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12 Dec 15:10

Is Taco Bell About to Roll Out Fritos Tacos?

by Clint Rainey

Taco Bell has sold over $1 billion worth of Doritos Locos tacos since 2012, but in fast-food years, these things are as old and uncool as your grandpa. Sales plummeted after the addition of each new flavor, the chain tried waffle tacos for breakfast, and now, there's this:

After success of Doritos Locos Tacos, looks like Taco Bell will launch a Fritos Taco (top left)

— Candice Choi (@candicechoi) December 11, 2014

If this slide during a presentation to investors is to be believed, Taco Bell will next make a shell of Fritos. The chain isn't ready to talk about bags of Frito tacos yet or how long it takes before we get Chili Cheese — a rep tells Grub, "We're always innovating and testing new concepts" — but Fritos are already an integral part of the Beefy Fritos Burrito, in addition to being a "dip." Fritos chalupas can't be too far behind.

[@candicechoi, BI]

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20 Nov 21:00


by Steve Napierski
Pokémuppets Never in my life had I ever wished that a someone would create a mashup of The Muppets and Pokémon. Having seen an amalgam of Beeker and a dugtrio, I'm glad someone else did.

source: HatBoy

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12 Dec 18:00

Ask Chris #224: Tarot And The Krampus And The Worst Christmas Story

by Chris Sims

Q: What's the worst Christmas comic you've ever read? -- @franzferdinand2

A: Folks, I have read a lot of Christmas comics. For a while, they were the only thing I actually "collected." I'd buy any Christmas story I could find, any comic with Santa Claus in it, anything that had the requisite number of sleighs and trees with lights on 'em, and as a result, I have seen some genuinely terrible Christmas stories. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good ones too, but when you're reading every Christmas story out there, you run across plenty that are overly cynical, mean-spirited, or just plain not very good.

And every now and then, you read the two-part Krampus story in Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, which is a piece of work unto itself.

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03 Dec 13:00

Gotta go Fast, ’til the Very End

by Steve Napierski
Gotta go Fast, 'til the Very End Sonic the Hedgehog's life ended the same way the quality of his games continued: with a sharp drop.

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10 Dec 00:34

These Lego series 12 minifigure habitats are perfect

by Michael Schulte

These Lego series 12 minifigure habitats are perfect

The Toronto Lego User Group (ToroLUG) has shared the habitats that they build for each series of collectible minifigures. Each time a new series is released, their Lego user group gets together and builds vignettes on a 12x12 base for each of the new figures.


08 Dec 11:01

Vanessa's Dumplings Serves Sesame Pancake Sandwiches for Less Than $3.50

by Sara Ventiera

Each Monday, we're highlighting a bargain meal worth seeking out in this city. Most will feed you for less than $10. Need more ideas for cheap eats? See our archives. Whether you're a carb-fanat...

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12 Dec 21:22

Where To Get a Cheap Veal Parm Hero, Ramen, Chili Fries, and Other Delights

by Robert Sietsema

Eater critic Robert Sietsema recommends three of his favorite cheap eats restaurants around New York City.

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05 Dec 21:35

French Toast Crunch Is Back From the Cereal Graveyard

by Hugh Merwin

So '90s.

Few foods in the known universe have greater power than breakfast cereal. General Mills knows this, of course, which is why they have just put French Toast Crunch back into production. The syrup-flavored, tiny bread-slice-shaped stuff enjoyed a brief but decidedly happy run between 1995 and 2006, when the cereal giant squashed it with its immense, whole-grain-powered thumb.

The comeback probably had more to do with trafficking in a sugary kind of '90s nostalgia, à la Coca-Cola's recent relaunch of Surge, than its pallid Facebook memorial page, or the petition that sought 100,000 signatures and garnered five. Up until today, however, the cult of French Toast Crunch seekers were forced to resort to shady backchannels of eBay, where "Croque Pain Doré" has been known to go for $24.95 a box, plus shipping and a veritable migraine of customs forms. The company says it should be back everywhere by the end of next month, and it is even "back in its original shape from the 1990s." It probably won't come with free Hot Wheels this time out.

Related: Surge — the World’s Most Nineties Soda — Is Coming Back

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05 Dec 08:35

Attack on Titan Gets Its Own Monthly Magazine With Figures


I love that there is no mention of what the hell words will be in the magazine, just figures.

