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14 Nov 13:41

Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in Volvo truck commercial

by biotv

Para quando Rui?

Because watching Jean-Claude Van Damme doing his famous trade-mark split between two Volvo trucks that drive parallerlly in reverse, after an introspective voice-over monologue, with Enya playing in the background, would impress just about anyone.
This live test was set up to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering -- a world first technology that makes the new Volvo FM easier to drive.

Volvo Trucks
08 Nov 07:14

Which ones is better: fresh food or frozen food

by biotv


The guys from AsapSCIENCE compare fresh food and frozen food, both in terms of nutrition and taste.

12 Jun 03:28


by swissmiss



ELIOOO is a brand new book, by Antonio Scarponi, teaching you how to grow food in your apartment using inexpensive IKEA boxes. The system uses hydroponics, a farming technique that can be used to grow plants in water instead of soil. Hydroponics allows you to save up to 90% of water used in traditional agriculture systems, requires much less space, and you don’t have to worry about watering the plants.

Now go and grow your own food. Available on iTunes and Amazon.

15 May 17:46

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

by swissmiss

Boa rotina para quando tiver a viajar!

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout, by Gretchen Reynolds

02 Jul 22:24



lol, adoro. mas nao adoro.

01 Jul 14:51

Vidic’s agent: Rumours are “pub talk”

by Scott


If there’s one agent you can guarantee to dismiss transfer rumours linking his client with a move away from Manchester United, it’s Silvano Martina. Nemanja Vidic’s agent constantly bats away stories in the paper suggesting that the player wants to leave.

Having been linked with AC Milan last week, Martina has told Italian newspaper Fantagazzetta that there is no truth to the rumours.

“We are talking with no-one. This is all pub talk,” he said. “This is the first time I heard that news and I don’t know where it came from. We’re talking about the captain of Manchester United here, not just any player. Vidic has no problems with United – all the talk is hot air.”

"Vidic’s agent: Rumours are “pub talk”" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.
16 Jun 19:46

Nani: I Could Stay At United

by Scott

Nani: "I have respect for the Portuguese clubs, especially Sporting Lisbon but also Benfica and Porto, but I don’t think that is viable. I think my level at the moment is different.”

With just one year remaining on his current deal and the club not offering a contract that meets his expectation, it seemed certain that Nani would be leaving United this summer. Last summer the club agreed a deal with Zenit St Petersburg for the player but Nani didn’t want to leave so wouldn’t agree terms with the Russian outfit.

Whilst Nani has been linked with a move to a whole host of clubs, including Arsenal, the Portuguese winger has claimed that his future doesn’t necessarily lie away from United, but has dismissed the likelihood of him returning to Portugal.

“My future? Nothing is certain,” said Nani. “I am calm. I have everything in my hands. I am not saying that I will not continue at Manchester United. I will think about what is best for me. I have respect for the Portuguese clubs, especially Sporting Lisbon but also Benfica and Porto, but I don’t think that is viable. I think my level at the moment is different.”

Having once been tipped as the “next Ronaldo”, Nani has had a mixed time at the club. He scored in the penalty shoot out against Chelsea in 2008, he was voted Player of the Year by his team mates when we won our 19th title, he’s scored goals against City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern Munich… but then he’s probably earned the title from a lot of fans as our most frustrating player too.

Personally, I’d be happy to see him find an agreement with the club for a new deal, as when he’s playing regularly he often enjoys some good form and is capable of moments of magic. But if no extension is signed, we would be better of taking the money for him this summer.

"Nani: I Could Stay At United" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.
01 Jun 01:12

Box[es] Jump


Siga aí tentar. ;)

Box[es] Jump

11 May 09:00

Do we care if Wayne Rooney leaves?

by Scott

Long, but a good read.

Wayne Rooney’s first goal of the season came on October 20th. In the months leading up to that point, with him missing games through injury and missing penalties through poor technique, I repeatedly argued that he was our most important player. He wasn’t playing well and he wasn’t scoring goals but with Rooney, more than any other player, you could see that when he had a good game, United tended to have a good game. I didn’t feel any loyalty to Rooney, I wasn’t defending him out of some belief that he had seen the error of his ways in 2010 and was now red through and through, but I genuinely saw him as a vital part of our team. He hadn’t done much to justify that opinion at the beginning of the season, but I was basing it on the years prior, when he had repeatedly managed to drag us through games, and sometimes seasons.

