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24 Oct 19:00

Pirate Bay Sends 100,000 New Users to “Free” VPN

by Ernesto

froot-vpnWith an increasing number of BitTorrent users seeking solutions to hide their identities from the outside world, VPN services have seen a spike in customers in recent years.

Pirate Bay users also have a great interest in anonymity. A survey among the site’s users previously revealed that nearly 70% already had a VPN or proxy or were interested in signing up with one.

For this last group The Pirate Bay has an interesting promotion running. For the past few days the site has replaced its iconic logo with an ad for FrootVPN, a new startup that offers free VPN accounts.

The promo has has been seen by millions of people, many of whom very interested in the costless offer.

Since VPNs are certainly not free to run, many people are wondering if there’s a catch behind this rather generous offer. Previously TPB advertised an adware ridden client so this suspicion is understandable.

TorrentFreak contact the Pirate Bay team for more information, and they informed us that the FrootVPN promotion is not a paid ad. It’s merely a friendly plug for a startup run by some guys they know.

While that’s assuring, it doesn’t explain how they can offer their service for free. We contacted the FrootVPN operators to find out more, and they told us that they started the free VPN to counter the commercialization of the VPN business.

“The whole idea behind FrootVPN was to provide a free simple VPN service without any bandwidth limitations. Of course the maintenance isn’t free but we had some resources over from our other projects from which we were able to launch FrootVPN.”

“We are a bunch of guys who support freedom of speech and don’t like the idea that VPN providers charge so much money for just a simple proxy, especially since the bandwidth costs nowadays is so cheap,” FrootVPN tells us.

While a free VPN sounded like a good idea, the VPN service has become a victim of its own success. They gained 100,000 users in less than a week and admit that it’s not sustainable to keep the service free forever.

“The word has spread rapidly and we thank all our promoters including TPB for supporting us. We got 100,000 users within a week, which we never expected. However, this does indicate that we will be forced to charge something for the service in order to maintain it,” FrootVPN says.

FrootVPN’s VPN servers are currently hosted at Portlane, who have been very helpful in accommodating the growth. During the weeks to come they hope to increase their capacity and FrootVPN has already bought several new servers to keep the quality of the service on par.

“We have 20x servers running currently with 2x10Gbps total capacity. We have now additionally bought 40x more servers and 4x10Gbps bandwidth from Portlane which will be ready within a week or two. We hope that after this upgrade the quality of our service will be much better,” they say.

While they may have to charge a few dollars in the future, one of the main motivations of the FrootVPN team remains in line with The Pirate Bay’s original philosophy. That is, to provide tools that help to bypass censorship and promote freedom of speech.

“FrootVPN supports freedom of speech and want the Internetz to be an uncensored place,” they say.

Although free VPNs are often not the fastest, especially not when they are growing with tens of thousands of users per day, FrootVPN says it will try to keep up. In any case, “free” is an offer that’s hard to refuse for those who are on a tight budget.

Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing and anonymous VPN services.

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To tell you something about wolves.

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Friday Frontal: Perfect Ten

by Jon Johnson

amanda-lee-fit-1You can follow her on Instagram @AmandaLeeFitness, or if Instagram isn’t your type of thing, you can check out the bonus bikini pic below..


24 Oct 05:37

A throbbing queen.

22 Oct 12:52

Thug Life compilation

by biotv
A compilation of some of the best instances of the Thug Life video meme.

(Warning: NSFW language)

24 Oct 11:00

Not Like Those Other Sandwich Places...

24 Oct 11:24

I regret nothing.

by Lydia Marks
24 Oct 11:20

Traffic in LA

24 Oct 11:25

John Cena, forgetting his muffins in the oven

24 Oct 11:33

Something so stupid.

by Lydia Marks
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24 Oct 11:35

I be like "Really thats how you feel"

24 Oct 11:20

10 years of Vintage Ads: Let's Have Some Cake! What kind do you like?

whereas i like the idea of the color/flavor change packet the silver (i've always called it white cake) with chocolate fudge frosting is my absolutely favoritest kind of cake EVER....i love chocolate (do not ever witness me in a godiva store) but i don't care for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting---i actually don't care for chocolate cake (brownies, yes!!)....white cake with chocolate fudge frosting....that is just the best combo EVER!!! well, in my opinion! :)

what's everyone's favorite kind of cake??

24 Oct 02:28

conqueered: famed economist azealia banks discovers the...


famed economist azealia banks discovers the solution to everybody’s problem. the government must print more money. why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

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The Start of a New Race

The Start of a New Race

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23 Oct 22:30

Awkward people at a party be like.

23 Oct 22:21

7 Coming Technologies That Will Radically Transform Sex

by Ajai Raj

Sex has been getting an assist from technology ever since the first condom was invented some hundreds of years ago.

But until recently, the role of electronics in our erotic lives has been relatively modest; a sext here, a vibrator there, mostly minor variations on the classic sex act, or masturbation, or the transmission of images or videos of ourselves engaging in one of the above.

