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20 Sep 08:15

#32 – Sanzoku Diary

by Khursten Santos


It’s been a while since I talked about a seinen manga. Not that I’ve turned into a fujoshi purist but I feel like if I start talking seinen manga again, I wouldn’t know where to start or to stop. As it is, my manga reading list has become lengthy and I honestly haven’t had the time to read a new title. And knowing my manga habits, I would read texts like voracious hungry manga monster who can’t get enough of one series or a genre.

However, thanks to a really long layover during my last research trip, I managed to load my tablet with a couple of manga I’ve been wanting to read. One of which was a curious title I’ve been hunting for the longest time. It has a mix of two of some of my favourite things in the world: food and foot to mouth to cuisine. Sanzoku Diary was an unexpected manga that got me hooked on something I didn’t quite expect I’d be captivated: hunting game and enjoying it for a meal.

Sanzoku Diary is a collection of Okamoto’s adventures in chasing after birds and boars in his hometown of Okayama. He does this every winter and with his trusty air gun and his fellow hunters, they shoot down their next tasty meal. He dedicates every chapter to his next game or his next hunting technique. After some while, Okamoto touches on some issues they encounter as hunters. Sometimes, he even makes an environmental remark.


I honestly didn’t expect that I would be hooked into reading this title. Okamoto’s art is very simple and yet he manages to capture his reader’s attention and engage them in his hunts. Sanzoku Diary turned out to be a fun and interesting read. Or maybe he got me with the eating bit. Or maybe he got me with the feature on game offal.

I have little knowledge on animals and such so I really enjoy Okamoto’s featured game in his chapters. I also love reading Okamoto’s strategies in getting his game, from traps and shots and the taxing wait to get that perfect kill. Lastly, and possibly the one of great interest to me, is Okamoto’s experience in gutting, cleaning, and eating his game. While, I don’t think I’ll ever even hunt game, reading his thoughts on the flavors and textures of game makes me curious to give even the lowly crow a try. As a cook, it also brings back my own joyous memories of cleaning and gutting fish or bird.


What I also find commendable about Sanzoku Diary is how it treats the subject of hunting. Seeing how Okamoto and his group carefully plan their hunt in order to give their game a respectable death, I can’t help but appreciate Sanzoku Diary’s effort in making hunting look like a respectable trade. Or the fact that it’s a sustainable form of lifestyle in the provinces. Not only that, they also raise some environmental issues, such as how animal patterns are changed because of our changing reality. And it achieves this without having to go on a full on lecture. Okamoto’s honesty about the world and his changing environment is refreshing to read in today’s onslaught of unwarranted social lectures.


That said, Sanzoku’s probably best for the meat lovers. Those who take issue with hunting would probably find this book interesting but would definitely have no sympathy for Okamoto. Not that Okamoto’s asking any to begin with. His selfishness appears in his honesty in admitting that hunting is something he enjoys and will always have fond memories of.

It’s a fascinating read and I don’t know if I’m really dead bored but given that I do have a load of manga in my device, Sanzoku Diary proves to be a worthy read during a long layover.

Series Information

Sanzoku Diary by Okamoto Kentaro
Serialized in Evening
Published by Kodansha

Available in: Amazon, Ibooks, and EbookJapan

23 Sep 15:05

Seattle Will Fine People Who Throw Away Too Much Food

by Hugh Merwin

Absolute rubbish.

Yesterday, the Seattle City Council passed a 9-0 vote in support of an ordinance that will allow trash collectors to fine residents $1 every time they note perfectly compostable food waste taking up "10 percent or more" of any haul. This not only means that workers will be taking a very close look at rubbish — they already flag bins that that contain recyclables — but they'll also be keeping tabs on trashiness over time, thanks to state of the art computer systems that are already on board the city's fleet of garbage trucks. This will allow for the city to increase penalties — maxing out at a not-high sum of $50 — for repeat offenders. All those who regularly shun pizza crusts or incur mounds of fruit pulp while undergoing extensive juice cleanses should consider themselves warned. [Seattle Times]

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23 Sep 10:03

Taqueria Diana's Nachos, One of Our 100 Favorite Dishes

by Laura Shunk

Dish no. 26: Nachos from Taqueria Diana (129 Second Avenue) ...

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23 Sep 10:00

This Supreme Court Case Will Decide Whether Companies Can Treat Pregnant Women Like Crap

by Stephanie Mencimer

It's a rare day when pro-choice activists, anti-abortion die-hards, and evangelical Christians all file briefs on the same side of a Supreme Court case. But that's what happened recently when the National Association of Evangelicals, Americans United for Life, Democrats for Life of America, and the National Women's Law Center joined forces to support Peggy Young, a Maryland woman alleging that she was the victim of pregnancy discrimination.

Young was a driver for the shipping giant UPS, where she'd worked for about seven years. In 2006, she took some time off to undergo in vitro fertilization in the hopes of getting pregnant. She succeeded and eventually went back to work, where an occupational health manager told her she had to submit a doctor's note about work restrictions. She provided a midwife recommendation that she not lift more than 20 pounds while pregnant.

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22 Sep 21:00

The Fantastic Food Carts of Wall Street’s Hanover Square

by Robert Sietsema

Eater's critic discovers great inexpensive eats in the FiDi served from trucks and carts.

