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23 Apr 09:57

I was at McDonald's earlier, and I this guy pull up, turn his hazards on, lift the hood of his car and proceed to get a large pancake breakfast to go. Comes out, reverses the process and he is on his way. Parking fees? What parking fees?

23 Apr 20:04


23 Apr 21:20

Reebok Blacktop Collection

by Jordan Howenstine

The outdoor courts have thawed out, meaning it’s finally the time of the year when everyone can hoop outside, and RBK is celebrating with the retro return of the classic Reebok Blacktop Collection. Directly associated with the ’90s street ball golden age, the Blacktop Collection were originally designed specifically for the concrete courts. With the bold toughness to match, the shoes transitioned into style icons as well. Now two of the most notable models from the line return in original form with the Blacktop Boulevard and Blacktop Battleground. The Boulevard is the slimmer silhouette with Blacktop stamped on the tongue, while the Battleground features RBK’s famous Pump lockdown. Both of the revisited renditions return in a black and white-based colorway, jolted with the loud colors from the era. Get any of the quartet when they release in limited quantities May 9th at key retailers Jimmy Jazz, Expressions, Shiekh, City Gear, Villa, DTLR,

Reebok Blacktop Collection

Blacktop Boulevard
Blacktop Battleground
Release Date: May 9, 2014
Price: $125









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23 Apr 18:24

Everyday Bourbon Barrel Stout?

by Coletrain
I'd like to get a quality BBS to have regularly, without having to track it down.

Am I missing something obvious? (probable)
23 Apr 05:34

So this kid at my school took three dates to Taco Bell for his homecoming dinner...


this dude gets sikk pussy.

23 Apr 13:31

Drake the type of nigga to sit courtside and lint roll his pants

19 Apr 17:59

Faulty Toaster Oven Sparks Des Plaines Condo Fire


i never trust em. unplugg them now.

A malfunction in a toaster oven resulted in an estimated $55,000 damage to a condominium unit at 650 Murray Lne. in Des Plaines last Thursday morning, Apr. 17.
20 Apr 06:20


by Sneaker Freaker
22 Apr 21:00

I Much Needed Standard Feature!

I Much Needed Standard Feature!


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22 Apr 23:44

Palatine Hot Dog Joint Joins Hall Of Fame

Vienna Beef inducted Palatine’s Hot Dog Richie's into the exclusive Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame today (Tuesday).
22 Apr 18:52

How I see most weed related shirts. (X-post from /r/trees


Jamaican rick wants

22 Apr 18:52

Bioengineering helped oscar walk again. Story in comments.

20 Apr 05:12

[video] Honey Badger Houdini


F this ZOO

[video] Honey Badger Houdini

22 Apr 15:53

Couldn't find my kitten anywhere, then I walked passed the pot plant and saw this....



22 Apr 16:43

Could not have said it better myself.

22 Apr 06:37

Sir... please don't film my family.

22 Apr 07:44

Putting it through its paces

21 Apr 22:59

Why is Nerf marketed to kids? I've never seen two 84 year olds have more fun.

21 Apr 15:51

I did not expect that.

20 Apr 13:30

There's just something about this

20 Apr 00:22

My jewish friend just shared this with me

20 Apr 00:49

Mommy and Daddy Cat with their kittens

20 Apr 11:01

My friend took this picture on a fishing trip in Mexico

20 Apr 19:29

Shhhh...... it'll be over soon.

21 Apr 00:41

title that doesn't prepare you for how cool this gif is

21 Apr 04:03

My friend called me to ask if the DMV allows you to reject a licence plate

21 Apr 04:03

Wife is leaving for a week. Pretty much confirming she thinks I have Alzheimer's.

21 Apr 09:15

My Dad designed and built our backyard shed by himself. (It's 20 years old in this pic).

21 Apr 15:51

You are making a huge mistake dude

21 Apr 15:51

A photo that looks like a painting.