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22 Apr 00:00

Black Bat flower! thesweetestspit: This ornamental flowering...

Black Bat flower!


This ornamental flowering plant is among the showiest of the Tacca chantrieri  plant family (part of the yam family).  Common names are Black Bat Flower, Bat Head Lily, Devil Flower, Cat’s Whiskers and Tacca chantrieni.

Originally the Black Bat flower plant grew and still does grow wild in the tropical forests of Yunnan Province, in South China. Even prior to blooming, it resembles sleeping bats hanging downward from their roost.

21 Apr 17:18

Around my house

by kim

I too will resume regular posts starting tomorrow (I didn't receive enough pet entries for today anyway). I thought since I had time this long weekend to do a bit of organizing and photography, that I would share my latest home endeavours. Nothing too serious, mostly just some rearranging to fit all the things I had purchased in Almonte last weekend. 

Once again, my kitchen shelving has been reorganized. When I was digging through the basement a few weeks ago looking for items to sell at the Ottawa Antique Show, I came across a vintage brass tea set (?) and some brass pineapples that I had thrifted and bought on Etsy several years ago. I could not let these go, so instead I tried incorporating them in my shelving display, along with my new Catherine Holm bowl I am totally stoked over (and coordinating pot I already had).

Catherine Holm bowl from Samantha Howard Vintage ~ vase from The White Monkey ~ Oaxacan vase bought in Puerto Vallarta ~ thrifted brass pineapple ~ silver egg bought in Puerto Vallarta ~ thrifted brass flower frog ~ Lumberjack candleholder by Normann Copenhagen from The Modern Shop ~ Catherine Holm pot from Etsy shop CrankHeartPony

Love that print (in my new vintage frame) by Emily McDowell purchased at Hello Yellow ~ vintage pot from Almonte ~ vase from The White Monkey

Vintage pot from Almonte ~ Oaxacan skull from Puerto Vallarta ~ candleholder by John Ward from General Fine Craft ~ thrifted Dansk candleholder ~ Hay Denmark scissors from The Modern Shop ~ air plant from Sparrow Floral Design

Saturday while running errands, my husband took us to a wood shop called KJP Select Hardwoods. *SIGH* So many glorious slabs of the most beautiful wood I have ever seen. I spotted a piece of Claro walnut that I had to have. I decided to use it on my dining table as a sort of tray for a centrepiece. 

On top I clustered a bunch of pottery I did not have room to display anywhere else. :) 
Eucalyptus from Sparrow Floral Design in a vintage Hornsea canister ~ a brown West German and no-name vase found in Almonte ~ new bud vase by Michael Doxey and bowl by Don Cormier, both from General Fine Craft

My new West German vase from Almonte now resides on top of my pantry cabinet (one to the far right) along with the rest of my collection and antlers found on a farm in Alberta. 

I had purchased some vintage hangers from Tin Barn Market and had hooked them on my stair railing to bring up to my dressing room. They never made it up. 

Art from Arte Limited - Lina Ekstrand and Florian Meacci ~ vintage pepsi crate now liquor cabinet from High Jinx

I had purchased a vintage dress form at the Ottawa Antique Show a few weeks ago. I was hoping to have her live in my dressing room but it is too damn small in there so she is hanging out in my bedroom. I dressed her up in some necklaces and a vintage faux fur jacket. 


I am SO EXCITED about my new vintage steel medicine cabinet from Tin Barn Market. The medicine cabinet we had there was about half the size and jam packed with my daily toiletries/makeup etc. Now my husband has room for his toiletries as well. 

The former medicine cabinet had a handy bar along the bottom where we hung a hand towel. This new one does not have one, so I went down to the dungeon/basement and unearthed an Anthropologie hook I had purchased several years ago and never had a chance to use. 

22 Apr 03:55

as-cool-as-an-attempted-suicide: wallflowerbloom: No matter...



No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.

We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.

(Dead Poets Society, 1989)

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22 Apr 01:55

firstaidtaylor: davescheidt: I’ll be at #C2E2 debuting two new...



I’ll be at #C2E2 debuting two new books! Xineomorph: An Alien Fanzine and Minimum Wage Mummy Book One! Artist Alley Table O3! Come say hey! Bring me pizza.

Everyone should go check it out! My friend Adrian drew Minimum Wage Mummy and it is BEYOND awesome!

22 Apr 02:53

Winning Caption: When the board chair says \"if Obama can raise millions of dollars $10 at a time, so can we\"

Winning Caption: When the board chair says \"if Obama can raise millions of dollars $10 at a time, so can we\":



Honorable Mention:

  • When someone proposes the brilliant budgetary solution of “Well, just find a sponsor.”
  • When you are honest on an employee satisfaction survey and then find out it isn’t actually confidential.
  • My board when I (the ED) tell them that I’m going to be gone for two to…
  • When your ED gives a speech at the annual benefit about how he, as a white ally, ended racism by marching on Washington in 1963.HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA THE TRUTH IT BURRRRNS
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21 Apr 21:18

Photographer Kirsty Mitchell Uses 1,000 Fresh Flowers in the Latest Installment of Her ‘Wonderland’ Series

by EDW Lynch

The Last Dance Of The Flowers by Kirsty Mitchell

Photographer Kirsty Mitchell used some 1,000 freshly cut flowers to create a colorful trail in “The Last Dance Of The Flowers,” the latest installment in her fairy tale photo series “Wonderland.” She describes the arduous daylong process of creating the image on her blog. For more on Mitchell’s “Wonderland” project, see our previous coverage.