Everyone agrees that, where food trucks are concerned, nothing’s better than having a whole flock of them at one location. Competition not only improves the quality of the food, it prompts these rolling lunch wagons to lower prices and offer specials, too. One of the city’s best collections is found just south of Wall Street at Hanover Square. In the two blocks running east from the 1870 New York Cotton Exchange (now called India House) lurk over a dozen vans and carts, the success of which owes much to both the lack of cheap cafes in the neighborhood, and the abundance of outdoor seating in the immediate vicinity. The selection of vehicles varies by day, but there are always at least a dozen parked between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Here are the best things sampled on several recent visits. Favorites are marked with an asterisk (*).



Luckyim Thai – In Siamese, "luckyim" means dimple, and this cart specializes in dumplings, fried rice, basil stir-fries, spicy red curry, and noodles, ranging in price from $4 to $9. Shown are the exceptional drunkman noodles: chow-fun with shrimp, garlic, onion, basil, and plenty of hot chiles – a dish originating in Chiang Mai said to be good for a hangover.



*Old Traditional Polish Cuisine – In New York, Polish trucks are scarce as hen’s teeth, though Polish food lends itself well to outdoor vending. This truck offers a handful of set meals gauged to feed large appetites and priced at $10. The hilariously named "lite combo" presents four bulging potato-and-cheese pierogi, pickle spears, slice of rye, and a giant length of grilled kielbasa with a delicious smoky flavor. Engagingly, the truck looks like a cabin in the woods.



Frites ‘N’ Meats – This yellow van does few things, but does them well. Center of attention is a half-pound angus burger grilled over gas flame. There are several configurations available, including the bite back ($9.50), featuring jalapenos, pepper jack, and bacon, but budget diners will go with the stripped-down model, which includes raw onions, tomatoes, baby lettuces, and your choice of bun, a comparative Wall Street bargain at $6.50. Belgian-style fries ($3.50) could be a separate meal.


By Robert Sietsema


*Soulaki GR – Sure, the Greek fries dusted with oregano, sea salt, and crumbled feta are grand, but pick instead the bargain ($5) pork pita. In that wonderful sandwich, those same french fries are rolled inside a bouncy flatbread along with smoky pork souvlaki; garlic-flavored yogurt is squirted all over the inside for one of the city’s most pungent taste sensations. This wrap totally rocks!



Langos Truck – What’s a langos? A deep-fried flatbread from Hungary something like a Navajo fry bread, glove-soft and greasy. It’s fried to order, and a limited number of toppings are available, running to chopped ripe bell peppers, cheddar, and sour cream in the "pepper lovers" ($7, shown).



Camion Modern Mexican – You might be a little disappointed to find this truck doesn’t have the "fish dog" advertised on its short menu. As described, it seems like a corn dog made of fish; instead go for the battered-cod tacos, two to an order for $8, served with purple chips and an admirable cilantro-lime mayo. Not bad!



*Schnitzi Schnitzel Bar – At $12, the schnitzel heroes can’t be called cheap, but the humongous length and inclusion of four chicken filets in each almost guarantees you’ll have some left over for a midafternoon snack. The truck is kosher, the array of potential condiments vast (chimichurri sauce recommended), and all schnitzels are fried to order, so your sandwich is handed over piping hot.



Banh Mi Cart – How can three people fit inside this shiny silvery trailer? But they do, turning out 10 Vietnamese sandwiches ranging in price from $6 to $8, plus spring rolls, summer rolls, and iced coffee. The #1 "special baguette" comprising pickled vegetables, pork roll, and cilantro (shown) is the most popular and the cheapest, but a surprise favorite is the version stuffed with canned sardines.



*Desi Express – Of the two vehicular Indian choices, this one’s the best, a deep-red van with a distinct Punjabi bent that offers vegetable and vegetable-meat combos over rice, big feeds as cheap as $7.99. Really, the vegetarian choices are some of the best, as in this pairing of Amritsari chole (Sikh-style chick peas) and baingan bharta (Mughal eggplant stew). There are garnishes galore, including a fresh mint chutney, incendiary bird chiles, yogurt raita, and raw onions.



Tuareg Grill (aka Asian Express) – Don’t bother asking why this cart is called Tuareg Grill, referring to a Sub-Saharan nomadic tribe – while the offerings are confined to pan-Asian stuff. Skip the Japanese selections, in favor of the Chinese stir fries that are the bedrock of the menu. The spicy pork (shown, $8) proved quite voluminous, and every bit as spicy as its Sichuan antecedent – but no Sichuan peppercorns, alas!



Domo Taco – The purview of this greenish van is tacos from a Japanese perspective, in addition to quesadillas, burritos, and bowls. The most interesting shows an additional Middle Eastern bent: Behold the falafel taco, perhaps for the first time in town. The sriracha mayo ramps up the flavor, while the cheese mellows it out, and there’s plenty to chew on in this $3, nearly-a-full-meal wonder.



Mysttik Masaala – Don’t be deterred by the stuttering name or the size of this tiny cart. It turns out some formidable and very spicy chicken curry, which comes on the omnibus platter shown with a choice of vegetable curry, raita, chick peas, and tamarind chutney for $9.

