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10 Nov 16:08

It's almost 2015 and I'm still using a Symbian phone

by Al Pavangkanan
Well, not as my main phone.  For now, that's a Nokia Lumia 925.  However, my Nokia 808 Pureview is still raking up mileage.

Obviously, the camera is still its main use.  Most of the photos and videos on this blog were shot with it.  I found the Lumia 1020 too much of a lateral move from the 808 to purchase it.  Looking forward to the 1020 successor.

I prefer to use twitter on my 808.  Gravity is (thankfully) still being updated and I find it the easiest way to browse my multiple accounts and lists.  Windows Phone still has no app that can match its ease of use, speed and features.

The 808 is still amazing when it comes to GPS.  I drove for an hour yesterday with no cable plugged in and my battery was only down to 75% .  If I use my Lumia 925, the battery would have drained in 30 minutes.  Even plugged in with my old 1amp car charger, it still ends up dead after 3 hours.  Never had a problem with the 4-5 hour drive to Vegas with my 808.

GPS on Symbian works great.  Route commands come through the phone's speaker.  This is great on the 808, since the speaker is quite loud.  Route commands will only use the car stereo if I am connected in BT Audio mode and have music streaming from the phone.

Car navigation on Windows Phone sucks in my car.  It connects over bluetooth to my car stereo very strangely.  Route commands break the audio and use my car stereo's BT Phone mode.  This means the audio quality takes a major nosedive.  It is a really jarring experience because route instructions are delayed about 2 seconds.  Half the time, the route instruction doesn't even play because of that delay.  Even connected in BT Audio with music streaming, the route instructions still come over BT Phone mode.  Maybe it's my car stereo's fault this experience sucks.

If I only have the 925 on me when driving, I shut down its bluetooth connection and just use the phone's speaker.  This isn't too bad.  I can use Cortana and get directions to where I want to go easier.  Cortana over my car's bluetooth can never hear me.

Thanks for reading!

12 Oct 22:36

Win a Lumia 635 and Prize Pack with Nokia US

by Chris Wright
Chris Wright


Nokia US’s Facebook page are offering five Lumia 635’s as prizes along with a prize pack that includes replacement shells, headphones and chargers. You need to be a resident of the United States, and fill out the Sweepstakes registration page, which will give you one entry into the contest, additional entries are awarded for each friend you also get to sign up.

Want to win the ultimate treat this Halloween? We’re going to indulge five winners with a brand new Lumia 635 and ultimate prize pack filled with colored shells for your phone, a portable charger and headphones! Just tell us how your #Lumia will come in handy this Halloween for a chance to win. No tricks here. Enter if you dare.

The closing date is the 9th October, 6pm Pacific time. You can enter the contest, find out more and read all the rules by clicking HERE, and the best of luck.

23 Jun 15:00

#01/SDCC 2014: Let the Planning Begin!

by CCI_Gary_SDCC
Comic-Con International 2014 Toucan Tip of the Day

Our Toucan Tip of the Day feature returns with the first of 30 great tips to help you better enjoy Comic-Con International 2014!

17 Feb 00:00


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11 May 14:30

Pirate Sentai Gokaiger – The Grand Finale

by alvetica
Download the Volume 13 at Mega Change log 49. Recap dialog up top. Some dialog split up. “Bye now, Insarn.” changed to “Good bye, Insarn!” “This is the military might of our mighty the Zangyack Empire, that rules the entire universe!” changed to “This is the military strength of our mighty Zangyack Empire, that rules […]
31 Mar 23:19

Ghost Airports: Peek Inside San Bernardino's Eerily Unused Airport

by Bianca Barragan

[Images via KPCC Audio Vision]

LAX has so many people constantly flowing through it that it's spending over a hundred million dollars just to mitigate traffic. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, there is the totally barren San Bernardino International Airport. It would be hard to imagine anyone getting lost in this converted Air Force base, though if anyone did, we wish them luck on trying to find an employee to ask for directions. The airport may not have any travelers or airline desk attendants, or even any flights scheduled to arrive on or depart from its runway, but it looks very cool as seen in these photos from KPCC's Audio Vision. The international terminal (completed about a month ago) and its domestic terminal (finished three years ago) are both in pristine condition because they've never been used; while the executive director says "We've seen some real interest" and had nice long talks with nine airlines, but none have actually signed up to use the airport yet. "It immediately reminded me of 'The Langoliers,' a novel by Stephen King that takes place inside an empty airport trapped in a 'time rip' where there are no humans," says the author/photographer. And a Stephen King book is probably about the last thing you want to be reminded of right before getting on an airplane.

