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14 Oct 22:30

The Monsters at Teva Are Encouraging You to Wear Socks With Sandals

by Kelly Faircloth

The Monsters at Teva Are Encouraging You to Wear Socks With Sandals

Red alert, red alert: The fugly shoe trend has gone too far and it must be neutralized immediately. In a horrifying development, Teva has decided to make an asset of its association with hippie nerds and is now actively encouraging people to combine socks and sandals. Evacuate sectors five through eight; I've got orders to seal this facility immediately.


13 Oct 10:29

Watch a bouncing baby goat and Beagle puppy play in their living room

by Blaire


Watch a bouncing baby goat and Beagle puppy play in their living room

Watch a bouncing baby goat and Beagle puppy play in their living room

Nathan Sexton uploaded this video of the unlikely BFFs in 2009 but in the past week it has gone viral! Watch as Harley the Beagle plays with Jack, her new baby goat friend, inside the house like it is no big deal. Nathan uploaded the vid with the following:

For 2 weeks, we have to watch a baby goat. This is my Beagle puppy and the goat, Jack, playing in the living room.

Jack teaches his buddy Harley how to use her head and play:

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08 Oct 23:18

Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats

by Nicole

Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats
With a bag of tasty Candy Corn Marshmallows sitting on my kitchen counter, I knew that I had a few options. I could either eat them straight out of the bag, toast them and make s’mores, or make a batch of Rice Krispy treats with them. They’re small enough that s’mores didn’t seem like a good choice, and while eating them straight out of the bag was tasty, it wasn’t all that fun. I chose the third option and ended up using them to make a batch of Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats!

These cereal bars are made with candy corn marshmallows as a base. These marshmallows, a seasonal offering for Halloween, taste like toasted marshmallows with a hint of honey and they add a bit of complexity to what is otherwise a very straightforward treat. I also added vanilla and salt to the bars, to give them a little more flavor and to cut the sweetness that is usually associated with a marshmallow treat. The bars took on a light orange color that made them look a little more exciting than the classic bars, but it wasn’t enough to identify the flavor that went into them. To play up the candy corn angle, I topped the bars off with a few regular candy corns and a handful of leftover candy corn marshmallows.

Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats

I always enjoy a batch of homemade Rice Krispy treats and these bars are no exception. They have a hint of vanilla and toasted marshmallow to them that, combined with just a touch of salt, made them very addictive. They’re easy to make and keep extremely well when stored in an airtight container, so you could keep them around for snacking (or for putting in lunch boxes!) or plate them up for a festive dessert at a Halloween event. The recipe makes a fairly large batch, but can be halved if you don’t want to tempt yourself with quite so many deliciously crispy cereal bars sitting around the house.

Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats

Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats
10-oz Candy Corn Marshmallows*
1/4 tsp salt
3 tbsp butter, room temperature
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
6 cups rice krispy cereal
1/2 cup candy corn
1/2 cup Candy Corn Marshmallows (optional)

Lightly grease a 9×13-inch baking pan.
In a large, microwave-safe bowl, combine marshmallows, salt and butter. Microwave on high for 60-90 seconds, until marshmallows and butter have melted. Add the vanilla and stir the marshmallow mixture until smooth, then fold in the cereal until everything is evenly combined.
Transfer mixture to prepared pan and press down into an even layer with a lightly greased spatula. Sprinkle evenly with candy corn an gently press them down into the bars. Sprinkle evenly with candy corn marshmallows. Allow bars to cool to room temperature before slicing.

Makes 24 bars

*Note: If you don’t have the Candy Corn Marshmallows, which are a seasonal ingredient, you can add a few drops of orange food coloring and double the vanilla in your recipe, then stir 1 tablespoon of honey into your marshmallow mix. This will give the bars the essence of the candy corn marshmallows – and their color – without needing the limited edition product.

07 Oct 21:10

Two kangaroos duke it out on a suburban street in Australia

Maybe your suburban street is stereotypically sleepy and subdued, but that's not the case for one road in Central Coast, Australia, where two male kangaroos decided that yes, they did want to take it outside. While the video's authenticity can't be confirmed, it's pretty amazing:

A kangaroo can apparently support its entire body weight on just its tail (check out 1:15 in the video above). So if you ever find yourself face-to-face with one of these guys, watch out for the double-leg kick.

07 Oct 21:48

Jet Puffed Candy Corn Marshmallows, reviewed

by Nicole

Jet Puffed Candy Corn Marshmallows, reviewed
Candy corn is a seasonal staple in the fall and, whether you like the triangular fondant candies or not, there is no doubt that you will recognize them instantly when you see them. Their signature orange and yellow colors are striking and many people – from large brands to individuals, like me – use them as inspiration to create other seasonal sweets. For instance, my Candy Corn Cupcakes are inspired by actual candy corn, and so are these seasonal Jet Puffed Candy Corn Marshmallows.

