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31 Oct 21:00

i want to write a poem about slurs - would it be racist to use the n word in it?

A better way to spend your creative energy might be to throw this shitty idea in the trash can.

31 Oct 06:09

"Bluddy Mary: A Psycho-Thriller"  #drunkjcrew @drunkjcrewuguys ...

"Bluddy Mary: A Psycho-Thriller"  #drunkjcrew @drunkjcrewuguys  #HappyHalloween

30 Oct 17:00

At my husband's job in a huge party supply store, around Halloween, they use the code "make-up expert in aisle five." They have no make-up experts. It is a very clever code that means "this fucking asshole is seriously asking me which make-up is best for blackface, please send all fifteen black employees to aisle five."

Ok, that’s kind of funny.

30 Oct 19:17

TBT piecomic: Kool Tips From Kool Kevin



Kool Tips From Kool Kevin

29 Oct 08:30

The sleeping gypsy is lying The Sleeping Gypsy (1897), Henri...

The sleeping gypsy is lying

The Sleeping Gypsy (1897), Henri Rousseau / 3005, Childish Gambino

29 Oct 04:00

October 29, 2014

28 Oct 08:30

flyartproductions: The Sacrament of the New Workout Plan The...


The Sacrament of the New Workout Plan

The Sacrament of the Last Supper (1955), Salvador Dali / The New Workout Plan, Kanye West

29 Oct 04:24

overhumor: i love the internet it is such a helpful place


i love the internet it is such a helpful place

29 Oct 04:00


Anyway, that's a common misconception. Geese live for a long time; all the ones we can see will probably keep flying around for billions of years before they explode.
28 Oct 04:00

October 28, 2014

27 Oct 18:18

theysayimpsychodiaries: Chimamanda Adichie - The Danger of a...


Chimamanda Adichie - The Danger of a Single Story (TED Talks 2009)

Tell me again, what did you say about representation not being important?

One of the best Ted Talks I’ve heard.

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28 Oct 13:30

Client: Hi, I got this email. What does it mean? I look up his file and find the email, which spells...

Client: Hi, I got this email. What does it mean?

I look up his file and find the email, which spells out the situation very clearly.

Me: I’m looking at what we sent you. Where’s the confusion?

Client: Oh, I didn’t read it; I’m just wondering what it is for.

Me: Why don’t you take a moment to read it?

A few moments go by.

Client: Okay! Thanks for your help! Bye!

27 Oct 22:34


27 Oct 04:00

October 27, 2014

Updates a little late due to BAHFest and sick baby. Back on track shortly!
27 Oct 02:36

#drunkjcrew #bobsburgers #halloween  @drunkjcrewuguys

#drunkjcrew #bobsburgers #halloween 


27 Oct 07:48

vegraptor: colonelswag: i don’t know why i laughed so hard...


"literally essentially"



i don’t know why i laughed so hard but


27 Oct 08:30

Blow the smoke straight up to the cloud like The Smoker Peasant...

Blow the smoke straight up to the cloud like

The Smoker Peasant (1888), Vincent Van Gogh / My Yout, Joey BADA$$ ft. Collie Buddz

27 Oct 13:30

Client: We need to get the idea of faxing orders out there more. She had me pepper the website with...

Client: We need to get the idea of faxing orders out there more.

She had me pepper the website with the phrase “For faster service, fax your order to XXX-XXX-XXXX”, even in places where it made no sense to display.

They actually wanted to dissuade people from using the website’s order form simply because the owner is “getting a ton of emails.”

Yes, this was in 2014.

27 Oct 15:00

What kind of racist idiot hears the name "Winterhawks" and thinks "I have the perfect logo! A Native American!" Clearly, that shit should be a bird wearing a puffy coat... maybe a scarf and hat.

That would be perfect.

27 Oct 04:00

Rack Unit

There's also nothing in the TOSes that says you can't let a dog play baseball in the server room!
26 Oct 23:30

Dog Bluetooth

by drew


The Whistle Activity Monitor For Dogs is a bluetooth collar that pairs with your phone, allowing you to track your dog’s food intake and exercise habits. If you’ve been struggling to micro-manage your dog’s carefree, happy life of treats and running around the yard to sniff things, this is the e-dingle for you. Plug your dog’s stats into the app and hitch them to your hell-existence of daily data entry.

At least it’s not as expensive as the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker, whose apparent use is to enable you to let your dog wander around freely all day, coming back only at night for device syncing and data transfer.

25 Oct 17:37

"So anyway, I was having this argument with my father about Martin Luther King and how his message..."

So anyway, I was having this argument with my father about Martin Luther King and how his message was too conservative compared to Malcolm X’s message. My father got really angry at me. It wasn’t that he disliked Malcolm X, but his point was that Malcolm X hadn’t accomplished anything as Dr. King had.

I was kind of sarcastic and asked something like, so what did Martin Luther King accomplish other than giving his “I have a dream speech.”

Before I tell you what my father told me, I want to digress. Because at this point in our amnesiac national existence, my question pretty much reflects the national civic religion view of what Dr. King accomplished. He gave this great speech. Or some people say, “he marched.” I was so angry at Mrs. Clinton during the primaries when she said that Dr. King marched, but it was LBJ who delivered the Civil Rights Act.

At this point, I would like to remind everyone exactly what Martin Luther King did, and it wasn’t that he “marched” or gave a great speech.

My father told me with a sort of cold fury, “Dr. King ended the terror of living in the south.”

Please let this sink in and and take my word and the word of my late father on this. If you are a white person who has always lived in the U.S. and never under a brutal dictatorship, you probably don’t know what my father was talking about.