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22 Sep 19:00


by Steve Napierski
Gifts Aren't your "friends" in Animal Crossing the best?!

source: Timecowboy!

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20 Sep 14:20

Client: It’s unacceptable! There is no way this flyer is in high resolution! Me: I don’t understand,...

Client: It’s unacceptable! There is no way this flyer is in high resolution!

Me: I don’t understand, it’s the maximum quality settings I can get.

Client: Don’t bullshit me kid, I zoomed in to 150% and it’s all pixelated!

21 Sep 19:37

"We don’t appreciate the amount of women and black people included in those stock photos."

“We don’t appreciate the amount of women and black people included in those stock photos.”
21 Sep 02:00

Japanese KFC celebrates Colonel Day with fried chicken prizes

by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Japanese fast food is better than ours. I don't know if that's true of the food (some sure think so), but it's definitely better when it comes to unique and unusual promotions. This seems to be especially true for franchises that originate in the US like McDonald's, Burger King, and Pizza Hut. But I think the king of all of them is KFC, a fast food chain that has sunk itself so deep into Japan that it has become a traditional Christmas feast over there. I guess that's the kind of popularity you need to get people excited over such bizarre prizes. 

In honor of the real Colonel Sander's birthday, which would have been September 9, Japanese KFCs are celebrating "Colonel Day" with a number of chicken-themed prizes. Japanese fans simply need to follow KFC on Twitter and use the hashtag “#KFCƒJ[ƒiƒ‹ƒYƒf[” (“KFC Colonel's Day”) by September 24 for a chance to win. Prizes aren't exactly practical, but they sure are great conversation starters. 

Prizes are as follows:

  • Fried chicken pillow hat (1 winner)
  • Fried chicken iPhone 5s case (1 winner)
  • Fried chicken mouse (1 winner)
  • Fried chicken keyboard (1 winner)
  • Fried chicken USB drive (1 winner)
  • Fried chicken earrings (47 winners)

Even the chibi Colonel looks to be completely at a loss over how ridiculous these things look! What do you think, should similar giveaways be made available outside of Japan, or are these types of things a little to Japanese to leave their boarders? Incidentally, I'll always remember KFC as one of the first places to promote Pokemon (excuse me, Pokayman) in the US. 

[via Anime News Network]

Japanese KFC celebrates Colonel Day with fried chicken prizes screenshot

22 Sep 14:35

Urbance animated project is now on...

Urbance animated project is now on Kickstarter.

19 Sep 21:39

pizza-party: thecomicsvault: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: A LINK TO...



Nintendo Power #36 (April 1992)
By Shotaro Ishinomori

This looks like the beginning to some weird crime noir Zelda shit. I love it!

Come to think of it, this comic was probably my introduction to Ishinomori’s work. Strong sense memory associated with Link’s wrapped up hand…dunkaroos, maybe. Some kind of processed sweets I used to eat while I read and reread these magazines.

19 Sep 14:10


by Devra Ferst

l (7).jpgIn obvious findings of the day, a new study declares that New Yorkers are obsessed with brunch — and tweeting it. Brunch is the most popular food topic on Twitter in NYC, with common hashtags include #BottomlessMimosas, #eggs, and #Sarabeths. Researchers took into account 83,670 food-related tweets in the city to come to this conclusion. [NYP]

22 Sep 01:00

8 Great New Versions of Okonomiyaki

by Robin Raisfeld and Rob Patronite

Ivan Ramen’s Lancaster okonomiyaki.

East Village entrepreneur Bon Yagi might not have introduced okonomiyaki to New York when he started serving the savory Japanese cabbage pancake at his street-food shack, Otafuku, in 2000, but he certainly popularized it. (Earlier sightings do exist: In a 1988 review of Oyshe on the Upper West Side, former New York Times critic Bryan Miller referred to the “light and healthful style of cooking called okonomiyaki, which the restaurant bills as health food for the samurai warrior,” and described the version he sampled as “intriguing for the texture but, on the whole, bland. A good dose of salt and pepper or fresh herbs would make all the difference.”) Miller and even Yagi, who relocated and expanded his shop (now Otafuku x Medetai, 220 E. 9th St., nr. Second Ave.; 646-998-3438) earlier this year, probably wouldn’t recognize today’s riffs on the actually not so healthy dish whose very name invites tinkering. Okonomiyaki, which has been compared to pizza, latkes, and omelettes, translates to “as you like it, grilled,” and in Japan, diners choose what meat or seafood they want incorporated into the flour-and-egg batter. Its defining characteristics include its texture (crisp outside, gooey within), its agreeable greasiness, and its distinctive garnish: squiggles of Kewpie mayo and a sweet ketchup-soy-Worcestershire-type sauce, a sprinkle of nori powder, and a blanket of shaved bonito flakes that flutter from the heat.

