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The more I see it on social media, the more I get annoyed

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sherifframb: fuckyeah1990s: watch this, fuckers I’m thinking...



watch this, fuckers

I’m thinking of editing a feature length version of Forrest Gump and recording over all the VHS tapes I have of it, and then sending them all out into the world. I whipped this edit up in like 45 mins… if i end up doing this it’d be a combination of youtube poop style and experimental student film 

Hey, my song is used in this!

"Sheriff Ramb - Requiem For The Weatherman" is my favorite song of 2014

22 Nov 16:02 its a normal blanket.

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Or find the volume of it all...

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My precious pretzel...

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Cosby loves pudding...

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Hitting the pussy doggy style

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Police busted a meth lab using a meth lab

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1975 Wards Men's Fashion - tragically green

100% plastic.

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Artists and Labels Now Sue Chrysler Over CD-Ripping Cars

by Ernesto

ripping-carToward the end of the last century record labels feared that home taping would kill the music industry.

To counter the threat cassette tape recorders posed at the time, they asked Congress to take action.

This eventually resulted in the Audio Home Recording Act (AHRA) of 1992. Under this law importers and manufacturers must pay royalties on “digital audio recording devices,” among other things.

The legislation is still in play today. Instead of targeting cassette recorders, however, the threats are now other copying devices. According to the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies, this includes media entertainment systems that are built into many cars.

This week the music group, which lists major record labels and 300,000 artists among its members, sued Chrysler and its technology partner Mitsubishi (pdf) for failing to pay royalties.

The dispute revolves around Chrysler’s media entertainment systems including “MyGIG” and “Uconnect Media Center” which allow car owners to rip CDs to a hard drive.

“These devices are covered by the AHRA, but the defendants have refused to pay royalties on them or include the required serial copy protections,” AARC Executive Director Linda Bocchi comments.

The music group reached out to Chrysler and Mitsubishi hoping to settle the issue, but these talks failed. As a result AARC saw no other option than to take the case to court.

“We had hoped Chrysler and the Mitsubishi Electric companies would settle their liability and begin paying what they owe once they had an opportunity to study and assess the issues,” Bocchi says.

“But it has now become painfully clear they have no intention of complying with the law. While litigation is always a last resort, it is clear this lawsuit is the only way to protect our members’ rights.”

The current lawsuit follows an earlier case against Ford and General Motors, which is still ongoing.

In both cases artists and record labels are looking for statutory damages, which could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. In addition, they want to prevent the manufacturers from selling these unauthorized devices in their cars.

Ford has already filed a motion to dismiss arguing that AHRA doesn’t apply to their systems, and the other defendants including Chrysler are likely to do the same. Whose side the court will agree with is expected to become clear in the months to come.

Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing and anonymous VPN services.

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A pile of chairs

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Female Turkey Runs in Circles Around Male Turkey Until He Falls Over from Dizziness


This chick knows how to play hard to get. A male turkey approached a female turkey, and she started playing her own game of ring around the rosy racing circles around him. He spun and spun but couldn't keep up – he eventually got so dizzy he toppled over like a cartoon character; leaving her free to race away.

[taylor ford/via shadmere]

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'Goat Simulator' is becoming an extra-absurd role-playing game

by Jon Fingas
Believe it or not, Goat Simulator is about to get even more ridiculous. Coffee Stain Studios is teasing the launch of Goat MMO Simulator, a massively multiplayer "simulation" add-on for its anything-goes animal game. How absurd is this barnyard...
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WTF shark? What the hell is going on?

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Ford Introduces a Car With Built-In Car Seats on the Hood

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I'm bearly afraid

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In case of emergency

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Adarsh Balak (ideal boy) comics from India

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Well shit....

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My dad has officially dubbed the new selfie sticks popping up everywhere as:

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I ain't gonna lose that bus!

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Awww yisss motherfuckin' breadcrumbs!

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Saw my ex today

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Under the Skin Is Really Weird Sci-Fi Worth Watching

by Darren Orf

Under the Skin Is Really Weird Sci-Fi Worth Watching

I like to think myself a connoisseur of science fiction film, or at the very least, a fan. I've seen the birth of the genre with George Méliès and Fritz Lang, enjoyed the black-and-white space tales that so often become MST3k fodder, and reveled in the several Philip K. Dick retellings. But I've never seen anything like Under the Skin, and I'm pretty sure that's why I like it.


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Obama Quietly Met With Activists: 'Stay on Course'...

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How catnip gets cats high

by Jonco

Thanks sg


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Snatching Sheep

by Jonco

Sheep snatch

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