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27 Aug 16:30

Otakon 2014: Artist Alley

by reversethieves

narutaki_icon_4040 I was pleased to see the variety returning to Otakon’s Artist Alley this year in terms of style, series displayed, and even the wares themselves. The up and coming items seem to be zipper pouches (which started showing up a couple of years ago but which now have exploded), lanyards, and, surprisingly, scarves. Despite these new crafts, I kept to my usual collections if only to stop myself from going into a frenzy of buying. How long I will hold out, especially with regards to lanyards, will remain to be seen.

As with the AnimeNEXT alley this year, there didn’t seem to be one or two titles that took over every booth. Certainly, Attack on Titan was quite popular, but with no new anime recently it seems to have kept it from overtaking everything else, at least in regard to what artists were making fan creations of. I was pleased to see a lot of the recent sports titles: Haikyu!!, Yowamushi Pedal, and Free! being represented, too.

It is a lot of fun for me to go to an artist alley with a new series to collect things from, for Otakon this year that was JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. There was no way I was passing up a Joseph Joestar button proclaiming “Holy Shit!” and the Joseph and Caesar postcard was from the same talented artist Doro. The Joseph and Caesar button is by Tayla. I loved the stylization in both of these, it is clear who the characters are but they still bright and fun on their own.

I had seen the work of Kaze-Hime at AnimeNEXT but foolishly didn’t pick anything up. I fixed that mistake at Otakon with her beautiful and almost haunting print of Utena, Sailor Moon, and Princess Tutu.

Why would I not buy a Spike postcard? I love the way the smoke trails behind him with the Bebop in the background. A wonderful piece by Boya Sun who also contributed to the CLAMP zine I picked up.

More Utena in the alley? Who would have guessed! This time it was in the form of a notebook by Jaclyn Grande. Complete with rose-colored pages bearing the rose seal. What a lovely find!

I was pleased to see a growing amount of artist books and fan-zines in the alley. My first purchases in the alley were in fact the Legend of Zelda II fanzine by Bridget Gibson and the anthology Cluster a CLAMP zine which I actually posted about previously. There were many more that I just couldn’t afford despite how much I liked them. I’d urge artists to have more books in the $5-10 range.

These adorable Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors) magnets are by resubee and are now stuck to my refrigerator. The magnets themselves aren’t very strong though so not sure if I’d buy this type of product again. But she had plenty of other wares!

As per usual the buttons flew into my hands and I was in no position to resist them. In every instance, I nearly walked away with more buttons!

It is so rare to see anything Detective Conan that I couldn’t pass up these buttons but I don’t know the artist’s name. I chatted with her but she didn’t have a business card.

The tiny bodies and big heads of Kaiami’s Spirited Away buttons made them an easy choice. Same goes for the Jean button by Masa Inoue.

As I mentioned, sports series were definitely had a big presence this year all over the convention, so I participated by picking up a chibi-Makoto from Free! button by Animus Rhythm. And I loved the expressions on the freshmen of Yowamushi Pedal button by Ilmenskie.

I overheard an Otakon staffer in the alley on Friday talking to artists about copyright. What he seemed to be looking out for was use of official logos and fonts. These rules are spelled out for artists when they register, and there was plenty of discussion on the forums about the policing of it this year, but I had never seen it in action as a non-artist. I’m unsure if anyone had to take down or stop selling anything in the alley because of these concerns.

Otakon’s Artist Alley is starting to become a coveted place for artists to get a table. And for me, it is my favorite place to spend the convention.

~ kate

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28 Aug 15:25

Sietsema: Breaking a Few Rules at the Lower East Side's Egg Shop

by Robert Sietsema

[All photos by Robert Sietsema]

Breakfast is the new frontier for restaurants, and in the future more will be serving it — and not just in the morning. Why? Because a customer's expectations are lower for breakfast, the cost of the ingredients is cheaper, and restaurants that were once closed at that hour can exploit their expensive real estate more fully by being open in the morning. Until now, it was a meal few of us ate out. But that may be changing.

