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25 Jul 12:20

Musicvideos: Team Spirit, The Ting Tings, The Amazing Snakeheads, The Drums, VHS Head, Clipping

by René

gemma rogers i like you. but really, watch that duke dumont video. the first thirty seconds has such nice things. that queen wave, that casual watermelon eating, the jeweler putting up his hands in the best way ever, oh and what are they robbing that store with HMMMMM dont want to spoil the surprise.

Team Spirit – Teenage Heart

The Drums – Magic Mountain

Oben erstmal Team Spirit mit Teenage Heart, gefolgt vom großartigen Magic Mountain von den Drums. Gerne gezeigt hätte ich den neuen Clip der fantastischen Iceage, aber ich darf nicht wegen der Copyright-Ficker.

Nach dem Klick die Geschrammel von den Amazing Snakeheads und Chuckamuck, fantastischer Rap von clipping., VHS Head remixen alte Videotapes in Gas Human No.1, danach wird housey mit Benoit & Sergio, den Wrestlers feat. Twin Shadow and D’Angelo Lacy und Duke Dumont und die Ting Tings machen wieder Disco-Kram. Danach ein grober Schlenker zu Indierock mit Spike Jonzes Clip zu Velocity Girls I can’t stop smiling, Folk von Reigning Sound und den Woods und als Rausschmeißer singt Gemma Rogers von My Idea Of Fun.

The Amazing Snakeheads – Here it comes again

Chuckamuck – Kehrtage

clipping. – Story 2

VHS Head – Gas Human No.1

Benoit & Sergio – Your Darkness

Wrestlers feat. Twin Shadow and D’Angelo Lacy – Say Anything

Duke Dumont – Won’t Look Back

The Ting Tings – Wrong Club

Velocity Girl – I Can’t Stop Smiling

Reigning Sound – Never Coming Home

Woods – New Light

Gemma Rogers – My Idea Of Fun

24 Jul 04:28

Mystique shows her true color for the first time. Ms. Marvel...

by brianbendis

i love her forever

Mystique shows her true color for the first time.

Ms. Marvel #18, Jun 1978
Jim Mooney and Chris Claremont

24 Jul 23:05


by mugumogu

まるさん、抜け毛の季節ですねぇ。 抜け毛の季節といえば――
Hey Maru, because it is hot, a lot of your furs fall out.

So I make wigs for you.

Which do you like?

Maru:[I match all.]

Hey Hana, it is lent to you next.

Hana:[It's too hot!]


22 Jul 18:02

Phil Noto! Recent work by the infallible Phil Noto: Phil...

Phil Noto!

Recent work by the infallible Phil Noto:

Phil Noto

Phil Noto

Phil Noto

Phil Noto

Phil Noto

Phil Noto: Tumblr

23 Jul 14:20

British Inventor To Aim The World's Largest 'Fart Machine' At France

by George Dvorsky

British Inventor To Aim The World's Largest 'Fart Machine' At France

Colin Furze is building the biggest fart machine ever — a valveless engine that will be housed in a specially constructed pair of buttocks. His ultimate goal is to place it on top of the cliffs of Dover and aim it across the Channel towards France.


06 Jul 10:34

French Style Furs

by Ryan Spaulding
by Julie Stoller

7-7 at Mercury Lounge (Manhattan)
7-8 record release (everywhere) via Frenchkiss
7-9 at Rough Trade (Brooklyn)

INTRODUCTION - What do two indie rock bands from New York and Long Beach, a Trappist monk, poet, social activist and mystic, and a furrier's in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn have in common? Seemingly nothing whatsoever, and yet when they came together early last year, there was an inspirational spark, a perfect storm, and something quite, well, mystical. Moving between Brooklyn and Los Angeles, bandmates fleshed out the songs with the help of friends. These contributions include vocals from Haley Dekle (Dirty Projectors), Zina and Marika Dahlin; percussion from Stephen Hodges (David Lynch, Tom Waits) and horns from Wyndham Boylan-Garnett and Nick Kinsey (Elvis Perkins in Dearland) The musical discovery began when Nathan Willett and Matt Maust of Cold War Kids met with We Barbarians' Nathan Warkentin for brief recording sessions.

French Style Furs features members of Cold War Kids and We Barbarians.