· Inside San Bernardino's Deserted Airport [KPCC]

27 Mar 17:00

Hotels Week 2014: Mapping the 10 Best Hotel Lobby Bathrooms in Los Angeles

by Bianca Barragan


In some parts of the city, it is maddeningly difficult to find a restroom when you need one. No one plans their evening around a trip to the facilities; sometimes the urge just strikes when you're out and about and BAM! For the classiest and often cleanest solution, there are hotel lobby restrooms. (A good rule of thumb: if the hotel has a barin the lobby, it will likely have groundfloor public facilities as well.) Not all loos are created equal, so we found 10 of the best (based on a combination of cleanliness, aesthetic beauty, and location) and mapped them up for you. From the opulent, textured sinks of the Roosevelt to the hidden gem that is NoSoPa's O Hotel lavatory, here are LA's best hotel lobby throne rooms.

30 Jan 19:00

“This Is A Trent Reznor Song” is Spectacular

by Lesley Park

LA-based Soundcloud user FrederickScott uploaded an ode to Trent Reznor yesterday that’s spreading faster than a mean bout of norovirus. Except, you know, way more awesome.

Equal parts admiration and parody, “This Is A Trent Reznor Song” breaks down all the most used tropes of a Nine Inch Nails song to create a hilarious tongue-in-cheek homage to one of music’s most beloved icons. It’s also legitimately catchy in its own right, creepy piano and all. Check it out!

For more info:

Nine Inch Nails

04 Nov 14:06

Eclipse Over New York


Eclipse Over New York

Eclipse Over New York
04 Dec 22:55

How T-Mobile gave me the run around

by Al Pavangkanan
Black Friday

T-Mobile was offering no money down on the iPhone 5s.  No activation fee as well.  My bank was offering $50 cash back if I open an account with T-Mobile.  Win-win, right?  I was long out of contract with at&t, so I decided to take up the offer.

I went to and tried to place an order.  I qualified to get a Nokia Lumia 925 and iPhone 5s for no money down.  I almost finished check out when I got to an error screen saying something like "oops your cart is empty".  I tried again and again and kept getting the same error.  By the end of the day, I finally finished an order, except this time it said I would have to pay $500 down.


I just realized all those attempts to order phones were credit inquiries.  My credit was fucked now.  I called back on Sunday around 7:30PM.  They told me they would fix those orders and open a new account for me.  I got far enough for them to take my credit card number and read off all the terms and conditions.  I was put on hold.  At 8PM, I was hung up on.  WTF.  I called back and got a message to call back during business hours.

I called back on Monday afternoon.  After 45 minutes on hold, I get an operator.  She says all those orders are still there and she would close them.  An hour passes because it's Black Friday weekend and their system is under a lot of stress and acting slow.  I still got the offer for $0 down, but I would have to pay sales tax.  Sounded good to me.  Finally after 3 hours on the phone my order is placed.  I printed out the confirmation and waited for my phones to arrive.

They're not done fucking with me

It's Wednesday and I get a call saying my order didn't go through.  They told me I have to go to a T-Mobile store to clear things up.  I get to the store and they tell me my order was cancelled 8 hours later after I had placed it on Monday.  The store representative says all those orders are still there.  He says he cancels them and tries to set me up with a new account.  However, he can't give me the Black Friday pricing.  That was the last straw.  I had enough and told him to cancel the order.  After all this bullshit, I walked out empty handed.  I'm not even sure those credit inquiries are gone.


I got back to my car and saw the meter expired.  Luckily I got no ticket.
Thanks for reading!

15 Nov 09:08

The Space Merchants

by admin

You should see his thumb submarine!Click for full image

Good Show Sir Comments: Giving someone the middle finger… in style!
Published 1973

Many thanks to Darren!

01 Dec 11:00

Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Review

by Clinton Jeff

Stereo Bluetooth headsets have always interested me. I’ve seen them evolve from gigantic sized headphones to the super tiny, discrete little BlackBeat Go that I reviewed last year. Apparently I wasnt the only one that liked the active wireless headphones, as there was enough reason for Plantronics to release the BackBeat Go 2 this year.

Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 Review

I thought last year’s model was pretty much the best wireless headphones for hardcore fitness folks. How could Plantronics possibly improve on them? Well, read on for what we think of the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2.

The Unboxing:-

We got the limited edition Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 which is red color and comes with a charging case in-box.



Here’s a quick unboxing to show you what’s in there:

The Design:-

The BackBeat Go 2 has a very compact, lightweight design, with two pronounced ear buds connected to each other with a single wire.

