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30 Sep 20:50

They say that water cannot be created or destroyed

by Matthew Inman
01 Oct 00:34

Me Too

29 Sep 21:00

Destiny's Loot Cave Lives On Forever In Goofy Tribute Game

by Evan Narcisse

Destiny's Loot Cave Lives On Forever In Goofy Tribute Game

Destiny's infamous loot cave is dead. But a cheeky developer has paid homage to the beloved engram-farming location with a game you can play right in your browser.

Sure, other caves are being touted as successors to the magnetic exploit in Bungie's popular new shooter. You still need to fire up Destiny to get to those locations, though. However, for those times when you need to scratch your cave-shootin' itch away from home, you can play Daniel Rosas' Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator right in your browser.

Granted it doesn't have any actual enemies or anything like that but, man, look all those engrams! This cave isn't stingy at all. Overall, the joke manages to be funny, despite clearly being a quick weekend's work.

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30 Sep 20:27

"Kitchen Gun" YouTube Poop Music Videos

by Don

This popular infomercial parody skit from the British sketch comedy television series The Peter Serafinowicz Show has inspired a slew of YouTube Poop remixes on YouTube.

30 Sep 02:16


29 Sep 18:22

Don't Panic, Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Here

by Brad
30 Sep 00:54

When Russians thought the Internet would make them free

by Sergey Kuznetsov

Once an old French man of the May '68 generation said to me: “You can’t imagine what sexual revolution means for us, who grew up in the Catholic country where sex was a sin.” I answered: “It has to be like the Internet for us, who grew up in Soviet Union where information was a treasure.”

For the majority of young men, imagining a Soviet closed society is as hard as it is to imagine the world without miniskirts, contraception, and X-rated video. However, I grew up in a world where any information was strictly controlled. There were a handful of Hollywood movies each year, translations of 20-30 years old sci-fi novels, the first volume of Lord of the Rings (no second and third), only one disc from The Beatles and no discs of The Doors or Rolling Stones. Many foreign books and movies were prohibited or just unavailable: not only the politically charged 1984, but the innocent Star Wars (because Star Wars was a nickname of Reagan’s space program). As a result, the rare lucky ones who traveled abroad, retold movies that they saw (“You know, Jaws has very simple plot…”). We had Samizdat – the underground circulation of typewritten books – but mostly it was anti-Soviet prose and poetry or – rarely – poorly-translated pornography. We had no fanzine system or means for sharing independent information about movies, books, music etc.

I grew up and the Iron Curtain collapsed – and after a few years we discovered the Internet. Soon we could find everything we needed: the full filmography of any director, the receipts of bomb and drug manufacturers, English texts of classics and Russian translations of almost everything.

It was like the sexual revolution for a graduate of Catholic school.

We were overdosed by free information.

The first years of the Internet in Russia were full of ecstasy and euphoria. We believed that information must be free and the times of propaganda were gone: any person who has access to non-censored news would easily choose the truth. We felt secure and safe: we knew encryption and nobody could catch us in our new brave world.

Two decades later and it’s hard to find the traces of our belief in the Russian Internet. The only thing we inherited from the nineties and the Samizdat are the torrents and e-libraries. Copyright is dead: almost any film and any book can be downloaded for free after a five minute search. The film distributors have to make arrangements with pirates about “two week vacancies” after theatre premieres, but the small publishers are just bankrupt. I’m not sure it’s the great result we dreamt in early years of the Internet.

Talking about security and freedom, we have only bad news: the secret service spying (not only in Russia), mailbox hacking, the blocking of anti-Putin sites… the Kremlin controls the majority of online media in Russia and talks about building a China-style Great Russian Firewall.

However the worst is the old good propaganda. Surprise! – It still works! There are dozens of comments on any political post. The commentators write about the wisdom of Putin, the increasing Russian economy and the greedy and guileful United States who dreams to destroy Russia and conquest their territory before a San-Andreas earthquake or Yellowstone explosion ruins their country. It is said that some of the comments are sponsored by a special political center (the pay is 3 bucks per comment), however I’m afraid somebody writes this bullshit for free: sometimes people choose lies even when they have access to independent information.

