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17 Apr 17:45

Other Basic Bitches

by Maureen O'Connor
by Maureen O'Connor

"The concept of a 'basic bitch' is one that's been spilling a lot of online ink lately."


Basic bitch, a female dog soaked in ammonia.

BASIC bitch, your GOTO girl for code.

Bayseian bitch, one may infer.



BASE bitch, a female dog unafraid of heights.

Bas bitch, carved in relief on an ancient Roman tomb.

Basalt bitch, an extrusive igneous whore-faced cunt.

Basso bitch, a female opera singer with a startlingly low voice.

Basso-baritono bitch, slightly less startling but still pretty low for a chick.

Bastinado bitch, these heels are killing my feet!

Bassoon bitch. [nudge] Flutter-tongue. [wink]

Bastard bitch, a jerk of two genders.

Bastard bitch, a female pup whose daddy done run away.

First-base bitch, also known as the "sacker" or "cornerman."

First-base bitch, only likes to kiss. 

Second-base bitch, must pivot to make a double play.

Second-base bitch, horny but forgot to groom her pubes.

Third-base bitch, closest infielder to the batter.

Third-base bitch, too lazy find the condom at the bottom of her purse.

Basque bitch, forming a separate movement.

Basque-radical bitch, tossing Mochachino Molotov cocktails through your window at night.

Basil bitch, tasty with tomatoes.

Basilisk bitch, venom in your marinara.

Bastille bitch, sharpening her guillotine.




Photo via Nina Matthews/flickr.

Maureen O'Connor is an acidic bitch.

16 Apr 21:37

sarahsellaphix: jtotheizzoe: boop.

by annagoldfarb
10 Apr 17:59

sparkcas: all i can imagine is all of them doing the grudge...


all i can imagine is all of them doing the grudge walk and assembling like a damn transformer at the end of a dark hallway in the middle of the night when i went to go get a glass of water

10 Apr 10:00

Best Beauty Moments From The Delia*s Catalog

by Into The Gloss

Best Beauty Moments From The Delia*s Catalog

Circa 1996, getting a new Delia*s catalog in the mail each month was one of life's great pleasures—right up there with Hard Candy, Fiona Apple, or Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. Print was still relevant, and Delia*s was a thing of beauty. Where else could Y-necklaces and neon, cropped sweatervests live in such beautiful, clunky harmony? Here, our 10 best beauty findings from an in-depth anthropological study of the late-'90s teen catalog:

1. Oh God, bUNs. Remember how everybody used to wear the faux Princess Leia bun hair thing? This is why we don't show photos of ourselves taken between 1994 and 2001.

2. On that note, sP!Key TwiStEd uPdOs. Never again.

3. wH!Te frOstEd eyEsHAdow. It was the only shade that mattered, really.

4. StaCkAbLe bODy gL!tTeR gELs, which were kind of like having Mariah Carey vomit on you in the best way possible.

5. WeT-LoOk cRunChy CurLs. Like you just stepped out of a a land where all the water has been replaced with hair gel.

6. sPl!T-sHaDE liPSt!cK! "It's two for the price of one, mom. Gah, just let me add it to the order form so I can get mailed in! Picture day is 40 days away!"

7. Painfully sTrAiGhT hAiR that's 50% post-Grunge, 50% flat iron, and 100% inspired by Hanson.

8. EmbEll!SheD bArReTTeS! Because we were finally old enough for these not to be a choking hazard. 

9. The nO-mAkEup mAKeuP. Truly, teens 20 years ago were Zen masters of minimalist maquillage.

10. Ra!siN liPsT!cK.

07 Apr 17:00

Light and Bright on NYC’s Lower East Side

by Amy Azzarito

dat rug tho

After almost twenty years living in a crumbling tenement building on New York City’s Avenue C, food stylist Toni Brogan and her husband decided it was time for a change. The couple embarked on a six-month long apartment hunt before they found this building in the Lower East Side. The building was constructed in the early 1950s by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers (ACW) and the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) as affordable equity cooperative apartments. Their favorite aspect was the building’s proximity to the recently restored East River Esplanade and the apartment is on the 16th floor, which gives it amazing views of the East River and of downtown skyline. With only one other owner, the apartment was in desperate need of some upgrades. The couple completely gutted and modernized the bathroom and kitchen, the entire apartment was fitted with new baseboards and more electrical outlets and they refinished the original parquet floors and stained them a dark walnut color. Once the architectural details were taken care of, it was time to think about decorating. Toni wanted the apartment to be an eclectic mix of old and new – filled with pieces she’s collected or made. As a professional food stylist, she’s worked with many great photographers and her walls are filled with their work. Thank you, Toni and a big thank you to Kana Okada for the lovely photographs! -Amy