Shalom Japan Photo: Liz Clayman/New York Magazine

As the Japanese pubs called izakayas proliferated over the past decade, so did okonomiyaki, a menu staple. But today’s chefs take even more license than the food’s name suggests. At Ivan Ramen (25 Clinton St., nr. Stanton St.; 646-678-3859), Ivan Orkin reinvents the pancake as a scrapple waffle, made from buckwheat, cornmeal, chicken livers, and pork shoulder, topped with charred cabbage and pickled apples. At Shalom Japan (310 S. 4th St., at Rodney St., Williamsburg; 718-388-4012) in Williamsburg, married co-chefs Aaron Israel and Sawako Okochi fuse their Jewish and Japanese heritages by crowning their okonomiyaki with corned lamb tongue and sauerkraut. Hip new izakayas like Azasu (49 Clinton St., nr. Stanton St.; 212-777-7069) and Bar Chuko (565 Vanderbilt Ave., at Pacific St., Prospect Heights; 347-425-9570) serve fairly classic versions, as will Ganso Yaki (515 Atlantic Ave., at Third Ave., Boerum Hill), opening this fall in Boerum Hill, where partners Tadashi Ono and Harris Salat plan to offer not only the cabbage-and-pork-belly style native to Osaka but a Korean-inspired one with oysters, shrimp, and squid, dressed with spicy Korean miso. (Although Osaka’s version is prevalent in New York, Hiroshima is known for one that incorporates noodles and egg; you can find something similar at St. Marks Place stalwart Sushi Lounge [58 St. Marks Pl., nr. First Ave.; 212-598-1188], formerly known as Natori.)

Bar Chuko Photo: Liz Clayman/New York Magazine

This adaptable pancake just might be the ultimate blank canvas for chefs. When Joshua Smookler opens Mu Ramen (1209 Jackson Ave., nr. 48th Ave., Long Island City) next month, he’ll serve a rendition so interpretive he puts it in quotation marks on the menu: His “okonomiyaki” consists of a siphon-charged batter of cornmeal and egg whites flavored with green onions and topped with tobiko, smoked trout, and foie-maple syrup. “Is it a pancake?” he asks. “Yes. Is it as I like it? Yes.” And in the liberating spirit of okonomiyakiness, that is enough.

Mu Ramen Photo: Melissa Hom/New York Magazine

Asazu Photo: Melissa Hom/New York Magazine

Ganso Photo: Liz Clayman/New York Magazine

Sushi Lounge Photo: Melissa Hom/New York Magazine

Otafuku x Medetai Photo: Melissa Hom/New York Magazine

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22 Sep 02:35

Shonen Jump+ Debuts with Over 30 Monthly Manga for Free

Kuroko's Basketball, Haikyu!, Hetalia, Dragon Ball, Akira Amano, Kishibe Rohan, more
21 Sep 12:30

The Seven Deadly Sins Anime's New TV Spot Previews FLOW, GRANRODEO Song


Sharing because whoohoo GRANRODEO!

Series starring Yuuki Kaji, Sora Amamiya, Mamoru Miyano, more premieres October 5
17 Sep 21:07

I didn’t do this on purpose but I wish I could any time...

I didn’t do this on purpose but I wish I could any time some dude is just yelling stuff 

19 Sep 12:45

Listage: The Best Pizza Places; Cafe Mogador's Still Got It

by Marguerite Preston

Bunch of interesting stuff: Snowday food truck, Best Pizza, and Trimming Down Menus

18 Sep 19:30

Microsoft Wants Minecraft to Make It Cool. Good Luck.

by Dana Liebelson

Microsoft rattled the gaming world this week when it announced it would spend $2.5 billion to acquire Minecraft, a wildly popular indie videogame. By buying the game, Microsoft hopes to tap into players' wallets. But what's less clear is whether Microsoft can win over gamers, some of whom are criticizing Microsoft for trying to buy its way to cool—and stifling creativity in the process.

Minecraft's premise is simple: Players are dropped into a world with LEGO-style blocks, and can then choose their own adventures—exploring, building new structures, or fighting monsters. The game has legions of devoted followers—including hardcore gamers, elementary school kids, and United Nations staffers who have asked citizens in developing countries to use the program to design better public spaces. Some gamers are earning a living off of Minecraft by uploading game videos to YouTube and taking a chunk of the ad revenue, and they're not shying away from slamming the deal.

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18 Sep 18:59

121 new Lego models revealed in confidential catalog leak

by Robert Sorokanich

Okay Elves and Ultra Agents. Also Bat-robot.

121 new Lego models revealed in confidential catalog leak

A confidential Lego catalog for 2015 has been leaked, revealing 121 images of new sets. Users have posted a full mirror of the 121-image haul here, including some really cool models like this Flatiron Building in the Architecture line:


18 Sep 22:52

Help, Menopause Ruined My RV Vacation!

by thingsthatareawful

Ask Amy, 13 September 2014:

Dear Amy: When we were dating, my wife was the sweetest woman in the world. She didn’t make a move without asking me. We had a few kids. She stayed home and raised them while I worked. The kids grew up and went off on their own. The wife got a part-time job to keep herself busy. Then she got promoted. Now she works full time, goes to business lunches and dinners, meetings and training sessions. She comes home, cooks and cleans. She doesn’t ask me what I’d like for dinner but makes whatever she feels like. Our plan was for me to retire when I turned 62 (she’s 57), buy an RV and travel the country. Well, we bought the RV, but she can only go on weekend trips. Vacations are saved for when the kids come home. She traded in the car I bought her to tote the kids around for a sports car that I can barely fit in. Now she’s talking about getting a smaller house because she doesn’t have time to clean “a big empty house.” I keep telling her we will have grandkids one day and she will be glad we have all the space. She’s changed so much in 37 years that I don’t even recognize her, and I’m afraid one day I will wake up to a “for sale” sign in my front yard. How do I convince her she is just going through “the change” and in a few years she will be back to normal again? — Mystified Mike

Dear Mystified Mike,

Boy howdy, the ole’ ball and chain sure has pulled a fast one on you! Time was nice ladies like ole’ wifey knew their place. (Slightly behind you but never out of sight, holding a dishrag.)

