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30 Sep 18:45

Badass Woman of the Day: Liberian 22-year-old saves family from Ebola

by Maya

Fatu Kekula (Photo credit: John Bonifield/CNN)

This is what resilience looks like. Fatu Kekula is a 22-year-old Liberian nurse-in-training who saved three out of four relatives who were struck by the Ebola virus. Unable to get them treatment at a hospital, Kekula spent two weeks caring for her father, mother, sister, and cousin on her own. Without any professional protective gear, she improvised her own system using trash bags and successfully avoided becoming infected herself. 

CNN reports that “international aid workers heard about Fatu’s ‘trash bag method’ and are now teaching it to other West Africans who can’t get into hospitals and don’t have protective gear of their own.” As UNICEF spokeswoman Sarah Crowe said, “Essentially this is a tale of how communities are doing things for themselves. Our approach is to listen and work with communities and help them do the best they can with what they have.”

Her father says of the daughter who saved his life: “I’m sure she’ll be a great giant of Liberia.” No doubt.

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

30 Sep 17:30

Blind Items Revealed - Old Hollywood

by ent lawyer
March 14, 2014

This former child star, who was then teetering towards B-list with A-list name recognition after several years of being A+++ list, had to deal with one of Hollywood's most powerful producers, after he invited her to his studio office to discuss the movie that would prove to be a sort-of comeback. He then exposed himself to her and she ran out of the room crying. Fortunately, another actress who was to appear in the same film was waiting in the next room for her daily session with the producer whom she would later marry.

Shirley Temple/David O. Selznick/Jennifer Jones/movie: Since You Went Away
29 Sep 15:38

Quote of the Day: Veterans take down Fox News for “boobs on the ground” joke

by Maya
(Illustration credit: iMediaEthics)

(Illustration credit: iMediaEthics)

Sixty US veterans from the Truman National Security Project have written an open letter to Fox News’ Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld over their oh-so-funny jokes about Major Mariam Al Mansouri, the female UAE pilot who led airstrikes in Syria.

 ”[B]efore you jump to the standby excuse that you were ‘just making a joke’ or ‘having a laugh,’ let the men amongst our number preemptively respond: You are not funny. You are not clever. And you are not excused. Perhaps the phrase ‘boys will be boys’—inevitably uttered wherever misogyny is present—is relevant. Men would never insult and demean a fellow servicemember; boys think saying the word ‘boobs’ is funny.”


Bolling has apologized for his ”boobs on the ground” comment, while Gutfeld maintains that his crack about how Major Al Mansouri can’t park the jet was just “misinterpreted” (and he thinks she’s awesome for “blowing up those heathens” because, oh my god, that’s something that they actually say on Fox News.) You see, he makes “very hacky jokes knowing they are hacky” and that’s what makes them funny, in case you haven’t heard that justification approximately one million times before.

Maya DusenberyMaya sometimes forgets Fox News exists and then gets depressed all over again.

29 Sep 16:47

Ninth Circuit says “Failure to Warn” Action Against Website that Allegedly Faciliated Rape Not Barred By Section 230 of the CDA

by Ann Bartow

Ninth Circuit says “Failure to Warn” Action Against Website that Allegedly Faciliated Rape Not Barred By Section 230 of the CDA

Post to Twitter

From the opinion:

“Model Mayhem is a networking website, found at, for people in the modeling industry. Plaintiff Jane Doe, an aspiring model who posted information about herself on the website, alleges that two rapists used the website to lure her to a fake audition, where they drugged her, raped her, and recorded her for a pornographic video. She also alleges that Defendant Internet Brands, the company that owns the website, knew about the rapists but did not warn her or the website’s other users. She filed an action against Internet Brands alleging liability for negligence under California law based on that failure to warn. The district court dismissed the action on the ground that her claim was barred by the Communications Decency Act (“CDA”), 47 U.S.C. § 230(c) (2012). We conclude that the CDA does not bar the claim. We reverse and remand for further proceedings.”

Read the full opinion here.

One press account notes:

…Summarizing that history for a three-judge appellate panel Wednesday, Judge Richard Clifton noted that the law generally “protects websites from liability for material posted on the website by someone else,” In reviving the case of an aspiring model named in the court record only as Jane Doe, however, Clifton noted that her “claim is different.”

Doe sued Internet Brands Inc. dba in Los Angeles for negligent failure to warn.

She said the company knew but failed to warn users that two men, Lavont Flanders and Emerson Callum, would scan the website to lure victims to the Miami area for bogus modeling auditions, then drug them, rape them and film it to make a porno.

The 9th Circuit found Section 230(c)1 inapplicable Wednesday because Doe does not seek to hold Internet Brands liable as the publisher “of content someone posted on the Model Mayhem website, or for internet Brands’ failure to remove content posted on the website.”

“Flanders and Callum are not alleged to have posted on the website,” the decision continues. Doe instead alleges only that her attackers contacted her through the site by using a fake identity. She seeks to hold the company liable for failing to warn her about how the men used the website to lure in rape victims.

“The duty to warn allegedly imposed by California law would not require Internet Brands to remove any user content or otherwise affect how it publishes such content,” Clifton wrote. “Any obligation to work could have been satisfied without changes to the content posted by the website’s users.”

The company “would simply have been required to give a warning to Model Mayhem users, perhaps by posting a notice on the website or by informing users by email what it knew about the activities of Flanders and Callum,” he added.

“Barring Jane Doe’s failure to warn claim would stretch the CDA beyond its narrow language and its purpose,” the 13-page ruling continues. “To be sure, Internet Bands acted as the ‘publisher or speaker’ of user content.”

The judges also emphasized that the company has “specifically denied substantially all of the allegations, including that the assailants contacted plaintiffs through the website.” …

Feminist Law Professors

29 Sep 18:59

Men, Do You Consider Yourself a Feminist? An Infographic

by Bridget Crawford
25 Sep 14:00

Seeing Children’s Desire: Visibility and Sexual Orientation

by Lisa Wade, PhD

In 2009, Benoit Denizet-Lewis wrote in the New York Times that youth were coming out as gay, bisexual, and lesbian at increasingly early ages. Coming out in middle school, though, often prompted parents to ask the classic question: “But how do you know you’re gay?”

The equally classic response to this question is, “Well, how do you know you’re not?” The response is meant to bring questioners’ attention to the invisible norm: heterosexuality. It’s a sexual orientation, too, and if a person must somehow determine that they are gay, then the same must be true of heterosexuality.

Of course, most heterosexuals simply respond: “I always knew.” At which point the gay or bisexual person just nods smugly. It’s very effective.

In any case, I was reminded of this when I came across a Buzzfeed collection of “painfully funny secrets” children think they’re hiding from their parents. A few of them were romantic or sexual secrets kept by four-, five- and six-year-olds.

42 2

I’m not saying that any of these secrets actually mean anything about these children’s sexual orientation, but they might. The first crush I can remember was in 2nd grade. His name was Brian and we cleaned up the teacher’s classroom after school in exchange for stickers. I never looked directly at him, nor him at me, but he was soooooo cuuuuuuuute!

