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U.S. Foreign Policy Flow Chart

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Chat Brat Anonymous -> The Pacific sealife is in dire peril.

TV: “The largest disease outbreak that we know of ever in the oceans” now hitting West Coast — Potential for “global extinction” — “Affects over 20 species… causing catastrophic mortality” — Expert: One of history’s largest wildlife die-offs… signal in ecosystem that something’s not right (VIDEO)

Published: June 16th, 2014 at 2:17 pm ET
By ENENews

Macleans, June 13, 2014: From Alaska to Mexico—and all along the B.C. coast—an iconic animal is disappearing. For reasons that remain baffling to scientists, starfish are dying by the millions, in the grips of a mysterious wasting disease that dissolves their bodies into goo. “I’d do beach walks along a 50-m stretch of shoreline, and count 500 or 1,000 of them,” says Chris Harley, a marine ecologist at the University of British Columbia who’s been monitoring sea stars (as scientists call them) for nearly two decades [...] Revisiting one of these sites recently, he found a single sea star. […] “This is one of the largest wildlife die-offs that we know of,” [Seattle Aquarium veterinarian Lesanna Lahner] says. “It’s a signal in the ecosystem that something’s not right.”

Eugene Weekly, June 12, 2014: “The way the rate has accelerated, I don’t think most sea stars along the Oregon coast are long for this world,” says Bruce Menge, a marine ecologist with Oregon State University.

KUOW News, June 16, 2014: “It’s a lot worse than it was last week,” says [Drew] Harvell, a marine epidemiologist at Cornell University. [...] “It’s the largest mortality event for marine diseases we’ve seen,” Harvell said. “It affects over twenty species on our coast and it’s been causing catastrophic mortality.” [...] From what Harvell and her team see as they survey beaches [of Washington's San Juan archipelago], there’s not much time for these starfish [...] “My expectation is that within the next month all of the stars will die.” The team checked this rocky patch last week and found 10 percent of the stars showed signs of the wasting syndrome. Today they estimate that number has increased to more than 40 percent. [...] Harvell said, “This area has some of the highest biodiversity of sea stars in the world. We’re not just losing one keystone species, we’re losing a whole guild of stars.” And the stars here are what’s called an endemic species, meaning they only live on this shoreline and nowhere else on the planet, she explained. If sea stars are wiped out along these shores, there’s a potential for not just local, but global extinction.

EarthFix (Oregon Public Broadcasting, KCTS9, KUOW), June 15, 2014 — Drew Harvell, Cornell University: “This is the largest disease outbreak that we know of ever in the oceans. [...] I’m expecting that in the next two weeks we will lose virtually all the stars at this site [in Washington] [...] To lose all of them at once, we don’t even know what’s going to happen.”

Watch the EarthFix video here

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Click for Marietta, Georgia Forecast

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic" ... Benjamin Franklin

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Ukrainians in Spain

by TheBadFoodie

Text: Fernando Sánches Alonso – XL Semanal

They came to Spain because the social and economical situation in Ukraine became complicated, but they could not have imagined that their country would become the centre of the conflict threatening to destabilise the entirety of Europe.

Pro-European: Yana Palatkina, 16 years old (9 in Spain) 

“Before Maidan, I was ashamed of my country.” 

“I ran away from home because I wanted to be on Maidan,” says this Odesa-born student, who has lived in Madrid with her mother for 9 years. When the protests started, Yana was on vacation in her mother city and she ran to Kyiv, the capital. “I left with my cousin. My parents knew nothing.” She confesses that before the revolution in Maidan, she was ashamed of her country. “I told everyone I was Russian. Today I would give every last drop of my blood to Ukraine. Ukrainian patriots like myself are not fascists. They have to inform themselves before talking and stop insulting us!”

Pro-European: Katryna Antoshkiv, 24 years old (6 in Spain) 

“Without Ukraine, Russia is a body without arms or legs.” 