Before Rooney’s transfer request in 2010, he was probably my ‘favourite player’ at the club. I knew he was an Evertonian but he appeared to really get United and it what it meant to play for our club. He kissed the badge, talked of his desire to stay at United forever and celebrated our big wins like a fan. In an age of mercenaries and agents, Rooney seemed to be cut from an old fashioned cloth, truly in love with the game and grateful to be at one of the biggest clubs in the world. But we were conned.

I can’t claim to know everything that happened behind the scenes at that time, but I do know that he had agreed to go to City and fabricated a falling out with the manager with the belief his betrayal would be forgiven by those not from the red half of Manchester. After all, Fergie had ‘forced out’ the likes of David Beckham and Ruud van Nistelrooy, so Rooney, or those advising him, believed this could be a convenient excuse for him to leave United too. He had gone off injured at the Reebok stadium with an hour played, was seen icing his ankle on the bench, and Ferguson claimed he was a doubt for England’s Euro qualifier in three weeks time. However, when Rooney was asked about the injury he claimed: “I’ve had no ankle problem all season.” When asked as to why Ferguson had said he had an injury, Rooney replied: “I don’t know.” I remember thinking this was fairly strange at the time but didn’t think too much of it, and scoffed at the idea there was something rumbling in the background.

Seven days later, Rooney announced that he wanted to leave Manchester United. He claimed that the reason behind his decision was the manager and David Gill hadn’t given him reassurances about the future of the squad and their ability to compete for titles. It was utterly bizarre. However, United fans had aided his cause, when the anti-Glazer protests reached a crescendo in the Champions League round of 16 game against AC Milan seven months earlier. With ‘Love United Hate Glazer’ banners draped from the Stretford End and Beckham walking off the field in a green and gold scarf, people were finally starting to sit up and pay attention to the awful position the Glazer family had put the club in. Maybe Rooney/his advisers saw this as a great opportunity to support their suggestion that United no longer matched Rooney’s ambition.

However, the whole affair was a PR disaster for our striker, with the press bemused by Rooney’s claims. Given the amount of trophies Ferguson had won, if there was one club that could guarantee Rooney success, it was Manchester United.

Ferguson played a blinder in his press conference, one of his many fine moments as our manager, and the pressure for Rooney to make a U-turn on his decision was too much to withstand. He ended the season scoring a penalty at Ewood Park to win us our record breaking 19th title and another goal in our Champions League final against Barcelona at Wembley.

Rooney released another autobiography last summer and reflected on the mess he had created.

“Hopefully in 10 years I’ll still be at United, that’s the aim and what I want. As long as the club want me I’ll be here. I was aware of the speculation. I’m sure if the manager thought he wanted to sell me, then I’d have been the first one he’d tell. Some things you’ve got to deal with but I want to be at this club as long as possible. Sometimes as a player you make bad choices and bad decisions and I think that’s what happened. Sometimes you see yourself somewhere else and that plays on your mind and makes you say things you shouldn’t have done. I spoke with the manager and David Gill and then I went home and I was sat there thinking ‘right, what’s the plan?’ I knew I’d made a mistake and I went back in and told them I’d made a mistake. I said if I can, I’d like to stay here if that’s what you want, hopefully we can work together and be successful in the future.”

Less than a year later, we again find ourselves with Rooney wanting to leave the club, with him apparently making his feelings known to the manager a fortnight ago. With the story leaked to the press, the club responded by insisting that the player wasn’t for sale, but did not deny the claim he had asked to go. Yesterday, Rooney released a statement on his website denying the stories in the press that he had updated his Twitter bio to remove “Manchester United player”. If he didn’t want to leave United, he probably would have rubbished that story in his statement too. But he didn’t. Both the club and player have had the opportunity to claim that Rooney was happy at the club and that the papers were talking rubbish, but neither of them have.

So what is the general feeling? “Indifference” sums it up well. We’ve just won our 20th title and Sir Alex Ferguson has announced his retirement. What sums is up best is “hearing Fergie’s retiring and Rooney wants to leave is like hearing your mum’s dead and the milks gone off.” It’s almost comical that Rooney penned that childish statement to deny the Twitter bio claim, as if it makes any difference this weekend. Even the fact there is an FA Cup final being played today has taken a backseat in light of Ferguson’s announcement, so as if anyone has time to worry about what Rooney does or doesn’t do on Twitter.