Anyway, it’s interesting to me that parents have a difficult time believing that their children might have a pretty good idea who they like. The signs of their sexual and romantic interests start early. Then again, if parents are looking for signs that their children develop crushes on the other sex, it’s likely easier for them to see. The invisibility of heterosexuality as a sexual orientation can make it, paradoxically, impossible to miss. While the non-normativeness of homo- and bisexuality can make these orientations invisible.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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25 Sep 14:00

UChicago misogynists threaten sexual assault survivors and activists over release of ‘rapist list’

by Maya

Last year, the Department of Education opened an investigation of the University of Chicago after a complaint alleged that gender-based violence and harassment were rampant on campus, and that the University was doing little to stop it. Yesterday a group calling itself the UChicago Electronic Army (UEA) provided a good case in point. The UEA hacked the University of Chicago MODA fashion website in order to send a threatening message to campus survivors, activists, and allies:

UEA’s message, which is no longer online, was a response to the release of the Hyde Park List. As Dana reported on Monday, “concerned citizens” posted the names of several “people known to commit varying levels of gender-based violence” at the school. (After initially being removed by Tumblr, the site was back up for a time yesterday but is down again now. Based on a spokesperson’s statement to Jezebel, it seems the university asked the organizers behind it to remove it.) Singling out the activist they believed to be responsible for the list, UEA claimed to be keeping the “community safe from people who publicly accuse other people of committing varying levels of gender-based violence without any proof whatsoever.” Because nothing just screams “innocent” like using intimidation and, um, actual rape threats to silence survivors who speak out. 

I personally can think of no better case for naming and shaming than UEA’s reaction to the list. Although more and more brave survivors–on campus and off–are coming forward to tell their stories these days, we still have a tendency to speak of gendered violence in the passive voice. We hear from “survivors” and learn what they survived but only rarely know who exactly inflicted that violence. We increasingly know the faces of “abused women” but not those of their abusers. We talk so damn much about the 1 in 5 women raped during their lifetimes. But they weren’t raped by some abstract “rape culture”–they were raped by actual individual people. Some of these people made one mistake, but, research shows that many of them go on to commit the same abuse again and again.

The fact that the perpetrators of gendered violence so often remain nameless allows us to indulge in the comforting myth that they are “other people,” monsters that we don’t know. They’re not. They’re our family members and our friends. And, too often, they remain our friends. As Alexandra has written before, serial offenders are often well-known in college communities–after all, you hardly need an official “rapist list” to spread the word on smaller campuses–but still are only rarely socially ostracized. I think the discomfort many feel about efforts like the Hyde Park List likely stems in part from a nagging fear that someone we love could end up on such list. But that’s exactly why naming names is so important–as long as it’s easy to look away, we’ll never really and truly grapple with the fact that gendered violence is a cancer, not a contained infection, in our communities.

And it’s also important because it exposes the lie that “everyone” agrees that gendered violence is a bad thing that “no one” condones. In fact, as UEA’s hostile response shows, there are people–actual individual people–who are deeply threatened by the idea that rapists and abusers should face consequences for their actions.

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

25 Sep 19:06

Yes, “Emma You Are Next” was a hoax; No, everything’s not okay

by Katherine Cross

4chan Hoax

In the wake of giving a very mild speech about feminism and men’s role in it at the United Nations, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson found herself threatened by the 4chan messageboard with a release of nude photos supposedly hacked from her computer. But the countdown clock website at the center of this mess, entitled “Emma You Are Next,” had a surprise for everyone when it hit zero: the whole thing was, apparently, a hoax by a marketing firm called Rantic. Confusion proliferated: was the entire thing made up? Were the comments on 4chan fake? How deep did the rabbit hole go? Who or what was Rantic? Indeed, the website itself seemed to furnish an answer.

As of this writing, it now displays a strongly worded letter to the President Barack Obama, enjoining him and the world at large to “#shutdown4chan,” claiming the “Emma You Are Next” clock was a hoax meant to draw attention to 4chan’s criminal leaks of celebrity nude photos. It’s endorsed by Rantic CEO Brad Cockingham. Yes, really. The letter even says the hacking is a “clear indication that the internet NEEDS to be censored.” Curiouser and curiouser.

In truth, it’s a matryoshka hoax, you might say. Rantic itself isn’t real, and this fake campaign to shut down 4chan is but another attention-grabbing stunt wrapped in the previous one. According to Business Insider:

“Rantic Marketing is a fake company run by a gang of prolific internet spammers used to quickly capitalize on internet trends for page views. The group goes by a variety of different names. Collectively, they’re known as SocialVEVO, but as the Daily Dot reports, their names are alleged to include Jacob Povolotski, Yasha Swag, Swenzy, and Joey B. The only known video footage of the group is a rap song about pickles that they used dubious spam techniques to make incredibly popular.”

And so it goes.

In the wise words of Sean O’Neal at the AV Club, “Everyone on the Internet needs a time out.” But I tend to be the stubborn sort who tries her damndest to pull silver linings from the messiest, trolliest of cyber-vomit clouds, so let’s give it a shot.


One thing that can be taken away from all this is that threats are “real” to their targets even if they turn out to be hoaxes. After all, we can understand that a threat to kill someone can have a terrible psychic impact on the target even if the person making the threats has no intention of making good on them. It is precisely the Schrodingerian quality of not knowing that makes these things so torturous.

Threats of this particular kind—attacking Emma Watson because she gave a feminist speech—also have a terroristic effect on any woman in a similar position. Being threatened for speaking out as a feminist is neither new, nor rare, and events that target a celebrity in this way have the effect of scaring thousands or millions more. They serve as constant reminders to women, in particular, that speaking one’s mind in public is to incur the wrath of mob justice.

The internet makes crowdsourcing such attacks easier than ever; the buy-in for mobbing is lower than it’s been at any point in history, and the threat made against Watson was entirely believable because of how 4chan has been at the center of mass sexist campaigns like GamerGate and the leaking of other celebrity nude phots. The hoax would not have gained traction without the faith and credit ensured by past events.

Being a public figure of any sort, regardless of one’s gender, carries a terrible price these days since we are all made to stand before the flaming open vents of social media as a condition of our work. Men and women alike have noticed that the internet is often a furnace of furious and often hateful personal invective lobbed up at anyone with a platform. But for women and feminists the threshhold for being attacked is much lower; it takes less exposure, less reach, less celebrity to be deemed worthy of hate-mobbing. Sometimes the biggest targets are women few people had ever heard of prior to the harassment campaigns against them. I’ve watched friends who are only well known in very narrow activist circles get struck by waves of directionless harassment that come from nowhere and everywhere at once.

One poster on 4chan’s /pol/ board wrote, according to Jezebel,

“4chan holds Emma in high esteem, and while most of us would fap like crazy to real nudes, it’s not us hacking the cloud.

Thanks for listening. Oh, if by some rare fluke Emma Watson is reading this – many on 4chan respect what you’re doing as a moderate, balanced feminist and we don’t hate you like we hate the SJW’s”

No one person can truly speak for a hivemind, naturally, but it is not hard to find similar sentiments sprinkled across the internet: online denizens setting themselves up as arbiters of who is the right kind of respectable woman and/or feminist, and who is not. The implication, of course, is that for those who do not pass the test all the layers of Hell await. But as I said, no one person can speak for a hivemind, and in a society that holds women to such impossible standards, some group, somewhere will find us wanting, even if others praise us for our supposed moderation.

