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15 Oct 17:00

Nike Air Command Force “Spurs” – Available Early on eBay

by Patrick Johnson

nike air command force spurs available ebay 02 Nike Air Command Force Spurs   Available Early on eBay

The Nike Air Command Force is back and larger than ever thanks to the buzz surrounding the shoe after the announcement came that the model would in fact be highlighted by a functional Air Pump. The initial pair was pushed back until November 8th, but we’re still getting updates regarding brand new colorways like this “Spurs” aesthetic to distract us in the present. When initially previewed there was the chance that this could be a sly yet subtle nod at Wesley Snipe’s Sydney Deane character from the blacktop classic White Men Can’t Jump, as he wore the sneaker throughout the film. Regardless of whether the motif is an obvious callout to David Robinson and the Spurs (whose court in the 90s prominently featured the shades of Hyper Jade and Hyper Pink in the key) or a fictitious two-on-two player, do you plan on grabbing a pair? Hit the click for a better view and if you can’t wait for a release date, secure your size from kixpresss on eBay.

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20 Oct 15:15

Another Look at Macklemore’s Air Jordan 6 “Cactus and Clay” PEs

by Patrick Johnson

this duu rippd

another look macklemore air jordan 6 pe Another Look at Macklemores Air Jordan 6 Cactus and Clay PEs

Remember Macklemore’s Air Jordan 6 “Green Suede” PE? If that Evergreen State reference wasn’t your thing, he also debuted an Air Jordan 6 “Red Suede” as well, showcasing the premium material mock up in a duo of player exclusives alongside his cat. Today we get an even better look a each colorway as well as the probable confirmation that neither will be headed to retail shelves anytime soon with a unique logo arrives on the back of the red pair. According to the Instagram caption this was a Friends and Family only affair, with 23 pairs of the “Flooded suede” mock ups being doled out to the Grammy-award winner’s selected lucky few under the monicker of Cactus (presumably the green pair) and Clay. Which is your favorite? Check out more photos after the break.

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19 Oct 05:33



helpz friend

19 Oct 10:22



it took me a few to figure out what is going on here... so good once you get it.

20 Oct 16:11



20 Oct 19:09

Dirty pheasants are spying on us



20 Oct 19:09

When training your pets, it's important to be stern.

20 Oct 19:52

God dammit.

20 Oct 19:52

Our cat waits outside every morning to be with my son when he waits for the bus.

20 Oct 21:47

When a friend sends you a packet.

20 Oct 01:41

Wood sphere

20 Oct 13:22


20 Oct 15:15

When your leg looks like this, it's time to leave the bathroom.

20 Oct 17:50

A timeline for your next 6 years of comic book movies

20 Oct 05:42

I've never thought of it like that before

20 Oct 13:22

Award for best protest sign goes to...

19 Oct 05:29


19 Oct 21:06

I think I know why my mouse isn't working.

20 Oct 00:30

Press B to crouch

20 Oct 01:41

My friend wanted to take a picture with her cheesecake. She tilted the plate too much.

18 Oct 23:00

"The name is Marc, with a "c"", says my brother.

18 Oct 19:08

Gates of hell open up on fifth avenue. Locals unimpressed.

18 Oct 19:53

A bobcat and its bobkitten.

18 Oct 13:12

my friend d'idnt make this

16 Oct 16:30

Nike SB Dunk High “Yeezy” Sample

by Patrick Johnson

nike sb dunk high yeezy sample 1 Nike SB Dunk High Yeezy Sample

Kanye’s lasting impact on Nike can be seen through the utilization of famed Nike Yeezy colorways like the “Blink” aesthetic that features the ever-popular glow outsole, predominantly black upper, and vibrant pink lining seen on countless renditions of other Swoosh models. The look is on its way for a new collaborative effort between Michigan skateshop Premier and the Nike SB Dunk Low. We’re still waiting on that Nike SB to get a release date, but is more on the way? Today we get a view of seemingly the same colorway only atop the Nike SB Dunk High, as the forefoot featuring a contrasting grey suede remains the same as does the patent leather Swoosh and faint celestial star print on the heel. And while this is only a brief glimpse at a sample, do you prefer Premier’s Dunk Low or this Dunk High? Be sure to check out a better view after the click and stay tuned for updates right here on SneakerNews.

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17 Oct 21:00

Nike Air Trainer SC II “Raiders”

by staff

nike air trainer sc ii black grey white 3 Nike Air Trainer SC II Raiders

While not quite the uber-popular “Triple Black” colorway that Nike has made famous in short order, this new iteration of the timeless Air Trainer SC II comes extremely close in tonal representation. The Bo Jackson signature silhouette adorns a lux black upper while paired with hints of anthracite along the top strap, Swoosh branding and tongue. A white midsole with corresponding Air Unit wraps the look which unintentionally pays tribute to Bo’s former team, the Oakland Raiders. And while Raiders Nation isn’t fairing well this NFL season, don’t expect this shoe to suffer a similar fate. Check out the looks below and act as fast if you hope to secure a pair of your own.

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18 Oct 00:57

Suck it Libtards!

18 Oct 00:57

This albino squirrel comes to our door & begs for corn every day!

17 Oct 18:57

Was playing around with my camera and some broken glass, and I captured this. (OC)

17 Oct 15:43

Fruity helmets.. safety first!