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23 Apr 13:10

Someone posted this 'cute Easter lamb cake' today... am I the only one that thinks this is terrifying?!

23 Apr 13:10

Little Britain, what a show!

22 Apr 23:50

When I see someone "hacking" a computer in a movie

22 Apr 13:55

This is an unacceptable form of celebration. Shame!

22 Apr 01:30

There's just something about this

21 Apr 14:25

7 Star Wars quotes that would have saved the Empire.

21 Apr 14:55

Well done girl

21 Apr 05:40

Close enough

20 Apr 16:55

Worst Book Covers and Titles Ever.

20 Apr 06:35

Oh. No. You. DON'T.

17 Apr 13:30

Even the girl in the wheelchair made it up.

17 Apr 13:35

S**t used to get real...

18 Apr 16:10

In Soviet Russia, pussy licks you

18 Apr 22:00

Kill me please

18 Apr 22:55

So Close!

19 Apr 00:15

Best s**t ever

18 Apr 13:35

Fun fact info graphic

18 Apr 15:00

This is UNICEF's Public Service Announcement About Poop in India. It Gets Weird Fast.

WARNING: Plenty of language in this, obviously.

Submitted by: (via Poo2Loo)

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18 Apr 06:10

Childhood Ruined

16 Apr 22:45

God f**king damn it!

16 Apr 22:55

33 People That Had One Job And Failed.

17 Apr 00:20

Getting woken up with a blowjob

14 Apr 20:33

True Facts Infography

by Donnia

Le site Kind Of Normal a imaginé des infographies amusantes appelées « TruthFacts » qui livrent des petites vérités sur notre quotidien, notre époque (digitale) et nos diverses habitudes ; des anecdotes dans lesquelles tout le monde peut se reconnaitre. Une sélection des différentes infographies est disponible dans la suite.

truthfacts-19 truthfacts-18 truthfacts-17 truthfacts-16 truthfacts-15 truthfacts-14 truthfacts-13 truthfacts-12 truthfacts-11 truthfacts-10 truthfacts-9 truthfacts-8 truthfacts-7 truthfacts-6 truthfacts-5 truthfacts-4 truthfacts-3 truthfacts-2 truthfacts-1 0
15 Apr 22:25

I'm a Chef.

15 Apr 22:45

Origin of unicorns

16 Apr 04:05

It's more disturbing with the USB cable plugged in.

16 Apr 10:20

Family Guy had its moments

16 Apr 12:45

Ahh a bear!

16 Apr 15:25

10 Facts About Game of Thrones

16 Apr 16:30

My childhood in one photo