Initially you might worry about that wire getting all tangled up in your pocket, backpack or purse but thankfully they’re tangle-free so that it’s easy enough to grab and wear them. They’re incredibly compact for a pair of wireless headphones, so you can easily fit them into your pocket while coming off a commute, or coming home after a walk, etc.



Because these are targeted towards active individuals, the headset has a P2i military-grade nano-coating to ensure it has some moisture to make sure it can survive sweat during an intense workout, or a bit of rain outside. Dont expect it to survive a swim though.


Taking a look at the two ear-buds, it appears Plantronics stuffed all the required hardware into them, including the battery. Plantronics used 3rd generation 6mm speaker drivers inside the Backbeat Go 2, with enhanced bass, and memory that remembers upto 8 devices, so you can dont have a problem switching between your phone, tablet or computer, etc. The earbuds are comfortable enough that you wont really feel the weight of the headset during your workout.


They’ve also redesigned the silicone ear tips and stabilizers. As such, it very snugly fit my ears, even blocking out a fair bit of background noise as well. I wore them for 2 hours at a stretch, 30 minutes of which included a brisk walk. The BackBeat Go 2 never felt annoying at any point of that.


On the right earbud, you’ll notice a plastic flap, which has a microUSB charging port hidden underneath. Next to it, is a tiny LED light that blinks red or blue to indicate power or connectivity status.

Nearby, there’s the inline controller which includes a microphone and three tactile buttons. There’s a multi-function key to answer/decline a call or play/pause music. There’s also volume up/down keys that you can use to skip/rewind a track.

The Sound Quality:-

We tested the BackBeat Go 2 with an iPhone 5, and an LG G2, and I had no issues connecting it with either.


After over a month of using them, I’m very happy to report that the audio quality is great! Even at the loudest volume, the BackBeat Go2 didnt sound strained or distorted. What we have here, is robust audio that suits any genre, with a nice, subtle level of bass. It honestly is quite amazing how Plantronics managed to improve on the last model, and still keep it as petite.

The Call Quality:-

Unlike most other headsets in Plantronic’s line, the BackBeat Go 2 doesnt have any software features or voice controls as such. There’s voice prompts, and it tells you how much battery is left when you switch it on, but that’s about it.


In terms of call quality, the BackBeat Go 2 does an okay enough job. It’s not too great, but volume output is strong. Since there’s no noise-cancellation, the onboard microphone also picks up a lot of background sounds.

The Battery Life:-

The Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 lasts for about 4 hours of continuous usage (though it’s officially rated at 4.5 hours). If you work out for about an hour every day, you’ll want to charge it on the third day or risk it randomly running out of battery during your workout the next day.


Thankfully, the charging case comes in very handy there.

The Charging Case:-

The Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 is rated at 4.5 hours of listening time, 5 hours of talktime or 6 months of standby time thanks to it’s ‘DeepSleep’ hibernation mode. If you spring for the version that comes with the charging case (which costs $99.99 vs without the case which costs around $79.99), you can bump that listening time up to 14.5 hours. In India’s it a bit more expensive, at MRP Price Rs 4900.



The charging case is made out of a slick fabric, and can easily store the BackBeat Go 2 when you’re not using them. Even though it has an internal battery, the case is very compact, with a button on the front that switches it ‘on’ to charge the headphones via microUSB.



There’s a microUSB port onboard which you’ll need to use to charge the BackBeat Go 2. There’s also a bluetooth indicator and battery indicator LED as well.

The Video Overview:-

Here’s a quick video overview of the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2. Just to give you a better idea of it:

The Conclusion:-

The only cons to the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 are the battery life (Which is easily solvable if you spring up to get the charging case combo), and the call quality. On the other hand, it boasts great audio quality at this price range, it’s moisture resistant for workouts, and it’s super compact to carry around. At the end of the day, the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 is a great pair of Bluetooth headphones for active users. Definitely recommended.

15 Nov 01:11

the end

16 Oct 16:18

I watched this and tears of joy JUMPED out of my face. Watch the...

I watched this and tears of joy JUMPED out of my face. Watch the crowd encourage this toddler only if you like joy, heart-warming and adorable things. If you don’t, what are you even doing on the internet?

15 Oct 17:44

patbaer: laughterkey: blueandbluer: Precisely the...




Precisely the palate-cleanser I needed.



Oh yes, this is what I need today.

Oh yes, this is what we all need, everyday.

19 Oct 21:27

This is Why I Voted For Arnold

by Booster Gold / Javier J.
This is Why I Voted For Arnold 

There's a reason why I voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor of California. I mean, yeah, he really didn't bring much to the table and the state was a bit of a mess. But that would have happened regardless of him being in office or the midget or porn star.

