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25 Aug 18:35

Prince Is Releasing Two Albums on the Same Day

by Jesse David Fox


Prince will talk and talk about releasing new albums and new songs, but you just never know with this guy. Well, now he's coming through on his promises and then some, announcing last night that he will be releasing two albums in about one month's time. He'll be releasing a solo album called Art Official Age, and another called Plectrum Electrum with 3rd Eye Girl. We've already heard "The Breakdown" and "Breakfast Can Wait," and now he also has "Clouds" for your consideration. Both albums come out on September 29, making this fall the perfect time to wear that one purple lightweight jacket you bought.

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27 Aug 08:35

Natasha Lyonne And Fred Armisen Are Doing It

by Allison


2014 Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

According to Us Weekly, reformed life mess Natasha Lyonne and Elisabeth Moss’ ex-piece Fred Armisen have started finger-banging in the communal shower (for the OITNB fans) and/or putting a bird on it (for all 10 of the Portlandia fans). For fans of neither, what I’m trying to say is that these two are together, hump-wise.

An eyewitness says they saw Nicky and Fericito being “very flirty and talking very closely” aka they were (don’t say it Allison) canoodling (damn you) at the Variety/Women in Film Emmy nominee celebration on Saturday.  Then on Monday, the two attended the Emmys together and a bunch of after-parties, and another source claims they were linking arms and chuckling. Linking arms and giggling? Oh my god, GET A ROOM.

When Fred Armisen first hooked up with Peggy Olson 1,408 years ago, it was like random had a baby with questionable, but Fred and Natasha make a lot more sense to me. Sure, there’s still an age difference (47 for him, 35 for her) but it’s redundant, because Natasha has the voice of a 58-year-old longshoreman. And sure, Natasha has always given me some gayelle vibes. But they’re both secret weirdos. You know the kind, where they seem like they’re normal on the outside, and then you go to their house and discover they’re into DIY taxidermy or collecting pictures of strangers or they don’t have a toilet? What do you mean that’s never happened to you? You’re clearly not finding the right people on Tinder.

27 Aug 16:47


by annagoldfarb
25 Aug 17:00

Nice One!

by admin

20 Aug 17:00

A Grounded Goth Teen Angrily Renames Household Items

by Mallory Ortberg

gothIt’s not a bathroom, it’s a PISS GRAVEYARD.

They’re not pants, they’re an ASS CAGE.

It’s not a vacuum cleaner, it’s a CHOKING ROBOT.

It’s not an alarm clock, it’s the METAL AWAKENING.

It’s not a door, it’s a WALL COFFIN.

It’s not a freezer, it’s a DINNER SARCOPHAGUS.

Those aren’t stairs, that’s a MUTILATED FLOOR.

That’s not a toothbrush, it’s a MOUTH INVADER.

That’s not a phone, it’s a VOICE PRISON.

That’s not a teakettle, that’s the LEAF COMMUNION.

That’s not a spice rack, that’s a FLAVOR CATACOMB.

Those aren’t Band-Aids, they’re SKIN LIES.

That’s not a sink, that’s a PIPE VOMITORIUM.

That’s not a comb, that’s a HAIR PIERCER.

That’s not a duvet, that’s a TAXIDERMIED BLANKET.

That’s not a litter box, it’s CAT SHIT JAIL.

They’re not boots, they’re FOOT CORSETS.

That cat isn’t fixed, he’s INTO HARDCORE CASTRATION BODY MODS.

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20 Aug 14:00

Coming Attractions: Kane's Donuts Is Coming at You, Financial District

by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

this is coming like, downstairs from where i work, right before i leave?! NOOO UNIVERSE WHY

kanes donuts.jpg
[Photo: Kane's Donuts, Saugus/Facebook]

Kane's Donuts, a Saugus institution that will celebrating its sixtieth birthday next year, recently started eyeing regional expansion, and sure enough, a new outpost is now in the works for the Financial District in Boston proper. A Kane's employee tells Eater it should open this fall, possibly in October, but declined to give an address. A tipster who works in the neighborhood says that it'll be on High Street, somewhere near Pearl Street. Update: The address is 2 High Street.

Kane's makes a giant variety of donut flavors, including seasonal specialties like egg nog donuts in the winter and pink lemonade donuts in the summer. They also offer some other pastries, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and hot and iced coffee and teas.

