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Informing Ourselves: The 2014 Social Media Marketing Report

by Debra Askanase

I love benchmarks – it guides our industry and those of us working in it. A good set of benchmarking data informs future social media marketing decisions and helps us to rethink others. Social Media Examiner recently released the 2014 Social Media Marketing Report detailing how 3,025 business marketing professionals conduct social media marketing activities. The report reveals what platforms marketers are using, how much time they are spending on them, the perceived return on investment, what marketing jobs they outsource, and which marketing activities complement social media.

How much time should we spend on social media?

I’ve written that the “minimum viable” social media presence for an organization is a .25 FTE.  NTEN’s 2012 Nonprofit Social Benchmarking Report confirmed that the majority of nonprofits using social media commit 25% of one employee’s time to social media. So did this report. Of those surveyed for Social Media Examiner’s report:

  • 66% spend six or more hours a week using social media
  • 39% spend 11 or more hours a week using social media

Time commitment for social media marketing SM Examiner 2014

Which social media platforms are the most important to marketers?

Social Media Examiner asked marketers to select the single most important social media platform for their businesses. Only one choice was allowed.

Not surprisingly, marketers chose one of “the big four” platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogging. The interesting aspect of this is the difference between what B2C marketers chose and B2B marketers chose.

For B2B marketers, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging play a much more dominant role than for B2C marketers. Two interesting observations:

  • The stronger role of Twitter for B2B marketers than B2C. It might be because B2B marketers are narrowly focusing on targets and referrals using Twitter, similarly to how they would use LinkedIn, and finding that effective.
  • Don’t let the relatively small priority of using YouTube fool you: in the next graph, you’ll see that 57% of marketers use YouTube — but it’s only a top marketing platform for 2-3% of marketers. With all the noise on YouTube, this isn’t surprising to me.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.19.01 PM

What does social media do for an organization?

Social Media Examiner asked marketers how strongly they realize specific benefits from social media marketing. Those who spend at least 6 hours a week using social media reported these benefits:

  • 92% report gaining increased business exposure
  • Over 50% reported gaining new partnerships
  • Over 66% credit social media with lead generation
  • 61% saw a rise in search engine rankings
  • 84% found increased web traffic

Benefits of SM Marketing SME 2014


Where are marketers planning to increase their efforts and time? Social Media Examiner asked marketers to indicate how they will change their social media use in the near future.

  • Keep on Keeping On. Marketers plan to increase their already heavy investment in the “big four”channels (plus blogging). They indicated they will increase use in blogging (68%), YouTube (67%), Twitter (67%), LinkedIn (64%), and Facebook (64%).
  • 68% of marketers responded that they would increase their blogging efforts, making it the top choice. This may or may not surprise you, but when you think about the SEO and web traffic benefits to blogging, it is an obvious choice for marketers. I am surprised, however, that short-form video or graphic-based channels were not at the very top.
  • Podcasting use will jump three-fold among marketers surveyed. Overall, a small percentage of marketers podcast, but this group indicated a drastic increase in use, jumping from 6% to 21%. B2B marketers are more likely to increase activities than B2C marketers. For creating signal through the noise, podcasting can be a great tool.
  • Short-form video (Vine, Instagram). 35% of marketers plan to increase their use. It’s a relatively new mode of visual communication, and I predict the jump will be even higher two years from now.


This is a benchmarking report, and for that purpose, there are a some great benchmarks for nonprofit marketers who are either working in-house or consulting to mission-driven organizations. Reading the entire report (I only highlighted a portion in this blog post ), I offer this analysis:

  • Invest time in social media. At least 6 hours, more like a minimum of 10 hours a week to see pretty good return on investment.
  • Benchmark against the benefits marketers are already realizing. Are you generating leads, forming partnerships, increasing web traffic and views, improving SEO, deepening loyalty? If you’re not, start today, because this report shows there are tangible benefits and you can benchmark how effective your social media marketing is against this group of business marketers.
  • Social media activities are going in-house. Not that many marketers outsource activities, but this report offers a list of what activities companies are paying for…and what they are not.
  • If you’re advertising on Facebook, you’re not alone. 90% of those who pay to play are doing so on Facebook.
  • B2B vs. B2C social media marketing approaches. There are some real differences in how B2B marketers and B2C marketers use social media– primarily the channels used and benefits realized from using social media.
  • Experience changes the approach. Experienced social media marketers (5+ years) are focused more on time-heavy original content creation (blogging, YouTube, podcasting) than less experienced marketers. What does that tell us? A few things: these folks may be more efficient at creating this content, they understand how to utilize video and podcasting platforms well, and they see a return on using these platforms. A note to consider.

For more trends and information, read the full report online here.

