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23 Sep 03:11

Caption This Photo of Prince William's Super Intense Gamer Face

by Rebecca Rose

these two dudes are the yin & yang of hair distribution

Caption This Photo of Prince William's Super Intense Gamer Face

Caption This: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge plays a games console with young people as he visits an Access Centre for young people called Agenzija Appogg during an official visit to Malta on September 21, 2014 in Valletta, Malta. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge is making an official two day visit to Malta as a representative of Queen Elizabeth II. Originally the Duchess of Cambridge was due to make the trip as her first solo overseas engagement as part of Malta's fiftieth Anniversary of Independance but had to cancel due to acute morning sickness with her second child.


27 Sep 19:50

Swedish scientists admit to 17 years of sneaking Bob Dylan lyrics into research articles

For 17 years, Bob Dylan's lyrics have been showing up in rather unlikely places.

"Articles we have written about research by others, book introductions, editorials, and things like that," Eddie Weitzberg, a professor from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, confessed. "We're not talking about scientific papers — we could have got in trouble for that."

Weitzberg and his colleague, John Jundberg, began what's become a quirky tradition of Bob-Dylan oneupmanship when they wrote a piece about gas and titled it, "Nitric Oxide and inflammation: The answer is blowing in the wind." The duo thought...

25 Sep 14:10

Groundhog dropped by NYC Mayor De Blasio reportedly died of 'internal injuries'

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped a groundhog at the Staten Island Zoo — and the injuries it may have sustained from the fall could have led to its death.

De Blasio dropped the groundhog on Feb. 2 while celebrating Groundhog Day. But when the groundhog died of "internal injuries," the zoo began an elaborate coverup, according to The New York Post.

The Post reports that officials at the Staten Island Zoo "went to great lengths to hide the death from the public." And that wasn't the only secret the zoo was keeping — according to the Post, the male groundhog, Chuck, was actually...

24 Sep 21:17

The same light bulb has been illuminating a California firehouse for 113 years (and counting)

by By

How many people does it take to screw in a light bulb? For one light fixture in one firehouse in California, the answer is irrelevant — because the original light bulb hasn't burnt out in more than a century.

Known as the Centennial Light — or, to baffled General Electric engineers, the "Eternal Light" — the age-defying illumination was screwed into its socket sometime in 1901, and has rarely been touched since. In fact, the extremely infrequent switching on and off of the Centennial Light might be one of the secrets to the light's longevity, since the lifespan of bulbs is directly...

22 Sep 16:40

The Many Sex Faces of Outlander’s Jamie

by Margaret Lyons

best tv show ever

[This post contains spoilers for Outlander, though not major ones — like, if you've seen a poster for Outlander, you can probably guess what happened on this week's episode.]

On Saturday's episode of Outlander, Jamie and Claire finally, finally boned. We knew they would, and they did, and it was wonderful. Well … eventually. Jamie's first time was maybe a little bit underwhelming. But he got a few more chances, and all was right in the world, including all of his amazing sex faces, plus a few excellent pre- and postcoital gazes. These are just a few of the emotions Jamie conveyed.


Delighted confusion.


Is "don't stop" an emotion? Close enough.


Oh, please, you know what that emotion is.

Sweet dreams, Jamie.

Bonus Harlequin pose.

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22 Sep 18:21

Nails of the Day: Caramel Apples

by Sarah Waite

looks gross

Nails of the Day: Caramel Apples

Nails of the Day: Caramel Apples

cannot get over how cute these caramel apple nails are. The rough sponging totally mimics the look of an apple, and the drips are tantalizing with their perfect caramel color. Keep up with Kristi’s nail art on Instagram @polishpdxnails.

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23 Sep 16:40

Blind Items Revealed

by ent lawyer

shock of the century

May 15, 2014

An ex-girlfriend of this D list celebrity who is engaged to a former B list mostly television actress who never acts any longer but is a kazillionaire from her past acting and current endeavors says that her boyfriend broke up with her because she could no longer deal with his fascination for young girls. It creeped her out and she always had to act and look as young as possible when they were having sex.

Oliver Sarkozy/Mary Kate Olsen
23 Sep 16:00

The 10 Things to Look for in Your Gilmore Girls Rewatch

by Margaret Lyons

In advance of The Gilmore Girls' triumphant arrival on Netflix October 1, and as a part of Vulture's Streaming Week, we'll be revisiting the show all week long. Please join us!