The fluffy, bite-sized marshmallows contain no actual candy corn, but the triangular shape and yellow-orange color palate of the marshmallows capture their spirit. I kept my expectations low when I opened the bag – and was surprised to find that these are actually very delicious! They smell like lightly toasted marshmallows and have a hint of toasted marshmallow flavor. The two flavors that are used in candy corn are honey and vanilla, and you pick up both of those flavors in these marshmallows, as well, though the toasted marshmallow flavor is the primary flavor. That is a good thing, in my book, because it keeps these from seeming too sweet and the flavor from seeming too artificial. Even people who don’t like candy corn will like these. The bag says they’re great for snacking and I found that to be true. I certainly ate my way through a big handful of them without even noticing!

07 Oct 17:54

Ross and Carrie Take the Voice Polygraph: Lying for Satan Edition

by Oh No Ross and Carrie

Has Ross lied on the podcast? Is he truly open to the possibility of the paranormal? Does he eat his boogers? Find out this and more in our voice polygraph episode! In this hilarious investigation, Carrie asks Ross some very personal (and a few silly) questions, and an expert analyzes the sound waves in his voice to see if he's a truth-teller or a stinkin' liar. The results may surprise you... and Ross.

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06 Oct 12:52

Rare Sunda Pangolin Born in Singapore

by Andrew Bleiman

Radin the Sunda pangolin hitches a ride on Nita as their keeper looks on

In celebration of World Animal Day this year, Wildlife Reserves Singapore announced the arrival of some of the world’s rarest babies, and among them, a critically endangered Sunda Pangolin. 

Radin the Sunda pangolin being measured by his keeper

Radin the Sunda pangolin in the protective clutch of his mother, Nita

Sunda pangolins Radin and Nita in Night Safari Photo Credits: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The new baby, ‘Radin’, was born July 13th to his protective mother, ‘Nita’. The birth of the critically endangered Sunda Pangolin, in the Night Safari, is one of the most iconic births for WRS. The species is native to Singapore and is the logo for the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund. 

Night Safari is the world’s first zoological institution to house the elusive, solitary, and nocturnal creature. In recent years, the endangered Sunda Pangolin has been driven closer to extinction by illegal trafficking, habitat loss and being hunted for their meat and scales at an unsustainable level. According to the IUCN Red List, there have been suspected population declines of around 80% over the past 21 years, and there is a projected future decline of greater that 80% during the next several decades.

Accredited zoos and reserves, like Wildlife Reserves Singapore, are crucial to the future survival of the species. This is the third successful birth of a Sunda Pangolin in WRS since 2011.

04 Oct 16:38

Robert Downey Jr. Would Do Iron Man 4 If Mel Gibson Directs

by E. Alex Jung

The best-paid actor in Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr. knows something about redemption, and he also thinks it's time for the industry to forgive Mel Gibson for his transgressions. In an interview with Deadline, Downey said, "Well, first off, he has changed so much" and went on to praise Gibson for his parenting skills. The reporter then suggested the idea that Downey would do Iron Man 4 (which he has already said he wouldn't do) if Gibson directed it, and Downey responded by saying, "Correct." The reporter asked, "Is that our headline?" and he responded, "Why not? That movie would be bananas." So, there you have it: That's the price of seeing another solo Tony Stark movie. His other thoughts on Gibson are below:

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06 Oct 13:00

Inside the mind-bendingly eccentric, endearingly bizarre homes of the late, great Felix Dennis

by By The Week Staff

Felix Dennis, the chairman of the company that owns The Week and Mental Floss, died at age 67 on June 22. He had been battling cancer.

Felix was a larger-than-life figure — brilliant, profane, courageous, and perhaps a little bit mad. And that's the sense of the man you'll get with this exclusive peek inside his homes in England.

"Felix was a truly amazing person who loved living," said Ian Leggett, group finance director of Dennis Publishing and Felix's long-time friend and advisor. "He collected anything and everything that took his fancy. The books he owned, he read. The music he owned...

06 Oct 01:00

Working Out With Hugh Jackman and His ‘DogPound’

by Rebecca Milzoff

Every morning (except for Sundays), at 5:45 a.m. sharp, the DogPound meets at an elite West Village gym. A year ago, Hugh Jackman assembled this group of 14 guys—who include NYSE president Tom Farley, former America’s Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker, and two Olympic-medal winners—from among the dads at his kids’ school. The name is an homage to Dali, Jackman’s French bulldog, who presides over all workouts.