INFLUENCED BY - Willett came to them inspired by the spiritual journey and writings of Thomas Merton. Merton (1915-1968), a writer, Trappist monk, poet, social activist, mystic, penned more than 70 books and many reviews and essays. He traveled the world in search of silence and solitude, and became a student of various cultures and religions traditions which included Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sufism and Taoism. I'll bet he never would have guessed that his poetry would be sung with such heartfelt conviction in an indie rock song - or that his words would be broadcast live behind a band some day on stage.  During Merton's time as a monk, he moved from looking inward to being deeply concerned with the outer world, participating in the race riots and Vietnam War demonstrations of the 1960s by writing about issues of peace, social equality and racial tolerance. If he were here today, with so many of the same perplexing issues facing us, would he not have been out on the road, guitar and microphone in hand?

NAME OF THE ALBUM - Is Exotic Bait has a more desperate, frantic pace than the usual Cold War Kids fare. This could be Warkentin's influence, or perhaps it was the presence of Merton's spiritual longings that pushed them into new territory. This album can be thought of as "exuberant contemplation," which is especially evident in songs like the jaunty David Byrne infused "Solitary Life" and the breathless self-realization of "(World In My) Bloodstream," a contemplation of one's place in the universe.

"I lie on my hospital bed / Water runs inside the walls
And the musical machinery / All around overhead
Plays upon my metal system / My invented back bone
Lends to the universal tone / A flat impersonal song
All the planes in my mind / Sing to my worried blood
To my jet streams / I swim in the world's genius
The spring's plasm / I wonder who the hell I am."
- (World In My) Bloodstream

DELVING INTO THE RECORD - "Turn and Burn" on the record is (yes, a slow burner and) a number with passion and desire simmering. This one's a collaborative effort, based on Merton's "Aubade: The Annunciation" (1946), part of his poetry honoring the Virgin Mary ("Prayers fly in the mind like larks / Thoughts hide in the height like hawks / And while the country churches tell their blessings to the distance / Her slow words move / Desires glitter in her mind / Like morning stars."). "All The Way Down" is all fire and brimstone, damnation and salvation matched note for note. There is an awful lot here for those who like to dig deep."Clairvaux Prison" is both social commentary leveled against bloodthirsty dogs of war and a loving tribute to a French abbey that was wretchedly converted to a high-security prison. ("It is a year of strategy / The bureaucrats, wiping the blood off their fingers / In the gates of the Temple of Reason / have voted to poison the enemy's well. / They know their danger / They need to throw some dead thing / Into the living waters that were once Clairvaux / and kill the too clean image / in the heart of such a spring.")

JUDGMENT - Is Exotic Bait gives a modern voice to a visionary author who melded a sense of social responsibility with the age old search for inner truth. This is some heady stuff for a trio of rock musicians, but it's clear they're having a good time. And you will too. The Verdict: Very highly recommended, especially for those who enjoy their head banging with a strong sense of purpose.

Album / Web / Fb / Tw

23 Jul 00:30

Vending Machines in Turkey Feed Stray Animals Waiting to Be Adopted

by Mark Shrayber

There are over 100,000 stray cats and dogs living in Istanbul, Turkey. And while more than 14 million people live there, these animals are still waiting to be rescued. One company, Pugedon, is making sure that the animals are at least provided food while they wait for a forever home.


16 Jul 19:54

Josh Freydkis’s Rad Illustrations. Some brightly colored,...



Josh Freydkis’s Rad Illustrations.

Some brightly colored, richly detailed illustrations from Los Angeles based artist Josh Freydkis:

Josh Freydkis

Josh Freydkis

Josh Freydkis

Josh Freydkis

Josh Freydkis

Josh Freydkis

Josh Freydkis

Josh Freydkis

Josh Freydkis: Website

17 Jul 18:53

French Street Artist OakOak. Entertaining and creatively thought...



French Street Artist OakOak.

Entertaining and creatively thought out street art by French artist OakOak.  See more below!







OakOak: Website

Via Colossal

17 Jul 19:52

Dieter Van der Ougstraete’s Wild World. The out-there and...

Dieter Van der Ougstraete’s Wild World.

The out-there and downright hilarious work of Dieter Van der Ougstraete inhabits a strange, strange place on the artistic spectrum (of awesome).  See more below!

Dieter Van der Ougstraete: Website

01 Jul 16:00

Candy Crushed

by admin

02 Jul 21:00

Horsin’ Around…

by admin

what i cant even huh

07 Jul 19:10


by admin

dble checkd

18 Jul 14:30

O Baby, What a Typo!

by admin

11 Jul 16:32

Worst 50 Cents Ever

by admin

16 Jul 21:00


by admin

15 Jul 21:00

​The 10 Best Things About Building A New Gaming PC

by Kirk Hamilton

i just sold a home theater system i got as a gift from work four years ago and never opened it. so ive got about 1500 bucks to build a computer. civ 5 here i come baby!

