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15 Sep 17:00

“We have to stop categorizing abortions as justified or unjustified.”

by Maya
wendy davis

(Photo credit: AP/Eric Gay)

In the New York Times, Merritt Tierce applauds Wendy Davis for opening up about her abortions and writes about the more common abortion stories that we don’t hear about as much.

This is how it really is, abortion: You do things you regret or don’t understand and then you make other choices because life keeps going forward. Or you do something out of love and then, through biology or accident, it goes inexplicably wrong, and you do what you can to cope. Or you do whatever you do, however you do it, for whatever reason, because that’s your experience.

It’s not Ms. Davis’s job to be groundbreaking, and I’m sorry that her personal reproductive history has to be declared and described (not to mention leveraged for votes). Do we approve of what she wanted? Did she suffer enough? These questions are not ours to ask.

We have to stop categorizing abortions as justified or unjustified. The best thing you can do if you support reproductive rights is to force people to realize that abortion is common, and the most common abortion is a five-to-15-minute procedure elected early in the first trimester by someone who doesn’t want to be pregnant or have a child. It’s our job to say it’s O.K. if that’s the end of the story. It’s O.K. if it’s boring or not traumatic or if you don’t even know what it was.

As I’ve written before, focusing on the “exceptions” can definitely reinforce this hierarchy of abortions that is so hard to shake. In fact, disclosing anything about the circumstances of your abortion seems to invite this tendency to categorize and justify — even within ourselves. As Tierce writes, “We have accepted the damaging idea that a person who wants an abortion must grovel before the consciences of others.” And so as much as I believe in the power of abortion stories to combat stigma, sometimes I think the most radical act of abortion storytelling would be for us all to say, “I had an abortion. And I will not be taking any questions.”

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

11 Sep 17:00

Students show solidarity by helping Columbia rape survivor carry her mattress

by Maya

Cue a lump in your throat.

Responding to the call to “carry the weight together,” fellow students helped Emma Sulkowicz, the Columbia senior who is lugging her mattress everywhere while her rapist remains on campus, carry it from the courtyard to her class yesterday

The collective carry was organized by students and alumni who want ”to help Emma carry the weight of the physical mattress, give her and other survivors of sexual assault in our community a powerful symbol of our support and solidarity, and show the administration that we stand united in demanding better policies designed to end sexual violence and rape culture on campus.”

As Alexandra wrote, the idea of “carrying the weight together” holds much symbolic resonance — not just as a way of lightening the burden on survivors but also by highlighting the collective sacrifice required to eliminate it. “If we all helped carry the weight of injustice, we could not bear it,” she wrote. “And so we would finally stop tolerating what we’ve been content to force others to carry alone.” And it makes a damn powerful visual too.

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

10 Sep 16:58

Quote of the Day: Pastor explains that God created women to be “penis homes” for men

by Maya
This is a penis home. I am not a penis home.

This is a penis home. I am not a penis home.

Megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll, who was once a rock star in the evangelical world, has recently fallen from grace under accusations of plagiarism, abuse of power, and “spiritual bullying” with his ideological machismo. Much of the criticism stems from his anonymous rantings on a church message board in 2001 decrying how America has become a “pussified nation.”

Here are some of his musings on men, women, and penises

The first thing to know about your penis is, that despite the way it may see, it is not your penis. Ultimately, God created you and it is his penis. You are simply borrowing it for a while.

While His penis is on loan you must admit that it is sort of just hanging out there very lonely as if it needed a home, sort of like a man wondering the streets looking for a house to live in. Knowing that His penis would need a home, God created a woman to be your wife and when you marry her and look down you will notice that your wife is shaped differently than you and makes a very nice home.

Therefore, if you are single you must remember that your penis is homeless and needs a home. But, though you may believe your hand is shaped like a home, it is not. And, though women other than your wife may look like a home, to rest there would be breaking into another man’s home. And, if you look at a man it is quite obvious that what a homeless man does not need is another man without a home.

