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17 Oct 04:00

October 17, 2014

31 Oct 03:25

The Real Sonic Screwdriver

sleep is dumb

Tonight’s comic is about the REAL Sonic Screwdriver

07 Oct 19:09

The Great Bluff That Led To A 'Magical' Pill And A Sexual Revolution

In the '50s, four people collaborated to create a pill so women could enjoy sex. They fibbed about their motivations and skirted the law. Jonathan Eig details the history in The Birth of the Pill.

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18 Nov 14:44

6 Uber Alternatives Because Uber Is Run By Dirtbags

by Mario Aguilar

6 Uber Alternatives Because Uber Is Run By Dirtbags

Have you had it with Uber yet? The company price-gouges customers, screws over its drivers , and now, an Uber exec just publicly outlined a cavalier plan to spy on journalists in retaliation for critical coverage. Good news! You don't have to use it anymore. You can use these alternatives instead.


22 Nov 05:00


by Jennie Breeden
24 Nov 19:44

A Softer World: 1177

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22 Sep 08:00

A Collection Of Photographs Urban Climbers Risked Their Lives To Shoot

by Zeon Santos

Risking your life for the ultimate daredevil photograph didn’t become a big deal until the internet made it so, because skywalking wasn’t really worth doing before millions of people could see it, right?

(Image Link)

Now (mostly Russian) daredevils abound on the internet, continually pushing the boundaries to get that perfect(ly terrifying) shot.

(Image Link)

Skywalking is an undeniably dangerous trend that will likely result in a few deaths, but there’s something you can’t deny- the view from way up there is truly breathtaking.

(Image Link)

This collection of legendary skywalking photos is made up mostly of shots taken by two guys- Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov, aka dedmaxopka, the two biggest stars of skywalking.

(Image Link)

They're risking it all to share shots like this from on top of the world, but do you think it's worth all the risk?

(Image Link)

View the rest of the 84 Illegal Photographs That Urban Climbers Risked Their Lives To Take here

19 Nov 14:30

Today, on Capitol Hill, There Will Be a Hearing on “Religious Accommodations” in the Military

by Hemant Mehta

Later today, the U.S. House Armed Services Committee will hold a hearing on “Religious Accommodations in the Armed Services” — and Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation will be one of the non-right-wing representatives on the panel (sitting next to people from Family Research Council, Liberty Institute, and the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty):

[Weinstein] plans to tell Congress that numerous leaders in the military practice a “twisted version of Christianity” that oppresses not only Muslims and other religious minorities, but Christians who are not devout.

“If they intend to try to shoot the messenger, to assassinate the messenger, I couldn’t care less about that,” Weinstein said Tuesday. “To me, this is about the U.S. Constitution. They will not assassinate the message, and the message is that tens of thousands of our brave members of the U.S. military are being persecuted by a version of Christianity, a twisted version, that is the closest thing to the American, Christian version of the Islamic Taliban.

I’m not sure what the hearing will accomplish, but when you have representatives of groups that encourage military proselytizing and a very vocal opponent of it in the same room, there’s bound to be some fireworks.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

15 Nov 01:18

Supercell tornado in Nebraska: GIF

by Xeni Jardin

“Supercell tornado at West Point Nebraska.” via Reddit.

13 Nov 00:03

When the FBI told MLK to kill himself (who are they targeting now?)

by Cory Doctorow

We've known for years that the FBI spied on Martin Luther King's personal life and sent him an anonymous letter in 1964 threatening to out him for his sexual indiscretions unless he killed himself in 34 days. Now we have an unredacted version of the notorious letter. Read the rest

10 Nov 12:45

PSA: UK small businesses, don't get ripped off by BT's "PC Security" scam

by Cory Doctorow

I cancelled my small business BT account last year when they endorsed the Tory Internet censorship plan -- and to my surprise, they kept sending me bills, but that wasn't nearly so surprising as what I discovered next: a seven-year-long overbilling ripoff that took most of a year to untangle. Read the rest

03 Nov 21:06

Here's the page from the biology textbook that Arizona conservatives tore out

by Mark Frauenfelder

Here's the page containing true facts that Republican senators and conservative religious leaders from Gilbert Arizona ordered to be torn out of all copies of a textbook for high school honors biology students. I wonder if teachers will be fired for sharing the URL?

30 Oct 20:38

Teller's latest video about living in a zombie world

by Mark Frauenfelder

Since 2008 Teller (Penn's partner) has been making a video show about living in a zombie infested world. His latest episode, the fifth in the series, was posted today.

29 Oct 17:02

TSA supervisor confiscates raygun belt buckle -- because terrorism!

by Mark Frauenfelder

The TSA must be disbanded.

A TSA supervisor confiscated Sean Malone's toy ray gun belt buckle at the airport. Malone described the encounter:

"You understand that this is a belt buckle, right?