When Gilmore Girls lands on Netflix October 1, here's hoping the floodgates open and bajillions of new fans avail themselves of the joys of Stars Hollow. Some of us, however, are lucky enough to have spent many years basking in the joys of the show — and we too will be making a return pilgrimage. This guide is for you, folks who have seen the show before. (Maybe even a few times, thanks to syndication and some free afternoons?) This is what to look for, enjoy, give the stink-eye to, and revel in when you rewatch GG; it'll make the show feel new all over again.

No one on this show can hug.
Particularly Rory. Rory hugs are the bootleg movie mistranslations of human motion: It's close, but it's definitely not right. She doesn't really have anyone to learn from, though; we very rarely see Lorelai hug anyone, and certainly never her parents. There's also a lot of not-great TV kissing on this show — even when it's characters you're really rooting for, sometimes the kissing just seems off. Too much head-bobbing! Pick a place where you're each gonna put your arms, and then do it right for take two! Especially Luke and Lorelai. They are constantly waggling their arms around like they can't figure out a comfortable way to kiss. Life is not supposed to be this hard.

Lorelai is pretty rude, particularly when she is a customer.
She learned this from watching you, Emily. Even though Emily is the picture of decorum among her economic peers, she has a lot of really negative, nasty behavior directed towards, say, domestic workers. Lorelai probably wouldn't admit that she picked up this crummy habit from her mom, but she did. When she scolds baristas (sorry, "coffee! coffee! coffee!" is not a polite way to order things, Lorelai!), berates a receptionist at an ER (dude, everyone is there for an emergency), or even demands that Luke arrange food on her plate her way (get therapy), it's all just super rude. Lorelai is rude.

She's also not very nice to Sookie.
Lorelai often treats Sookie like Sookie's dumb. Which she is not! Sookie is great, but Lorelai dismisses her concerns, talks down to her, kinda-sorta takes advantage of her generosity, and makes all of Sookie's life events about Lorelai instead.

Maybe some of this rubs off on the Rory/Lane relationship.
There's an episode where Lane believes she is being shipped off to Korea. Permanently. And instead of saying a serious good-bye, a lovey-dovey Rory snuggles on a bench with Dean and just waves to Lane as she gets in a van. When Lane discovers she doesn't want to have premarital sex, Rory just sits there and is like, "I'm gonna buy these books." She also claims that many people wait for marriage, which is … false. (And was false when the episode aired, and for decades before that.) It is of course fine if Lane wants to wait, but Lane says that she doesn't want to want to wait; ostensibly progressive, supportive Rory is just like, "But these books." You deserve better, Lane!

Who is more at fault in how fraught their relationship is: Lorelai, or Emily and Richard?
Obviously the answer is that they have a complicated relationship, etc., etc., everyone is to blame, but every couple of rewatches, I change my mind as to who is more at fault. Obviously Richard and Emily did some serious damage when Lorelai was a kid. But now she's a grown-up, and she often behaves incredibly poorly, and has strange, not-communicated expectations. We teach people how to treat us, you know?

Kirk is the only character with unpredictable emotions.
I guess the other characters have varied feelings here and there, but when we see Taylor, we know we're in for some crumudgeoning. We know how Miss Patty will behave. Mrs. Kim, Sookie, Michel: Everyone has his or her go-to mode, except Kirk. Sometimes he's joyful, sometimes he's amiable, sometimes he's livid. Maybe it's the night terrors.

Notice how much other media makes it onscreen.
Not just in dialogue and references — real clips and performances and stuff: Fiddler on the Roof, Pippin, Swan Lake, countless movie clips (ugh, Pippi Longstocking), etc. Many other shows have pop references and lovingly crafted soundtracks, but rarely do we actually see these works in action.

Lorelai never has the same hair for more than two episodes in a row.
My God. She helped popularize what today I would call "fashion-blogger waves" — the big-barrel-curling-iron away-from-the-face loose curls — but she also went through serious flatironing phases, a variety of highlights, some very one-dimensional super-dark browns, a few off-auburns, and some springy, bouncy curls. Which doesn't even scratch the surface of how many hairdos she went through, including overly pervasive pigtails. You're a grown-ass woman. No more pigtails.

The richest, most powerful scenes are between Lorelai and Emily.
Gilmore Girls is a precious treasure to me, but sometimes I wonder what the show would be like if everyone could genuinely, truly act. Alexis Bledel was certainly a beautiful elf princess, but when I watch Parenthood and Lauren Graham is acting opposite heavy hitter Mae Whitman, I think, "Oh, what if GG could have been like this?" Blasphemy, whatever, I know. But this is why the scenes between Graham and Kelly Bishop stand out so much: They're the rare scenes that barely need dialogue.