In other donut news, The Gallows is working on opening Blackbird Doughnuts in the South End this fall, and Union Square Donuts' new space is under construction.
· All coverage of Kane's Donuts on Eater [~EBOS~]

19 Aug 13:01

stormofsnow: What will stop straight white boys texting?




What will stop straight white boys texting?

19 Aug 10:03

List: Famous Inspirational Quotes Take Naps by Patricia Robinson


Everything happens for a nap.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever; live as if you’ll nap today.”

- -

“Nap like no one is listening. Nap like you’ve never been hurt. Nap like nobody is watching.”

- -

“Do one nap every day that scares you.”

- -

“Be the nap you wish to see in the world.”

- -

“Every girl is napping. Sometimes it just takes the right guy to see it.”

- -

“Nap for the job you want, not the job you have (which you are also napping at).”

- -

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is napping.”

- -

“To the world you might just be anyone, but to one person you’re napping.”

- -

“Never frown because you never know who is falling asleep to your smile.”

- -

“When life gives you lemons, take a nap.”

- -

“Everything happens for a nap.”

- -

“Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss you’ll take a nap.”

- -

“What doesn’t kill you makes you nap.”

19 Aug 15:26

Video: Matthew Connor recalls an old-fashioned romance in the bittersweet ‘How Is July Already Over?’

by Michael Marotta

We’ve been sweet on the music of Boston’s Matthew Connor ever since the singer did the unthinkable and crooned all sorts of lovely over electro beats and synthy treats in late-2000s party starters Provocateur. In recent years he’s made a name for himself as a solo artist, stripping his sound down and going back to […]

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19 Aug 15:53

Feministing Jamz: Kelela x Le1f x P Morris – OICU

by Verónica Bayetti Flores

our mudflap girl, jammin on her headphones

Feministing Jamz faves Kelela and Le1f teamed up with P Morris to bring you this gem of a track this morning. Enjoy it after the jump! 

Oh, and I realize that your girl has been slackin’ on the Jamz posts lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought of a bunch of good songs and videos that would be great to post here. Since you can’t get in my head though, I’ll tweet a few later today — look for them under the #FeministingJamz hashtag.

1bfea3e7449eff65a94e2e55a8b7acda-bpfullVerónica is sorry she hasn’t done a Jamz post in the last couple weeks, but this week she’ll do two to make up for it! 

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18 Aug 15:25


by annagoldfarb

18 Aug 14:00

Teens create new app to hold police accountable

by Maya


As Ferguson continues to reel after Michael Brown’s death and the police threaten to shoot journalists and tear gas children, three badass teenage coders from Georgia have developed a timely mobile app to hold police accountable.

Five-O, created by siblings Ima, Asha, and Caleb Christian, allows users to detail their encounters with police officers and rate them on their professionalism. Anyone can check how their community stacks up and the information will be sent to law enforcement. “We’d like to know which regions in the US provide horrible law enforcement services as well as highlight the agencies that are highly rated by their citizens, explained senior Ima.” In addition to putting more power into the hands of citizens when interacting with law enforcement, we believe that highly rated police departments should be used as models for those that fail at providing quality law enforcement services.” 

Though it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it much of the time, the police are supposed to “protect and serve” us — all of us. Law enforcement departments across the country should be thanking these high school students for helping them see if their officers are doing their jobs. The app is available for download starting today!

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

13 Aug 13:29

Illustrators Pay Tribute to Robin Williams

by Nick Gazin

Although you might have never uttered the words "I'm a huge Robin Williams fan," I could probably rattle off at least five of his movies that you love, or that at the least made you very happy for a while. Robin Williams was omnipresent through a lot of our childhoods. Somehow, through the range and progression of his roles, he was able to rise up and meet my generation at whatever level of maturation we were at, from the age of about four onward until he stopped existing.

Learning how to channel grief is hard, especially when it's over someone you didn't know personally. I draw pictures, as do a lot of people I know. Robin Williams was a fan of comics and illustration, so I asked people to submit drawings of him in tribute.

Out of hundreds of submissions, here are the 15 I thought were best.

Alex Fine


Nick Gazin

Brian Butler

Killer Acid

Serena Dominguez

Rick Altergott

Mathilde Van Gheluwe

Penelope Gazin

Zack Soto

Matt French

A.T. Pratt

Spencer Hicks


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14 Aug 13:02

Only in New England: Rte. 128 commuters delayed when truck loses load of cranberry sludge

by adamg

Woburn offramp ran red - no word if the driver had to stop short to avoid a stuffing truck.

