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When I get home and see my pets


literally me

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dudes, the old reader just gave me 17 "new" posts from nads' liveournal circa 2005. I don't understand it but god works in mysterious ways, "THESE ARE MY GIFTS", etc. ~*~**~

Someday Victoria Gotti, Lil Kim and I will all become best friends and we will go to plastic surgery parties and get nosejobs together.

Also, everything in the world smells like butter.
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BBCA DAY 16: Review: Whirl A Style

by Amy Fashion Blog

GUYS SHE IS POORLY PHOTOSHOPPING HER PICTURES NOW ~*~*~**~ also I don't understand the ponytail extender

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose.  All opinions are my own.
REMIX OUTFITSupport the Cause T-Shirt From  CR~10.00(2009)Pink Tank Top From VS~16.50 or 2 for 24BCBG Black Cardigan From Bj's ~14.99 Normal 98.00 Wallflower Double Bling Belt Skinny Jean From The Px-29.00White Gem Earring From On Style 200 Czech Republic Koruny(9.78 Dollars)Small Hoop Earring From CR~4.00Impo thunder booties From DSW Christmas Gift From Hubby(2010)

Hello Everyone. Today I'm here to introduce you all to Whirl a-style. If you read my blog or even look at it. Then you know I love fun things to put in my hair. I find that a fun hair accessories can complete an outfit. So I was super happy even Whirl a-style contacted me to try out there fashion obsessed ponytail extender and 6" ponytail elastic. 
Whirl a-style was designed by Lois Sonstegard. She got the idea for this hair accessories when she  worked as a savvy entrepreneur with fabrics at her home furnishings company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One day she saw a whole bunch of leftover scraps of fabric scatted all over her office. One of her worker saw her struggling to carry the farbic around and gave her a rubber band. Then the idea for there hair accessories was born.
The  fashion obsessed ponytail extender come in all different colors and size's. The size you can get are 1 inch, 2 inch or 3 inch. I picked out the 3 inch one. Which with my hair length I wish I would have went with a size size down. Due to I think it would have looked a little better. Which I'm totally fine with the 3 inch one. Due to I'm growing my hair out. As for colors you can get Hot pink, Purple, Black , Cream and Copper. Which no surprise to anyone. I went with the pink one. 
The 6" ponytail elastic are so easy to use. You used them like any other ponytail holder. The neat thing with these ponytail elastic are you just undo them to get them out of your hair. So no more pulling a tugging on your hair to get the hair tie out. The fashion obsessed ponytail extender is fairly easy to use too. The only hard part I had was getting my hair thru the tiny hole in the front. The reason you pull some of your hair thru the hole is to make the extender stay up in your hair. Plus it won't fall out.
You can find Whirl a-style at these locating here. One Lucky winner can win there very own fashion obsessed ponytail extender and 6" ponytail elastic. *GIVEAWAY IS OPEN TO US RESIDENTS ONLY*a Rafflecopter giveaway
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.Today Breast Cancer item is 10 Pink Treats for Breast Cancer Awareness HAVE A GREAT THURSDAY. 
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When I finally get home & someone asks me what I've been up to


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Yellow Leafs

by Amy Fashion Blog

I find yellow baby leafs. This whole post is an exercise in homophones.

REMIX/REDISCOVER OUTFITPeach Cardigan From Old Navy ~ 5.24Grey Shirt from VS-4.99 Calvin Klein Skirt Hand Me Down From a FriendPeach Silk Ribbon~ From my Peach Cardigan Pearl Earring From CR~2.40Pearl Necklace From CR-4.79White Knee High Sock From Target~2.00Cowgirl Boots From DSW-97.97
I find yellow baby leafs. 
Hello Everyone. I was planing on wearing my new skirt this week since it skirt week. I put it on this morning and couldn't figure out what to where with it. Special shoe. I'm thinking a pair of black flat with look good with the skirt but I don't own any right now. Due to I got rid of them because the were getting hole. I plan on getting a new pair here soon. Then I will be able to bust out my new skirts.
So with the new skirt out of the question. I decide to go with the midi skirt instead. Which this is the first time I have paired this cardigan with it. I have to tell you all. I love finding new ways to wear this skirt. Since the skirt and cardigan have a hint of grey in them. I paired a plain grey t-shirt under the cardigan. Which I haven't worn this grey t-shirt in almost two year. 
Not sure what our plans our for the weekend. Downtown Wiesbaden they are having a fall fest. So we might walk down there and check it out.
 I'm link up with Just Another Smith and This Ever Evolving Life for Skirt Week.
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Inspiration Monday: Gwen Stefani

by Amy Fashion Blog

spot on as always, amy

 Gwen Stefani
J.Crew Red and White Stripe Shirt From The Recycling Center~FREE
Anchor Necklace From CR~4.99
Nine West Earrings From The Px
 Polaroid sunglasses won from ElleSees blog 11-20-12

Hello Everyone. Today I'm linking up with Two Birds for inspiration Monday. When I saw this picture last Monday. I knew it would be the prefect time to style this stripe shirt I find at the recycling center. I also got a nice suprise this morning. The jeans I have on fit me again. Which make me super happy. Since I haven't been able to wear them since March.  I have lost a total of 10 pounds and feeling amazing. Which I will be doing an update fitness post in a few weeks. 