Eggs are the bedrock of any breakfast program, whether fried, cooked into omelets and souffles, or incorporated into batters and sauces. Egg Shop is a new café on the Lower East Side that obsesses on eggs. Like its spiritual Williamsburg predecessor, Egg, it extends the temporal boundaries of the ovum-based meal, not only to lunch, but throughout the day, into the evening, and all the way into the wee hours (open until 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays).


Located in a small storefront on Elizabeth just south of Kenmare, Egg Shop presents a sunny demeanor with an open-front façade, blond-wood furniture, seafoam-green trim, and mirrors. A shoulder-height window looking into the kitchen presents the spectacle of two cooks assembling breakfasts (the kitchen can run a little slow) as the clientele chats and relaxes. The place seats perhaps 30 and the menu divides into four sections, including egg sandwiches; open-bowl presentations; custom assemblages entailing a choice of cooking method, cheese, bread, and sauce; and sides.


Priced from $9 to $15, the breakfast sandwiches appear on a variety of rolls and toasts. My guest and I tried the Eggshop B.E.C. ($9), which included one egg, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato jam (not like ketchup, but close), and pickled jalapenos on a small round roll. The thing was delicious, but messy, with the yolk spilling out onto the plate. It established several principles common to all the offerings at Egg Shop: cage-free organic eggs are the premium ingredient here, so you rarely get more than one; the dishes feature a multiplicity of ingredients; and the flavor schemes tend toward the wild rather than the mellow.


Assertively mayo-free, the egg salad sandwich ($10) comes on multi-grain toast with a thick slice of low-acid yellow tomato. It tastes good, but the scant quantity of egg filling makes the bread stand out more than it might have otherwise. Other breakfast sandwiches feature a broad-ranging international catalog of ingredients such as serrano ham, feta cheese, steak tenderloin, Argentine chimichurri sauce, caramelized onion aioli, greens, and gruyere. These same ingredients also figure in Egg Shop's most novel invention: the egg-bearing breakfast bowls dubbed "cruisers." At $8 apiece, they tend to be a bigger bargain than the sandwiches.


Take the one comically called "spandex" ($8). With a runny poached egg crowning the top, salad greens, avocado, ribbons of carrot, and miso-flavored quinoa jump around in its depths. Though it seems to scream "health food" — like the acai bowls at Dimes — it's really quite delicious anyway. Another bowl we tried mimicked eggs benedict with gluten-free English muffin croutons (they tasted more like brioche), crisped serrano ham in thin slivers, and a meyer lemon citronette that was about 1000 times lighter than the usual heavy hollandaise. (But, hey, where's my mimosa?) Ask for a spoon, because it's hard to plumb the depths of the bowls with the fork that you're given.


The list of sides is small, but figures prominently in the restaurant's profit-making plans. The other morning, a side of fried chicken was on nearly every table, atoning for the lightness and healthfulness of the other offerings. Priced at $7 (or $4 with the egg salad sandwich) the chicken is boneless and on the sweet side. I thought it was fine but my dining companion hated it. There's also a side of deep-fried hash browns ($2) that are great and a great deal, and a sweet-glazed, outsize biscuit ($4) that, on one occasion at least, was inedible due to excess baking powder.


I enjoyed my two breakfasts — one in the afternoon — at Egg Shop, and the place is a giant hit, judging by the crowds thronging the place in its first weeks. The only drawback, as far as it goes, is an excess of creativity: sometimes you just want a plain egg-and-bacon sandwich on a Kaiser roll. And you'll still have to go to the deli for that. 151 Elizabeth St, 646-666-0810
· All posts by Robert Sietsema [~ENY~]

28 Aug 10:00

Your Cellphone Company Says Your Location Info Is Private. Think Again.

by Dana Liebelson

On Sunday, the Washington Post published an exposé revealing that private companies are peddling surveillance systems to foreign governments that track the location of cellphone users in the United States and abroad. The report raised a basic question: How can this be happening when cellphone companies generally promise not to disclose their customers' location information without their consent? The main problem is that location information is available on a global network that can be accessed by thousands of companies. And in the wake of the Post story, US cellphone companies are refusing to discuss how this squares with their privacy policies, or say what they are doing to keep their customers' whereabouts confidential.

