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14 Apr 16:00

Heavy Duty Formal Wear

Heavy Duty Formal Wear

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16 Apr 13:00

Well Crafted Bayonetta Costume

by Amy Ratcliffe

bayonetta cosplay

Bayonetta 2 isn’t out yet, but that doesn’t stop cosplayers from portraying characters in the game. Lisa Lou Who has developed a wonderful interpretation of the main character (Bayonetta’s) outfit, and it looks like she’s covered every detail available in the images that Platinum Games has released so far. Here’s how she fashioned the guns:

The guns are made out of PVC piping for the barrels, insulation foam for for handle, craft foam for the details, and practically all covered in worbla to make them sturdier. The shoes are repainted $6 boots from Forever 21– they used to be brown, I think. I guess you get inventive when you start running out of money! I screwed the guns into the shows with 3″ screws, and even E6000-ed them on, just to be sure. The charms on the guns were all the same necklace pendant from Jo-ann’s, I just painted them all different.

Read more at DeviantArt.

via Geek x Girls, photo by AndrewDHPhotos.

13 Apr 18:46

Captain America = Captain Puerto Rico? [Pic]

by Geeks are Sexy


Yep, that look about right!

[Via Geek Universe]

10 Apr 21:00

The Amazing Cardboard Creations of Kai-Xiang Xhong [Pics + Video]

by Geeks are Sexy


Using cardboard and other super cheap materials, Taiwan-based 20-year-old artist Kai-Xiang Xhong has created a super detailed wearable Iron Man costume.


I used pepakura technique. But I did not add any special color on the surface. Keeping the cardboard color and texture was deliberate. That’s my style.

Kai-Xiang Xhong can also craft pretty much anything he wants with cardboard, just check out some of his amazing creations in the following pictures and video.


[Source: Stan Winston School of Character Arts | Via GT]

01 Apr 18:00

The Cat is Not Amused

The Cat is Not Amused

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21 Mar 13:00

Awesome Gears of War Costume

by Amy Ratcliffe

gears of war costume

The Palace Guard in Gears of War is charged with protection of the Queen and, wait for it, her palace. Their armor looks intricate but also sturdy; it seems like it would be complex to build. RPF user SufferTheLocust accepted the challenge though and created a replica of the costume. He began with a leftover lower jaw piece from a Shao Kahn costume and got inspired from there. Here’s what he did for the head piece:

After re-drawing the shapes to be symmetrical i templated them on to a plastic sheet that i still don’t know the origin of. It’s between 4mm and 8mm, black, strong, reasonably light weight, can easily be cut with a knife and most importantly – thermoformable. It’s almost like a rigid plastic/foam. I was given it as a cover sheet for some cladding sheets we install in work and tried it out. It’s basically packaging to be discarded, most of the things i make includes this stuff.

He attached the heat molded foam attached to a cycling helmet base.

Read more at The RPF.

21 Mar 13:00

Terrifying Pikachu Cakes [Pics]

by Geeks are Sexy


Twitter user Kira Hime Teitoku recently acquired some adorable Pikachu-shaped molds and decided to try her hand a replicating the picture on the product’s box using a pound cake recipe. Behold the terrifying result:


The she proceeded to lovingly wrap each little Pikachu in plastic one by one:


[Source: @1226Kirahime | Via]

20 Mar 17:32

Cloak: An Antisocial App That Warns You When ‘Friends’ Are Near

by JLister


An “antisocial” app offers users the ability to avoid people who you aren’t too keen on seeing in real life.

The app is something of an anti-Foursquare. You connect it to other applications (including Instagram and Foursquare itself) and then get a map of any of your contacts who are near you, along with an alert when they are within a particular radius.

There are some major limitations. As yet it doesn’t support Facebook, which seems to be the most likely outlet for people you choose to befriend online (or feel obliged to do so) but wouldn’t always want to see in person.

More to the point, the technology is neutral and the “avoid people” angle is really just a matter of perspective. There’s no reason you couldn’t pitch the same app as being a way to find which of your friends are nearby, which is pretty much FourSquare.

The Huffington Post has also noted a major flaw: the Instagram data comes when somebody posts the photo, which may be long after they’ve left the location concerned.

Co-creater Chris Baker does have form on antisocial technology. He previously created a browser extension that removes pictures of babies from your Facebook newsfeed.

App Magazine editor Nick Jones told the BBC there wasn’t any real need for an app such as cloak. He speculated it may be an attempt to gain interest in the app and then sell it to Facebook.

20 Mar 12:30

What Your Chinese Tattoo Really Means

14 Mar 15:45

Implementing a web server in a single printf() call

by johngineer


This is pretty cool!