Image above: The couch is the good ole solid Petrie Sofa from Crate & Barrel, it’s comfortable, wears well and we liked it so much I bought a second apartment-sized one to make an L-shaped seating area. I made the little lumbar pillow from vintage Mexican serapes and is available on my etsy store.  I had been scouring eBay and various online stores for a rug when this green turkish kilim popped up, and it seemed the perfect accompaniment to our collection of green artwork. The tortoise shell photo is by NYC Photographer Kana Okada. The Buffalo photo is by NYC Photographer Steve Giralt. The Cords painting is by Brooklyn Artist Eric LoPresti. The Franco Albini rattan ottoman was an $80 eBay score.  I have had two similar vintage slatted benches for years. They both were in bad shape and have almost been tossed out multiple times, but I sanded and re-stained them and they look good as new.

Image above: I didn’t want a lot of upper cabinets, and liked the idea of open shelves.


3Toni 4Toni 5Toni 6Toni 7Toni 8Toni 9Toni 10Toni 11Toni

See more of this Lower East Side apartment after the jump!


08 Apr 19:35

‘Private Birthday Party’: Rare Photos From Kansas City’s 1960s Drag Scene

by Erica Schwiegershausen

In 2006, artist Robert Heishman was poking around a Kansas City salvage yard, looking for material for an undergraduate documentary class, when he stumbled upon a slide carousel labeled “Jack’s Slides: Chicago and Kansas City.”“The first image I looked at was this picture of a man in a kimono that ... More »

07 Apr 00:19


04 Apr 17:00

Le Creuset Launches New Matte Collection

by Cambria Bold

~*~*~*my yuppie dreams~*~*~*~*

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If understated elegance is your thing, Le Creuset's newest collection is right down your alley. The Matte series features low-sheen enamel for a softer, more subtle finish than you find on Le Creuset's other colors. So pretty!


07 Apr 15:30

Coming Attractions: H Mart Opens April 23 in Central Square

by Rachel Leah Blumenthal


[Photo: An H Mart, Flickr/Michael Kappel]

It has been nearly two years in the making, but the Central Square H Mart finally has an opening date: April 23. The Asian supermarket chain has one other Massachusetts location, in Burlington. A Chowhound user noted a flyer on the chain's website advertising the grand opening; the doors open at 9:30 a.m., and there will be Korean traditional folk dance and free gifts.

The market's food court will reportedly be home to Sapporo Ramen Central (which appears to be an outpost of the Porter Square Sapporo), Go Go Curry, and Paris Baguette.
· H Mart [Official Site]
· All Coverage of H Mart on Eater [~EBOS~]

07 Apr 17:45

DEALFEED: Ben & Jerry's

by Rachel Leah Blumenthal


The Deal: Ben & Jerry's annual day of giving out free ice cream — no strings attached (but often long lines).
When: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 (tomorrow), 12 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Where: Ben & Jerry's in Harvard Square, the Prudential Center, Newbury Street, and Park Plaza
Link: Official Site

07 Apr 17:00

Live Every Day

by Mallory Ortberg

Live every day with the confidence of a fifteen-year-old who’s smoked pot twice talking to a fifteen-year-old who’s only smoked pot once.

inspirationLive every day with the confidence of a fifteen-year-old who’s smoked pot twice talking to a fifteen-year-old who’s only smoked pot once.

Follow your bliss. Track its movements. Learn its habits. Hunt your bliss and kill it.

Do one thing every day that scares you, like drowning, or watching one of your beloved children die before his time.

Pain is just strength and energy leaving your body forever.

Treat everyone around you with the kindness  of that woman in your office who brings bagels to work every other Friday.

Live every day like you’re the kind of person who has a framed Breakfast at Tiffany‘s poster over her bed.