“It’s a bromance for sure,” says lead trainer Kirk Myers, who, together with trainers nicknamed Menace, Monster, and Chief Smashing Officer, works out alongside Jackman and friends. The whole crew have been known to spend an entire day together and exchange more than a dozen emails daily. The hour-long themed circuit starts with a double espresso shot and often involves tasks such as flinging giant hammers and lifting 100-pound dumbbells. At some point every morning, the Rocky theme song is played. “It’s very loud. Everyone is screaming, constantly,” says Barker. “We all feel like little Wolverines in the making.”

1. David Uyttendaele, age: 45, Co-founder and CTO of

2. Matt Targett, age: 28, Strategic partner manager at Google, Australian Olympic swimmer

3. Dawin Pena, age: 32, President of Kirk Myers Fitness personal trainers

4. Hugh Jackman, age: 45, Actor

5. John O’Neil, age: 45, Corporate partner of a private-funds group

6. Breylis Pena, age: 28, Trainer

Not Pictured:

  • Conor Dwyer, age: 24, U.S. Olympic swimmer
  • Tom Farley, age: 38, President of the New York Stock Exchange
  • Joe Geraci, age: 39, Co-head of markets at the municipal-securities division of Citibank
  • Alex Guira, age: 49, Investment banker in private equity
  • Nigel Barker, age: 42, Photographer, TV host-judge “It might be midlife crisis, but it could be worse. Our love handles and kegs are being traded in for six-packs.”
  • Nicky McGrane, age: 46, CFO of Evolent Health
  • Dennis Pena, age: 19, Head of digital and social media for Kirk Myers Fitness, occasionally Jackman’s driver
  • Kirk Myers, age: 35, CEO and founder of Kirk Myers Fitness “Nigel went out of town for two days, came back, and said, ‘I’d tell you I missed you, but I’ve actually spoken to you more than I have my wife for the past two days.’ ”

*This article appears in the October 6, 2014 issue of New York Magazine.

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03 Oct 18:45

Here Is What Happens When You Call Bill Murray’s 1-800 Number

by Nate Jones

these stories are starting to make bill murray seem more like an insufferable tyrant and less like a manic pixie dream dork

Bill Murray's 1-800 number, which he uses in lieu of an agent, is one of those pieces of Hollywood lore that's never been fully explained. How do you find it, and what happens when you dial it? Ted Melfi, who cast Murray in the upcoming St. Vincent through the 800 number, is here to tell all.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Melfi reveals that he got the number through producer Fred Roos. (Roos told Murray he'd given it out, but it's unknown if this is a standard procedure for a Murray associate giving out the number.) Over the course of 2012, Melfi called the number numerous times, and was greeted each time by a generic computer voice telling him to leave a message. He heard nothing until Murray's lawyer got in touch, telling Melfi to send copies of the script to random P.O. boxes across the country. Melfi then received a call from Murray himself, asking him to fly to Cannes — immediately. Melfi couldn't, and the project seemed off. Until Murray texted back weeks later, telling the director to meet him at LAX.

At their rendezvous, Melfi finally got his own crazy Bill Murray story:

They boarded a chauffeured Town Car, then picked up four grilled-cheese sandwiches at In-N-Out Burger. “And we drove for three hours through the Pechanga Indian reservation — go to San Diego and take a left.” Mr. Murray’s house was down a private road at the back of a golf course. “I had to use the bathroom and he goes, ‘Don’t forget to jiggle the handle.’ Then we walk outside, and he says ‘We should do this. Let’s make a movie.’ “I said ‘Bill, there ‘s just one thing I wanna ask you. Do you think you could tell someone other than me that this happened?’”

In case you're wondering whether he's making this up, Melfi told a basically identical anecdote to USA Today a month ago. The story checks out!

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03 Oct 15:21

All Flex Zone: Baby adorably flexes muscles with her dad

by Blaire


All Flex Zone: Baby adorably flexes muscles with her dad

All Flex Zone: Baby adorably flexes muscles with her dad

Flex those muscles Hadley! Before bath time little Hadley shows off her mean mugging muscle flex with her dad. Watch as she mimics her father in the most adorable way.

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01 Oct 14:00

Celebrate with this groom and his flower-loving, wheelchair-rocking bride

by Chris Wolfgang

identical twins

Let's talk about how lovely and glowy and stunning Kelly and Bart's Netherlands wedding is, shall we? First of all, there's the friggin light in their apartment while Kelly got ready for the day. Photographer Nadine van der Wielen said the weather alternated between stormy and sunny, and y'all know I love the light of a rainy wedding. There are flowers everywhere here: in Kelly's hair, her fab bouquet, and a bunch being dumped by a flower girl (that last one's my favorite picture btw). There's even flowers on the bedroom wallpaper!

Bart and Kelly look head-over-heels in blissed-out love, and who could blame them? They're not only getting married, they were also expecting at the time! Yup, the couple welcomed daughter Suzie into the family recently. Congrats, guys! After a photo shoot in a sun-dappled nearby park, the couple got married in a simple ceremony at the city hall.