13 Aug 08:00

10 Years

by Amy Fashion Blog

omg look how cute hubby used to be. also love that amy wore a giant wedding dress to the justice of the peace

Hello Everyone. As you are reading this I'm on a train to Berlin. To celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary. I still can't believe 10 years ago. I married my best friend. A lot of people thought we were crazy for getting married on a Friday the 13th. That some people didn't want to come to the wedding because of the date it was but in the end everyone was them. I look back at these picture and they make me smile.

As you can see I change 3 times on my wedding day. I wore my dress to get married in. Then change after the wedding in to a t-shirt and short. For a pizza get together with family and friends. Yes you totally read that right. What can I say we were young and didn't want a big wedding or a big party. After the pizza get together I change again in to another t-shirt and jeans. For a lulu party.  All I can say it was an amazing day in my life that I will never forget. 

I have 4 lovely blogger filling in for me. While I'm away making new memories with my husband. 

13 Aug 05:00

Country Recess Children's Whiskey

by Country Recess Children's Whiskey

The Humongous Fungus Among Us Issue was primarily sponsored by two competing children's whiskey brands. The other one was Detention.

13 Aug 11:00

List: Shakespearian Insult or Animal On Display at Harvard’s Museum of Natural History? by Elizabeth Bastos

1. Giant otter-shrew

2. Moon rat

3. Brindled weasel

4. Three-inch fool

5. Limpkin

6. Scullion

7. Crab-eating raccoon

8. Greasy tallow-catch

9. Mongrel bitch

10. Moldy rogue

11. Snipe eel

12. Cream-faced loon

13. Embossed carbuncle

14. Scaly-breasted thrasher

15. Blue-footed booby

16. Nudibranch

- -

Shakespearian insults: 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13
Animals: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 14, 15, 16

12 Aug 12:00

Caught. In. The. Act.

by Brinke

[They all said it was so wrong. But in the end---it felt so right. To BLAZES what the others say. This is OUR LOFF, and it will NOT BE DENIED. BTW, anything good to eat around here?]

From BP.

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13 Aug 14:37

Fennec Fox Digs Tunnel of Love

by Andrew Bleiman

Fennec fox_tel aviv_5

For over 15 years, the keepers at the Zoological Center Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan, have eagerly hoped for zoo babies in their Fennec Fox enclosure.  Their patience has been rewarded, and they are excited to announce the birth of two new Fennec Fox cubs!

Fennec fox_tel aviv_3

Fennec fox_tel aviv_2

Fennec fox_tel aviv_1

Fennec fox_tel aviv_4Photo Credits: Tibor Jager

Four-year-old “Penny” and her mate, “Louis de Fennec”, also four-years-old, are the proud parents of the cubs.  Zookeepers observed the pair during their mating rituals and waited for the 50 day gestation period to occur.

During the gestation period, Penny and Louis spent their time digging burrows and tunnels, preparing a home for their growing family.  As the days passed, Penny became more and more aggressive, and all passersby were greeted by a chorus of thunderous barking. 

Finally, the much anticipated day arrived, and two tiny Fennec Fox cubs were born at the Safari Ramat Gan enclosure.  Penny hurried to hide the new babies in the burrows and in large pitchers that were purposefully placed in the enclosure by keepers.

Until recently, the Fennec Fox enclosure’s outer fence was covered with cloth to allow the young mother to feed her babies and bond with them in peace.  At present, keepers are gradually removing the covers and allowing Penny and her cubs to grow accustomed to the Safari’s visitors.

Native to North Africa, the Fennec Fox is also found in Asia.  They are currently not endangered and are listed “Least Concern” on the IUCN Red List

11 Aug 18:45

Jezebel staff calls out Gawker for refusing to deal with their rape gif problem

by Maya


For awhile now, Jezebel has been dealing with some trolls posting gifs of violent porn in their comments section using anonymous burner accounts. It’s a shitty game of whack-a-mole that exposes readers to triggering content and requires the writers and editors to delete the comments every day. After months of inaction by the higher ups at Gawker Media, the Jezebel staff is publicly demanding they address the problem

This practice is profoundly upsetting to our commenters who have the misfortune of starting their day with some excessively violent images, to casual readers who drop by to skim Jezebel with their morning coffee only to see hard core pornography at the bottom of a post about Michelle Obama, and especially to the staff, who are the only ones capable of removing the comments and are thus, by default, now required to view and interact with violent pornography and gore as part of our jobs.