13 Mar 22:51

Totally Revolting Birthday Cake Shaped Like "Split-Face" from The Thing

by Charlie Jane Anders

Totally Revolting Birthday Cake Shaped Like "Split-Face" from The Thing

We've seen birthday cakes shaped like all sorts of science fiction icons, including star destroyers . But it takes a special kind of geek to want a birthday cake fashioned after the "Split-Face" from John Carpenter's The Thing.



06 Mar 18:00

Urban Islet: Nordic Nature Retreat Floats in London Canal

by Urbanist
[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ]

wildlife wood finnish design

Referencing rocky Nordic island sanctuaries, this platform is designed to provide a place to relax and observe local wildlife in the heart of a bustling city. The prefabricated structure was lifted into the canal by crane and pushed into place by a tiny tugboat, all in a single day.

floating urban wildlife platform

Viewpoint was created for the London Wildlife Trust by Finnish architects of AOR. Of their inspiration: “For Finns, [small] islands are places of sanctuary, to relax the mind and get away from hectic city life. Viewpoint offers Londoners a chance to experience this escape on a secluded islet in the heart of the city.”  It is to be a permanent fixture of Regent’s Canal, located in Camley Street Natural Park.

floating islet concept context

wildlife platform floating london

As the architects alluded to, this minimalist approach and triangular architecture are modeled on the vernacular of traditional temporary dwellings found further north. Such residential retreats are situated on small islands and used for hunting and fishing excursions. Typically, these humble abodes are made using natural at-hand materials including tree bark, branches, leaves and mosses.

floating islet facade elevation

floating islet kings cross

Unveiled by the The Finnish Institute in London and The Architecture Foundation, the finished design is definitively Finnish, created with acoustics, human scale and tactile experiences in mind, and factoring in how materials will weather over time. The result features modest volumes and a warm wooden frame rising up from concrete and clad in Corten steel. In turn, this made-to-age material palette will increasingly blend the structure in with its surroundings.

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24 Feb 02:00

Animating Van Gogh: World’s First Fully-Painted Feature Film

by Urbanist
[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Photography & Video. ]


It is a fantastic endeavor and nearly finished – a movie made up of 56,800 stop-motion paintings, all presented in the style and told by the characters of the tale’s protagonist: Vincent van Gogh.


The first full-length feature of its kind, Loving Vincent uses van Gogh’s own techniques to explore the life and death of the artist, “through his paintings and by the characters that inhabit them.”

van gosh painting studio

As its creators explain, “the intrigue unfolds through interviews with the characters closest to Vincent and through dramatic reconstructions of the events leading up to his death.”

van gogh character still

This production by Breakthru Films features 120 of the artist’s paintings and draws its plot from 800 letters, using them to flesh out a deeper picture of this often-misunderstood painter whose work goes well beyond his most famous Starry Night and Mona Lisa.

van gogh movie trailer

In van Gogh’s own words: “Well, the truth is, we cannot speak other than by our paintings” – these industrious filmmakers are taking him at his word, and animating his images and subjects to tell his story.

van gogh loving vincent

Breakthru was founded by Oscar award-winning animator Hugh Welchman. Unfortunately, the project did not raise sufficient funds on Kickstarter, but given how far they have come one can only hope the work does not end in tragedy.

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04 Mar 02:00

Small World: Mini Wooden Cutouts Take Over the Streets

by Steph
[ By Steph in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ]

Small World Joe Iurato Main

Life is an adventure for tiny wooden figures navigating the urban world in this miniature art installation series by Joe Iurato. The New Jersey-based street artist creates small spray-painted wood cutouts that tell the story of his life, from skateboarding as a kid to becoming a father himself. The little people lounge on rusting metal gates, cling precariously to the edges of overpasses, lunge to reach crosswalk buttons and spray-paint their own works of art.

Small World Joe Iurato 1

Small World Joe Iurato 3

No bigger than fifteen inches in size, the figures are created using layers of hand-cut paper and spray paint to create texture and form in a modern adaptation of an old-fashioned printing process. The artist places them around the city and leaves them for others to notice or overlook, depending on how observant they may be when they pass.

Small World Joe Iurato 2

“My art is nothing more than the exploration and documentation of personal experiences,” says Iurato. “The pieces form an abstract of my life. They are the questions I have, the conclusions drawn, the love, disgust, joy and sadness contained. Essentially, I paint what I know, or what it is I want to know, playfully or painfully.”

Small World Joe Iurato 6

Small World Joe Iurato 7

“However big or small, the works are often created in public spaces and left to interact with the environment and community. Like life itself, the nature of public art is one of transience. Each piece mirrors the unpredictability of existence and hopes to establish an intimate connection with the viewer in the here-and-now.”

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03 Mar 16:00

Close Enough

Close Enough

Submitted by: Unknown

05 Mar 12:00

A Little Cartoon Invasion of Life

A Little Cartoon Invasion of Life

Submitted by: Unknown (via Hombre McSteez)

11 Feb 21:42

The Banner Saga (RPG) Medley feat. Taylor Davis and Malukah [Music Video]

by Geeks are Sexy

A medley of songs from the tactical RPG “The Banner Saga” by the always amazing Malukah and Taylor Davis. Enjoy!