As Libby Anne at Love, Joy, Feminism writes, this is a rather, um, explicit way of articulating a fairly common idea in evangelical Christianity: Despite assurances that men and women are equal before God, it’s men who were the primary creation, and women were created to satisfy men — to be men’s “helpers” or “homes.” Gotta love that homophobic conclusion and, of course, the way that all women who aren’t your wife are considered other men’s literal property, which squares nicely with evangelical ideas about women’s purity. As Anne explains, “Every woman is some man’s future wife, and that man owns her body even before they meet.”

Driscoll goes on to say that a husband should learn to make his “home” happy and a wife should rejoice at seeing her husband’s penis “rise to greet her” (brb,  throwing up), but as Ann notes, “This sad attempt at mutuality fails when the one party is described as a penis home.”

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

10 Sep 13:00

More Grave Matters

by Holly Hibner

Fancy Coffins to Make Yourself

Submitter: This book was weeded from our public library collection because it hadn’t circulated in more than 5 years. The front cover was enough to make me laugh and post a picture to Instagram with the hastag #NeglectedBooks and #LibrarianHumor, but I didn’t read the back cover until today.  And do read the reviews on Amazon–they’re hilarious!

Holly: Mr. Power never fails to delight! Remember this old post? We even talked about that one when we were on the Jimmy Kimmel show in 2009.

It’s an interesting book, and I’ll bet he’s sold a lot of copies. It’s weird, which makes it intriguing. I’m not entirely shocked that it hasn’t circulated in five years, but I’m also not shocked that it did circulate at some point. I’d be interested to know its total circulations, actually.  I’d also be interested to know if Mr. Powers ever made anything out of wood that wasn’t death-related. Duck decoys? A nice book shelf for his death woodworking books?

More Crafters Delights:

Everybody in the Tub

Pantyhose – not just for legs!

Nightmare in the Craft Section

MOAR Panty Hose Crafts

DIY Boyfriend

03 Sep 13:00

Link Roundup

by Mallory Ortberg




















(Okay, talk about whatever you would usually talk about in the regular link roundup; you don’t have to actually talk about Link from The Legend of Zelda.)


Read more Link Roundup at The Toast.

08 Sep 00:10

Britney Rides Her Scooter, Provides The Perfect Reaction GIF To Everything

by Bradley Stern

In a matter of weeks, newly emancipated hot momma and full-time Las Vegas #WORKBXXCH Miss Britney Spears has #blessed our Instagram feeds with what has quickly become an iconic collection of mini-films —  from future Cannes 2015 submission “Afternoon Stroll With The Boys”, to a spot-on impression as Woody Woodpeckerney, to self-empowerment speech-turned-club smash, “Bored (Just Do It).”

Now, Godney has delivered unto us yet another iconic production: Scooterney Takes A Ride, in which the Holy Spearit ducks the drama and rides into the sunset on a scooter, Dumb And Dumber style…which just happens to doubles as the perfect reaction to quite literally everything.

“Britney! When’s your new album coming out?”


“B! What’s your favorite song on Britney Jean?”


“Do you have a moment to talk to us about water conservation?”


“Have you bought Lotus on iTunes?”


“Can you leak the Original Doll demos?”


“OMG Is Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like?”


“Can I borrow $20?”


“Do u got a bae or nah?”


“Sup, R U #masc?”


“Brit, I heard that he was saying he’s still in love with you. And Brit, I heard he said he could stay if he wanted to. And Brit, I heard every man out here is wanting you now. Brit, I heard, I heard….what you going to do?”


As always, we remain deeply unworthy.

05 Sep 18:10


by kim

Bruno Suet

Lovely outdoor spaces, because I am trying to hold on to summer for as long as I possibly can. 

04 Sep 09:24

And These Are The Next Thirteen “Stars” Competing On Dancing With The Stars

by Allison


wenn20445476 copy

I agree, that title was misleading. It should have said “DANCE LEGEND CARLTON BANKS AND EXQUISITE FRAGGLE PRINCESS BETSEY JOHNSON as well as who cares it doesn’t matter Will Be On Dancing With The Stars”, but that felt a little long.