Here's what's going on: Carriers collect location information from cellphone towers and share it with each other through a global network called SS7. This allows a US carrier to find a customer even if she hops a plane to India. But according to the Post, surveillance systems makers have gained access to SS7 and are using it to grab location data, allowing these firms to pinpoint people within a few city blocks.

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28 Aug 13:56

Cool Shirt, Bro

by Steve Napierski
Cool Shirt, Bro I thought this comic was the perfect companion piece to the video I shared last night.

source: SailorSwayze

See more: Cool Shirt, Bro
28 Aug 13:30

"If I print this email, will you scan it and email it for me?"

“If I print this email, will you scan it and email it for me?”
27 Aug 23:00

If Geek Girls Acted Like Geek Guys

by Steve Napierski
I don't get it? Is this video supposed to be satire? This happens to me every time I walk into a comic book store. I can always tell that the rotund man sitting behind the counter is secretly undressing me with his shifty eyes. It can be very unnerving. Still, the jokes on him. Because underneath those clothes I am completely naked.

I honestly have no idea what I was going for in that previous paragraph. Just watch the video.

source: YouTube
via: Geeks are Sexy

See more: If Geek Girls Acted Like Geek Guys
27 Aug 18:25

Gotham Academy: Becky Cloonan's Super Cool Hero Portraits, Character Breakdowns and Guerrilla Marketing

by Chris Sims

I don't think it's possible for the staff of ComicsAlliance to get more excited for Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl's Gotham Academy than we already are, but if there's one thing that could do it, it's seeing the characters for the new book in a set of brand-new promo images drawn by Cloonan. Today, that's exactly what we've got, so prepare yourself, because they are fantastic.

Continue reading…

26 Aug 17:40

klotzblog: I’m actually crying right now: dogs are beautiful...


I’m actually crying right now: dogs are beautiful and precious and loyal and happy and your dog loves you so much.  Such a good dog.  

27 Aug 13:31

yayponies: brook: sizvideos: Watch it in video Follow our...




Watch it in video

Follow our Tumblr - Like us on Facebook

this is the happiest thing i’ve ever seen

the more gif sets of dogs playing in pools the better

21 Aug 12:30

"I am going to fax over some pictures that I took from the internet."

“I am going to fax over some pictures that I took from the internet.”
01 Aug 15:41

still hangin in


The pop culture one really had me rolling.

still hangin in

23 Aug 12:40

"I don’t know… I worry people will read this and think someone who knows how to write wrote them."

“I don’t know… I worry people will read this and think someone who knows how to write wrote them.”
23 Aug 14:20

Client: My fiancé and I are unhappy with the engagement photos you sent us. Me: What’s wrong with...

Client: My fiancé and I are unhappy with the engagement photos you sent us.

Me: What’s wrong with them?

Client: We’re wearing sweat pants in them!

Me: But that’s what you wore to the shoot. I asked you on the day if you wanted to change into something more appropriate and you said no.

Client: Well, I didn’t know you were going to leave them in the actual photos. You’re a professional photographer - you’re supposed to Photoshop better clothing onto us or whatever.

Me: That’s not really what I do, nor is it really how Photoshop works…

Client: Don’t lie to me! I’ve seen what Photoshop can do in magazines and stuff like that. It’s not my fault you don’t know how to do your job properly!

24 Aug 14:20

I am a (female) fashion designer. I create unique dresses, mostly for cocktail parties and...

I am a (female) fashion designer. I create unique dresses, mostly for cocktail parties and weddings.

Me: So here is my quote for the cocktail gown that we discussed last week.

Client: Thanks… I understand the lines for fabric and other material, but what is the last line about?

Me: That’s for my design work and the time necessary to stitch and build the gown.

Client: I don’t understand. How does that account for that sum of money?

Me: Based on our initial conversation and preliminary design, I estimated X hours of work.

Client: You charge money for drawing designs?

Me: Yes.

Client: I don’t get it. Doesn’t your husband make enough money?

25 Aug 14:12

Comics! Part 1 of a series on Soseki’s Kokoro.  Click...