That's about to change. The coming decades will bring innovations in intercourse that will make even the seasoned among us blush.

Scroll down for 7 of the most unbelievable inventions that could transform sex as we know it, from the imminent to the fantastical:

1. Oculus Rift + Leap Motion

oculus rift, virtual realityThe Oculus Rift could transform the way we experience a lot of things, including watching TV and movies, shopping, and even time. The 3D virtual reality headset, and others like it, will offer an immersive experience unlike anything we've ever seen outside of science fiction.

Combining a VR headset with a technology called Leap Motion, which allows the user's hands to interface with the virtual world instead of using a controller, will elevate the experience to the point that it's indistinguishable from reality. The Daily Beast reports that such immersive, realistic, customizable porn could be available as early as 2015.

2. Tactile feedback suits

haptic workstationVirtual reality will bring a new level of visual immersion to the pornographic experience, but even that thrill will wear off without the experience of touch. So much of the sensuality of sex comes from touching and being touched — and soon, we'll be able to experience that virtually, too.

Also known as haptic suits, wearable garments that simulate touch are already being developed for gaming purposes, and more lurid applications can't be far behind. It's not difficult to imagine two lovers, wearing full-body haptic suits and VR headsets, exploring each other's bodies while hundreds of miles apart in reality.

3. Robotic exoskeletons

HAL exoskeletonTactile feedback is great for virtual reality, but some people will always prefer the real thing. For the sexual adventurer who has everything — except superhuman stamina and flexibility — a tactile feedback-equipped exoskeleton might come to the rescue.

Panasonic plans to release the first commercial exoskeleton next year, with a price tag of about $5,000. While early models will no doubt be clunky and decidedly unsexy, future versions will become streamlined and lightweight, offering would-be sexual cyborgs the greatest stamina enhancer since Viagra.

Scientists at the Harvard Biodesign Lab are already working on a soft exosuit that can be worn under the clothing; if it succeeds, there's no reason one couldn't make one for wearing in lieu of clothes.

4. Extra robotic limbs

star wars robotic arm dekaHere's where things get very strange indeed. Futurist Zoltan Istvan predicts that developing technology that allows a leg prosthesis to be fully integrated into the musculoskeletal system will be used to enhance the sexual experience.

Istvan also predicts that robotic fingers will soon be equipped with sensors that will make them far more sensitive than their biological counterparts.

5. Brain implants

brain electrodes technology wiredIt's been said that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone. In his essay in Motherboard, Istvan also suggests that brain implants could enable us to bypass sex altogether, and instead directly stimulate the regions of the brain responsible for sexual pleasure. Conceivably one could do this with a partner, or multiple partners, effectively engaging in a literal orgy of the mind.

Compared to the Pentagon's ongoing project to create brain implants to aid in the recall and processing of memory, a sexual pleasure implant seems like a trivial accomplishment. But if such a thing is possible, and can be done safely, there's no reason to think it won't happen.

6. Bioports

matrix bioportAs far as ideas sure to trigger visceral revulsion in some, bioports are pretty high on the list. The idea of using bioports to interface directly with machines has been floating around in science fiction for a few decades, and it doesn't appear it's likely to become a reality in the near future.

But that's not discouraging in the least to Alex Lightman, futurist and executive director of Humanity+, an international transhumanist organization. He looks forward to a world in which "men and women will interpenetrate each other, multiply, and, as with USB 2.0 daisy-chaining, so will men, women, and androids be able to multiply-interpenetrate, locally or remotely."

7. Group minds

Borg_Cube_by_Lighti85 1Although collective minds are invariably portrayed as sinister in science fiction, futurist and Second Life resident Extropia DaSilva looks forward to a day when we'll be able to upload ourselves into cyberspace.

If that's possible — and to be fair, it's a big if — DaSilva thinks that virtual lovers could merge wholly with one another, becoming one ideal entity.

If so, the idea of marriage, in which two become one, will become rather more literal. Although, for her part, DaSilva doesn't expect monogamy to persist as a norm that far into the future.

NOW WATCH: 5 Plants To Boost Your Sex Life

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SEE ALSO: 7 Technologies That Changed The Way We Think About Sex

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Is A Caption Possible Here?

by (Joanne Casey)
22 Oct 21:25

25 Most Unique Dining Experiences Around the World

by (Damn Cool Pics)
Have you ever wanted to eat out at a restaurant while you're naked? How about eating underwater, in a tree or on a cliff? No matter what your dining fantasy is, there's something for everyone out there.

Via list25

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Man: 0, Gate: 1

22 Oct 20:51

6,215 Pounds Of Serrano Chile Peppers Recalled For Extra-Spicy Salmonella

by Laura Northrup

Serrano chile peppers add delicious spiciness to your meals, but do you know what is not a delicious fresh ingredient? Salmonella. Random testing turned up signs of the pathogen in a batch of peppers sold in Meijer stores in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Peppers in that batch may have also ended up at other retailers, including Publix, Walmart, and Harris Teeter.