The cast of the 19th season (oh my god, 19 seasons, what are we doing with our lives) of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars was announced on GMA this morning by Tom Bergeron, and I hope the Emmy Awards committee was watching, because Tom gave the performance of a lifetime. Not once did he break character and ask “Who?” or “Wait, WHO???” when announcing the thirteen has-beens and never-wases picked by ABC. Seriously, give him all the Emmys next year; the man is a high-level thespian.

So who are the thirteen “stars” who have agreed to participate in this mess? No, really, who are they – I have no fucking idea. NO! That was a cheap shot; at least 4 or 5 of these people are legit celebrities (or at least celebrity-adjacent).

Tommy Chong (human bag of weed) with Peta Murgatroyd
Sadie Robertson (the daughter from Duck Dynasty) with Mark Ballas
Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks and Pepsi commercial STAH!) with Witney Carson
Janel Parrish (actress from Pretty Little Liars) with Val Chmerkovskiy
Michael Waltrip (NASCAR guy) with Emma Slater
Lea Thompson (actress) with Artem Chigvintsev
Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls) with Allison Holker
Bethany Mota (YouTube “star”) with toe-tapping human snapping turtle Derek Hough
Tavis Smiley (talk show host) with Sharna Burgess
Randy Couture (UFC guy) with Karina Smirnoff
Betsey Johnson (ageless beauty) with Tony Dovolani
Antonio Sabato, Jr. (underwear model) with Cheryl Burke
Lolo Jones (Olympic athlete) with Keo Motsepe

Good god, what a MESS! First of all, if you’re going to choose any guy from Mean Girls, GET KEVIN GNAPOOR! I don’t care if Aaron Samuels looks sexy with his hair pushed back – if you want real raw showmanship, you call in a math enthusiast/badass MC. Second, we’re culling YouTube for “stars” now? I’m sure Bethany Mota is a very nice girl, but honestly ABC, this is how low your standards have sunk? People who have YouTube channels? I know a guy who makes funny Vines about sandwiches – want me to forward you his contact info? And hasn’t Antonio Sabato, Jr. done this shit already? I know he hasn’t, but I feel like he’s been on every season.

The silver lining is Alfonso Ribeiro, who I hope and pray brings some classic Carlton moves to the dance floor, and I’m not referring to the Carlton Dance; I want to see the Billie Jean striptease!

Then again, that might be too hot for all the memaws watching at home and their pacemakers might explode, which means DWTS could potentially lose 98% of its viewers. It’s not worth the risk!

02 Sep 21:00

No one tell him…

by admin

28 Aug 09:00

Sassy Girl In Berlin

by Amy Fashion Blog


August 16, 2014
Gap Grey Wool Cardigan From the Recycling Center~ FREE
Heart Necklace From CR~4.79
Earring Gift From MIL Peggy
 Polaroid sunglasses won from ElleSees blog 11-20-12
White Coach CrossBody Purse Wedding Anniversary Gift From Hubby(2012)
Beige Sequin Coach Shoe V-Day Gift From Hubby

Hello Everyone. I hope you all have been enjoying my Berlin recap. I only have 2 more days to share with you all. Then my blog will be back to its regular schedule. On our 4th day in Berlin. We went to the Holocaust Memorial. Which is the only big thing we did this day.

If you follow me on Instagram. You may have already seen this outfit but with different shoe. At first I was going to wear my Silver Sperry's but change them out for my beige coach shoe. Due to I was afraid my feet would get to cold. Since the weather couldn't make it mind up that day. 

My husband set up our tripod and join me in taking some pictures. Out of all of them. This picture is my favorite. I thought he was leaning in for a kiss but I was wrong.  Also a random fact about us. We alway match are clothes together. Which we so don't do on purpose. It just happen. 

