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19 Dec 14:51

Cops cancel "let us search your house for guns" program

by Cory Doctorow

*facepalm* Oh Belwah.

(I went to Beloit College)

Police in Beloit, WI planned to fight gun-violence by asking citizens to let them come into their houses and search for guns, but not many people were interested in this offer. Read the rest

19 Dec 16:40

ColorFabb Unveils New brassFill 3D Printing Filament: When polished it looks like gold!

by Eddie Krassenstein

Oh for fucks sake. Would appreciate RTs for my latest tweets on the subject of headless/limbless female torsos in the 3D printing world (@vonslatt)

This year, we saw two new very unique metal-like filament options released by 3D printer filament manufacturer, ColorFabb. These filaments, bronzeFill and copperFill, provide a metal looking finish and a heavier feel than more...

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19 Dec 15:00

Amateur Builds Super Deep Super Cheap Ocean Vehicle

by Matt Freund

Been watch this guy on Youtube for about a year or so. He is a makerkin.

During the summers [Doug] has been building a 75 foot sailing junk to be launched from America’s most inland port. When Oklahoma’s winter hits he heads indoors to work on an ROV that will prowl 3,000 feet below the surface. Originally building a piloted submarine, he grew bored and decided to use the sailboat as a carrier for his fleet of remote submersibles instead.

A consummate amateur, [Doug] is the first to admit how little he knows about anything and how much he enjoys the open source spirit: collaboration, cooperation and learning from others. Determination and hard work fills in everything in between.

Hackaday covered the beginnings of his ROV last winter. In the year since it has progressed from some sketches and a 10″ steel pipe turned into a pressure testing rig to a nearly-complete, 10 foot long,  custom-lathed 4″ aluminum torpedo laying on his shop table. In a bow-to-stern walk-through [Doug] shows how he is building science equipment for less than a penny on the dollar by using largely off-the-shelf imaginatively-repurposed parts or things he could fabricate himself with only a lathe and a 3d printer.

Continue after the break for a breakdown of the tech used.

The body of the ROV alternates between wet (flooded) and dry sections to preserve balance. Surprisingly, the multitude of thrusters on-board are plain RC outrunners most of us would recognize from quadcopters – apparently with a little potting they are not overly harmed by immersion in salt water. Ditto for the LED banks which lack any heat-sinking, relying on exposure to near-freezing seawater for cooling. Dry sections are stuffed full of all manner of gear: a complement of HD IP cameras, RC LiPo (11.1v, 6Ah each) packs, motor ESCs, external & internal pressure sensors, humidity sensors, an inertial measurement unit and relay banks all controlled by an Arduino Mega with an ethernet shield.

The pride and joy of the electronics are an affordable pair of Lowrance sonars for ocean bed mapping, commonly used as fish-finders. He chose the model he did because the board can be collapsed smaller, making it easier to fit into a pressure vessel. Each sonar board is connected to a transducer, one side-scanning and one spotlight facing forward. These display up on the surface what the terrain looks like 150 feet away in the pitch black.

Unexposed wiring having to traverse a between dry sections is handled by brass hose barbs and sealed inside vinyl aquarium tubing. The pressure through the wet section crushes the tubing tight onto the wires. For exposed wiring, [Doug] has come up with own solution of centrifugally packing epoxy into plumbing fittings fitted with connection pins for a 2,600 PSI seal.

The ROV maintains a data connection to the surface with a simple, slightly-buoyant Cat-5e and polycord tether. 5000 feet of cord is too long of a run for household hardware so [Doug] has mounted ordinary Startech VDSL2 extenders which also reduce the wiring requirements down to a single twisted pair  (3000 feet yielded 46MBps and only 2ms lag). A bigger issue are the HD cams themselves which they found to be rather jello-like anywhere near HD performance.

When his carrier ship is finished [Doug] plans on sailing around the world, exploring the depths and doing meaningful science into retirement. He figures his $5,000 ROV will match ones sold for $1,200,000. For research projects that puts his open source ROV design in the realm of disposable relative to operations costs. For him it means he is able to own one at all.

All of [Doug]’s videos regarding both his sailing ship (with an ubiquitous $250 schoolbus diesel engine as a backup) and his ROV are superbly filmed, cut and edited. Camera angles change quickly enough to stave off boredom and show both scale and detail of the work. It is easy to spend hours watching how he overcomes each obstacle and budget hurdle.

