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29 Aug 12:47

Jiff, the Fastest Dog on Two Paws, Just Set A Guinness World Record

by Blaire


Jiff, the Fastest Dog on Two Paws, Just Set A Guinness World Record

Jiff, the Fastest Dog on Two Paws, Just Set A Guinness World Record

Jiff the Pomeranian first stole our hearts in the ‘Dark Horse’ video. Remember this little face? Well, this week, the hard-working fur-ball set two new Guinness World Records for dogs: He now holds the record for fastest 10m on hind legs and fastest 5m on front paws. Watch Jiff’s adorable Guinness video and get into his cuteness:

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30 Aug 12:16

Meet Enrique & Carlos the Squirrel Monkeys

by Andrew Bleiman

10606485_783463211716572_8102452732487517742_nBorn in May only a week apart at the Taronga Zoo, Squirrel Monkeys Carlos and Enrique are starting to develop their own personalities and are becoming more independent every day. 

10580235_783463201716573_8046956776605471170_nPhoto Credit: Lisa Ridley

According to keepers, Enrique has more confidence than Carlos.  This adventurous little Monkey spends more and more time away from his mother, Ayaca, and spends less time riding on the backs of other females in the troop.

Enrique can often be heard vocalizing to others when he is high up in the trees.  Carlos, on the other hand, still chooses to ride around on his mother Llosa's back or be carried by the other females.

Just recently, keepers have been seeing the two little Monkeys playing together.  Though they are starting to nibble on cucumbers, grapes, and leaves, both youngsters still nurse from their mothers, and will continue to do so for several more months.

Squirrel Monkeys are native to Central and South America, where they spend their days in the forest canopy in troops as large as 500 individuals. 

29 Aug 05:20

People Played Parks and Rec’s Cones of Dunshire in Real Life

by Anna Silman

A couple of weeks ago, Mayfair Games made good on its promise to Vulture to bring a playable version of Cones of Dunshire, the fictional Parks and Recreation board game created by Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott), to a real Indianapolis gaming conference called GenCon. Only 33 tickets were sold for the charity game — it sold out in six hours — which was played on an oversize carpet version of the board for maximum spectating.

It's unclear how exactly the two wizards, maverick, arbiter, two warriors, corporal, and ledgerman were all incorporated into real game-play, but it sounds like it sort of worked (you can see some photos of the game here). As Mayfair's Alex Yeager said in an interview: "We’ve tried to walk a line between something playable, and something still rooted in the crazed imagination of an unemployed geek."

Here's a video of "the architect," aka Adam Scott, introducing the game, complete with an Aziz Ansari cameo:

No word on whether Mayfair Games plans to ever roll out a playable version of the game in stores, or whether the cones are, you know, more of a metaphor.

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28 Aug 17:30

Blind Items Revealed

by ent lawyer
June 29, 2014

This permanent A list entertainer(singer) was in the next room the first time her daughter had sex. She wanted to be there in case her daughter had any questions.

22 Aug 18:00

Naomi Kizhner’s Parasitic Powered Jewelry

by Gregory Han

Naomi Kizhner’s Parasitic Powered Jewelry

In the dystopian future of The Matrix, humanity has been converted into a renewable crop by energy-starved sentient machines, with “farms” of human bodies harnessed and harvested for their metabolic output. It’s one of those disturbing sci-fi premises which can leave one suspicious of artificial intelligence, robotic vacuums, and the whole “internet of things” trend. But maybe Agent Smith and his robotic compatriots were onto something in regards to the human body as a renewable energy source.

Industrial design graduate student, Naomi Kizhner of Jerusalem’s Hadassah College envisions jewelry one day serving purposes beyond adornment, a three-piece collection connecting and converting the human body into one gigantic battery for biological data feedback.

Naomi Kizhners Parasitic Powered Jewelry in technology style fashion main Category

Energy Addicts’ entomological-styled accessories hints of early David Cronenberg at his best/worst, the jewelry’s macabre beauty furthered by how each piece is worn: sharp pincers and stings pierce skin, establishing an “interface” between body and each bio-electrically powered accessory. Creepy. Cool.