None of us are paid enough to deal with this on a daily basis.

Higher ups at Gawker are well aware of the problem with this feature of Kinja (our publishing platform, in case you’re new here). We receive multiple distressed emails from readers every time this happens, and have been forwarding them to the architects of Kinja and to higher ups on Gawker’s editorial side for months. Nothing has changed. During the last staff meeting, when the subject was broached, we were told that there were no plans to enable the blocking of IP addresses, no plans to record IP addresses of burner accounts. Moderation tools are supposedly in development, but change is not coming fast enough. This has been going on for months, and it’s impacting our ability to do our jobs.

In refusing to address the problem, Gawker’s leadership is prioritizing theoretical anonymous tipsters over a very real and immediate threat to the mental health of Jezebel’s staff and readers. If this were happening at another website, if another workplace was essentially requiring its female employees to manage a malevolent human pornbot, we’d report the hell out of it here and cite it as another example of employers failing to take the safety of its female employees seriously. But it’s happening to us. It’s been happening to us for months. And it feels hypocritical to continue to remain silent about it.

Kudos to the Jezebel leadership for writing this post. We hope Gawker gets their priorities straight asap.

11 Aug 16:53

Comics: Megg, Mogg, & Owl - Part 15

by Simon Hanselmann

07 Aug 10:14

Lil’ Kim Still Hates Nicki Minaj

by Allison

oh my god KIM stop it!

Lil Kim Album

The rancid beef between Snarf’s drama-loving second cousin, once removed and the living Crank Yankers puppet lives on! On Wednesday night, Lil’ Kim released the follow-up to her remix of Beyoncé’s remix of “Flawless” (suggested title: “Faulty”), a not-so-subtle swipe at Nicki Minaj called “Identity Theft“. The song, which is a whopping 2 minutes long, features Kim rapping about how she’s still the best and she’s back and bitches better watch out or she’ll bust some angry imitation La Toya Jackson moves on you. But the real message I got from “Identity Theft” is that Royal Reign is keeping her mom up at night, because Kim sounds sleepy. Either that, or Kim accidentally ate an Ambien sandwich before they started recording.

Because Lil’ Kim is always a stickler for the details (see: Lil’ Kim’s tireless quest for finding the perfect cashew-shaped nose), she made sure the artwork for “Identity Theft” was just as subtle and nuanced as the song itself. The Garfield to Nicki’s Nermal (I know, how dare I drag Nermal into this dehydrated litter box cat turd of a fight) posted this picture of her New Jersey driver’s license with a photo of Nicki to Instagram with the caption:

“Be careful what you wish for… #HardCoreMixtapeUpNext #TheQueenIsBack #QueenBee”

If I were Lil’ Kim, I’d print that picture out and Mod Podge on top of my actual license, because that picture of Nicki Minaj is an UPGRADE. No T no shade, everyone takes a shit driver’s license photo: I look like a cross-eyed Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheat in a budget weave, and that was AFTER I gave the bitch at the DMV my watch and a $20 gift card for Swiss Chalet. So I can’t imagine what Lil’ Kim’s real driver’s license photo looks like. Actually, I can. She probably walks in to the DMV, they ask her to remove her scary Halloween mask, she slides a note from her surgeon across the desk that says “My bad!”, they mumble “ay dios mio” as they make the sign of the cross, and agree to use a picture of her purple pasty-covered nipple instead.

And in case you want to hear the robo-rapping of Queen Bey followed by slow-mo rapping of Queen B, here’s Lil’ Kim’s version of Beyoncé’s remix to “Flawless”:

Pic: Instagram

08 Aug 14:00

Steve Buscemi Looks Exactly How You’d Imagine In His Elementary-School Yearbook Photo

by Jesse David Fox

Steve Buscemi and my mom grew up in Valley Stream, Long Island, at the same time. They didn't go to the same elementary school — Buscemi went to Clearstream; my mom went to Forest Road (where I also went years later) — but they shared a school district — District 30. As a result, they were in the same yearbook, which, fortunately, my mom kept. Below is a picture of little Buscemi in sixth grade, in which he looks like a spooky/cute boy who will one day grow into a spooky/cute man. Nice to meet you, Steven.