Love as boldly as a 20-year-old atheist coming home for Christmas break with copies of God Is Not Great for everyone in her family that never asked for one.

Go to work every day with the same confidence as a white barista with dreadlocks.

Fall asleep every night like Netflix doesn’t exist.

Every time God closes a door, he opens a window. Every time you reach the window, he closes it on your fingers. Every time he closes a window, the door locks. Every time God locks the door, the chimney collapses. You will never make it out of this house.

Forgive others the way you’d forgive your best friend at two in the morning after fighting during her birthday party sleepover.

Be as self-assured as a high school sophomore who’s had sex once talking about lovemaking techniques to a high school junior who’s only seen the top half of a girl naked.

Read more Live Every Day at The Toast.

04 Apr 13:30

Trailer Trash: “Discopath” (2013)

by Buzz

Attn: Swifty, Re: Trash Night possibilities

Hey, guys – are you looking for the hottest disco in town? If so, you’re in luck. New York’s hottest club is Discopath. It has everything: serial killers, short-shorts, tracking shots of Canadians…

And of course, lots and lots of disco music. This shit looks like De Palma’s Sisters downed a bunch of ‘ludes and had a panty-party with Prom Night. I cannot wait.


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03 Apr 03:24


by Tyler


Illustration by Kelly.

Illustration by Kelly.

Two nights ago, I went to my friend’s weekly one-woman karaoke night at a local gay bar. (She’s usually the sole performer, singing whatever songs the audience requests; I occasionally come by as her “special guest” and mostly cover the rap parts of the songs she’s doing.) That night, I had just rapped with my friend on Nicki Minaj’s “Fly,” and I got offstage feeling really good about my performance. As I was walking back to my table, a man approached me and said, “You’re amazing!” He looked like he was in his 20s and a few drinks deep, and although he wasn’t my type, that kind of attention is always flattering. I was probably blushing. Then, still smiling, he asked me, “What’s your gender?”

A bit taken aback by his sudden forwardness, I struggled for a few moments to formulate an appropriate response. What I came up with: “Ummm…hmm. Uhhhhh…”

“Yeah, that’s cool!” the guy said, upbeat as ever. “I just wanted to know what gender you identify as.”

About 15 seconds passed before I managed to say, “Umm…uhhhh…androgynous, I guess?”

After this incredibly satisfying exchange, we went back to our respective tables and never spoke again. I need to get better at answering that question, I thought. But, see, it’s complicated.

My gender identity used to be a lot more straightforward. If that man had asked me the same question last year, I wouldn’t have skipped a beat before proclaiming, “I’m a guy.” I thought I had it all figured out. I had made a conscious choice to be a man, despite having been born with what’s thought of as “female” equipment. I was so sure, in fact, that I was a guy that I underwent a lengthy transitioning process, involving hormone shots and close monitoring by a therapist, to get my outside appearance in line with my inner self—who was a man, no question.

But the big problem with our insides is that they’re always changing. As I approached my two-year mark on testosterone, I started feeling less sure of the choice I was making. I started to feel stifled by my chosen gender identity, like I was buried under the trappings of manhood. In other words, my outside stopped matching my insides, and that didn’t feel good at all. What had been a source of freedom—this new gender identity that I chose for myself—started to feel like a trap.

It’s terrifying to decide to stop taking testosterone after two years of getting regular injections. Even scarier, for me at least, was the prospect of facing ridicule from my friends and from strangers on the internet when they learned that I was going back on this thing that I was so passionately sure of just a few years ago. I was afraid that people would latch onto this idea that my transition was a “mistake” and use it to discount the validity of other people’s transitions. I feared the street harassment that comes with looking at all “feminine.” I feared that I would never look more feminine, that I would always be perceived as “a man” forever. That seemed horrible, like a prison. But most of all, I feared the unknown: Where was I headed? What exactly did I want to look like, or “be”? What if I was making a huge mistake?

All the while, I knew that a way bigger mistake would have been to try to stifle the inner voice that was telling me I wasn’t happy and that I needed things to change—again. After I took my final testosterone shot in June 2013, I felt a mixture of excitement, embarrassment, and confusion. How much would my appearance change, and how rapidly? What would people think when they saw me on the street? I was truly alone on this journey—no one I knew had experienced anything like it—so I took one baby step at a time in whatever direction felt right for me.