Naomi Kizhners Parasitic Powered Jewelry in technology style fashion main Category

Blinker is worn like an eyeglass bridge. Inside, a tiny microcell stores energy collected with each blink of the eye.

Naomi Kizhners Parasitic Powered Jewelry in technology style fashion main Category

Naomi Kizhners Parasitic Powered Jewelry in technology style fashion main Category

Blood Bridge: designed to tap directly into the action of ulnar artery – the body’s main blood vessel – the pulmonary flow of the heart spins an enclosed wheel to generate electricity.

Naomi Kizhners Parasitic Powered Jewelry in technology style fashion main Category

Naomi Kizhners Parasitic Powered Jewelry in technology style fashion main Category

Naomi Kizhners Parasitic Powered Jewelry in technology style fashion main Category

Naomi Kizhners Parasitic Powered Jewelry in technology style fashion main Category

Naomi Kizhners Parasitic Powered Jewelry in technology style fashion main Category

Naomi Kizhners Parasitic Powered Jewelry in technology style fashion main Category

Naomi Kizhners Parasitic Powered Jewelry in technology style fashion main Category

22 Aug 19:29

Mindblowing: Insane New Culver Parking Restriction Signs Are 15 Feet Tall

by Bianca Barragan

at this point you just park your car and then set it, and yourself, on fire

This is not a test at your optometrist's office—this is a real, honest-to-goodness sign that you might see if you are trying to park your car in Culver City. We've received a couple photos from tipsters incredulous at the sight of these insane-o parking sign poles, each of which is, by eyewitness accounts, about 15 feet tall. ("It took some effort to get it all in one shot.") One emailer explains that the city just changed some parking restrictions south of downtown and put up 10 of these signs last night around Linwood Howe Elementary, which helps explain "student valet service." We'd say to be on the lookout for more in Culver City, but there's no way anyone could miss these giants. Now to figure out what they mean ...

· See the Most Ridiculous Parking Restriction Sign Ever [Curbed LA]

21 Aug 16:20

Blind Items Revealed

by ent lawyer
March 22, 2014

What celebrity DJ is facing some possible backlash when he accidentally revealed to a magazine that he's a Scientologist? At least one of the major music fests are considering dropping him from the lineup.

23 Aug 17:18

McDonald's is Testing Mozzarella Sticks Now

by C.A. Pinkham on kitchenette, shared by Isha Aran to Jezebel

McDonald's is Testing Mozzarella Sticks Now

Well, this could go one of two diametrically-opposed ways.


22 Aug 20:09

American hero goes out of his way to stop pay-it-forward campaign at local Starbucks

by By

Peter Schorsch, a blogger, found out that a Starbucks in St. Petersburg, Florida, was conducting a pay-it-forward campaign, in which customers pay for the drink of the next person in line. The streak was going on 11 hours. And that's when Schorsch decided he had to step in.

ABC's local affiliate reports that Schorsch drove to the Starbucks with the sole intent of breaking the chain. He ordered for himself, and when the barista asked if he wanted to pay for the next person's drink, he declined.

"This is turning into a social phenomenon and I had to put an end to it," Schorsch said. He claimed...

20 Aug 20:23

There is a Fashion Show For Ducks. That is All.

by Jill Layton

There is a Fashion Show For Ducks. That is All.

There is a Fashion Show For Ducks. That is All.
20 Aug 15:00

Maskull Lasserre: Re-carving Sculpture

by David Behringer

Maskull Lasserre: Re-carving Sculpture

Maskull Lasserre: Re carving Sculpture in main art Category

Decoy Study (Duck), 2014. (re-)carved duck decooy

Summer is the “off season” for the New York art world. The galleries that remain open typically mount group shows, often with guest curators rather than the massive single artist features shown during the rest of the year. For New Yorkers who can’t escape to cooler and less humid skies (like me!), it’s a great time to check out tons of underrepresented artists.