When I argued he was our most important player in September, October, November, I was waiting for him to recapture the form of seasons gone by. It was only a matter of time. Sadly, it never happened. We’ve managed to get through an entire season with Rooney unable to reassert himself as a vital part of our team. He’s had the odd good game, a few man of the match performances, but Robin van Persie has stolen the limelight and Michael Carrick has easily surpassed him in terms of importance.

His first touch has been poor, he hasn’t been finishing as well as he should, he’s struggled to make basic passes and his concentration has been off. Last season, after we beat Aston Villa 4-0 and Rooney scored two goals, the manager summed up Rooney’s performance in a way that seemed to prophesy what has followed this season.

“He was careless,” said Ferguson. “Wayne has to play on the edge of a game, when it is really close and competitive. When the game gets to that casual bit, he is worse than the rest of them. He gets really casual about it.”

Still, even having a poor season by his standards, Rooney has played a part in our success. Twelve players have scored more goals than him in the league but only one player has assisted more. 22 goals and assists means he matches PFA Player of the Year nominee Juan Mata in terms of contribution to his team, and only Van Persie, Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale and Theo Walcott have more goals/assists than him. That’s not too shabby for a player who hasn’t played well.

But with him turning 28-years-old in a few months time and not being deemed important enough to start in our biggest game of the season against Real Madrid at Old Trafford, is his greatest worth to the club now what we can get from him in a sale rather that what he can offer us on the pitch?

The manager has already hinted that Shinji Kagawa, who showed great promise despite not fully shining in his début season, is ready to take over from Rooney. Less than a month ago, in our 2-2 draw with West Ham, Rooney was hauled off with 20 minutes to play following yet another disappointing performance. “I think Shinji is doing very well for us now,” Ferguson said after the game. “He has fantastic composure on the ball and always seems to pick the more sensible pass. He was terrific for the first goal, showing the composure to take the player on in a tight area and roll the ball in to Antonio Valencia. As far as taking Wayne off, it was simple. He wasn’t playing as well as Shinji and we wanted to get that goal. There have been so many games where Wayne Rooney has been better than most players, but on the night, Shinji was playing so well.”

The Guardian claimed this week that Rooney is earning an incredible (and unconfirmed) £300k-a-week from United, which contradicts the £180k-a-week figure that was reported in the press at the time of signing his new deal in October 2010. Whichever sum is accurate, his sale would certainly free up a huge chunk of money to pay someone else. If United paid £16m for Ashley Young in the last year of his contract, paying the ridiculous ‘English tax’ which sees massively inflated price tags for players of our nationality, then it’s not unreasonable to think we should get £30m for Rooney. On the back of a poor season, we would be glad to be offered this amount for him regardless, but the fact he is keen to leave again should surely mean we’d bite the arm off anyone who was prepared to pay us that.

The issue though, as I discussed a few months ago when rumours of his departure first arose again, is where would he go. Why would the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich be interested if he’s lost his nailed on spot in our staring XI, and City won’t be interested after they got burned last time. The most likely destinations appear to be Chelsea or PSG, assuming they are just hoping FFP rules go away. Of the two, I’d obviously rather he went abroad and we could just forget all about him. They could pay him a fortune, he could do Brand Rooney some good by getting on the end of crosses from Beckham, and Coleen could live it up in Paris. Chelsea, you fear, could be a real threat next season, particularly if they bring in Jose Mourinho, so the idea of selling them one of the better strikers in the league isn’t too appealing. However, we have to remember that the club are the ones in the position of power here, in contrast to our situation in 2010. If we decide that we want to sell him and deem Chelsea an unfit destination, they would have to pay massively over the odds to get him, as they did with Torres. They certainly seem to have a habit of splashing out on strikers past their best. Or we could just point blank refuse to send him off to West London and put pressure on Paul Stretford to strike up a deal with PSG. Either way, the deal has to be done on our terms now.

