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20 Aug 18:50

Winner Winner Second Dinner

by nedroid

Winner Winner Second Dinner

19 Aug 12:04

systemd: Harbinger of the Linux Apocalypse.

by janrinok

I'm exhausted by this shit and can't be bothered even reading the article, but the blurb is a good and quick explanation of why this shit is exhausting in the first place. I lucked out with one of the few distros where it's easy to avoid, but the cancer is growing.

Subsentient writes:

The good people over at Infoworld have published a story outlining why they feel systemd is a disaster.

Excerpt from Infoworld:

While systemd has succeeded in its original goals, it's not stopping there. systemd is becoming the Svchost of Linux—which I don't think most Linux folks want. You see, systemd is growing, like wildfire, well outside the bounds of enhancing the Linux boot experience. systemd wants to control most, if not all, of the fundamental functional aspects of a Linux system—from authentication to mounting shares to network configuration to syslog to cron. It wants to do so as essentially a monolithic entity that obscures what's happening behind the scenes.

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20 Aug 00:21

Netflix CEO On Net Neutrality: Large ISPs Are the Problem

by Soulskill
KindMind writes: At Wired, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has posted his take on net neutrality. He lays the problem at the feet of the large ISPs. Hastings says, "Consider this: A single fiber-optic strand the diameter of a human hair can carry 101.7 terabits of data per second, enough to support nearly every Netflix subscriber watching content in HD at the same time. And while technology has improved and capacity has increased, costs have continued to decline. A few more shelves of equipment might be needed in the buildings that house interconnection points, but broadband itself is as limitless as its uses. We'll never realize broadband's potential if large ISPs erect a pay-to-play system that charges both the sender and receiver for the same content. ... It's worth noting that Netflix connects directly with hundreds of ISPs globally, and 99 percent of those agreements don't involve access fees. It is only a handful of the largest U.S. ISPs, which control the majority of consumer connections, demanding this toll. Why would more profitable, larger companies charge for connections and capacity that smaller companies provide for free? Because they can."

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19 Aug 14:49

Iceland's Seismic Acticity: A Repeat Show for Atmospheric Ash?

by timothy

Ugh, hope not.

In 2010, ash spewed into the atmosphere by the volcano beneath Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull glacier grounded European air traffic for days (and, partially, for weeks). As reported by The Guardian, a series of similarly situated earthquakes may herald a similar ash-ejecting erruption, and the country has raised its volcano risk to it's second-most-severe rating (orange). From the article: Iceland met office seismologist Martin Hensch said the risk of any disruptive ash cloud similar to the one in 2010 would depend on how high any ash would be thrown, how much there would be and how fine-grained it would be. Bardarbunga is Iceland's largest volcanic system, located under the ice cap of the Vatnajokull glacier in the southeast of Iceland. It is in a different range to Eyjafjallajokull. The met office said in a statement it measured the strongest earthquake in the region since 1996 early on Monday and it now had strong indications of ongoing magma movement. "As evidence of magma movement shallower than 10km implies increased potential of a volcanic eruption, the Bardarbunga aviation colour code has been changed to orange," it said. "Presently there are no signs of eruption, but it cannot be excluded that the current activity will result in an explosive subglacial eruption, leading to an outburst flood and ash emission." ... Hensch said the biggest risk in Iceland itself was from flood waves from any eruption under the glacier. He said the area of Iceland mainly at risk of flooding was mostly uninhabited but that roads in the area had been closed.

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19 Aug 10:00

Start Of Classes

by Justin Boyd

Start Of Classes

College is about to start up!  Many a people are starting to come back to my not-so-little college town.  And soon, some percent of them will be taking some quality naps in class.  Nap it up!

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17 Aug 06:52

Daimler's solution for annoying out-of-office email: delete it

by Jon Fingas
A concerned man checking his laptop on the beach

Sure, you can set an out-of-office auto-reply to let others know they shouldn't email you, but that doesn't usually stop the messages; you may still have to handle those urgent-but-not-really requests while you're on vacation. That's not a problem if you work at Daimler, though. The German automaker recently installed software that not only auto-replies to email sent while staff is away, but deletes it outright. If there's a meltdown at the workplace, you may not have to deal with it at all. The move affects about 100,000 employees, so it's clearly going to make an impact.

The cut-off reflects a broader European rebellion against after-hours communication. Daimler believes that people on break actually deserve a break, and that managers shouldn't try to wring out a few extra hours of work that likely aren't necessary. It might have a point: studies even suggest that Germany, France and other countries that discourage overtime are very productive. There's no telling whether or not large US companies will follow suit, but it's doubtful that many Americans would object to less stress in their lives.