In any event, in a move to promote his new movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger went to the internet and took request as to which of his famous lines to say again. It was grand.

Room for my fist!

I love this line from Conan

Oh you veggies.

Words fail me...

I love this one.

I had flash backs to my 9 year old self when I heard this one...

18 Sep 17:52

Smartphone Platforms


Smartphone Platforms

For most of you iPhone users out there: today there’s a huge update coming which has features inspired by Android, the late Palm OS, Windows Phone 7, and common sense.

01 Oct 20:20

5 Nokia Lumia OIS comparison videos every filmmaker should watch

by Anna Kurkijärvi


If you’re anything like us, in the past, you regularly had your aspirations to be a mobile filmmaker crushed by shaky hands, bouncy rides and fast-moving targets. Then Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology arrived on the Nokia Lumia 920 and that all changed.

Wave goodbye to the shakes

Conventional OIS means your camera detects jerks and jolts, then cancels them out by moving one of its lens elements. OIS in your Nokia Lumia 920, 925 and 1020, however, compensates for movement a lot more efficiently: by shifting the all of its optical components. The result? OIS in a Nokia Lumia cancels out about 50% more movements per second, reacts around 300 times faster than the average human – and leaves its competitors literally shaking. To prove our point, check out these five comparison videos, which pit Nokia Lumia’s against and iPhone 5s, a HTC One, a Sony Xperia Z and a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

 Nokia Lumia 1020 v. iPhone 5s

Nokia Lumia 920 v. HTC One

 Nokia Lumia 925 v. Sony Xperia Z

Nokia Lumia 920 v. Samsung Galaxy SIII

Nokia Lumia 920 v. competitor

So, there we have it. Pretty compelling evidence that Nokia Lumias with OIS don’t shake – they just rock! Here at Nokia Conversations, we’ve already been enjoying the silky smooth benefits of OIS for everything from filming sports to kids playing. But what about you? How has OIS changed the way you shoot your mobile movies? Let us know in the comments below.

06 Sep 17:44

Great LA Drives : Canyon Carving above Malibu

by frazgo
FIESTA ST test route

Canyon Carving route above Malibu, click to embiggen

If you know me, you know by now I’m a car guy.  Not trucks, suv’s or anything else with 4 wheels.  Cars.  Cars that handle well and are fun get my blood pumping. Yesterday was just such a day.

If you were terrorized by a bunch of new Fiesta STs yesterday, it was me and I apologize.

Got a hot hatch of your own and want some fun? Take the route I took yesterday starting in Santa Monica into the hills and canyons above Malibu.  The route is just drop dead gorgeous with the Cornell Winery as a mid point in the route to stop for some libations and just catch your breath.  It will take you up PCH from SaMo to Malibu where you make an abrupt right up Malibu Canyon, across Mulholland and then down Decker Canyon to Leo Carillo State Beach.  About an hour for each leg if you follow the entire route.

What you get on the route is some really exciting hills and curves to test your driving ability.  I’ve done a similar route in the past and on non-school days you do need to have your wits about you are there are kids on skate boards running the canyon without regard to lane maintenance.  And bicycles.  All that is part of the territory I guess, weekdays are the best bet for canyon carving when traffic is light and the kids are in school.

hot hatches in the wild

hot hatches in the wild at Leo Carillo State Beach

I love Mulholland the best on the route.  Lots of good straight aways and sweeping curves with little traffic.  Malibu Canyon does have truck traffic which slows traffic way down and takes the fun out of a hot hatch.  Decker Canyon is my second favorite.  With little to no traffic on it you can row the gears and mash the gas/brake to your hearts content and see what your car is really capable of.  If you have a passenger, make sure they don’t get car sick or take dramamine first as the road is that twisty.  Seriously, in the group I was with we had one person at the drivers change point who had to get out and sit on the curb with their heads between their knees trying to ride it out.

If you love awesome scenery and a break from traffic I highly recommend this drive, even if you don’t have a hot hatch to appreciate it to its max.  (If you want to read about the car you can read about it HERE).

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03 Sep 03:01

The Next Chapter: An open letter from Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop

by Tiina Jaatinen

End of an era.


Nokia and Microsoft have always dreamed big – we dreamed of putting a computer on every desk, and a mobile phone in every pocket, and we’ve come a long way toward realizing those dreams.

Today marks a moment of reinvention.

Nokia has an identity spanning 150 years of heritage, innovation, excellence, and change which began and will continue in Finland, as well as around the world. From humble beginnings as a paper mill, to manufacturing rubber boots and car tires, and then to mobile phones, reinvention is in Nokia’s blood.

Now Nokia will write its next chapter, focused on enabling mobility through its leadership in networking, mapping & location, and advanced technologies.