It’s funny to reflect back on his first transfer request now and remark on how things have changed. The panic, the dread, the sickness of thinking we were going to lose Rooney to a rival, was almost unbearable. The relief at knowing he was going to stay was immense. Now, instead of feeling anger or betrayal, I just feel disappointment. Whilst some were prepared to write off last time as a “mistake”, it tainted him for me. I was confronted with my nativity and was forced to realise that he didn’t get it at all. So this time, I’m fairly unmoved.

“Sir Bobby is a legend and is such a presence around the club,” he said last November. “If I could break his record as Manchester United’s top goalscorer and maybe even England’s… wow! That is such a great incentive.”

In September, he gave an interview with the Evening News, claiming he wanted to spend the rest of his career at United.

“I have said many times that as long as I am wanted here at Man United then I will be a Man United player,” he said. “Obviously, I had that situation a couple of years ago but made it clear very quickly that I had made a mistake. As long as people want me to be a Man United player, then that is what I will be.”

I was angered by his contradictory comments about the club when he first decided he wanted to leave, because I truly believed everything he said, but this time around I’ve been less foolish. Every time he’s proclaimed his love for the club or kissed the badge, I’ve taken it with a pinch of salt. The bloke is a liar, a fraud, who can’t even show his pregnant wife a bit of respect, let alone us. I’ve appreciated what he’s given us since 2010, particularly the continuous stream of goals against City, but I’ve cared for him as little as he’s cared for us. Whilst I still believe he could offer us plenty on the pitch, he isn’t the player he was and there’s no way he deserves another go at this. If you have to be talked in to remaining a United player just once in your career then there is something wrong with you, but twice? It’s beyond a joke. But if we can’t attract a reasonable offer and if David Moyes feels like he’s worth talking round, then we are faced with the possibility of him still being a United player next season.

The disappointment I feel though, I suppose, is the timing of it all. We’re lifting the trophy tomorrow and saying goodbye to Sir Alex, so there shouldn’t be any thoughts wasted on Rooney’s future. You imagine he will be left out of the squad and probably won’t be on the pitch to celebrate us being crowned champions, and that just seems a bit silly to me. Whilst I think he’s a cock, he has contributed this season, but now we’re left with a bitter taste in our mouths. Still, what I wouldn’t give to be able to erase Carlos Tevez from our pictures in Moscow back in 2008, so maybe this is all a blessing in disguise.

You won’t catch me claiming Rooney is shit though, because he isn’t. He’s a quality player who probably never fulfilled his potential entirely, but he has been incredibly important to us and we owe him a great deal of thanks. But if he still thinks the cow in someone else’s field is better than his own, then it really is time to part ways. In his tenth autobiography, he will probably talk about his Manchester United regrets, but that won’t be our concern.

So thanks for everything Wazza, you’ve been quality, but it’s probably time you fucked off now.

"Do we care if Wayne Rooney leaves?" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.
04 May 16:30

Van Persie Playing In #20 Shirt Next Season

by Scott

"“I have the option to take no.9 but I don’t think I’ll do that. I’ll stick with what is right and what feels good. Also, I don’t want to be harsh to the fans who have no.20 on their kit. I don’t want them to have to buy a new shirt."

When Robin van Persie signed for the club he chose #20, with the reason behind it being that he wanted to help Manchester United win their 20th title this season. A contributing factor will have also been that the #9 shirt still belonged to Dimitar Berbatov, whose transfer to Fulham had yet to be finalised.

Van Persie has confirmed that, despite #9 now being available, he will keep #20 for next season.

“I think I’ll keep it [the no.20 shirt],” he told United Review. “I have the option to take no.9 but I don’t think I’ll do that. I’ll stick with what is right and what feels good. Also, I don’t want to be harsh to the fans who have no.20 on their kit. I don’t want them to have to buy a new shirt. [No.20] has been a good number for me. I’ll stick with it.”

When players change their shirt numbers it dates the replica shirts fans have with the old numbers on the back. However, with United winning the 20th title this season, I can’t imagine too many fans would be bothered if he played in #9 next season.

"Van Persie Playing In #20 Shirt Next Season" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.
01 May 19:04

May 1 release is here!


