to, I could. I choose not to – in part because I think focusing on myself distracts from the social and political problems I depict, but also because I value my privacy.

I am like this in “real life” too. I have been described as aloof, but I try to be generous and kind. I take care of my family and my community. I don’t care about fame, which is much more of a curse than a gift. I reject most media interviews. My priorities are my loved ones and my work. Yesterday I was reading Charlotte’s Web to my daughter: the story of “a true friend and a good writer”. That is all I aim to be. If I had the choice, this is how I would be remembered.

But I do not have a choice.

I do not like to write about myself, and I do not like to write about my pain. Today Jacobin put me in a position where I had no choice but to do that.

For the past few weeks, I have been receiving rape threats and constant harassment from people who describe themselves as leftists or communists, and apparently want to rape their way to revolution. I have attempted to handle these threats privately. I mentioned them on Twitter twice: once to violentfanon, whose podcast I nearly had to cancel on because of the intensity of the threats, and one to Kenzo Shibata, in a Twitter conversation.

The rest of the time I dealt with them in non-public ways, through private emails and discussion. I have learned that to draw attention to rape threats produces more rape threats. I was scared for my safety and did not want to do that. Any attack on me becomes an attack on my family. As a mother, it is my job to protect my family.

During the YesAllWomen hashtag, which happened at the peak of the threats, I was tempted to open up about what was happening. I was moved by others sharing their stories, many of which were similar to mine. Like many women, I deleted more tweets than I submitted. In the end, I only referred to my situation obliquely. I could not go through with it.

Today Amber A’lee Frost at Jacobin magazine linked to my conversation with Shibata in order to mock my rape threats. This tweet would have been fairly hard to find since it was merely a response to Shibata’s. As I said, had I wanted to talk about my rape threats, I certainly could have – in an article in a mass media outlet or in tweets to my 24000 Twitter followers. But I did not want this scrutiny. Instead I made a brief remark, and forgot about it until this morning, when it appeared in Jacobin – used to viciously mock my potential rape in a piece that otherwise had nothing to do with me.

There are not words to describe the experience of reading an article, coming to the word “rape threats”, and then seeing that the rape threat is about you – intended to debase and humiliate you for admitting you have been threatened.

When I objected to the piece, two Jacobin editors admitted that they had not edited or carefully read the piece in question, and removed the link. Then another editor, Megan Erickson, said I was being “childish” for noting that they had mocked me for my rape threats. She and others spent the day mocking and harassing me.

Because this was now being handled in public, I was fortunate to receive the support of hundreds of people on Twitter – as well as attacks from others. I always expect some form of trolling, but I did not expect one of the attackers to be an editor at Salon, Elias Isquith, who questioned what my potential rape meant for “hashtags” and “brands”.

So in one day, two leftist publications used rape threats to me to belittle me, humiliate me and defame me. And then others accuse me of wanting attention.

Who in their right mind would want attention for this?

I had, and continue to have, no desire to ever write about being repeatedly threatened with rape. It is a painful subject for me to discuss for many reasons. The only reason I’m doing so now is because Jacobin forced me into a position where I have no choice but to do so to clarify what happened. I don’t want attention, or pity, or to be anyone’s hero or victim.

What do I want? I want people to stop sending me rape threats. I want to do my work. I want to stop being treated like a thing – or, shall I say, like a woman.

The left has a rape problem. Someone should write about it. But it is not going to be me. I have had enough threats this year.




16 Sep 18:06

And The Winner Of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 Is…Alfred! | TechCrunch

by villeashell
And The Winner Of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 Is…Alfred! | TechCrunch:
After three days and incredible pitches from our 26 Battlefield companies (plus two Audience Choice winners), it’s now time to name the TechCrunch Disrupt SF..

disruptive: having a butler, except one without job security, a personal relationship with you, their own name, any of the small benefits the serving class could have reaped in the past

16 Sep 16:19

spudd64: characterwednesday: Title: You crack me up, little...

by villeashell



Title: You crack me up, little buddy!