This woman with a degree in business shows photos of some of the fallen on Maidan. Kateryna was born in the west of the country, and for her it was Putin, whom she calls the ‘bloody pacifier,’ who suppressed the protests. “Putin doesn’t want to let go of Ukraine because without us Russia is like a body without arms or legs. This is why he calls us ‘fascists.’ Our patriotism is not based on hatred. 20 000 Russians lived in my village and nobody threatened them for speaking their language; on the contrary, in the east of the country, if you speak Ukrainian, you are lost. We want to revive Ukraine and we are not alone. The international community supports us.”

Pro-Russian: Vitaliy Remezov, 38 years old (10 in Spain)

“They call us ‘terrorists’ for not wanting to sell our country to the IMF.” 

“Why are they calling us terrorists?” This 38-year-old engineer, who is now the leader of a construction crew, in Spain asks himself. “Just because we don’t want to sell our country to the IMF, for defending our language (Russian) from the ultra-rights and the US siege? The east of the country, which Europe ways is where the bad guys are, sustains the national economy. 70 per cent of the GDP comes from the east of Ukraine. There are only retired people and students in the west; the rest have emigrated.”

Pro-European: Kristina Drevnyak, 24 years old (6 in Spain)

“The genocide of my people at the hands of Stalin cannot be forgotten.”

“A part of my family is Russian, but I don’t speak with them,” says this young woman from Kyiv with a degree in tourism. “The horrors of Holodomor are not forgotten. This is how we call the genocide of our population in Stalin’s times in Ukraine. Today, all of this has returned with Putin. We don’t want to have anything to do with Russia. We want to look forward. He should leave us alone!”

Pro-Russian: Iryna Klymenko, 26 years old (12 in Spain)

“For Kyiv, we who speak Russian are second-rate citizens.” 

“The Kyiv government does not respect us. For them, we are second-rate citizens,” declares this young woman born in Donetsk, the region with the majorly Russian culture and language. A superior technician in the administration, she thinks that the US have been preparing for this moment for years. “The US only wants to put distance between Europe and Russia for its own interests. But if Europe wants to be powerful, they have to look more towards Russia than the Americans.”

Neutral: Svitlana Prysyazhnyuk, 36 years old (15 in Spain)

“Who are the good guys? Both gangs are manipulating us.” 

A translator in the Ukrainian consulate in Madrid, born in Lviv, in the west of the country, Svitlana confesses she is confused by the conflict. “We are being manipulated by both gangs. Ukraine is the excuse the US and Russia are using to show off their forces and divide world power. And meanwhile people are dying. Who are the good guys? The west of the country is agricultural, the east is industrial. More than having ethnic and cultural differences, they have two different views of the world.” The solution? “Maybe a federal state.”

Pro-European: Anatoliy Halchinsky, 58 years old (10 in Spain)

“We are fed up with Russia sticking its nose in Ukraine.” 

He works on construction in Madrid, where he has lived for 10 years, though in his mother city in the west of Ukraine he used to be a dancer. “One needs food to eat,” he explains. “Putin’s propaganda is only telling lies about the Ukrainian nationalists. He is calling us ‘fascists.’ And all of this because we love democracy and we protect our language, which has been prohibited by Russia for many years, and because we want to put an end to corruption and become closer to Europe. We are fed up with Russia sticking its nose in our business. We don’t have a choice: either Europe or chaos.”

Source: Finanzas

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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Beluga Whale trying to converse with captors?

The Story of One Whale Who Tried to Bridge the Linguistic Divide Between Animals and Humans

While captive in a Navy program, a beluga whale named Noc began to mimic human speech. What was behind his attempt to talk to us?