I hope you all have a great weekend. My was a good one. On Saturday we rearranged the living room in hope to get are computer desk in there. Which didn't work as plan. The desk won't fit. So now we are trying to sell are big black couch.  Then on Sunday we went downtown to watch two of are friends do the Wiesbaden Ironman. When we made it downtown. We find out one of are friends was sent to the hospital. Due to he got in a bicycle accident. Someone run in to his bike and he end up filling over his bike. As we were waiting on new on how he was doing. We watched are other friend do the half marathon part of the Ironman.  Half way thru the half marathon. We find out that our friend was okay. He got a good amount of road rash and also a bruised hip. After he left the hospital. He came and joined us to watch the rest of the race. After the race we had lunch. Then went and had a glasses of wine at the wine fest.

Also this week is going to be a little crazy for me. So going to apologize ahead of time if I don't make it over to your blogs this week. 

I do deClaire
*linking this post up to Confident two-day. at I do declaire. Since I felt amazing in it.*

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The Sunflower Award

by Amy Fashion Blog

I enjoy hanging out with my family and family

Hello Everyone. A week ago I was nominated for the sunflower awards by Jackie form  Beautify. Thank you Jackie. Make sure you go check out her awesome blog. 

The rules are as follow:
Share 11 Fact about yourself
Answer the question set by the blogger that nominated you
Nominate bloggers
Set 7 questions for nominated bloggers

11 Facts About Me
1. I have curly hair but like to wear it straight
2. I can wear shoe from a size 7 to 8.
3.  I enjoy hanging out with my family and family
4.  I got married on Friday 13th
5.  I'm a caring person 
6. I get cranky when I'm  hungry or sleepy
7. I love Strawberries
8.  I have gone 6 month without buying clothes
9.  I enjoy making people happy
10. I have always wanted to get a tattoo but not brave enough
11. I enjoy running

1-What are your expectation for your blog?
My expectation for my blog is for people to be able to come to it and find inspiration. Also for it to put a smile on your face.  

2- What topics you prefer to read?
I prefer to read about fashion and makeup

3- If you were at the mall and have one choice,
 what would you buy clothes or makeup?

4- Favorite Movie of 2014?
Don't have one. Since I haven't seen many movies this year. 
5- Which you prefer yogurt or ice cream?
Ice Cream

6- Your favorite hobbie?

7- Do you get intimidated by others?

Here are my Nominees

1. What your favorite Color?
2. What's your dream vacation?
3. What's your favorite trend?
4. What are your blog expectation for your blog?
5. What is your dream job?
6. How will you describe your style? 
7. What's your favorite season?

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luis cornejo

by the jealous curator

Love these

The little girl in me that wanted to be Snow White and or Cinderella, is just as happy as the teenage me that spent countless hours reading fashion magazines… but you know what I love the most? That all of this is painted! At first pass, I thought these were fashion photographs that had been painted over with cartoonie bits, but nope, all of these images are oil and acrylic on linen. Yep, I absolutely love that El Salvador based artist Luis Cornejo basically defaced his own perfect paintings by adding Micky Mouse hands and Pokemon hats! So clever, and so well done.

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Flying in from California to visit my friends on the east coast


#me. hope y'all are ready for my fabulousness next month ~*~*~*~


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by Amy Fashion Blog

so disappointed that the video has no sound. but I love how unnecessary this is, she still got nail polish allll over her cuticles, and great writing as always.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
 Hello Everyone. If you read my blog on a regular base you know I love painting my nail. Today I'm here to introduce you all to a company called Nail Cones. The company was created by Cindy Christman.She got the idea to make this product after watching her daughter painting there nail and getting the polish on there finger. So she hit the internet and Google how to get salon nail. She got told to use a q-tip. After what Cindy read she decide to make a product to help people not get polish on there fingers.
So she came up with an idea to use a sticker and call them nail cone. When you order your nail cones. You will get 15 sticker in the pack. The pack cost 5.99 dollars. Nail Cone sticker come in 5 different size. 
 Which if you are like me you will use all five of the size's. Nail cones go on the side of your nails and under them. They are super easy to use. Also the best part is you can re-use them. I took my nail cone on and off a few time. Which they still sticked. Which is a plus in my book. 
Color used Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant  in 115
Once your nail dry just remove the sticker and you will have a nice manicure. I have made a small demo on how these work. I hope you all enjoy my first tutorial video. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

