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15 Apr 15:17

Harvey's Coupons: $4.99 Meal Deal, Buy a Burger + Drink, Get a Burger Free and More

Harvey's Coupons: $4.99 Meal Deal, Buy a Burger + Drink, Get a Burger Free and More    

Harvey's has just released a few new coupons via their coupon page! They're valid through May 4 so you've got plenty of time to take part -- here's a quick rundown of the coupons:

  • 2 Can Dine for $9.99 (two Original or Veggie Burger Combos)
  • Buy an Original Burger and a 20 oz. drink (or an Original Burger Combo) and get a Free Burger of Equal/Lesser Value
  • $6.99 Chicken Meal Deal (one Crispy, Grilled or Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Combo)
  • $4.99 Meal Deal (one Original or Veggie Burger Combo)
  • $16.99 for a Family Bundle (two Original or Veggie Burger Combos and two Kid Combos)

The coupon offers may not be combined with other offers and is valid only at participating locations. You may print the coupon or display it on your smartphone.

13 Apr 04:38

Rockport Retail Stores - 40% off Apr.23-28 - Friends & Family Sale

by kelgo
Rockport Friends & Family 40% Off Sale April 23 to 28.
Save 40% off in store at the Rockport Retail stores listed below. will also be participating in the Friends & Family sale, except it will be 30% off on online merchandise.
Click on the link for the pdf sale flyer:

• Toronto Eaton Centre, ON

• Oshawa Centre - 419 King St. W., ON

• Halifax Centre, NS

• Carrefour Laval, QC

• Calgary Chinook Centre, AB

• Calgary Market Mall, AB

• West Edmonton Mall, AB
09 Apr 20:18

A&W: New Coupons for April Now Available! 2 x Papa Burger for $5.99 and More!

A&W: New Coupons for April Now Available! 2 x Papa Burger for $5.99 and More!    

The new A&W Coupons are out for April and you'll want to take advantage of them while you can.

  • Papa Burger - 2 for $5.99
  • Mozza Burger - 2 for $5.99
  • Teen Combo - 2 for $10.99
  • Mozza Combo - 2 for $10.99
  • Papa and Rings - $6.49

Don't forget to print and clip the coupons before heading out!

07 Apr 15:31

acid-bubble-gum: ✰✰✰



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by sharhalakis

by seqizz

07 Apr 21:21

[FS] Casio 61-Key Electric Keyboard $79.99, pm for lower

by gokeeper

FS selling Casio 61-Key Electric Keyboard for $79.99, $70 off regular price. BB still shows $149.99 but OOS, you can pm for less if you find stock in your local BB store.

04 Apr 21:15

supervelma: Timeless fashion advice from timeless fashion icon,...


Timeless fashion advice from timeless fashion icon, Tracy Jordan, #embroidery #art #etsy #30rock #tracyjordan #fashion #skull

04 Apr 16:09

21 Of The Most Beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom Photos Of 2014

by Lina

The delicate pink sakura, or cherry blossom, is associated primarily with the culture of its native Japan. These trees blossom throughout Japan every spring, but their beauty never gets old, so we’ve collected some of our favorite photos of this year’s cherry blossoms in Japan.

In Japan, the blossoming of the sakura begins in April, when students go back to school or people go back to work after the holidays. Japan’s national weather service even tracks the movement of the “sakura front,” which is an imaginary line that travels south-to-north every season and heralds the blooming of the sakura. This line’s progression in Japan is marked on this convenient sakura calendar.

The cherry blossom is tied to the ancient Japanese tradition of hanami, or picnicking under a sakura tree. The fact that the cherry blossom has heavily featured in ancient Japanese art has made it a staple of both historical and modern Japanese aesthetic. Although it is also native to China and Korea, it is generally associated primarily with Japanese culture, which is why it often accompanies the Japanese diaspora into cities around the world.

While sakuras are probably best viewed with a Japanese castle, mountain or garden in the backdrop, they might also be planted somewhere in your city as well. They provide a great opportunity to go have a beautiful springtime picnic!

