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My best friend yesterday


should be courage wolf, not insanity wolf

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Spread Holiday Cheer Even Farther With This Flying RC Christmas Tree

by Andrew Liszewski

Spread Holiday Cheer Even Farther With This Flying RC Christmas Tree

Wouldn't decorating for the holidays be so much easier if you could simply have a decked-out Christmas tree delivered to your home that would then simply up and fly away on the 26th? That dream is now one step closer to reality thanks to Otto Dieffenbach from Flyguy Promotions who's created an RC flying Christmas tree that doesn't look too shabby.


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Look, a Superfast iPhone-Powered M&M Sorting Machine

by Mario Aguilar

We have seen plenty of machines sort M&Ms or Skittle by color, but this new design posted over at Review My Life takes a clever new approach to sort the candies even quicker.


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100,000 lbs of force on everyday items

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Guess he will need some coffee till he has solved it...

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Silicon Valley Housing Prices Are So Insane That These Teardowns All Cost More Than $1 Million

by Madeline Stone


sv nash road

Silicon Valley has one of the most in-demand real estate markets in the country, thanks in part to the prevalence of tech workers and their disproportionately high salaries.

Homes in Santa Clara County often sell for more than $1,000 per square foot. It's not uncommon for small homes that would be tear-downs anywhere else to sell for more than $1 million here. 

Our friends at real estate listings site Point2Homes helped us compile a list of Silicon Valley homes that are not exactly aesthetically pleasing, but that are listed for startlingly high prices nonetheless.

You may be surprised to see just how little your money will get you.

In Los Gatos, a 780-square-foot home costs more than $1 million.

Address: 194 Villa Avenue, Los Gatos

Price: $1.24 million

This charming, tiny home has two bedrooms and one bathroom. It was built in 1915.



This home only has two bedrooms, but it'll cost you nearly $2 million.

Address: 22350 Palm Avenue, Cupertino

Price: $1.65 million

This home dates back to 1925 and costs a whopping $1,549 per square foot. It's located in Cupertino, not far from Apple headquarters.

An adorably small home in downtown Mountain View costs almost $2 million.

Address: 620 Sonia Way, Mountain View

Price: $1.99 million

This 2,702-square-foot home near the Googleplex dates back to 1947. It has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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T-Mobile's John Legere takes digs at competition in new holiday video

by Joseph Keller

T-Mobile's has released a new video for the holidays, starring CEO John Legere. Legere sits by a fire reading a story about how worried AT&T and Verizon are about T-Mobile's gains in the last year. He says a little about T-Mobile's Q3 numbers, including the carrier's record growth.

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Come and Get it

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Christmas Is Spoiled For The Spoiled Customer

Fast Food, Restaurant | Vancouver, BC, Canada

(I work in a fast food coffee and doughnut shop. Every year at Christmas we would be the only location within our area that remained open. This year the owners decide it isn’t worth keeping the location open. On Christmas Eve one of our regulars comes through the drive thru.)

Customer: “It is really unfair that you guys have to work the holidays. You should be at home with your families.”

Coworker: “Actually, we are closing this year, so we get to enjoy the holidays as well.”

Customer: “Wait, you are closing? What am I going to do? I need you guys to give me a coffee! How am I going to get through the day without a coffee?”

Coworker: “Have you ever thought of making it at home?”

Customer: “No! I can’t do that. It’s too much work! You need to make my coffee.”

Coworker: “Well, unfortunately, we won’t be here, so you will have to either go without for a day or make your own.”

Customer: “That’s not fair! What do you expect me to do?”

(She then drove off in a huff, and came in a couple days later complaining we ruined her Christmas because she couldn’t get a coffee.)

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Paul Harvey – Policeman

by Jonco



The post Paul Harvey – Policeman appeared first on Bits and Pieces.

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DirecTV launches internet TV for $8 per month, but it's all in Spanish

by Richard Lawler
Our world isn't quite ready for internet TV providers that compete with traditional cable and satellite packages, but what about markets that aren't as well served? DirecTV is diving right into internet TV, beating Dish Network and Sony's PlayStation...
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The Big McRib Is The Secret Menu Item McDonald’s Should Think About Offering

by Chris Morran

For years, McDonald’s franchisees have been complaining about an abundance of limited time offerings that use ingredients alien to the rest of the menu. But here’s an idea that some believe could invigorate the Golden Arches’ sagging sales without having to worry about millions of unsold frozen chicken wings.

Nick Chipman over at Dude Foods brings you the Big McRib, which is McRib meat on a Big Mac bun with all the Big Mac fixings (special sauce, lettuce, cheese, etc).

Full disclosure, while I’m an avowed fan of most fast food, I find most McDonald’s sandwiches not to my liking. So the idea of slamming together a Big Mac and a McRib is not exactly activating my salivary glands.

But Chipman, who had never actually had a McRib until recently, writes that this meat-swap to create the Big McRib makes it “even better.”

“With how iconic the Big Mac is I’m really surprised that McDonald’s doesn’t offer different variations of it like Burger King has done with their Whopper,” he muses.

Since McDonald’s obviously already has plenty of Big Mac components, it would seem like throwing other meats from its menu into that mix would be a no-brainer. It wouldn’t cost them any more or require that they keep any rarely used ingredients on hand. And McDonald’s could probably charge a premium, especially if you mix and match — one tier of McRib meat, another of beef or chicken.