[Image: 539d64a12bb68.jpg]
29 May 14:05

GIF | b8b.gif

29 May 20:37

Normany landings recreated in virtual reality from original blueprints

The D-Day landings have been recreated in the virtual world by French researchers to allow a new generation to experience the Invasion of Normady using 3D displays and virtual reality headsets.
23 May 11:30

FBI Considers Hiring Hacking Hippies

by donnerboy
The FBI says its no-tolerance marijuana policy is forcing the agency to turn away its best hacker recruits. "I have to hire a great work force to compete with those cyber criminals, and some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview," FBI Director James Comey told the White Collar Crime Institute on Monday, according to the Wall Street Journal.
21 May 22:09

Mission Creep Nigerea

Mission Creep Nigerea -
21 May 00:18

Conspiracy web sites have paid shills?

by Mike Rivero

I have noticed that there has been a deluge of posts to Craigslist that promote stories on conspiracy profiteering web sites. It was more than a simple coincidence that the same story would be posted and reposted (ad nauseum) in several different cities forums day after day.

After a little more research I found posts on Craigslist for "writers" for some of those conspiracy profiteering web sites.

20 May 05:00

Police Handcuff 11-year-old Good Samaritan, Hold Him At Gunpoint

The Vallejo Police Department is apologizing after an 11-year-old boy was held at gunpoint and handcuffed by officers in a case in mistaken identity. Romie Mims, a 6th grader, said he was walking to school Thursday morning when he saw a car with its windows shattered on the street. He tried to notify the homeowner by knocking on the door.
15 May 11:58

▶ Ukraine - NWO Sponsored Bloodbath - YouTube

▶ Ukraine - NWO Sponsored Bloodbath - YouTube

Ukraine - NWO Sponsored Bloodbath

We Need Your Help Support our work here Attached http://w...

11 May 07:46

Somebody did his home work.

by Walker Lot
Walker Lot Sun, 11 May 2014 07:46:34 GMT - Youtube - Public
Somebody did his home work.

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East Ukraine referendum: 90% of voters support statehood of Donetsk

East Ukraine referendum: 90% of voters support statehood of Donetsk People's Republic - News - Worl

Almost 90 percent of voters in Ukraine's Donetsk Region said "yes" answering the referendum question whether they support the Act of state self-rule of the Donetsk People's Republic, Roman Lyagin, head of the republic's central electoral commission, said. The final results of the vote will be announced on May 12.Only 10.19 percent of those who took part in the referendum voted against statehood of the Donetsk People's Republic, and 0.74 percent of voters deliberately spoiled their ballots. The ofiicial voter turnout in the Donetsk Region was 74.87 percent.The referendum was held on Sunday in the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, where supporters of Ukraine's federalization proclaimed in April the establishment of the Donetsk and Lugansk People' Republics. The voting took place as authorities in Kiev were ramping up their military operation in the country's southeast. During the voting in the town of Krasnoarmeysk, armed men identified as members of the Ukrainian national guard opened fire on a crowd outside the town hall, killing one civilian.


New McKinsey Survey: 74% Of Obamacare Sign-Ups Were Previously Insured

A new survey from McKinsey indicates that a large majority of people signing up are now paying for their coverage. This is progress for the health law. But the survey still indicates that three-fourths of enrollees were previously insured.     Shared by beast

Massive 6.0-magnitude earthquake rocks Mexico

_______________________________________________________________________________     Shared by beast

Norman Rockwell original found in Massachusetts school - CBS News

GARDNER, Massachusetts - A painting that hung in the Gardner High School principal's office in Gardner, Massachusetts, for nearly 50 years is headed to the auction block and it is expected to sell for close to $2 million, CBS Boston reports.

The 1941 painting "Willie Gillis in Convoy" was a gift from Norman Rockwell to former principal Earl Williams in the 1950's. It hung in the principal's office until 2001, and had been stashed away in storage for the last 13 years.

The Rockwell original depicts a World War II soldier in the back of a truck with several comrades.

The painting was part of a series for the Saturday Evening Post, but this particular one never made the cover.     Shared by beast

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CIA, FBI and Now Academi Mercenaries on the Ground in Ukraine

by Ravening Wolf

kind of doubt it, but , if they are they don't seem to have any effect improving the ineptness of the ukranian army.