But here you are today, seeing your wife bring in an income and cook and clean your home while you pine away for an RV you can’t use unless she’s in it—I mean, it’s not like it’s going to clean itself during a trip to Flagstaff, is it?

When you married your wife, she had a lifetime obligation to stay the same person she was on your wedding day. That’s what long-term partnership is about: wives graciously taking orders from their husbands for their entire lives, until they drop dead on the ironing board. You understand this, but your wife clearly doesn’t—and for that, you can definitely blame menopause, the only possible cause of your wife’s desire to be an independent human being with her own interests.

Nothing besides a totally natural hormonal change could possibly have compelled her to seek out new occupations and hobbies after the make-up of her life shifted away from the daily tasks involved in raising your children for you—certainly not the prospect of living under the thumb of a man who takes offense to the purchase of a sports car for the rest of her god-forsaken days.

What, are you supposed to cook dinner? Mop a floor? Have an open and honest discussion with your wife about household purchases and meal planning? No man should ever deign to engage in such offensive activities with his helpmeet. Nevertheless, you may have to gently suggest to her that she’s getting a little uppity these days, and has she talked to her doctor about her bizarre and offensive interest in acting like an autonomous human?

After all, your dinner is at stake.

18 Sep 16:30

The 6th Annual Anime Secret Santa Project Begins!

by reversethieves


It might seem early to be thinking about the holidays, but in order to get this ever-growing project off the ground we have to get started! Every year we have people say they never heard about the game so we are extending the window a bit on how long you can sign up. Once again, it is time to call for participants for the 6th Annual Anime Secret Santa Project!

The idea of this project is for everyone who participates to be reviewing a show that they might not normally watch or might have overlooked. Everyone will get someone else in the project to review a series of their choice and in return review something picked by one of their fellow bloggers. The goal is threefold for everyone involved:

  • Mixing up what you watch and review on your blog.
  • Getting other people to watch things you feel deserve more attention.
  • A way to interact with other bloggers thus creating possibilities for cross blog readership, also it fosters an environment to try other cross blog experiments.

Here is how this little experiment will work: If you want to participate send us your Name, Blog Address, and My Anime List Link (or some other equivalent listing) via e-mail (secretsanta.rt [at] gmail [dot] com) with subject: Secret Santa Participant. Due by Sunday, October 5th. Make sure that your MAL (or whatever!) is updated as much as possible before you submit it. Also, if you will not watch fan-subs mention that in the e-mail, too.

We will then make a circular list of everyone involved in the project that only we will know the order of. The order of the list will be made completely at random. Everyone will then receive the name, blog, and list of the person they are the Secret Santa for. You will then suggest three shows for the person all of which must be 26 episodes or less (yes, you can suggest movies, too). The shows must be subtitled in some fashion. Remember that you are picking shows that you hope the other person will like and give an honest chance. Look over their list and whether they watch fan-subs then try to pick out something good but unexpected.

Once we get everyone’s picks we will then pass on the shows to the recipients. No one except us will know the names of the person who gave you your choices. You then pick the show you are going to watch. Everyone is responsible for getting their own material for the review. You will receive your show choices by the end of October.

You then have until late December to watch the show you were assigned and write a review. On the week of Christmas everyone will post their reviews for the Secret Santa Project. We would prefer you to post your review on Christmas Eve but you can alter it as to the schedule of your blog. On Christmas Day, we will reveal the name of who had who as a Secret Santa along with a small post about the project.

Again: If you want to participate send us your Name, Blog, and My Anime List (or some other equivalent listing) page via e-mail (secretsanta.rt [at] gmail [dot] com) with subject: Secret Santa Participant. Due by Sunday, October 5th.

Just in case someone does not know what traditional Secret Santa is.

Why we don’t do manga secret santa.

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17 Sep 21:30

A Bold Facebook Post Reminds Everyone How Horribly Female Bartenders Get Treated

by Clint Rainey

Lucky Strike in Soho.

It might have been difficult to sum up the "incredible amounts of entitlement, condescension, and drunk nonsense" inflicted on Lucky Strike bartender Laura Ramadei throughout her five years on the job, but after a customer groped her before saying he would just take her "to go" this past weekend, Ramadei decided to give it a try in a lengthy Facebook post that's now been shared some 4,000 times. It probably should be shared at least 100,000 more.

"Dear Brian," she begins, after locating alleged perpetrator Brian Lederman through a basic internet search. "When I asked you and your companion if you'd be eating, or needing anything else from me, you put your hand — ever so gently — ON MY ASS and asked if you could take me 'to go.'"