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08 Aug 11:00

List: Alternate Endings to “I Hope You Dance.” by Elliot Harmon

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.
Dance… I hope you dance.
I hope you dance… I hope you dance.
I hope you dance…I hope you dance.

Lee Ann Womack, “I Hope You Dance” (2000)

- -

And when you get the choice to go to the same place for happy hour you went to last time or try that new place you saw on Thrillist, I hope you try that new place you saw on Thrillist.

- -

And when you get the choice to go to sleep at 10:45 or finish the last like 30 pages of the book you’re reading, I hope you finish the last like 30 pages of the book you’re reading.

- -

And when you get the choice to buy a less expensive DVD with a similar cover and title to that of Frozen for your nieces or buy Frozen, I hope you buy Frozen.

- -

And when you get the choice to leave after Il Deserto Rosso or stay for the entire Antonioni festival, I hope you stay for the entire Antonioni festival.

- -

And when you get the choice to blow off that party because your friend got sick or go to it even though you don’t know those guys very well, I hope you go to it even though you don’t know those guys very well.

- -

And when you get the choice to catch up on work emails or go to brunch with your roommate and her parents before they have to leave for the airport, I hope you go to brunch with your roommate and her parents before they have to leave for the airport.

- -

And when you get the choice to return your Zipcar twenty minutes early or quickly go to Safeway to get those pretzels you like, I hope you quickly go to Safeway to get those pretzels you like.

07 Aug 14:11

Magical Burger Balls

by Mary Kelly

Creative Hamburger Cookery

Clearly, this book was published before food photography was a thing. If I didn’t know better, I would think that was a pile of dirt decorating those plates with some lovely garnish.

Hamburger meat is a staple of the time as it is usually quick and cheap. My mother was the master at creating recipes out of hamburger. Hardly anything to brag about, but I am sure it was quick and within budget. This book is much of the same.  All the traditional incarnations of hamburger are well represented. Basically it is either a loaf, a meatball (this cookbook calls them burger balls), or a dressed up hamburger sandwich.

Nothing that spectacular and as a cookbook, the directions are written rather broadly and there are no illustrations. My advice: stick with the family meatloaf recipe and don’t get cute trying to make hamburger something more than it is.


More vintage recipes:

Mmmmm Meat!

It’s Congealed!

Tuna Chip Casserole or Tomato Delight?

06 Aug 18:41

Tale of the Tape: Here’s what to expect from Soulelujah’s Funk Summit, Friday @ City Hall Plaza

by Michael Marotta


Fresh off their win in the 2014 Improper Bostonian ‘Best’ awards for Best Dance Party (which seems like a routine thing by now), Soulelujah will soon be taking it outside. The long-standing Saturday night soul night at Zuzu recently expanded to the far reaches of the Middle East to ease overcrowding inside the Cambridge club, […]

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21 Jul 18:36

Kids Cursing In Movies

by Endswell

A compilation by Avaryl Halley.

h/t: BroBible

16 Jul 13:24

Open Post: Hosted By The Rock At His Peak Hotness

by Michael K


The Rock gave his Instagram followers an early Throwback Thursday gift this morning when he posted this picture of him drenched in the cum of the 90s. Everything is stunning about this picture from that “rejected House Party extra” hair to that single gold earring he definitely bought at Spencer’s Gifts to the turtleneck & chain combo to that clearance bin Miller’s Outpost belt to those piping hot mom jeans to that tiny fanny pack covering his dick. That photo screams “Chess King model search” glamour. If you took every single cast member of A Different World, shoved them into a blender and added heaping amounts of L.A. Looks gel, out would come The Rock looking like that. The Rock knows how special his 90s flavor is, because notice how he’s leaning on a paper napkin so his sexiness doesn’t get dirtied up.

I love the way he’s delicately touching that fanny pack. I bet if you unzipped that fanny pack, his dick would pop out. That picture should be the cover for The Lonely Island’s next single Dick In A Fanny Pack.

The Rock added this little note (and priceless hash tag) with that gorgeous picture:

Fanny pack and lean take it to a whole other level… #90sRock #WTF #BuffLesbian

I smell what The Rock is cooking and it smells like White Rain and Cool Water with a base note of Right Guard clear gel. I hope he’s wearing a Hypercolor thong underneath all that 90s hotness.

16 Jul 14:55

Tinder summed up in one screenshot. 

Tinder summed up in one screenshot.