12 issues with figures & parts that form a wall diorama, starting in April
04 Dec 21:50

Burger King Japan’s Newest Specialty Is Cheese-Drenched Fondue Burgers

by Clint Rainey

A dab'll do ya.

The hamburger giant is betting customers are going to want to ring in the Japanese New Year with a Beef Fondue or Chicken Fondue sandwich from their local participating outlets. That's what Burger King is foisting on the public on January 1, anyhow, after all the Berry Kristmushes are gone. Granted those cheese splats didn't glom themselves on, but you'll be sorely, sorely disappointed if you expect the fondue, which includes a "touch of white wine," to come in a pot atop a burner — it's just a condiment tub.

And if you thought that black hamburger looked pretty bad in real life, you probably already know where this one is going. Here are a few customer shots from when the fondue burger launched in Korea earlier this year.

Looks fun enough.

11일 금요일부터 판매하는 버거킹 신메뉴 치즈퐁듀와퍼(+그리고 치즈퐁듀소스)

— Young-Han Kim (@YHK_CHELSEA) July 10, 2014

Oh, wait, that doesn't seem right.

치즈퐁듀와퍼 존ㅡ맛ㅡ 손님 왈 평범한 와퍼와 평범한 감튀와 비범한 소스가 만났다 하더이다 버거킹 카톡친구 꼭하세요 단품->세트 교환쿠폰 받으면 5900원ㅇㅅㅇ!!

— 캇초❄ (@katnim_) July 11, 2014

Never mind.

버거킹 치즈퐁듀와퍼....맛있긴한데......음....뭐랄까 그닥치즈빼고는 특징이없달까...

— 딸기동자 (@bitna520) July 13, 2014

Just stop it.

버거킹 신작인 치즈퐁듀와퍼다. 그냥 와퍼에 퐁듀 하나 추가해준건데… 이게 좀 꿀맛이네. 퐁듀가 차가워서 뭐냐고 욕좀 해 주려고 했건만, 그 자체가 맛있더라고, 비주얼은 별로지만. 뭐, 한입 먹을래? #점심

— 사쿠라 쿄코 (@Kyoko_meal) July 11, 2014


버거킹먹구싶당. 이제 출근준비안하면 늦눈다 치즈퐁듀와퍼는 생각보다 별로였다. 교정하고 먹기에는 무지 불편...아니 교정이 아니더라도 먹기 불편하다눈거...

— 올언니의 뽀뽀를 받은 수줍은 김코굼 (@kogumi93) August 6, 2014

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[Burger Business]

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03 Dec 14:26

Doughnut Plant Unleashes Holiday Doughnuts and Lots of Coffee on Flatbush Avenue Today

by Devra Ferst

Expect gingerbread and panettone cake doughnuts.

Doughnut Plant's first Brooklyn outpost opened bright and early this morning at 6:30 a.m. to find four brave souls waiting outside before the crack of dawn. The cafe is serving all of Doughnut Plant's holiday favorites, like star-shaped, marzipan-glazed yeast doughnuts, along with gingerbread and panettone cake doughnuts, and of course all usual Doughnut Plant suspects, from tres leches to peanut butter and jelly. Coffee, to cut all that sweetness, hails from Toby's Estate, Intelligentsia and guest roaster, City of Saints.

The shop's roomier than the Lower East Side location, closer in size to the Chelsea outpost, with a fair amount of seating available. The shop's pretty simple, but check out the doughnut-shaped terra cotta tiles lining the bar: Owner Mark Israel's dad made them.

Early morning visitors:

05 Dec 20:20

This Restaurant That Pays $15 an Hour Is Killing It Financially

by Clint Rainey

Good people. Also I want to eat here! Expand!

Portobello and Wagyu sounds like a good burger.

Your standard debunking of the $15 hourly wage argument usually goes like this: Whatever the initial benefit to underpaid workers is, the pay hike is unsustainable for small businesses, which is a lose-lose for everybody. Your standard debunker, however, may want to consider this anomaly that has attracted the attention of workers' rights advocates and fast-food honchos alike: Detroit's money-making, living-wage-paying Moo Cluck Moo.