Bride with rollers in her hair

Hairpins on a wheelchair

Bride with roses in her hair

Bride portrait with wheelchair

First look

Whispering secrets

Bride looking up at groom

Bride and groom portrait black-and-white

Groom smiling at bride

Forehead kiss

Dumping a basket of flowers

Holding hands at the altar

All smiles at the altar

Black and white ceremony

In front of the judge

Ceremony kiss


Dress: Maison de la Femme • Flowers: Bloembinderij Gebroeders de Jong • Hair and makeup: Saskia Bisschop • Photography: Nadine van der Wielen Photography • Tux: Suit Supply Haarlem

Recent Comments

  • K.: I don't usually get chocked up, but the looks on the people's faces (in the background when they were at … [Link]
  • Chris Wolfgang: Oh congratulations, Kelly! I'll update the blog post to be more accurate. Thanks for letting us know, and congratulations again … [Link]
  • Kelly: We are honered to be on the website with the beautyful photos of Nadine. We had a great weddingday. Meanwhile … [Link]
  • Bart: Thanks for all the sweet words. Nadine did an awesome job! This city hall is 500 years old. Before that it … [Link]
  • Larra: Holy smokes! This wedding is gorgeous! I can't get over how beautiful and totally in love the couple looks, so … [Link]

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30 Sep 18:40

This Is How You Name a Bunch of Shelter Cats

by Kelly Faircloth

these are good catnames

This Is How You Name a Bunch of Shelter Cats

When you're running an animal shelter, names are probably the least of your worries. But you've got to call the little guys something, right? Well, somebody at the Wisconsin Humane Society has quite a talent in this particular arena.


02 Oct 10:00

Doritos Migas With Pepper Jack Will Rock Your Morning, Hangover or Not

by Vicky Wasik

There are days when you wake up and say, I'm going to painstakingly make the best damn Tex-Mex migas I possibly can. And then there are days when you pry yourself from bed, feel your head swirl and split as you sit up, and remember those last two rounds of shots you got roped into—after you had already had what was supposed to be your last drink. On those days, you need these quick and easy Doritos migas. Actually, you might need these on all days. Read More
01 Oct 23:29

101-year-old man killed in Boyle Heights collision

by The Eastsider


View Larger Map

BOYLE HEIGHTS — A 101-year man crossing a street was fatally struck this morning by a van whose driver was followed and detained by witnesses after fleeing the scene.

The LAPD’s Central Traffic Division said that Jose Noriega was struck at about 6 a.m. while walking eastbound in a marked crosswalk at Lorena and Opal streets when he was hit by a 1997 Chevy Astro Van traveling northbound on Lorena. Noriega died of his injuries about two hours later at L.A. County-USC Medical Center.

The motorist, 41-year-old Ricardo Avalos, drove away from the scene but he was pursued by witnesses who “blocked suspect’s path and detained him until police arrived,” according to an LAPD press release.

Avalos was arrested for vehicular manslaughter, and his bail is set at $50,000. Alcohol or drugs were not involved, according to police.

01 Oct 16:30

24 Outrageous Prince Stories

by David Marchese

Prince is one of those rare and wonderful humans who's surrounded by so much mystery and lore that you're willing to believe almost anything you hear about him. Prince had doves sing backup on one of his albums? Sure. Prince doesn't believe in time? Time is an illusion, anyway.

(In less fantastic, still excellent news, he just released two new albums: Art Official Age and PlectrumElectrum, the latter featuring his all-female backing band, 3rdEyeGirl.)

The thing is, some of the craziest rumors about Prince might not be mere rumors at all. Here are a handful of the weirdest, most delightful, and, in some — that's some — cases, maybe even true pieces of Prince-ly gossip.

1. He Held Back an Album After Freaking Out on Ecstasy
Prince's officially untitled 1987 "Black Album," so called because of its all-black cover, was supposed to be his hardest and most aggressive effort to date. But days before its release, he withdrew the album, allegedly after having a bad ecstasy experience — one which supposedly led him to believe that he'd be committing an act of evil if he unleashed such dark-sounding music upon the world. Apparently, the trip wore off. The album was officially released in 1994. Life as we know it did not end. 

2. He is a Renter's Nightmare
In 2006, Prince rented a Hollywood mansion belonging to NBA player Carlos Boozer. Bad move, Booz. The latter's former teammate Jay Williams told ESPN Radio that "Prince changed the front gate to the Prince sign ... changed the master bedroom to a hair salon ... changed the streaming blue waters that led to the front door to purple water," and so on. Boozer filed a lawsuit over the unauthorized alterations.