So, we are lost: there is no freedom of information that we dreamt about and spying and the state propaganda are stronger than ever. It seems that we are like the generation from the sixties who believed that everybody who tasted sex-drugs-rock-n-roll would never be slave of the System.

Nice to know we are not the first to delude ourselves about the importance of new technology and new culture. It is a weak consolation. However, you can envy us: we were so happy twenty years ago when we discovered the Internet and thought we discovered a cure for lies and mind-control. That kind of of happiness is a rare experience.

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29 Sep 04:00

iOS Keyboard

More actual results: 'Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You [are the best. The best thing ever]', 'Revenge is a dish best served [by a group of people in my room]', and 'They may take our lives, but they'll never take our [money].'
26 Sep 16:30

You'll Probably Suck At Roundabout And That's Okay

by Leo Wichtowski

You'll Probably Suck At Roundabout And That's Okay

Roundabout is a game that contains roundabouts but isn't actually about roundabouts — no, a more accurate title would be: Help! I'm A Limousine And I Can't Stop Spinning.

Ok, that isn't a particularly catchy title (I've never been good at titles). But I took a break from being horribly ill to play this game because I believed I'd be a prime candidate to drive this ever-rotating limo. I've had the experience, you see. I remember fondly playing Kuru Kuru Kururin, a sort of obscure GBA title in the early 2000s, and I had no trouble getting a long rotating stick through Kuru Kuru Kururin's labyrinthine levels.

But we live in the future now, where my senses are dulled from years of existential turmoil and, despite Roundabout having a similar infinite spinning mechanic, I must admit, I'm not very good at the game.

Luckily Roundabout is extremely forgiving, letting you carry on as you smack your poor limo into strategically placed lampposts and cars. Watching my limo explode became a regular experience as I made my way in perpetual spin as you can see above.

Wish to tweet words at me? I can be found here @laserfrog.

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27 Sep 21:30

It's Dangerous To Go Alone. Eat This.

by Mike Fahey

It's Dangerous To Go Alone. Eat This.

The menu at Fountain City Coffee in Columbus, Georgia is the beginning of an epic breakfast adventure.

Brought to light by Kumanoki on Reddit, this listing of purchasable breakfast goods begs the question — should we sacrifice readability and potentially alienate non-game-savvy customers for the sake of a The Legend of Zelda reference? The answer is yes. Always.

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26 Sep 22:52

Have You Ever Been So Mad at Someone...

by Brad

That you sent an introductory telegram just as a forewarning of more insults to follow?

26 Sep 19:55

zooophagous: boujhetto: Man’s best friend I like how he...



Man’s best friend

I like how he picks him up and is all, “There you go!”

fucked his shit up


He just puts him over the counter all “Yeah that’s right Sparky you fuck his shit up”

25 Sep 23:53


25 Sep 12:03

Where Whistleblowers End Up Working

by samzenpus writes Jana Kasperkevic writes at The Guardian that it's not every day that you get to buy an iPhone from an ex-NSA officer. Yet Thomas Drake, former senior executive at National Security Agency, is well known in the national security circles for leaking information about the NSA's Trailblazer project to Baltimore Sun. In 2010, the government dropped all 10 felony charges against him and he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for unauthorized use of a computer and lost his livelihood. "You have to mortgage your house, you have to empty your bank account. I went from making well over $150,000 a year to a quarter of that," says Drake. "The cost alone, financially — never mind the personal cost — is approaching million dollars in terms of lost income, expenses and other costs I incurred." John Kiriakou became the first former government official to confirm the use of waterboarding against al-Qaida suspects in 2009. "I have applied for every job I can think of – everything from grocery stores to Toys R Us to Starbucks. You name it, I've applied there. Haven't gotten even an email or a call back," says Kiriakou. According to Kasperkevic, this is what most whistleblowers can expect. The potential threat of prosecution, the mounting legal bills and the lack of future job opportunities all contribute to a hesitation among many to rock the boat. "Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, declared a war on whistleblowers virtually as soon as they assumed office," says Kiriakou. "Washington has always needed an "ism" to fight against, an idea against which it could rally its citizens like lemmings. First, it was anarchism, then socialism, then communism. Now, it's terrorism. Any whistleblower who goes public in the name of protecting human rights or civil liberties is accused of helping the terrorists."