I myself was praised by some disingenuous people as the “right kind” of feminist because of my stance on what’s been dubbed “toxic activism.” I did indeed break with orthodoxy to challenge shibboleths like the absolute application of “the tone argument” or concepts like “intent isn’t magic,” and some outsiders and even anti-feminists seemed pleased with me for this, though I was certainly not seeking their approval. Perhaps most infamously to some, I even won the approbation of feminist writer Michelle Goldberg, who proceeded to use my words and those of other women of colour to frame an article scapegoating black women on Twitter for the toxicity we had described.

A few months later, however, and I now find myself on the other side of the line again, deemed a “social justice warrior” by angry young men in the gaming community who are currently trying to bully outspoken feminist and queer writers out of the world of video game criticism and journalism. Suddenly I am once again the evil radical who needs to be punished by the merciless will of the mob.

The “high esteem” the anonymous 4channer alludes to is a fleeting thing indeed.

I’ve often called this kind of cyber mobbing “the monster with a thousand faces,” for it does act as a thoughtless mass of Lovecraftian proportions and horrors whose will and reasoning seem nearly inscrutable to the rest of us. It is a constant companion to women online—and our allies as well; men will find themselves beset by similar horrors if they speak up in defence of women, especially those deemed by that 4chan mentality to not be worthy of “high esteem.” Disapproval does not earn you disagreement; instead, it yearns for your very destruction.

It is what made the “Emma You Are Next” countdown so believable. Meanwhile, petty abuse from that thousand-faced monster carries on against many people you have never heard of, with no headlines to mark its occurrence. This specific countdown was a hoax; the culture that created it is all too real.

Katherine CrossKatherine Cross is no one’s pet feminist.

24 Sep 09:59

La Galette Patisserie, Merrylands

by Helen (Grab Your Fork)
Fergus Noodle

This place smells rad as hell

Here's the easiest and cheapest way to do a food tour. Head somewhere new and wander the streets. It's what we did when we visited Merrylands for the first time a couple of months ago, a suburb that caused several colleagues to be taken aback when I mentioned where I going. Often these are the places you want to visit. You won't find a whole street filled with shiny franchises and fancy cafes
25 Sep 04:15

WOOF! We’re barking mad for Reigning Cats and Dogs

Fergus Noodle

Maru is going to be at the cat film festival!!

Hold your horses; it’s almost time for the reign of cats and dogs! It’s just one week until Bicentennial Park on the Glebe Foreshore where we will play host to our canine friends and the feline superstars of the internet.

Next Saturday, 4 October, the park will host Rescue Me — a mass dog rehoming and pet rescue information day. Working together with other animal welfare and rescue groups from across the state, RSPCA NSW’s main objective is to rehome as many dogs as possible.

Bicentennial Park is a dog friendly area, so four-legged friends are welcome (on lead) to meet any potential dog buddies. There will be plenty of staff and volunteers on hand to help find your perfect pet match.

Sunday evening, 5 October, is for the rulers of the cat world with the International Cat Film Furstival. Picnic blankets and hampers are set to coat the lawns in front of the silver screen, as the world’s most loved felines strut their stuff. Be prepared for Maru, OMG Cat and many more. Dogs may rule the streets, but cyberspace belongs to the cats. Meee-yow.

No matter whom you believe reigns supreme, pay homage to your monarch during RSPCA NSW’s Reigning Cats and Dogs weekend.

What: Reigning Cats and Dogs, Rescue Me and the International Cat Film Furstival
Where: Bicentennial Park, Glebe Foreshore, Sydney
When: Saturday 4 October: Rescue Me, 10am to 2pm
Sunday 5 October: International Cat Film Furstival, 6pm to 10pm

For details on both events head to

22 Sep 14:00

Separating Marriage from Childrearing: The Mosuo

by Jonathan Harrison PhD

In the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of China lives a small ethnic group called the Mosuo. Among the Mosuo, romantic and family life are separated into different spheres by design. Children are usually raised in the home of their maternal grandmother with the help of their mother. She may maintain a long-term, monogamous romantic relationship with the father but, unlike in the West, this is considered separate from her role as a mother.

The role of the biological father is discretionary.  There is no word in their language, in fact, for husband or father.  A father is allowed, but not required to provide financial support and he is usually permitted to visit the mother and their child(ren) only at night. They call it “Axia” or “Walking Marriage.” The children’s primary male role models are usually their uncles, who remain under the authority of the children’s grandmother as they live under her roof.

A 78-year-old grandmother with her family (from Gender Across Borders):

Taboo V:  Sex NGCUS - Ep Code: 3611

From the Mosuo point of view, separating marriage from the raising of children ensures that the vagaries of romance do not disrupt the happiness and health of the child and its mother. Nor can the father wield power over the mother by threatening to withdraw from the marriage. Meanwhile, because the family of origin is never eclipsed by a procreative family, the Mosuo system reduces the likelihood that elders will be abandoned by their families when they need support in old age.

“Think about it,” writes an expert at Mosuo Project.

Divorce is a non-issue…there are no questions over child custody (the child belongs to the mother’s family), splitting of property (property is never shared), etc. If a parent dies, there is still a large extended family to provide care.

This way of organizing families is an excellent refutation of the hegemonic view that children need the biological father to live under their roof (and by implication, to be their patriarch). You can learn more about the Mosuo in the documentaries The Women’s Kingdom and The Mosuo Sisters.

Dr. Jonathan Harrison earned a PhD in Sociology from the University of Leicester, UK. His research interests include the Holocaust, comparative religion, racism, and the history of African Americans in Florida. He teaches at Florida Gulf Coast University and Hodges University. 

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22 Sep 13:58

In Which We All Seem To Need The Help Of Someone Else

by Durga

mental illness what not

Man and Woman


Camille Claudel was only 18 when she met the greatest sculptor who ever lived. Auguste Rodin was 24 years her elder, and it was the first time she had ever been to Paris.

As a means of attracting students, Rodin visited a group of young artists at the rue Notre Dame des Champs. At the time, he could barely make his rent, and often had to beg his contracted students to pay their bills. Under Rodin's instruction Camille excelled as both a model and an artist. He was especially attracted to her limbs; casts of hands and feet were often the first things he showed his apprentices. He began consulting his new muse about every aspect of his work. The two would go on to collaborate on a number of projects that would bear Rodin's name alone.

By 1885 Rodin was completely obsessed with his young assistant: her feminine form, her unfamiliar accent, the mere scent of her. Initially, their affair was kept quiet, as Rodin continued his 20-year relationship with a woman who he also sculpted, Rose Beuret. Several biographies of Rodin exclude Camille altogether; one calls her "la belle artiste." She still lived with her parents, and her lack of accessibility was a major part of her charm for the older man.

the only babrer irir

Rodin was a help and a hindrance in Camille's quest to finding herself as a young woman. In a questionnaire offered in a playful journal titled "An Album of Confessions to Record Thoughts, Feelings, Etc", she wrote the following:

Your favorite virtue I don't have any, they are all boring.