I'm Linking up with thenailfiles

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Sia feat. Lena Dunham, "Chandelier"

by Emma Carmichael

This is dumb and I hate it but I think the concept could have worked if she just used an actual dancer.

by Emma Carmichael

Good morning! We're a little late going today, please excuse the delay. Let's get started with "Chandelier," which has been a perfect song with a perfect video for a few months now, and which the Swedish singer-songwriter is still performing via proxy. Maybe at some point Sia will have to find an alternative to her alternative approach to performance, but for now she's got Lena Dunham in a blond wig. Elsewhere: the Sam Smith album is streaming at NPR, and Nicki Minaj released a video for her new single, "Pills N Potions."

01 May 18:15

The Dad Vibes Pie

by Ann Friedman

really feeling this one, esp the steely dan. <3 dads 4ever

by Ann Friedman


Previously: The Huge Mistake Pie

Ann Friedman owns three Steely albums on vinyl, which is really the only way to hear them.

25 Apr 17:14

Is a Reboot in the Works for ABC's Lost?

by Sarah Hedgecock on Defamer, shared by Lacey Donohue to Gawker


Is a Reboot in the Works for ABC's Lost?

Everyone's favorite smoke-monster-polar-bear-what-even-is-this television-show may be getting a reboot, if you choose to believe stray comments from some of its producers.


18 Apr 16:45

The Stupid Trendy Cocktail Bar Name Generator

by Jia Tolentino

This is amazing. I got "Braid & Pantry"

by Jia Tolentino

Remember Hairpin pal Lauren Hallden's online dating loren ipsum text generator? ("Glass half-full using my farmshare. Netflix my eyes Woody Allen stepping outside your comfort zone, if you're still reading this medical school happy hour too many to list tattoos. I'm just a regular guy I enjoy making lasagna from scratch pickles fascinates me.") Now she's gone and done it again with trendy cocktail bars: the first ones I got were "Pistol & Hoof," "Bull & Hatchet" and "Brim & Crumble." Story checks out! [Name My Bar]

23 Mar 09:00

Closet Tour 2014

by Amy Fashion Blog

FINIAL! look at all those shrunks. which hubby has a lot of cloths.

Hello Everyone. If you have been around my blog for a few years. Then you know I move around a lot due to my husband job. Which it can be nice at times and also a pain in the butt. Specially when it comes to housing my clothes.  I have been wanting to do a Germany closet tour for sometime now. So after I cleaned out my closet at the beginning of the year. I finial was able to get a picture of everything. 

Which with every move it seem my closet gets smaller and smaller. When I first start my blog I lived in Florida. Which in Florida I had a huge closet I shared with my hubby. Which we didn't even have enough clothes to fill the whole closet up. You can see the Florida closet post  here and here. After living in Florida for 3 years. We moved to Michigan. Which in Michigan the walk in closet was so small. My husband and me couldn't even share. So he took the master closet and I took the guest bedroom closet. You can see the closet and a video on the Michigan Closet here.
After living in Michigan for a year and a half. We moved back to Germany.  Which this time around we didn't get a house with closet in it.  So we had to go out and buy wardrobe closet to fix are stuff.  My husband job gave us three to use. Which wasn't enough for all are clothes and jackets. So we went out yard sale shopping and find 2 more wardrobe closet for under 30 dollars. 

That still wasn't enough room. So we had to go out and buy drawers. Believe it or not my husband has more cloths then me. He has 2 and half wardrobe closet for is clothes. Plus a full dresser with his clothes in it. So now on to what you all have been waiting for the closet tour. 

This is my wardrobe closet. We had a shoe rack we weren't using. So I put it in my closet to hold my hoodie. Which this work better and looks nicer then the shoebox I was previous using.
Also to add some more room in to my tiny wardrobe closet. I use the skirt hanger that you can hang on top of each other. Also in my closet I have a pink bow scentportable that I got from Janna Of  View From the 512 during are stocking stuffer swap. Inside of the scentportable I have a bath and bodyworks sweet pea in there. That my best friend Janet got for me for Christmas. She sent me 5 of them. So I'm stocked for sometime now. 

The only clothing items that doesn't fit in my shrunks is my dresses. Those live inside of one of my husband  shrunks. Which he doesn't mind sharing one of his shrunks with me. I know it hard to see my dresses in this shrunks but if you look closely you will spot them. 