Part 1 of a series on Soseki’s Kokoro.  Click through for more!

27 Aug 19:53

Oh the perils of modern courtship (while discussing his girlfriend)...


21 Aug 17:52

Why haven't you had kids yet?

by Matthew Inman
27 Aug 19:22

Stunts: Grilled Cheese to Drop From the Sky in September

by Devra Ferst

I . . . what???


As promised, Australian grilled cheese company Jafflechutes (Aussies call grilled cheese jaffles) will be dropping sandwiches to 30 to 40 New Yorkers next month. Brokelyn reports that the first drop point will be The Diamond bar in Greenpoint, where, on a still unknown date, the Jafflechutes team will throw grilled cheeses off the roof to customers waiting below. Here's how it works: the team posts a date and a menu on Twitter, diners place orders online, pay via Paypal, and wait for patiently at a designated time for their cheese to drop from the heavens and into their arms. While waiting on that announcment, check out a video of the delivery system in action.
· Jafflechutes [Official Site]
· Coming soon to The Diamond: Grilled cheese sandwiches thrown off the roof and into your mouth [Brokelyn]
· All Coverage of Jafflechutes [~ENY~]

17 Aug 17:08

Geno in Super Smash Bros.

by sdshamshel


Geno is quite a popular choice when it comes to character requests for the Super Smash Bros. series, and so there is plenty of fanart out there in support of his inclusion. While this makes my drawing a bit redundant (and the special moves are all pretty much what everyone else has for Geno’s attacks), I felt that the concept of Geno as a playable character could be taken an extra step beyond simply having his moves map 1:1 with his Super Mario RPG techniques.

In particular, I had this idea that Geno could utilize the “timing” system from Super Mario RPG where pressing or releasing a button at the right time makes the characters’ attacks stronger in some way. This is demonstrated not only in the depiction of Geno Beam and Geno Blast, but also in Geno’s smash attacks. As shown with Geno’s up-smash, the idea is that Geno’s smash attacks have an additional secondary component that Geno can chain into, similar to Kyo Kusanagai in the King of Fighters series or Fei Long in the Street Fighter series. Because it wouldn’t be terribly strategic to have the follow-up be automatically better every single time, the secondary part of every Smash Attack would have its own strengths and weaknesses (like leaving Geno vulnerable if the first part doesn’t connect properly, or not hitting at the desired angle at high percentages), so it would be an active choice at all times whether or not to use the timed attack system.

Other than that, Geno would have two other main features. The first would be his space control due to the fact that many of his attacks are ranged and come in at odd angles instead of straight-on (Geno Beam shoots diagonally upwards on the ground but diagonally downwards in the air, for example). The second would be that Geno’s normal moves emphasize the fact that his body is that of a doll, so it is extremely flexible, as demonstrated in that up-smash. This would give Geno a lot of unusual hitboxes on his attacks an, or allow him to slip past attacks by suddenly collapsing low to the ground, for example.

25 Aug 08:00

WeLoveFine opens pre-orders for Spycrab plush

by Brian Szabelski

The majestic Spycrab: the most notable of the fauna from the world of Team Fortress 2. Now, We Love Fine has taken what started as an in-game-glitch-turned-meme and transformed it into a plush. The Spycrab plush features a design from contributor Threnodi, which evokes Shawnimals' style a bit. However, it is definitely TF2's Spy underneath, with that little cigarette sticking out of its mouth, along with some poseable claws.

Pre-order the little Spycrab of your choice at We Love Fine for US$20. You'll have to wait for November for yours to arrive, though, but you will get a Spycrab item for TF2 with your purchase.

WeLoveFine opens pre-orders for Spycrab plush screenshot

20 Aug 16:45

While discussing the internet...

(Thanks Allan!)
24 Aug 00:05

ca-tsuka: Stills from “A Tribute to Satoshi Kon” french...


Stills from “A Tribute to Satoshi Kon” french exhibition (online gallery).

Satoshi Kon passed away 4 years ago.

I love his films (and Paranoia Agent)

27 Aug 09:23

First picture of next Pixar animated film “Inside...