The first one was shaving my legs, something I hadn’t done in four years. Or, rather, shaving one of my legs, which seemed to express how I was feeling at that point: I’m in between, and I don’t care what you think about how I look. The next step was buying an outfit that made me feel good: a comic-book-print bandeau under a white tank top, black cutoff shorts, and black platform sneakers with hot pink satin laces. I was nervous about wearing the outfit in public, but my desire to look cute trumped my nerves. Wearing things that made me feel attractive gave me a little confidence boost, which was all I needed to focus less on what others thought of me and more on my own happiness.

One thing that made me happy was spending time with a great friend that I grew up with. She has always loved and supported me, and she was a great sounding board for whatever I was going through at a given moment. She’d check in with me almost daily, asking, “How are you doing? What effects are you feeling from the hormone shift? What pronouns are you feeling right now?” She felt like a safe person with whom to experiment with presentation and pronouns. And there were a lot of experiments: One day I’d want to be referred to as she; the next, I preferred they—as in, “I just saw Tyler; they came over and we watched a movie”—which is where I am right now, I think. Sometimes I wanted to wear a strapless dress with face stubble, sometimes a hoodie and red lipstick. Even though everything about me was in flux, I knew my support system was stable. I am so lucky to have this friend in my life; she allowed me to actually enjoy this process of discovering who I was and what I wanted.

I’ve now been off of hormones for 10 months now, and I still don’t know how to efficiently articulate my gender identity. That might seem super uncomfortable, and, granted, it does make for some awkward moments in bars, but mostly it is actually a pretty freeing feeling. The way I think of myself changes from moment to moment, and instead of fighting it, I just go with it. I’m learning to exist without analyzing every aspect of myself or trying to force myself to feel, live, or look any certain way. I love looking in the mirror and watching my features contradict one another.

Sometimes I feel like my gender is an optical illusion: Light me from one angle, and you’ll see a pretty girl; from another, I look like a pretty boy. I am neither, and I am both. Many people will never understand how I feel, but what matters to me is that I understand myself, even if I can’t find myself in words. The possibilities seem endless. ♦

01 Apr 21:30

Jimmy Buffett and Pharrell Williams Hung Out

by Lindsey Weber

Soul mates Pharrell Williams and Jimmy Buffett hung out recently and the evidence is on Twitter. The evidence is also now in Pharrell, who undoubtedly took all of Buffett's life advice to heart — from "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" to "You should totally open up a chain of burger restaurants named after your most famous song." Jimmy also told Pharrell that he loved "Happy," and Pharrell borrowed one of Jimmy's many Hawaiian shirts. I'm seriously waiting on this duet, you guys.

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02 Apr 15:22

Photos of the Day: “A celebration of those who choose to exist outside of the binary”

by Maya

butch photo 1

I’m loving this portrait series by photographer Meg Allen exploring “the butch aesthetic, identity and presentation of female masculinity” today. The project began with photos of her friends in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, and Allen describes her motivation like this:

It is a celebration of those who choose to exist and identify outside of the binary; who still get he’d and she’d differently throughout the day; who get called-out in bathrooms and eyed suspiciously at the airport; who have invented names for themselves as parents because “Mom” nor “Dad” feels quite right; and who will generally expect that stare from the gender police trying to figure out if they are “a boy or a girl”. It is an homage to the bull-daggers and female husbands before me, and to the young studs, gender queers, and bois who continue to bloom into the present.

See more after the jump and the full series here.

butch photo 2, woman with dog

butch photo 3, woman in hat and glass

butch photo 4, woman in suit with glass of wine

butch photo 5, firefighter

(h/t Buzzfeed)

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

02 Apr 10:30

WIWW:Bang Bang

by Amy Fashion Blog

AMY. your outfit looks HORRIBLE. your hair looks pretty good tho.

Jw Jeans From The PX 3.63
Sperry Top Slider Wedges From The Px~ 44.98
Hello Everyone. I'm happy to report my sore throat is gone. Thanks you for advice on how to get ready for it on Monday post. The other day I decide to get my haircut and I decide to get bangs again. Which I didn't tell my hubby I was getting bangs. Due to I know he would have talk me out of getting them. I'm in love with my new bangs. 
Sorry you can't see my shoe all that well. The grass in my backyard ate them. Today outfit is a semi-remix outfit due to the jeans I'm wearing are new. My shoe are new as well. I got them in December. I'm so happy the weather is warming up. So I can were there. 

pleated poppy
01 Apr 13:33

Good news!

by Maya


Marble Gravestone

We won!