14 inches by 11 inches

ink on watercolor paper

September 15, 2014

artists: r.s. rudy and Matt Kish

A collaborative drawing between myself and talented artist r.s. rudy for the Character Wednesday group art tumblr. This is Sam & Max!

13 Sep 14:35


by villeashell

Jughead transcends all sexuality and yet has mastered it

15 Sep 15:39

Dog mass

by villeashell
Dog mass:

LC control 85038767 
LC classificationBX2015.5.H
Topical headingDog Mass
    Browse this term in  LC Authorities  or the  LC Online Catalog See alsoDogs—Religious aspects—Catholic Church
    Browse this term in  LC Authorities
Hunting—Religious aspects—Catholic Church
    Browse this term in  LC Authorities

13 Sep 14:42

dailyotter: This Is My Bucket. They Put Water in It for...

by villeashell
10 Sep 13:29

tinycartridge: Here’s Sherlock Holmes in the Great Ace...

by villeashell

uhhh ok


Here’s Sherlock Holmes in the Great Ace Attorney ⊟

The little girl is Capcom’s version of Watson, a pink-haired 8 year old. Don’t underestimate her, though — Iris Watson is a genius with a medical Ph.D., and the author of novel series The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

The 3DS game is set to release in Japan next spring. Thanks to Kotaku for posting these scans and details from the latest issue of Famitsu.

BUY Ace Attorney games, upcoming releases
10 Sep 16:01

Father Ted | My Lovely Horse | Channel 4

by villeashell

Father Ted | My Lovely Horse | Channel 4

09 Sep 14:42

excuse you sir that is JUGHEAD you’re talking about

by villeashell

aaaahhh can't stop laughing at his face in the last panel

excuse you sir that is JUGHEAD you’re talking about

09 Sep 14:01

dailyotter: Wizard Otter Takes a Break from Spell...

by villeashell

accio fish

09 Sep 15:09

spudd64: characterwednesday: Title: And the Name of Your Doom...

by villeashell



Title: And the Name of Your Doom is Nancy

8 inches by 10 inches

ink on watercolor paper

September 8, 2014

artist: Matt Kish

My drawing of Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy for the Character Wednesday group art tumblr that I am a part of.

08 Sep 15:00

Vladimir Nabokov: Pale Fire - A poem in four Cantos by John Shade (Edited by Brian Boyd, Illustrated by Jean Holabird, Commentary by Brian Boyd and R.S. Gwynn)

by villeashell

I Need This

Vladimir Nabokov: Pale Fire - A poem in four Cantos by John Shade (Edited by Brian Boyd, Illustrated by Jean Holabird, Commentary by Brian Boyd and R.S. Gwynn):
ISBN 9781584234319 | Many think Pale Fire is Nabokov’s greatest novel. At its heart beats a 999-line poem, penned by its fictional hero, John Shade.
08 Sep 02:01

zpxlng: Do you spend more time on the internet than you should?...

by villeashell


Do you spend more time on the internet than you should? Does the sudden brutal stabbing murder of a loved one give you feels? Can you remember at least one incident from high school that bothered you in some way? Relax; you’re not crazy — you’re an introvert! Welcome to the club!

Still not sure? Take a look at these telltale signs, compiled by someone who nearly looked up ‘introvert’ in a dictionary.

You might be an Introvert if…

  • You read books

Only introverts know how to read. If you enjoy this quirky, archaic pastime, you might just be an introvert!

  • You go shopping by yourself

Sure, it seems pretty ‘weird’, but you can do without the normal entourage required to pop down the shops for milk and bread. You see a gang of twelve to fifteen fashionable kids crowded in the freezer aisle, gabbing into their mobile phones while all cooperatively picking up the same packet of frozen peas and placing it into their single shared trolley and think, “No thanks; I like cats!”

  • You like cats

Or dogs. Or one single dog. Anything mammalian, really, and birds too even. Most people punch a baby rabbit in the face every morning before breakfast, so if you see a baby rabbit and go, “Aw, so cute,” you’re probably an introvert.