First picture of next Pixar animated film “Inside Out”.

27 Aug 10:12

From Aoi Honoo (Blue Blaze) japanese drama TV series based on...

From Aoi Honoo (Blue Blaze) japanese drama TV series based on manga by Kazuhiko Shimamoto and featuring Hideaki Anno student character (gif sources : 1 2 3).

25 Aug 17:20

Crumbswire: Now that the chain has officially...

by Devra Ferst

crumbs-thumb-72114.jpgNow that the chain has officially been rescued from bankruptcy, Crumbs' giant cupcakes will return to Columbus Square next month when the bakery's new owners start to re-open select shops. The owners, who include TV personality Marcus Lemonis, plan to revive only 28 out of the bakery's 49 locations in New York, LA, Chicago, and D.C. [NYP]

26 Aug 14:15

Coming Attractions: Nutella 'Enthusiasts' Plan Nutelleria in Park Slope

by Devra Ferst

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 9.46.09 AM.png

Eataly's Nutella Bar will soon no longer be the only Nutella-pushing venue in town. A Nutella-focused shop called Nutelleria is planning to open soon in Park Slope, reports Park Slope Stoop. The spot, which formerly held The Chocolate Room pop-up, will serve the chocolate hazelnut spread in even more ways than the Eataly shop, including on breakfast pizza, rolled into fruity "burritos," and on Nutella-bacon-banana waffle sandwiches.

Just to be clear, Nutelleria has no association with Eataly or the Nutella company for that matter. According to the website, it's a project by "Nutella enthusiasts that decided to share our love of Nutella with the rest of the world." Still, if the city's first Nutella bar taught us anything, it's be prepared to wait in line.
· Nutelleria Coming To 5th Avenue [Park Slope Stoop]

25 Aug 05:26

Event Report: CharaHobby 2014 C3xHOBBY - Bandai Booth

by Disposable Henchman

Bandai booth at CharaHobby 2014 boasted some of the most innovative Gundam models we've ever seen along with some must-have Collectors items. Check out the gallery below for all they had to offer!

19 Aug 17:50


by shieldhydraleviathan

Cover by KRIS ANKA
• Kamala bands together with some unlikely heroes against the maniacal Inventor.
• But has she taken on more than she can handle?
• Find out why Ms. Marvel is the best new super hero of the year!

19 Aug 14:27

Recent Commissions.More info on my blog: New Blogpost of my most...

22 Aug 10:00

Here's Why the Feds Are Investigating Ferguson

by Jaeah Lee

Last week, the Department of Justice announced that FBI agents were working with attorneys from the Civil Rights Division and US Attorney's Office to conduct what Attorney General Eric Holder promised would be a "thorough and complete investigation" into the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Since then, more than 40 FBI agents have arrived in the St. Louis suburb to interview witnesses and canvas the neighborhood where Brown was shot by a police officer on August 9.

On Wednesday, the AG himself arrived in Ferguson for a series of meetings with federal investigators, local authorities, and community members. Writing in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Holder said, "At a time when so much may seem uncertain, the people of Ferguson can have confidence that the Justice Department intends to learn—in a fair and thorough manner—exactly what happened."

What exactly happens when the feds step in to investigate a case like Michael Brown's? A quick explainer:

What is the Justice Department investigating? According to Holder, the DOJ is specifically investigating "the shooting death of Michael Brown," and "looking for violations of federal, criminal civil rights statutes." The investigation is separate from local authorities' investigation. Some have asked the DOJ to take a broader view: In a letter to Holder on August 11, Reps. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), Marcia L. Fudge (D-Ohio), and William Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) asked the DOJ to consider expanding the scope of its investigation to include "the potential for any pattern or practice of police misconduct by the Ferguson Police Department." Meanwhile, the US Commission on Civil Rights, a panel appointed by the president and members of Congress, has asked the DOJ to look into the disproportionately low representation of African Americans on Ferguson's police force and city council. It remains to be seen if the DOJ will broaden its investigation beyond Brown's death.

What could happen as a result of the DOJ investigation? The findings of the investigation could lead to a federal prosecution against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Brown.