The Last Dance Of The Flowers by Kirsty Mitchell

photo by Kirsty Mitchell

via My Modern Metropolis

21 Apr 03:00

r0slyakova: Irina Kulikova | PRADA FW 2009 (MFW)


Irina Kulikova | PRADA FW 2009 (MFW)

20 Apr 16:33

pussylipgloss: P L E A S E Happy Easter, everyone!





Happy Easter, everyone!

21 Apr 22:30

U.S. Senate hopeful: ‘Marriage is defined by God and it predates government’

by [btashman]
Ben SasseBen Sasse, the GOP US Senate candidate from Nebraska who has garnered endorsements from Tea Party-aligned groups including the Club for Growth, FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservatives Fund, appeared on Friday’s edition of The Janet Mefferd Show to reiterate his commitment to the social conservatives cause.
21 Apr 15:30

Poll: For the first time, more Texans support marriage equality than oppose it

by Staff Reports
Texas-flagLUBBOCK, Texas -- For the first time in any poll, more Texans support legalizing same-sex marriage than oppose it.
20 Apr 08:17

fartymcmly: cute date ideas: follow birds around talk to birds draw birds together go to the zoo to...




cute date ideas:

  • follow birds around
  • talk to birds
  • draw birds together
  • go to the zoo to look at the birds
  • go shopping and buy shirts with birds on them
  • birds
21 Apr 22:33

eviko: Basically this is a 3am drawing ramble i did a while ago...


Basically this is a 3am drawing ramble i did a while ago that i decided to throw some colour on. 

Dragons are the best though.

21 Apr 12:30

Have a Good Look, Cats!



Have a Good Look, Cats!

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21 Apr 04:00

April 21, 2014

Hey Sacramento! I'll be visiting your public library!
20 Apr 03:41

It’s On Sale: Edward Green Shoes Edward Green is my...

by derekguypto

for multitasksuicide

It’s On Sale: Edward Green Shoes

Edward Green is my favorite shoe brand, but they are very expensive. At Brooks Brothers, for example, they go for about $1,300-1,500 a pair. Are they worth it? Well, they won’t last you any longer than the ~$250-350 shoes you might buy from Allen Edmonds, Paul Evans, or Meermin, but they do look very, very beautiful. They use great materials and have exceptionally nice finishing techniques. What that effectively means is: the interior will feel slightly nicer, and the uppers will be colored in a way that gives them some visual depth. 

Unfortunately, they’re rarely discounted, which makes Ashton Marks’ sale on them notable. Included is a very useful black cap toe (in two widths), some brown wingtips, and a couple of loafers. Shipping is free, and with the discount, you’re looking at about $750 a pair. Not cheap, but about half the price of what they go for in the US. 

If you haven’t ordered Edward Greens before, know that the general rule of thumb is to go a half size down from your Brannock size. That is, if you normally wear a 10D, then you’re probably a 9.5 in most of Edward Green’s shoes. The only exception is maybe the 888 last, which is tighter at the toe box, so some people take their regular US size. 

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21 Apr 13:30

A Prickly Tickle

21 Apr 14:00

I Don't Think So!

I Don't Think So!

LoL by: Unknown

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21 Apr 18:00

Double Punch!

21 Apr 15:17


ouran <3

19 Apr 19:54

weloveshortvideos: Cute I’M SCREAMING


Oh dear god so sweet




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21 Apr 19:07

Study in Bird Motion, A Hand-Cranked Kinetic Sculpture that Flaps Like a Bird

by EDW Lynch


Flapping Bird Kinetic Sculpture by Joyce Lin

Design student Joyce Lin replicated a bird’s flapping wings in her beautiful kinetic sculpture “Study in bird motion.” The sculpture is made of popsicle sticks and mylar and is activated by a hand crank. Lin is a furniture design student in a dual degree program at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design.

Flapping Bird Kinetic Sculpture by Joyce Lin

Flapping Bird Kinetic Sculpture by Joyce Lin

Flapping Bird Kinetic Sculpture by Joyce Lin

Flapping Bird Kinetic Sculpture by Joyce Lin

photos via Joyce Lin

via Ian Brooks

21 Apr 20:33

An Interactive Map of the Lands From the ‘Game of Thrones’ Television Show and ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ Novel Series

by Rollin Bishop

Interactive Map of Game of Thrones

An A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones fan that goes by the handle carpiediem on the fansite has created an interactive map for the lands featured in the novel series and television show that includes filters for each chapter of the novels and each episode of the show. The map can also be filtered to show the paths of popular characters like Eddard Stark.

The map is based on the earlier cartography work of fans serMountainGoat and Tear, and uses an interface based on the Google Maps API to function with additional custom tiles. The map also includes a slider to indicate how far a user has read or seen so as to prevent any unintentional spoilers. As carpiediem notes, given that this is an unofficial map it may contradict official sources in some places.

via PolicyMic, The Daily Dot

21 Apr 02:26

More #berd

by Websta


More #berd




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05 Apr 19:34

Drugs Laws + Prison = System of Control for People of Color

Latin American Studies, New York University

05 Apr 18:04

(via reddit)

(via reddit)