(Image via)

Maya DusenberyMaya loves April Fool’s Day.

31 Mar 19:30

Sign of the Day: Toronto Needs to Vote for This Guy

Sign of the Day: Toronto Needs to Vote for This Guy

Submitted by: (via Oncamera)

Tagged: Canada , toronto , signs , win
18 Mar 20:45

A Remembrance of Obscure Reality Shows Past

by Margaret Lyons

Me, my brain

I loved American Idol for a time. Project Runway. Top Chef. We all have seen an Amazing Race here or there, or a clip from Dancing With the Stars. I know a lot about The Bachelor for someone who's never been that into it. But some of the true gems of reality TV, the shows I look back on most fondly, are the really obscure one- or two-season wonders, the shows that barely made a blip on PBS 13 years ago, or aired one ignoble season on MTV back in the day. Keep your hits, America. I have one season of Legally Blonde — The Musical: The Search for the Next Elle Woods to keep me warm.

The Legally Blonde show is probably not the most obscure of my loves. That would be The IT Factor and The IT Factor: L.A., which aired on Bravo in 2002 and 2003. The show was a doc-style series that followed aspiring performers as they went on auditions, faced constant professional rejection, mopped floors, cried to their moms, etc. It was fascinating — and included a young Jeremy Renner. (The first season ends on his triumphant story of getting a real agent when his indie film Dahmer does well at Sundance.) The way reality TV in general and Bravo in particular work now means a show like that could never happen again; there was so much innocence in that series, but 12 years later, if you really want to be an actor, you're better off being on The Real World or American Idol.

Bravo had some other treasures back then, too. The network acquired the Canadian doc series Cirque du Soleil: Fire Within, which followed the Cirque du Soleil performers as they staged a new show. Some were veteran performers, some were newbies, but everyone was incredibly talented and interesting. How do you become an acrobat? How do you cast acrobats for both their skills onstage and their ability to work in teams offstage? How does something like Cirque du Soliel work?

PBS took a stab at a similar setup with 2010's Circus (also fantastic), but if I had to pick one, and only one, behind-the-scenes obscure circus reality show, I'd go with Totally Circus, which aired on the Disney Channel in 2000. That series was set at a summer camp and featured young performers learning the ropes (sometimes literal ropes!). Along with Bug Juice, another joyous kid-centric show from the same era, Totally Circus really captured the sensation of being at summer camp, the feeling of being yourself but not your regular self. American High aired four episodes on Fox in 2000 and then found a more appropriate home on PBS, and that show had the unusual strategy of giving its teen subjects their own cameras to record their daily lives and their "diary" entries. It's absolutely one of the best documentaries I've ever seen, though again, I often feel like I'm the only one who ever saw it. Same goes for MTV's 2010 If You Really Knew Me, which followed a community-building anti- bullying organization that hosted workshops at different schools. Each student was asked to start a statement with "If you really knew me" and then share something about themselves — and share they did! Both American High and IYRKM get at how well-crafted teenage image can be, and how misleading that image often is. The rigid roles of high school, be it prom queen or band dork or whoever, are rarely the whole picture of someone's identity.

Not every teen show is this holistic, though. At the way other side of things is 2003's Rich Girls, another forgotten masterpiece from the MTV vault. That show starred Ally Hilfiger and her BFF Jaime Gleicher as they rode on private jets and acknowledged that some people really needed to wear cargo pants because of working "in the fields." That same era gave us Surf Girls and Sorority Life, neither of which seems to have any lasting legacy whatsoever, even though both were so damn good. I'd watch another season of Surf Girls in a heart beat. They're girls who surf! Bring it!