My favorite on view now is Maskull Lasserre, a sculptor who RE-carves discarded sculptures. Three of his works are on view at Junior Projects in a group show titled “Regular JOhn” curated by Jim Lee, an artist I’ve enjoyed for years.

Maskull Lasserre: Re carving Sculpture in main art Category

Shaman Anatomy, 2014. (re-)carved South American shaman bust

Maskull Lasserre: Re carving Sculpture in main art Category

Shaman Anatomy (detail)

Maskull Lasserre: Re carving Sculpture in main art Category

Shaman Anatomy (detail)

Maskull Lasserre finds old wood sculptures on sidewalks or in thrift stores and, by removing just a tiny amount of material in precisely the right spots, reveals an internal bone and muscle structure WHICH NEVER ACTUALLY EXISTED! Michelangelo’s philosophy of freeing something trapped in the marble rather than creating it comes to mind, but realizing that idea on someone else’s sculpture takes this to a whole new level.

Maskull Lasserre: Re carving Sculpture in main art Category

Decoy Study (Duck), (detail)

Maskull Lasserre: Re carving Sculpture in main art Category

Decoy Study (Duck), (detail)

Lasserre’s skill as a carver is unmatched, but it’s his ability to look at the mundane and see complexity, to transform an anonymous object into an eerily real “living” thing, and to elevate something that no one wanted into something extremely precious… all by REMOVING pieces of it, is mind-blowing.

Maskull Lasserre: Re carving Sculpture in main art Category

Souvenir Skelton, 2014. (re-)carved African drummer figure

Maskull Lasserre: Re carving Sculpture in main art Category

Souvenir Skelton (detail)

Maskull Lasserre: Re carving Sculpture in main art Category

Souvenir Skelton (detail)

Maskull Lasserre: Re carving Sculpture in main art Category

“Regular JOhn” installation at Junior Projects

Great art changes how you see the world forever. Today is garbage day in Queens, and on my walk to coffee this morning I saw a broken yard gnome on the sidewalk… and I paused. Thanks to Lasserre, I will never see a duck decoy or any other piece of “thrift shop” sculpture the same ever again. That’s amazing.

What: Maskull Lasserre’s “re-sculptures” in “Regular JOhn” curated by Jim Lee”
Where: Junior Projects, 139 Norfolk St, New York NY
When: July 17 – August 22, 2014

All images courtesy Junior Projects, NYC. Detail photographs by the author, David Behringer.

19 Aug 12:00

Glowy shelves from an alien tree

by Caroline Diezyn
Photos from Shinium

Photos from Shinium

Your cyberpunk-meets-rustic dreams are about to come true: Shinium took wood with cracks and knotholes and made them look other-worldly.


They used resin to get that soothing blue alien glow. Head over to Shinium's blog for the full DIY tutorial!

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17 Aug 16:30

​Downton Abbey Cast Gracefully Recovers from Water Bottle Gaffe

by Isha Aran

​Downton Abbey Cast Gracefully Recovers from Water Bottle Gaffe

Last week, the internet world was torn asunder when a promo image from the upcoming season of Downton Abbey surfaced featuring a plastic water bottle in the background. But now, the cast has taken the silly blunder and turned it into a way to raise money for clean water around the world. Show 'em, Downton!


05 Aug 15:16

Rock Hyrax Quad Born at Chester Zoo

by Andrew Bleiman


Chester Zoo, in Upton-by-Chester, Chester, UK, recently welcomed four baby Rock Hyraxes!  Born July 20, at the zoo's African Painted Dog Exhibit, the quad of babies were just a few ounces at birth, and they looked like miniature versions of their parents, with eyes and ears open.




RockHyrax_5Photo Credits: Steve Rawlins

Despite their diminutive size, the Rock Hyrax has a remarkable genetic link to the elephant!  Curator of Mammals at Chester Zoo, Tim Rowlands, said:  “Rock Hyraxes and elephants share several common features. They have similar toes, teeth and skull structures and Rock Hyraxes also have two large continually growing incisors, which correspond to an elephant’s tusks.  And whereas small mammals normally have a short pregnancy period, for the Rock Hyrax it lasts for around seven and a half months (245 days), another sign of their relation to their much larger ancestors.”