Your favorite qualities in a man To obey his wife

Your favorite qualities in a woman To make her husband fret

Your favorite occupation To do nothing

Your chief characteristic Caprice and inconstancy

Your idea of happiness To marry general Boulanger

Your idea of misery To be the mother of many children

Your favorite color and flower The most changing color and the flower which does not change

If not yourself, who would you be? A hackney horse in Paris

Your favorite poet One who does not write verses

Your favorite painters and composers Myself

Your favorite heroes in real life Pranzini or Truppman

Your favorite heroines in real life Louise Michel

Your favorite heroes in fiction Richard III

Your favorite heroines in fiction Lady Macbeth

Your favorite food and drink De la cuisine de Merlatti (love and fresh water)

Your favorite names Abdonide, Josephyr, Alphee, Boulang

Your pet aversion Maids, hackney drivers, and models

What characters in history do you most dislike? They are all disagreeable.

What is your present state of mind? It is too difficult to tell.

For what faults have you most tolerance? I tolerate all my faults but not at all other people's

Your favorite motto. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Camille Claudel

The first time Camille left their cozy arrangement in Paris was a vacation to the Isle of Wight with her best friend. Free of her life in Paris and her intrusive family, she was on her own for the first time. She told her friends, "I have never had so much fun in my entire life."

Left to his own devices, Rodin was lovesick and upset, and he did not find his girlfriend's letters at all reassuring. He told her, "Don't let me be hurt like this by waiting too long." Their principal disagreement was over other women - Rodin's obsession with the female gender was all consuming. His friend Octave Mirbeau once said of him that "he could do anything, even a crime, for a woman." Once at a dinner with Monet he stared so forcefully at his host's daughters that they all left the table.

as only she can

Unfortunately for Rodin, Camille decided to postpone her return to present one of her sculptures in Nottingham. She wrote him a savage letter that began, "You can believe I am not very happy here; it seems that I am so far away from you. There is always something missing tormenting me." This kind of behavior naturally only intensified Rodin's desire for her. In one of his typical lovesick letters, he wrote,

My poor head is very sick, and I can't get up any more this morning. Last night, I wandered (for hours) in our favorite places without finding you, how sweet death would be and how long is my agony. Why didn't you wait for me at the atelier? Where are you going? To what suffering have I been destined? During moments of amnesia, I suffer less, but today even the relentless pain remains. Camille my beloved in spite of everything, in spite of the madness which I feel impending and which will be your doing, if this continues. Why don't you believe me?

I abandon my Salon and sculpture. If I could go anywhere, to a country where I would forget, but there isn't any. Frankly, there are times when I believe I will forget you. But, in an instant, I feel your terrible power. Have pity, cruel girl. I can't go on, I can't spend another day without seeing you. Otherwise the atrocious madness. It is over, I don't work any more, malevolent goddess, and yet I love furiously.

My Camille be assured that I feel love for no other woman, and that my soul belongs to you.

I can't convince you and my arguments are powerless. You don't believe my suffering. I weep and you question it. I have not laughed in so long. I don't sing anymore everything is dull and indifferent to me. I am already a dead man and I don't understand the trouble I went through for things which are now indifferent to me. Let me see you every day; it will be a generous action and maybe I will get better, because you alone can save me through your kindness.

Today of course she would immediately post that on tumblr.

Mere expressions of love alone would not be enough to win Camille over. She was not involved enough to give herself over to a womanizer without some assurances. Eventually, Rodin was moved to draw up the following bizarre contract.

In the future and starting from today 12 October 1886, I will have for a student only Mademoiselle Camille Claudel and I will protect her alone through all the means I have at my disposal through my friends who will be hers especially through my influential friends.

I will accept no other students so that no other rival talent could be produced by chance, although I suppose that one rarely meets artists as naturally gifted.

At the exhibition, I will do everything I can for the placement and the newspapers.

Under no pretext will I go to Mme.... to whom I will not teach sculpture anymore. After the exhibition in May we will go to Italy and and will live there communally for at least six months of an indissouble liasion after which Mademoiselle Camille will be my wife. I will be very happy to offer a marble figurine if Mademoiselle Camille wishes to accept it within four or five months.

From now until May I will have no other woman otherwise the conditions of this contract are broken.

If my Chilean commission comes through, we will go to Chile instead of Italy.

I will take none of the models I have known.

We will have a photograph taken by Carjat in the outfit worn by Mademoiselle Camille at the Academie, day clothes and possibly evening clothes.

Mademoiselle Camille will stay in Paris until May.

Mademoiselle Camille promises to welcome me to her atelier four times a month until May.


After the contract was signed, the momentum of the relationship shifted. Having agreed to her master's wishes, he possessed all the power. Camille deeply feared Rodin taking other women into his bed, especially the models that posed for him. Things were further complicated by the fact that Beuret, the mother of Rodin's son, found out about his concubine and began to loathe Camille. In response, he moved his mistress into an apartment near the Eiffel Tower.

The affair slowly fell apart after that. The last straw was Claudel's miscarriage; paranoid about the promises her lover had broken, the next decade found her destroying her own artwork and tearing down the presumably yellow wallpaper of her apartment. Although doctors would argue she did not belong there, at her brother's request she would spend the last thirty years of her life in an asylum five miles from Avignon.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.


"I'm A Mother" - Perfume Genius (mp3)

"Fool" - Perfume Genius (mp3)

dreams can come trrue

23 Sep 16:00

Watch: John Oliver takes on the Miss America Pageant

by Maya

We gave this John Oliver segment on the Miss America Pagent a shout-out in the DFCS yesterday, but, goddamn, it deserves its own post. Feminist critiques of beauty pageants are certainly nothing new, of course,  but Oliver’s absolute incredulity that Miss America is still a thing in 2014 is really charming and contagious.

Dispensing with the absurdity of an event in which a “fully clothed man stand[s] in front of a line of women in swimsuits awaiting judgement, he goes on to fact-check Miss America’s assertation that they provide $45 million in scholarship funds for women every year. It turns out that number is wildly misleading–and yet, sadly, the pagent’s claim to be the world’s largest provider of scholarships for women is actually accurate. Oliver helpfully shout-outs a few other women’s scholarship funds that do not require applicants to certify that they have never before been married or pregnant and then waltz around in a bikini in order to compete.

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

22 Sep 17:41

County Dining, Morpeth

Fergus Noodle

Splice ice blocks DO taste like Yakult

Once we arrive in Morpeth we spend the first hour poking around the shops. There are some great stores in this small town and I find myself buying bread, jewellery, plates and bowls. When our tummies start rumbling, we adjourn upstairs at the Morpeth Sourdough bakery to County Dining. Chef Jamie Ryan is in the small kitchen downstairs.
21 Sep 18:11

by tian
from: Roald
to: Tian
date: Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 1:32 AM
subject: Re: request tattoo translation


I came across your site and my girlfriend would like to know what her tattoo exactly means.