31 Aug 12:12

August Spending and Saving

by Amy Fashion Blog

i'm glad i know that amy bought pads last week

August 3rd, 2014 Carefree Pantyliner From The  Commissary 2.72 NEED
August 3rd, 2014 Ponds Wipes From The  Commissary 2.99-0.50 Coupon= 2.49 NEED
August 3rd, 2014 Ponds Wipes From The  Commissary 2.99-0.50 Coupon= 2.49 NEED
August 3rd, 2014 St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub 2.99-0.50 Coupon=2.49 NEED
August 6th, 2014 Wet n Wild Prefect Pair Eye Wand in 110 Black State From The PX 2.99 DIDN'T NEED
August 6th, 2014 NYC New York Color IndividualEyes in All Eyes on US From The PX 3.99 DID'T NEED
August 6th, 2014  50ct Facial Cotton Rounds From the PX-2.29 NEED
August 11th, 2014  Ponds Travel Wipes From The Commissary 0.80-0.50 coupon=0.30 NEED
August 11th, 2014  Always Pads From The Commissary 3.54-0.50 Coupon=3.04 NEED
August 13th, 2014 #Celfie Tank Normal 9.95 Euro on Clearance for 5.00 Euro(6.57 Dollars) From H&M DIDN'T NEED
August 13th, 2014 Orange Tube Top From H&M 4.95 Euro(6.52 Dollars) DID'T NEED
August 13th, 2014 White Tube Top From H&M 4.95 Euro(6.52 Dollars) NEED
August 13th, 2014 Black Tube Top From H&M FREE
August 24th, 2014 3D White Crest White Stripe From The Commissary 32.89-10.00 Coupon=22.89 DID'T NEED
August 26th, 2014 Poof! Grey and Black Mid Skirt For The PX DID'T NEED
August 26th, 2014 Poof! White and Black Mid Skirt For The PX DID'T NEED

Total~ 82.26-21.00 Birthday Money=61.26
Saving~ 1,303.32

Hello Everyone.  This month I didn't do to bad with shopping. The items I pick up were things I need. The things I didn't need were thing that I have been want to try out or plain out wanting.  Like the #Celfie tank. I been wanting a #celfie item ever since they came out. So I was super excite to find the #celfie tank on sale at the Berlin H&M.  Also the H&M was have a buy 2 get 1 Free basic sale. So I pick up 3 tube tops for layers items. Plus the ones I had were a little small on me. 

As for the makeup I didn't need any of it. I more so brought the eyeshadow due to the eyeshadow prime. Since I have been want to try an eye primer out. This month I started to tight line my water lines. So I decide to try a new eye liner out. Which this wet n wild eyeliner suck. I do use the creme eyeshadow out of it. So its not a total loss in money. Also this month I decide I want to try out the whiting stripe again. So since I had a 10 coupon. I though it was a prefect time to buy them. 

The next 2 up coming month I'm putting myself back on a clothes shopping ban. Due to I have an upcoming trip in November. So I want to save my clothes money to spend then. 

Total Spending for the Year
March~ 464.59
April~ 48.15
June~ 20.96

Total Saving for the Year
April~ 757.54
June~ 1,054.47

29 Aug 07:15

Hot Slut Of The Day!

by Lahoma



Queen Valanice from King’s Quest!

King’s Quest was a series of computer games released in the 80s/early 90s that told the story of King Graham going on quests and fighting goblins and dragons and all that shit. They were puzzle games, which mostly meant that you walked around and picked up items like dead fish because later it would open a lock.

Anyway, Valanice was the queen of Daventry (yes, I remember this shit) who looked like the evil stepmother from Cinderella. Mostly she just hung out in the background but in King’s Quest VII she took CENTER STAGE! The game features Valanice nagging her dumb bitch daughter Rosella to get hitched and stop fucking singing, only to have Rosella fall down some hole and into another land, so Valanice goes after her BECAUSE SHE WANTS A WEDDING. They fall into another land, where Valanice searches for her daughter while yelling at little kids and turning a tree into a lady that looks like Bianca from Beverly Hills Teens.