Rock Hyraxes are native to Africa, but they can also be found along the coast of the Arabian Peninsula, as well as Israel, where they are protected by law.  As their name suggests, they live in rocky terrain, seeking shelter and protection in rugged outcrops or cliffs.  In the wild, they typically live in colonies of about 80 individuals, subdivided into smaller families.

The Rock Hyrax is a forager.  Feeding in groups, with one or more posted as a sentry, they prefer a diet of grasses, broad-leaf plants, and an occasional insect or grub.  They obtain most of their water from food sources.

Rock Hyrax feet are built for climbing.  The bottom of each foot is bare and has a moist, rubbery pad that provides a suction-cup effect to aid in clinging to rocks.

Although, currently not endangered, the sociable Rock Hyrax serves as an important ambassador for species preservation.  

08 Aug 16:52

Get McDonald's delivered to your door

In Australia.

I know, bummer, Duluth, Minnesota man.

But now, the lucky people in New South Wales don't even have to get dressed to answer the relentless call of the Big Mac craving. The McDonald's Australia program is called McDelivery and will expand into at least two more states later this month.

But those hungry Ozzies will have to order quite a few Big Macs, and maybe some French fries and McNuggets, too, to fulfill the minimum $25 AUD ($23.20 USD) charge. There's also that pesky $5 AUD delivery charge. Oh, and if they get a lunch-time Grand Angus hankering, they'll be out of luck. The...

12 Aug 14:00

Julie Chen Explains Why She Underwent “Westernizing” Surgery

by Lisa Wade, PhD

Eyelid surgery is the third most common cosmetic procedure in the world.  Some are necessary for drooping eyelids that interfere with vision, others are undertaken in order to enable people to look younger, but many people choose these surgeries to make their eyes look more Western or whiter, a characteristic often conflated with attractiveness.

Recently Julie Chen — a TV personality and news anchor — revealed that she had undergone eyelid and other surgeries almost 20 years ago in order to comply with the standards of beauty and “relatability” demanded of her bosses.  She released these photos in tandem with the story:


Chen said that she was torn about whether to get the surgeries.  Her entire family got involved in the conversation and they split, too, arguing about whether the surgeries represented a rejection of her Chinese ancestry.

Ultimately, though, Chen was under a lot of pressure from her bosses.  One told her “you will never be on this anchor desk, because you’re Chinese.” He went on:

Let’s face it, Julie, how relatable are you to our community? How big of an Asian community do we have in Dayton? ‘On top of that, because of your heritage, because of your Asian eyes, sometimes I’ve noticed when you’re on camera and you’re interviewing someone, you look disinterested, you look bored.

Another man, a “big time agent,” told her: “I cannot represent you unless you get plastic surgery to make your eyes look bigger.”

While cosmetic surgeries are often portrayed as vanity projects, Chen’s story reveals that they are also often about looking “right” in a competitive industry. Whether it’s erotic dancers getting breast implants, waitresses getting facelifts, or aspiring news anchors getting eyelid surgery, often economic pressures — mixed with racism and sexism — drive these decisions.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

(View original at

11 Aug 19:30

Crosspost: Where’s Gamora?

by Kira Stewart-Watkins
The following is crossposted from the author's site with her permission.

After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, my four-year-old daughter wanted a Gamora action figurine and my son wanted Star-Lord, so we went to the store. Star-Lord is everywhere, but there was not a single Gamora to be seen. Even on the Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirts, no Gamora. Hey, Marvel! She is one-fifth of the team, what the heck! Even my six-year-old son noticed and passed up a t-shirt because he wanted her on it too. I asked the store if they were out. They said they do not carry her and suggested a Rocket raccoon instead. Not. The. Same.