 We are lucky to have a bed that has two drawer on each side of it. Which helps when you have a tiny place to work with. On the side I sleep are my two drawers. Which in them I have one drawer for solid shirt and tanks. The other drawer holds all my graphic tanks and tee. I have been folding my shirt like this for year. Pinterest has tons of ideas to fold shirt.
 For the longest time here in Germany I had my tights in baskets. Well it was driving me nuts. So one day I got to idea to use a desk organizer to hold my tights. Which this work perfectly. Not only are the out of basket. They also have a home to live in. I organized my tights by color. After I figured out my color layout. I rolled the tights up and put them in the desk organizer. Then I put the organize in my swimsuit/white and black cami drawer. 

I hope you all liked seeing my Germany closet tour and maybe you got some storage ideas from this post. I plan on doing an update on my Shoe collection. So be on the look out for that. For now you can look at my 2013 shoe collection. Which my shoe collection has grown from last year.


13 Mar 10:30

Lock Bridge

by Amy Fashion Blog

A&A 4 Forever

Outfit Detail See this post here and here. Looking at all the locks.
Hello Everyone. Today is more of my Day 2 in Paris. Before we saw the Cathedrale Notre 
Dame. We stop at the lock bridge. Where we all put a locks on it. This was another item on my list that I want to do and wasn't going to leave Paris until I did it. There is over 8000 locks on the one side of the bridge. The side I put my lock on there was over 2000 on the side I put my lock on. 

 If you look closely you can see the number. Which stand for how many lock are on it.

I spent a good amount of my time here. Looking at all the different lock people put on the bridge. Some are hand written  Also some are even engraved. I wish I would have took a picture of the lock I put on the bridge. I hand wrote A&A 4 Forever on the lock. Which is the first letter of mine and hubby name.
Looking for a spot to put my lock at.

Putting my lock on.

Lock is done. More in likely telling my Hubby something in this picture. 

Time to throw the key in the water. 

Getting ready to throw it in the water.
Off the key goes. 

If you haven't heard the story of the lock bridge you can read it here
Looking at the locks some more as we go to the Cathedrale Notre 

12 Mar 18:15

Romy and Michele are 45. So is Christy Masters.

by Bobby Finger

AAAH it's so perfect!

by Bobby Finger

This is part of a week-long series celebrating the 45th birthdays of characters from Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.

Christy filed for divorce from Billy two weeks after the reunion. She had been considering it for some time, but his actions that night were so public, so damaging to their reputation that she felt the time had come to end it for good. She got the house and the kids. He walked away with one of the cars and drove it off to god knows where. No one’s seen him since he sped onto I-10. Most people think he’s long dead, but most of them wouldn’t say that outside their own homes.

Christy had to find work, but her life’s tragic turn led plenty of people in town to make her sympathy offers. She settled on a job in the courthouse that came with good pay, low stress, and the bucket o’ benefits typical of a government job. Even day care was affordable, so the kids had a place to be while she was making calls and ironing out schedules and listening to people complain to her about things she had no way of fixing. Christy Masters Christianson was suddenly Christy Masters again. But that old name now belonged to someone entirely different.

A lot of people in Tucson begin stories about The New Christy Masters with, “They say people don’t really change, but.”

“…but Christy Masters proved them wrong.”

“…but Christy Masters changed for her children.”

“…but Christy Masters became a saint after that sack of shit left town.”

And all of them are right.

She started volunteering. She made new friends. She hosted parties and invited people from all over town. She attended every parent-teacher conference. She spoke her mind at city council meetings. She donated blood every month – sometimes plasma, too! She even adopted old dogs from the shelter instead of buying a puppy. The woman was a saint.

Plenty of men were attracted to The New Christy Masters, but she turned down all their advances. “I want time to myself,” she’d tell them. “I want it to be me and the kids for a while.” How could they persist after a reason like that?

Yes, The New Christy Masters did seem perfect, but despite her front-facing brightness she still felt regret over some of her actions from long ago. The way she treated a very particular pair of girls. Two of her peers. Two girls named Romy and Michele. “What can I do?” she’d often think at night. “How can I apologize to them in a way that feels sincere? In a way that will make up for my terrible treatment?”

So one day she began writing a letter. Each night she spent half an hour on it. Deleting and adding things here and there. Explaining her childhood. Her relationship with her parents. Her relationship with her siblings. Her relationship with Billy. It was a form of therapy for her – a way of not just unloading, but discovering. Figuring out why she did what she did. Not to make excuses for it all, but to make sense of it all. It was long and it was heartfelt, and by the end it was 75 pages in 12-point font. Single spaced. She read it over one more time, hit 'PRINT,' and threw it in a big envelope. As she applied the postage, a deep unhappiness inside her was suddenly lifted. She felt better. She felt reborn.