​The 10 Best Things About Building A New Gaming PC

Building a gaming PC can be time-consuming and stressful. There are a thousand things that could go wrong, and any one of them could wind up costing hundreds of dollars. And yet we do it anyway. Why? Because building PCs is totally awesome.


15 Jul 19:36

Bill Sienkiewicz 1984: What If…? #43-45, 47 covers

by brianbendis


Bill Sienkiewicz 1984: What If…? #43-45, 47 covers

01 Jul 22:14

When I see pictures of my ex on Facebook that indicate he has a new girlfriend


this girl is cracking me up


15 Jul 16:00

Gigantic, A Gorgeous New Game From The Lead Designer Of StarCraft

by Mike Fahey

and this looks amazing

Gigantic, A Gorgeous New Game From The Lead Designer Of StarCraft

Announced today by independent developer Motiga, Gigantic is a "genre-bending online game" with an incredibly pretty debut trailer and a concept that could be called "offense of the ancients".


15 Jul 17:53

Scott J. Cooper, Recent Work. Rad recent work by watercolor...

Scott J. Cooper, Recent Work.

Rad recent work by watercolor artist Scott J. Cooper (Previously on Supersonic):

Scott J. Cooper

Scott J. Cooper

Scott J. Cooper

Scott J. Cooper

Scott J. Cooper

Scott J. Cooper

Scott J. Cooper

Scott J. Cooper

Scott J. Cooper: Tumblr

11 Jul 20:34

What do you think is the funniest thing you've ever written in a comic?

by brianbendis

its a tie!!!


but for the best thing ever done by anyone in the world go to the back issue bins and find…

where you get genius like this… :)

10 Jul 19:58

Andrea Wan’s “Mini Journal.” A project from...

Andrea Wan’s “Mini Journal.”

A project from last year, this is a selection from Andrea Wan’s “Mini Journal” Tumblr:

Andrea Wan

Andrea Wan

Andrea Wan

Andrea Wan

Andrea Wan

Andrea Wan

Andrea Wan

Andrea Wan

Andrea Wan

Andrea Wan

Andrea Wan: Website

Mini Journal

10 Jul 20:00

Stutterheim Vladimir LBGTQ Rainbow Rubber Raincoat

by Logan Moy

that jacket is fucking awesome

Stutterheim Vladimir LBGTQ Rainbow Rubber Raincoat

Although the sun may be currently shining for some of us, rainy days will, undoubtedly and unfortunately, make several returns. With impending gloomy skies, Swedish label Stutterheim release another impeccable rubber raincoat. This particular Vladimir jacket, contrary to its rather muted equivalents, is extremely vivacious. Founder Alexander Stutterheim utilized the vibrant hues of the rainbow on the limited-edition color-blocked raincoat to support an international GLBTQ organization fighting for equality. Running a small production of 100 pieces, the Stockholm brand will donate 15% of profits earned to the ongoing battle for egalitarianism. Support the cause and stay dry this summer by purchasing the coat here

Stutterheim Vladimir LBGTQ Rainbow Rubber Raincoat is a post by Logan Moy on Selectism.

10 Jul 10:41

Backdoor Farrah Is Opening Up A Yogurt Store In Austin, TX And Its Website Has Already Been Hacked

by Michael K

oh god the hacking is kind of awesome though with the lil logo character. if japanese porn went a new route and instead of blurring things they did cartoon characters over genitals i think i would watch it


Because Farrah Abraham is an entrepreneurial genius who knows that most people said to themselves, “Hmmm, I could really go for some creamy yogurt right now,” while watching her squirt in her porn, she’s opening up a frozen yogurt place in Austin, TX this October. Backdoor Farrah calls Froco Fresh Frozen a “brand new concept” and since she has dingles for brains, a “brand new concept” to her is a place that sells frozen yogurt and other frozen foods. Froco’s mascot is a terrifying “popping boba” named Coba and Backdoor Farrah probably got the idea for it while watching a string of anal beads go in and out of her b-hole. That’s how Coba the Anal Bead was born!