I want another season of The Paper, MTV's 2008 series set at a high school newspaper. Or the 2009–10 performing arts high school show Taking the Stage. I don't understand how A&E's 2006 series Rollergirls is the only real roller derby reality show. I still think The Joe Schmo Show is powerfully subversive and could work again. I still think Model Behaviour, a British model-search show that aired on random cable stations in the U.S. in 2002, is the better, more interesting version of Top Model. I saw every episode of Showbiz Moms and Dads. (And, God help me, Sports Kids Moms and Dads.) I can't believe I'll never see another episode of Gallery Girls or NYC Prep. Intervention and Hoarders always got plenty of attention, but I loved The OCD Project, too, VH1's surprisingly humane, gripping doc series from 2010.

But such is the sweet sorrow of little-seen shows. These are my weird B-sides and bootlegs, my misprinted baseball cards, the stupid things I love in part because of their obscurity. You can talk about Survivor with anyone. But only some of us can talk about these kinds of deep cuts.

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18 Mar 11:00

Anatomical Collages

by Erica


I was hesitant to see the Bodies exhibit when it first came to New York City - squeamish and almost nauseated at the idea of seeing the insides of the human...
20 Mar 10:30

Pin it and Did it: Monthly Recipe Bacon Cheeseburger Bombs

by Amy Fashion Blog


  • Happy Spring Everyone, I'm back with another Pin it and Did it post. It been a few weeks since I last did one of these post. This time around I bring you bacon cheeseburger bombs. My hubby find this recipe on Facebook and sent it me the recipe in a private message that way I could make it. The recipe come from Spend with Pennies blog.  I didn't use the picture she pinned on pinterest due to
  •  it is copyrighted. So you get too look at my picture. If you get a chance go over to 
  • her blog and check out her picture of these Cheeseburger bombs. These little bugger
  • are amazing. 
I did change the recipe up some when I made these. Instead of using junior biscuits. 
I used the the large biscuits. Thats the only thing I changed up 
with this recipe. 

  • Ingredients

  • 1 pound lean ground beef
  • 1/2 onion, finely chopped
  • 3 slices of bacon, chopped
  • 1/3 cup cream cheese
  • 1 tablespoon ketchup
  • 2 tablespoons barbecue sauce
  • 1 teaspoon yellow mustard
  • 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 can Pillsbury Biscuits (10 biscuits)
  • 5 oz cheddar cheese, chopped into 10 squares

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

 In a large pan, brown ground beef, bacon and onion until cooked. Drain any grease.
Add cream cheese, ketchup, barbecue sauce, mustard and Worcestershire sauce. Stir over low heat until cream cheese is melted. Allow to cool. Once cool, stir in egg white.
Roll each biscuit out very thin. Place 2 tablespoons beef mixture on each biscuit and add 1 square of cheese. Wrap the biscuit around the beef/cheese and tightly seal the edges.
Place biscuits on a parchment lined pan s
seam side down. Put them in the oven and turn down the heat to 350 degrees. Bake 13-16 minutes or until lightly browned.
Serve warm.

19 Mar 17:30

Tolkien's 1926 Beowulf Translation Will Be Published This May

by Jia Tolentino
by Jia Tolentino

Almost 90 years after JRR Tolkien translated the 11th-century poem Beowulf, The Lord of the Rings author's version of the epic story is to be published for the first time in an edition which his son Christopher Tolkien says sees his father "enter[ing] into the imagined past" of the heroes. [Guardian]

18 Mar 08:22

alonzo1948: My cousins the best at snapchat and you can’t...


My cousins the best at snapchat and you can’t convince me otherwise

17 Mar 15:15

100 serial rapists identified after Detroit finally processes untested rape kits

by Maya


evidence boxes

There are an estimated 400,000 untested rape kits in the US. (Photo credit: Lonnie Timmons III, Plain Dealer)

Back in 2009, over 11,000 kits were found abandoned in a Detroit Police storage facility. After processing just 1,600 of them so far, Detroit has identified about 100 serial rapists and ten convicted rapists. Those perpetrators have moved on from Michigan to commit similar crimes in 23 other states.

Of course, Detroit is not alone. Nationwide, there are an estimated 400,000 untested rape kits. One of our favorite actress/activists Law and Order: SVU’s Mariska Hargitay (read her Feministing Five interview here) has been raising awareness about this issue for awhile now. Her organization, The Joyful Heart Foundation, has launched a project called End The Backlog to pressure cities and states to prioritize testing their kits. (She’s also producing a documentary about the problem.) And thankfully, 17 states have proposed new legislation to address their backlogs.