[Image credit: Alamy]

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Source: Time

17 Aug 15:14

To Know Suicide: Depression Can Be Treated, But It Takes Competence

by janrinok

mendax writes:

Given the recent high-profile suicide of Robin Williams, perhaps this would be a good time to discuss this difficult subject in this forum. With that in mind, I submit for your review the following op-ed from the New York Times where the author discusses her own struggles with depression and bipolar disorder. The article is an attempt to describe just how devastating deep depression is to those who have never experienced it. But I bet there are many here who have experienced it and several who experience it on a regular basis who will have no difficulty understanding her.

As someone who has struggled with chronic depression and anxiety attacks throughout his life (and is not afraid to speak about it) and has managed to survive somehow one suicide attempt, this article struck home, especially after reading the suicide note left by Ralph Barton, the once well-known cartoonist, linked to in the op-ed.

There seems to be a close correlation between brilliant and talented people and mental illness that often leads to depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, unsuccessful marriages and relationships, and, often, suicide. Given the average IQ of those who patronize this fine forum is probably up near the genius range, I suspect this op-ed will resonate with many others here.

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16 Aug 04:00

August 16, 2014


Haha, there must be some parallell to all the alien stuff on the History channel here.

16 Aug 13:58

Any American Can Take Any Police Officer's Photo

by LaminatorX

Hugh Pickens writes:

Olga Khazan writes in The Atlantic that police in Ferguson, Missouri, arrested two reporters Wednesday night as protests over the police shooting of an unarmed teenager continued for the fifth day. The journalists, the Washington Post's Wesley Lowery and the Huffington Post's Ryan Reilly, were only detained for about 15 minutes before being released, but the incident provoked widespread outrage over the Ferguson police's increasingly brutal tactics.

Lowery wrote that armed officers stormed a McDonald's in which he and Reilly were working and demanded to see ID. They then told Lowery to stop video recording them, and finally they ordered the reporters to leave and claimed they weren't leaving fast enough. According to other reports, the Ferguson police also demanded that an MSNBC camera man and a local Fox News crew take down their cameras. Police hit the crew of Al Jazeera America with tear gas and dismantled their gear.

"The arrest and intimidation of journalists for documenting the events in Ferguson is particularly disturbing because it interferes with the ability of the press to hold the government accountable. But actually, anyone journalist or otherwise can take a photo of a police officer," writes Khazan. "Citizens have the right to take pictures of anything in plain view in a public space, including police officers and federal buildings. Police can not confiscate, demand to view, or delete digital photos."

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15 Aug 13:32

Turns Out When Police Act Cordial, Rather Than As An Oppressive Military Force, Things Work Out Better

by Mike Masnick
After covering the militarized police fiasco in Ferguson, Missouri the past few days, including highlighting Anil Dash's rather simple point that the way to deal with angry protestors isn't to make them angrier, it appears that someone finally got the message. Missouri's governor kicked out the St. Louis County police, who were responsible for much of the previous escalation, and sent in the Missouri State Highway Patrol, who almost immediately set a very different tone -- one that involved a much smaller police presence, and one that was a lot friendlier. It even involved talking with (not just to) protestors in a cordial manner. The most striking image -- a complete reversal of the day before -- has to be Captain Ron Johnson, who was put in charge, walking with the protestors (in ordinary police garb) rather than having militarized police aiming high powered weaponry at them.

Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol walks along with the Ferguson march. Compare this to Wednesday.

— Jamil Smith (@JamilSmith) August 14, 2014
It's almost as if treating the public as people with rights who the police are supposed to be serving, rather than as an enemy that needs invading... works better. Who would have expected that, other than, well, most normal people?

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14 Aug 22:09

Fair Warning

by Kristian

Looks like the submarine crew experienced Lovecraft at first sight.

Oh, he’s such a prankster! Expect lots more similar hijinks and shenanigans when he eventually (and inevitably) conquers the world.

15 Aug 00:00

DailyDirt: Computers Are Really Good At Math, So When Will Shalosh B. Ekhad Get Tenure?

by Michael Ho
There are a lot of math problems that can be more easily solved with a computer because humans are prone to errors and get tired... and have lives outside of math. There are already several examples of computer programs that have helped to prove some important mathematical conjectures, but sometimes the resulting proof is too hard for humans to double-check. So we just have to write more programs to check our programs. (And hope that the computers don't conspire against us.) If you'd like to read more awesome and interesting stuff, check out this unrelated (but not entirely random!) Techdirt post via StumbleUpon.