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Two ways to interpret this:

B.   (man/husband), (head/neck), (empty/void) = "I married a moron" 
18 Sep 14:00

Why Don’t More Women Commit Fraud?

by Jennifer Schwartz PhD

Women in the U.S. have made some monumental gains at work.  We’re now at least half the labor force and more women today are middle- and upper- managers in corporate America.  Even so, I wasn’t surprised to discover that women have not (yet) made similar inroads into high-level corporate crime.

Rather, it’s “business as usual” when it comes to who is responsible for orchestrating and carrying out major corporate frauds.

For the American Sociological Review, Darrell Steffensmeier, Michael Roche, and I studied accounting malpractices like security fraud, insider trading, and Ponzi schemes in America’s public companies to find out just how involved women were in these conspiracies.  The Corporate Fraud Task Force indicted 436 individuals involved in 83 such schemes during July 2002 to 2009.  We read and recorded information from indictments and other documents or reports that described who was involved and what they did.

I expected the share of women in corporate fraud to be low – definitely less than the near-half that are women among (low-profit) embezzlers arrested each year– like your bank teller or local non-profit treasurer.   However, I was surprised that women corporate fraudsters were about as rare as female killers or robbers – less than 10% of those sorts of offenders.  Of the 400+ indicted for corporate fraud, only 37 were women.

Most of these frauds were complex enough to require co-conspiracy over several years and a criminal division of labor.  Often, women weren’t included at all in these groups.  When they were, they were nearly always in the minority, often alone, and most typically played rather small roles.

The Enron conspiracy, for example, led to over 30 indictments; three were women and each played a minor role. The five women indicted among 19 in the HealthSouth fraud were in accounting-related positions and instructed by senior personnel to falsify financial books and create fictitious records.  Martha Stewart, rather than criminal mastermind of an insider trading conspiracy, committed “one of the most ill-fated white-collar crimes ever” in which she saved just $46,000 after receiving a stock-tip second-hand from her broker.

Women were almost never the ringleader or even a major player in the fraud.  Only one woman CEO led a fraud – the smallest fraud we studied – and two women with their husbands.  One reason surely must be that women are not as often in positions to lead these schemes.  However, even when we compared women and men in similar corporate positions, women were less likely to play leadership roles in the fraud.  Is there a “glass ceiling” in the white-collar crime world?

What most surprised me, however, was how little the women benefited from their illicit involvement.  The wage gap in illicit corporate enterprise may be larger than in the legitimate job market.  Over half the women did not financially gain at all whereas half the men pocketed half a million dollars or more.  The difference in illicit-gains persisted even if we compared women to their co-conspirators.  Males profited much more. Women identified “gains” such as keeping one’s job.


Even when women are in the positions to orchestrate these frauds, it’s likely that the men who initiate these conspiracies prefer to bypass women, involving them in minor roles when need dictates or when trust develops through a close personal relationship.  And women hardly initiated any schemes.  Women business leaders tend to be more risk-averse and apt to stress social responsibility and equity, perhaps making corporate fraud unlikely.

So, would having more female leaders reduce corporate crime?  We don’t know, but we think it’s likely.  Women executives tend to make more ethical decisions, avoid excessive risk-taking, and create corporate cultures unsupportive of illegal business practices.  Time will tell if, on the other hand, women moving up the corporate ladder increasingly adopt a wheeler-dealer, “dominance at all costs” corporate ethic.

Some may be a little disappointed that women either cannot yet or do not exercise their power over others to illegally advance their business (and personal) interests as men have been doing for generations.  There are moments when I catch myself “rooting” for a more successful pink-collar offender – and examples exist.  However, when I consider the destruction and havoc wrought on the U.S. economy and so many peoples’ lives by these financial crimes, I am reminded that this is not the way in which I hope women wield power when business leadership roles are more equally shared.

This posts originally appeared at the Gender & Society blog.

Jennifer Schwartz, PhD, is an associate professor of sociology at Washington State University.  Her research focuses on the gender and race demographics of criminal offenders, violence, and substance abuse.

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19 Sep 16:55

Who Cleans Up City Fun?

by Lisa Wade, PhD

Flashback Friday.

This series of pictures is from a San Francisco Chronicle article about flash mobs, or “an international fad, partly anarchistic, partly absurdist, in which a mob of participants suddenly materializes at a public place, engages in odd behavior [like pillow or shaving cream fights] and then disperses.”

ba-feathers_0499873067 ba-feathers_0499874951 ba-feathers_0499873065 ba-feather09_ph2_0499874976

This last picture is of Martin Condol, one of the city workers brought it to clean up after the revelers. He is the only worker to be included in the photographs — appearing in two images of the 20 — despite the fact that the article was specifically about the problem and expense involved in cleaning up.

Though many of us see such workers in our everyday lives, they are very rarely made visible in news accounts of the world. Even when they’re relevant, news producers seem to prefer to show the faces of happy white people to those of the men and women whose hard work keeps cities, businesses, and families flourishing.

Originally posted in 2009.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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17 Sep 20:22

Bartender pens awesome open letter to hedge-fund bro who grabbed her ass

by Maya


Completely fed up with all dealing with misogynist, entitled customers, bartender Laura Ramadei decided to make an example of Brian Lederman, a Manhattan hedge-funder who responded to her inquiry about whether he and his friends needed anything else–you know, doing her job–by groping her butt and asking if he could take her “to go.” 

Here’s an excerpt from her awesome open letter:

I deal with incredible amounts of entitlement, condescension, and drunk nonsense. And at a bar, it is impossible to ignore the fact that misogyny is alive and well. I can’t tell you how many times people have treated me horribly and I’ve memorized or photographed the names from their credit cards, fantasizing about internet revenge. But every time I’ve been tempted in the past (even after verbal attacks, physical affronts, or sexual harassment) I’ve stopped myself and let it go.

So congratulations, Brian! You’ve done it! You broke this tired ass camel’s back. And though this is obviously a public shaming, I truly don’t mean this as an attack. Maybe – just maybe – via the intimately connected internet world, my post will reach you, and you’ll learn something about how hurtful and upsetting a small comment or gesture might be. Or at the very least, maybe a Facebook passerby will read this and more deeply consider how they treat women, how they treat servers, and/or how they treat other people in general. And thank you. Without your inspiration I wouldn’t be quitting my job today, and endeavoring a better chapter of my life.

The New York Post reached out to Lederman for his response to Ramadei’s letter. Unsurprisingly, he takes umbrage at the accusation that he’s a sexist ass-groper. But not because he isn’t one–”I’ve grabbed plenty of girls’ asses in my life” he says. It’s just that he categorically denies grabbing Ramadei’s. As for the oh-so-hiiiiilarious joke, he proudly confirms it. (The full line was apparently: ”I would like you to go with nothing on it.”) In conclusion, he called Ramadei “that fucking cunt” and said he’d “make sure she doesn’t get another job in New York City.”

Because, as everyone knows, nothing helps your case when defending yourself from charges of sexism more than calling a woman a cunt.

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

18 Sep 01:20

RSPCA NSW Sydney Shelter bulging with birds


Spring has sprung and the birds are singing, especially at RSPCA NSW’s Sydney Shelter at Yagoona. Following the seizure of more than 140 animals recently, the RSPCA is looking for suitable homes for a variety of birds. Currently available for adoption are:

·         19 Budgies

·         two Quails

·         five Ringnecks

·         one Conure

·         four Galahs

·         four Corellas

·         three Peachfaces

·         four Lorikeets

·         and one Sulpher Crested Cockatoo

Our rescue partners have helped to rehome many of the birds and animals over the past few weeks, including 60 pigeons, however the RSPCA is hoping there are also lots of individuals out there who would like a new feathered friend.