Other people say, “Well, just order her one online.” Okay, wait, so I get to say to my son, “Hey here is your Star-Lord action figurine, we will buy him,” and to my other child, “Oh wait, no Gamora, well, we can order her online and you will get her in 5 to 6 business days.”

Superman and Wonder Woman

Something is very wrong here. Marvel, 44% of the opening audience of Guardians of the Galaxy were women! I know! I have seen it three times. And this is not just a problem with Gamora. We had this problem with Black Widow. We encounter this problem with my daughter's DC favorite, Wonder Woman. (I found her Wonder Woman t-shirt in a thrift store. And my daughter made the crown and bracers herself because she loves Wonder Woman so much.) I understand the politics of it, but a four-year-old does not.

So Marvel, do you know what my daughter thought after not finding yet another superheroine she loves in stores? Do you know what she said to me with her sad, green eyes?

“Maybe superheroes aren’t for girls, Mom.”

That is a problem. And it matters, Marvel. (DC, you aren’t off the hook either; you cause the same worry in my little girl.) I am so disappointed in you.

Green Lantern 

I cosplay as my DC favorite, a Green Lantern. When my daughter sees me suit up, she gets so excited to have a superhero mom that she even brags to people, “My mom is actually a Green Lantern.” I remember when I first cosplayed as my self-titled “Lantern Jovian,” I was so incredibly nervous. Because I am fat. Because of the idea that comics are “for guys.” Because a lot of people see adults dressing up as silly. Because of a million little reasons that have wormed their way into my social programming over the years.

But I was SO empowered by my children’s reaction the first time I suited up: “Mom, you are the most bravest, most beautiful Green Lantern ever!” It is not too much to say that I couldn’t have done it without them. It is amazing how your children can inspire you to be a superhero for them.

Harley quinn  batgirl

Thank goodness for every woman we meet who cosplays as a superhero or villain! They help to teach my daughter (and my son!) that the fandom is not limited by gender and that female superheroes DO exist. They counteract the message that lack of mass-market availability means superheros are “just for boys."

Previously: Want a Princess Leia Action Figure? Sorry, Disney Doesn't Sell Them
08 Aug 15:52

African Pygmy Hoglets Poke About at Oregon Zoo

by Andrew Bleiman


Hakuna Matata, an African Pygmy Hedgehog at the Oregon Zoo, gave birth to a litter of five on July 7!  The tiny, spiny hoglets weigh just a tenth of a pound each, and when curled up in a ball they are about the size of a doughnut hole. 



Oregon_hoglets_134Photo Credits: Oregon Zoo/Michael Durham


Keepers aren't completely sure of the little ones' sexes yet, but they believe there are three males and two females. Two of the hoglets resemble their mother, a black-eyed cinnicot with mostly white spines; the other three take after their father, Burundi, who is a dark gray. Their quills are actually modified hairs, which fall out and grow back throughout their lives.

"When we think of African predators, we often think of lions and cheetahs and painted dogs," said Tanya Paul, who supervises the Oregon Zoo's education program animals. "But African Pygmy Hedgehogs are a great example of a smaller predator that is also important. They are insectivores, so they help keep bug populations down. They can also tolerate a fair amount of toxins in their diet, and sometimes will even feast on scorpions."

Although hedgehogs are cute, Paul warns, people should think twice before considering one as a pet. "They're very difficult to care for because of their diet and the need for special veterinary care," she said. "Many vets don't specialize in treating exotic animals like a hedgehog."

For now the hoglets are not viewable by visitors, but staff are working on ways to let people see them once the babies are about six weeks old and have been weaned. 

See more photos below.




08 Aug 16:17

Will Arnett confirms there will be a fifth season of Arrested Development

As if Lucille Bluth needed a reason for a martini. Will Arnett stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to give Jimmy a bottle of rosé he found, and to confirm some expected yet still awesome news: Arrested Development will be returning to Netflix for a fifth season.

"It's gonna happen," Arnett said. "We don't know when, but it's gonna happen." While season four saw the show focusing single episodes around specific characters, partly in order to accommodate the cast's busy and varying schedules, Arnett confirmed that for season 5, scheduling just depends on when the...