When the restaurant opened the first of its two locations, it was 2012 and workers got paid a still-high $12 an hour. Moo Cluck Moo specializes in burgers, so somebody had to do the proverbial patty flipping. To combat lower-rung syndrome, co-founder Brian Parker devised a system that designated the task as several rotating responsibilities that also include manning the grill, working the fryer, baking the buns, and whipping up the housemade "Moo Sauce." Constant rotation keeps morale high, he says, along with the pay. And while those burgers cost $6, people aren't complaining of highway robbery; the restaurant uses "Wagyu" beef and has meanwhile also been able to raise wages to $15 an hour.

"I'm not driving around in a six-figure sports car," Parker says, but the company is going to post a quarterly profit and has big expansion plans nonetheless. Moo Cluck Moo even sat out its first tip tip last week. Everything customers put in it, however, goes to a local charity.


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05 Dec 20:22

Soup Dumplings Learn Martial Arts at Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao, and Other Cheap Eats

by Robert Sietsema

Eater critic Robert Sietsema offers three more recommendations for delicious — and incredibly cheap — international delicacies around New York City.

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03 Dec 03:00

MegaHouse rounds out the remaining Digimon DigiDestined at Megahobby Expo

by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

MegaHouse showed off the finished sculpts for the remaining Digimon Adventures DigiDestined at Megahobby Expo Autumn 2014. What started with Tai and Matt in 2014 and continued with Kari and T.K. looks to be possibly wrapping up in 2015. The expected double release of Mimi with Palmon and Izzy with Tentomon are already shown in full color and look just as good as the previous four figures. Also shown were Joe with Gomamon and Sora with Biyomon in an unpainted state so don't expect them until late next year at the most. Hopefully this time next year we'll see some of the 02 characters getting similar figures and maybe something for the new TV series.

Also shown was a new line of plushies for all eight Digimon partners. They appear to be quite large, dare I say even life size? They're also surprsiingly well detailed. I kinda want a Tentomon plush for all of its nice detail, but that Gabumon is pretty great as well. MegaHouse might be on to something if they can keep making Digimon plushies of this quality. 

As much as I love what MegaHouse has been doing with Digimon I do hope Bandai comes through and makes more actual toys at some point.

[via Akiba Hobby]

MegaHouse rounds out the remaining Digimon DigiDestined at Megahobby Expo screenshot

01 Dec 18:40

‘LEGO Movie’ Named Best Animated Film of 2014 by New York Film Critics Circle

by Amid Amidi
The New York Film Critics Circle named "The LEGO Movie" the best animated film of the year.
02 Dec 21:36

‘How To Train Your Dragon 2′ Named Best Animated Film of 2014 by National Board of Review

by Amid Amidi
The National Board of Review named 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' the best animated film of the year.
03 Dec 19:25

27 Animated Features To Look For in 2015

by C. Edwards

I thought Home already came out, shows how much I can. Glad Football is getting a wider release. I must see Robodog! Here's hoping it makes it to the Children's Film Fest at some point.

Also I'm shocked they mentioned some anime titles.

If you love animation, you'll want to check out this list of animated features that will be released in 2015.
05 Dec 18:00

Japan Gripped by Crippling French Fry Shortage

by Clint Rainey

These were the good old days.

The French-fry-loving people of Japan, where 33 pounds of potatoes are consumed per capita annually and there's an awesomely oleaginous history of "fry parties," are probably closely watching the West Coast longshoremen's strike standing between them and their cargo ships of frozen potatoes. As the leading importer of American spuds, they're ready to wrap it up, please.

The labor contract dispute that's been going on since mid-summer in the U.S. has driven many places to tap into their strategic fry reserves, which are nearly depleted. The humble fry already saved McDonald's Japan once this summer, when it replaced "recycled meat" as the default menu option, so it's no surprise the chain yesterday was one of several rushing to reassure everyone that it has all the bases covered for its 3,000 stores. Let's just hope there's more than enough ketchup to go around.

[Japan Times]

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18 Nov 22:41

LEGO Scooby-Doo 2015: What We Know

by Tomas


Earlier this morning, we wrote an article about a rumor that stated that LEGO is planning on releasing a brand new spooky theme. It was only a matter of hours until more details surfaced. Right now, rumor has it that this new theme will indeed be a Scooby-Doo theme.