But this is what the great Dr. Martin Luther King accomplished. Not that he marched, nor that he gave speeches.

He ended the terror of living as a black person, especially in the south.

I’m guessing that most of you, especially those having come fresh from seeing The Help, may not understand what this was all about. But living in the south (and in parts of the midwest and in many ghettos of the north) was living under terrorism.

It wasn’t that black people had to use a separate drinking fountain or couldn’t sit at lunch counters, or had to sit in the back of the bus.

You really must disabuse yourself of this idea. Lunch counters and buses were crucial symbolic planes of struggle that the civil rights movement used to dramatize the issue, but the main suffering in the south did not come from our inability to drink from the same fountain, ride in the front of the bus or eat lunch at Woolworth’s.

It was that white people, mostly white men, occasionally went berserk, and grabbed random black people, usually men, and lynched them. You all know about lynching. But you may forget or not know that white people also randomly beat black people, and the black people could not fight back, for fear of even worse punishment.

This constant low level dread of atavistic violence is what kept the system running. It made life miserable, stressful and terrifying for black people.

White people also occasionally tried black people, especially black men, for crimes for which they could not conceivably be guilty. With the willing participation of white women, they often accused black men of “assault,” which could be anything from rape to not taking off one’s hat, to “reckless eyeballing.”

This is going to sound awful and perhaps a stain on my late father’s memory, but when I was little, before the civil rights movement, my father taught me many, many humiliating practices in order to prevent the random, terroristic, berserk behavior of white people. The one I remember most is that when walking down the street in New York City side by side, hand in hand with my hero-father, if a white woman approached on the same sidewalk, I was to take off my hat and walk behind my father, because he had been taught in the south that black males for some reason were supposed to walk single file in the presence of any white lady.

This was just one of many humiliating practices we were taught to prevent white people from going berserk.

I remember a huge family reunion one August with my aunts and uncles and cousins gathered around my grandparents’ vast breakfast table laden with food from the farm, and the state troopers drove up to the house with a car full of rifles and shotguns, and everyone went kind of weirdly blank. They put on the masks that black people used back then to not provoke white berserkness. My strong, valiant, self-educated, articulate uncles, whom I adored, became shuffling, Step-N-Fetchits to avoid provoking the white men. Fortunately the troopers were only looking for an escaped convict. Afterward, the women, my aunts, were furious at the humiliating performance of the men, and said so, something that even a child could understand.

This is the climate of fear that Dr. King ended.

If you didn’t get taught such things, let alone experience them, I caution you against invoking the memory of Dr. King as though he belongs exclusively to you and not primarily to African Americans.

The question is, how did Dr. King do this—and of course, he didn’t do it alone.

(Of all the other civil rights leaders who helped Dr. King end this reign of terror, I think the most under appreciated is James Farmer, who founded the Congress of Racial Equality and was a leader of nonviolent resistance, and taught the practices of nonviolent resistance.)

So what did they do?

They told us: Whatever you are most afraid of doing vis-a-vis white people, go do it. Go ahead down to city hall and try to register to vote, even if they say no, even if they take your name down.

Go ahead sit at that lunch counter. Sue the local school board. All things that most black people would have said back then, without exaggeration, were stark raving insane and would get you killed.

If we do it all together, we’ll be okay.

They made black people experience the worst of the worst, collectively, that white people could dish out, and discover that it wasn’t that bad. They taught black people how to take a beating—from the southern cops, from police dogs, from fire department hoses. They actually coached young people how to crouch, cover their heads with their arms and take the beating. They taught people how to go to jail, which terrified most decent people.

And you know what? The worst of the worst, wasn’t that bad.

Once people had been beaten, had dogs sicced on them, had fire hoses sprayed on them, and been thrown in jail, you know what happened?

These magnificent young black people began singing freedom songs in jail.

That, my friends, is what ended the terrorism of the south. Confronting your worst fears, living through it, and breaking out in a deep throated freedom song. The jailers knew they had lost when they beat the crap out of these young Negroes and the jailed, beaten young people began to sing joyously, first in one town then in another. This is what the writer, James Baldwin, captured like no other writer of the era.

Please let this sink in. It wasn’t marches or speeches. It was taking a severe beating, surviving and realizing that our fears were mostly illusory and that we were free.


Daily Kos :: Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did 

Reblogging this so I can come back to it in the spring when I teach the Civil Rights Movement to my 5th graders. 

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Reblogging this for all the non-black people who like to quote MLK like he’s theirs.

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I think I’ve reblogged this before, but I’m doing it again.  Even growing up on the South Side of Chicago, going through a public school in which most of the students were black, and in which Martin Luther King was a  celebrated hero who got his own honors and assemblies every year, even then I was never taught this.

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Politicalprof: a must read.

(via politicalprof)
25 Oct 23:00

She said the apples were wack, so I was like, whatever, more for me. Then I realized that she actually said "wax" and I ate the fucking display models.

Lesson learned then.

26 Oct 08:30

flyartproductions: Dat Tahitian love triangle Three Tahitians...


Dat Tahitian love triangle

Three Tahitians (1899), Paul Gauguin / The Boy Is Mine, Brandy & Monica

25 Oct 04:00

October 25, 2014

BAHFEST IS TONIGHT! Livefeed will be posted to at 7pm pacific time!
25 Oct 16:01

Is group of mostly white people hosting a hip hop party bound to be racist?

I don’t know, why don’t you just look at EVERY SINGLE EXAMPLE OF THIS EVER???

25 Oct 14:20


Systems and philosophies that help you create value, do well, and be happier.  


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24 Oct 13:48

Hallelujah, it’s Sunday morning.

by Jessica Hagy


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October 24, 2014

See you at BAHFest tomorrow!