07 Aug 01:30

Public Art: Handsome New Mural Maps Skid Row

by Bianca Barragan

Downtown is home to "the last true Skid Row in America", a recent LA Weekly article proclaimed, and it's an area being affected greatly by the incredible rise in demand for property in DTLA. Skid Row might just seem like a synonym for blight to some, but it's an area with legal borders and covers 50 blocks—the perimeters have been legally established through court cases, asserts a release for a new mural in the neighborhood, and deserves recognition. The painting on San Julian between Fifth and Sixth streets is the first ever in the area to be "entirely designed, funded, and painted" by residents, without money or aid from non-profits or missions. The map shows not just the borders of Skid Row but also orients the viewer within the area.

· Breaking: Murals Are Now Legal Again in Los Angeles [Curbed LA]

05 Aug 20:00

Female Runner Who Uses Nike+ to Draw Dicks Is an American Hero

by Erin Gloria Ryan

Female Runner Who Uses Nike+ to Draw Dicks Is an American Hero

Most runners I know who are not also liars acknowledge that running sucks much (okay, most) of the time. Usually, I deal with how much I hate it by complaining about it to people who really, truly do not care. But one San Francisco woman has channeled that love-hate relationship into something beautiful: using the latest in satellite-enabled exercise tracking technology and her own running feet to draw pictures of dicks.


05 Aug 07:55

New study finds that potato chip bags are listening to your every word

by By Catherine Garcia

Researchers at MIT, Adobe, and Microsoft joined forces to develop an algorithm that is able to recreate an audio signal by studying the tiny vibrations of objects.

The team recorded videos of aluminum foil, the surface of a glass of water, the leaves of a plant, and a potato chip bag, and then extracted audio signals. In the case of the potato chip bag, researchers filmed 15 feet away behind soundproof glass, yet were still able to recover "intelligible speech from the vibrations of the bag," MIT reports.

One of the study's authors, graduate student Abe Davis, says that when sound hits objects...

22 Jul 23:27

Fowl Play: Drive-By Gives SPCA a Break in Palos Verdes Peafowl Killings

by Bianca Barragan

2014 7 peacock murder suspect.jpg
[Peacocks via Faria! / Curbed LA flickr pool]

Whether it's the work of a lone murderer or a crazed crew, someone has been killing off the peafowl of Palos Verdes—primarily Rolling Hills Estates—with a variety of depraved methods, including arrows and poison, over the last two years. Now, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (which has been monitoring the murders) has gotten what might be a lead: they've released a sketch of a man who they say was seen shooting a peacock from his Mercedes-Benz in an area of Rancho Palos Verdes near RHE—an attack that resulted in the bird's death, according to the LA Times.

The man is described in the SCPA release as white, in his fifties or sixties, and having gray, receding hair. He was wearing a white shirt and aviator-style sunglasses at the time he was seen sitting in a Mercedes on a Rancho Palos Verdes road, drawing a pellet gun, and shooting a peacock as it stood in a driveway, being majestic.

It's not known whether this man is a one-time peafowl murderer or if he knows anything about the many peacock killings in the area. Anyone who sees the suspect or has information about him is asked to notify authorities.
· Sketch released of suspected peacock killer on Palos Verdes Peninsula [LAT]
· Eyewitness Provides Description of Alleged Peacock Killer [SCPA]
· Someone is Serial Murdering Peacocks in Rolling Hills Estates [Curbed LA]

25 Jul 19:35

Celebrity Real Estate: Pete Campbell Selling Ingenious Little Bungalow in Hollywood

by Adrian Glick Kudler

Actor Vincent Kartheiser, aka Pete Campbell on Mad Men, put a lot of time and energy and tsuris into this awesome little bungalow (603 square feet) in the heart of Hollywood (that's right: not the Hills, just straight-up Hollywood). While it was under construction and toilet-less, he used the facilities at his neighbors, and he hauled a 650-pound rock out of Topanga Canyon to use for a sink. Kartheiser bought the 1912 house back in 2004 and local firm Funn Roberts designed its "Japanese industrial" makeover, which now includes not just a toilet and boulder sink, but also a bed that descends from the ceiling with a redwood headboard that flips down to a desk; a covered courtyard with a coffee table/firepit; and a detached spa with double showers, steam room, dry sauna, laundry room, and power room. It debuted in Dwell last year and now it's up for sale asking $808,000.