  • You like to stay at home

Normal people literally explode if they stay in the same room for more than an hour, which is why they’re always dancing in the street, paragliding, swimming to the moon etc. If you get home from a hard day’s work and just want to relax on the couch with a hot cup of tea, guess what, you big ol’ introvert? That’s right it means you are one.

  • You’re intelligent, creative and thoughtful

Wouldn’t you know it, introverts are all of these! Heaps more than the average ‘popular’ moron.

  • You have a rich inner world

Your inner world is just so rich, what with all of your observations about things; it’s a pity most people are too busy going “Blah blah blah, shopping, television!” to notice. But someone willing to humbly defer to your hidden genius will discover that you are a brilliant conversationalist who knows about a band.

  • You need your quiet time and personal space

Extroverts sometimes run up to you, wild-eyed, and just start yelling; just “AAAAARGH!!! AAAAAAAAARGH!!!” at the top of their lungs, their face an inch away from your own. Most people would be like, “Who’s this sexy extrovert? I wanna get down with this person,” but an introvert like you is more likely to think, “Yikes! I’m uncomfortable.”

So if you’re an introvert, don’t worry! There are others like you, out there somewhere, suffering the same nearly-monthly indignity of people saying, “Are you okay?” or “Wow, you came!” to them. Just remember: being an introvert makes you special and interesting, like a black or a gay. Let’s show some introvert pride!

08 Sep 00:14


by villeashell


06 Sep 15:24

dailyotter: King Otter Sends Forth His Army Via saebaryo, who...

by villeashell


King Otter Sends Forth His Army

Via saebaryo, who writes, “These Asian small-clawed otters were going about their business when it was suddenly feeding time and they all knew exactly what was coming.”

25 Aug 15:39

Debut - Björk (1993)

by villeashell
Debut - Björk (1993):



Let’s talk about albums we loved during our teenage years, the hissing cassettes we nearly wore out listening to over and over again alone in the dark, the tattered and fading posters on our walls, the lyrics we knew by heart, the videos we endured the rest of MTV for, the subversive love…

04 Sep 15:44

Startup Very Casual About Dress Code, Benefits

by villeashell

hi firehose

Startup Very Casual About Dress Code, Benefits:
AUSTIN, TX—Touting the business’s laid-back, nontraditional corporate culture, Go-Go Maps founder and CEO Mike Hannasch explained to reporters Thursday that his company is pretty casual when it comes to employees’ dress code and benefits…
02 Sep 18:16

moviebarcode: Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

by villeashell
22 Aug 00:46

What if You Got to Write the Next Wonder Woman? | Bitch Media

by villeashell
What if You Got to Write the Next Wonder Woman? | Bitch Media:
Comics creators Cat Staggs and Amanda Deibert are lucky ducks—they’re writing a new Wonder Woman issue.

first thing: bring back the original 1940s Etta Candy

19 Aug 18:01

How Metal Are You?

by villeashell

hello, Mr. multitasksuicide

How Metal Are You?:
It’s an important consideration
18 Aug 18:40

Admin Ignores Us

by villeashell

welcome to my stupid profession

Admin Ignores Us:
I’m working through the results of a survey on metadata practices with digital scholarship. I asked a question about why metadata services aren’t provided. Several answers were of the variation tha…
18 Aug 18:38

scottlava: “Sepatown!”

by villeashell




18 Aug 18:43

ACAT Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic

by villeashell

uggh geographic subdivisions are such a stupid mess. Welcome to my own private hell cataloging Soviet-era cookbooks.

also I rarely agree with Weinheimer but he's correct that modern catalogs do a very poor job of providing "see also" and "see instead" type references within a controlled vocabulary

ACAT Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic:
Posting to Autocat On 8/13/2014 9:09 AM, Elhanan Adler wrote: LCSH (via Connexion) has World War, 1939-1945 ǂz Czechoslovakia but for individual towns: World War, 1939-1945 ǂz Czech Republic ǂz…
18 Aug 13:35

dailyotter: Otters Fall Asleep in Their...