CIA, FBI and Now Academi Mercenaries on the Ground in Ukraine

Kurt Nimmo

May 11, 2014


The German newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported on Sunday 400 U.S. mercenaries are working with the junta government in Ukraine to suppress opposition to the coup in the eastern part of the country.:eek::(:mad: The newspaper said the for-profit mercenaries are actively participating in the effort to eliminate anti-coup activists in Slavyansk and possibly other areas in the Donetsk region.:(:mad:
It is not known if Blackwater mercenaries were involved in gunning down voters in eastern Ukraine.:rolleyes::(:mad:


On Thursday we covered a report stating the CIA and the FBI are involved in the effort to quell resistance to the junta. The CIA has been involved with nationalist and fascist Ukrainian groups since the late 1940s.

In March, we reported on the presence of Greystone mercenaries in Donetsk. The mercenaries were “soldiers of fortune proficient in combat operations,” a diplomatic source told Interfax, according to the Daily Mail. “Most of them had operated under private contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan and other states. Most of them come from the United States.”:mad:

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the mercenaries were contracted “to suppress civil protests and dissatisfaction.”

“Among the candidates for the role of gendarme is the Barbados-registered company Greystone Limited, which is integrated with the Academi corporation,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “It is an analogue, and, probably and affiliated body of the Blackwater private army, whose employees have repeatedly been accused of committing grievous and systematic human rights abuses in different troubled regions.”

Academi was known as Blackwater and then Xe following its involvement in the murder of 17 Iraqis in Nisour Square, Baghdad, in 2007. Academi’s board of directors includes former Attorney General John Ashcroft, Bobby Ray Inman, the former director of the NSA, and the company’s CEO is a retired Brigadier General, Craig Nixon.

Source: » CIA, FBI and Now Academi Mercenaries on the Ground in Ukraine Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
11 May 09:48

An orange-black ribbon holds a clue to eastern Ukraine's chaos

An orange-black ribbon holds a clue to eastern Ukraine's chaos - Yahoo News

As pro-Russia protests spread in eastern Ukraine, a strip of striped orange-and-black fabric has become as ubiquitous as the armed men in unmarked military fatigues.   Its name is the Ribbon of Saint George. Imbued with history, it' a powerful symbol in the ongoing information battle over Ukraine. For Russians it's a mark of allegiance to the state - both the fearsome, expansionist Russian state of old and its modern successor under President Vladimir Putin.When pro-Russia rallies took place last December, seeking to rival the Maidan demonstrations in Kiev, very few ribbons were seen. That all changed after the fall of President Viktor Yanukovych and the secessionist fires in Crimea: The ribbon appeared first in flags flying over public rallies in CrimeaThe ribbon appeared first in flags flying over public rallies in Crimea; then pinned to the suits of Russian Duma deputies as they annexed the peninsula; and now tied to bulletproof vests and weapons of pro-Russian militiamen in eastern Ukraine.The ribbon traces its roots to the 18th century Russian Empire, when Catherine the Great instituted a new top decoration for battlefield valor: the Cross of Saint George (the same Saint George who slays a dragon on the Russian coat of arms). This tradition continued under successive czarist rulers.But the orange and black stripes reached new heights during World War II, when they were incorporated into the Soviet Order of Glory in 1943. More than a million people received the award for “feats of bravery, courage, and fearlessness in the battle for the Soviet Motherland” against Nazi Germany in which almost 14 million Russian civilians and soldiers died. (Nearly 9 million died in Ukraine, then a Soviet republic.)The ribbon made a post-Soviet comeback as part of the Order of Saint George, initiated by the Russian Federation in 1992. The award was presented to Russian military officers and soldiers during the 2008 war with Georgia.

Saudi Arabia reports more MERS deaths - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Saudi Arabia has announced that another 13 people have died from the MERS coronavirus in the past day, as the World Health Organisation prepares for an emergency meeting over concerns about the spread of the disease.The Middle East Respiratory System coronavirus has now killed 139 people and infected 480 others in the kingdom since it first appeared in 2012.The increase in the number of cases in different countries raises a number of questions.Tarik Jasarevic, WHO spokesmanIn its most recent tally, issued on Saturday, the Saudi health ministry said six people died from the disease in the past 24 hours.Three women, aged 22, 26 and 35, died in the capital, Riyadh, a 68-year-old woman and a 78-year-old man in the western city of Medina, and a man in his 70s in the commercial capital, Jeddah.

