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30 Jul 07:55

You can't unsee this

30 Jul 16:40

When you post pictures of your kids...

30 Jul 02:25

When a teacher announces there will be a surprise test.

26 Jul 21:45

My face when someone nearby keeps receiving text messages and the notification sound is around 10 seconds in length.

29 Jul 15:30

He Just Needs the Persecution to Stop

He Just Needs the Persecution to Stop

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29 Jul 16:15

Because of the delay that light rays have

27 Jul 05:35

When I sh*t my pants on live TV

29 Jul 02:25

"Tattoos will look stupid when you're older"

29 Jul 03:20

Early Access games on Steam

28 Jul 12:35

You can never explain this

24 Jul 21:50


24 Jul 22:30

A UK Man Built a Ridiculous Farting Machine, so of Course it's Pointed Towards France

And hey look, there's even more progress being made on this thing! Now with MORE BUTT:

Submitted by: (via colinfurze)

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25 Jul 01:35

Ineffective punches are ineffective

24 Jul 02:05

Every f**king time!

24 Jul 03:45

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he felt like Danny DeVito around The Mountain!

24 Jul 07:20

That hook is a true hero!

23 Jul 05:40

I've made a huge mistake

22 Jul 12:30

Remaining 700kb of free space reserved for 2018

22 Jul 18:35

Just realized this about Spider-man. How could I be so blind?

22 Jul 23:30

My girlfriend just sent me this. Doesn't look like invitation. I'm scared...

22 Jul 23:50

This is how Japanese celebrities tell the media that they are pregnant.

23 Jul 03:15

What did the virgin say after her first blowjob?

21 Jul 22:25

Quite handy for all weight-conscious backpackers out there

21 Jul 23:00

When a girl is embarrassed because her period started while I was going down on her, but I don't care cause I'm horny

20 Jul 13:15

How old is Spongebob?

20 Jul 22:00

I'm a terrible person for laughing at this

21 Jul 00:30

German vs Chinese - both doing 56km/h (35m/h)

21 Jul 05:50

Such a dilemma!

20 Jul 02:30

3... 2... 1... WTF

18 Jul 02:35

The original M.V.P.