“We would prefer that the birds be housed in free-flight aviaries, or for the budgies, at least a large cage.  Most of the birds are adult, although we do have a few juveniles that could be hand-trained,” Sydney Shelter Supervisor Bree Raeck said.

“Generally these types of birds are adopted quite quickly, so we encourage anyone interested to come in very soon.”

For more information about the birds go to or visit the RSPCA Sydney Shelter at 201 Rookwood Rd, Yagoona.
17 Sep 13:00

Stat of the day: 1 in 6 Australians thinks “no” means “yes”

by Chloe

A new national study of over 17, 000 people found that 1 in 6 of my fellow Australians believes that, when it comes to sex, when women say “no,” they sometimes mean “yes.”

The numbers in this survey are really fucking grim, and what’s more depressing is that the views on sexual and domestic violence have barely shifted since the survey was last conducted, in 2009, or since it was first conducted, in 1995. You read that right: attitudes about intoxicated women being “partly responsible” when another adult makes the decision to rape them have not progressed in my home country in almost two decades. Get it together, Australia.

It gets worse:

  • Fewer than 10% of Australians believe that you can be raped by someone if you’re in a relationship with them.
  • Almost 40% of Australians agree with the statement, “a lot of times women who say there were raped led the man on and later had regrets.”
  • Only 9% believe that “a man is less responsible for rape if drunk/affected by drugs at the time.” To be clear: 9% of Australians think you should go easy on a guy if he rapes someone while intoxicated, but 16% think that it’s partly a woman’s fault if she’s raped while intoxicated.
  • 12% Australians – that’s more than 1 in 10 – believe that “if a woman goes into a room alone with a man at a party, it is her fault if she is raped.”

The survey also reveals that, across the board, since 2009, Australians have become more likely to hold sexist views about gender roles in the public sphere. Whether they’re asked about education (“university education is more important for a boy”) or the workforce (“when jobs are scarce, men have more right to a job than women”) or about politics (“men make better political leaders”), Australians are more likely to agree with those sexist-ass statements than they were four years ago.

The survey doesn’t account for why Australians have become more likely to endorse sexist ideas, particularly when it comes to women in government. But if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say that this is backlash against the short and tumultuous tenure of Julia Gillard, the nation’s first woman Prime Minister, who took office in 2010 and was ousted in 2013. You remember Julia Gillard – she’s the one who delivered this epic parliamentary smackdown about misogyny and sexism last year. You might want to watch it again, just to get you revved up and righteous on a sleepy Wednesday morning:

The misogyny that was unleashed in the wake of Gillard’s ouster of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and the barrage of sexist bullshit that was thrown at her while she was in office, was predictable, but it was still incredibly disheartening to witness. And it’s clear that that kind of media coverage both reflected and shaped public opinion about women in public life, such that Australians are now less likely than they were a few years ago to believe that women make good politicians (Australia’s current Foreign Minister is a woman, by the way).

Again, this survey doesn’t look at causation, so we’re left to speculate about why Australia seems to be slipping backwards. But I’d be willing to bet that Gillard’s less-than-smooth tenure has more than a little to do with it. As I wrote about “Prime Ministering while female” in 2012,

That Gillard has had a rocky run as PM is not in itself what concerns me. What concerns me is that, because she is Australia’s first woman PM, there is a risk that Gillard’s rocky run could make both parties, and the public, gun-shy on the question of voting for another woman as party leader or as PM.

This is not fair to Gillard, of course, but it is the burden that is borne by first-anythings and by tokens; they are taken as representative of an entire group. Just as Barack Obama’s performance as President carries extra weight and significance for the leadership prospects of African Americans, so does Julia Gillard run the risk of “ruining it” for any woman who comes after her. It’s an unfair burden – running a country is quite enough to be getting on with – but that is how these things tend to work.

It looks like that’s exactly how that worked. So right now, Australians are less likely to want women in government than they were five years ago, and 1 in 6 Australians believes it’s your fault if you’re raped while you’re drunk. It would be great if we had some more women in government to help make the kind of policy and cultural change that can eradicate beliefs like that. If only women didn’t make such terrible politicians, amirite?

Avatar ImageChloe Angyal came out of the womb opinionated.

17 Sep 15:00

GoFundMe bans abortion-related campaigns, is fine with supporting murderers

by Juliana

GoFundMe, the crowd-funding site that fundraised for Mike Brown’s murderer, has updated its guidelines to prohibit abortion-related campaigns, filed under GoFundMe’s headline “Termination of Life.”

This latest move seems to be in response to the widely-publicized efforts of an Illinois woman identified as “Bailey” to raise money for her abortion. Bailey had raised $1,000 of her $2,500 goal when her campaign was shut down by the site. Katie McDonough notes that Bailey’s was not the first campaign to raise money for an abortion but simply the most public and perhaps least apologetic.

“The tone of Bailey’s request was also markedly different than previous campaigns. ‘Aside from having no desire to raise a child, she is economically unstable and can barely afford to support herself, which means having enough money to pay rent, smoke cigarettes, drink rockstar, support her friends in prison, and if she’s really busted her ass, maybe go to a show or two,’ according to the (now deleted) campaign page.”

Bailey was raising money for a medical procedure, without apologies or excuses as to why she needed it. Her page attracted much attention, and GoFundMe quickly removed it, notifying her that the content of her fundraiser was not appropriate for the site. Less than a week later, the company announced that it would now prohibit any abortion-related campaigns. Today, Bailey still has not received the $1,000 she managed to raise before her campaign was shut down.

In the meantime, multiple anti-choice campaigns are still running on the site. Whether banning abortion in Alabama or campaigning to walk for the “preborn” or attempting to replace Planned Parenthood, GoFundMe has no problem funding the fight to end abortion access. Apparently, anti-choice efforts are no “related to” abortion.

In addition, GoFundMe users can still access the fundraising page of an actual killer — Darren Wilson, who shot Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. As of this post, the Support Officer Darren Wilson page is closed for donations after raising $235,475 for the officer’s legal fees. Considering that the site typically earns 5% of anything raised, it stands to gain about $11,000 from Wilson’s campaign. The site was also the platform of choice for the family of Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, the Oklahoma City police officer accused of raping seven African-American women. Their page was removed, but Darren Wilson’s supporters are still going strong.

Despite massive online pressure to remove the page – 100,0000 ColorofChange members have called on the company to return profits from the fundraiser – GoFundMe has not only left the page live, but has defended its existence. According to a statement from the site, “The content of the campaign itself is not in violation of GoFundMe’s terms of service.” Furthermore, “GoFundMe is an open technology platform that allows for the exchange of ideas and opinions within the bounds of our terms of service.”