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14 Aug 05:46

The System 741: The Problem With E-mail

by admin

The System 741: The Problem With E-mail

This is a short one, probably more of an excerpt really. E-mails are a passive form of communication that people treat like an active one. And while it’s great to think of technology is being instantaneous, everyone checks e-mails (and expects responses) at a different pace.

The rest is in an article over at Read it here »

Or, there’s a new one! All about my dog’s view of the world. You can read it here »

14 Aug 08:15

Open Letter to the Linux World (or the Ongoing initd and systemd Debate)

by LaminatorX

silverly writes:

An open letter to the Linux community on how adopting systemd is a mistake. I personally don't have a view but seeing this debate is fascinating as a young programmer.

From the letter:

I just dist-upgraded to Jessie, and voila - PID 1 was suddenly systemd. What a clusterfuck. In a 'One Linux' world, what would distros actually be? Deprecated. No longer relevant. Archaic shells of their once proud individualism. Basically, they're now just a logo and a default desktop background image. Because let's face it, there only needs to be One Modern 'competitor' to the Windows/Mac ownership of personal computing. A unified front to combat the evil empires of Redmond and Cupertino is what's needed. The various differences that made up different 'flavors' of Linux needed to be corralled and brought into compliance for the war to proceed efficiently. Um, what war?

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14 Aug 10:00

A Birthday

by Justin Boyd

A Birthday

Things start getting really weird once you get a little older.


I’m gonna get a server set up for all of us to play Chivalry on Saturday, August 16th starting at 8 PM Eastern!  I’ll be there If you’re gonna be joining, please let me know in the comments here and please be sure to join this Steam Group so I can communicate with you!


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13 Aug 09:14

Uganda seeks to reinstate anti-gay bill


This can't be surprising, considering why it was overturned.

President wants to introduce new version of controversial anti-gay law that was earlier overturned, politician says.
12 Aug 20:36

Death Shook Its Rattle And The Fools Jumped And Danced..., by Constipation


Something you guys might not have heard before, I just realised this, I had Annie do some narration on this about a year before I even visited the US for the first time.

The Elder 09:33


Full title:
Death Shook Its Rattle And The Fools Jumped And Danced To The Steady Beat Of The Brunchtime Majestics Of The Great, Inferior Pompadour, As The Jesters And The Virgins Were Dancing In The Gallows Under A Bright, Burning Winter Cloud, Drifting Ever Closer Towards The Beginning End Of The Last Starburst From The Deep, Black Sky Of The Great Elder...

released 11 November 2011

Recorded autumn 2011 in Bacon Studio, by Chris and the captain. Drums: Tommy


all rights reserved


feeds for this album, this artist
12 Aug 10:00


by Justin Boyd


As time goes on, the tuning of the music I listen to gets lower and lower.

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12 Aug 07:36

EU Lawyers Confirm 'General And Blanket Data Retention Is No Longer Possible' In European Union

by Glyn Moody

Is that hope I'm feeling?

As we commented back in June, one of the key questions posed by the important ruling of Europe's highest court that the EU's current data retention requirements were "invalid" is: so what will the EU's Member States do now? Will they simply repeal their national legislation that was passed to implement the EU Directive, or will they claim that broad-based data retention is nonetheless still possible, as the UK has done? Although the UK government will doubtless try, it's going to be much harder to argue that the European Union's Court of Justice ruling leaves any room for the kind of broad-based data retention that David Cameron's government wants in the wake of the following news:

civil liberties campaigners AK Vorrat have now obtained internal documents showing that at a recent closed meeting of EU Justice and Home Affairs ministers the Council's Legal Services stated that paragraph 59 of the European Court of Justice's ruling on the Data Retention Directive "suggests that general and blanket data retention is no longer possible".
Here's what paragraph 59 of the ruling says:
Moreover, whilst seeking to contribute to the fight against serious crime, [the Data Retention] Directive 2006/24 does not require any relationship between the data whose retention is provided for and a threat to public security and, in particular, it is not restricted to a retention in relation (i) to data pertaining to a particular time period and/or a particular geographical zone and/or to a circle of particular persons likely to be involved, in one way or another, in a serious crime, or (ii) to persons who could, for other reasons, contribute, by the retention of their data, to the prevention, detection or prosecution of serious offences.
That admission is likely to strengthen legal challenges to the UK's new DRIP law. It also undercuts claims by the Australian Attorney General George Brandis that data retention is "very much the way in which Western nations are going". Since EU lawyers have said that any kind of excessive data retention is illegal in European Union nations, Brandis will find it harder to paint his own extreme retention plans as nothing to get worked up about and simply part of a wider trend. Whether or not they were before, now, they're certainly not.