When Romy received the package and noticed the return address, she immediately called Michele. The two met up at a cafe in Venice Beach to open it together.

“What do you think it is?” Romy asked as they shared a plate of fries.

“A bomb?” said Michele.

They laughed and ate a few more fries.

“Well, should we open it?”

“You know, I kind of don’t want to. Is that bad?”

Romy released a loud sigh. “Oh my god, Michele. I was hoping you’d say that. Like to be quite honest, I just want to throw this in the ocean and never think about it again.”

“Ooooh, fun! Let’s go throw it in the ocean! Like, a message in a bottle, but without a bottle, or even a message!”

"Exactly like that."

So Romy and Michele finished their fries, paid the bill, and threw The New Christy Masters’ letter into the Pacific Ocean. Later that day they saw Gravity. They loved Gravity so much.


Bobby Finger will just have two burgers, fries, and Diet Cokes because he's in a hurry.

26 Feb 10:00

See you in a week

by Amy Fashion Blog

THE GIF x_x I hope these blog friends do a prefect job feeling in for her. Awhile she's gone.

I'm sign off from my blog for a week. I will be on Vacation.  I have five awesome blog friends. Who will be feeling in for me. Awhile I'm gone. 

New post from me will be in a week from now. 

Congrats to the winner of the Firmoo Giveaway. Please send me and e-mail back in 24 hours. If not I will choose differant winners. 

 a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Day 6 and 7 30x30: All About Skirts

by Amy Fashion Blog

WHAT IS UP WITH HER FINGERS in the second to last picture??

Outside of Okinii
Saturday January 25th, 2014~ Day 6
Black Cami From Target~6.99
 Neon Pink Jersey Skirt From H&M~4.95 Euro(6.73 Dollars)
Flower Belt From Style~6.99 
Silver Necklace~16.99 C/0 Kmart
Hoop Earrings From Target
Diamond Studs Gift From Hubby(2007)
Black Wedge Uggs From DSW~69.98 

Hello Everyone, I wore this outfit yesterday. Which I had so much fun wearing this neon pink skirt. I'm so glad I brought it back in October.  Last night we went to Okinii. Its an all you can eat sushi restaurant. Where you order you food on an iPad. Which I ate way to much food but it was so good. We had a great time with are friends. 

The outfit below is the outfit I'm wearing today.  I want to be comfortable on this Sunday. 

Sunday January 26, 2014
Black Thermo Tights From New Yorker~7.95 Euro(10.81 Dollars)
Teal/Multi-Color Scarf From Wicky~1.99(2.27 Dollars)
Pearl Earring From CR~4.00-40% Employee Discount 
  Gotta Flurt Shoe Gift From Hubby for my Birthday~ 13.00 from DSW

13 Jan 11:00

Paul Fredrick Spring Collection

by Amy Fashion Blog

learning so much about hubby and man accessories. never knew that about ties & cuff links.

My Husband
Hello Everyone. Today I'm doing a collaboration with Paul Fredrick. On there men's dress shirt line. So I thought it would be a prefect time to show my husband off. When we lived in Michigan. My husband had to wear dress shirt and ties. Sometime a suit to work. I never knew there where so many style of dress shirt out there for men. Until one day I went shopping with him. There regular sleeve dress shirts and then there french cuff. Which with french cuff dress shirt you have to wear cuff links. Which cuff links are a type of  men's accessories. Unlike us woman, man don't have tons of fun accessories to wear.  Also ties are another fun accessories for men to wear. They come in all different colors and patterns. 

My husband owns a lot fun color ties and cuff links. I would have to say my favorite pair of cuff links that he owns are America dimes cuff links. As for ties go I would have to say his sing Christmas tie. Is my favorite. Which I got it for him in 2012.

Paul Fredrick Spring line launch today. Out of there spring line. I can see my husband wearing this shirt.

I can also see him wearing this shirt to with these fun ties. Which my Husband love french cuff dress shirt.

Make sure you go and Visit Paul Fredrick Spring Line out. I sure there is something you will fall in love with for your Husband. Boyfriends or the man you love in your life.

