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Not all girls. But definitely me

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freshprinceofthefayz: fangpants: best part is that it’s even...



best part is that it’s even scarier when they lift the cup and nothing is there and they think it got out

i think you need a nap satan

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this picture is making me really angry

can someone more eloquent than I am please comment with a list of badass female warriors/soldiers in history because i know there have been quite a lot

Tomoe Gozen. 12th Century Japan. Concubine of Minamoto no Yoshinaka, and one of his most famous warriors, called a Demon in Battle and renowned as a swordswoman and archer. Was ordered to flee the final destruction of the Minamoto Clan at the end of the Genpei War by her Lord. While leaving the battlefield, encountered a group of enemy soldiers: rode straight into their formation, pulled their leader out of his saddle, pinned him against her horse, and took his head. She then vanishes from history, never to be heard from again.

Queen Boudicca. Britain, first Century AD. Queen of the Iceni tribe of Celts. After her daughters were raped and she was flogged and humiliated by Roman soldiers, led the Iceni and other tribes of Britain in revolt, leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of Roman soldiers and a near-rout from the British peninsula. Was finally defeated by the Roman general Suetonius, and committed suicide to avoid capture. Is probably the only woman to have her statue in a city she burned to the ground (London).

Princess Zhao Pingyang. 7th Century China. Daughter of Emperor Gaozu. Raised an army on his behalf and led them into battle. Was given full military honors upon her death: one of the only women so honored in Medieval China.


Queen Suryothai, 16th Century Siam (Thailand). Fought in single combat against a Burmese Viceroy, sacrificing herself to save the life of her husband and King.


Aethelflaed of Mercia. 10th Century Britain. Well known for her skills as a tactician and for building many of the castles in Mercia that still stand to this day.


Khawlah bint al-Azwar. 7th Century Arabia, a contemporary of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Once rallied a group of female prisoners into defeating their Byzantine captors using their tent poles. The namesake of the UAE’s first women’s military college.


Finally, let me tell you about what the women were doing while the men were out in some cold, wet field, having their bodies hacked at with swords and axes. They weren’t sitting around a hearth gossiping with their friends. While the men were out fighting, the women were working the fields every day, bringing in the harvests, slaughtering animals, butchering, preserving meat, working their goddamn asses. off. They kept the houses secure. They repaired roofs and spun wool into thread and wove thread into cloth: difficult work today, backbreaking in medieval times. Often times, they did these things while pregnant or raising small children.

They faced disease, starvation, and the constant threat of having some band of raiders come in and rape, pillage, plunder, and slaughter them while their menfolk were off fighting in war. Medieval women, even those who did not fight, were hard, determined, and skilled experts in the arts of survival, farming, weaving, spinning, and motherhood who engaged in backbreaking labor that often killed them at a young age, and they deserve better than to have some adolescent-minded asshole sitting in his warm, comfortable first-world home rant about “feminine privilege.”

So fuck you, original poster. I hope you step on a LEGO.

Did my best to fix it


You’d think someone who lives so detached from reality would give fantasy artists and writers more credit… 

- wincenworks

This pleases me.

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Via Rosalind.

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Dumbasses don ISIS attire for Halloween h/t RT

Dumbasses don ISIS attire for Halloween

h/t RT

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One of my favorite scenes from The Great Gatsby (1949)

special effects just ain’t what they used to be

I just spat water everywhere.

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"…Which Man deemed old two thousand years ago, Match me...

"…Which Man deemed old two thousand years ago,

Match me such a marvel save in Eastern climate,

A rose-red city half as old as Time.”

-Section from John William Burgon’s “Petra,” Newdigate Prize poem, 1840.

The Theatre of Petra, Jordan. 

Deep within Jordan’s desert, situated between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, lies the hidden city of Petra, one of the ancient world’s greatest marvels. This Nabataean caravan-city has been inhabited since prehistory, and was an extremely important crossroads between Syria-Phoenicia, Egypt, and Arabia.

Petra’s temples, dwellings, and monuments were for hundreds of years the centre of a splendid civilization. Surrounded by mountains, the city is half-built, half-carved into the rock. Certainly one of the most famous archaeological sites of the world, here ancient Eastern traditions blend with Hellenistic architecture.

The Theatre of Petra is carved at the foot of the High Place of Sacrifice during the reign of King Aretas IV (4 BC-AD 27). Seven stairways ascend the auditorium, and it consists of three rows of seats, which have been separated by passageways. The Theatre is able to accommodate about 4000 spectators. It has undergone several successive alterations and enlargements, the Romans, for example, rebuilt the back wall and stage. This would have been a hugely important building for the city, as it was likely used for both public meetings and plays. The back and stage were once richly decorated with columns, as well as imported marble statues in the Roman period.

Photos taken by Guillermo ValeDennis Jarvis.

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manimalcrossing: trash mom game drawing dump with quotes from...


trash mom game drawing dump with quotes from the office goodbYEEE

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detectivedeathmachine: Working on a new dating sim in my spare...


Working on a new dating sim in my spare time

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fehyesvintagemanga: cel from the anime of Maya Mineo’s...


cel from the anime of Maya Mineo’s Patalliro

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American horror story love song

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Parks and Recreation Halloween candy!


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100,000 Hungarians march against ‘internet tax’...

100,000 Hungarians march against ‘internet tax’

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we-smoke-the-blunts: oh my god


oh my god

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Watch this 1980 adaptaion of Sleepy Hollow with Jeff Goldblum as...

Watch this 1980 adaptaion of Sleepy Hollow with Jeff Goldblum as Ichabod Crane. 

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docteur-no: MOVIEPOSTER OF THE DAY Le thème de la...



Le thème de la semaine : la blaxploitation
LE VAMPIRE NOIR (BLACULA - 1972). Un film de William Crain.

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ktempest: mmcelhaney: ktempest: Dogma (1999) aka 15 reasons...

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Dogma (1999)

aka 15 reasons why Dogma is one of the best films about Christianity ever made.

The movie is more about Roman Catholicism than it is about Christianity.

*just looks at you*

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bikiniarmorbattledamage: heymonster: ATTENTION ARTIST! the...



ATTENTION ARTIST! the wonderful Amanda Sharpe came up with the idea to dedicate an entire week to the creation of hot fantasy dudes… or…


So for the week of Oct 26th - Nov 1st join us and crank out some hella objectified fantasy dudes and tag those beauties #MagicMeatWeek!!! 


So currently artists on tumblr are celebrating Magic Meat Week, the embodiment of what BABD’s sexy male armor tag is all about! 

We encourage all our artistically inclined followers to contribute to the #MagicMeatWeek tumblr tag with some supple fantasy manmeat. The world needs more objectified empowered fictional guys!

Usually we reserve beefcake for Fridays, but chances are, some extra sexy male warrior posts will get queued here this week, followed by highlights on Friday.

We’re happy to add magicmeatweek, the blog devoted to collecting all contributions to the tag, to our related sites section.


Finally! Someone cares enough about the empowerment of men to dedicate a whole week to encouraging people to create completely practical outfits for them!

It’s already have a few amazing pics posted - but there’s room for more!

No need to wait for Friday! This week you can be happy all week!

- wincenworks

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