Happy Emily is the best part of the show.
Second best part: dancing Emily.

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23 Sep 14:45

Steven Soderbergh Took the Sound and Color Out of Indiana Jones

by Nate Jones

I'm liking Soderbergh more and more since he "retired." Anyone else watching The Knick?

Steven Soderbergh has mashed up both versions of Psycho and recut his own Heaven's Gate, so now he's turned Raiders of the Last Ark into a silent film, stripping the film of sound and color and replacing its soundtrack with a spare electronic score. Soderbergh hopes that the film's new form will help viewers pay more attention to the art of staging: "See if you can reproduce the thought process that resulted in these choices by asking yourself: why was each shot — whether short or long  — held for that exact length of time and placed in that order?" It's not embeddable, so head over to Soderbergh's site if you feel like watching Raiders again. (Who doesn't?)

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23 Sep 13:40

Kevin and Winnie Will Have a Wonder Years Reunion at 92Y

by Vulture Editors

On October 20 at 8:15 p.m., 92Y will reunite Wonder Years childhood sweethearts Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) and Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar) and their BFF Paul Pfeiffer (Josh Saviano, not Marilyn Manson) to chat about things like what it's like to have the world watch your first kiss, where exactly "Springfield" was located, and if Kevin Arnold was really "a dick."  Even if you can't buy tickets and attend in person, 92Y will be live-streaming the entire thing. (And if you're curious as to how the show holds up, read our Nostalgia Fact-Check here.)

The live-stream will be watchable right here on October 20 at 8:15 p.m.

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23 Sep 14:00

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways

by Nanette Wong

Are the cones a metaphor? Well, yes and no.

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways

XYZ Integrated Architecture, who are also the creators of the 60 Red Chair, have created Chess Collection – four chess sets that can be set on the floor, on the table, or played vertically.

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

Unlike standard chess sets, the chess board doubles as a tray. Using various colorful fruits, eggs, or any other item of a similar shape, one can create an unusual and distinct pattern on the chessboard.

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

The chess pieces themselves were stripped down and “simplified to the utmost”. Mostly conical, it personally reminds me a bit of a gnome’s hat. Most of them bear some resemblance to the classic chess pieces, whereas the king and queen have exaggerated sexual characteristics. The pieces come in a gradient of red and grey, which represents the contrast between cold and warm.

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

A Colorful Chess Set That Can Be Used in Multiple Ways in style fashion main home furnishings Category

22 Sep 19:13

Man forbidden from flying U.S. flag on his balcony because it could 'offend foreign people'

by By Teresa Mull

Brad Smith, a student at San Diego State University and a tenant of Boulevard 63 Apartments, said apartment complex managers told him to remove the American flag he was displaying on his apartment's balcony because it "could offend foreign people."

Smith said that when he asked management about the notice he received ordering him to remove the flag, they reportedly told him "it was for political reasons and that the flag could offend foreign people that live here, foreign exchange students."

ABC News' investigation revealed that the rules of Smith's lease prohibit signs or other personal property...

22 Sep 18:00

Kanye West Is Teaching a Class at L.A. Trade Technical College

by Lindsey Weber

As part of his mandated community service after a 2013 paparazzi scuffle, Kanye West has started teaching at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College, known for its courses in fashion design and technology. He's got 250 hours to slog through, but this doesn't really seem like the worst punishment? Kanye at the front of a classroom, departing all of that genius onto a crowd of eager young minds? We'd all be so lucky to graduate with a concentration in 'Ye.

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19 Sep 16:30

Kim Kardashian would 'love to be on' Downton Abbey

by By

Downton Abbey recently opened its doors to George Clooney, who filmed a recent sketch for a charity special (and even planted a kiss on Dame Maggie Smith). It's a tough act to follow — but if the popular costume drama ever wants to enlist another high-profile celebrity, Kim Kardashian says she's up for the job.

"I'm a big fan," said Kardashian in an interview with The Sun. "I'd love to be on if they asked. I love things like that." The Daily Mail adds that Kardashian has reportedly reached out to one of the show's actresses about the possibility of a cameo — so while the odds are definitely...