Who is conducting the investigation? So far, three branches of the DOJ are working together on the federal investigation. More than 40 FBI agents from the St. Louis field office are canvassing the area and interviewing witnesses. They're working with the Civil Rights Division and the US Attorney's Office, which would handle a potential prosecution. Within the Civil Rights Division, two sections may be involved: There's the Criminal Section, which "prosecutes cases involving the violent interference with liberties and rights defined in the Constitution or federal law," including excessive use of force by police officers; also, the Special Litigation Section conducts investigations into systematic violations of civil rights by state and local institutions, including police departments. DOJ spokesperson Dena Iverson clarified to Mother Jones that the Criminal Section is the one currently involved in the Ferguson investigation.

Cards being handed out by FBI #Ferguson #MikeBrown

— Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) August 16, 2014

What triggered the investigation? Generally, DOJ investigations into civil rights violations can begin in response to an official complaint filed with the Civil Rights Division, or in response to major events like those in Ferguson. The CRD has not said if there was an official complaint filed by citizens, or if the department decided to initiate the investigation on its own. "There's no rule book" that the department follows to determine if a case warrants an investigation, explains Samuel Walker, a criminal-justice scholar at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. The Civil Rights Division doesn't announce all of its investigative activities. The agency has not responded to a request for comment on what percentage of incoming complaints it decides to investigate, and why. But back in 2012, then-DOJ spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa told my colleague AJ Vicens that "the department investigates each jurisdiction based on the allegations received. There is no one-size-fits all approach to our investigations or our settlements."

Where else besides Ferguson is the DOJ investigating civil rights violations? The Civil Rights Division's Special Litigation Section is currently investigating systematic violations of civil rights by law enforcement in at least 34 other jurisdictions across 17 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, according to a list on the DOJ website. But these cases are different from the investigation in Ferguson, which so far appears to be focused on Wilson's shooting of Brown, which would fall under the CRD's Criminal Section. According to its website, the Special Litigation Section can step in "if we find a pattern or practice by the law enforcement agency that systemically violates people's rights. Harm to a single person, or isolated action, is usually not enough to show a pattern or practice that violates these laws." The Criminal Section, meanwhile, lists 17 past investigations into criminal misconduct by law enforcement officials in 11 states.

The Justice Department's Office for Civil Rights, which is separate from the Civil Rights Division, monitors discrimination in DOJ-funded state and local law enforcement institutions. In a May 2013 memo, OCR reported that over the previous four years, it handled 346 discrimination complaints, many of them alleging that federally funded law enforcement agencies "engaged in unlawful racial profiling in conducting traffic stops."

Since when does the DOJ investigate civil rights violations? The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 authorizes the Civil Rights Division's Special Litigation Section "to review the practices of law enforcement agencies that may be violating people's federal rights," and oversees cases involving discrimination—prohibited under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964—in state or local agencies receiving federal funds. As a result of these special litigation cases dating back to 1997, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 21 police departments across the country have signed consent agreements with the DOJ to improve their procedures and policies, often the use of force and relationships with minority communities. Samuel Walker says that the number of these cases fell dramatically during the Bush administration, but picked back up under the Obama administration, which has doubled the size of the special litigations unit. While criminal civil rights prosecutions under the DOJ date back to 1939, the Criminal Section's powers were limited until the Civil Rights Division was created in 1957 as part of the Civil Rights Act.

How else is the DOJ involved in Ferguson? Holder has announced that the DOJ's COPS (Community-Oriented Policing Services) office and Office of Justice Programs are also assisting local authorities "in order to help conduct crowd control and maintain public safety without relying on unnecessarily extreme displays of force." It's unclear how this assistance has played out on the streets of Ferguson. Holder added that Justice Department officials from the Community Relations Service are also helping "convene law enforcement officials and civic and faith leaders to plot out steps to reduce tensions in the community."

When will we see some results from the investigation? It may be a while. As Holder wrote in Wednesday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "Long after the events of Aug. 9 have receded from the headlines, the Justice Department will continue to stand with this community." For now, there are many more questions than answers.