FYI :)


We have been busy implementing and testing some of the features you requested, and we finally deployed them earlier today. Besides fixing a number of server- and client-side bugs, we’ve shipped:

— Extended keyboard shortcuts. Press ? to see the list of the shortcuts that are now available to you;
— Enhanced list view: we now show part of the post text after the title, and clicking on any part of it expands the post;
— Lazy loading of images and media content for list view: heavy content is now only loaded when you expand the post. This saves quite a lot of browser resources and bandwidth for mobile users;
— UI enhancements: full time is now displayed when you hover the human readable timestamps. Also, client side code should now show you an error message when it cannot talk to the server.

Getting so many things done in such a short period of time would not be possible without our brilliant contributors. We have been helped by our old friend Nick Bugaiov, Ben Gdovicak, and Brian Jou. Those are the awesome people who responded to our call for help a month ago, and invested their precious time to make The Old Reader better. Well done guys!

If you know your way around Ruby on Rails and have some time to spend on improving the site you hopefully use quite often — drop us a note (, we still have some space in that dark basement we all sit at night coding.

30 Apr 06:41

Supercut: Every punch from 'Rocky'

by biotv


Because why not: all the punches thrown in all 6 movies from the Rocky franchise, in chronological order.

SupercutOnline | via
28 Apr 15:23

VIDEO: Van Persie's dressing room error



Former Arsenal striker Robin van Persie nearly enters wrong dressing room on his return to the Emirates.
26 Apr 07:59

Infographic: Where to go on a first date

by biotv


Designer/musician Alex Cornell made this useful infographic, presenting you your options when it comes to locations where you should take somebody on a first date.

Big Mischief | via
25 Apr 22:34

It’s this time of the year again: a long post from Elena



The most awesome cat ever except for mine(picture from

Today we are celebrating first year anniversary of The Old Reader. A year ago I talked to Dmitry about photography and, while browsing Google Reader, once again recalled how good it had been before November 2011 and persuaded Dmitry to start building a new reader for us and our friends. This was the start of our project. Then we had to come up with the name, and do it fast. Then Dmitry started coding, Anton began configuring stuff on his and Dmitry’s own servers, and I started asking all kinds of questions in numerous emails to my friends all around the world (here is my Oscar speech about people who helped us with the first beta in June).

I was sure that we could make it but I never imagined that we’d go as far as we have gone.
I never imagined that in a year we would grow up from 50 friends to over 200,000 people. I never imagined we’d be able to refresh about 4 million feeds every day. I never imagined that my “strategy” will apparently lead us to getting covered by all major tech media. And I certainly never imagined we would be getting this amount of warm words, feedback and support in donations that allows us to keep going.

But news can’t be always good. Recently Anton was asked to stop working on The Old Reader in his spare time because of a potential conflict of interest with his day job. This is a heartbreaking moment for Dmitry and me. Anton was the one who provided his own hardware when we started the project, then built our own infrastructure from scratch, managed, supported, and made it scaleable. He was always the “on call” engineer for The Old Reader, patching mongodb code at 6 AM or revamping our monitoring in the middle of night. He had a clear vision of his part of the job, and if you ever received a reply to your feedback that was probably too sharp and direct — that was most likely from him. We’d never go this far if not for his involvement in the project.

I am inclined to work on The Old Reader and bring it to a new level, starting with search for funding and making it a full-time job, even if it means putting away everything else, having even less spare time, and getting even more project-related emotional swings.

A year ago we only had an idea and some spare time, nothing else. Now we have a plan, a deadline, a vision, help from our new contributors (more on this in a separate blog post soon), and of course the invaluable support of our awesome users who donate to keep the project running.
And that’s a start.
Thank you everyone.


24 Apr 13:15

High-five fail compilation

by biotv


23 Apr 09:00

Fergie: Jones could become United’s best ever

by Scott


After a brilliant start to his Manchester United’s career, Phil Jones’ development seemed to slow down for a while as he was hampered by injuries and didn’t get a regular run in the team.

However, he has gone from strength to strength this season, starting with a fantastic display at the Bernabeu when he did a great job marking Cristiano Ronaldo.

Manchester City fans, for whatever reason, took to mocking Jones though. “You signed Phil Jones, we signed Kun Aguero” goes their chant. That chant came back to haunt them when in the summer we signed Robin van Persie and they signed the likes of Scott Sinclair and Jack Rodwell.

Last night, Jones won his first title with the club and Sir Alex Ferguson reckons he could go on to be one of our best ever players.