There’s a ton of reasons that the rape kit backlog is national shame. For one thing, as Hargitay notes, “One would assume that if someone endures a four- to six-hour invasive examination, that that evidence would be handled with care.” And while police departments say testing evidence is expensive and they just don’t have the resources, they’re making choices about which cases they believe are worth moving forward. Sarah Tofte, the director of policy and advocacy for Joyful Heart, explained to ThinkProgress, “They’re making subjective judgments about whether they’re likely to get a conviction, what this rape looks like, whether the victim is credible, and what the victim’s worth to society is…Ultimately, it’s about, does this victim deserve justice?”

In other words, if we didn’t live in a rape culture in which all but the most “perfect victims” are doubted, you can bet your ass there wouldn’t be such a backlog. As Hargitay said, “To me, this is the clearest and most shocking demonstration of how we regard these crimes.”

Of course, the most urgent and concrete reason we should be testing rape kits is that they can identify rapists. (That’s kinda the point.) And since most rapists are serial rapists, that helps prevent future assaults. The stats from Detroit are similar to those in other cities and states that have tackled their backlogs: Once New York City processed its 17,000-kit backlog in 2001, the arrest rate for rape cases jumped from 40 percent to 70 percent. After working through 2,000 untested kits, Ohio has found nearly 200 matches with DNA in a criminal database.

A couple weeks ago, the White House announced they’d devote $35 million in next year’s budget to grants for processing unopened kits. We’ll be watching closely to see if congressional Republicans block that modest effort to help communities bring rapists to justice and prevent sexual violence.

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

17 Mar 19:00

Sorry Society

by admin

15 Mar 15:52

A San Francisco Radio Station Has Been Playing “Hot In Herre” For 24 Hours Straight

by Michael K

My dream world

Hundreds of people in San Francisco are walking the streets naked and sweaty and with a Band-Aid on their right cheek, because they finally snapped after Nellytizing themselves by listening to “Hot In Herre” on Latino Mix 105.7 for hoooooouuuuuuurs.

Starting at 3pm PST yesterday, Latino Mix 105.7 put on Nelly’sHot In Herre” and followed that up with some more “Hot In Herre” and more “Hot In Herre” and more “Hot In Herre.” The hotness in hurr hasn’t stopped. I played 105.7′s live-feed earlier this afternoon and lasted 45 minutes before I had to turn that shit off, because after I while I was like, good gracious ass bodacious, flirtatious, tryin’ to show faces. IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN! It was like a never-ending menopausal hot flash (aka what JLo suffered through while filming her “I Luh Ya Papi” video)

E! News says that Latino Mix 105.7 decided to trap their listeners in a hot fart bubble from 2002, because the station is about to go through a format change into Hot 105.7. So basically, those STUNT QUEENS are stuntin’. But I’m going to choose to believe that after performing the song for the ten millionth time, Nelly finally went crazy, barricaded himself in 105.7′s studio and is playing “Hot In Herre” on a loop to torture us all.

12 Mar 10:30

Eiffel Tower

by Amy Fashion Blog

probably my favorite amy post yet.

 Flower Belt From Style~6.99 
Black Thermos Tights From New Yorker~7.95 Euro(10.81 Dollars)
Beret From CR~14.50~ I got it for 40% off
 Black Steve Madden Heaven Flats From DSW~27.96
Pink Storm Under Armor Jacket
Pink Coach Purse~ Wedding Anniversary(2012)

Hello Everyone. I'm back with more of Day 2. On day 2 after we all were ready for the day. We head over to bloulangeri for breakfast. As we were walking over there my feet felt wet. So I told hubby I need to change my shoe. So we came up with a plan. I would wear my beige coach shoe and when I needed to take picture I would change in to my black flat. I also told hubby I could just go back to the hotel and put a pair of sock under my tights. Which he didn't like the idea of my putting sock under my tights. At some point he was like where a shoe store. I was like I have no clue. 

We had to go to McDonald's to get coffee. Since bloulangeri didn't have any. As we where sitting in McDonald's hubby spotted a shoe store. Which we end up stopping in and I got a new pair of shoe. After my shoe change. We were off to sightseeing. One of the items on my list was the Eiffel Tower. I was no going to leave Paris without seeing it. Which was our last stop on day 2.