Image credits: 紅襪熊

Image credits: Sue Hsu

Image credits: onotch

Image credits: Masato Mukoyama

Image credits: ta3mam


Image credits: Noisy Paradise

Image credits: Takeshi Tanaka

Image credits: Yukatan


Image credits: Akio Iwanaga

Image credits: tomosang

Image credits: Yuga Kurita

Image credits: zhangning

Image credits: torne

Image credits: Hikaruno Mikoto

Image credits: Saori

Image credits: Batistini Gaston

Image credits: Haru Digital Photo


Image credits: Nobuhiro Suhara


Image credits: poojartiwari

Image credits: Ryosuke Yagi

Image credits: Danny Dungo

21 Of The Most Beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom Photos Of 2014 originally appeared on Bored Panda on April 4, 2014.

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echophon: Noise Revolve


Noise Revolve

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[Treadmill Factory] 36" x 6" Full Foam Roller - $9.99

by soccerboy
28 Mar 19:43 Buy More, Save More Event: 15% Off $40 Purchase; 20% Off $60 Purchase; 25% Off $80 Purchase (Online Only) Buy More, Save More Event: 15% Off $40 Purchase; 20% Off $60 Purchase; 25% Off $80 Purchase (Online Only) is having a Buy More, Save More event this weekend!

This online exclusive promotion will allow you to take:

  • 15% off your $40 purchase
  • 20% off your $60 purchase
  • 25% off your $80 purchase

To redeem, just use promo code SAVEMORE at checkout. Your order will ship at a flat rate of $9.99.

This offer is applicable on all merchandise aside from sale items, Stretch Sole, Busy Day, and Chawaii collections.

This event is live now and will expire at the end of the day on March 30th.

Start shopping at here.

25 Mar 04:00

Unsurprisingly, a novel about a time-traveling Hitler is a source of controversy

by Andrew McGrath

“Summer 2011. Berlin. Adolf Hitler wakes up on a patch of ground, alive and well.”

It’s not the setup to some juvenile joke; it’s the setup to a best-selling novel: Timur Vermes’s Look Who’s Back, due out in English in April from MacLehose Press.Look Who's Back

Look Who’s Back opens on Adolf Hitler waking up in a park in modern Berlin, unchanged since World War Two. A local mistakes him for an actor in a World War Two film who refuses to break character and, praising his performance, sets him up at a local comedy club where he is the opening act for a Turkish-German comedian. He launches into exactly the sort of rant you would expect from Hitler. Instead of ruining him, however, his rant makes him a YouTube sensation. Newspapers start interviewing him thinking he’s a dedicated actor examining 21st century morals and eventually he gets a stint as a pundit, before making a move back into politics.

The novel sold 1.4 million copies in Germany but gathered a lot of controversy: critics claimed that the book trivializes Hitler’s crimes. In the U.S., where he was already a YouTube hit and the star of his own comic, a satirical novel about Hitler might not seem like a big deal. In Germany, where Holocaust denial and public displays of Nazi commemoration are illegal, it’s a touchier subject. Vermes has defended the book, however, telling German media:

“The fact is we have too much of a stereotype of Hitler. He’s always the monster and we can be comforted by the fact that we’re different from him. But in reality he continues to spark real fascination in people, just as he did back then when people liked him enough to help him commit crimes.”

Others don’t take issue with Hitler as fodder, but see the book as ineffective satire. Daniel Erk described the book as “Easily accessible, not elaborate, more like a cheap joke.”



20 Mar 13:18

Bath & Body Works: 7 Hand Soaps for $28 + 1 Free With Coupon

Bath & Body Works: 7 Hand Soaps for $28 + 1 Free With Coupon    

Here's a new coupon from Bath & Body Works!

Head into stores starting today and present this coupon to get 7 hand soaps for $28 and an additional one for free! The freebie must have a value up to $6.50.

This offer is valid until the end of the day on March 23rd.

While you're in stores, check out their other offers, such as buy 3 Signature Body Care items to get 2 free, or buy 1 Mason Jar Candle/Small Candle Tin to get a second one for free.