18 Sep 02:17

Aubrey Plaza Will Be the Voice of Grumpy Cat

by Anna Silman

"cameos from other famous Internet memes."

pleasebechocolaterain, pleasebechocolaterain, pleasebechocolaterain

Today in casting news plucked straight from the hivemind of the internet: Aubrey Plaza will be the voice of Grumpy Cat in Lifetime’s live-action Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Per THR, the film is about a rejected pet-store cat and the 12-year-old girl who can communicate with her, and will also feature "cameos from other famous Internet memes." Hopefully there's a supporting role available for a cat that looks like Ron Swanson?

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20 Sep 11:49

Little Hippo is Taronga's First in 10 Years

by Andrew Bleiman


Hippo calf by Anthony Dorian (15)Taronga Western Plains Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a Hippo calf – the first in more than 10 years – on September 11 to mother Cuddles and father Mana.

Hippo calf by Anthony Dorian (13)

Hippo calf by Anthony Dorian (7)
Hippo calf by Anthony Dorian (18)Photo Credit:  Anthony Dorian

Because this birth is the first for Cuddles and Mana, the calf represents a new genetic bloodline for the species and will be important for the zoo-managed population of Hippos.

The calf weighs an estimated 88 pounds (40 kg). It is yet to be named and keepers have not determined the calf's gender, becuase Cuddles is being very protective.

“Hippos nurse their young underwater and whilst we haven’t seen this behaviour, from everything we have witnessed the pair is bonding really well,” said Hippo Keeper Carolene Magner.

Hippos most of their days in the water, feeding on vegetation.  For now, the calf stays close to its mother’s side.

Guests staying on the zoo’s Zoofari Lodge were able to see the calf just a few minutes after its birth.

Hippos once ranged throughout sub-Saharan Africa, but are now restricted to smaller, more fragmented habitats.  They are listed as Vulnerable to Extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

See more photos of the Hippo calf below.

Hippo calf by Anthony Dorian (12)
Hippo calf by Anthony Dorian (10)


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21 Sep 12:00

The woman who keeps comedians sane

by By Christopher Goffard

ILDIKO TABORI HAS never stood on a stage trying to make strangers laugh, doesn't write jokes, and admits that she's not great at telling them. Trying to recount something clever she heard, she makes advance apologies: "I'm not going to do it justice."

But if you make a living being funny, Tabori understands the particulars of your pain better than most: For the past 3 ½ years, she's been an in-house psychologist at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

"Being a comedian is truly the hardest job in the entertainment industry," Tabori says. "You have a lot of late nights. You have good sets; you...

19 Sep 17:37

Why We’re Psyched For New Shows From Laverne Cox and Laura Jane Grace

by Parker Molloy

Why We’re Psyched For New Shows From Laverne Cox and Laura Jane Grace

Why We’re Psyched For New Shows From Laverne Cox and Laura Jane Grace

Next month, Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox and Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace will each be rolling out new documentaries about the lives of transgender individuals, and we could not be more excited.

On October 10th, AOL will debut True Trans With Laura Jane Grace, a docu-series featuring the 33-year-old punk rocker as she embarks on tour in support of her recent record, “Transgender Dysphoria Blues,” and interviews gender non-conforming and transgender fans, activists, authors, and others about their experiences with gender dysphoria and how they relate to gender, itself. The following week, MTV and Logo TV will broadcast Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word, a documentary centered on the lives of seven transgender individuals between the ages of 12 and 24.

Between the two of them, Grace and Cox are trans forces to be reckoned with. Grace is known for churning out some of the smartest lyrics in punk rock — touching on topics of politics, class warfare, and gender — and Cox is the Emmy-nominated actress who has experienced a meteoric rise over the past few years, becoming Time Magazine’s face of the “transgender tipping point.”

But why is this such a big deal? For one, these documentaries have the potential to be some of the most honest, authentic portrayals of trans individuals as has ever been seen on TV. For years, the media has depicted trans individuals in a negative light, furthering the often shameful stereotypes that don’t come close to accurately portraying the complex lives these individuals have. While the past 15 years have seen a shift in how the media portrays gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals — with the improved representation being directly linked to the public’s willingness to accept and support their causes — trans people have, until recently, been waiting on the cultural sidelines.

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18 Sep 08:06

Teen crashes SUV after friend sets his armpit hair on fire

by By Catherine Garcia

For reasons that only make sense to a teenage boy, a 16-year-old set his 18-year-old friend's armpit hair on fire while driving, resulting in the SUV crashing and five people injured.