Lederman apparently left soon after Ramadei explained the overture wasn't at all acceptible. In her account, she credits the bar's healthy working environment and "incredibly supportive coworkers and manager," but writes, reluctantly, that "misogyny is alive and well" otherwise, and for her the good parts of the job have long been overshadowed by a series of horrible low points in which she was subject to abuse. That includes verbal abuse, physical "affronts," and sexual harassment, she writes.

For his part, Lederman, the financial worker at the center of the incident who reportedly drinks his Stoli with rocks and apparently knows everybody in Manhattan and says he'll make sure Ramadei never works again in this town, takes a moment to assure the Post what really happened couldn't be more different from her account. "I clearly remember making a joke when the girl said, 'What would you like?' I kiddingly said, 'I would like you to go with nothing on it.'" The crucial difference here, apparently, is what he said happened next. Lederman says he's "grabbed plenty of girls' asses in my life," but he "never grabbed hers." As if it might bolster his case, he goes on. "That f-king c-t, for her to do something like that is pretty ridiculous," he tells the paper.

Ramadei's account is a side of the business few ever hear about. Because of this incident and more like it, she writes, she's decided it was time for a career change. "Without your inspiration I wouldn't be quitting my job today, and endeavoring a better chapter of my life," she writes.

[Laura Ramadei/Facebook, NYP]

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17 Sep 17:15

Krispy Kreme Has Limited-Edition Ghostbusters-Themed Doughnuts

by Clint Rainey

Sadly, these both have white cream filling.

Krispy Kreme's Ghostbusters tribute doughnuts are available from September 29 through October 31. There are neither Stay-Puft Marshmallow flavors, nor are they filled with anything resembling ectoplasm, so these really just feel more like a missed opportunity. We do get the slightest hint of Slimer on one doughnut, and the cheery visage of the Stay-Puft graces another, so at least that's pretty great.

NYC's only Krispy Kreme is in Penn Station. Photo: Ghostbusters/Twitter

Maybe these will help lead the movement to bring Ecto Cooler back to store shelves everywhere.


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16 Sep 16:00

I Pumpkin Spiced My Life With Black-Market Starbucks Syrup

by Hugh Merwin

63 ounces to freedom.

The package came from somewhere in the Rockies. I wasn't sure where, exactly. It arrived via Priority Mail at my Brooklyn apartment late one afternoon. It was neatly sealed with packing tape and it gave no indication of its contents. But I knew what was inside. I'd paid $65 a few days earlier to an unnamed seller on eBay for a 63-ounce jug of Starbucks pumpkin-spice syrup, the same stuff they put in the lattes. As I unpacked my new purchase — the jug had been cushioned with crumpled brown Starbucks bags, a nice touch — I set about my plan to add the sickly sweet syrup to everything I ate and drank until I ran out.

Starbucks sells an official "Pumpkin Sauce" to consumers, and though it is advertised as such, PSL connoisseurs know this is not the same syrup they use in store. As a result, there's a surprisingly robust black market for the real deal, which tends to peak in the PSL off-season: In July, one self-professed pumpkin-spice-fanatic seller moved three jugs for $120 each, claiming that they were culled from a "personal stash." The listing for the jug I bought included a photo of the batch number and its expiration date to assert its authenticity. But when I emailed to seller to find out more about this jug's origin, I received this cryptic reply:

The game of acquisition & liquidation is strung together with many parts and avenues including but not restricted to, craigslist sales, estate sales, garage sales, goodwill, internet (most often third parties) overstock, lot sales, secondhand findings, storage auctions, etc. I would have to jump into a pile of receipts to precisely pinpoint this particular acquisition. Product movement varies, our current methods do not isolate our products to one type of offer.

The seller went on to explain that he or she did "not partake in unlawful acts." After I told them I was a writer and planning a story, I expected silence. "We're very supportive of our journalistic comrades and their endeavors," they wrote.

Lesson one: Never put pumpkin spice syrup directly onto spiced pumpkin yogurt. (Bacon is okay.)
Photo: Hugh Merwin

One sip of the stuff, plain, confirmed its industrial origins. The syrup had a pungent smell, like the worst potpourri you've ever encountered. It also lingered in a truly unpleasant way — nutmeg and cinnamon coating my mouth for longer than should have been possible. It was just too strong, and it needed to be cut with something. So I poured a bit into a cup of Stumptown Holler Mountain and the truth became immediately clear: Without the flavor or structure of the latte's milk foam to counteract the syrup, pumpkin-spiced coffee just tastes astringent and perfumed, as if there were some dish-soap residue left in the bottom of the coffee cup.

But still. Given America's vast arsenal of pumpkin-flavored products, I figured the syrup would be incredibly versatile. I quickly learned otherwise: I added a float to some yogurt and the result was like sour caramel ooze, but not in a good way. Pumpkin-spice pancake with a little more pumpkin-spice syrup on top was unpleasantly acidic. I made a pumpkin-spice curry with lemongrass, shallots, chiles, galangal, and basil, and the syrup still dominated all the other flavors. Pumpkin-spiced cashew butter did blend well, but all that added corn syrup sort of defeated the point of making your own healthy nut butter. I thought pumpkin-spiced beef jerky would be surefire hit, but after spicing thick strips of London broil and diligently slow-drying them for four hours, I wound up with a pile of beautiful-looking jerky that tasted like beefy burnt oranges.