It was love at first sight for me. Since It has been my dream to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower.  Which we had tons of fun looking at it and taking pictures of me trying to hold it.

After we took a whole bunch of picture of me trying to hold the Eiffel Tower. It was time for some outfit photo's. Which my friends were nice and held on to my stuff as we took picture.

Not sure what I was looking at.

After we took picture. We went and had some creeps.  Hubby and me got a banana and Nutella creep. Man it was super good.

By the creep stand

 After we all ate creeps. We called our other friend to come meet us. So we could get some dinner. We ate at Chez Thomas. We just happen to come across this restaurant on are walk to find food. The food was amazing here. We all try each others plates and love everything that we all ate. 
I had the crab pasta. Which the pasta was black. It was the first time I ever had black pasta. I highly recommended eating here If you are in Pairs.
After dinner are friends went back to the hotel. Hubby and me stay out for a little bit longer. Since we want to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. Which Chez Thomas is not far from the Eiffel Tower. Maybe a 10 Minute walk. We could see the tip of the tower all lit up as we were walking there.
Once we made it to the Eiffel Tower. We just stood there and looked at it. Then we took a couple selfie of us in front of it. We could have find someone to take are pictures but we didn't. Due to there a lot of pick pockets around the tourist attractions in Pairs. 

11 Mar 16:00

Two Medieval Monks Invent Art

by Mallory Ortberg

From the year 800 AD to 1450 the entirety of Europe’s approach to painting was “It’s impossible to know what an animal looks like, just draw a guy’s head on it.” This is their story.

MONK #1: what do lions look like in the face
i mean what do their faces look like
MONK #2: worried

worried lion

MONK #1: what does it look like when some people are far away
but some are closer
MONK #2: draw them all exactly the same size


MONK #1: are people the same height as castles
MONK #2: pretty much yeah


MONK #1: how big are most peoples foreheads
relative to the rest of their face
MONK #2: oh it’s 90% of the face, definitely
MONK #1: thanks


MONK #1: what size and also location are most human breasts on the body
MONK #2: pretty much anywhere
just jam em on the torso wherever




MONK #2: the important thing is to just always draw human faces on dogs
MONK #1: why is that
is that a dumb question?
MONK #2: kind of




MONK #1: what do whales look like
MONK #2: pretty much exactly like squirrels or any other animal
but in front of a blue background


MONK #1: hey so do human heads grow on big leafless trees a lot
or just sometimes
MONK #2: mm probably a lot


MONK #1: what do babies look like
MONK #2: ….huh good question
MONK #1: kind of like a very old man?
MONK #2: but also baboons

MONK #1: dang
whats a table look like
MONK #2: oh wow
MONK #1: i know right?
MONK #2: ahhh i KNOW this


MONK #1: can rabbits stand up
MONK #2: yeah
MONK #1: how big are books
MONK #2: like half the size of a castle
MONK #1: wow ur good at this


MONK #1: do you want to go get lunch
MONK #2: lets pray for four hours first
MONK #1: ok

Read more Two Medieval Monks Invent Art at The Toast.

09 Mar 14:26

Bactrian Camel Takes His First Steps at Cincinnati Zoo

by Andrew Bleiman

i feel like this bb camel today


A Bactrian Camel born on February 25 is already winning fans at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Keepers announced the male baby’s name, Jack, one week and one day later – on Hump Day, of course.



Photo Credit:  Cincinnati Zoo

Zoo keepers filmed Jack’s first steps, which were taken just an hour after he was born.  Because the weather was so cold during his first week, Jack wore a coat to help him stay warm!  Luckily, the cold spell did not last and the zoo captured photos of Jack and his mother, Sarrai. 

Bactrian camels are native to the steppes of Central Asia.  They have two humps, in comparison to the one-humped Dromedary Camel native to the Middle East and northern Africa.  They were domesticated thousands of years ago and transported humans vast distances in ancient times.  Able to survive up to 10 months without drinking water, Bactrian camels are listed as Critically Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.  Fewer than 1,000 Bactrian Camels survive in the wild; interbreeding with domestic populations is diminishing the genetic integrity of the species.

See more photos of Jack below.





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