08 Feb 13:33

Bored on Your Daily Commute? Here’s What You Need to Do! [Picture Gallery]

by Geeks are Sexy


When Illustrator October jones gets bored during his daily commute, he amuses himself by giving a new personality to people who ride the train alongside with him. Too bad I don’t commute anymore else I think I’d start doing the same thing!








[Source: October Jones]

30 Jan 15:00

Dangerously Stylish

Dangerously Stylish

Submitted by: Unknown

21 Jan 21:28

Medieval Joker Leather Armor Looks Awesome And Terrifying

by Amy Ratcliffe

joker armor 1

No matter how you dress up the Joker, he’s always scary. The Batman villain stands out to me because besides his spooky countenance, he’s also disturbing. This medieval armor version of the character adds a touch of regal but can’t take away the creepiness. Prince Armory pieced the costume together from engraved and dyed leather. It began as several sketches and then came paper patterns. Each paper piece was carefully traced onto leather, then all the lines and embellishments were added to the segments, and eventually the segments were put together, articulating where needed.

Once it was assembled, the pieces were dyed. The level of details packed into each piece of the armor are mind-blowing. Though Prince Armory doesn’t list specific procedures, they share enough in progress photos over at Facebook to give you plenty of ideas and inspiration.

joker armor patterns

joker armor head

via Fashionably Geek

20 Jan 19:02

Medieval Joker Fantasy Armor [Pics]

by Geeks are Sexy


We featured Prince Armory‘s totally EPIC medieval Loki armor in November 2013, and now, our friends over there are back with a new medieval interpretation of the armor of yet another popular villain: The Joker.


Functional hardened leather full body armor including:

Jester’s Helmet with Joker Mask, Breastplate, Drama Face Pauldrons, Breastplate, Jester’s War Skirt, Cuisses/Knees/Greaves, Articulated Jester Shoe Sabatons


[Source: Prince Armory]

11 Jan 21:00

LET’S DANCE: “Labyrinth”-Inspired Wedding Photo Shoot

by Lauren Berkley

These truly are beautiful, remarkable photos…but if you remember what Labyrinth was about…these wedding photos could be a little creepy, no?

(Models: Nicholas Carinci as Jareth, the Goblin King, and Rebekah Pascouau as Sarah)

(Photography: Tricia Duncan of Labyrinth Productions)

labyrinth wedding shoot 1labyrinth wedding shoot 2labyrinth wedding shoot 3labyrinth wedding shoot 4labyrinth wedding shoot 5labyrinth wedding shoot 6labyrinth wedding shoot 7

[via When Geeks Wed]

09 Jan 20:39

Google just made it really easy for strangers to email you

by (Thom Holwerda)
You no longer need someone's email address to send them an email. At least, that will soon be the case if you want to email another Google+ user. A new Gmail "feature" will let you simply type in anyone's name into Gmail's "to" field and send them an email. Google announced the new Google+ integration on its Gmail blog today, but company representatives have clarified to The Verge that - by default - anyone on its social network will be able to send messages to your Gmail inbox. It's opt-out; so it's enabled by default. I don't think Google has ever had a more stupid idea than this. This is just all-around bad - no ifs, no buts, nothing. You must be completely brain-dead to think that implementing this "feature" is in any way, shape, or form, a good idea. I'll be turning this off right away - I don't want random internet people emailing me any more than they already do. Equally idiotic, when you start typing a name in Gmail's to/cc fields, it will autocomplete to Google+ usernames. I have no idea if you can turn this brain fart off. I don't like Google+, I don't want Google+ - I just want it to go away. Please.
08 Jan 11:19

¿Dónde viven los chicos de Big Bang Theory?

by Flapy

¿Dónde viven los chicos de Big Bang Theory? es un post de Un español en Japón

Pasadena City HallCity Hall de la ciudad de Pasadena

Como ya sabéis, los miércoles los dedico a mis aventuras fuera de Japón, y esta vez hablaré de una parte muy concreta de mi último viaje por la costa oeste de Estados Unidos y el norte de México, ya que, aprovechando mi estancia en Los Angeles, me decidí a buscar el lugar exacto donde viven los protagonistas de Big Bang Theory, una de mis series favoritas de televisión.