The tomato and sugary-cinnamon blends magically like a flavor of chips Lay's will no doubt invent next year.
Photo: Hugh Merwin

It wasn't all terrible, though: "This is not so bad," my girlfriend said as she ate some pumpkin-spiced bacon, which I'd candied in the oven, brushing it midway through cooking with a bit of the syrup — the ultimate proof that bacon really can make anything taste better.

One night, I also discovered that pumpkin-spiced Old-Fashioneds worked surprisingly well, provided you don't waste great bourbon and use extra Angostura bitters to help nullify the overpowering syrup.

Very soon, however, I discovered the main problem with a pumpkin-spiced diet: crushing sugar hangovers. I woke up in the middle of the night with a throbbing headache, sweating cinnamon and nutmeg. I got up and Googled "what happens if you drink pumpkin spiced lattes for three days straight?" but all that came up was a site that explained, unhelpfully, the greater conspiracy of how pumpkin spice lattes contain no actual pumpkin.

The French-Canadian dip: Pumpkin spiced French toast with fried baloney. Photo: Hugh Merwin

Even as I was hurting and making otherwise good food taste more or less inedible, I felt strangely compelled to continue — it was like pumpkin-spiced Stockholm syndrome. Like the latte-craving customers who get the stuff at Starbucks every morning, I was having issues weaning myself off this nightmare syrup. I discovered that the pumpkin-spiced cashew butter was actually pretty good if you mixed it with cream cheese and turned it into a sandwich. Bologna on slices of pumpkin-spiced French toast sounded a little odd, but it was another winner. But I hit another wall with pumpkin-spiced acorn squash soup, which started off pretty enough. I finished it with some whipped cream, yogurt, and a culinary-school-worthy zig-zag of pumpkin-spiced syrup; it tasted like a bowl of autumnal garbage.

After a second straight night of painful pumpkin-spiced headaches, I knew it was probably time to shut this project down. I still had about half of my black-market syrup supply left, so I put it in the farthest reaches of my freezer. The jug itself is stamped "best before November 6," but I know there's no way I'll use it up before then. I poured myself a cup of Stumptown French Roast, black, and really enjoyed my coffee for the first time all week.

Read more posts by Hugh Merwin

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16 Sep 03:33

Sesame Street Takes on Star Wars in a Delightful New Parody

by Michelle Snow


A long time ago in a cookies and milky way galaxy far, far away… the folks at Sesame Street got the bright idea to take on the classic Star Wars film trilogy.

Starring Cookie Monster as Flan Solo, “Star S’mores” is a perfect g-rated parody of the classic sci-fi film.

If only Solo’s partner wasn’t Chewie the Cookie. But he is, and besides being very punny and funny, the muppets from Sesame Street deliver a lesson on self-control. As the wise Groda says to Solo, “There is no try, only sing.”

Not sure what that means? Watch the video:
Sesame Street Takes on Star Wars in a Delightful New Parody originally posted on
The Disney Blog - Disney News and Information -- by fans, for fans . If you're reading this on a different site, please click the above link to read the original story. Thank you.

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16 Sep 13:06

Ramenwire: Totto Ramen Opens in Double Stacked East Side Paradise

by Devra Ferst

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 8.31.33 AM.png

Totto Ramen quietly opened its first East Side location last week beneath its former East Side rival,Hide-Chan. But the move isn't a competitive one, since the two ramenya are owned by the same man, Bobby Munekata. According to a representative, the two shops will focus on on their respective specialties. That means porky tonkotsu broth upstairs at Hide-Chan, and downstairs at Totto, a rich chicken broth. Expect the menu at the new Totto to look similar to the one served at Totto's other locations, which includes dishes like spicy "nibo" ramen, with perfectly al dente noodles from Sun. The under the radar opening has kept lines at bay, but there's no guarantee that will last.
· All Coverage of Totto Ramen [~ENY~]
· All Coverage of Hide-Chan Ramen [~ENY~]

15 Sep 23:00

Stare in awe at this Attack on Titan custom diorama by Team Revolver

by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Japanese competitive modeling group Team Revolver is making waves with their latest completed diorama based on Attack on Titan. The the full scratch built piece includes multiple 1/35 scale figures taking on a pair of huge titan figures in a ruined section of town. As impressive as the figure sculpting is it's the mind boggling amount of detail that went into the houses that just blow me away. 

I could go on about how cool this diorama is, but you really have to see the photos for yourself. Check out the gallery below to see many of the images mirrored. The diorama has been on display at Volks Hobby Square Kyoto and will be soon touring other Japanese hobby sites. You can also check out team member @tadashi916 on Twitter for some in-progress shots of the modeling. 

[via Crunchyroll]

Stare in awe at this Attack on Titan custom diorama by Team Revolver screenshot

16 Sep 05:43

Preview: Ninja Slayer - Vayne of Sokaiya Complete Figure by Aquamarine

by Meshi

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews.

In the Ninja Slayer novels, mild-mannered salary man Kenji Fujikido's family is killed in a ninja turf war and he becomes possessed by the spirit of the legendary ninja Naraku who aids his quest for revenge. The streets of Neo-Saitama will run red with the blood of his enemies!