“Jones, arguably the way he is looking, could be our best ever player,” he said. “I think Jones may be one of the best players we have ever had, not matter where we play him. At 21 years of age, he is going to be a phenomenal player. I think he can play anywhere on the pitch. He has such a massive influence, with his instinct and reading of the game. He has a drive about him.”

Ferguson also feels United’s other young players offer great encouragement for the future.

“Rafa is incredible,” he added. “That impetuosity has left him playing with greater maturity now, as the season has progressed. David de Gea has developed fantastically well. I think we have a nucleus of players who are young enough we expect them to improve. It’s not asking too much of players to improve.”

"Fergie: Jones could become United’s best ever" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.
22 Apr 09:00

Presumptuous To Expect Guard Of Honour Off Arsenal… Or Anyone Else?

by Scott


When Chelsea won their first league title in 1955, Sir Matt Busby paid them the respect of a guard of honour, with our players applauding the new champions on to the pitch. It was the final day of the season and United beat the newly crowned champions 2-1 thanks to goals from Albert Scanlon and Tommy Taylor. Taylor sadly died at Munich less than three years later, aged just 26-years-old, but still ranks as one of our all time top scorers, with more league goals than the likes of Ruud van Nistelrooy, Andy Cole, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Cristiano Ronaldo, despite playing for us for just five years. West German police officers performed a guard of honour at Munich airport as the coffins were carried on to the plane to bring them home.

50 years after Busby honoured them, Chelsea won their second league title at the Reebok Stadium after a 2-0 win over Bolton, then played at Stamford Bridge, and then faced United in the penultimate game of the season. It was one of the darkest days for United fans of the modern era, with the Glazers just two days away from confirming their ownership of the club and the team had won nothing and finished 3rd. To have Roman Abramovich’s boys rub our noses in it was the last thing we needed, but that’s exactly what they did. Our players lined up either side of the tunnel on the pitch to clap the Chelsea players, lead out by captain Frank Lampard, on to the pitch. After Van Nistelrooy took the lead Chelsea hit back three times and we were well beaten. It felt as though that Chelsea team, that machine, was going to dominate English football indefinitely.

Thankfully, they had just two seasons of dominance before United reclaimed their trophy in 2007. Chelsea added one of the best players in the world for each position to their title winning team in the summer, with Ashley Cole, Michael Ballack and Andrey Shevchenko all signing, whilst United just bought Michael Carrick. We were 7 points clear on the day the title was won though, after Chelsea failed to beat Arsenal, making us champions with two games to go. Our next game, which had been billed as a potential title decider earlier in the season, was a damp squib, as our second string and Reserves travelled down to West London. Kieran Lee, Chris Eagles and Dong Fangzhuo were amongst those in the starting line-up that were applauded on to the turf at Stamford Bridge by the Chelsea team. With only pride left to play for, our lads put in a decent shift and left with a point against a fairly strong Chelsea side. At the time, I remember thinking the guard of honour was a nice gesture but also something that was expected from them after we had paid them the same respect a couple of years earlier. It would have made them look like sore losers if they didn’t do it. But I don’t remember thinking we were entitled to the guard of honour, that by being champions it was something that we were owed.

Several newspapers reported last week about Robin van Persie receiving a guard of honour at the Emirates at the weekend. Following the criticism by their bitter fans (as is always the case when one of their players leaves them for a team that wins trophies) that Van Persie was a mercenary for jumping ship and joining United, it would be a fairly spectacular return. He left Arsenal to win the league and just eight months after signing on the dotted line at Old Trafford, it looks as though that’s exactly what is going to happen. But should Arsenal really be expected to give us a guard of honour if they were the first team we played after winning the league?

Whilst Blackpool players gave us a guard of honour in 2011 after we beat Blackburn in our previous game to win our 19th title, 90 minutes before they were relegated thanks to our 4-2 victory over them at Old Trafford, Hull didn’t give us one in 2009 after we had drawn with Arsenal in our last game to win the league. In 2003, United won the league after Arsenal lost to Leeds, meaning we entered the pitch at Goodison as champions again. When the United players came back out after the game to the receive the trophy, the Everton players performed a guard of honour. Before that, Newcastle gave us a guard of honour in 1997, which is decent of them when you consider it was them we beat to the title that season, and the year before we clawed back their huge 12 point lead to win the league. In 1994, Coventry gave us the guard of honour before the final game of the season. A week earlier, Newcastle had given Arsenal a guard of honour at St James Park after they beat Parma in the European Cup Winners Cup final.

