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06 Sep 18:00

The Mac + Cheese Cookbook by Allison Arevalo and Erin Wade — New Cookbook

by Emma Christensen

Oh, hello! Did you call for a giant bowl of cheesy, gooey, creamy pasta? Great! Because Allison and Erin from Oakland's Homeroom restaurant — a West Coast mecca for mac n' cheese — are ready to serve it to you, cookbook-style. If you can flip through this book without your stomach rumbling at least once, then you are a stronger person that I am.


23 Aug 18:41

Who Drinks This Stuff?

by Adam Roberts


The other day at Gelson’s, I was looking for almond grappa to make Franny’s toasted almond gelato (shockingly, I was unsuccessful) and during my search I spied the bottle you see above. Who drinks this stuff? First of all, I think it’s hilarious that it translates to “The Spirit of Paris” and the flavor is “Red Velvet Cake.” How is red velvet cake even remotely in the spirit of Paris? Second of all, as Regina Schrambling recently Tweeted, “red velvet” is not a flavor. It’s a bunch of red food coloring added to a cocoa cake. So what, exactly, do people think they’re drinking when they drink Red Velvet Cake Sparkling liqueur?

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