Donetsk referendum is under way, most active voting in Maruipol - local elections commissioner

The majority of polling stations in Ukraine' eastern Donetsk region are operating normally, people are voting in a referendum on the region' future status, Boris Litvinov, the chief elections commissioner of the Donetsk People' Republic, told reporters on Sunday. A queue to the polling districts has been formed in Mariupol. Many people want to vote in self-determination of the Donetsk region referendum on Sunday morning, Rossiya-24 TV channel correspondent reports.Read more:

live east ukraine vote

Welcome to Nulandistan: Svoboda Thugs Silence MP Petro Symonenko inside Ukraine's Parliament - YouT

Brute force is being used against civilian protesters opposing the unelected Yatsenyuk regime that is backed by the US and the EU. Yatsenyuk's coup-installed regime has cracked down on media freedoms, sent the Ukrainian military to attack anti-coup protesters under the pretext of NATO-backed anti-terrorism operations, and started purges and witch hunts all over Ukraine.The regime's officials have begun to glory Hitler's invasion of Ukraine and Eastern Europe too.Inside the Verkhova Rada or Ukrainian Parliament any deputies who dare speak against the regime and its policies are silences and beaten up. This is the US-supported freedom of speech that has been brought to Ukraine, Nuland-style. In this video MP Petro Symonenko is pushed and prevented from speaking just for daring to condemn the use of the Ukrainian military against civilian protesters by Yatsenyuk's regime. Before being silenced, Symonenko made the key point of noting how the ultra-nationalists were serving foreign interests and not the national interests of Ukraine.A atmosphere of intimidation and bullying is the new order of the day in Nulandistan and politicians opposing the regime are regularly threatened and beaten, some to the point of near death.


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Check out our t-shirts!

by Boing Boing

does that mean you're the baddies?

...and bags, and notebooks in the Boing Boing store!

07 May 09:53

Ukraine - buzzfeed Style - or - Which side are you on boy ?

Ukraine - buzzfeed Style - or - Which side are you on boy ?

If Svoboda party = ( Nazis )Then Right Sector= S.Stogether =  

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04 May 10:22

Dead Girl Walking by Ruth Silver

by Suzy Turner
I actually love it when I'm approached by other authors asking if I'll help spread the word about their books - especially when their book looks and sounds amazing. And this is certainly the case with Ruth Silver's Dead Girl Walking. I mean, just look at this cover... it's gorgeous! So girly too! How could I not assist?

a Young Adult Paranormal Adventure
published by Patchwork Press
Dead Girl Walking
Forget everything you know about grim reapers.
Princess Ophelia Dacre sneaks out of the castle to visit her boyfriend in secret. A perfect night cut short when she’s brutally murdered.
Ophelia is given the rare chance to become a grim reaper. She must become Leila Bele, cut ties with her old life, and follow the rules of the reapers. Her greatest adventure begins with death.
“Forget everything you know about grim reapers, Ophelia. Humans have it wrong. It’s easier to believe in angels and demons, than to see what’s right in front of you. Who wants to believe the undead walk among us with beating hearts? It would frighten humans. It would probably send many to their graves faster,” Edon said.
Ruth Silver author photo
About the Author
Ruth Silver is the best-selling author of ABERRANT, a young adult dystopian adventure series published by Patchwork Press and Lazy Day Publishing. Silver attended Northern Illinois University and graduated with a Bachelor's in Communication in the spring of 2005. While in college, she spent much of her free time writing with friends she met online and penning her first novel, Deuces are Wild, which she self-published in 2004. Her love of writing led her on an adventure in 2007 to Melbourne, Australia. Silver enjoys reading, photography, traveling and most of all writing. She loves dystopian, paranormal, and fantasy young adult stories. Ruth has been actively writing since she was a teenager. She currently resides in Plainfield, Illinois.
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads
01 May 11:15