3. He Went Door-to-Door for Jehovah's Witnesses
Under the religious influence of his friend and mentor, former Sly and the Family Stone bassist Larry Graham, Prince knocked on doors, proselytizing on behalf of Jehovah's Witnesses. "Sometimes people act surprised," he told The New Yorker in 2008, "but mostly they're really cool about it."

4. He Took That Job Extremely Seriously
In 2003, Prince and Graham knocked on the door of a Jewish family in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. "Then they start in on this Jehovah's Witnesses stuff,'' Rochelle, a member of that family, told the Minneapolis–St. Paul Star-Tribune. ''I said, 'You know what? You've walked into a Jewish household, and this is not something I'm interested in.' He says, 'Can I just finish?' Then the other guy, Larry Graham, gets out his little Bible and starts reading scriptures about being Jewish and the land of Israel.'' This all apparently happened, by the way, on Yom Kippur.

5. He Has a Truly Remarkable Pair of Roller Skates
In his book, Mo' Meta Blues, Questlove shared his experience of being invited to go after-hours roller-skating with his Purple Majesty. Then he saw something he'd never seen before. "Prince had the briefcase out on the floor," Questlove wrote. "He clicked the lock and opened it, and took out the strangest, most singular pair of roller skates I had ever seen. They were clear skates that lit up, and the wheels sent a multicolored spark trail into your path ... He took them out and did a big lap around the rink. Man. He could skate like he could sing."

6. He Will Randomly Challenge You to Play Pickup Basketball
As immortalized in an episode of Chappelle's Show, Charlie Murphy tells a story of partying with Prince in the '80s when the latter suddenly issued an impromptu pickup-basketball challenge. Prince didn't even bother changing out of his "Zorro-type outfit." Marveled Murphy: "This cat could ball." 

7. He Takes Bootleggers OUT
Prince fan forums are full of stories of his no-mercy attitude toward bootleggers. An oft-told tale has him showing up unannounced at a Manhattan record store, snapping up their stock of bootleg Prince albums, and leaving. 

8. He Is an Extraordinary Multitasker
According to an old profile from Notorious magazine, during a concert in Montreal, Prince, a giant NBA fan, watched a Chicago Bulls playoff game on a TV positioned at the side of the stage, and would amble over to watch while he played his guitar solos. He also apparently tasked a wardrobe girl with holding up the score on cue cards for him to read.

9. He Fired a Crew Member for Making Eye Contact
In that same Notorious profile, an anonymous Prince employee said, "No crew members were allowed to look at him or talk to him. I literally saw him fire a guy for looking at him. He just said, 'Why is that guy looking at me? Tell him to leave.'" 

10. He Doesn't Believe in Time
Again from the Notorious gold mine: "Your magazine probably won't print this," Prince said in response to a question about his youthful appearance, "but I don't believe in time. I don't count. When you count, it ages you."

11. He Likes Speaking in Riddles
During a speaking gig, director Kevin Smith discussed being summoned by Prince to talk about a possible collaboration, only to be subjected to some Byzantine sermonizing. Example: "If a big snake gives birth to a little snake, what is that little snake going to grow up to be?" "A big snake," Smith correctly answered. Prince's point? "You gotta know who your father is." Fair enough. 

12. He Talked Trash About Michael Jackson's Ping-Pong Skills
Prince's former sound engineer David Z told a story about Prince's attempt to play ping-pong with Jackson while the two were recording at the same L.A. studio. "You want me to slam it?" he recalled Prince asking MJ. He did not. "Michael drops his paddle and holds his hands up in front of his face so the ball won't hit him. Michael walks out with his bodyguard, and Prince starts strutting around like a rooster. 'Did you see that? He [Jackson] played like Helen Keller.'"

13. He Thought Being Asked to Sing on "Bad" Was an Insult
Was Jackson's smash hit was originally intended to be a duet with Prince? Longtime Prince confrere Alan Leeds told Vibe, "Michael coming to Prince and wanting him to do 'Bad,' that really pissed him off. Prince was like, 'Oh, he wants me to punk out on record. Who does he think I am, crazy?' He probably couldn't get outside himself enough to realize that it was the kind of thing that probably could have benefited both of them." 

14. He Staged a Funk Musical Based on Homer's Odyssey
In August 1993, Prince debuted Glam Slam Ulysses, his musical interpretation of the Greek epic poem, at a club in Los Angeles. His then-protégé Carmen Electra was a featured dancer. It ran for 13 performances, and a bunch of its songs popped up on subsequent Prince albums. Variety reported, in very 1993 fashion, that Ulysses "featured enough phallic symbols and references to make even Heidi Fleiss blush."

15. He Has a Giant Vault of Unreleased Music
Famously productive, Prince is widely believed to have a massive stockpile of unheard music. This is on top of the 32 studio albums he has already released. 

16. He Took Out a Nationwide Personal Ad
In December 1993, ads in several national magazines showed an obscured photo of Prince accompanied by the text, "Eligible bachelor seeks the most beautiful girl in the world to spend the holidays with."