The accident happened at around 5:30 a.m. Sunday in southeast Boise, The Associated Press reports. The Ada County Sheriff's office said that none of the passengers in the Ford Bronco were wearing seatbelts, and it appeared that the driver, Tristian Myers, was speeding. Two of the passengers, ages 15 and 16, were ejected from the vehicle, but none of the teenagers had life-threatening injuries.

Myers was cited by...

17 Sep 00:15

John Travolta on Gay Rumors: 'It's Just About People Wanting Money'

by Rebecca Rose

checking in with travota's wig & face-merkin game ... he looks like if rip torn fell into a vat of shoe polish

John Travolta on Gay Rumors: 'It's Just About People Wanting Money'

John Travolta publicly addressed rumors that he is gay for the first time, basically telling the world he is fresh out of fucks to give when it comes to speculations about his sexuality.


17 Sep 15:15

Professor Pleads Guilty In Killing Of Her Rapist

by ent lawyer
In 1995, Norma Esparza was a student at Pomona College. She says that she was raped by a man named Gonzalo Ramirez. She told her boyfriend what happened and her boyfriend and a friend of his then found and hacked Ramirez to death. They made Esparza identify him after they killed him. Last November Esparza, who is 40 and lives in France and teaches in Geneva, was offered a three year jail sentence by prosecutors but she turned it down. Esparza pleaded guilty yesterday though and is set to receive a six year sentence that will be designed to allow her to spend time with her 5 year old daughter. Esparza also has to testify against her former boyfriend and his friend. Their trial begins in January.
16 Sep 22:28



just got home, 11:40pm, check the thermostat ... 97 degrees

05 Sep 21:00

Eater Tracking: Ripper! Garlo's Aussie Pie Shop Sets Grand Opening

by Susan Stapleton

Garlo's Aussie Pie Shop 9-5-2014.jpg

Garlo's Aussie Pie Shop [Photo: Facebook]

Russell Crowe is resting easy, the meat pies are coming quick. When the Oscar-winning actor discovered his friend Sean Garlick was opening Garlo's Aussie Pie Shop in Westwood Village, he texted, "I'm in Westwood now. Wish your store was here already."

How big of a fan is Mr. Crowe? He's tweeted out an invite to Pie Shop's super special VIP Grand Opening Party on Sept. 10. RSVP early for access to complimentary pies.

Mortals can start lining up behind Russell during regular service, beginning Sept. 15, cited as the official opening day on the company website.

Garlick's brother Nathan is also partnered in the venture, located next to Trader Joe's. Garlo's will be open daily from 7 a.m., for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Considered the "authority" when it comes to hand-sized meat pies in Australia, the company is named after Garlick's nickname as a professional Rugby League player and coach. Their products are widely available in Australian grocery stores and supermarkets and the team are adopting a wait and see approach for possible expansion plans in the U.S. 

The menu features selections like the "premium pie combos" including classic steak, mashed potatoes, gravy and peas priced at $6.95, a beef sausage roll lists for $3.95 and snacks like a lamington muffin or coconut slice are available for $3.45.

Garlo's is avoiding 'the cheesy Aussie thing" inside but the decor will include references to Australian culture and sport and photos of  "Garlo's favourite Australians."

Currently scheduled hours will be Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
· All Coverage of Garlo's Aussie Pie Shop [~ELA~]

11 Sep 16:00

9/11's Last Surviving Search Dog Goes on Today, Tears Ensue

by Madeleine Davies

If you haven't seen this clip about a guide dog's service on 9/11, you should:

9/11's Last Surviving Search Dog Goes on Today, Tears Ensue

Bretagne, a 15-year-old golden retriever that lives with her owner Denise Corliss in Cypress, Texas, is believed to be the last surviving search dog that assisted at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Today, she's back in New York and a nominee for the American Humane Association's Hero Dog Awards. Cue tears.


30 Aug 12:16

Meet Enrique & Carlos the Squirrel Monkeys

by Andrew Bleiman

10606485_783463211716572_8102452732487517742_nBorn in May only a week apart at the Taronga Zoo, Squirrel Monkeys Carlos and Enrique are starting to develop their own personalities and are becoming more independent every day. 

10580235_783463201716573_8046956776605471170_nPhoto Credit: Lisa Ridley

According to keepers, Enrique has more confidence than Carlos.  This adventurous little Monkey spends more and more time away from his mother, Ayaca, and spends less time riding on the backs of other females in the troop.

Enrique can often be heard vocalizing to others when he is high up in the trees.  Carlos, on the other hand, still chooses to ride around on his mother Llosa's back or be carried by the other females.