Ever the collaborator, [Doug] is calling out for anyone who wants to stop by for a visit to work on the boat or to participate in the ROV build with advice. His videos regularly feature collaborators who travelled to help. If you feel you have something to contribute, he seems welcome for assistance.

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18 Dec 01:11

"1: all fungi are edible. 2: some fungi are only edible once"

“1: all fungi are edible.
2: some fungi are only edible once”

- Terry Pratchett (via dehanginggarden)
17 Dec 19:12

Melissa Ng Combines 3D Printing with Adafruit’s EL Wire to Create Incredible Glowing ‘Nightmare Mask’

by Eddie Krassenstein


There is something about masks that has always caused chills to run down my spine. Whether it is the creepy Halloween masks that I have to see every year, or even the friendly masks...

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17 Dec 14:50



Whoa! Whoooa! Whoooooooaaa! Dude.

16 Dec 20:11

15-Year-Old Guitarist Effortlessly Plays a Complicated Solo Cover of ‘Comfortably Numb’ by Pink Floyd

by Justin Page


Back in April, 15-year-old French guitarist Tina S. released a video where she calmly and effortlessly played a complicated solo cover of the song “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd on her Vigier Excalibur Custom. We previously wrote about her impressive guitar solos of “Eruption” by Van Halen and “Vivaldi Tribute” by Patrick Rondat.

via The Awesomer

14 Dec 23:49

Parallel universe where time travels in reverse?

by David Pescovitz

Dude! What if you could, like, move between them?

Has anyone ever written a story where time travel is possible but you can only travel into the past at the "speed" of one second per second?

Could we be living in the past of a parallel universe? University of Oxford physicist Julian Barbour delivers this headspinner:

“This two-futures situation would exhibit a single, chaotic past in both directions, meaning that there would be essentially two universes, one on either side of this central state,” Barbour tells Scientific American.

Read the rest
16 Dec 11:00

Tiny House in Waterland (the Netherlands)

by Kent Griswold

Shared mainly for the room names. Hey baby, the slaapzolder is where the magic happens!


by Reinoud

Below you find the official tekst we made for the Dutch Design Week which is held from October 18th – 26th.  The fact that we participate in the Dutch Design Week is coincidence because our tiny house is located in the area were the exhibition is held.

We started this project for many different reasons. The main one is that we are all in the ‘building business’ and that business is slow at the moment. I work as a freelance cad specialist and designer, Peer (who also happens to be my neighbor) is an Architect and works as an project adviser and travel agent. We are all self employed. Therefore, we have the time to start something like this.

C:UsersWERKDriveWaterland-Huisjetekeningen10920140909 wate

Another reason is that the area were the tiny house will be located is a development area. It used to be a large factory complex owned by Philips. Now, it is going to be a living area. We thought it would be nice to have a place over here. We also always dreamed of having an vacation cottage but never knew where. Whether it should be near the sea, near the forest, or in some interesting city. Far away or close by.


Then maybe the best part of the project for me is that we get a chance to actually build something with our own hands instead of always working on a computer. We can learn a lot from the building process. Also a tiny house is a chance to rethink the way we are living what do you really need.


Before we started I sent an email to tumbleweed asking if they also deliver tiny house to the Netherlands. The answer was that they did not because the highway regulations were different in Europe and their focus was on the USA. They wished us success if we wanted to make one of our own. For the design, I looked for something traditional in wood in the Netherlands. Building in wood is very unusual over here. Only in de ‘zaanstreek’ the area just above Amsterdam. I think the reason was because there was plenty wood which was imported from the Scandinavian countries to build the ships in the 17th century. Therefore, I named the tiny house waterland-huisje because Waterland is the name of the area that has a lot of these buildings. I found Waterland a good name because of the environmental impact (or lack of impact) of tiny living. Waterland is an area that lies below the sea level (you can look for Broek in Waterland on google maps).

Visit their website here.

Visit them on Facebook.

Watch a movie of the house here:


16 Dec 14:50

rcsetylr: I was looking through my gif folders at the ones I’ve made and I came across these: and...


