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This calculator doubles as a computer mouse.



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Chinese worker in a factory that makes Santa Hats.

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by Sneaker Freaker

sad fa sucks now


Holding it down since 1987, skater owned and operated store, Plus Skateshop, is honoured with their first Nike SB collaboration. A no-brainer choice on the silhouette, the Dunk Low gets a Floridian make-over, featuring an easy-on-the-eyes combination of glacier ice blue and light ash grey, all served in buttery suede. A dabble of yellow here and there adds a nice splash of highlighting colour and a dark gum outsole keeps the whole thing legit. These puppies will be dropping this Saturday, December 13 at Plus Skateshop, but if you’re not a NW Florida local, stay tuned for widespread release deets to come.

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Sony Hackers Email: Thanks For Running Scared, We'll Stop Now

by Mario Aguilar


Sony Hackers Email: Thanks For Running Scared, We'll Stop Now

Brian Stelter from CNN reports that hackers sent Sony executives an email telling them they made the right decision by canceling The Interview. The promise that the remainder of Sony's data is safe—for now.


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When a glitch kicks in during a boss fight

18 Dec 20:58

My friend went to the White House yesterday and this was Barack Obama's reaction to a gift of his first legal Cuban cigar

18 Dec 02:01

Activists to Drop 'Interview' DVDs Over North Korea Via Balloon

18 Dec 13:54

Cat sees snow for the first time.

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Nike Air Trainer 3 "Camo Olive"

by Hypebeast

Nike continues to push iterations from the Air Trainer canon, here reviving the camouflage trend on the Air Trainer 3 silhouette. This version comes outfitted with a cream-beige base layer, outfitted with olive overlays at the toecap, laceloops, and signature Swoosh. These features are complimented by camouflage ripstop-like padding at the collar and through the heel, underlining the sneaker's utility function. The upper rests atop a white midsole, built with a cushy Air Max bubble at the heel. Pick up this release at select Nike retailers now.


18 Dec 18:30

Nike Womens Air Huarache “Blue Force”

by Patrick Johnson

sikk new koston

More monochromatic Huaraches are headed our way exclusive to the ladies. After the Metallic Silver pair was announced to be released later this week and this morning’s Bronzine Nike Air Huarache, a new “Blue Force” aesthetic appears. The hypnotizing azure hue looks gorgeous atop the neoprene mesh sock liner while a clean Sail midsole adds to the sleek finish. Which of the three WMNS Huarache pairs is your favorite? Get a better look at this upcoming Nike Air Huarache below and stay tuned for a release date in the coming days.

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Budweiser x Alife 2014 Fall/Winter Footwear Collection

by Hypebeast

Following the release of the Budweiser x Alife collaboration that encompassed a capsule collection of apparel, we now have the footwear component of this project. We are presented with three low-cut silhouettes, which feature the longstanding, iconic motifs from both brands. The first offering incorporates Budweiser's signature all-over print on the upper canvas while the contrasting white sole adorns the beverage company's cheeky slogan in a red palette. Apart from this option, we have another lace-up model with a bold red canvas on the toe and a mixture of ALIFE and Budweiser brand stamps that wrap around from the lateral to the heel. Finally, a slip-on version boldly takes the Budweiser print and slathers it across the entire upper. All three sneakers come with a cork insole with ALIFE branding to provide a special touch to the collaborative project. This release will also entail an accompanying tote and skate deck to round things out. Now available at Alife New York and

Location: Star Crossed Tattoo


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Air Jordan 5 “Metallic Silver”

by Patrick Johnson

The Air Jordan 5 is returning after a hiatus throughout 2014, a move that allowed the year to belong to the Air Jordan 6. Here we see the Retro+ colorway straight from 2000 in this White/Metallic Silver pair. The shoe looks to be remastered with a clean white tumbled leather occupying most of the silhouette for a look that’s simplicity at its finest. Throw in Metallic Silver touches on the midsole shark teeth and 3M tongue and this is as true to the original as possible. More images of this upcoming Air Jordan V after the break.

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You think your job is stressful?


imagine what that guy is thinking right now...

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Whoever let this sit out and rust over probably had a crazy reason for doing it. You know, a loco motive.