Death knell rings for 142 years of American dominance as China prepares to leap into first place as world's largest economy | Mail Online

Death knell rings for 142 years of American dominance as China prepares to leap into first place as world's largest economy | Mail Online -
28 Apr 06:09

Former Russian PM Tells Washington to Hit Putin with Sanctions Where It Hurts

by Rodrigo Sermeño
Putin came to feel that “he got a special ticket issued by the West” that left him free to play with the former Soviet bloc.
23 Apr 08:05

Vice Reporter Taken Captive In Eastern Ukraine - YouTube

Published on Apr 22, 2014

Local officials in Slavyansk, Ukraine confirmed Tuesday that Vice reporter Simon Ostrovsky was captured by pro-Russian separatists in the area.

Follow Zach Toombs:
See more at

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14 Apr 23:15

Sen. Reid on Cattle Battle: "It's not over"

by Mike Rivero

Senate majority leader Harry Reid hasn't been very vocal about the cattle battle showdown in recent days, but says "it's not over."

Reid tells News4's Samantha Boatman his take on the so-called cattle battle in southern Las Vegas. "Well, it's not over. We can't have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it's not over," Reid said.

12 Apr 23:29


09 Apr 05:59

Russia has quick strike capability aircraft deployed

Russia has quick strike capability aircraft deployed

The buildup in Russia's Rostov and Belgorod regions opposite the Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Kharkiv, as well as the deployment of forces near Klimovo, barely 20 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, is substantial.  The scope of the forces includes not only ground forces, but also forward-deployed air power, providing quick-strike capability and air support to potential ground operations. Colleagues, maintaining a large concentration of troops in the field at a time when conscripts are normally scheduled to leave service further suggests that this is not an exercise.  NATO military authorities have noted that the Russia force is "sized and outfitted and provisioned with everything that it needs to have an incursion into Ukraine."  We have consistently urged the Russian Federation to take steps to de-escalate.  The number of Russian troops massed in this area close to the border with Ukraine is clearly aimed at threatening and intimidating, and is therefore an ongoing escalation.

Vladimir Putin Full Length Documentary: The Putin System - YouTube

Exclusive: U.S. Won't Share Invasion Intel With Ukraine - The Daily Beast

U.S. intelligence agencies now have detailed information that Russia has amassed the kind of forces needed for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. But the Obama administration hasn't shared with Ukraine the imagery, intercepts, and analysis that pinpont the location of the Russian troops ready to seize more Ukrainian land, The Daily Beast has learned.

Marc Atmost - The Dnieper River (Edit) - YouTube 

BBC News - Ukraine crisis: Nato warns Russia against further intervention

Nato has warned Russia that further intervention in Ukraine would be a "historic mistake" with grave consequences.Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Moscow must pull back troops it has massed on the Ukrainian border.

Unconfirmed activity in East Ukraine

Breaking news from group "Information Resistance"We, the group "Information Resistance", have received from our reliable sources the satisfactory confirmation of the statement of Ukrainian Foreign Ministry that the observed activity of the separatists in eastern Ukraine which has been lasting for the last three days is nothing but the begin...See MoreBreaking news from group "Information Resistance" We, the group "Information Resistance", have received from our reliable sources the satisfactory confirmation of the statement of Ukrainian Foreign Ministry that the observed activity of the separatists in eastern Ukraine which has been lasting for the last three days is nothing but the beginning of the second phase of the scenario for the Russian invasion in our country.In particular, according to our information, the separatist leaders, who follow the plan of GRU * of General Headquarters of Russian Armed Forces, have been given the instructions to organize a "corridor" through the state border of Ukraine for passage of the convoys of military equipment from the Russian territory at the night of April 8th to 9th.Separatists also have received the orders to organize provocations with the casualties in the cities of the region which could be interpreted by the Russian side as "terror against the people organized by Ukrainian authorities".In addition, the coordinators of Russian GRU, who work in the region, have instructed the separatists to use gunfire weapon in case the attempts to liberate the occupied administrative buildings are taken.According to our information, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and special services are now taking the necessary measures to block the groups of the separatists.State Border Service and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are carrying out the activities on blocking and defense of the state border in the respective areas.* GRU - Directorate General of Intelligence of General Headquarters of Russian Armed Forces (Translated by Bing)

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02 Apr 09:54

News Scraping - Noble and Honorable

Is nothing more then the modern day version of the news boy running down the street yelling, " Hear Ye! , Hear Ye! . Read all about it!",then stating the current headlines and news stories.