Follow me @glynmoody on Twitter or, and on Google+

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11 Aug 02:40


06 Aug 16:23

E.T. - "The Worst Game Ever"

by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews the worst game ever.
07 Aug 11:35

Self Reflection

by alex

Any random day.

Self Reflection

06 Aug 10:00


by Justin Boyd

Despite my now bearded look, I can relate.



A beard is something that I’ll never have on my face because my body refuses to grow a good one.


02 Aug 03:08


29 Jul 07:01

A Bird Holds Its Breath

by ray


A Bird Holds Its Breath

28 Jul 18:26

Lots Of People Really Want Slideout-Keyboard Phones: Where Are They?

by timothy

More evidence that US operators have screwed the country over completely. The whole thing is written as if AT&T, Verizon, whatever, are the ones making these phones.

Bennett Haselton writes: I can't stand switching from a slideout-keyboard phone to a touchscreen phone, and my own informal online survey found a slight majority of people who prefer slideout keyboards even more than I do. Why will no carrier make them available, at any price, except occasionally as the crummiest low-end phones in the store? Bennett's been asking around, of store managers and users, and arrives at even more perplexing questions. Read on, below.

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24 Jul 19:50

What's the Appeal of Playing 'Mundane' Simulator Games?

by Woods

cafebabe writes:

The BBC News asks:

Storming through forests astride dragons, commanding armies of vicious Cossacks, flying spaceships at unthinkable speeds the possibilities are endless. Computer games can transport you anywhere and let you do anything.

So, when you can dine out cheaply and conveniently on the most excitement-filled, exhilarating scenarios imaginable, doesn't it seem strange that many choose repetition, rigmarole and meticulous control for their digital fixes?

Whether it is managing a campsite, driving a long-haul lorry, mending a car or working a rubbish lorry, more and more people are passionately playing simulator games that accurately replicate everyday life.

But who is it that plays these games? And what makes people play them when you could just do the real thing?

In addition to interviewing five gamers, tidbits include:

10 simulator games to note:

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 Drive long-haul vehicles. Hugely popular and PC Gamers' Sim of the Year in 2012
  • Camping Manager Build and manage your own vacation paradise
  • Bear Simulator Still in development, the game will allow players to forage and explore the forest as a bear
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator Perhaps the best-known of all the vehicle simulator game series
  • Farming Simulator Cultivate land and livestock and manage your farm. Outsold Medal Of Honor in 2013
  • Street Cleaning Simulator 2013 Remove dirt from roads with several different cleaning techniques
  • U-Bahn Simulator Navigate Germany's metro systems
  • Arma 3 Experience the realities of a military campaign
  • Vatsim A flight simulator where live air traffic controllers will book your ultra-realistic flight paths
  • Viscera Cleanup Detail Clear up the gore from first-person shooter games

And if that's too racy for you, there's always Cow Clicker.

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24 Jul 16:55

Congressmen Take Minimum Wage Challenge To Live Off Reduced Budget For A Week

by janrinok

gewg_ writes:

from the How-the-Other-Half-Lives dept.

The Center for American Progress reports

Since he began his minimum wage challenge on Sunday, former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, now president of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, has had eggs and toast, a bowl of cereal with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a banana. On Monday, he came to work with a bologna and cheese sandwich and a banana. "I'm not sure what I'm going to have for supper," he told ThinkProgress.

This is not a typical menu for him. But given that he can only spend $77 a week while he's taking the challenge, which asks lawmakers to live on a typical full-time minimum wage minus average taxes and housing expenses for a week, he has to "be sensitive about everything that I buy." Eggs are fairly cheap, he reasoned, and "I have found out that bananas don't cost a whole lot, so I stocked up on bananas." He hasn't eaten any other fruits or salads because they're too expensive. For the remaining five days of his challenge, "I don't think I'll be eating very healthy," he said. "Bologna's a lot cheaper than ham. I've been eating [quite] a bit of bread."


He came down with a cold but was lucky enough to find Tylenol and Afrin nasal spray in his cabinet already. "I don't think I would have been able to buy that Afrin nasal spray" on the challenge, he noted. "I never think about what medicine costs if i need it... But some people have to think constantly about how they spend their money, and their quality of life is quite different than mine."

Strickland will be joined by some current lawmakers this week, including Democratic Reps. Jan Schakowsky (IL), Tim Ryan (OH), and Keith Ellison (MN)


The hope is that those who take the challenge get a taste of what life is like on a low wage, even if it's temporary and they can go back to their normal lifestyles after a week. "I think it's important for those of us in these leadership positions that get elected by our constituents to represent their views from time to time to take a challenge such as this," Rep. Ryan said on the call, "to make sure we really are not just understanding this in an intellectual way but really understand the deep challenges that people face." It's meant to "bring awareness to this issue," he said.