This game was so damn addictive, that my friend Sarah and I left a New Year’s Eve party junior year of high school by faking she got her period so we could go home and play this until 3 in the morning. Anyway, here’s the intro to King’s Quest VII featuring a beautiful song that is destined to be a Demi Lovato hit someday.

02 Sep 15:18

Sea Lion Shenanigans at Zoo Heidelberg

by Andrew Bleiman

Sea Lion pups_ZooHeidelberg_1

Zoo Heidelberg, in Germany, now has the pleasure of witnessing the daily antics of two new Southern Sea Lion pups!

Sea Lion pups_ZooHeidelberg_2

Sea Lion pups_ZooHeidelberg_3

Sea Lion pups_ZooHeidelberg_4Photo Credits: Susi Fischer

The girl, ‘Arielle’, and boy, ‘Carlos’ were born in July.  Arielle was born to mother, Maike, much to the relief of the keepers, who had previously witnessed two of Maike’s stillbirths.  Carlos is the third pup born to mother, Leah, and both Sea Lion babies were sired by Atos.

The Sea Lion pups spent their first few weeks of life on land.  After their first molt, the pups began to follow their mothers into the water and start swimming lessons. Arielle and Carlos enjoy daily ventures into the pool and practice their Sea Lion skills with diligence.  As they grow, it will become easier for them to remain under water for longer periods of time.

Southern Sea Lions are classified as “Least Concern” on the IUCN Red List.  They are native to South America, along the Pacific coast of South America, from Peru to Tierra del Fuego, and along the Atlantic coast to southern Brazil.  Zoo Heidelberg works in cooperation with Yaqu-PACHA, (Society for the Protection of Aquatic Mammals in South America), in an effort to protect these wonderful creatures in their native habitat.

25 Aug 18:35

Prince Is Releasing Two Albums on the Same Day

by Jesse David Fox


Prince will talk and talk about releasing new albums and new songs, but you just never know with this guy. Well, now he's coming through on his promises and then some, announcing last night that he will be releasing two albums in about one month's time. He'll be releasing a solo album called Art Official Age, and another called Plectrum Electrum with 3rd Eye Girl. We've already heard "The Breakdown" and "Breakfast Can Wait," and now he also has "Clouds" for your consideration. Both albums come out on September 29, making this fall the perfect time to wear that one purple lightweight jacket you bought.

Read more posts by Jesse David Fox

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27 Aug 08:35

Natasha Lyonne And Fred Armisen Are Doing It

by Allison


2014 Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

According to Us Weekly, reformed life mess Natasha Lyonne and Elisabeth Moss’ ex-piece Fred Armisen have started finger-banging in the communal shower (for the OITNB fans) and/or putting a bird on it (for all 10 of the Portlandia fans). For fans of neither, what I’m trying to say is that these two are together, hump-wise.

An eyewitness says they saw Nicky and Fericito being “very flirty and talking very closely” aka they were (don’t say it Allison) canoodling (damn you) at the Variety/Women in Film Emmy nominee celebration on Saturday.  Then on Monday, the two attended the Emmys together and a bunch of after-parties, and another source claims they were linking arms and chuckling. Linking arms and giggling? Oh my god, GET A ROOM.

When Fred Armisen first hooked up with Peggy Olson 1,408 years ago, it was like random had a baby with questionable, but Fred and Natasha make a lot more sense to me. Sure, there’s still an age difference (47 for him, 35 for her) but it’s redundant, because Natasha has the voice of a 58-year-old longshoreman. And sure, Natasha has always given me some gayelle vibes. But they’re both secret weirdos. You know the kind, where they seem like they’re normal on the outside, and then you go to their house and discover they’re into DIY taxidermy or collecting pictures of strangers or they don’t have a toilet? What do you mean that’s never happened to you? You’re clearly not finding the right people on Tinder.

27 Aug 16:47


by annagoldfarb
25 Aug 17:00

Nice One!

by admin

20 Aug 17:00

A Grounded Goth Teen Angrily Renames Household Items

by Mallory Ortberg

gothIt’s not a bathroom, it’s a PISS GRAVEYARD.