I was looking through my gif folders at the ones I’ve made and I came across these:



and I’m laughing so fucking hard at them 

14 Dec 06:32

Swedish police take PIT (pursuit immobilization technique,...

by theburnlab

Swedish police take PIT (pursuit immobilization technique, tactical ramming, spin and pin) to the next level with the “Moose Roll.” *I suspect this move is a unique capability of Volvo XC70 interceptors.

15 Dec 14:09

Boeing Demonstrates the Impressive Maneuverability of Its New 787-9 Dreamliner Jumbo Jet

by Brian Heater

This must be a blast for the pilots! I dearly love tossing around full sized American luxury cars that were never meant to even pretend to corner!

Commercial airplane manufacturer Boeing took to the skies to demonstrate the impressive maneuverability of its new 787-9 Dreamliner as part of the Farnborough Airshow in Hampshire, England. The “super-efficient” jumbo jet uses 20-percent less fuel than its predecessors and holds up to 280 passengers, which is 16-percent more than the 787-8.

via The Awesomer

15 Dec 13:57

3D Printed Male Chastity Device Prototype: Personal toy for men

by Sarah Anderson

I am impressed with how straight @3DPrintGirl reported this. Though I would have like to see some mention of the fact that those prudes over at Thingiverse would never have allow such a thing to be posted.

For those couples seeking to spice up their personal lives with a bit of power play, leaving the woman in charge of the action (as it were), some inventive makers are hard at work...

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15 Dec 11:00

Plain Huts Shepherd Huts

by Christina Nellemann

Yes please.

These delightful shepherd huts are already making a splash in the United Kingdom with articles in several magazines, but Plain Huts could also be a wonderful addition to the tiny house communities here in the States. If you have the desire (and funds), these modern takes on the Shepherd’s Hut can become your own tiny house on custom wheels.


Plain Huts Shepherd Huts are a family run business in Wiltshire on Salisbury Plain in southern England (10 minutes from Stonehenge). Cath Caesar, her husband Ian, their children and even Cath’s sister run the design and construction business of the huts. The huts are simple yet sturdy, fully insulated and utilize the cast iron wheels of traditional shepherd huts. Cath and crew have designed the wheels specifically for the huts and they can’t be purchased anywhere else.


The Plain Huts, built on an oak and steel chassis, are available as a flexible space to be used as a tiny house, guesthouse, meditation studio, office or workspace. Features include double glazed windows, a covered deck with stairs, redwood or metal siding, a wood stove, and space for a bed and even a small kitchen or bathroom.

Several designs are available including the 124 square foot Romney for £13,500 ($21,200), the 112 square foot Jacob for £11,900 ($18,700), and the 75 square foot Manx for £11,900 ($18,700). Plain Huts can be delivered fully built within England, but if you are keen on building your own, a flat pack version is available. The rolling chassis comes with four insulated walls ready to erect. Doors and windows can be installed later. The Delux Flat Pack Shepherd’s Hut Kit is £6,500 ($10,225) and includes full insulation and Western Red Cedar siding. You can also get the basic kit without insulation for £3,800 ($5,977). The company is willing to ship the kits to the U.S. if the buyer organizes the shipping logistics.

Plain-Hut-shepherds-hut4 Plain-Hut-shepherds-hut3





Photos courtesy of Plain Huts and Jo Povoas


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

14 Dec 14:00

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1942 Packard 180 Touring Limousine

by Dave LaChance

Oh man! So tempting!


Before turning its attention to producing engines for the Allied war effort, Packard built 33,776 cars in its Twentieth Series, produced between August 1941 and February 1942. Among these were just 672 Series 180 cars, including the 1942 Packard 180 Touring Limousine project offered for sale here on

In its 1942 brochure, Packard acknowledged that “the demands of defense production have been great – and might have meant a sacrifice in quality. But Packard has met the challenge of the times with all the resourcefulness and ingenuity at its command. And while fewer cars will be built they will equal in quality and mechanical excellence any cars Packard has ever built!”

This Super Eight Custom 180, part of Packard’s Senior Series, rides on a 148-inch chassis, and is powered by a straight-eight rated at 165 hp. The all-steel body was constructed by the Briggs Body Company. What distinguished the eight-passenger Limousine from the similar Touring Sedan was the glass partition between the front and rear compartments, which could be raised and lowered at the press of a button.