For Microsoft as well, today is a bold step into the future, a huge leap forward on our journey of creating a family of devices and services that delight people and empower businesses of all sizes.

Our partnership over the past two and a half years, which combined our respective strengths to build a new global mobile ecosystem, has created incredible results: award-winning phones and amazing services that have made Nokia Windows Phones the fastest-growing smartphones in the world.

Building on this successful partnership, we announced some important news today: an agreement for Microsoft to purchase Nokia’s Devices & Services business, to deliver more choices, faster innovation, and even more exciting devices and services to our customers.

Today’s agreement will accelerate the momentum of Nokia’s devices and services, bringing the world’s most innovative smartphones to more people, while continuing to connect the next billion people with Nokia’s mobile phone portfolio.

With the commitment and resources of Microsoft to take Nokia’s devices and services forward, we can now realize the full potential of the Windows ecosystem, providing the most compelling experiences for people at home, at work and everywhere in between.

We will continue to build the mobile phones you’ve come to love, while investing in the future – new phones and services that combine the best of Microsoft and the best of Nokia.

Nokia and Microsoft are committed to the next chapter.

Together, we will redefine the boundaries of mobility.

Steve & Stephen

The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2014, subject to approval by Nokia shareholders, regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. Read more here.

29 Aug 08:00

Shooting with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and National Geographic Photographer Stephen Alvarez

by Nokia
See the entire journey here: Learn more about the Nokia Lumia 1020: "I've used a lot of smartp...
From: Nokia
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Time: 02:27 More in Science & Technology
31 Aug 00:02

so, i found THAT above post while searing for the “blonde...

so, i found THAT above post while searing for the “blonde asian” tag, and I am not going to post his actual tumblr user name. I screencapped it.

but rule #1 is… if you have to start something out with “i don’t want to be/sound/am not racist but….”

you will immediately look like a racist -.-

And #2 Asians can have blonde hair, and RED GINGER HAIR…you know how I know?
I am 100% Asian, in fact I am part of an Asian Ethnic group called HMONG people

We have NO caucasian blood in our genetics, and yet you get children like this and above (all from the third world):

It is something found in my peoples genetic code, along with various other Asian ethnicities.

MANY MANY MANY Asian cultures have stories/legends about tribes from “the north” who have blonde hair and blue eyes (and no, they are not referring to Europeans). Some of the Asians who have these sorts of legends are Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Mongolians, and even MY people.

In the case of MY people, the genetic code for both RED and BLONDE hair is usually (not always) found in a specfic tribe.

My mother is part of that tribe. I have an uncle who has firey ginger hair, cousins on my mothers extended side who have natural blonde hair, and every so often someone on my mother’s side of the family has green eyes. It happens so infrequently, and 9/10 it is a FEMALE from my mother’s side. My mother’s tribe (Surname) to my knowledge, has the most cases of the colored eyes, and it is NOT often or common.

So please, before you make stupid assumptions like this, please fact check.

Yes, there are plenty of Asian women who like circle lenses and blonde hair, not because they want to be white. simply because it IS NOT COMMON in Asian ancestry. I don’t dye my hair rainbow colors because I want to be like Anime, I do it because I like COLORS.

NOT COMMON is not the same as “impossible”, because there are plenty of people from my culture alive today both in the first world and third world, who are full blooded asians, who have these characteristics.

for the record, this is also not Albinoism. 

*drops mic* i’m done.

30 Aug 17:28

Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’ | CNS News

Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’ | CNS News:




thehippieconservative: was launched on June 16, 1998 as a news source for individuals, news organizations and broadcasters who put a higher premium on balance than spin and seek news that’s ignored or under-reported as a result of media bias by omission.

My kids will never step foot in a public school.


If I ever have kids I will be sending them to private schools or homeschooling because the public school system has lost its mind!!

Ah another over reaction caused by a misleading headline and preconceived notions about sex education. For those of you confused by what the law itself was recommending for “sex education” for kindergarteners. here are the main bullet points of what would have been covered.

• Each body part has a correct name and a specific function.

• A person’s genitals, reproductive organs, and genes determine whether the person is male or female.

• A boy/man has nipples, a penis, a scrotum, and testicles.

• A girl/woman has breasts, nipples, a vulva, a clitoris, a vagina, a uterus, and ovaries.

• Some sexual or reproductive organs, such as penises and vulvas, are external or on the outside of

the body while others, such as ovaries and testicles, are internal or inside the body.

• Both boys and girls have body parts that feel good when touched

• Bodies change as children grow older.

• Puberty is a time of physical and emotional change that happens as children become teenagers.

