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22 Nov 01:40

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Toaster Strudel

That was an epic anime rant.









One reason why I love anime. The emotion of the voice acting is too strong

i honestly cant tell if this is supposed to be a comedic scene or what, i dont really understand this show


did this anime waifu just tear down the edgy pretentious pseudointellectual facades we construct for ourselves as an obfuscating substitute for actual worth of character and accuse us of being so wrapped up in our own insular self-validating atrophied emotional comfort zones that we can only relate to others through pop culture allusions and mental dominance contests instead of a genuine emotional connection between two human beings

what the hell man

^YO. This explanation though. But seriously, I need to know what this show is & watch it immediately. I wonder how a dub of this would go, DEFINITELY NOT as good as this.

holy shit what the fuck

22 Nov 18:28

minimoonstar: hydrargyrum80: argonauticae: amazing Better...





Better explanation of the linguistic error on Wikipedia. Still hilarious

Imagine these assholes cracking up inappropriately in the peanut gallery.

21 Nov 20:32

brianmichaelbendis: Alex Ross did a rendition of the 30 Rock...


Alex Ross did a rendition of the 30 Rock crew as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

22 Nov 13:01

1954: Stay Loose, Boy, You Can Bug Out of Here More Skosh

"Stay loose, short-timer…there’s no sweat…you can bug outta here more skosh without the honchos gettin’ wind of it.

Probably few discharged World War II veterans could interpret the above jargon, but to the ‘cool, nervous’ GI of today it means simply — someone is soon to be discharged from service with no strings attached.


A recent survey by the Fort Carson public information staff showed ‘short-timer’ means a serviceman with little time remaining before discharge.

'No sweat' in the modern soldier's vocabulary means a mission accomplished without difficulty. 'More s'kosh' is a distortion of the Japanese word 'sukoshi' meaning small which GIs now say when they mean right away, soon. And ‘honcho’ means a boss, a pusher, or any other big cheese.

The survey indicates that the post-Korean war doughboy favors Japanese expressions to the ‘ancient’ colloquialisms adopted from the French language by World War II GIs. For example, instead of beaucoup, today’s soldier now says tak’san when he means very much. He says jo-san for female and ichi-ban when referring to the best, the No. 1 boy.

Some of the other more popular expressions now include:

  • Ets paralysis: A ‘short-timer’ anxiously, nervously awaiting his discharge date.
  • Hoochies: UN bunkers in Korea, which unlike the World War II foxholes, will hold a number of soldiers.
  • Stay loose:  Take it easy.
  • Don’t clutch up: Don’t get nervous.

Observers also point out that in addition to this gibberish the modern doughboy is beginning to pick up be-bop expressions. Phrases like ‘hipster’, ‘let’s have a ball,’ and ‘that cat is here again,’ creep up often, they say. 

There’s no place in today’s Army slang for ‘worn-out’ cliches like bazooka, dog-face and gold-bricker. And if you still use them, cousin, you’d better bug out.”

~From Sweetwater Reporter (Sweetwater, Tex.), November 22, 1954

21 Nov 20:33

No One Can Do The "OOH WAH AH AH AH" Part From That Disturbed Song

by Samer Kalaf on The Concourse, shared by Lacey Donohue to Gawker

Even if you despise Disturbed and their chode-rock anthem "Down With the Sickness," you know what it is. And you know the part at the beginning when lead singer David Draiman hoarsely yells, "OOH WAH AH AH AH." After googling the phrase—initially looking for the five-minute "endurance test"—I found this compilation of people at karaoke, struggling hard. Whoever made this: thank you.


22 Nov 09:43

upyourcactus: whenwilligetmyrights: “Every time someone says...



“Every time someone says we don’t need feminism anymore, things like this come to mind. Due to insufficient dowry this young girl’s husband lacerated her face with a razor blade.” (Gwalior - India) - ph. Adrian Fisk

if you say you don’t need feminism, you are selfish. selfish that you have not stop to think about the millions of girls and women and trans women who are either getting killed, mutilated, raped, or sold into sex slavery and child marriages. for fucks sake, the women’s right to vote in the US isnt even a hundred years old yet. women in the work force is still recent. the first american women to go into  space was in 1983. the firs women to be credited for a marvel movie just happened. like firsts are still happening. and women are still getting murdered for being women. WE NEED FEMINISM. 

22 Nov 14:49

art-of-swords: Tibetan Sword and Scabbard Dated: 16th–18th...


Tibetan Sword and Scabbard

  • Dated: 16th–18th century
  • Culture: Southern or eastern Tibetan
  • Medium: iron, gold, silver, wood, ray skin, leather
  • Measurements: L. overall, 33 3/4 in. (85.7 cm); L. of blade 26 1/4 in. (66.7 cm)

Source: Copyright 2014 © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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rwby-aciel-pithos: I will never not reblog this.


I will never not reblog this.

22 Nov 01:44

yadivagirl: nononhime: fashioninfographics: A Guide to...

Toaster Strudel

Never knew.




A Guide to Skirts

More Visual Glossaries (for Her): Backpacks / Bags / HatsBelt knots / CoatsCollarsDarts / Dress Silhouettes / Eyeglass frames / Hangers / Harem PantsHeelsNail shapes / NecklacesNecklinesPuffy SleevesShoes / ShortsSilhouettes / SkirtsTartans / Vintage Hats / Waistlines / Wool

the skirt marked as knife pleated is actually box pleated uhhh ;;;;

Reblogging because I only wear skirts so this is very useful. 