At first, it might seem like an odd decision since Scooby-Doo isn’t really “hot” amongst today’s children, however, a user under the name Miniworld claims he had access to some LEGO retailer information that proves the opposite. According to him, a couple of retailers had a chance to take a look at these new Scooby-Doo sets over at a showroom in France and he was lucky enough to gain access to a few details.

First off, he was told that the sets were scheduled for a May/June 2015 release. From there, he was told that there would be four different sets. The first set was a Mystery Van with minifigs of Scooby, Shaggy and Fred. The next is a Haunted Castle set with Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, and Daphne minfigs. Finally, there’s two other sets, but no descriptions provided. He did, however, mention that there was a nasty swamp monster in one of the sets.

To recap, we know (or rather assume) that we will be getting 4 sets, a release in May/June 2015, and all the crew in minifigures.

Just a little disclaimer, keep in mind that these are just rumors as of right now. There has been NO official confirmation from behalf of LEGO.

Go ahead and share your thoughts on the comments below!

Via: HothBricks

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05 Dec 14:59

Does 120 MacDougal Have a Hot Dog Vex on It? Crif Dogs Is Currently Closed

by Devra Ferst

Crif Dogs appears to have bitten the dust after just a few months. If so, it's the second hot dog shop to do so there in under a year.

For some reason, hot dog places seem to have a hard time sticking at 120 MacDougal. After only a few months, the Crif Dogs outpost on MacDougal street is currently closed. Eater is still waiting to hear from the Crif team whether this closure is for good, but at the moment the restaurant is no longer listed on the Crif Dogs website. Before this outpost opened, the space was home to Dogmatic, another short-lived hot doggery. Does Greenwich Village have something against sausages?

For the sake of Bark Hot Dogs, here's hoping not. The Park Slope-based hot dog shop is moving in just around the corner at 155 Bleecker, with a fully equipped "condiment center." And for those who have pledged their allegiance to Crif Dogs, the Crif location on St. Mark's and the one in Williamsburg both seem to be doing just fine.

03 Dec 22:30

How Mighty is Taylor Swift's Pen? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

by PBS Idea Channel
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Time: 11:46 More in Education
03 Dec 19:55

Pizza Hut Australia Rolls Out Doritos-Crusted Pies

by Clint Rainey

So, here are some things that have been desecrated with the addition of Doritos in the last year.


We can now add pizza, specifically, the Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza, to that list. Pizza Hut Australia says it "spent months developing" the recipe, which doesn't seem to involve any special ingredients or techniques as much as it does crumbled chips more or less glued to the crust with shredded mozzarella and cheddar.

Shock, awe, and mozzarella. Photo: Pizza Hut Australia

In real life it looks much more primordial, like the Hieronymus Bosch of pies.

Pizza Hut + Doritos = new Doritos Crunchy Crust. #PizzaHutCrunch

— the AU review (@theAUreview) December 3, 2014

So far, the reviews are calling this one "average" and "a bit intense on the stomach." At least this promotion doesn't involve any free live hamsters.

[Pizza Hut Australia/Facebook, Pizza Marketplace]

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04 Dec 17:15

Wahlburgers Is Rolling Out 27 More Locations in a Massive Expansion

by Clint Rainey

Come on, come on, feel the vibration.

The Mark-, Donnie-, and big brother worrywart chef Paul-owned burger chain made famous by A&E announced an ambitious expansion that will add 27 more location to its roster. Seven will be in New York City, and though it's not quite clear how far along leasing arrangements are, exactly, Williamsburg and Times Square would be our first guesses.

The move would elevate Wahlburgers's NYC presence to Shake Shack-esque levels, and the other 20 are landing in various parts of Florida. The franchisee in that state says Orlando will be first, followed by Miami and Tampa. The famous siblings, in the meantime, say they're gearing up to open 300 Wahlburgers nationwide.

It's an ambitious move for the three-year-old better-burger joint, which started with a single location in Hingham. There are now spots in Vegas, Philly, and even Toronto, but according to the brothers, the expansion has actually been very slow and calculated. Because of the show's popularity, they routinely field all kinds of offers from partners, but they say they won't even consider a potential franchisee with a net worth of less than $5 million.