• People are able to have children only after they have reached puberty.

• Men and women have reproductive organs that enable them to have a child.

• Men and women have specific cells in their bodies (sperm cells and egg cells) that enable them to reproduce.

• Reproduction requires that a sperm and egg join.

• Vaginal intercourse – when a penis is placed inside a vagina – is the most common way for a sperm and egg to join

• Individual bodies are different sizes, shapes, and colors.

• All bodies are equally special, including those that are disabled.

• Differences make us unique.

• Good health habits, such as eating well and exercising, can improve the way a person feels about

his or her body.

• Each person can be proud of his/her body.

• Human beings can love people of the same gender and people of another gender.

• Some people are heterosexual, which means they can be attracted to and fall in love with someone

of another gender.

• Some people are homosexual, which means they can be attracted to and fall in love with someone

of the same gender.

• Homosexual men and women are also known as gay men and lesbians.

• People deserve respect regardless of who they are attracted to.

• Making fun of people by calling them gay (e.g. “homo,” “fag,” “queer”) is disrespectful and hurtful.

Relationship Life Behaviors:

Having applied the relationships subconcepts at the appropriate

age, the learner will be able to:

• Express love and intimacy in appropriate ways.

• Develop and maintain meaningful relationships.

• Avoid exploitative or manipulative relationships.

• Make informed choices about family options and relationships.

• Exhibit skills that enhance personal relationships.

• A family consists of two or more people who care for each

other in many ways.

• There are different kinds of families.

• Children may live with one or more parents or caregivers including biological parents, step-parents,

foster parents, adoptive parents, grandparents, friends, or other combinations of adults.

• All members of a family may not live in the same place.

• The makeup of individual families may change over time.

• Each member of a family has something unique to contribute.

• Families have rules to help members live together.

• Family members take care of each other.

• Many adults may help care for children.

• Family members show love for each other.

• Change in a family may make its members happy or sad.

• When a baby is born or a child is adopted into a family, some parts of life will change for family


People can have many friends or just a few.

• A person can have different types of friends.

• Friends spend time together and get to know each other.

• Friendships depend on honesty.

• Friends respect and appreciate each other.

• Friends can feel angry with each other and still be friends.

• Friends sometimes hurt each other’s feelings.

• Friends forgive each other.

• Friends share feelings with each other.

• Friends can help each other.

• Friends can be male and female.

• Friends can be younger and older.

• Love means having deep and warm feelings about oneself and others.

• People can experience different types of love.

• People express love differently to their parents, families, and friends.

• People can experience different loving relationships throughout their lives.

• Dating is when two people who are romantically attracted to each other spend their free time


• When children become teenagers, they spend more time with their friends and may begin to date.

• Some adults, including single parents, may date

It goes on to other topics including interpersonal skills and other relationships between people.  The whole guideline guide is


I think that most reasonable people would agree that these topics are age appropriate and reach students long before the current model of sex education before middle school…. their peers. Which is not a good model for educating kids on sex and relationships. These guidelines are by no means perfect but they are better than the current system, which is silence.

#1 rule: parents must first sign a consent form. if they do not, the children are not present during this sex education.


I think that a lot of people see “Sex Education” and they immediately assume that people are going to show PORN or something to kindergartners.

I think it is reasonable to educate our youth about their bodies and what relationships (especially an breakdown of manipulative and exploitative relationships) are.

Think the way the world is today, children are learning about sex from their peers or even other available resources (SUCH AS THE INTERNET) at such a fast rate, and a much younger age.

Pretending that children won’t understand sex until they’re in middle school is to deny that children are very resourceful and capable of discovering the information they want, when they want it. We should at least try to give them correct and valuable information.

By the time I was 7 I already knew what sex was. I am turning 32 at the end of September and MY PARENTS, to this day, HAVE STILL NEVER TALKED TO ME ABOUT SEX.

They pretend that I don’t have it, even though I live with my boyfriend and sleep in the same bed. And I am very aware that they probably know (but won’t admit) that I have known and had sex for at least 10 years… but they have left it up to the rest of the world to educate me about how babies are made. My mom, has never even talked to me about getting my period or going to the gynecologist.

So I think I’m one of the lucky people, who was educated about sex very early (at age 10) in the school system. I then was continuously educated in highschool (at school) and also in college (via my medical friends). I didn’t actually have sex until I was in my 20s, which was a conscious decision.

I think the scariest thing i have ever experienced, is when I was 27, I had a 19yr old coworker who asked me if it was ‘true’ that if a guy pulled out, she wouldn’t get pregnant….

so I have to say, yes, I believe in sex education. Because too many times in my life I have seen MANY young girls and guys who are inexperienced and not educated, get manipulated into sex or into having unprotected sex.