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24 Jul 09:49

Norway warned of imminent security threat


How vague can you get?

"Reliable information" hints at some kind of attack "within days" involving people who fought in Syria, official says.
24 Jul 10:42 Now Supports Linux!


Oh, they did it months ahead of schedule! Impressive!

50 games for the free OS available right NOW!

A while ago, we've announced our plans to add Linux support as one of the features of our digital platform, with 100 games on the launch day sometime this fall. We've put much time and effort into this project and now we've found ourselves with over 50 titles, classic and new, prepared for distribution, site infrastructure ready, support team trained and standing by, and absolutely no reason to wait until October or November. We're still aiming to have at least 100 Linux games in the coming months, but we've decided not to delay the launch just for the sake of having a nice-looking number to show off to the press. It's not about them, after all, it's about you. So, one of the most popular site feature requests on our community wishlist is granted today: Linux support has officially arrived on!

The first 50+ titles we've have in store for you come from all the corners of our DRM-Free catalog. Note that we've got many classic titles coming officially to Linux for the very first time, thanks to the custom builds prepared by our dedicated team of penguin tamers. That's over twenty fan-favorite classics, like Flatout 1&2, Sid Meier's Colonization, Darklands, or Realms of the Haunting we've personally ushered one by one into the welcoming embrace of Linux gamers. That's already quite a nice chunk of our back-catalog, and you can expect more from our dedicated Linux team soon!

Now, for the recent titles. We've got some indie games with native Linux versions that finally find their well-deserved spot in our store. Among them, debuting on Linux, CLARC - a well received original comedic Sci-Fi puzzler. On top of that, be on the lookout for two new additions to the catalog: Gods Will Be Watching (coming in a couple of hours) and Unrest (Linux build coming right up!), both of them very fresh and intriguing. This is the very first time we can provide you with all the PC versions of a premiere game, and we will continue to do so in the future. If there's a Linux version of a title we're releasing, our aim is to deliver it to you Day-1. But enough about us, let's talk about the games. Here's what you can be playing on Linux today:

Anomaly Warzone Earth
Bionic Dues
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold - first time on Linux!
Blake Stone: Planet Strike - first time on Linux!
Bloodnet - first time on Linux!
CLARC - first time on Linux!
Darklands - first time on Linux!
Don't Starve + DLC
Dragonsphere - first time on Linux!
Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition
FlatOut - first time on Linux!
Flatout 2 - first time on Linux!
Fragile Allegiance - first time on Linux!
Gemini Rue
Gods Will Be Watching
Hocus Pocus - first time on Linux!
Kentucky Route Zero
The Last Federation
Legend of Grimrock
Litil Divil - first time on Linux!
Long Live the Queen
Normality - first time on Linux!
Pinball Gold Pack - first time on Linux!
Pinball World - first time on Linux!
Pirates! Gold Plus - first time on Linux!
Realms of the Haunting - first time on Linux!
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender - first time on Linux!
Rise of the Triad: Dark War - first time on Linux!
Shattered Haven
The Shivah HD
Sid Meier's Colonization - first time on Linux!
Sid Meier's Covert Action - first time on Linux!
Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Slipstream 5000 - first time on Linux!
Space Pirates and Zombies
Stargunner - first time on Linux!
SteamWorld Dig
Super Hexagon
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Sword of the Samurai - first time on Linux!
Unrest:Special Edition (Linux build on the way!)

As if this wasn't exciting enough, we've put more than half of these titles on a special promo! Head out to the promo page and find out which of them you can get up to 75% off for the next 3 days. Of course, all of the games from the list above that you already own will be updated with Linux versions with no additional cost for you, just as you might have expected from

"OK, but how will Linux support actually work on" - you might ask. For both native Linux versions, as well as special builds prepared by our team, will provide distro-independent tar.gz archives and support convenient DEB installers for the two most popular Linux distributions: Ubuntu and Mint, in their current and future LTS editions. Helpful and responsive customer support has always been an important part of the gaming experience. We wouldn't have it any other way when it comes to Linux, and starting today our helpdesk offers support for our official Linux releases on Ubuntu and Mint systems.

Diversity and freedom of choice have always been an important part of the way. We're very glad that we could improve our service with the addition of the free (and DRM-Free) alternative to the commercial operating systems. Talking with gamers is just as important, so we're counting on your feedback! If you've got any questions, suggestions, or run into any trouble, just tell us in the forum thread below this post. Just please be gentle, this is our very first time with Linux. Happy launch day, everyone!