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Harvey's Coupons: $6 Angus Burger Combo, Buy 1 Original, Veggie Burger or Hot Dog & Get 1 Free

Harvey's Coupons: $6 Angus Burger Combo, Buy 1 Original, Veggie Burger or Hot Dog & Get 1 Free    

New Harvey's coupons are now up on their website! Here's what's up for grabs this time around:

  • 2 Can Dine for $9.99 (Original Burger, Veggie Burger, or Hot-Dog Combos)
  • $6.99 Chicken Meal Deal (Crispy, Grilled or Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Combo)
  • Premium 2 Can Dine for $11.99 (Angus Burger Combos)
  • $4.99 Meal Deal (Original Burger, Veggie Burger, or Hot Dog Combo)
  • Buy 1 Original, Veggie Burger or Hot Dog and a regular side, Get 1 Original, Veggie Burger or Hot Dog Free
  • $5.99 Angus Burger Combo
  • Family Bundle for $18.99

You'll need to print or present these coupons via your smartphone to redeem. Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. These coupons are good through November 2nd and are valid at participating locations only (excluding West Edmonton Mall).

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The Most Indoors

by Geoff Manaugh
[Image: Inside NYC's old post office, Instagram by BLDGBLOG].

"Suppose we define an indoors number as the number of doorways that one must pass through to get from a given location to the outdoors. What location has the highest number?"

What room in the world is the furthest indoors?
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Thrown Camera Photographs by Iain BaxterR TR179.5.B399...

Thrown Camera Photographs by Iain Baxter
R TR179.5.B399 T47 1979
“This publication was produced on the occasion of an exhibition of photo-art by Iain Baxter/N.E. Thing Co. at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge . March 11 – April 8, 1979.”[ICP library copy is signed by Iain Baxter& - Iain Baxter changed his name to Iain Baxter& in 2005]. Thrown Camera Photographs is part of a series which includes: Vancouver Beauty Spots, Reflections Lethbridge and Ever Ready.

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What Would Your Own Personal Fragrance Smell Like?

If your personality could be turned into a scent, what would it smell like? Lilacs and cheerfulness, mixed with a dash of fresh-from-the shower? Rain on hot cement in July, with just a hint of rose? Or perhaps the clean laundry, mixed with freshly mown grass and vanilla frosting? Fragrance speaks to us and the people around us every day, so it’s fun to imagine what the ultimate “you” scent might be like.

Now there just might be a way to find out. The renowned London department store Selfridges recently ran a temporary pop-up called The Fragrance Lab—a first-of-its-kind way to skip the intimidating, confusing perfume counters and find exactly what you want and like in a perfume. Go custom or go home, y’all! In this era of bespoke suits and custom-built everything, scent is the natural next-big-thing on the personalized shopping horizon.

The Fragrance Lab was a collaboration between Selfridges, the London design studio Campaign, and the UK trend consultancy The Future Laboratory. Chris Sanderson, co-founder of The Future Laboratory said: “Fragrance Lab was designed to do two things; to help you explore the outer reaches of scent, and to offer a product tailored to your personality, behavior and mindset—your essence distilled into a scent. The future of retailing will be less about choice, and more about selection. In Fragrance Lab, we’re inviting each visitor to be part of an experiment, putting this to the test.”

And oh my lord, it sounds like it was seriously cool. Visitors started off by taking a simple-seeming personality test on Selfridges’ main perfume floor, and chose images that appealed to them from a set. Then, they went on a private, audio-guided trip through a strange warren of four rooms, some light, some darkened, and all filled with random-seeming objects to touch, smell, and think about. (Does the room with the scented books remind you of anything? Is there a scent in the mirrored room that triggers a memory you love?)

After the 15-minute journey, an assistant asked shoppers about their experiences, taking the time to talk and actually listen (omg what next, weird shopping experience?!) and then worked out an individual personality profile. With the profile, scent likes and dislikes, and memories noted, a perfumer from Givaudan (the people behind Angel, Lola, Armani Code, and Obsession) then went to work crafting a “prescription” of the custom fragrance, before handing over a fancy 1.7 ounce bottle of it. The whole experience—including the lab visit, tour, assessment, and the resulting scent, went for $110.

The Fragrance Lab officially closed its doors on June 30, but I’m absolutely dying to know what my personality smells like. What fragrance notes do “bossy” yet “lazy on a house-cat level” translate to? Is it actually possible that “usually pretty happy” and “shockingly bad at basic math” could turn into the perfume that speaks volumes about me without saying a word? We’re hoping the folks at Selfridges and their cohorts bring back the lab permanently, because we’re all buying plane tickets to London. For now, enjoy these awe-inspiring photos of the project!

All photos by ©Hufton+Crow

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( Brother JX1410 Mechanical Sewing Machine - $69.00 (27% off)

by RiCHC3
I was in the market for a sewing machine for the Mrs and this just came on sale the other day -- its lowest price, yet. Sadly, I couldn't find many reviews on it outside of on and it seems like this version may have only been sold in Canada, but in general Brother sewing machines tend to have high reviews.