Give your children the right weapons to protect themselves and make good decisions!

26 Aug 06:25

Does Society Abuse the Smartphone?

by toybot studios

This depressing commentary short film by youtuber charstarleneTV has been making the rounds and i'm guilty as charged. But i'm willing to believe charstarlene is not as innocent in real life as she depicts herself.
23 Aug 09:00

Be our Social Media Week reporter!

by Paul Coombes


For the 4th year in a row Nokia are proud to be the headline sponsor of Social Media Week, a leading media platform and worldwide event with local presence and global reach across five continents. We’ve loved sharing highlights from the partnership, but this September we want to give YOU the chance to play an active role.

Have you ever attended or wanted to attend Social Media Week? What about experiencing Social Media Week in an entirely different country, has that crossed your mind?

Today Nokia Connects brings you the opportunity to do just that, to travel beyond your usual point of social media reference and take a trip abroad, to experience talks and events from different cultures and perspectives, and report on your adventure armed with the ultimate mobile reporting device, the new Nokia Lumia 1020.

As Social Media Week kicks-off around the globe, we’ll be taking people from four different countries and swapping their locations with another. Below are the places we’ll be moving people to and from:

  • United Kingdom > Mumbai (India)
  • India > London (UK)
  • Germany > Los Angeles (USA)
  • United States > Berlin (Germany)

From each city there are two reporter spots up for grabs, eight in total!

SMW reporter

To win this opportunity and become one of the two reporters from your country, show us why you’d be the perfect SMW Nokia Reporter. This can be through a blog post, image, video – let your creativity go. It’s entirely up to you, just make sure your entry really excites us and compels us to invite you!

Share your submission in the comments section below or by tweeting it with the hashtag #SMWreporter.

This competition closes at midnight GMT, Wednesday 28th of August. To be eligible, you will need to live in one of the four exchange countries (Germany, India, USA and the UK). Please read our full terms and conditions before entering. Good luck!

20 Aug 22:15

sherlockstuff: Martin Freeman in the Three Flavours Cornetto...


Martin Freeman in the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy ↲

Shaun of the Dead  Hot Fuzz  The World’s End


13 Aug 23:40

Photos: Nine Inch Nails @ Outside Lands 2013

by Sung


NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_19 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_18 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_16 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_15 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_13 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_10 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_09 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_06 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_05 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_04 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_02 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_17 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_14 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_11 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_08 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_07 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_03 NIN_Outside_Lands_2013_01
Nine Inch Nails |
Hesitation Marks | New LP 9.3.13 |

14 Aug 17:29

All Aboard the Animation Train

by C. Edwards

Earlier this year, Cartoon Network partnered with the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation for a public transportation advertising campaign called Cartoon Express. The campaign features a passenger train wrapped entirely, inside and out, in Cartoon Network character decals.

During its inaugural journey, the passengers, which included children from underprivileged backgrounds, received train announcements from the voice of Adventure Time’s Jake the Dog, played a CN-specific bingo game and mailed Cartoon Express postcards to loved ones via an on-board mailbox.

The Cartoon Express runs between the Taiwanese capitol of Taipei to the southern city of Kaohsiung and it is estimated that it will serve several hundred thousand passengers during the run of the campaign.

More images of the train can be seen on the Catsuka’s Tumblr.

13 Aug 15:08

Homemade McDonalds McRib Sandwich

by Billy Vasquez
Perpetually on it's final tour, the Frankenfood pork sandwich, McRib, is celebrated and reviled at the same time when it's reintroduced once or twice a year by McDonald's. For the latest outre entree The 99 Cent Chef rides to the rescue for those (with Job's patience) who love them. Well, the wait is over -- here's a cheaper Homemade McRib Sandwich you can make anytime!

For my cheap work lunches $1 (or 99 cent) Banquet and other frozen dinners are on rotation. Sometimes it's Salisbury Steak, Cheese Enchiladas or Turkey Dinners (it's not every day, as I have healthier frozen dinners I also find on sale.) I've recently added their Boneless Pork Riblet Meal. It was only a matter of time until I placed the Pork Riblet with it's barbeque sauce between two slices of bread, adding chopped raw onion and a few pickle slices. It didn't take long to put two and two together -- well, those are the ingredients for the McDonald's McRib sandwich.

Yeah, I know it's a cheat, but it's a lot of trouble to ground a bunch of mystery pork scraps to form a McDonald's McRib patty, so The Slothful Chef is taking the easy but tasty route! 