It’s not often that you’ll find a Full Classic that can be had for used Accord money, but it’s also true that the asking price is merely the cost of entry – the photos hint at the extent of the work to be done, and that’s without knowing anything about the state of that magnificent straight-eight. On the positive side, the car has been in heated storage for nearly 40 years, and is reportedly mostly complete – shown in the back seat are the radiator, the gas tank and what appears to be that missing rear fender. Mechanical components, such as brake overhaul kits, are pretty easy to come by, too.

From the seller’s description:

Up for sale is my late grandfather’s 1942 Packard 180 Touring Limousine. This is an extremely rare pre-war production Packard. Very few of these vehicles are still in existence. My grandfather was a longtime Packard and flathead Ford collector, and this is one of the last vehicles in his collection.

My grandfather told me that the majority (roughly 90%) of the components required to restore the car are inside the vehicle. The car was brought to Nova Scotia, Canada by my grandfather and father from Mohawk, N.Y. in 1975. It has been in heated, indoor storage since that time.

My father and I are charged with liquidating his collection, and are not experts. If this vehicle is of interest to you, please phone us at the number listed, and reference the Packard.

30364244-770-0@2X 30364243-770-0@2X 30364242-770-0@2X 30364246-770-0@2X

Price: $7,500
Location: Berwick,
Status: Available

Find more Packards for sale at

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14 Dec 18:14

accio-dance: “A friend and I took care of a graffitied...


Why am I laughing so hard?


“A friend and I took care of a graffitied swastika in our town the only way we knew how.”



14 Dec 19:00

moniquill: diazrar: i cant get over these pictures omg thats...





i cant get over these pictures omg thats some rl disney bullshit right there


Ok but it’s even more adorable and perfect if you know the story behind these images:

"The cheetahs most often found at zoos and wildlife parks are not considered good breeding candidates, they don’t relate well to other cheetahs, or they are abandoned by their mothers, Rose-Hinostroza said. But they seem to take easily to companion dogs and look to the dogs for play and example…"The dog always has the cat’s back, but it’s never the other way around. Dogs worry about their cats. They protect their cats."


14 Dec 21:30

screenshotsofdespair: "What happened when I tried to put the...


Ha ha ha. Cry.


"What happened when I tried to put the Everyday Sexism talk I was going to into my calendar" - justlikeeddie

14 Dec 23:10

midiandgrime: So last week a guy at my work was running late for an audition. So he was running...


She's from Burlington, MA. I work in Burlington, MA.


So last week a guy at my work was running late for an audition. So he was running downtown and ran into someone and as he was looking up to apologize he sees that it’s Amy Poehler. And she goes, “In a hurry curry?” And then he says “I’m late for an audition!” So then the whole way to his audition Amy fucking Poehler is running in front of him pushing people out of the way yelling “Move! Get outta the way! Comin through!”

14 Dec 14:50


13 Dec 22:20

Found this on Facebook:


Hrmph. All of the Jake von Slatt fanfic is super tame.

13 Dec 21:30

The Story of Romeo and Juliet Condensed Into a Single GIF

11 Dec 23:58

Boat without trailers & titles sit forever


LOL someone is crushing someone else's dream!

They just sit in your yard because Logic says that they can not be moved without a trailer or registered without a title!
11 Dec 21:59

Daredevils Tether a Giant Hammock Between Cliffs 400 Feet Above the Desert in Utah

by EDW Lynch


Terrifying Giant Hammock Is Tethered 400 Feet Above the Desert in Utah

Around the Thanksgiving holiday, a group of 50 BASE jumpers, slackliners, and other daredevils built a giant pentagonal hammock some 400 feet above the desert near Moab, Utah. Entitled the “Mothership Space Net Penthouse,” the hammock served as a platform for BASE jumpers and a destination for slackliners, who walked up to 262 feet along lines tethering the hammock to surrounding cliffs. And of course, the hammock offered a stunning (and terrifying) view of the Utah desert. The “Mothership Space Net Penthouse” was conceived by Andy Lewis and was installed for one day.

Terrifying Giant Hammock Is Tethered 400 Feet Above the Desert in Utah

Terrifying Giant Hammock Is Tethered 400 Feet Above the Desert in Utah

photos by Brian Mosbaugh

via reddit

12 Dec 06:43

amarilloo: rgfellows: rgfellows: kanyewestboro: calanoida: S...






Susanna and the Elders, Restored (Left)

Susanna and the Elders, Restored with X-ray (Right)

Kathleen Gilje, 1998


Oooh my gosh this is rad. This is so rad.