In any case, a decent price if you're interested.
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Home in a Bus

by Miss Cellania

Freelance Surf-craft builder Ryan Lovelace bought a 1948 Chevy bus that had a microbus extension on top.

Late May 2012 - The day I bought Ophelia.  The 1948 Chevy bus I found on craigslist that was described as, “Runs, Drives, Stops, Registered.” That was all I had to know.

He spent 2012 and 2013 refurbishing Ophelia. He added an upstair “bedroom pod,” an antique stove, and plenty of other details. Now it’s a self-contained rolling home!  

See pictures of the process at Lovelace’s Tumblr blog devoted to the project. -via Messy Nessy Chic

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KIA Final Save Sale: Financing as Low as 0% And Up to $5000 Cash Back on Select Models

KIA Final Save Sale: Financing as Low as 0% And Up to $5000 Cash Back on Select Models    

KIA is running a World Cup-themed "Final Save" sale with financing as low as 0% and a cash bonus of up to $5000 on select models. Previously, the promotion allowed for either 0% financing or a cash bonus, so this is a pretty nice offer. Here's a look at some of the models on sale:

  • KIA 2015 Sorento - 0.99% Financing and $1,750 Cash Back
  • KIA 2014 Sorento - 2.99% Financing and $5,000 Cash Back
  • KIA 2014 Rondo - 0% Financing and $1,750 Cash Back
  • KIA 2014 Forte - 0% Financing and $1,000 Cash Back
  • KIA 2014 Cadenza - 0% Financing and $2,000 Cash Back

The offer expires July 13, so you'll want to hurry up and schedule a test drive if you're thinking about a purchase.

04 Jul 23:01

sportchek - various running shoes/sandals $40 off (+team assist)

by drnic
Some decent deals on these shoes/sandals - see below for sale price (Regular price below - $40 sale = XX - 20% team assist = YY)

Use Team Assist if you have it to get another $10 or 20% (might need a filler item on the shoes which are $49.99 to use the $10 off $50)

Nike Dual Fusion Run 2 Running Shoes Mens - *Our Reg. Price 99.99 (couldn't find on website) - $40 sale = 59.99 - 20% Team Assist = $48
Nike Dual Fusion Run 2 Running Shoes Mens - *Our Reg. Price 99.99
Nike Dual Fusion Run 2 Running Shoes Womens - *Our Reg. Price 99.99
Nike Dual Fusion Run 2 Running Shoes Womens - *Our Reg. Price 99.99

adidas climacool A.T. 360 Training Shoes Mens - *Our Reg. Price 109.99 - $40 sale = 69.99 - 20% Team Assist = $56
adidas Adipure Trainer 360 Training Shoes Mens - *Our Reg. Price 109.99

Keen Rapide H2 Outdoor Sandals Mens - *Our Reg. Price 89.99 (in blue, red, grey) - $40 = $49.99 + filler - $10 Team Assist = $39.99 + filler cost
Keen Rapide H2 Outdoor Sandals Mens - *Our Reg. Price 89.99
Keen Rapide H2 Outdoor Sandals Mens - *Our Reg. Price 89.99

Keen Riviere H2 Outdoor Sandals Womens - *Our Reg. Price 109.99 (red & purple) - $40 sale = 69.99 - 20% Team Assist = $56

Salomon Quest 4D GTX® Trekking Hiking Boots Mens - *Our Reg. Price 229.99 - $40 sale = $189.99 - 20% Team Assist = $152

$40 Off*
Selection & Availability will vary by location.
Order must be completed by 6:00am EST, July 8, 2014 to qualify.
30 Jun 17:51

Juicy Bits

27 Jun 18:21

The Boob room

25 Jun 17:26

Tata top

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VIA Rail Discount Tuesdays: Toronto to Sarnia $35, London to Windsor $27 + More!

VIA Rail Discount Tuesdays: Toronto to Sarnia $35, London to Windsor $27 + More!    

It's Tuesday, which means it's time for another round of Discount Tuesday deals from VIA Rail!

Here are the trips you'll be able to save on this week:

  • Toronto - Sarnia - $35 (Reg. $39)
  • Niagara Falls - Toronto - $19 (Reg. $21)
  • London - Windsor - $27 (Reg. $31)
  • Montréal to Québec City - $27 (Reg. $29)

These prices are live until the end of the day. Travel must be from Wednesday, June 25th through Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

Check out the offers here.

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Searching, Jeremy Miranda

Searching, Jeremy Miranda

20 Jun 20:00

Tomoko Kashiki

Tomoko Kashiki

Tomoko Kashiki

Tomoko Kashiki

Tomoko Kashiki

Tomoko Kashiki

Tomoko Kashiki

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"I start crying before I cut the onions, that way I’m in control"

“I start crying before I cut the onions, that way I’m in control” - Romeo DeVoid
15 Jun 18:57

COSTCO - Rockport men's shoes $50

by robskot
Just got home from Rockyview and they'd just got this morning a pallet of Rockport men's slip on in both black and brown...sizes 8-13.