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Read more of this story at Slashdot.

25 Sep 22:10

The Official List of What You Have to Watch

by Molly Horan

CollegeHumor fills you in on the movies and TV shows you must watch, and the ones you can skip.

23 Sep 20:30

Super Mario World, Beaten In Record Time

by Patricia Hernandez

Super Mario World, Beaten In Record Time

Nine minutes and fifty one seconds. That's all speedrunner linkdeadx2 needs to blaze through Super Mario World, and it's a treat to watch him do it (in Mario PJs, to boot!)

This is an 'any percentage' run, which means that a player doesn't need to get 100% completion to beat the game and claim a time.

The leaderboard runners-up at this time are xpaco5 and dram55, with 09:51.12 and 09:51.69 runs, respectively. Milliseconds can make all the difference in a speedrun; thanks to milliseconds linkdeadx2 has the world record for beating Super Mario World quickly.

You can read more about Super Mario World speedrunning, including tricks and glitches, here. Especially useful if you're curious as to how this speedrunner had a cloud for the final fight against Bowser, a glitch used in this run:

You must be small Mario to do this trick. Various powerups have various effects on what happens when you do this.

In Yoshi's Island 2, you get Yoshi, and grab the next red shell you see.

Aim to spit the fire so that the middle flame is lined up near the top of the two large bushes.

You must shoot the red shell before the green shell spawns. If you shoot too late, you won't be able to item swap.

Grab the green shell, and jump to the third step in the hill ahead.

Holding down, spit out the shell so that it's sitting still in front of you.

Turn and face left, stopping a little bit before reaching the middle of the step you are on. You want to be facing left right up until you dismount Yoshi, as you jump further right this way.

When the coin is about to land (Roughly, when it touches the bush in the background), tap right, and quickly roll your thumb from X to A. Yoshi should turn around, stick his tongue out, and you should spinjump to the right

Immediately let go of these buttons and hold R

If everything works perfectly, you'll end up with a garbled graphic in your inventory box. This is the cloud! You're going to want to hang onto this until you get to the fight with Bowser, so don't collect any midpoints, because when you grab the cape, you'll overwrite your cloud with a mushroom.

Fascinating stuff.

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24 Sep 04:44

18th Century Lilo & Stitch

by Brad

“The Favorite” by Omar Rayyan

24 Sep 02:19

magnus-thegreat-redundancy: I believe that every american...


I believe that every american should at least watch this monologue from The Newsroom

24 Sep 17:55

“11,” by Korean girl pop band Hitchhiker: either the best or worst music video ever

by Xeni Jardin

Korean sexy girl pop band Hitchhiker meets #seapunk meets #ababa. This stunning music video is making the viral rounds, and for good reason. 10517324_1548656825369652_7146862417019747981_o



















Read more at Boing Boing

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24 Sep 04:00

September 24, 2014

Pretty pleased with myself here.
22 Sep 15:00

Take This Job And Smoke It

Anchor Charlo Green quits during live news broadcast.
22 Sep 22:54

You even smoke bruh?

18 Sep 04:54


I’m not using Gmail or similar — I use the mail server my hosting provider gives me.

That mail server has SpamAssassin, so I have that enabled and set to quarantine everything that scores a 1 or above.

A fair amount of spam gets through to my mail client — Apple Mail — anyway. And so I have junk mail filtering turned on there too.

