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19 Apr 18:35

Earth compared to the largest known star.

19 Apr 19:00

Things Could Get a Little Hare-y

by pyrit

I have to hide how many eggs?

Via Pinterest.

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19 Apr 17:41

This seems to be unpopular in the US

19 Apr 19:00

Cat's OS is Starting to Glitch Out

Cat's OS is Starting to Glitch Out

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19 Apr 19:00

Spoofing the Son

by Miss Cellania

You would be forgiven for first thinking this is one of those “30 years later” photo recreations, but no. The phone is a giveaway. Redditor perianderson took his son’s Facebook profile picture and recreated it with his wife. The resemblance is uncanny. He’s already ordered a poster-sized version of this picture to give to his son. Someone did a face swap between the generations, and you really couldn’t tell any difference in the father and son. The resemblance between the mother and the friend is coincidence -or is it? A fine attempt at enjoying one of the great rewards of parenting -embarrassing your kids. If the son is not embarrassed when he sees it, that just means he is as cool as the rest of the family. 

18 Apr 23:06

These Scientists Made This Music Track Way Cooler By Just Adding Fire

by Karyne Levy

Yay for science.

A Rubens' tube is a pipe with holes in it. You put a flammable gas through the pipe, and then light it on fire. Kind of like the pipes in your gas-powered barbecue. 

But what happens when you play music through the tubes? These scientists in Denmark built a "Pyro Board" to find out, and made a video showing the results. The description of the video explains what's happening: "The pressure variations due to the sound waves affect the flow rate of flammable gas from the holes in the Pyro Board and therefore affect the height and colour of flames."

Obviously don't try this at home.

When you play sounds into the tubes, the air vibrations make a pattern where there's a lot of vibration in some parts, and not a lot in other parts. This affects the flow rate of the gas.


The scientists made a two-dimensional board with 2,500 holes in it for this project.


The scientists made this because they "really like the Rubens' tube, and but then we thought, 'When you put on more fire, it always gets better.'" True enough.


At first the scientists just play standing sound waves through the tubes. 


And this is what it looks like when actual music plays through the Rubens' tube. The big flames happen when big there's big bass.


Of course all this is way better when you can hear the actual music playing. Check it out:

(Via HyperVocal)

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18 Apr 23:32

"Kids" (1995)

"Kids" (1995)

18 Apr 23:55

Simpsons Timeline. Right in the feels.

16 Apr 20:20

Tiny Magnetic Robots Might One Day Work On Equally Tiny Assembly Lines

by Andrew Liszewski

Tiny Magnetic Robots Might One Day Work On Equally Tiny Assembly Lines

We've successfully engineered giant robot arms for building cars on an assembly line. But smaller mass-produced items—like electronics—still mostly rely on the nimble hands and fingers of a human. Building and controlling robots on a very small scale is still very difficult, but a company called SRI International may have found a clever solution using magnets.


16 Apr 20:21

Small Dog Annoys Bigger Dog Until She Can't Take it Anymore

16 Apr 17:48

Looking up his old address

16 Apr 20:00

Baby Jedi Uses The Force to Frighten a Cat Beast

Baby Jedi Uses The Force to Frighten a Cat Beast

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16 Apr 20:30

Shooting Challenge: Photo Mosaics

by Mark Wilson

Shooting Challenge: Photo Mosaics

You've all seen the effect. There's a picture, but inside that picture lives a thousand little pictures that create the pigment. The effect is called a photo mosaic. And it's easier to make than you think.


16 Apr 20:39

#298363 - Pink Beet Pickled Eggs Recipe


"Pink eggs" - Thanks to the natural dyeing in the concentrate of borscht gain a beautiful color and interesting, unique flavor! {recipe in Polish}

craving more? check out TasteSpotting

16 Apr 20:30

Gif of the Day: Try and Determine if This is a Ghost Car or Not

Gif of the Day: Try and Determine if This is a Ghost Car or Not

Dark Souls IRL.

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16 Apr 20:49

Ford's Skyliner concept is like a private jet for the road

by Zach Honig
If you had $40 million to spend on a ultra-lux vehicle, you might opt for a (pre-owned) Gulfstream V. VIPs on a tighter budget could instead pick up this decked-out Ford van, which comes complete with incredibly comfy leather seats, a Crestron home...
16 Apr 21:31


16 Apr 19:20

laughingsquid: ‘Formula One Pit Stops 1950 & Today’, A Look...

16 Apr 21:00

Easter is Coming

16 Apr 21:10

This Genius Door Handle Could Help Stop Doctors From Spreading Dangerous Bacteria

by Kevin Loria

Nurse using hand sanitizer door handle

Hospitals aren't always safe places.

In 2011, more than 700,000 people got an infection while they were in a U.S. hospital, according to a study released this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's one out of every 25 patients. Approximately 75,000 of those patients died during their hospitalization.

That's actually an improvement since 2002, but there's clearly far to go. One simple and effective way to help stop these infections is better hygiene.

But since hand sanitizer dispensers and hand-washing stations all over hospitals are too frequently ignored, a British studio named Agency of Design has come up with an elegant solution — a sanitizer dispenser that can be fitted to door handles, as shown on Wired.

Here's how they see it working:

hand sanitizer door handle.gif"We wanted to make the interaction as simple as possible, trying to make it almost subconscious," Agency of Design co-founder Rich Gilbert told Wired.

By connecting the sanitizer to a door that someone is already passing through, using it can become a habit, a natural step. "You're already holding it, so you might as well use the other hand to dispense sanitizer," Gilbert said.

The handles, designed for Altitude Medical and named PullClean, will cost $200 and will start shipping later this year.

They'll have an additional feature to help hospital administrators out: sensors connected to a web application, which will report how frequently sanitizer is dispensed, compared to how frequently the doors were opened.

Here's a video from Vimeo by Agency of Design that shows how easily germs can be picked up, and how the device will work:

PullClean from The Agency Of Design on Vimeo.

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BAD BACTERIA: 'Nightmare Bacteria' Kills Up To Half Of Infected Patients

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16 Apr 21:15

20 Weird Things About America That Americans Don't Realize Are Weird

14 Apr 20:01

WTF of the Day: Weird Black Ring Appears in the Sky Over England

A schoolgirl was stunned when when she looked into the sky to see this enormous unexplained black ring. Georgina Heap, 16, was playing tennis with her mom Jo when she was stopped in her tracks by the fascinating sight. Gazing into the sky, the pair saw a clearly defined black circle which looked like a giant smoke ring. The ring remained there for around three minutes before disappearing completely. The spectacle, which took place near Leamington Spa on Friday evening, has stumped officials.

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14 Apr 20:10

You'll never catch me...well f**k.

12 Apr 13:46

Tumblr | 51e.png

13 Apr 14:57

GIF | f20.gif

14 Apr 20:30

Like a hotdog down a hallway

14 Apr 20:30

You Make Me Smile

You Make Me Smile


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14 Apr 20:57


14 Apr 21:00

An Erasable Whiteboard Elephant That Never Forgets Your Grocery List

by Andrew Liszewski

An Erasable Whiteboard Elephant That Never Forgets Your Grocery List

Random text files can get deleted, sticky notes can go missing, but the chances that this seven-inch ceramic elephant goes missing from your desk are slim to nil—who would dare steal such a thing? And that's why it makes for the perfect spot to quickly jot notes and things that need remembering. Well, that and it functions like an erasable whiteboard.