They’re not pants, they’re an ASS CAGE.

It’s not a vacuum cleaner, it’s a CHOKING ROBOT.

It’s not an alarm clock, it’s the METAL AWAKENING.

It’s not a door, it’s a WALL COFFIN.

It’s not a freezer, it’s a DINNER SARCOPHAGUS.

Those aren’t stairs, that’s a MUTILATED FLOOR.

That’s not a toothbrush, it’s a MOUTH INVADER.

That’s not a phone, it’s a VOICE PRISON.

That’s not a teakettle, that’s the LEAF COMMUNION.

That’s not a spice rack, that’s a FLAVOR CATACOMB.

Those aren’t Band-Aids, they’re SKIN LIES.

That’s not a sink, that’s a PIPE VOMITORIUM.

That’s not a comb, that’s a HAIR PIERCER.

That’s not a duvet, that’s a TAXIDERMIED BLANKET.

That’s not a litter box, it’s CAT SHIT JAIL.

They’re not boots, they’re FOOT CORSETS.

That cat isn’t fixed, he’s INTO HARDCORE CASTRATION BODY MODS.

Read more A Grounded Goth Teen Angrily Renames Household Items at The Toast.

20 Aug 14:00

Coming Attractions: Kane's Donuts Is Coming at You, Financial District

by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

this is coming like, downstairs from where i work, right before i leave?! NOOO UNIVERSE WHY

kanes donuts.jpg
[Photo: Kane's Donuts, Saugus/Facebook]

Kane's Donuts, a Saugus institution that will celebrating its sixtieth birthday next year, recently started eyeing regional expansion, and sure enough, a new outpost is now in the works for the Financial District in Boston proper. A Kane's employee tells Eater it should open this fall, possibly in October, but declined to give an address. A tipster who works in the neighborhood says that it'll be on High Street, somewhere near Pearl Street. Update: The address is 2 High Street.

Kane's makes a giant variety of donut flavors, including seasonal specialties like egg nog donuts in the winter and pink lemonade donuts in the summer. They also offer some other pastries, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and hot and iced coffee and teas.

In other donut news, The Gallows is working on opening Blackbird Doughnuts in the South End this fall, and Union Square Donuts' new space is under construction.
· All coverage of Kane's Donuts on Eater [~EBOS~]

19 Aug 13:01

stormofsnow: What will stop straight white boys texting?




What will stop straight white boys texting?

19 Aug 10:03

List: Famous Inspirational Quotes Take Naps by Patricia Robinson


Everything happens for a nap.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever; live as if you’ll nap today.”

- -

“Nap like no one is listening. Nap like you’ve never been hurt. Nap like nobody is watching.”

- -

“Do one nap every day that scares you.”

- -

“Be the nap you wish to see in the world.”

- -

“Every girl is napping. Sometimes it just takes the right guy to see it.”

- -

“Nap for the job you want, not the job you have (which you are also napping at).”

- -

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is napping.”

- -

“To the world you might just be anyone, but to one person you’re napping.”

- -

“Never frown because you never know who is falling asleep to your smile.”

- -

“When life gives you lemons, take a nap.”

- -

“Everything happens for a nap.”

- -

“Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss you’ll take a nap.”

- -

“What doesn’t kill you makes you nap.”

19 Aug 15:26

Video: Matthew Connor recalls an old-fashioned romance in the bittersweet ‘How Is July Already Over?’

by Michael Marotta

We’ve been sweet on the music of Boston’s Matthew Connor ever since the singer did the unthinkable and crooned all sorts of lovely over electro beats and synthy treats in late-2000s party starters Provocateur. In recent years he’s made a name for himself as a solo artist, stripping his sound down and going back to […]

The post Video: Matthew Connor recalls an old-fashioned romance in the bittersweet ‘How Is July Already Over?’ appeared first on Vanyaland.