Backdoor Farrah tells Starcasm that she came up with the concept of Froco (she should’ve called it “Stinkberry“) all by herself. Froco will sell fresh and frozen cuisines in a family atmosphere. Farrah really is a culinary mastermind, because I’ve never heard of a place that sells both fresh AND frozen foods. I’ve never heard of something called a fucking grocery store. The about section of Froco’s website (which I’ll get into in a second) obviously came from the shit-filled mind of Farrah, because it is equal parts frozen delusion and nonsense, and it reads like it was written by a dried ball of poop cum:

The founder of Froco, was set to open a restaurant concept when the now first location and property of Froco was available. Instead of going with the first planned restaurant concept the founder had a better feeling about Froco. There was a lot to be completed with an unplanned great concept, so the founder of Froco thought about the possibilities to buy into another franchise of the similar sort but then realizing after being excepted to the other growing franchises of the similar sort that their values, their brands weren’t as great as what the founder could live up too. So with passion and positivity the founder wanted feedback on her Froco idea. After asking others in salons, playgrounds, stores, and just everywhere the founder was set on Froco and the mascot being Coba the popping boba! …

The founder felt strongly compelled to include Greek yogurt in to as many of the food products at Froco as possible which are found in certain flavors of frozen yogurt and all the freshly made to go food items. The founder after moving to Texas at the age of 22 right before the creation of Froco was told by her doctor to better her health with plain Greek yogurt. Being the foodie that the founder is, the founder put Greek yogurt in everything – sandwiches, pastas, salads, wraps, sushi, desserts and the founder was happy to taste better enhancement of flavors with the Greek yogurt in all the food options. The founder found the balance of taste, health, and quality and wanted to bring this to everyone’s lifestyle all year round. …

The founder Farrah Abraham is recognized nationally for her success in entertainment as well being a wonderful mother to her daughter Sophia who at age 5 has helped every step of the way in creating a lovable, positive, passionate and educational mascot for Froco, “Coba” The popping boba, who you may put on your frozen yogurt and feel a pop of passion and positivity every time you visit Froco.

You know, Backdoor Farrah opening up a gourmet emporium that sells yogurt and bubble tea makes sense. I mean, Greek yogurt is a yeast infection remedy (you know that’s why her doctor told her about it) and boba pearls can be used as disintegrating anal beads.

And as for the website (via Uproxx), this morning, a hacker doing God’s work hacked it and on the front page they put a GIF of James Deen backdooring Farrah. Here’s the censored version co-starring Coba the Anal Bead:


Maybe the site wasn’t hacked. Maybe Farrah’s just showing us how the fresh Greek yogurt is made. Whatever you do, DO NOT order the “one cup” special at Froco.

Pic: Twitter

10 Jul 14:00

Best Boardgames: The Complete Cardboard Children Top 50

by RPS

that guy looks liek simon pegg. and i am not watching the videos i am sad its not a list :(

It is very easy to lose things when living in the thrall of the endless bear. You make something, you put it down and suddenly it’s gone, lost over the horizon. You type some words into the search box to try to find it again but, alas, the Rock Paper Shotgun Search-O-Tron 3000 returns nothing.

And so here we are, to gather Rab’s Complete Top 50 Boardgames posts into a single set of links, better that you might bookmark it, print it out, study it, love it. Did you ever wonder what boardgames you should play? We’ve got five videos and five articles that will tell you.

… [visit site to read more]

04 Jul 11:01

Tad Carpenter’s Cold War Kids Poster

by admin

Tad Carpenter has always been one of my favorite poster artists, I just sometimes forget to check in on his site. He has a new Cold War Kids poster up for sale, and it’s awesome. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 75, and costs $25. Visit

Tad Carpenter

07 Jul 11:02

“POTW #23″ Art Print by Ryan Duggan

by admin

Another week, another awesome art print from Chicago’s Ryan Duggan. “POTW #23″ is a 14″ x 18″ screenprint, has an edition of 15, and costs $40. Visit his shop.

Ryan Duggan

02 Jul 11:30

Google's Cube Lets You DJ Six Videos at Once

by Jamie Condliffe

Google's Cube Lets You DJ Six Videos at Once

Music videos are wonderful, but you can only watch one at a time. No longer—thanks to a weird, but rather fun, project from Google called The Cube, which lets you play and manipulate six at once.


02 Jul 01:11

Kit Harington for Jimmy Choo Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

by Carl

i think he is a delicious man, even if he knows nothing

Kit Harington for Jimmy Choo Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign image Kit Harington Jimmy Choo Fall Winter 2014 Campaign 001

Jimmy Choo Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign–In addition to being the face of Jimmy Choo’s new men’s fragrance, actor Kit Harington also fronts the fall/winter 2014 men’s campaign. Jimmy Choo creative director Sandra Choi had kind words to say about the brand’s latest model, “Kit has an innate confidence and projects a playfully rebellious nature. He has an overtly masculine style that feels effortlessly cool, and a great sense of humor, and beneath that intensity he is a true gentleman.” For the advertising campaign, Harington was shot by Peter Lindbergh in a Los Angeles home designed by famed architect John Lautner.

View More

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