It makes no claim of ownership. It just provides an access point to readers. It is digital sharing of gossip , news , and information a reader may or may not have seen elsewhere.

As long as the aggregate supplies a originating source and does not falsely claim ownership aggregation is providing the web with a service. It consolidates many sources of information into one source . It acts as a digital water cooler. it just quenches a different thirst while keeping up with the goings on.

It's sharing , not stealing.

News aggregation is an honorable effort in this day and age when large corporations attempt control the written word and tell us what they think we want to hear and not necessarily what we may need to hear to make more informed life decisions.

Too far?


 The penguin Shared by Anonymous Poster

27 Mar 01:29

AFP: Russian officials dump iPads over spy fears

AFP: Russian officials dump iPads over spy fears

Moscow - Russian government officials have swapped their iPads for Samsung tablets to ensure tighter security, the telecoms minister told news agencies on Wednesday.Journalists spotted that ministers at a cabinet meeting were no longer using Apple tablets, and minister Nikolai Nikiforov confirmed the changeover "took place not so long ago."He said the ministers' new Samsungs were "specially protected devices that can be used to work with confidential information.""Some of the information at government meetings is confidential in nature and these devices fully meet these demands and have gone through the strictest system of certification."Nikiforov denied that Russia was clamping down on US technology in response to Western sanctions imposed over its takeover of Ukraine's Crimea peninsula.

WHO :: Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Guinea - update

25 March 2014 - The Ministry of Health (MoH) of Guinea has notified WHO of a rapidly evolving outbreak of Ebola haemorrhagic fever in forested areas of south-eastern Guinea. As of 25 March 2014, a total of 86 suspected cases including 60 deaths (case fatality ratio: 69.7%) had been reported.

Report: New F-35 Fighter Plane that Israel Purchased from U.S. Can Carry a Nuclear Bomb :: Jewish

The F-35 Stealth fighter aircraft that Israel is purchasing from the United States can carry a nuclear payload, Israel' Channel 2 reported on Wednesday.Lockheed Martin, the American aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company that manufactures the fighter plane declined to comment on whether the specific planes that Israel is due to receive will include nuclear capability, Channel 2 said.The F-35 is a fifth-generation aircraft capable of evading radar and integrated air defense systems. The fighter jet is the most expensive weapon in U.S. history.

BBC News - Ukraine agrees to 50% gas price hike amid IMF talks

Ukraine's interim government says it will raise gas prices for domestic consumers by 50% in an effort to secure an International Monetary Fund (IMF) aid package.An official at Ukraine's Naftogaz state energy company said the price rise would take effect on 1 May, and further rises would be scheduled until 2018.Ukrainians are accustomed to buying gas at heavily subsidised rates.But the IMF has made subsidy reform a condition of its deal.Ukraine currently buys more than half of its natural gas from Russia's Gazprom, and then sells it on to consumers at below market prices.  ~~~~~~~~~~~Hm, can we take a mulligan on this coup?  