17. He Doesn't Let Reporters Record Interviews 
"Some in the past have taken my voice and sold it," he told Billboard. He's not keen on having journalists take notes, either. Why? "That would be just like texting."

18. He Believes Doves Have Beautiful Voices
On his album One Nite Alone ... Prince's doves, Divinity and Majesty, are credited with "ambient singing."

19. He Hasn't Cried Since He Was a Child
When he was a boy, Prince's jazz-musician father threw him out of the house. (How Purple Rain–y!) The young Princeling then cried in a phone booth for two hours. According to a 1991 Details profile, he claimed it was the last time he ever shed tears.

20. He Had a Private Hair Salon
In an interview with the U.K.'s Daily Mail, Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia says that their Spanish hacienda came equipped with its own hair salon — which she was never allowed to use. "I always went out if I needed my hair done," Garcia explained. "The salon wasn't for me, it was for my husband. Prince needed his space."

21. His Wife Wasn't Allowed to Call Him on the Phone
"Even when we were married," Garcia said in the same Daily Mail article, "I had to wait for him to call me. I've no idea why, he never actually said."

22. He Released a Recording of Kim Basinger's Sex Noises
In 1989, Prince put out a 12-inch single called The Scandalous Sex Suite, which featured vocal contributions from Kim Basinger, including some moaning and groaning that was rumored to be taken from recordings of a sex romp between the two stars.

23. He Kept a Lawn Ornament in the Bedroom
A 1985 Rolling Stone piece revealed the following after a visit to a pre–Paisley Park Prince residence: "The only thing unusual in either of the two guest bedrooms is a two-foot statue of a smiling yellow gnome covered by a swarm of butterflies. One of the monarchs is flying out of a heart-shaped hole in the gnome's chest."

24. He Enjoys Weird Food Combinations
An oral history of Purple Rain in SPIN revealed this curious dietary tidbit: "I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich," said director Albert Magnoli. "Prince ordered spaghetti and orange juice, which was one of his favorite meals." Spaghetti and orange juice? Sounds gross. But, as always, Prince probably knows something that we don't. 

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30 Sep 18:00

Watch the Trailer for Taken 3, Which Is Actually Called Tak3n

by Nate Jones

can't wait for 4 Tak 4 En

After two films of chasing bad guys around Europe, now it's Liam Neeson's turn to avoid being taken. Poor Famke Janssen has been killed off in the trailer, and like many others before him, Neeson will have to prove that he didn't kill his wife. Fortunately, he still has a very particular set of skills, which this time includes the ability to kill someone with a defibrillator. We'll have to update this slideshow.

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29 Sep 14:20

​Doctors Declare IUDs the Best Birth Control Method for Teens

by Isha Aran

​Doctors Declare IUDs the Best Birth Control Method for Teens

Teen pregnancy rates may be falling , but members of the American Academy of Pediatrics are still on it—updating their stance on the most effective forms of birth control for sexually active teens. They have stated that for adolescents, implantable rods and intrauterine devices (IUDs) are the way to go.


23 Sep 03:11

Caption This Photo of Prince William's Super Intense Gamer Face

by Rebecca Rose

these two dudes are the yin & yang of hair distribution

Caption This Photo of Prince William's Super Intense Gamer Face

Caption This: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge plays a games console with young people as he visits an Access Centre for young people called Agenzija Appogg during an official visit to Malta on September 21, 2014 in Valletta, Malta. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge is making an official two day visit to Malta as a representative of Queen Elizabeth II. Originally the Duchess of Cambridge was due to make the trip as her first solo overseas engagement as part of Malta's fiftieth Anniversary of Independance but had to cancel due to acute morning sickness with her second child.


27 Sep 19:50

Swedish scientists admit to 17 years of sneaking Bob Dylan lyrics into research articles

For 17 years, Bob Dylan's lyrics have been showing up in rather unlikely places.

"Articles we have written about research by others, book introductions, editorials, and things like that," Eddie Weitzberg, a professor from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, confessed. "We're not talking about scientific papers — we could have got in trouble for that."

Weitzberg and his colleague, John Jundberg, began what's become a quirky tradition of Bob-Dylan oneupmanship when they wrote a piece about gas and titled it, "Nitric Oxide and inflammation: The answer is blowing in the wind." The duo thought...

25 Sep 14:10

Groundhog dropped by NYC Mayor De Blasio reportedly died of 'internal injuries'

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped a groundhog at the Staten Island Zoo — and the injuries it may have sustained from the fall could have led to its death.

De Blasio dropped the groundhog on Feb. 2 while celebrating Groundhog Day. But when the groundhog died of "internal injuries," the zoo began an elaborate coverup, according to The New York Post.