As you can see, it’s fairly hit and miss, so even if United beat Villa and travel to the Emirates as champions, there is certainly no obligation for them to give us a guard of honour. However, if we cast our minds back to the 1990-1991 season, United travelled to Highbury in the penultimate game. Just before kick-off Liverpool were beaten by Nottingham Forest, confirming Arsenal had won the league. United formed a guard of honour as George Graham’s team entered the pitch as champions. Would Arsene Wenger show Manchester United the same respect? He should do, particularly now that there doesn’t seem to be the same bad blood that there was between him and Fergie a decade ago, but the fans won’t be happy. Yes, the same fans who still sing about winning the league at Old Trafford in reference to their victory in 2002. The humbling experience of watching their players perform a guard of honour may mean that song is no longer a regular in their repetoire, and it will almost certainly mean they can’t get away with calling our Robin a mercenary anymore

But let’s get tonight’s game won first eh. Come on United!

"Presumptuous To Expect Guard Of Honour Off Arsenal… Or Anyone Else?" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.
18 Apr 19:29

Bebe On… Nutmegging Giggs, cutting his hair and Ando’s help

by Scott

Penúltima pergunta. Ah!

Some of the best bits from Bebe’s interview with Maisfutebol.

Q: How did your childhood friends react when they found out you were going to Manchester United?

Q: Jealous (laughs). They always asked me for Manchester United sweaters. I have many memories of my time in the House of Gaiato and always keep in touch with these friends.

Q: Who were the players that helped you the most when you first signed?

A: Anderson and Nani, of course, for speaking Portuguese, and Patrice Evra. I lived with Anderson for two months. It was great, he showed me all the club and the city. He told me what I was doing right and wrong. I am thankful to him for all that help.

Q: You scored two goals for Manchester United. Do you remember those times?

A: I will never forget. I scored against Wolverhampton and Bursaspor in the Champions League. Interestingly, before the game I got a little upset. Nani was injured and I thought I’d replace him, but the coach put another player (Ji-Sung Park). I was sad. I had warmed up in various games but didn’t play. But I ended up going on after 62 minutes and scored shortly after.

Q: What did Alex Ferguson instruct you to do when you came on?

A: He asked me not to retreat. He wanted me wide open on the line, to give quality crosses and passes. When the goal went it I didn’t know how to celebrate. Paul Scholes made a pass into the area and I finished well.

Q: Had ever imagined that you would score from a Paul Scholes pass?

A: Never, never (laughs)! At that time it was all a dream. One day I passed the ball through Ryan Giggs’ legs in training and he came over and told me, “Go on, you can tell your mother you did this to Ryan Giggs.”

Q: What was your day-to-day life like in Manchester?

A: I lived near my teammates, half an hour from the city and close to the training ground. In the morning I would go to training with Anderson, then I started to go by taxi. Sometimes Nani also gave me a ride. We trained only in the morning, not the afternoon, unless I had to do gym work. At the end of each workout there was a screen with individual instructions for each player.

Q: Who was the best player at Manchester United?
Paul Scholes. He is three times as good as other players. Van Persie and Nani are also fantastic in one one one.

Q: Is it true that Alex Ferguson made you cut your hair?

A: He advised me to do that that, yes. I went into his room and saw that he was looking at me, very seriously. ‘Hmmm, that hair.’ Of course, I cut it on the same day. In the next training he did not recognise me (laughs). I passed him several times and did not realise it was me.

Q: Are there are similarities between English and Turkish fans?

A: They are very passionate, but nothing compares to the atmosphere of Old Trafford. The English always support the team but the Turks are more crazy.”

Q: Which Portuguese club would you most like to play for?

A: I would like to play at Sporting, I identify with the club.

Q: Will you become one of the best Portuguese players?

A: I want to be and can be. I have quality to it.

"Bebe On… Nutmegging Giggs, cutting his hair and Ando’s help" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.
18 Apr 12:34

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Fifa to examine Suarez incident


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