Ninja Slayer - Vayne of Sokaiya Complete Figure [Aquamarine]

“Wasshoi!” Hope you like this trademark battle cry because you're going to be hearing it in your dreams once the anime adaptation by TRIGGER hits next year.

The Shachihoko gargoyle at his feet features a subdued color scheme that contrasts with the blood crimson of the avenging warrior standing above. How does Ninja Slayer stay balanced on his tip-toes as he jump kicks into space? Because he's a ninja, duh!

Moving any closer would put me in range of a fatal open palm strike! The things I do for you, dear reader. You can see the killer instincts of Naraku shining through the figure's crazy right eye. His armor and cape are made of blood, hence the sinuous organic form.

Each finger is exploding with pure danger. Watch out for the windup on his right hand--one punch all it takes! Feel the karate energy pulsing from head to toe.

Click on the image to get a nice look at the opposite side. The detailed folds sculpted into his outfit and gauntlets are the thing of madness. His equipment knows more battles than his foes know ways to die, but Ninja Slayer is all too happy happy to enlighten the foolish.

From behind we can feel the pathos of the character, a man seeking revenge for his family's murder. And with totally ripped muscles like that, I feel just as bad for whoever stands in his way. He's equipped for any situation--just check out his utility belt and the precision detail that went into the sculpt.

Swap the head to bring some of Kenji Fujikido's humanity back to Ninja Slayer. His gaze is focused, his will unflinching... it's a bad time to be a ninja, let me tell you.

It wouldn't be Gotham City without gargoyles, right? Well, it wouldn't be Neo Saitama without the metal Shakohoko statues! The rusted paint job and molded rivets make it feel like a solid piece of metal. Note the biomechanical bits of tech inside the mouth--wicked to the max!

Speaking of wicked, Ninja Slayer looks even sweeter bathed in shadow. We took his fight to the death from the dingy streets of Neo-Saitama to our studio with some clever lighting. Add some flickering neons for a retro-future cyberpunk feel!

This impressive sculpt stands 36cm tall, making it the perfect companion for your katana and throwing stars. Bring the forbidden secrets of deadly ninjutsu to your figure shelf--IF YOU DARE!
Ninja Slayer - Vayne of Sokaiya Complete Figure [Aquamarine]

(C)2012 Ninj@ Entertainment
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ. 

16 Sep 09:16

News Roundup for September 16th, 2014

by Boke Nasu

Levi, Levi and More Levi

How did Captain Levi overcome his vertical handicap to become humanity's strongest soldier? Find out in the spin-off manga Attack on Titan: No Regrets and the upcoming OVA adaptations to be packaged with Volume 15 and 16 of the manga scheduled for December and next April.

Official homepage:!/page/comics_15

Manga for a Gentleman

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is the most stylish show on the air. (Sorry Space Dandy!) I mean, creator Hirohiko Araki's collaborated with Gucci and the Louvre, so there's no shame in not being as chic as Jotaro and his entourage. This new run of Ichiban Kuji prizes stays true to that patent brand of Lucky Land Communications class. You can keep the chibi figures and postcards, just give me the handkerchiefs to fold into the pocket of my suit.

Official homepage:

Marriage Market in a Downturn

Though standards are getting more lax it's still unusual in Japan for couples to live together before marriage... which is how you end up with situation comedies such as I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying. When a plain Jane office worker marries a hardcore otaku misunderstandings and hilarity ensue! See why Japan's birthrate is dropping when the anime premiers in October.

Official homepage:

Dialogue to Die For

Lancer shows up to bully Shiro in the latest Fate/stay night TV teaser. "Sorry kid, you saw me which means you 'gotta die." Too cool! I don't know if I should pee my pants in fear or swoon in admiration.

Official homepage:

Super Natural School Kids

What if your chuni-byo powers were real... but you didn't have any evil organizations to fight? That's the stupendously mundane challenge facing the cast of Inou Battle Within Everyday Life, a light novel that's being adapted into an anime by studio Trigger. And if anyone can take the everyday and make it extraordinary, it's them! Get ready to slog through the daily lives of teens that can manipulate nature, stop time and bend space when the show starts in October.

Official homepage:

Because "Pig" is Too Hateful

Voice actress, proletariat freedom fighter and twin tailer for life Sumire Uesaka takes a break from battling evil to talk about how her hairstyle rules her lifestyle in the latest promo for the TV anime, Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu (I Will Become a Twintail). She plays the lead hero, a high school boy obsessed with pigtails--I mean, twin tails--who transforms into a super sentai girl to protect the world from giant monsters. See that I'm not making this up when the show starts this fall.

Official homepage:

Toss Your Other Timepieces

Never be late for volleyball practice again with these Haikyuu!!-themed wristwatches. Whether you team up with minty-fresh Aoba Josai High School or stay true to the orange and black of Karasuno High School, the results will be a smash. Head over to the Super Groupies homepage for product details.

Official homepage:

16 Sep 12:00

Monthly Comic Gene Will Launch Online Comic Site With Pixiv in October

'Gene Pixiv' site will feature spinoffs, new works by Comic Gene artists, Pixiv authors