A McRib is relatively inexpensive -- but not cheap enough for The Frugal Forager. A McDonald's McRib sandwich cost almost $3, but with my chintzy twist, you can make your own for less than half that price, after the initial investment for a package of steak rolls, an onion and a small jar of pickles, plus a few Banquet Boneless Pork Riblet Meals. (Another homemade fast food entree I've done is an Egg McMuffin, that's also cheaper than the original, just click here to see my recipe video post.)

I always find all these ingredients cheaply, especially onion, pickles and bread at local 99c only Stores. They don't always stock frozen Banquet meals, but my local big chain grocery stores do for around a dollar each.

A McRib patty is pale white like typical cooked pork (because of extra chemical bleaches and dyes?) while a Banquet Riblet is brown, and it's fine ground, with a little more texture than a hot dog. The Riblet patty is thin and about the same size as a McRib, but still large enough to fill a steak bread roll.

And the Banquet Riblet barbeque sauce is passable, slightly sweet with a typical smokey ketchup flavor. And as a bonus the Banquet meal comes with sides of mashed potatoes and corn -- so take that, McDonald's.

The corn is the best side with a fresh frozen kernel flavor -- much better than canned corn. I've never cared for their frozen mashed potatoes. It has the flavor and texture of  powdery dried and reconstituted boxed mashed potatoes -- mainly there to soak up the gravy or barbeque sauce that comes from the meat container part.

I guess the main question is how does the Banquet Riblet compare with a McRib pork patty? Well the porkiness of a McRib is superior. While not objectionable, the Banquet Riblet is mild in comparison (it's made from mechanically separated pork and chicken, plus soy protein.) And the advantage of making a Homemade McRib Sandwich is you can add as much barbeque sauce, chopped onion, and sliced pickle as you desire (plus anything else you like.)

Click on photo to read ingredients -- if you dare.

So, on my Deal of the Day and Cheap$kate Dining Scale of 1 to 9, 9 being best, this Homemade McRib Sandwich  gets a 6. While my Homemade McRib Sandwich is inferior to McDonald's, it will tide you over until the real thing washes ashore once again. So, keep on reading to see how I make a Homemade McRib Sandwich.

Making a Homemade McRib Sandwich
Microwave or bake the Banquet Riblet Dinner according to directions. While it's heating up, chop some onion and get out 3 pickles slices, and a steak roll.

When the TV dinner is hot, carefully remove riblet and place inside the sliced steak dinner roll. The heated barbeque sauce amount is more than what you get on a McRib, so slather on as much as you like.

Finally top with chopped onion and pickle slices. And serve with the corn and mashed potato sides.
13 Aug 00:23

Jonathan Gold's 10 Favorite L.A. Burgers: I Want To Go To There

by Mike
(Pic: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times)

When Jonathan Gold reveals his ten favorite Los Angeles burgers, it's worth paying attention. I have not tried nearly enough of these:

The Apple Pan: "Is the Hickoryburger, touched with a bit of smoke in the sauce, the one to get? In my opinion, yes." 10801 W. Pico Blvd., West L.A.

Aroma Cafe: "Pljeskavica, a thin, Balkan hamburger, as big and round as a phonograph record, flavored with salt and onions and peppers, briefly cooked over a hot charcoal fire and stuffed into a focaccia, is an awe-inspiring unit of consumption." 2530 Overland Ave., West Los Angeles

Chroni’s Famous Sandwich Shop: "May be the best Los Angeles-style chiliburgers in town." 5825 E. Whittier Blvd., Los Angeles

Comme Ça: "These are unfussy hamburgers that taste like good aged meat." 8479 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood

Connie & Ted’s: "There is no arguing with a thick patty of well-aged beef, cooked to a bloody medium rare, served with a basket of fries." 8171 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood

Cora’s Coffee Shoppe: "Magnificent, drippy constructions of loosely packed Wagyu cow." 1802 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica

Father’s Office: "A soft, oozing patty garnished with blue cheese, a pinch of bacon and a thick blanket of deeply caramelized onions, served with a dense thicket of arugula on a hard-crusted French roll." 1018 Montana Ave., Santa Monica

Pie 'n Burger: "About texture, the crunchy sheaf of lettuce, the charred surface of the meat, the outer rim of the bun crisped to almost the consistency of toast." 913 E. California Blvd., Pasadena

Plan Check: "A griddled patty layered with translucent ketchup leather, a microscopically thin layer of crisp, fried cheese, and shaved pickle." 1800 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles

Spice Table: "Gives the impression of an In-N-Out burger with better meat, enriched with the funky Indonesian chile sambal instead of secret spread." 114 S. Central Ave., Los Angeles

Read Gold's full comments on each here.