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02 Dec 14:20

Mu Ramen Opens Big With Loads of Truffle-Topped Uni Porridge

by Hugh Merwin

The Mu Ramen team's stockpile of white truffles.

Joshua and Heidy Smookler's Mu Ramen opened its doors last night with a menu of hot noodle soups and izakaya-style sides. Several early reports indicated the place was absolutely packed, with wait times between a half-hour and 45 minutes. Part of that, no doubt, has to do with one new dish called UniPo, which the restaurant says is an update of the U&I dish from its pop-up era. It's Santa Barbara sea urchin made into a porridge, topped with salmon roe, roasted seaweed, and shaved white Alba truffles. Here's a look at the finished dish, some killer okonomiyaki, and, of course, some of that ramen.

Here are those truffles.

#nofilter something good coming for next week #muramen

A photo posted by Harlan Estate (@harlanestate) on

And the finished dish.

And some roe-topped okonomiyaki.

Beautiful #Okonomiyaki with Smoked Trout and Tobiko @mu_ramen 🐠🐟👶 #eeeeeats #muramen

A photo posted by Food Baby (@foodbabyny) on

And ramen.

The Spicy Miso #Ramen at @mu_ramen 🐷🌽🍳🍜👌 #eeeeeats #muramen

A photo posted by Mike Chau (@mikejchau) on

Con Ed Deigns to Allow Mu Ramen to Open Next Week

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02 Dec 03:00

I Don't Play Video Games Anymore. I Wait For Them.

by Mark Serrels

I Don't Play Video Games Anymore. I Wait For Them.

Right now it is 8.42pm on Monday night. I was supposed to be playing a video game.


02 Dec 13:00

Bark Hot Dogs Opening Second Location on Bleecker Street

by Robin Raisfed and Rob Patronite

Bark Hot Dog's new green-chile cheeseburger.

No one can ever take the place of the recently shuttered Greenwich Village Gray’s Papaya. But you can find solace in the fact that the folks at Park Slope’s excellent ecofriendly hot-dog shop are bringing their lard-butter-basted frankfurters to Bleecker Street. The new branch is larger than the home base by about a third. That’s room enough for new items including a take on a green-chile cheeseburger and a brown-butter-pecan shake, plus a DIY “condiment center.” A dedicated line for drinks means getting your fill of the six Sixpoint brews and three Gotham Project wines on tap should be a breeze. And if you’re in the market for a holiday gift for the tubesteak aficionado in your life, take home a jar from the shop’s new line of relishes.

155 Bleecker St., at Thompson St.; 718-789-1939

*This article appears in the December 1, 2014 issue of New York Magazine.

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25 Nov 18:52

I can almost smell the bread from this Lego bakery

by Michael Schulte

I can almost smell the bread from this Lego bakery

Built for an architecture contest on this entry by Thorin Forkbeard placed fourth overall in the voting. The angled design on the foundation, door and windows is really great. They contribute nicely to the look of disrepair in this neat little bakery.


31 Oct 21:53

This cute Halloween build has the best trees

by Michael Schulte

This cute Halloween build has the best trees

While I am waiting for trick-or-treaters to start arriving at my door, I found this super cute Halloween build done by Shawn Kelly and Craig Leeds for a MOC display at the Lego brand store. The costume clad minifigures waiting to enter the gates of the spooky house are awesome. Those trees though, are absolutely fantastic.


14 Nov 23:57

Decorate your tree with these awesome Lego ornaments

by Michael Schulte

Decorate your tree with these awesome Lego ornaments

The holidays are approaching fast and soon many will be dragging out boxes of shiny bits to decorate their tree with. I suggest building some of your own ornaments this year. These wonderful designs from Chris McVeigh can be purchased as kits in his store and contain everything you need to make some really amazing decorations.


20 Nov 00:14

Let down your hair and check out this awesome Lego tower

by Michael Schulte

Let down your hair and check out this awesome Lego tower

César Soares has shared yet another impressive build. I loved his old watermill , but this new build of Rapunzel's Tower is beautiful and fits nicely in that Guilds of Historica style. The good news is we get a similar and great looking roof, but this time it is attached to a massive tower.