I got a pair of black. Great price for Rockport.

Will try to post pic later.

EDIT: I think model is A12339 - Crowlin
12 Jun 18:23

Bath & Body Works: Take $10 Off $40 Purchases With Coupon! (Through June 15th)

Bath & Body Works: Take $10 Off $40 Purchases With Coupon! (Through June 15th)    

Earlier this week, Bath & Body Works issued a coupon that would allow you to save $10 on any $40 purchase! That coupon was intended to expire on Tuesday, but Bath & Body Works has now extended that coupon until the end of the day on Sunday!

Don't forget that they've got their semi-annual sale live now where you can save up to 75% storewide! You'll be able to use the $10 off $40 coupon on items already on sale. Notable promotions include:

  • Select Signature Collection products are $4 each
  • Select 3-Wick Candles are $12.50 each
  • Select Hand Soaps are 10 for $25 (or $3 each)

The semi-annual sale is live for a limited time only. Coupon expires June 15th.

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[Aden] Fujifilm Instax Mini 20 Film - $15

by vtse
Aden has the mini film on sale that goes as low as it does usually from Staples. They also have a bunch of the cameras on sale as well. Comes out to about $0.75 per shot before tax.

Could try PMing if you don't have Aden's around you.
05 Jun 19:20

The City, Richard Welling

The City, Richard Welling

01 Jun 03:36

Architecture Animée

02 Jun 17:03

The New Yorker

02 Jun 18:49

Little Golden Manga, Matt Reedy

behance | mattreedy

behance | mattreedy

behance | mattreedy

Little Golden Manga, Matt Reedy

28 May 20:32

Jono Nyami Shower Enclosure w/ FS $599.99

by a0105
Jono Nyami Shower Enclosure, $300 OFF for $599.99 and free shipping too.

48 in. x 36 in., 6 mm Glass, Acrylic Base Included

Clear 6mm tempered glass panels
Rectangular corner shower enclosure
7.6 cm (3 in.) low-threshold base for easy access
Acrylic shower base
Universal base (left/right installation)
Pivot door
Chrome profiles and hardware
Drain included
Faucet not included

Dimensions (L x W x H):
122 cm x 91 cm x 196 cm (48 in. x 36 in. x 77 in.)
Kit Weight: 86 kg (189 lb.)

1 year
21 May 04:13

[Sears]Kilk Klak sofa $184.95 reg 399 --free shipping?

by Barrels

$199.94 and use code 941612392 for extra $15 off
clearance-save 50% Sears regular 399.99

The Kilk Klak sofa converts into a sofa bed with 2 self toss pillows with removable arms for easy moving. Whether using it as a sofa or a bed, this beautiful futon brings classic styling and functionality to any room in your home.
45" w. x 77" l. sleeping surface
77" w. x 36" d. x 32" h. upright
Click to lower from upright to sleeping position
Hardwood/plywood frame
Polyester covering
2 toss cushions
Removable arms for easy moving
Assembly required


*From May 16 to June 1, 2014, When you place an order of $99 or more, before applicable taxes, from, catalogue or, for items that are less than 65 lbs., the shipping charge and handling fee is waived. NOTE: Regular shipping fees still apply to large/heavy items. You will be advised of any shipping costs when you order. Large/heavy items are considered as follows: item length exceeding 78 in., item length plus girth exceeding 118 in., item weight exceeding 65 lbs. Free shipping excludes locations with remote shipping charges.
13 May 22:21

Walmart>25 Glad -Top Freezer Bags 60 cents free shipping +MORE

by Barrels
60 shipping
Glad - Top Freezer Bags - Medium

These are all $1 with free shipping
Snuggle® Cuddle-Up Fresh® Fabric Softener Sheets 20ct

25 cents INSTORE...
Renuzit Adjustable Limited Edition Northern Pine-198g

$2Was: $7.97 FREE SHIPPING

Dove Beautiful Care 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner 355ml

$2 free shipping...reg 4.73
Belcam Bath Therapy dee-lish 3-in-1 Body Wash, Bubble Bath & Shampoo / Pink Sugar 950ml

11 May 16:41

$11.11 Molson Amphitheatre tickets (Pizza Pizza/Ticketmaster promotion)

by nippleholic

It's back again for another year:
The password is: 11PIZZAPIZZA11

**Offer subject to availability. Check back often as new shows and additional tickets may be added. Service charges and taxes may apply, including a facilities charge of $4. Limit of 1 order per household, limit of 4 tickets per order.

Usually the tickets will be on the lawns or 400's
08 May 22:23 - prescription glasses $9.90 delivered

by dro3

I just bought two pairs for $25!?

Use Coupon: WELCOME990
or use code "gobogo" to get 2nd pair for free
lots of frames are $0