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poppasplayground: This week’s #FreakyFriday Finale #cums from...


This week’s #FreakyFriday Finale #cums from @Xtube

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men2love: Take Advantage (49) ~ Snow Bunny Follow The...


Take Advantage (49) ~ Snow Bunny

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poppasplayground: Stay at His Side on #SexySaturday Follow...


Stay at His Side on #SexySaturday

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daddiesn2younger: #selfie #hairy #hot Follow The...


#selfie #hairy #hot

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Bear Essential’s!

Bear Essential’s!

28 Jun 09:00

Eric Cantona - You and the Night (2013)Éric Cantona - Les...

Eric Cantona - You and the Night (2013)
Éric Cantona - Les rencontres d’après minuit (2013)

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Black black gay, africain gay, noir gay, black TTBM, homme black, black nu, black musclé, gay black, hung black, muscled black, black guy, black twink, naked black man, hot black man

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Throwing Rocks

::PLOOOOSH:: Looks like you won't be making it to Vinland today, Leaf Erikson.
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39th annual PrideFest shimmies through downtown Denver

by Nate Koch

Denver PrideFest is one of the largest displays in support of LGBT rights in the country. The march began with as little as one-hundred participants in 1976 and has since ballooned, with a turnout exceeding 300,000 people per year.

The demonstration started out politically as a protest in reaction to the Denver Police force’s unfair treatment of gay and lesbian residents, among other civil rights issues. Today, the festival is a celebration of LGBT pride and unity in the larger Colorado community.

Some of the state’s best-known Democrats marched in this morning’s parade, including Gov. Hickenlooper, U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette and U.S. Sen. Mark Udall.

June may turn out to be a pivotal month for gay rights, with decisions on same-sex marriage expected soon from the Denver-based 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

The Independent’s video-coverage of PrideFest 2014 right here:

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Two Adults Have a Childish Conversation About Gay Marriage: VIDEO

by Jim Redmond

Kids explain same-sex marriage

The Gay Women’s Channel has published a video with adults re-enacting two kids as they talk about same-sex marriage.

Problems explaining boys marrying boys and girls marrying girls? Let these kids show you how.

Girl: What’s the most important thing when you get married?

Boy: The most important thing is that you love each other.

Watch the strangely compelling back-and-forth, AFTER THE JUMP...

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 Hot Damn! You Must Have Read My Mind!



 Hot Damn! You Must Have Read My Mind!

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my favorite is the one in the middle!

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 Cum on and Join Me!

 Cum on and Join Me!

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Explore The World Of Sexy, Short Celebrities: VIDEO

by Joseph Ehrman-Dupre


Great, beautiful, sexy, hunky male things come in small packages, or so this new BuzzFeed video would like you to believe. Claiming that the average height of men in America is 5 feet, 9 1/2 inches, the video explores the world of men famous men - from Robert Downey Jr. to Kendrick Lamar, Usher to Josh Hutcherson - who fall somewhere below that line, often unexpectedly.

Check out the fun video, AFTER THE JUMP...

And let us know your shortest celebrity crush in the comments section below!

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The Wisest of Words

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Instruction Manuel

Instruction Manuel

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jockbrad: All things sports gear … swimmers, wrestlers,...


All things sports gear … swimmers, wrestlers, football players, jockstraps, speedos and spandex!

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looneytoonz242: hyhx: Oh rly ? I need two hands for...



Oh rly ? I need two hands for mine


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by newageamazon








Salute to the enduring spirit of the children of the slaves…

A lot of the men and women that had to endure this are still alive. Don’t let white people act like this is the distant past. It’s not.

Fucking monsters.

American history. American present.

Never forget

I didn’t want to reblog this because of how uncomfortable it made me feel and then I realized, that’s the exact reason I need to reblog it.

Look at these images, America. Look at them. This is your history. This is one of the things that has made you what you are. Do you know what these are from? Have you ever heard of the Detroit Race Riot of ‘43? Do you know about the Deacons of Defense? Can you imagine the kind of “crimes” that could necessitate beatings like the ones viewed here? Crimes like: being involved with a white woman. Being suspected of being involved with a white woman. Trying to vote. Using a white’s only bathroom. Integrating schools or churches or anything else.

Look at these images. This is your story and mine. This isn’t the distant past! This isn’t some kind of ancient history that we can gloss over. People who participated in these events—on either side—are still alive today. Their children and grandchildren may be reading this right now.

Look at them, damn you! Study them. Think about how they make you feel. How it must have felt for the victims. For their families. Put yourself back there. Imagine this. Picture living with this kind of fear.

Look at these images.

Bolding is mine.

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More RealguyzLet’s wait for a really big breeze

More Realguyz

Let’s wait for a really big breeze