19 Aug 15:53

Feministing Jamz: Kelela x Le1f x P Morris – OICU

by Verónica Bayetti Flores

our mudflap girl, jammin on her headphones

Feministing Jamz faves Kelela and Le1f teamed up with P Morris to bring you this gem of a track this morning. Enjoy it after the jump! 

Oh, and I realize that your girl has been slackin’ on the Jamz posts lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought of a bunch of good songs and videos that would be great to post here. Since you can’t get in my head though, I’ll tweet a few later today — look for them under the #FeministingJamz hashtag.

1bfea3e7449eff65a94e2e55a8b7acda-bpfullVerónica is sorry she hasn’t done a Jamz post in the last couple weeks, but this week she’ll do two to make up for it! 

17 Aug 16:02




18 Aug 15:25


by annagoldfarb

18 Aug 14:00

Teens create new app to hold police accountable

by Maya


As Ferguson continues to reel after Michael Brown’s death and the police threaten to shoot journalists and tear gas children, three badass teenage coders from Georgia have developed a timely mobile app to hold police accountable.

Five-O, created by siblings Ima, Asha, and Caleb Christian, allows users to detail their encounters with police officers and rate them on their professionalism. Anyone can check how their community stacks up and the information will be sent to law enforcement. “We’d like to know which regions in the US provide horrible law enforcement services as well as highlight the agencies that are highly rated by their citizens, explained senior Ima.” In addition to putting more power into the hands of citizens when interacting with law enforcement, we believe that highly rated police departments should be used as models for those that fail at providing quality law enforcement services.” 

Though it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it much of the time, the police are supposed to “protect and serve” us — all of us. Law enforcement departments across the country should be thanking these high school students for helping them see if their officers are doing their jobs. The app is available for download starting today!

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

13 Aug 13:29

Illustrators Pay Tribute to Robin Williams

by Nick Gazin

Although you might have never uttered the words "I'm a huge Robin Williams fan," I could probably rattle off at least five of his movies that you love, or that at the least made you very happy for a while. Robin Williams was omnipresent through a lot of our childhoods. Somehow, through the range and progression of his roles, he was able to rise up and meet my generation at whatever level of maturation we were at, from the age of about four onward until he stopped existing.

Learning how to channel grief is hard, especially when it's over someone you didn't know personally. I draw pictures, as do a lot of people I know. Robin Williams was a fan of comics and illustration, so I asked people to submit drawings of him in tribute.

Out of hundreds of submissions, here are the 15 I thought were best.

Alex Fine


Nick Gazin

Brian Butler

Killer Acid

Serena Dominguez

Rick Altergott

Mathilde Van Gheluwe

Penelope Gazin

Zack Soto

Matt French

A.T. Pratt

Spencer Hicks


Follow Nick Gazin on Twitter.
14 Aug 13:02

Only in New England: Rte. 128 commuters delayed when truck loses load of cranberry sludge

by adamg

Woburn offramp ran red - no word if the driver had to stop short to avoid a stuffing truck.

13 Aug 08:00

10 Years

by Amy Fashion Blog

omg look how cute hubby used to be. also love that amy wore a giant wedding dress to the justice of the peace

Hello Everyone. As you are reading this I'm on a train to Berlin. To celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary. I still can't believe 10 years ago. I married my best friend. A lot of people thought we were crazy for getting married on a Friday the 13th. That some people didn't want to come to the wedding because of the date it was but in the end everyone was them. I look back at these picture and they make me smile.

As you can see I change 3 times on my wedding day. I wore my dress to get married in. Then change after the wedding in to a t-shirt and short. For a pizza get together with family and friends. Yes you totally read that right. What can I say we were young and didn't want a big wedding or a big party. After the pizza get together I change again in to another t-shirt and jeans. For a lulu party.  All I can say it was an amazing day in my life that I will never forget. 

I have 4 lovely blogger filling in for me. While I'm away making new memories with my husband. 

13 Aug 05:00

Country Recess Children's Whiskey

by Country Recess Children's Whiskey

The Humongous Fungus Among Us Issue was primarily sponsored by two competing children's whiskey brands. The other one was Detention.