But Mail’s junk mail filtering doesn’t do a very good job.

To be fair, it’s dealing with messages that SpamAssassin didn’t catch either. The tough ones. But there are a lot of those.

Tonight I got fed up and went back to SpamSieve. It had been years since I used it — but I’m so happy it’s still around. It always did a great job.

* * *

You know what great technology doesn’t have a spam problem at all? RSS.

Not that RSS is a replacement for email or Twitter or anything else. It brings you what you asked for — blog posts and podcasts, mostly — and nothing else gets through.

(RSS feeds may contain advertising, of course, but so do web pages and we don’t call that spam. It’s a different thing.)

What you don’t get with RSS is blog posts from some entirely other blog than what you asked for. If you subscribe to a podcast, you don’t get episodes from some other scammy podcast.

There was a sort-of spam problem many years ago. Back then there were blog search engines (which have all shut down, as far as I know), and those search engines would index spam blogs, and so if you had a feed that was a search you could end up with posts from spam blogs.

But I’m probably the only person who remembers that. And the problem wasn’t with RSS, it was with the search engines and the providers who allowed spam blogs.

19 Sep 23:49

The filthiest camp at Burning Man

by Cory Doctorow

For the first time, the Burning Man Organization has published a "MOOP Map" -- a map showing litter left behind by camps at the "leave no trace" event (MOOP stands for Matter Out Of Place).

The filthiest camp? Gypsy Flower Power camp -- over 200 people, many of them first timers from overseas, who were apparently scammed by a serial ripoff artist called "Jonny Moonshine" with a history of doing this at multiple events, including other Burning Mans and a Rainbow Gathering in Hawai'i. The comments are full of furious people who gave Moonshine money on the understanding that he'd arrange tickets, food, water, and other necessities, and who had to beg at other camps to keep from starving.

We don’t know why or how this situation got so out of control. So, we’re asking: What happened? Why did Gypsy Flower Power abandon its moop on this scale?

We do know that some camp members reached out to the community, to the 4:30 neighborhood, and to DPW for help. What we don’t understand is why their plans failed so completely. How did they wind up abandoned in Black Rock City with more moop than they could possibly pack out?

Gypsy Flower Power: the Playa Restoration crew respects every Burner’s efforts to Leave No Trace on the playa, and that includes your efforts. Nobody in the Burning Man community likes to see something like this happen, and we certainly don’t want to see it happen again. If you’re out there, please enlighten the people of Black Rock City. What’s your story, and what can we all learn from your experience?

MOOP MAP 2014: The Map You’ve Never Seen [The Hun/Burning Man Blog]

(Thanks, Cap'n Jack)

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20 Sep 16:05

Reasons (not) to trust Apple's privacy promises

by Cory Doctorow

Best reason to flee when Apple asks for your personal info? Their warrant canary died.

Apple's new Ios privacy policy makes some bold promises about their technology's wiretap-resistance, saying that even if Apple wanted to snoop on your messages, they couldn't, but as EFF co-founder John Gilmore points out, Apple's asking you to take an awful lot on faith here.

And why do we believe them?

* Because we can read the source code and the protocol descriptions ourselves, and determine just how secure they are?

* Because they're a big company and big companies never lie?

* Because they've implemented it in proprietary binary software, and proprietary crypto is always stronger than the company claims it to be?

* Because they can't covertly send your device updated software that would change all these promises, for a targeted individual, or on a mass basis?

* Because you will never agree to upgrade the software on your device, ever, no matter how often they send you updates?

* Because this first release of their encryption software has no security bugs, so you will never need to upgrade it to retain your privacy?

* Because if a future update INSERTS privacy or security bugs, we will surely be able to distinguish these updates from future updates that FIX privacy or security bugs?

* Because if they change their mind and decide to lessen our privacy for their convenience, or by secret government edict, they will be sure to let us know?