You may be able to order a Big McRib once McDonald’s rolls out its “Create Your Taste” kiosk that allows customers to customize their sandwiches. However, initial tests of the program were limited to beef burgers and the company is just now introducing chicken to the program.

So apparently it’s time to hurry up and include McRib meat as an option.

[via FoodBeast]

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Lightly Fried Fish Fillets

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We drove the new Tesla P85D and, holy hell, it's like a rocket!

by Joel Feder

We drove the new Tesla P85D and, holy hell, it's like a rocket!

There's about to be a ton of used single-motor Tesla Model S electric cars flooding the market. How do we know? Because we just drove the new 2014 Tesla Model S P85D, and every Tesla owner's going to want to trade their car for this thing.


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Watch This Foreboding 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Video And Fear For The Germans

by Patrick George

Whenever the buff books write about cars designed to go up against an established competitor, their headlines inevitably say something like "YOUR MOVE, BMW!" But in this case, with the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V , maybe the Germans really should be afraid.


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Fight Crime With What You Got

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Mouse for scale

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Study: ‘White’ Southerners have more African ancestry than they know

by Jenée Desmond-Harris

Many Americans who call themselves white might be surprised to find out that they have some African ancestry. Especially in the South.

(American Journal of Human Genetics)

(23 and Me)

In a new study published in the American Journal of Human Genetics, researchers used the ancestry data compiled by the commercial genetic testing company 23and Me to measure the percentage of African ancestry of people who self-identified as white. It turns out that self-identified white people who live in the South have the highest concentrations of African DNA.

(Read moreHow a biracial woman grew up thinking she was white)

In South Carolina and Louisiana — the states shaded the darkest green on the map above — researchers found that one in 20 people who called themselves white had at least 2 percent African ancestry. And in a lot of the South, about 10 percent of people who identified as white turned out to have African DNA.

Racial mixture represents African female/European male couplings

The researchers also used genetic information to determine the genders of the specific people who were responsible for some Americans' mixed ancestry. They found that many more (19 percent) of the ancestors of self-identified black people were European male, while only 5 percent were European females. They could even pin down the timing: the mixture generally occurred in the early 1800s, when slavery was legal. That, of course, reflects what historians know about white slave owners raping enslaved women who descended from Africa.

Where black Americans have the most African ancestry

Just like white people in the South had the most African ancestry, so did black people. The lowest percentage of African heritage in people who called themselves black was found in West Virginia. Next: Washington State.

(23 and Me)

(23 and Me)

28 percent: the tipping point for identifying as black?

(     )

(23 and Me )

Comparing ancestry data to how people self-identified, the researchers found that Americans tended to identify as European-American, rather than African-American, when they had less than 28 percent African ancestry.

h/t Quartz

Further reading:

11 ways race isn't real

This insanely detailed map proves race is a social construct

Researchers have been thinking about race wrong

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Hey Good North Korea Internet Joke, Everybody!

by Brian Barrett

Hey Good North Korea Internet Joke, Everybody!

Earlier today, reports abounded that North Korea had suffered an unprecedented internet outage . While it remains unclear whether it's the result of a cyber attack or the country's longstanding technological woes, one thing is certain: you got jokes!


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Nic Rowen's list of the best games of the year

by Nic Rowen

2014 was such a weird year in games for me. If you had asked me last January how I thought this list would have shook out, I'd have been far off the mark. For one thing, I would have expected a slew of amazing new Xbox One and PS4 games taking up the top slots, but we all know that didn't happen for various reasons (maybe next year!). From the games that did make the list, some of my most anticipated titles of the year hit harder than others, while some of my absolute favorites turned out to be complete surprises!

Whatever my expectations were, I had an amazing time in 2014. Here are the titles that touched the black soylent mass of my heart the most this year.  

Nic Rowen's list of the best games of the year screenshot

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Anon has a cold

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Honestly, it was quite effective

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How to Decorate a Blue Christmas Tree

by Miss Cellania

Trees come in all colors, and it just takes a sense of humor to turn a blue one into Cookie Monster! Redditor enhydra-lutris did just that, with a couple of styrofoam balls and a pillowcase for his mouth. Next project- baking lots of cookies to hang as ornaments! Santa might have a little problem taking them away from him, though.

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Limited Time Only

by admin


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Photographer Spends 20 Years Documenting How We All Dress Exactly Alike

by Johnny Strategy


For the last 20 years, unassuming Dutch photographer Hans Eijkelboom has traversed the world, picking a spot, be it in Shanghai, New York, or Paris, and meticulously photographed what he saw. “I take between 1 and 80 photographs a day, almost every day, 12 months a year,” he says, referring to his “Photo Notes” project, which has now been turned into a book titled People of the Twenty-First Century. The “Photographic Journal,” published by PHAIDON, is the largest, most comprehensive work of his to date, and includes thousands of photos that, together, create a fascinating picture of mankind.

The “anti-sartorial” photographs of everyday people capture specific visual themes – people in red jackets, men with bare chests on roller blades – that are grouped together with the date, city and time range they were taken. And this combination and repetition is what makes the photographs so powerful. Viewed separately, they would hardly even catch our eye.

“I don’t use this diary to show what happens in my life but as a method of visualizing the development of my world view,” writes the artist. Much like the way stalagmites form in caves over hundreds of years, Eijkelboom’s landscape is the result of a methodical fixation to the banality of everyday life. Hans Eijkelboom’s “People of the Twenty-First Century” is available for around $26 (Via Citylab)









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Taylor Momsen: Puberty done right...