The Post reports that officials at the Staten Island Zoo "went to great lengths to hide the death from the public." And that wasn't the only secret the zoo was keeping — according to the Post, the male groundhog, Chuck, was actually...

24 Sep 21:17

The same light bulb has been illuminating a California firehouse for 113 years (and counting)

by By

How many people does it take to screw in a light bulb? For one light fixture in one firehouse in California, the answer is irrelevant — because the original light bulb hasn't burnt out in more than a century.

Known as the Centennial Light — or, to baffled General Electric engineers, the "Eternal Light" — the age-defying illumination was screwed into its socket sometime in 1901, and has rarely been touched since. In fact, the extremely infrequent switching on and off of the Centennial Light might be one of the secrets to the light's longevity, since the lifespan of bulbs is directly...

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The Many Sex Faces of Outlander’s Jamie

by Margaret Lyons

best tv show ever

[This post contains spoilers for Outlander, though not major ones — like, if you've seen a poster for Outlander, you can probably guess what happened on this week's episode.]

On Saturday's episode of Outlander, Jamie and Claire finally, finally boned. We knew they would, and they did, and it was wonderful. Well … eventually. Jamie's first time was maybe a little bit underwhelming. But he got a few more chances, and all was right in the world, including all of his amazing sex faces, plus a few excellent pre- and postcoital gazes. These are just a few of the emotions Jamie conveyed.


Delighted confusion.


Is "don't stop" an emotion? Close enough.


Oh, please, you know what that emotion is.

Sweet dreams, Jamie.

Bonus Harlequin pose.

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Nails of the Day: Caramel Apples

by Sarah Waite

looks gross

Nails of the Day: Caramel Apples

Nails of the Day: Caramel Apples

cannot get over how cute these caramel apple nails are. The rough sponging totally mimics the look of an apple, and the drips are tantalizing with their perfect caramel color. Keep up with Kristi’s nail art on Instagram @polishpdxnails.

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Blind Items Revealed

by ent lawyer

shock of the century

May 15, 2014

An ex-girlfriend of this D list celebrity who is engaged to a former B list mostly television actress who never acts any longer but is a kazillionaire from her past acting and current endeavors says that her boyfriend broke up with her because she could no longer deal with his fascination for young girls. It creeped her out and she always had to act and look as young as possible when they were having sex.

Oliver Sarkozy/Mary Kate Olsen
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The 10 Things to Look for in Your Gilmore Girls Rewatch

by Margaret Lyons

In advance of The Gilmore Girls' triumphant arrival on Netflix October 1, and as a part of Vulture's Streaming Week, we'll be revisiting the show all week long. Please join us!

When Gilmore Girls lands on Netflix October 1, here's hoping the floodgates open and bajillions of new fans avail themselves of the joys of Stars Hollow. Some of us, however, are lucky enough to have spent many years basking in the joys of the show — and we too will be making a return pilgrimage. This guide is for you, folks who have seen the show before. (Maybe even a few times, thanks to syndication and some free afternoons?) This is what to look for, enjoy, give the stink-eye to, and revel in when you rewatch GG; it'll make the show feel new all over again.

No one on this show can hug.
Particularly Rory. Rory hugs are the bootleg movie mistranslations of human motion: It's close, but it's definitely not right. She doesn't really have anyone to learn from, though; we very rarely see Lorelai hug anyone, and certainly never her parents. There's also a lot of not-great TV kissing on this show — even when it's characters you're really rooting for, sometimes the kissing just seems off. Too much head-bobbing! Pick a place where you're each gonna put your arms, and then do it right for take two! Especially Luke and Lorelai. They are constantly waggling their arms around like they can't figure out a comfortable way to kiss. Life is not supposed to be this hard.

Lorelai is pretty rude, particularly when she is a customer.
She learned this from watching you, Emily. Even though Emily is the picture of decorum among her economic peers, she has a lot of really negative, nasty behavior directed towards, say, domestic workers. Lorelai probably wouldn't admit that she picked up this crummy habit from her mom, but she did. When she scolds baristas (sorry, "coffee! coffee! coffee!" is not a polite way to order things, Lorelai!), berates a receptionist at an ER (dude, everyone is there for an emergency), or even demands that Luke arrange food on her plate her way (get therapy), it's all just super rude. Lorelai is rude.

She's also not very nice to Sookie.
Lorelai often treats Sookie like Sookie's dumb. Which she is not! Sookie is great, but Lorelai dismisses her concerns, talks down to her, kinda-sorta takes advantage of her generosity, and makes all of Sookie's life events about Lorelai instead.