For those who don’t know about this painting, the artist was the Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi.

Gentileschi was a female painter in a time when it was very largely unheard of for a woman to be an artist. She managed to get the opportunity for training and eventual employment because her father, Orazio, was already a well established master painter who was very adamant that she get artistic training. He apparently saw a high degree of skill in some artwork she did as a hobby in childhood. He was very supportive of her and encouraged her to resist the “traditional attitude and psychological submission to brainwashing and the jealousy of her obvious talents.”  

Gentileschi became extremely well known in her time for painting female figures from the Bible and their suffering. For example, the one seen above depicts the story from the Book of Daniel. Susanna is bathing in her garden when two elders began to spy on her in the nude. As she finishes they stop her and tell her that they will tell everyone that they saw her have an affair with a young man (she’s married so this is an offense punishable by death) unless she has sex with them. She refuses, they tell their tale, and she is going to be put to death when the protagonist of the book (Daniel) stops them.

So that painting above? That was her first major painting. She was SEVENTEEN-YEARS-OLD. For context, here is a painting of the same story by Alessandro Allori made just four years earlier in 1606: 


Wowwwww. That does not look like a woman being threatened with a choice between death or rape. So imagine 17 year old Artemisia trying to approach painting the scene of a woman being assaulted. And she paints what is seen in the x-ray above. A woman in horrifying, grotesque anguish with what appears to be a knife poised in her clenched hand. Damn that shit is real. Who wants to guess that she was advised by, perhaps her father or others, to tone it down. Women can’t look that grotesque. Sexual assault can’t be depicted as that horrifying. And women definitely can’t be seen as having the potential to fight back. Certainly not in artwork. Women need to be soft. They need to wilt from their captors but still look pretty and be a damsel in distress. So she changed it. 

What’s interesting to note is that she eventually painted and stuck with some of her own, less traditional depictions of women. However, that is more interesting with some context.  

(Warning for reference to rape, torture, and images of paintings which show violence and blood.)

So, Gentileschi’s story continues in the very next year, 1611, when her father hires Agostino Tassi, an artist, to privately tutor her. It was in this time when Tassi raped her. He then proceeded to promise that he would marry her. He pointed out that if it got out that she had lost her virginity to a man she wasn’t going to marry then it would ruin her. Using this, he emotionally manipulated her into continuing a sexual relationship with him. However, he then proceeded to marry someone else. Horrified at this turn of events she went to her father. Orazio was having none of this shit and took Tassi to court. At that time, rape wasn’t technically an offense to warrant a trial, but the fact that he had taken her virginity (and therefore technically “damaged Orazio’s property”. ugh.) meant that the trial went along. It lasted for 7 months. During this time, to prove the truth of her words, Artemisia was given invasive gynecological examinations and was even questioned while being subjected to torture via thumb screws. It was also discovered during the trial that Tassi was planning to kill his current wife, have an affair with her sister, and steal a number of Orazio’s paintings. Tassi was found guilty and was given a prison sentence of…. ONE. YEAR……. Which he never even served because the verdict was annulled.

During this time and a bit after (1611-1612), Artemisia painted her most famous work of Judith Slaying Holofernes. This bible story involved Holofernes, an Assyrian general, leading troops to invade and destroy Bethulia, the home of Judith. Judith decides to deal with this issue by coming to him, flirting with him to get his guard down, and then plying him with food and lots of wine. When he passed out, Judith and her handmaiden took his sword and cut his head off. Issue averted. The subject was a very popular one for art at the time. Here is a version of the scene painted in 1598-99 by Carivaggio, whom was a great stylistic influence on Artemisia:


This depiction is a pretty good example of how this scene was typically depicted. Artists usually went out of their way to show Judith committing the act (or having committed it) while trying to detach her from the actual violence of it. In this way, they could avoid her losing the morality of her character and also avoid showing a woman committing such aggression. So here we see a young, rather delicate looking Judith in a pure white dress. She is daintily holding down this massive man and looks rather disgusted and upset at having to do this. Now, here is Artemisia’s:


Damn. Thats a whole different scene. Here Holofernes looks less like he’s simply surprised by the goings ons and more like a man choking on his own blood and struggling fruitlessly against his captors. The blood here is less of a bright red than in Carrivaggio’s but is somehow more sickening. It feels more real, and gushes in a much less stylized way than Carrivaggio’s. Not to mention, Judith here is far from removed from the violence. She is putting her physical weight into this act. Her hands (much stronger looking than most depictions of women’s hands in early artwork) are working hard. Her face, as well, is completely different. She doesn’t look upset, necessarily, but more determined. 