Read the rest
07 Nov 03:05

Here's How Mr Donkervoort Turned Colin Chapman's Idea Into Pure Speed

by Máté Petrány

Here's How Mr Donkervoort Turned Colin Chapman's Idea Into Pure Speed

What can you do when you love the Lotus Seven, have the right to import Lotus Sevens, but then the police kindly informs you that the product is deemed unsafe at any speed by Dutch standards? Well, you built something totally new keeping the original idea in mind.


25 Oct 14:37

jumpingbutnotforjoy: Goth

11 Oct 04:53

samaelcarver: The Meme of our Years.


The Meme of our Years.

22 Oct 11:58

Your favorite horror icons as evil vinyl figures

by Andrea James
Twins_01-987x1024 Just in time for Halloween, check out these cool vinyl figures of some of the most iconic characters in the horror genre, courtesy of A Large Evil Corporation. Read the rest
07 Nov 11:02


by Jennie Breeden
23 Oct 16:30


by Christopher Hastings

It is Adventure Time. I’ll let Comics Alliance deliver the news:

“Of all the sentences I’ve read in comics news this week, none have been as much of an emotional rollercoaster as this one: Ryan North is leaving the Adventure Time comic, and will be replaced as writer by Christopher Hastings.”

Read More: Christopher Hastings Replaces Ryan North On ‘Adventure Time’

That’s right! Starting with Issue #36, out this coming January, I’m the new writer on the Adventure Time ongoing series, with art by Zachary Sterling. Ryan North’s a dear friend, and I’m honored to be taking the reins from him. I am also terrified to fill his enormous shoes. Ryan’s Adventure Time run is one of the finest collection of humor comics out there, (multiple awards and the ridiculous sales numbers agree) and he’ll be a tough act to follow.


WHAT TIME IS IT? is a post from: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

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15 Oct 09:54

Darkmatter: a secure Paranoid Android version that hides from attackers

by Cory Doctorow

Stock Android phones with the Darkmatter OS use encrypted storage, OS-level app controls, and secure messaging by default, but if the phone thinks it's under attack, it dismounts all the encrypted stuff and reboots as a stock Android phone with no obvious hints that its owner has anything hidden on it. Read the rest

11 Oct 10:56

How Dali and Halsman made "In Voluptas Mors"

by Cory Doctorow

One of the most iconic images of Salvador Dali's career was the photo of a skull composed from the artfully arranged bodies of nude models. Read the rest

12 Aug 15:30

Twelve Mighty Facts About He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe

by Zeon Santos

As a kid growing up in the 80s cartoon heroes didn't come much buffer, bolder, or more exciting than He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

He-Man was a toon descendant of the sword and sorcery fantasy subgenre that made Dungeons & Dragons obsessed kids like me go squee, and in a clever bit of marketing the characters on the screen matched toys available for purchase at your local toy store, sparking many lifelong addictions to toys and action figures.

He-Man isn't all muscles and might, and now thanks to io9's 12 Insane Facts About He-Man and the Masters of the Universe you can discover fun facts like- Skeletor's relationship to He-Man, the geek icons who started their career on Masters, and why Teela is more important than He-Man in the overall storyline.

25 Sep 03:40


07 Oct 17:15

Adobe ebook DRM secretly builds and transmits a dossier of your reading habits

by Cory Doctorow

The latest version of Adobe's Digital Editions, a DRM system widely used for ebooks, gathers enormous amounts of sensitive personal information about its users' reading habits and transmits them, in the clear, to Adobe. Read the rest

03 Oct 01:47

Can you spot the difference between the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts science workshops?

by Rob Beschizza
10629620_745466952179458_1507716768032781674_n "I can't quite place it," writes David Shiffman. Update: The original is at Jezebel: "This Science Museum Has Royally Pissed Off a Bunch of Girl Scouts"
07 Oct 11:00


by Jennie Breeden
06 Oct 14:46

Let John Oliver Explain How Cops Can Take Anything From Anyone

by Andrew P Collins on Code 3, shared by Travis Okulski to Jalopnik

Civil forfeiture laws seem to give police the right to commandeer anything, including cash, that they deem associated with a real or "potential" crime and use it to buy, in one police chief's words, "toys." Like a zamboni or margarita machine. Let John Oliver explain.


03 Oct 14:20

This Is Definitely 100% Exactly How The Navy's Railgun Sounds

by Michael Ballaban on foxtrotalpha, shared by Matt Hardigree to Jalopnik

Yep, that's definitely it. The railgun , hailed as the future of the United States Navy, sounds exactly like this. No joking here at all.


25 Sep 23:34

Billionaire told he can't block access to public beach

by Rob Beschizza

Tech billionaire Vinod Khosla bought a house by a public beach, then cut off access to it. A court has ordered him to unlock the gates.

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