Find your closest Bath & Body Works location here.

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Original Lego Patent by G.K. Christiansen (1961)

09 Mar 15:17

Comixology SXSW Bundle - $10 for 100 comics ($333 value)

by chansey
Celebrate the one-year anniversary of ComiXology Submit with 100 of the top books the program has to offer all for only ten bucks! Including works from Joshua Hale Fialkov, Becky Cloonan, Shannon Wheeler, Rachel Deering, Douglas Rushkoff, Tom Scioli, Kel Macdonald, Joe Infurnari, Jake Parker and Fabian Rangel, Jr. Available until March 10th, 11pm EST."

Just got this in an email. Seems like a really good deal for people wanting to sample a bunch of different genres.
07 Mar 22:59

Warm - SHOP.CA - Digital Humidifier - Perma Filter - $109

by AFG786
Was in the market for a humidifier after my last one burned down. This seems perfect as it is digital, has a permanent filter and is quite affordable. There are good reviews for it on the manufacturer's site,,, etc.

$130-$140 everywhere else I checked. I had some discounts left on SHOP so I ended up scoring it for under $100 including cash back.

Edit: Don't forget to go through ebates or GCR for 3% back.
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2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey

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Over The Counter Eye Drops: Refreshing Or Bad For Eyes?


Moisturizing drops are fine, Visine is not. :/

My eyes have always been slightly dry. They feel dusty in the morning when I wake up, and turn red the instant I get something in them, which, when you have a rabbit who sheds, means they always have something in them. It also takes about an hour for my eyes to turn white again after a shower, and I worry that people at work think I’m stoned. A few years ago, when looking at my red eyes in the mirror, I had an idea: DUH. I could just use Visine in the morning after my shower. Every morning.

It worked great for awhile. I started carrying Visine in my purse and using it whenever my eyes felt dry at work, or whenever redness set in. I couldn’t believe I’d never noticed just how often my eyes were red! It was way more than I’d realized. Thank god for Visine, I thought.

Until...Visine didn’t work for me anymore. I bought the strongest kind I could find—my eyes would whiten, then turn red again a few hours later. About this time, I went to my optometrist to get my prescription checked. During the exam, I casually mentioned that my eyes were red all the time. My optometrist examined my eyes.

“Do you use redness-relieving eye-drops? Like Visine or Clear Eyes?” he asked.

I nodded. “Ohhhh yes. All the time.”

“You’re addicted to them. You need to stop using them immediately. Eye-drops like Visine actually make redness worse in the long run.”

“What? Seriously? Wait, but my eyes are so red.”

“They’re going to be red for a few weeks until they heal,” he said. “No more eye drops, okay Krista? Not even artificial tears. Not ever, not at all. Throw your Visine away. Your eyes will whiten normally if you leave them alone. But they’re going to be red for a little while while they get off the chemicals in Visine.”

I opened up my purse, pulled out the tiny Visine bottle, and dropped it in the trash can ceremoniously. He smiled. “Good. Don’t let me see you with that crap again.”

After two weeks of explaining my chronically red eyes to everyone, my eyes healed. I haven’t needed to use drops since.

But was it just me? I see all my friends carrying Visine and Clear Eyes and cute little bottles of Rohto (a newer, extra-refreshing-feeling eye drop), and I wondered, if almost everyone uses eye-drops: are they helping or hurting?

Dr. Rajesh Khanna M.D., a doctor passionate about eye care with a book out called The Miracle of Pi in Eye with a chapter dedicated to dry eyes, sets the record straight here.