Maybe some of this rubs off on the Rory/Lane relationship.
There's an episode where Lane believes she is being shipped off to Korea. Permanently. And instead of saying a serious good-bye, a lovey-dovey Rory snuggles on a bench with Dean and just waves to Lane as she gets in a van. When Lane discovers she doesn't want to have premarital sex, Rory just sits there and is like, "I'm gonna buy these books." She also claims that many people wait for marriage, which is … false. (And was false when the episode aired, and for decades before that.) It is of course fine if Lane wants to wait, but Lane says that she doesn't want to want to wait; ostensibly progressive, supportive Rory is just like, "But these books." You deserve better, Lane!

Who is more at fault in how fraught their relationship is: Lorelai, or Emily and Richard?
Obviously the answer is that they have a complicated relationship, etc., etc., everyone is to blame, but every couple of rewatches, I change my mind as to who is more at fault. Obviously Richard and Emily did some serious damage when Lorelai was a kid. But now she's a grown-up, and she often behaves incredibly poorly, and has strange, not-communicated expectations. We teach people how to treat us, you know?

Kirk is the only character with unpredictable emotions.
I guess the other characters have varied feelings here and there, but when we see Taylor, we know we're in for some crumudgeoning. We know how Miss Patty will behave. Mrs. Kim, Sookie, Michel: Everyone has his or her go-to mode, except Kirk. Sometimes he's joyful, sometimes he's amiable, sometimes he's livid. Maybe it's the night terrors.

Notice how much other media makes it onscreen.
Not just in dialogue and references — real clips and performances and stuff: Fiddler on the Roof, Pippin, Swan Lake, countless movie clips (ugh, Pippi Longstocking), etc. Many other shows have pop references and lovingly crafted soundtracks, but rarely do we actually see these works in action.

Lorelai never has the same hair for more than two episodes in a row.
My God. She helped popularize what today I would call "fashion-blogger waves" — the big-barrel-curling-iron away-from-the-face loose curls — but she also went through serious flatironing phases, a variety of highlights, some very one-dimensional super-dark browns, a few off-auburns, and some springy, bouncy curls. Which doesn't even scratch the surface of how many hairdos she went through, including overly pervasive pigtails. You're a grown-ass woman. No more pigtails.

The richest, most powerful scenes are between Lorelai and Emily.
Gilmore Girls is a precious treasure to me, but sometimes I wonder what the show would be like if everyone could genuinely, truly act. Alexis Bledel was certainly a beautiful elf princess, but when I watch Parenthood and Lauren Graham is acting opposite heavy hitter Mae Whitman, I think, "Oh, what if GG could have been like this?" Blasphemy, whatever, I know. But this is why the scenes between Graham and Kelly Bishop stand out so much: They're the rare scenes that barely need dialogue.

Happy Emily is the best part of the show.
Second best part: dancing Emily.

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Steven Soderbergh Took the Sound and Color Out of Indiana Jones

by Nate Jones

I'm liking Soderbergh more and more since he "retired." Anyone else watching The Knick?

Steven Soderbergh has mashed up both versions of Psycho and recut his own Heaven's Gate, so now he's turned Raiders of the Last Ark into a silent film, stripping the film of sound and color and replacing its soundtrack with a spare electronic score. Soderbergh hopes that the film's new form will help viewers pay more attention to the art of staging: "See if you can reproduce the thought process that resulted in these choices by asking yourself: why was each shot — whether short or long  — held for that exact length of time and placed in that order?" It's not embeddable, so head over to Soderbergh's site if you feel like watching Raiders again. (Who doesn't?)

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Kevin and Winnie Will Have a Wonder Years Reunion at 92Y

by Vulture Editors

On October 20 at 8:15 p.m., 92Y will reunite Wonder Years childhood sweethearts Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) and Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar) and their BFF Paul Pfeiffer (Josh Saviano, not Marilyn Manson) to chat about things like what it's like to have the world watch your first kiss, where exactly "Springfield" was located, and if Kevin Arnold was really "a dick."  Even if you can't buy tickets and attend in person, 92Y will be live-streaming the entire thing. (And if you're curious as to how the show holds up, read our Nostalgia Fact-Check here.)

The live-stream will be watchable right here on October 20 at 8:15 p.m.

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A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways

by Nanette Wong

Are the cones a metaphor? Well, yes and no.

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways

XYZ Integrated Architecture, who are also the creators of the 60 Red Chair, have created Chess Collection – four chess sets that can be set on the floor, on the table, or played vertically.

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

Unlike standard chess sets, the chess board doubles as a tray. Using various colorful fruits, eggs, or any other item of a similar shape, one can create an unusual and distinct pattern on the chessboard.

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

The chess pieces themselves were stripped down and “simplified to the utmost”. Mostly conical, it personally reminds me a bit of a gnome’s hat. Most of them bear some resemblance to the classic chess pieces, whereas the king and queen have exaggerated sexual characteristics. The pieces come in a gradient of red and grey, which represents the contrast between cold and warm.

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category