by villeashell

hello yes why don't I have an ottertunnel

16 Aug 02:32

depressioncomix: 198

by villeashell
13 Aug 19:27

mattbors: erikamoen: "I Want to Live" I drew this comic...

by villeashell

let's all talk about depression and how serious it is for about a week and then go back to completely ignoring it like always

seriouspost I got actually a little choked up reading this but now I'm back to hating the sudden spotlight on my dumb problem and how everyone and their mom is talking about their depression because that makes it seem like it's not even that big of a problem or alternately like there's nothing that can be done about it and I know that any attention it gets is going to dissipate once everyone remembers how fucking difficult it is to deal with someone who suffers from chronic depression, and I don't blame them



"I Want to Live"

I drew this comic yesterday and today it’s up on The Nib.

Important read on depression by Erika Moen.

13 Aug 18:25

The Redemption Of Lambrusco: the Italian Sparkling Wine You Should Be Drinking Right Now |

by villeashell

Lambrusco is the fucking tops, it makes me smile every time I drink it

The Redemption Of Lambrusco: the Italian Sparkling Wine You Should Be Drinking Right Now |
Steve Wildy is the beverage director for the Vetri Family restaurant group in Philadelphia. He is @sommillionaire on twitter. Americans have long appreciated the fruits of Emilia-Romagna: Delicately savory mortadella, nutty Parmigiano-Reggiano, sweetly aged balsamic vinegar. And now, the region’s wine exports are finally catching up to the quality of its food. Like Soave, Pinot Grigio, Valpolicella, and even Chianti, the Lambrusco that’s hit our shores in the 70s and 80s past has been overly sweet and frankly bland—watered down by industrialized mass production. But nary a drop of the real, dry stuff landed on these shores until the mid-nineties. If you have any memory of Lambrusco before that point, you’re probably thinking of Riunite—you may remember the advertising tag line Riunite on ice, that’s nice. Each bottle popped and sloshed at every volcano lamp-lit house party was the sort of candied, Welch’s-scented, soda-pop wine that went down easy to the tune of millions of cases a year. I don’t blame you if you think that sounds terrible, and I especially don’t blame you if you lived through it and can feel a hangover setting in at the mere mention of the word Lambrusco. But no need to reach for the Alka-Seltzer when you and your guests can find a miracle cure in the fizz of the real stuff—the stuff that real Italians have been drinking all along. Forget the old adage about always having a bottle of Champagne in the fridge—here are the Lambruscos you should stock for parties instead: Medici Ermete, Lambrusco Salomino Concerto $23 The first to introduce the classic, dry, cork-stopped style to a fructose-fatigued nation of Lambrusco drinkers was Medici Ermete in 1995, and they still make some of the best. Look to their Concerto as the perfect first sip for the uninitiated: frothy inky purple in the glass and bursting with concord grape and sweet tart aromas, the disassociation from Riunite doesn’t fully click until it hits your lips. This is wine and wine first, with tannin, acidity, fruit, earth, complexity, oh and bubbles too. Venturini Baldini, Lambrusco Emilia $15 The organic Venturini Baldini has just a little more natural sweetness to put it in in the same legendary pizza pairing camp as one Coca Cola. Beyond this classic match, it’s versatile enough to enjoy with almost anything - tons of fruit, balanced acidity, a touch of spice, and a cleansing perlage that also makes it festive and fun to drink. BBQ, Burgers, backyard anything really, and it even looks just fine in a solo cup. Alfredo Bertolani, Lambrusco Rose $16 While Lambrusco is tough to beat with food, there may be no greater mood pairing wine than sparkling rose. The simple act of pouring it for friends announces an intent to celebrate in the classiest of ways. As an example of the smaller category of Rose Lambrusco, this gem from Bertolani is the best of both worlds: pale violet in both color and aroma, gently effervescent and seductively hinting at sweetness. This is…