How Eye Drops Work...And The Side Effects

Dr. Khanna says that redness-relieving eye-drops can actually cause more harm than good. “Visine’s main chemical is a vasoconstrictor, which will constrict blood flow in the outer blood vessels of the eye. Every time you use it, the blood vessels constrict, but when you stop using it, the blood rebounds. It’s a vicious cycle.” And it gets worse—you can get addicted to eye drops. “These products are being driven by marketing,” says Dr. Khanna. It turns out there are two types of tears in the eyes: basal and reflex. He explains further: “There’s a pump in the eye called the lacrimal pump, which produces basal tears 24/7—these flow across the eye, where the lid spreads the tears like windshield wipers. These are the tears you need all the time. In order to have healthier eyes, we need to improve the amount of basal tears. The other type of tear is the reflex tear, which we get when our eyes react to something, like wind striking the eye. This new eye-drop, Rohto, which gives a very cool, refreshing feeling—that feeling is happening because the ingredients in Rohto are irritating the eye, causing lots of reflex tears very suddenly.”

Should You Ever Use Eye Drops?

When I posed the question to him, he replied “Only if you’re going on national TV and you don’t want to appear drunk.” So no. In Dr. Khanna’s eyes, you just shouldn’t use them. That goes for those who wear contacts and/or always have dry eyes. It’s worth noting that Khanna isn’t a fan of contacts for eye health, in general. “Because contact lenses are a foreign body in the eye, they move and irritate the eye every time you blink. There are a lot of incidents of infection resulting from contacts,” he explains.

So What Can You Do To Fight Redness and Irritation?

Whether you wear contacts or not—everyone can benefit from some simple eye care. Try to minimize the amount of wind that hits your eyes, and don’t sit in front of air conditioners. At the end of the day, splash cool water over the eyes to help wash away any irritants. “That alone can take care of a lot of allergens causing redness,” says Dr. Khanna. And because the cells in the eyes are constantly being replaced, it’s important to keep a healthy diet. “Try to eat lots of green, leafy vegetables, kale, almonds, carrots—lots of beta-carotene rich fruits and vegetables,” explains Dr. Khanna. And if your eyes continue to stay red and dry for weeks at a time, Dr. Khanna suggests seeing a cornea-trained doctor who knows how to treat dry eyes.

Photo: SelectStock

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03 Mar 19:47 - Various Spigen Nexus 5 cases - 12.99 and up

by pnyknights
While searching around the interwebs for a case for my new nexus 5, I came across Spigen Amazon store.

Most mention 15% select cases. Discount shown at final order review, although I'm not quite sure if its restrictions need some clarification. (ie buy two eligible cases, only get one discount)
One that really stood out is the Ultra hybrid which is 50% off and comes with a screen protector

The Black Slim Armor is $17 and the Gold is $20, both eligible for amazon free shipping >$25
The white version is also $20 but $7 to ship.
Still a good discount on the first two as they are usually $25 from manuf site.

If only the Slim Armor view would come down in price I'd jump on that....stormtropper FTW :)

Spigen site for reference

As notable mentions from dardragon

Originally Posted by dardragon View Post
Might also want to compare against their ebay page. Didn't actually look at the price difference but when I bought my case ebay was cheaper

21 Feb 18:29

THIEF (standard edition) & THIEF: Master Thief Edition 35% off

by 3py0n
If you want the new THIEF game, and can't get a hold of a steam key from someone, then buy from here :) I've always bought games from here since their prices are terrific and you can gain GMG dollars for future purchases.

THIEF: Master Thief Edition
THIEF: Standard Edition

25% off code

The code stacks with the 10% off that's already on the games.

PS: The code also works on: Resident Evil 4 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

19 Feb 22:53

HOT, Casio WK225 76 keys keyboard with bench, stand $99.97

by 82
$99.97 at Kildonan, MB. Four left.

76 touch sensitive key, feel like full size action to me.

Casio product page $200 without stand, bench

76 note, touch response, piano style
600 Built-in tones including stereo pianos
180 Rhythm & Accompaniment patterns
48 Note polyphony
Large backlit display with notation and
fingering display
Integrated Step-Up Lesson System
5 Song, 6 Track Recorder
Class Compliant USB MIDI port
1/8” Audio line input
Headphone output
Power Adapter Included
Unit Dimensions W x D x H (inch):
46.73 x 15.16 x 5.13
Unit Weight: 15.87 lbs
Box Dimensions W x D x H (mm):
49.61 x 18.90 x 7.60
Boxed Weight: 26.46 lbs