Disclaimer: I was asked by Pail Fredrick to share there spring line. I was not paid in any to do this. I did it on my own. All opinions are 100% Mine.

opinionsare 100% mine.
Disclaimer: I was asked to style this top by ModCloth, but I was not provided any compensation.  All opinions are 100% mine.
- See more at:
Disclaimer: I was asked to style this top by ModCloth, but I was not provided any compensation.  All opinions are 100% mine.
- See more at:
Disclaimer: I was asked to style this top by ModCloth, but I was not provided any compensation.  All opinions are 100% mine.
- See more at:
05 Jan 09:28

Current weather conditions



People in the Midwest/on the East Coast: 

Me in California:

05 Dec 13:23

Pin it and Did it~ Nails Polish Recreation

by Amy Fashion Blog

omg her attempt at nail art :x :x :x

 Covergirl outlast stay brilliant 325 and Rimmel 656 iced honey

 12-3-13 O.P.I A-ha Moment and O.P.I. Meet me at the Disco

12-3-13 O.P.I A-ha Moment and O.P.I. What's Your Poison

 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg

Hello Everyone. Today I'm linking up with H&K Style Journey for Pin it and Did It. Also linking up with Jennie Shaw. I have been pinning nail polish inspiration like crazy. So I decide to try a few of them out. Last month on November 15th I try out the black and gold nails out. I'm not a huge fan of black nail polish.  So there is no way I will be just rocking black nail. So when I came across the black and gold nails on Pinterest. I knew it would be easy to do. Plus I liked how it turn out.  

On Tuesday of this week I try to do the candy cane nails but it was a huge fail. From my picture it looks like it did it. Well the only nail that turn out to look like the inspiration nail was my pinky. The rest were a huge mess. That I even had red glitter on my fingers. So I removed the polish and paint my nails white again. Since my other hand was still white. I didn't want to just have white nail and have people thing I have white out on it. So I add O.P.I.  Meet me at the Disco over the white polish.


06 Dec 19:15

A Plan for Dealing With This

by Sarah Miller

This speaks to me so deeply. Also San Marcos is the biggest douche magnet in a sea of shit hole douche magnet towns. Like you cannot drive down San Marcos blvd without being challenged to race with a mustang.

by Sarah Miller

My friend lives in suburban San Diego and he is not a fan. He lives here due to fairly random circumstances, which anyone who ended up without a chair when the music stopped during the recession might understand.

He’s been here for more than four years and likes it no more today than the day he arrived. But he has come up with a plan for dealing with this. “I call it the I don’t give a shit plan,” he explains, as we make a left off of West San Marcos Boulevard into the Albertsons parking lot. “Oh, see, there’s a guy on the side of the road that needs help. But you know what. I live in Southern California now, so I don’t give a shit.” He pulls his used BMW into a parking space. “Oh, there’s Yogurt World,” he observes. “They have Wi-Fi. Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that just so incredibly generous of them? If you worked in a an office around here, as a cost cutting measure you could just get rid of your Wi-Fi, and you’d be like, ‘Hey, guys, if anyone wants to talk to me, I’m just over at Yogurt World.’ Oh, and if you want to know how much I really don’t give a shit, you see the Supercuts, over there next to the Yogurt World? That’s where I get my hair cut now.”

Albertsons is empty. His wife has instructed him to get fruit. He throws a bag of oranges into the cart. “Fruit,” he says. He also needs razors. “16 dollars,” he exclaims. “How stupid do these people think we are? They must think we’re so stupid that we’re willing to work our asses off to live in hell and spend all our money on razors. Well. They are lucky because… because why?”

“Because you don’t give a shit?” I guess.

“That is correct,” he says, adding the razors to the cart. He finds generic contact lens solution. “Three dollars,” he says. “I feel good about that. Today is a good day.”

He’s also supposed to get long lighters to light the fake fireplace in his rather enormous den. “Five-fifty!” he exclaims. “Ok guys, that’s pushing it. Not on board.” After paying for everything with a $25 Albertsons gift certificate he got from his work  “to get a turkey or something” he sits in his car looking up dollar stores on his iPhone. “There is one, but it’s kind of far from here. Oh, wait, I almost forgot. I don’t give a shit.”

On the way, he gives a tour of the town of San Marcos. “There’s a pile of dirt,” he says, pointing to a pile of dirt. “There’s a restaurant I wouldn’t go to if I was dying.  See that place? It looks like 14 million people could get their car fixed there at once, doesn’t it?  But I don’t know what really goes on there. Oh, here is the high school. Look at that enormous football stadium. My tax dollars at work. I also pay some insanely high tax to our developer, so we can have signs that say stuff like 'Los Arboles' and 'Rancho Lindo,' just in case for a second I thought I actually lived in a real place. Oh, there’s the guy who fixes my car. He’s a good guy. That’s probably the best thing about this place. I found a guy to fix my car who’s not a liar. Oh. There’s a Home Depot. That’s a great place to get nails, if you were interested, just for example, in nailing yourself to a wall.” We drive past Mrs. Taco. “I feel like I should tell Mrs. Taco that Mr. Taco is cheating on her with Princess Pho,” he says. “But, at the end of the day… well. I think it goes without saying.”