Yeah I thought the one that’s called “box pleated” is just plain pleated?

And the “gypsy” skirt is… just a tiered skirt? 

The yoke waist is also for p much any skirt, it refers to the part of the skirt not the style…..

22 Nov 02:59

peechingtonmariejust: the-goddamazon: thechanelmuse: Joe...




Joe “Papa Pope” Morton and his emmy


Am I nasty because I can’t stop staring at his hands in these pics?

yes and no ‘cos hands are sexy sexy things and he’s got sexy hands

21 Nov 23:00

Mirrors of the ancient world.  These mirrors would have once...

Toaster Strudel

O. Em. Gee.

Mirrors of the ancient world. 

These mirrors would have once been highly polished in order to provide a good reflection.

The 1st shown is Classical Greek (ca. 460 BC): Caryatid Mirror with Aphrodite. The central female figure serves as the ‘caryatid’ (human support) for the mirror. This graceful figure’s simple drapery is characteristic of the Early Classical style’s “quite elegance.” Also present are winged Eros figures (representing the god of love), which suggests that this female is perhaps Aphrodite, or a bride. Courtesy of the Walters Art Museum, via their online collections54.769.

Shown next is a silver Roman mirror, dating to the Early Imperial period (1st century AD). The name of the owner, Iris, is inscribed on the back. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, via their online collections07.286.127.

The 3rd mirror is Etruscan, made of bronze, and dates to ca. 250-200 BC. Depicted here is likely the Dioskouroi with either Aphrodite or Helen and Minerva. It is certainly worth zooming into the photograph to observe the detail of the mirror (which you can do so easier here). Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, via their online collectionsX.21.86.

The final mirror selected is Egyptian, made of silver and copper alloy, and is the oldest mirror shown, dating to ca. 1478-1390 BC. The hairstyle of the female was popular during the middle 18th Dynasty. Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum, via their online collections37.635E.

22 Nov 01:23

rfmmsd: Sculptor & Artist: Kanemaki...


Sculptor & Artist:

Kanemaki KaoruShun



年 楠に彩色

H 125 × W 39 × D 39





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jordangibson: Found this Batman laying around in my computer....


Found this Batman laying around in my computer. Never posted it.

21 Nov 05:28

theroguefeminist: gooberascendant: gorgoon: Today I was talking to my dad and I referred to...




Today I was talking to my dad and I referred to myself as his son(I’m genderfluid btw) and he said
“Today’s a Son day huh?”
And I was like “yeah”
And he was like “huh, I thought today was a Saturday, not a Sunday”
And I just laughed for like 5 minutes

Diversity only makes dads stronger. More powerful.

the dad jokes are evolving

21 Nov 20:05


Toaster Strudel

Every day on my tour of Italy...

21 Nov 22:05

hokaegu: oh my lord this pleases me


oh my lord this pleases me

21 Nov 23:05

F Scott Fitzgerald literally set out to make a modernized version of the character Trimalchio and...

F Scott Fitzgerald literally set out to make a modernized version of the character Trimalchio and made use of the period’s hippest scene and music to do it. He straight up wanted to call his book “Trimalchio in West Egg”. Its the 20s equivalent of the new Annie, so go the fuck home if you want to complain about how nothing is original anymore like thats some new concept.

21 Nov 18:59

i-think-its-today: 90’s Fashion on The Nanny


90’s Fashion on The Nanny

21 Nov 20:14

vhs-80: THIS POSTER!



21 Nov 20:34

natazilla: some pages for a failed show pitch packet i made...


some pages for a failed show pitch packet i made over a year ago!

21 Nov 21:04

thevideogameartarchive: For Japan’s release of Castlevania II:...


For Japan’s release of Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, several collector cards poppped up, including these with some awesome artwork!

Follow thevideogameartarchive on Tumblr for awesome video game artwork old and new!

19 Nov 16:50

once more with exasperation

Toaster Strudel

I accidentally left my liquids bag at home on the trip to Qatar and I had to go to the supermarket to find some soap and lotion. Everything had whitening components. We laughed because I am so whitr to begin with that this would make me look like a highlighter. But it is shockingly true in the Middle East as well.



hey so a handful of folks are reblogging that one post with commentary about how their underarms get dark from shaving and thus they understand whitening deodorant. that is fine, but they are also missing the point of that post. any one of these whitening products could have a plausible, non-colorist explanation. however, the sheer mass of these products is such that the majority


of lotions


and moisturizers


and soaps


and etc.





on the shelves here are whitening. whitening is to the filipino beauty aisle what high fructose corn syrup is to the candy aisle. it’s in everything, and that’s why it’s in our deodorant. this is common throughout much of asia, as well as other areas of the world.

yes, i went back to the supermarket. this is the last one i took before some guy was like what the actual fuck are you doing:


I googled “whitening deodorant” and it’s interesting how many of the results were for products aimed at women outside of the US and how many women from specific countries were giving advice about it or worrying over it.

I suspect the same would happen if I googled any of these other products as well.

This is really depressing.

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walkinthegl0w: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Filmography So Far


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Filmography So Far

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12 Nov 20:39

The Atlantic wonders why millennials aren't saving money.

by Jason Parham

The Atlantic wonders why millennials aren't saving money. The answer, as it turns out, is pretty simple. Millennials are extremely mistrustful of banks, don't know shit about investing, and are just really fucking bad at saving money. Like, really, really bad. Oh, right, and student loan debt. Welcome to adulthood!