City of Pasadena

[Aviso, este post es bastante friki, así que si no os gusta esta serie quizá ni os apetezca seguir leyendo] Me puse mi camiseta de “Bazinga!” (la expresión que se tradujo en España como “¡Zas! en toda la boca” y como “Vacilón” en países de américa latina) y me fui a la ciudad de Pasadena (a unos 25 minutos en coche desde Hollywood Boulevard). En un capítulo de la serie nombran la dirección 2311 N. Los Robles Avenue, pero resulta que a esa altura de la calle no hay ningún edificio de apartamentos, por lo que tuve que tomar otro camino a través de una nueva pista: la azotea que se ve en Google Earth cuando Howard y Bernadette se casan, lo podéis ver personalmente al final de este vídeo de la boda, no obstante aquí abajo tenéis la instantánea:

Pantallazo4731Pulsando sobre la imagen veréis su ubicación en Google Maps

Tomando como referencia esta pista comencé a buscar información y en muchos foros estadounidenses ya habían dado con la respuesta, busqué la dirección que parecía ser la adecuada y, efectivamente, en los mapas coincidía con el fotograma (podéis comprobarlo vosotros mismos pulsando sobre la imagen sobre este párrafo). Así que, allí me dirigí y, aunque el interior del portal ni la morfología de los apartamentos parecía coincidir con la serie (los interiores son decorados), me hice la foto junto al edificio:

La azotea corresponde con el 215 de South Madison Avenue

Tras ello me dirigí al casco viejo de la ciudad “Old Pasadena” a buscar el restaurante de la cadena “The Cheese Cake factory” donde se supone que trabaja Penny. Es curioso la publicidad que se ha llevado esta marca sin tener ningún acuerdo con la serie (o, al menos, eso dicen ambas partes). El caso es que me dirigí allí y no fue muy difícil de encontrar. De nuevo, el interior no coincide con el de la serie (que vuelve a ser un decorado), pero bueno, comí una de sus populares hamburgesas que estaba deliciosa:

Cheesecake Factory burger¡Pintaca!

Para terminar y, antes de irme de la ciudad me hice la foto de rigor frente al restaurante, como ya os dije, ni esta visita ni este post son del estilo habitual de mi blog, pero hay veces que mi lado más geek surge y es imparable. ;)

Old Pasadena Cheesecake Factory

07 Jan 06:00

Keeping The Family Off The Net With An Undocumented Backdoor

by Brian Benchoff


When [Eloi] was home for Christmas, he faced one of the most difficult problems man has ever faced: his entire family, equipped with smartphones and laptops, siphoning all the Internet through a 1Mb/s connection. For any technically minded person, the fix for this problem is to limit the bandwith for all those Facebook and Twitter-heads, while leaving [Eloi]‘s battlestation unaffected. [Eloi] had originally set up the Linksys WAG200G router in the family home a few years ago but had since forgotten the overly complex admin password. No worries, then, because apparently the WAG200G is open as wide as a barn door with a completely undocumented backdoor.

Without the password to the admin panel of the router, [Eloi] needed a way in. After pointing nmap at the router, he found an undocumented service running on port 32764. Googling this observation resulted in a lot of speculation, so the only option was to download the router’s firmware, look for the service, and figure out a way in.

[Eloi] eventually got a shell on the router and wrote a very short Python script to automate the process for all WAG200G routers. As for where this backdoor came from, it appears a SerComm device on the router is responsible. This means a whole bunch of routers with this specific SerComm module also have this backdoor, and we’d assume anything with a service running on port 32764 is suspect.

If you’re looking for a fix for this backdoor, your best bet is probably installing OpenWRT or Tomato. The OpenWAG200 project, an open firmware specifically designed for [Eloi]‘s router, still has this vulnerability, though.

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31 Dec 14:30

Friendzoned to Infinity

Friendzoned to Infinity

Submitted by: Unknown

31 Dec 05:01

Surreal Lifelike Human/Animal Sculptures by Liu Xue

by jeff



Chinese artist Liu Xue creates sculptures of human figures that have been augmented with animal body parts. The eerily lifelike sculptures range from centaur-like human/pig hybrids to rather disquieting chicken-people.




See many more here!

30 Dec 12:30

I See What You Did There

Proud parent right now. Son's first word was "Dada," and now he's drawing on all of the walls and rejecting bourgeois colonialist ideals.

— buttplanet (@buttplanet) July 17, 2012

Submitted by: Unknown (via @buttplanet)

28 Dec 13:40

For All of You Shy People Out There: If You Are in a Shell… [Video]

by Geeks are Sexy

A beautiful and touching tale about shyness as told by Ze Frank and choreographed and performed by Harry Shum, Jr.

This video pretty much sums up the tale of my life until I turned 16 or 17 years old… but that was a while ago! :)

[Ze Frank | Via LS]

26 Dec 17:00

New Robot Armor Leggings from MITMUNK! [Pics]

by Lauren Berkley

Back in April, I wrote about these chainmail leggings by Vancouver, Canada-based seller MITMUNK.

Now, they have robot/mecha-inspired leggings and OMGIWANTTHEM.

armor leggings 1armor leggings 2armor leggings 4armor leggings 3