· 6512 Lexington Ave [Redfin]
· Vincent Kartheiser's Hollywood Bungalow Has a Toilet Now [Curbed LA]
· Actor Vincent Kartheiser Lives "Off the Grid" in the Middle of Hollywood [Curbed LA]

24 Jul 21:41

Introducing the world's first beer pong ball-washer

by Jenn Harris

/jerking off hand motion

When you're playing beer pong, and don't pretend you haven't, dirty ping pong balls are often a problem. Sure there's the wash cup (a cup of water you rinse the balls in before playing each turn), but what good does that do if they're all going into the same wash cup, especially after your ball...
22 Jul 18:59

Man builds 'biggest fart machine ever,' plans to aim it at France

Colin Furze, who rose to internet fame after creating Wolverine claw replicas, is on to bigger and better inventions: the "biggest fart machine ever," to be precise.

Gizmodo reports that Furze plans to aim his fart cannon at France from Dover, England. He has apparently built the "biggest valveless pulse jet machine ever" — and he plans to build a giant butt to house the fart machine.

According to Gizmodo, Furze's jet machine has the sound effects of "a furious fart from hell." Furze plans to aim the fart cannon at France on July 24, between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. local time, to see if the...

23 Jul 03:43

Jack White Did Not Have Fun at the Cubs Game

by Anna Silman

There's a lot of stuff Jack White likes: hand-crafted vinyl, the blues of Son House, covers of early-2000s hip-hop anthems. One thing Jack White apparently does not like? Baseball games — or that's what this jumbotron capture from Tuesday night's Cubs-Padres game at Wrigley field would suggest. Seriously, what's wrong, Jack? Cheer up! The Cubs are up 6-0! Did you see a member of the Black Keys in the crowd? Were there too many people taking photos with their cell phones? It's going to be okay, we promise.


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23 Jul 14:15

Check Out the Real-Life Better Call Saul Billboard

by Margaret Lyons

The anticipation for the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul is officially in phase two: Growing Excitement. We know the show is set in 2002 and that Saul was then going by "Jimmy McGill," though he was still practicing law and helping out the seedy-underbelly types. Now it appears that Jimmy has a real-life billboard, just like Saul did back in the Breaking Bad glory days. This sign was spotted in Albuquerque — and the number really works! Yes, we called Saul, and you can listen to Jimmy's outgoing message below.

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23 Jul 02:10

The Story of Mount Lee: The Hollywood Sign sits atop Mount...

by Neal Broverman

fucken icarus

steam%20shovel%20above%20hollywood%20sign%2000011571-thumb-600x472-77778.jpgThe Hollywood Sign sits atop Mount Lee, a peak so strangely flat its apex comfortably props up a communications facility. Its shape is no accident, Nathan Masters explains, but the dream of pioneering early filmmaker Mack Sennett and his attempt to build a palace into the hill. He paid to flatten the round mountain, but then lost his fortune before he could build the mansion. [KCET, image via LA Public Library]

20 Jul 18:00

Dean Koontz's 5 favorite books

by By The Week Staff

1. The Ken Burns' Guide to Hairstyles

In Sunlight and in Shadow by Mark Helprin (Mariner, $16). Mark Helprin's Winter's Tale weaves historical realities of New York City with the fantastic to profound effect, but this 1940s love story also enchants. The magic here is the intensity of Harry's love for Catherine, the purity of his code of honor. The title is from Poe's poem "Eldorado," about a gallant knight. Helprin convinces that honor in the service of love triumphs even when it appears to fail by mortal standards.

The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman (Scribner, $28). This tale of early-20th-century New York City...