Just recently, keepers have been seeing the two little Monkeys playing together.  Though they are starting to nibble on cucumbers, grapes, and leaves, both youngsters still nurse from their mothers, and will continue to do so for several more months.

Squirrel Monkeys are native to Central and South America, where they spend their days in the forest canopy in troops as large as 500 individuals. 

02 Sep 15:18

Sea Lion Shenanigans at Zoo Heidelberg

by Andrew Bleiman


Sea Lion pups_ZooHeidelberg_1

Zoo Heidelberg, in Germany, now has the pleasure of witnessing the daily antics of two new Southern Sea Lion pups!

Sea Lion pups_ZooHeidelberg_2

Sea Lion pups_ZooHeidelberg_3

Sea Lion pups_ZooHeidelberg_4Photo Credits: Susi Fischer

The girl, ‘Arielle’, and boy, ‘Carlos’ were born in July.  Arielle was born to mother, Maike, much to the relief of the keepers, who had previously witnessed two of Maike’s stillbirths.  Carlos is the third pup born to mother, Leah, and both Sea Lion babies were sired by Atos.

The Sea Lion pups spent their first few weeks of life on land.  After their first molt, the pups began to follow their mothers into the water and start swimming lessons. Arielle and Carlos enjoy daily ventures into the pool and practice their Sea Lion skills with diligence.  As they grow, it will become easier for them to remain under water for longer periods of time.

Southern Sea Lions are classified as “Least Concern” on the IUCN Red List.  They are native to South America, along the Pacific coast of South America, from Peru to Tierra del Fuego, and along the Atlantic coast to southern Brazil.  Zoo Heidelberg works in cooperation with Yaqu-PACHA, (Society for the Protection of Aquatic Mammals in South America), in an effort to protect these wonderful creatures in their native habitat.

03 Sep 17:29

Bran Stark and Hodor won't appear in Game of Thrones season 5

by By

If you're wondering what was going on with Bran Stark and that weird tree-man at the end of Game of Thrones' fourth season, you have a long wait ahead of you. In a recent interview with the Australian Broadcasting Commission, Kristian Nairn — the actor who plays Bran's loyal ally Hodor in the HBO drama — revealed that Bran and Hodor won't appear in the show's fifth season at all.

"We have a season off and we have a year's hiatus, solely because I imagine our storyline is up to the end of the books," said Nairn. He adds that he plans to use the time off to travel around the world as...

06 Sep 16:14

Taco Bell is Product Testing a Biscuit Taco

by C.A. Pinkham on kitchenette, shared by Isha Aran to Jezebel

Taco Bell is Product Testing a Biscuit Taco

Yes, that is a taco made out of a biscuit, and yes, that is something Taco Bell is selling at select locations right now.


12 Sep 15:20

Grandparents Just Can’t Stop Tagging Grandmaster Flash in Their Facebook Statuses

by Nate Jones

Grandparents' charming habit of signing their names to their Facebook statuses has combined with Facebook's less-charming habit of tagging every bit of data in the universe to form a surprising new fanbase for Grandmaster Flash. As the tumblr Love, Grandpa and Grandmaster Flash attests, a surprising number of our nation's senior citizens are mistakenly including the hip-hop pioneer in their messages to loved ones, thanks to Facebook's auto-tagging suggestion algorithms.

Grandmaster Flash, who, at 56, is old enough to be a grandparent himself, sympathized with his new Facebook friends in a post on his own page:

Facebook is a weird place.

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12 Sep 17:19

Ronda Rousey on Ray Rice assault incident: It would have been much different if I were in that elevator

by Karim Zidan

if only ronda rousey and marky mark had been able to stop 9/11 together

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey added to her original comments regarding the Ray Rice domestic abuse incident by stating that things would have been “different” had she been in the elevator with him.

The Ray Rice domestic violence incident has garnered a fair amount of attention from many sports outside of Football, including Mixed Martial Arts. While Dana White has already commented on the "horrifying" video, Ronda Rousey took it upon herself to add to her original comments.

Rousey stated that every victim has the "right" to defend themselves no matter the situation, even in an elevator against a spouse almost twice their size.

"Every person has the right to be able to defend themselves," Rousey told TMZ Sports. "Everybody should try, regardless of the situation."

The women's bantamweight champion added that things would have been "different" had she been the one in the elevator at the time.

"It would have been different," she insisted. "Much, much different."