Meijer has confirmed that it received peppers from the batch that may be contaminated, and there are other stores and distributors that may have. For now, the Food and Drug Administration says to maybe check with the retailer if you’ve bought any serrano chile peppers since October 2 and October 21.

Salmonella is not a fun illness. Sometimes people who are healthy show no symptoms when infected, but when they do, those symptoms can include fever, diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Children, the elderly, and people who are immunocompromised can become even more ill, leading to hospitalization or death.

These peppers originated with Bailey Farms of North Carolina. If you have questions about the recall, you can contact them at 1-888-820-2545.

Bailey Farms Inc. Recalls Fresh Serrano Chile Peppers Because Of Possible Health Risk [FDA]

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22 Oct 21:00

The Major Is Not Pleased

by Not That Mike The Other Mike

Balderstuff and poppyrot! It appears that my local chemist’s has depleted its supply of Whickham and Warwick’s Wildroot Wonder Whisker Wax! Now I shall be forced to attend the annual reunion dinner of the 51st North Southeasterwest Light Infantry looking like an unkempt assortment of discarded pipe cleaners! The outrage!


“She can shoot laser beams from her moustache,” boasts Redditor threeswordstyle.

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22 Oct 21:13

Is Arby’s Shortchanging Customers On Their Sodas?

by Chris Morran

Arby's would certainly do that.

Consumerist reader Michael noticed that his "22 oz." Arby's cup only holds 21 ounces of liquid. A quick look at the underside of the cup (see below) confirms that this cup can't possibly hold the amount of liquid advertised.

Consumerist reader Michael noticed that his “22 oz.” Arby’s cup only holds 21 ounces of liquid. A quick look at the underside of the cup (see below) confirms that this cup can’t possibly hold the amount of liquid advertised.

There is no set-in-stone standard in the fast food industry for what constitutes a “small,” “medium,” or “large” drink, so sizes will inevitably vary from eatery to eatery. But if a company sells you a “22 ounce” soft drink, it best come in a container that can hold that amount of fluid. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case at Arby’s.

Consumerist reader Michael recently bought a small drink from an Arby’s in Ohio. And printed right on the Arby’s-branded paper cup it clearly states “22 oz.”

But then Michael noticed some text on the underside of that same cup that states “21 oz.”


Since you can’t put 22 ounces of liquid into a 21 oz. cup, Michael busted out the old measuring cup to confirm that the cup does indeed hold the smaller volume of liquid.

Michael says he’s not terribly upset about the shortchanging — after all, 21 oz. is still quite a bit of drink for a small size — but it does bring up the question of how widespread this particular apparent mislabeling might be, and how long Arby’s has been selling drinks in these particular cups.

To see if this issue was relegated to just the franchise visited by Michael in Ohio, we sent a Consumerist reporter to buy a small soda at an Arby’s in Arlington, VA.

Lo and behold, these cups also stated 22 oz. on the outside of the cup and 21 oz. on the underside. And the measuring cup test confirmed that the Arby’s cup could only hold 21 ounces.

We also looked at other sizes of drinks available from Arby’s, but only the “22 oz.” cups were different from the size printed by the manufacturer on the underside.

When reached for comment on this issue, a rep for Arby’s would only tell Consumerist, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are looking into the matter.”

Fast food customers already get less than they pay for at the soda fountain thanks to the huge volume of ice used to water down most soft drinks; no company should be using mislabeled cups — which could be in violation of the law — to give customers even less value.

We have brought this story to the attention of the offices of the Attorneys General for Ohio and Virginia to ask which, if any, state laws might apply to the labeling/size of fountain sodas and where consumers in these states can go if they believe they are being shortchanged. If we hear anything back, we will update.

22 Oct 16:00

Risk of Rain's new engine should mean less slowdown

by Jordan Devore

Risk of Rain is a great little action platformer that'll make you feel like garbage before building you up into an unstoppable force of destruction. Try it, sometime! You can even bring friends along.

Developer Hopoo Games has an update out now (full patch notes are here, or below) that's notable for new players and veterans alike. Risk of Rain now uses a newer, smoother-running engine, for starters. Much needed. There are also two new characters, 10 extra items, and six new challenges. More stuff to unlock, basically. Curious to see what those classes are.

I tried to pick the game up after what feels like an eternity but got my ass kicked. It's for the best, really -- I don't need to spend the rest of today in Risk of Rain. But it's nice knowing I have reasons to come back. That damned "Drown 20 Whorls" achievement will forever taunt me.

Risk of Rain Patch v1.2.0 [Risk of Rain]

Risk of Rain's new engine should mean less slowdown screenshot

22 Oct 20:58

Baby digs in birthday cake

by sayomg

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Cute baby Bauer celebrates his first birthday as any man should

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Just like a woman

by Jonco

Just like a woman

Thanks sg


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