The Dollar Store has long lighters for $3.50. “Awesome,” he says. “This is a great day.” Near the register there are other long lighters for $1.99, but he wants to stick with the ones he found. “These are BIC. They will last longer. I might be the cheapest person alive, but I also don’t want to spend all my time driving around buying lighters. Because that would take away from driving around buying other things, the activity which is the very heart and soul of my plan.”

Photo via Tricia/flickr

Sarah Miller is the author of Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn and The Other Girl. She lives in Nevada City, CA. Follow her on Twitter @sarahlovescali.

18 Nov 22:24

Were Brittany Murphy And Her Husband Murdered?

by Beejoli Shah on Defamer, shared by Max Read to Gawker


Were Brittany Murphy And Her Husband Murdered?

Almost four years after Brittany Murphy was found dead in her Hollywood home of natural causes, new details are pointing to the fact that the Clueless star may have been murdered instead. The Examiner reports that toxicology testing was finally done on Murphy's hair, blood and tissue samples, and presented 10 heavy metals that were all present in quantities well above the World Health Organization's high exposure level.



14 Nov 10:57


by Amy Fashion Blog

I will refrain from making fun of Amy today due to a man killed her Husband Cousin. I'm sending you all an Amy hug thru the internet.

Hello Everyone. This is not going to be one of my normal post. On Tuesday November 12, at 12:00pm Michigan Time. My husband lost a family member in a way no one should leave this earth. His cousin was working at Advanced America Cash Advance in Taylor Michigan. When a guy came in and robbed the place. In the act he killed my Husband Cousin. She is leaving behind two small children. The family is all shaken up about this. We all just want it to be a bad dream. That we will awake up from. Right now we need a lot of prayers.

If you can please say a prayer for us. Also pray that they will catch the guy that did this to her. 

You can also donate money to help her two kids out.  Click HERE

Here Fox 2 report on it 

This is what went on my private Facebook Account yesterday. After I got the news for my MIL Peg.

Today a day I wish I could be back home for my family. Just so you all know you are in my hearts every day. I miss you all and love you all very much. I'm sending you all an Amy hug thru the internet.

Remember to live you life to the fullest every day because you never know what going to happen. Also remember to tell your love one that you love them because you never know. It might be your last time to tell them. Also hug your family member every time you get a chance to.

Thanks you in advance for the prayers.

Not sure when I will be back with an outfit post.
01 Nov 20:13

Starbuck Anyone

by Amy Fashion Blog

Starbuck = high fashion obvs

Gold Sweater Hand Me Down From L
Brown Puffer Vest From Target
 Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans From Old Navy~29.33
Flower Earring From Forever 21~.49 Cents
Pink Coach Purse~ Wedding Anniversary(2012
Brown Boots From DSW~ 41.97 

Hello Everyone. Last Saturday we had a daylight saving. Which is nice but it getting darker soon. So today you are getting night time pictures. Which we took on are way home from Starbuck. People must have thought I was crazy walking in the cold with an ice coffee but it was super yummy.

I have been wanting to wear this sweater for a long time. When L gave it to me it was right before I moved. So it was to warm to wear it. Plus it has a hood on it. So that made it hard to wear it to work. I knew that I wanted to wear my brown boots with it and then I remember I had the puffer vest. Which worked out prefect. I didn't have to wear a coat. 

27 Oct 19:10

BBCA DAY 26&27~ Pink Lady

by Amy Fashion Blog


Saturday 26, 2013
Neon Pink Heaven Steve Madden From DSW~27.96

Hello Everyone, This is the outfit I wore before going to the Halloween party last night. Which  I had a blast at the party. Also drank way to much and ended up burning my elbow on an outdoor fireplace. Which at the time I had no idea it happen. I didn't find out until the end of the night. When Hubby asked me what had happen. It didn't even hurt when he touch it. Well today on the other day it does hurt.  So I put some neosporin and a bandage on it. I hope that it won't try in to a scar. 

Zombie Nurse

So today we are just being lazy and relaxing.

Day 27~ My slipper sock. I got from the Famliia Center.(6 years ago)
Today Breast Caner Item Is Make a Mammogram Promise. You an do it HERE


27 Oct 17:45

This SNL Wes Anderson Horror Movie Parody Isn't Real But It Should Be

by Gabrielle Bluestone

this is so good

This SNL Wes Anderson Horror Movie Parody Isn't Real But It Should Be

Edward Norton quietly killed it on last night's SNL, demonstrating a twisted wit (pun of the night, directed towards a couple dressed up as deviled eggs — "Maybe they need an eggsercism"), and a pretty good handle on impersonations of Ian McKellan, Woody (Allen and Harrelson), William Hurt, and Owen Wilson.