* Because they have worked hard for years to prevent you from upgrading the software that runs on their devices so that YOU can choose it and control it instead of them?

* Because the US export control bureacracy would never try to stop Apple from selling secure mass market proprietary encryption products across the border?

* Because the countries that wouldn't let Blackberry sell phones that communicate securely with your own corporate servers, will of course let Apple sell whatever high security non-tappable devices it wants to?

* Because we're apple fanboys and the company can do no wrong?

* Because they want to help the terrorists win?

* Because NSA made them mad once, therefore they are on the side of the public against NSA?

* Because it's always better to wiretap people after you convince them that they are perfectly secure, so they'll spill all their best secrets?

There must be some other reason, I'm just having trouble thinking of it.

Why we believe apple

(via David Akin)

(Image: Ausschnitt aus Albrecht Dürers zweiteiligem Gemälde Adam und Eva: Die Schlange überreicht Eva die verbotene Frucht, Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons)

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19 Sep 18:08

Let’s Celebrate Christmas In October 1989 With Kay-Bee Toys

by Laura Northrup

We’ve been cataloging the spread of Christmas Creep, the debut of Christmas merchandise and decorations earlier in the season, for some years now, but it’s important to remember that aggressive Christmas marketing before Thanksgiving and even before Halloween is not a new phenomenon. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a trip back in time to 1989, when video game consoles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, and Transformers ruled the line drawings of the Kay-Bee Toys ad. Wait, this is really 25 years old?

Of course, much of what you see here is now defunct: you never see line drawings in newspaper ad circulars anymore, and Kay-Bee (later known as KB) Toys is no longer in business. Toys themselves don’t change all that much, though. Compare this flyer to Walmart’s 2014 “hot toys” list: both have dolls, cars, games, cuddly toys, and dinosaurs.

I was never really into board games, but I had no recollection of what “Tuba-Ruba” was. I found this ad, and have never quite recovered.

20 Sep 09:25

So Scotland has a lot of oil and possibly wants more freedom?

19 Sep 16:49

Man stabbed with spear while robbing medieval weapons enthusiast

by Jason Weisberger

Lol, don't mess with the Society for Creative Anachronism, bitches.

Valiant SCA member Jimmy Morgan Jr. fended off burglar Thomas McGowan with the spear he keeps by his bed. (VIA)

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Scottish readers: Undecided about the referendum? Please read How the media shafted the people of Scotland and Scottish Independence, Power And Propaganda.

18 Sep 00:30

YouTuber Gets Swatted, Cops Find Weed And End Up Busting Him Anyway

by Luke Plunkett

YouTuber Gets Swatted, Cops Find Weed And End Up Busting Him Anyway

Whiteboy7thst, aka Alexander Wachs, is a YouTuber who streams games. Last month he was the target of a "Swatting" when it was falsely reported that he was both armed and suicidal. When cops arrived at his house to find he wasn't a threat, however, they did find 30 grams of marijuana.

Wachs and his housemate were subsequently charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. As a felony, that's serious stuff. Last week, however, the Chicago Tribune reports that police dropped the charges when they realised that, given the circumstances of their discovery of the weed, there was a pretty good chance "the evidence might not have survived a motion to suppress".

So Whiteboy7thst - who as you can see posed for one of the cutest mugshots of all time - is now free to get back to talkin' about video games on the internet.

Cops drop charges against streamer arrested for pot possession during 'swatting' raid [Daily Dot]

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Scottish readers: Undecided about the referendum? Please read How the media shafted the people of Scotland and Scottish Independence, Power And Propaganda.

18 Sep 23:40

panda-chan: me


Shit, demolitions, man. Even Capt. Kirk could make explosives out of raw sulfur, charcoal, and potassium perchlorate. That shit isn't easy to find in the wild, much less process into Black Powder during the short time that Kirk had to do so.

In short, Fuck Kirk, Picard was a far better commanding officer in pretty much every way.