I bet GoFundMe believes that it is doing its duty to protect both “unborn lives” and a valiant police officer’s innocence. But this kind of hypocrisy behind the guise of “pro-life” hides an agenda to protect a system of power where men’s freedom and white people’s lives matter more than those of women and people of color. It allows for the controlling of women’s bodies and the policing of communities of color, ultimately concentrating power in the hands of those doing the controlling, often white men.

In a society where GoFundMe’s approach seems logical, the NFL had to watch a tape of Ray Rice violently assaulting his now-wife before they took any real action against him. Daniel Ken Holtzclaw’s family was able to raise $7,000 for a man accused of raping and assaulting seven African-American women before being shut down and restricted to a Facebook fan page. Violence against real people is treated as “up for debate” while fetuses are used as an excuse to further control people’s lives.

It makes one wonder, would GoFundMe have allowed Bailey to fundraise to continue her pregnancy and raise her child if it had been born black?

If you’re angry like me, sign ColorofChange’s petition demanding that GoFundMe return all profits from Darren Wilson’s fundraiser, and NARAL’s petition to get abortion removed from the company’s list of banned content.


Juliana wants to do more. She wants GoFundMe to pay for this.

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Photos of the Day: 30 butts

by Maya
butt 2

(Photo credit: David Brandon Geeting)

You may have heard that the cultural authorities at Vogue have decided it’s the ”official era of the big booty.” You, like many on Black Twitter who quickly shot down that idea, may have been confused by the revelation that big booties are a recent invention. You may have been surprised to learn that a body part, which has come in all shapes and sizes since the beginning of humanity, could be a trend at all. 

Believing that all butts should be celebrated “all the time,” Refinery29 put together a slideshow of 30 unphotoshopped butts, along with some reflections from the women they belong to. (My favorite: “I have no comment about my butt.”) So there ya go–a refresher course on the great diversity of butts in the wild, which, given the culture we live in, you’d be forgiven for needing every now and again.

NSFW if you work at some awful butt-negative place.

13 Sep 17:10

Sokyo at The Star, Pyrmont [21]

by Susan Thye

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
My trip to Japan earlier this year just about ruined me. Leaving a land where every single piece of sushi was just perfection pretty much left me cynical and cold on the inside. But then came the most epic meal I’ve ever had in Sydney at Sokyo (Level G, The Darling at The Star, 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont)!

Helen and I chose to sit at the sushi bar so we could watch chef Chase Kojima work his magic. We start with a carafe of Bishonen “Beautiful Boy” sake ($21) which is smooth, fruity but not overly sweet and then the fireworks begin.

We begin with ruby red slices of Tuna with mountain potato, shiso leaf and umeboshi (pickled ume plum). The julienned mountain potato has a bit of a sticky mouthfeel but the sweetness of the umeboshi is perfect with the tuna. Hay smoked bonito with minced ginger and chives has a smoky meatiness to it which I loved. The Mackerel with chilli oil, soy and ginger is delicate and sings a zingy song to my tastebuds and the Alfonsino kinmedai is sweet with a delicate texture.

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
We are lucky to catch the truffle menu before it ended and just had to order the ChaseToroToro ($15/piece), bluefin tuna belly with white sea urchin, black truffle and wrapped in crisp seaweed. MIND BLOWN!!! Not to sound dirty but this was seriously the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. The buttery flavour of tuna with the briny goodness of sea urchin and the incredible aroma of truffles… be still my heart!

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
Short Rib Beef Skewers ($17) grilled Robata-style just melts in the mouth, the cubes of beef so freakishly tender with caramelised eschallots alternating in between to provide some crunch and relief from the richness.

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
Cuttlefish Tempura ($16) has an ethereally light batter and only needed the briefest of dips in the chilli, tarragon and ponzu sauce.

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
We are treated to an off the menu special of Scampi and Foie gras which was just bloody amazing. The scampi was lightly seared and wonderously sweet and the foie gras brought a level of rich umami happiness that had us closing our eyes in bliss. Paper thin slices of radish and apple refreshed the palate and I would’ve been happy if our meal ended there.

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
But it didn’t end because what did Chase have in store? TUNA! That there is part of the 133kg tuna he’d purchased that very morning!

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
He normally ages the tuna for a week but we are treated to slices of chutoro and kotoro. I’d not heard of kotoro before but Chase told us it was his favourite part of the tuna and we watched in awe as he carefully sliced away with such precision and scored the kotoro.

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
And then there was the Otoro which is the reason why life is worth living. Seriously just look at that beauty! The otoro is fatty and unctuous and just so damn perfect I could weep with joy.

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
Also from the truffle menu was the 150g Wagyu Oyster Blade ($62) with a marble score of +5. The medium rare slices of Wagyu are beautifully seared and served with a salad dressed with a black truffle champagne vinaigrette, a handful of crispy garlic chips and blanketed with black gold.

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
And then Chase came around and MADE IT RAIN TRUFFLES! YESSSSSSSS the fragrance! The heady aroma! Oh how life is grand!

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
We were starting to fill up but salmon is my favourite fish in all the lands (in case you’re interested, tuna is my next fave followed by butterfish and then cod) and so both fresh Salmon belly ($6 each) and Seared salmon nigiri were ordered and they were buttery, fatty and just glorious.

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
Helen chose to have her Scallop nigiri ($4.50 each) fresh but I have texture issues and wanted mine Scallop aburi (mmm burning).

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
I had reached explodey point but somehow found the room to fit in an Eel nigiri ($6). I loved the lime which awoke my food comatosed brain whose only thought was that it was eel-licious (hurhur sorrynotsorry).

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
Jean-Baptiste, the general manager of Sokyo swung by to have a chat and next thing we knew we are trying the most amazing sake- a 10 year old bottle of Dewazakura sake. It was smooth and ridiculously easy to drink. Too easy.

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
We’d decided we would share just one dessert buuuut out came a dessert platter ($26) and golly, what a dessert platter!

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
Donatsu are fat and fluffy donuts with a creamy pineapple mascarpone filling and a silky smooth creme fraiche ice cream.

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
The wedge of Tofu Cheesecake is a winner, tasting like sweet tofu-fa! I could’ve happily polished off an entire cheesecake :P

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
The Yuzu Souffle had quite an impressive height but uh by the time we took pics it deflated. My bad! But hey it was still tasty! The tangy yuzu was the perfect match with the accompanying creme fraiche ice cream and didn’t really need the cubes of passionfruit jelly.

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
Goma Street is a tower of dark chocolate discs with layers of caramelised white chocolate in between and knobbly chunks of black sesame crumble. It felt like such a crime smashing the tower! The black sesame ice cream is a perfect way to round off our meal.

Sokyo at The Star - Pyrmont
Like seriously guys, Sokyo is now my fave restaurant in Sydney! Obvs it’s not the place to come weekly unless you’re loaded but it’s definitely the place for a treat yo’self occasion.

ChocolateSuze dined at Sokyo with a $100 gift voucher that was used to partially fund the cost of this meal. The remainder was personally paid for

Sokyo on Urbanspoon

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Quote of the Day: Pastor explains that God created women to be “penis homes” for men

by Maya
This is a penis home. I am not a penis home.

This is a penis home. I am not a penis home.

Megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll, who was once a rock star in the evangelical world, has recently fallen from grace under accusations of plagiarism, abuse of power, and “spiritual bullying” with his ideological machismo. Much of the criticism stems from his anonymous rantings on a church message board in 2001 decrying how America has become a “pussified nation.”

Here are some of his musings on men, women, and penises

The first thing to know about your penis is, that despite the way it may see, it is not your penis. Ultimately, God created you and it is his penis. You are simply borrowing it for a while.

While His penis is on loan you must admit that it is sort of just hanging out there very lonely as if it needed a home, sort of like a man wondering the streets looking for a house to live in. Knowing that His penis would need a home, God created a woman to be your wife and when you marry her and look down you will notice that your wife is shaped differently than you and makes a very nice home.

Therefore, if you are single you must remember that your penis is homeless and needs a home. But, though you may believe your hand is shaped like a home, it is not. And, though women other than your wife may look like a home, to rest there would be breaking into another man’s home. And, if you look at a man it is quite obvious that what a homeless man does not need is another man without a home.

As Libby Anne at Love, Joy, Feminism writes, this is a rather, um, explicit way of articulating a fairly common idea in evangelical Christianity: Despite assurances that men and women are equal before God, it’s men who were the primary creation, and women were created to satisfy men — to be men’s “helpers” or “homes.” Gotta love that homophobic conclusion and, of course, the way that all women who aren’t your wife are considered other men’s literal property, which squares nicely with evangelical ideas about women’s purity. As Anne explains, “Every woman is some man’s future wife, and that man owns her body even before they meet.”

Driscoll goes on to say that a husband should learn to make his “home” happy and a wife should rejoice at seeing her husband’s penis “rise to greet her” (brb,  throwing up), but as Ann notes, “This sad attempt at mutuality fails when the one party is described as a penis home.”

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

13 Sep 15:30

Kefi Souvlaki Bar, Kingsgrove

by Helen (Grab Your Fork)
We've had bacon with pancakes and fried chicken with waffles, but what about a gyros with sausage, egg and... a syrup-soaked donut? It's the kind of madcap offering that puts a glint in the eye of David Tsirekas. The Greek chef - ex-Perama and ex-Xanthi - is back in the 'burbs and at the forefront of a gyros tidal wave that seems to be sweeping across Sydney. Pork souvlaki kalamaki on the
11 Sep 14:16

Missouri lawmaker sues to deny his daughters birth control access

by Maya

worlds best dad trophyMissouri lawmaker Paul Joseph Wieland has brought one of the many cases against Obamacare’s contraceptive coverage benefit. But he’s not doing so in his capacity as a state representative. Nope, he’s doing it as a concerned overbearing father. Irin Carmon reports:

One Missouri lawmaker has taken the fight against birth control coverage to a new and very personal place: His own daughters, two of whom are adults.

State Rep. Paul Joseph Wieland and his wife Teresa are suing the Obama administration over its minimum coverage requirements for health plans under the Affordable Care Act, which includes contraception. They say the government is forcing them to violate their religious beliefs because they have three daughters, ages 13, 18 and 19, who are on their parents’ plan and might get birth control at no additional cost.

The Wielands’ case was filed before Hobby Lobby, and they claim that ruling has strengthened their argument. Their lawyer explains, “The employees are to Hobby Lobby what the daughters are to Paul and Teresa Wieland.” Which means the employer-employee relationship is apparently a lot more paternalistic than I’d imagined or the parent-daughter relationship is a lot more contractual. Either way, I’m unclear on why the government’s job should be empowering people to enforce their beliefs on others rather than ensuring equal freedom and access under the law.

As one of the judges hearing the case points out, parents do actually have more power to control their children than their employees — which is unfortunate to those of us who believe even young people have a right to autonomy. While their children are minors, parents have a degree of legal control over their lives. (Often, as in the case of state laws requiring minors to get parental consent before having an abortion, concern for “parental rights” unjustly — and sometimes dangerously — trumps young people’s reproductive freedom.) And even when their kids are grown up, parents like the Wielands are perfectly free to set rules and expectations — backed by threats of grounding or pulling financial support or kicking them out of the house or whatever coercive means they can dream up to keep their grown-ass daughters from daring to join the legions of Americans using birth control. But apparently that’s not enough. As Irin notes, the Wielands “are asking the federal government to enforce their parental guidelines on their daughters.”

An odd request from someone representing a party that claims to believe in small government, wouldn’t you say? And given the Wielands have made their parenting a matter of public concern, I have no qualms about offering some advice: If you need the federal government to enforce your rules, I doubt you’ve imparted the values you had hoped to. But don’t worry — when your daughters start having sex, they’ll be able to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy. Thanks to Obamacare, no thanks to you.

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

13 Sep 04:21

A wander around Petersham.

by (Merlesworld)
Fergus Noodle

Merle came over

 On Friday my daughter was over my way so she came and collected me and we travelled on the train back to her place, she lives at Petersham only a couple of klms from the city, it's more compact than where I live but this is the area we lived in when she was a little girl, she went to primary school here, well close by, she always liked this area and wanted to buy a house here, so last year she and her partner bought one.  
On the way to her place I took some photos of things that caught my eye, I've always liked these one story cottages, they are small but usually go back a fair way bigger than you think.
 This is a corner house built right on the street maybe a shop in a past life.
 Weid fence this one.
 Cat's on the fence, wonder do the eyes glow at night.
 Most houses are very close together.
 I like the steps and front doors.

 Lots of large trees, the brick stack is straight maybe I was holding the camera at a bit of a angle.
 some old fashioned mansions

 and of course a hippy car

 I stayed the night and Angus went for his early morning walk then a game of  with my daughter, I think there are many holes in the ball but it still works.

 Then off for breakfast
 We all tucked into home made crumpets with honey and butter and very delicious pears, they were very good but very filling.
 This was painted on the brick wall across the street.
 Don't they look yummy
 Then off shopping I bought a new microwave.
 One morning last week it was a bit foggy but these colourful little fellows were having a good feed in my bottlebrush out the front.
There were 5 of them all chattering away quietly to each other, usually they are very noisy birds maybe the fog had quietened them down and it was very early in the morning.

This was as close as I came to getting a couple in a photo, if you look close there is another one in the top right hand corner.
10 Sep 22:30

Gilmore Girls Is Coming to Netflix Instant!

by Nate Jones

If you're out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold, we've got good news for you: All seven seasons of Gilmore Girls will be available on Netflix starting October 1. Start bingeing then, and you'll make it to the Yale years by Halloween.

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02 Sep 17:45

Izba Russian Sweets, Newtown

Fergus Noodle

Let us go to here!

I think that if you asked every baker how they came to love baking, you'll get as many stories as there are people. For 30 year old Russian born Olga Rogacheva, her start to baking is a less quixotic and more a practical one. In Yaroslavl where she and her family are from, she recalls growing up with memories of her mother queuing for hours.
09 Sep 03:54

A typical cow in the European Union receives a government subsidy of $2.20 a day. The cow earns...

A typical cow in the European Union receives a government subsidy of $2.20 a day. The cow earns more than 1.2 billion of the world’s poorest people. 

Farm subsidies gone wild: Cows in Europe earn more per day than 1.2 billion poor people