20 Oct 16:57


by Amy Fashion Blog


Saturday October 19, 2013
Black Mesh Dress From The Px~19.99(Brought in August)
Pink Earring From H&M 
Neon Pink Heaven Steve Madden From DSW~27.96

Pink Peace Slipper From Meijer
Hello Everyone, Both Friday and Saturday Hubby went out with friends. We ended up staying out to 4am both day. So therefor today we are having a lazy day. To caught up on are sleep. So I'm just wearing yoga pants and a lions hoodie with my pink slipper. 

Last night we went out on a date night. Which we had a lot of fun. We went to a italian restaurants here in town. Which the food are super yummy. When the food come to the table it was so hot. It was boiling. Hubby burnt his tongue on his food. 

Over all we have a fun weekend. Next weekend should be fun to since we are going to a halloween party.

Today Breast Cancer Item is Delta. They have a pink airplane that they fly for breast cancer awareness.

07 Oct 19:00

Why Do You Animals Flush The Toilet With Your Feet?

by Matthew J.X. Malady

wait this is a real thing??? why aren't people falling down all the time or busting the stall doors open trying to lean against something to balance while doing this? What about the ones that are just a button on top of the tank? This is just a joke, right?

by Matthew J.X. Malady

People are always saying things on the Internet all the time. But they are such teases. We like details. So we have to ask.

This cannot be true. RT @1bobcohn: Poll: Two-thirds of Americans flush public toilets with their feet.

— Kevin Roose (@kevinroose) September 24, 2013

Kevin Roose! So what happened here?

Well, someone posted this survey that was claiming that two-thirds of Americans flush public toilets with their feet. And that just did not seem correct to me. I had never foot-flushed in a public bathroom, nor had I heard of anyone else foot-flushing. So reading that story was like being told that two-thirds of Americans were obsessed with some sci-fi series I’d never known existed. One third? Maybe that could fly under my radar. But two-thirds is a lot of people. So I’m thinking, okay, maybe two-thirds of Americans have foot-flushed at some point in their lives. That seems possible. But no, the survey didn’t say “once flushed a toilet with their feet.” It was a generalist claim. Two-thirds of people flush with their feet habitually. And so I called bullshit.

And I guess I was expecting some “LOL, no way” sympathizer tweets or something? But that did not happen at all. Apparently, a lot of people who follow me on Twitter do flush with their feet! So I got some, “Ew, really?” tweets, and some “Hope I never shake your hand!” tweets, and the whole thing was so disorienting—again, the sci-fi series—that I just had to make sure I wasn’t being made the subject of a mass prank.

Wait, you guys *actually* flush public toilets with your feet? Like, on a regular basis?

— Kevin Roose (@kevinroose) September 24, 2013

Does the realization that lots and lots of people flush public toilets with their feet make you think less of those people, and will it influence the way you flush going forward?

Yes! It makes me think less of anyone who even considers doing this. I understand germaphobia (even though I think it has given us all weak little immune systems compared to our dirt-eating grandparents). I get that public restrooms are gross. And I often will do stuff when I’m in one like reaching for the bathroom doorknob with a paper towel, or turning the handle with my pinky so as not to dirty the rest of my hand. I’m not a monster. But the practice of foot-flushing seems totally impractical in every way. For starters, you press the toilet handle before you wash your hands. (Or at least I do. Maybe two-thirds of Americans don’t!) Anyway, if you’re washing your hands immediately after you exit the stall, what does it matter whether you touch the handle or not? Are people not as thorough at hand-washing as I am? Do people, like, lick their fingers on the way to the sink? I don’t get it. And I will not bow to this insane, nonsensical practice unless someone gives me a good reason. We are a nation of proud and resilient people—not a nation so afraid of a few (soon-to-be-killed!) germs that we’re reduced to karate-kicking little metal bars every day.

Lesson learned (if any)?

Bathroom habits are one of the last great social dark spots. Basically everything else in life is a learned behavior. Even if you’ve never had sex, for example, you know what it’s supposed to look like, thanks to movies and whatnot. But nobody teaches you how to go to the bathroom. And so we all have our routines, and we don’t know any differently, and we all persist in our ignorance until someone (the Bradley Corporation, in this case) takes a survey and tells us who the freaks are. I imagine there are a few other social phenomena like this, but not many.

Just one more thing.
I will never again look at the bottom of a shoe the same way.

Do you guys who contort yourselves to karate-kick toilet flushers Purell=wipe the subway poles, too? LIVE A LITTLE.

— Kevin Roose (@kevinroose) September 24, 2013

Matthew J. X. Malady is a writer and editor in New York.