It’s also worth note that the handmaiden is now involved in the action. It’s worth note because, during her rape trial, Artemisia stated that she had cried for help during the initial rape. Specifically she had called for Tassi’s female tenant in the building, Tuzia. Tuzia not only ignored her cries for help, but she also denied the whole happening. Tuzia had been a friend of Artemisia’s and in fact was one of her only female friends. Artemisia felt extremely betrayed, but rather than turning her against her own gender, this event instilled in her the deep importance of female relationships and solidarity among women. This can be seen in some of her artwork, and I believe in the one above, as well, with the inclusion of the handmaiden in the act.

So, I just added a million words worth of information dump on a post when no one asked me, but there we go. I could talk for ages about Artemisia as a person and her depictions of women (even beyond what I wrote above. Don’t get me started on her depictions of female nudes in comparison to how male artists painted nude women at the time.) 

To sum up: Artemisia Gentileschi is rad as hell. This x-ray is also rad as hell and makes her even radder.

I love art history.

I’m reblogging this again to add something that I also think is important to know about Artemisia Gentileschi.
Back in her time and through even to TODAY, there are people who argue that her artworks were greatly aided by her father…. As in he either helped her paint them or just straight up painted them himself. Hell, there are a number of works only recently (past several years or so) that have been officially attributed to Artemisia because people originally saw the signature with “Gentileschi” in it and automatically attributed it to Orazio.
So, not only was Artemisia Gentileschi an amazing artist and amazing historical figure, but I don’t want it to be ignored that there are people over 400 years later who still won’t give her the credit she deserves, just because she’s a woman and obviously women can’t paint like she did.

I fucking love Artemisia Gentileschi

11 Dec 23:20

Wonderfully Retro Light Fixtures Made of Salvaged Objects by Afterglow Studio

by EDW Lynch

Neat! Though I cringe at the efficiency of those retro mazda light bulbs.

Retro Found Object Light Fixtures by Afterglow Studio

Andy Schulman of Afterglow Studio uses old-style incandescent bulbs and salvaged vintage objects to create wonderfully retro sculptural light fixtures. His lights range from small hanging fixtures sprouting multiple bulbs to large-scale, wall-mounted “light murals.” Videographer Bryan Denman recently released this video that offers a behind-the-scenes look at Schulman’s beautiful lights and jam-packed workspace.

Retro Found Object Light Fixtures by Afterglow Studio

Retro Found Object Light Fixtures by Afterglow Studio

Retro Found Object Light Fixtures by Afterglow Studio

photos via Afterglow Studio

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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12 Dec 00:00

Using the Oculus Rift as a Multi-Monitor Replacement

by James Hobson


[Jason] has been playing around with the Oculus Rift lately and came up with a pretty cool software demonstration. It’s probably been done before in some way shape or form, but we love the idea anyway and he’s actually released the program so you can play with it too!

It’s basically a 3D Windows Manager, aptly called 3DWM — though he’s thinking of changing the name to something a bit cooler, maybe the WorkSphere or something.

As he shows in the following video demonstration, the software allows you to set up multiple desktops and windows on your virtual sphere created by the Oculus — essentially creating a virtual multi-monitor setup. There’s a few obvious cons to this setup which makes it a bit unpractical at the moment. Like the inability to see your keyboard (though this shouldn’t really be a problem), the inability to see people around you… and of course the hardware and it’s lack of proper resolution. But besides that, it’s still pretty awesome!

In the future development he hopes to add Kinect 2 and Leap Motion controller integration to help make it even more user intuitive — maybe more Minority Report style.

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10 Dec 08:21

Furry convention evacuated after chlorine-gas attack

by Cory Doctorow

Thank you Cory. I have yet to hear one thing about the perpetrators, I mean terrorists who did this.

The 15th Midwest Furfest was evacuated last week after 19 attendees were hospitalized by chlorine gas at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare Hotel; hazmat technicians cleared out an "intentional gas attack" apparatus in the 9th floor stairwell. Read the rest