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There is only one explanation: Magic


i wish i looked like weird al too

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Tron Inspired Disney to Make This Psychedelic Movie About Computer Art

by Adam Clark Estes

Tron Inspired Disney to Make This Psychedelic Movie About Computer Art

There was something undeniably awesome about Disney in the early 1980s. The company was expanding its theme parks in Flordia with EPCOT, a shrine to technological innovation. Meanwhile, a bunch of young kids sort of got left unattended at the studio. The result? Movies like Tron.


17 Dec 08:27

I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime

17 Dec 04:54

Des Plaines alderman questions mayor's appointees



Des Plaines aldermen are delaying their confirmation vote on four of Mayor Matt Bogusz's appointments to city panels at least another three weeks. Fourth Ward Alderman Dick Sayad, one of Bogusz's harshest critics, asked the vote be delayed until the city council reconvenes in the new year, and once city attorneys examine the validity of information Sayad says he was provided about one of Bogusz's appointees.
17 Dec 15:37

Pac-Man themed restaurant set for Woodfield Mall

by Corilyn Shropshire

1 step towards dirt mall

A restaurant inspired by the video game Pac-Man is set to open at Schaumburg's Woodfield Mall in January.

17 Dec 19:40

We got another rare lobster in at work. This time he's a 1 in 30 million calico lobster. (x-post from /r/interestingasfuck)

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Texas Plumber Sells Truck, Gets Branded A Terrorist

by Laura Northrup

terrorist_tweetOur global, interconnected economy is an amazing thing. Of course, it doesn’t seem so amazing right now to the person answering the phones at Mark-1 Plumbing in Texas City, Texas. The business has had to remove the batteries from its cordless phones to stop the phones from “ringing off the hook” after a truck with its name emblazoned on the door ended up in the hands of an Islamic militant group in Syria.

Normally, just selling your old truck doesn’t lead to an international furor. The plumbing company just traded its old truck in at a local dealership last fall, and didn’t expect to hear about it again. (Update: a local newspaper reports that the trade-in happened three years ago, a timeline that would give the truck more time to make its way to Syria.) That’s how trading your truck in works. Only what they failed to do was remove the business name and phone number from the door.

The company’s owner assures the public that they are not sponsors of any militant groups in other countries, but that hasn’t stopped angry members of the public from calling them and even making threats. “We have a secretary here, she’s scared to death. We all have families. We don’t want no problems,” the company’s owner told TV station KHOU. They are no longer answering the phone.

The dealership sold the Ford F-250 at auction, and from there it disappeared into the used car market. Until it reappeared in a photo posted to Twitter by a group of Islamic militants fighting in Syria’s civil war, with an anti-aircraft weapon mounted on the back. Unfortunately, the name and phone number of the plumbing company in Texas were still on the side.

That’s one useful piece of consumer advice from this story: when you trade in or sell a vehicle, don’t simply assume that the buyer will remove decals or emblems. Apparently, you can never predict where your old truck might end up.

Texas City truck seen on Islamic military group’s Twitter feed [KHOU] (Warning: auto-play video)

17 Dec 19:49

Navy drone swims like a shark to spy on foes

by Jon Fingas
It's hard to covertly gather intelligence on the open seas; conventional drones and submarines make it rather obvious that something's up. The US Navy might just have a stealthier option with its experimental GhostSwimmer drone, which recently finish...
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The SR-71 Blackbird's Air Show Demo Was Both Sinister And Awkward

by Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha

The SR-71 Blackbird's Air Show Demo Was Both Sinister And Awkward

The SR-71, an aircraft that first flew some 50 years ago next Monday, still holds the public's imagination like no other flying machine. It could lob a couple of guys, some cameras, radars and jammers through the air at Mach 3.2. Yet seeing it perform down-low at an air show was something akin to watching Darth Vader cook a turkey with force lightning then carve it with his lightsaber.


17 Dec 17:31

In Communist Cuba, Car Love Runs Deep out of Necessity

by Patrick George

In Communist Cuba, Car Love Runs Deep out of Necessity

With today's news that a longtime American prisoner has been freed from Cuba, leading to the surprise announcement that the U.S. will restore diplomatic relations with the country for the first time since 1961, we decided to revisit this 2012 piece on Cuba's necessity-driven car culture. Enjoy.


16 Dec 16:23

My cat has a best friend. Literally.


i wish teddy had a friend like this

16 Dec 21:52

Baby Jesus is going to have some wicked abs by the end of the season