Mom Arrested - School Locked Down - Because She Tried to Console Autistic Son Without Signing In

Missouri mother Niakea Williams received a phone call from her autistic son' elementary school, a school that knew her well, to inform her that her child was emotionally distressed and panicking. Like any mother in this situation who cares about her kid, Williams rushed over there right away and the school buzzed her in.Unfortunately though, Williams rushed in so fast, she forgot to sign the visitor' book at the front office (even though, again, the school invited her and knew she was coming and why). She opted instead to immediately go to her son' classroom and console the boy straight away.Due to this egregious error on Williams part of putting her kid first, you know, in the day and age when 'Merica is an all-out police state and schools across the nation are now suspending young children who make a gun shape with their fingers or eat their toaster pastries in the shape of a pretend gun, the principal thought it fit instead to call the cops on this mother for not following school protocol..because protocol is the law and everything.After the mother had asked the principal to bring her the book so she could sign it (because, apparently, her son was her main priority), she said that the principal told her "Oh no, I've already called the police."

The Real Inflation Fear - US Food Prices Are Up 19% In 2014

We are sure the weather is to blame but what happens when pent-up demand (from a frosty east coast emerging from its hibernation) bumps up against a drought-stricken west coast unable to plant to meet that demand? The spot price (not futures speculation-driven)of US Foodstuffs is the best performing asset in 2014 - up a staggering 19%. –_US_Food_Prices_Are_Up_19%_In_2014/34028/0/0/0/Y/M.html

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Harry Reid: People Aren't Educated on How to Use the Internet :: Washington Free...

by Occasion2B
Harry Reid: People Aren't Educated on How to Use the Internet :: Washington Free… #Occasion2B

Harry Reid: People Aren't Educated on How to Use the Internet :: Washington Free Beacon @YoNews -
Harry Reid: People Aren't Educated on How to Use the Internet :: Washington Free Beacon
26 Mar 04:35

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Ukraine's Future - 2011

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Ukraine's Future - 2011

Zbigniew Brzezinski CFR: Strategic Vision America and the Crisis of Global Power 2 - YouTube

Tymoshenko denies 'wipe out Russians' comment

Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's former prime minister, has denounced a tape broadcast by Russian state television where she is heard urging the "wiping out" of Russians and President Vladimir Putin, calling it a montage.Tymoshenko, who was released from jail after the fall of President Viktor Yanukovich, confirmed the authenticity of the phone call on Tuesday, but said the passage about Ukraine's eight million ethnic Russians had been manipulated, the AFP news agency reported."One has to take up arms and go wipe out these damn 'katsaps' together with their leader," the female voice said in the leaked phone call posted on YouTube and broadcast extensively on Monday evenining on Russian television.The word 'katsap' is a derogatory Ukrainian term for Russians.ukraineDuring the conversation, Tymoshenko is said to discuss Russia's seizing of Ukraine's Russian-speaking peninsula of Crimea with Ukrainian MP and former government official Nestor Shufrych."I am sorry that I am not able to be there and am not in charge of these processes, they wouldn't have had a f***ing chance of getting Crimea off me," she said in the leaked phone conversation."I would have found a way to finish off these b******s. I am hoping that I will use all my connections and will get the whole world to rise up so that not even scorched earth would be left of Russia," she added.Tymoshenko did not deny talking about how she would handle the Crimea crisis and apologised for using foul language."In fact, I said: 'Russians in Ukraine are Ukrainians. Cheers to FSB," she said, referring to the Russian security service who she clearly believes were behind the bugging of the phone call.

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21 Mar 11:28

Giraffe’s touching goodbye to dying worker at Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo

by AscendingStarseed


  • March 21, 2014 9:17AM
A giraffe at Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo says goodbye to Mario. Photo: Stitching

A giraffe at Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo says goodbye to Mario. Photo: Stitching Ambulance Wens Netherlands. Source: Supplied

A DYING cancer patient who worked at a Dutch zoo his whole life has said a final goodbye to the animal.

The 54-year-old man, identified only as Mario, was approaching by a loving giraffe as he lay in his hospital bed wheeled into Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo.

“You could see him totally light up,” Kees Veldboer, founder and director of Ambulance Wish Foundation, told a Dutch newspaper, Algemeen Dagblad.

“It’s very special to see that those animals recognise him, and sense that he isn’t doing well,” he said.

Mario has a mental disability and has worked as a maintenance man at the zoo for most of his life.

He later bid farewell to his colleagues, the paper reported.