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19 Sep 23:00

Knitting Simulator 2014

by Andrew Salomone
Russian Sledges

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knitting-simulator-2Artist Kara Stone and graphic designer Gabby DeRienzo created a knitting simulator for knitting virtual sweaters!

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20 Sep 18:17

Basic crocheting for knitters: chain stitch (ch. st.), slip stitch (sl. st.) and single crochet (sc)

by TECHknitter
(Here's another post, half-written for years, which has kicked around my hard drive long enough.)
* * *
This post tackles the three most basic crochet stitches: chain stitch (ch. st), slip stitch (sl. st) and single crochet (sc).  All of these are of good use to knitters for edgings, drawstrings, fabric stabilization, seaming, attaching patch pockets and so on. If this subject interests you, sit tight, we're going for a ride--it's a long post with lots of illustrations.

Crocheted chain (chain stitch, abbreviated as "ch. st.")
A crocheted chain forms the basis of much crocheting.  On its own, it's useful too: crocheting the chain stitch is wonderful way to make a strong little cord, very good for drawstrings in knitted garments.  From the front, chain stitch looks just like a column of knitting.

What a crocheted chain looks like, as seen from the front

Chains traditionally begin with a slip knot. The easiest way to form one is to create a pretzel of yarn by lifting the ball end of the yarn over the tail end forming a loop, then draw the ball end under the entire loop just made, leaving the whole assembly very soft and loose, as shown below. Next, insert the crochet hook into the pretzel from upper R to lower L, so only the inner right leg of the pretzel is over the barrel of the hook.

set up to make a slip knot

Next, hold the yarn ends in one hand and the crochet hook in the other, then pull in opposite directions.  The left loop of the pretzel will snug up into a granny-knot made out of the tail end, and this knot will freely slide up and down the ball end of the yarn--voilà: a knot which slips, a slip-knot.  Leave the loop of the slip knot over the barrel of the hook.

finished slip knot over the barrel of the hook

Once you have a slip knot on your hook, trap the nub of the knot between your left thumb and left middle finger, then use your left forefinger to tension the running yarn in position above the loop (running yarn=yarn running out of the ball, ball end of the yarn) as shown below. Holding the hook in your right hand, reach up and grab the running yarn from UNDERNEATH, so that the running yarn winds around the crochet hook in the clockwise direction. With the lip of the hook facing you, slide the hook down along the running yarn until the lip of the hook is over the running yarn, then draw the loaded hook down, out of the slip knit, in the direction of the arrow, as shown.

set up to make the first chain

You will now find that the yarn you drew down out of the first loop has formed a new, second loop around your hook, as shown below.

first chain stitch made

Repeat the same yarn-winding action again and you will find a new loop is created each time you draw the hook through the loop.  This creates a chain of stitches--the chain stitch, shown below.  Note that when just about to work the chain stitch, there are two yarns over the hook: the just-made loop through which the hook is inserted (arrow #1) while the running yarn caught under the lip of the hook waiting to be drawn through (arrow #2) creates a second yarn over the hook-barrel.

crocheted chain closeup

The chain shown here is very loose.  In real life, however, you would snug up the loops as you make them, just as you would tension your yarn in knitting.

Slip stitch (sl. st.)
For knitters, chain stitch is handy for making cords.  However, its first cousin, slip stitch is much more versatile: imho it's the most useful crochet stitch a knitter can know. So useful and fundamental in fact, that even knitters who never held a crochet hook have almost certainly done the slip stitch. You see, structurally, the crocheted slip stitch is identical to the chain bind off. Yes, despite slip stitch being done with a hook and the chain bind off with knitting needle, they are the same exact stitch.

The slip stitch in crocheting differs from chain stitch in only one regard.  Whereas the chain is free-standing, slip stitch is worked attached to a previously created fabric. Like the chain stitch, slip stitch confers no particular height to the work. For height, more complicated crochet stitches such as single crochet, double crochet etc. must be used. Stated otherwise, although it is attached to a previously-made fabric, slip stitch more in the nature of a utility stitch: useful as an edging, fastening, or stabilizer.

Slip stitch always starts with a loop over the hook. In the illustration below, slip stitch is being made in a traditional manner: on a foundation row of chain stitch, and the existing loop comes from the last stitch of the previously-made chain (arrow #1). The hook is then inserted from front to back under the arm of the second chain from the end (arrow #2).  Once you have these two yarns laying over over the barrel of the crochet hook, use the hook to catch the running yarn "up from under," so it lays as shown below (arrow #3).

set up for first slip stitch
From the above set up, the slip stitch is worked by pulling the third yarn, which is the running yarn, through both other loops on the hook.  This starts the cycle over again, as shown below: one loop remains on the hook (arrow #1) The hook is again inserted from front to back through the arm of the next chain (arrow #2) then again catches the running yarn (arrow #3).  The second slip stitch is performed like the first, by pulling loop 3 through the other two.

first slip stitch made, set up for second one

first slip stitch made, set up for second oneAfter a making several stitches, you can see that the slip stitch looks very much like the chain stitch.  Aaaand, that's because it IS the chain stitch, with the added extra step of catching that attachment arm out of the fabric, before the running yarn is drawn through.  The "chainy" part is colored red.

slip stitch closeup
Here's the proof that the chain bind off and the slip stitch are identical: a closeup of the chain bind off at the top of a knitted fabric, also colored red, shows same structure as the slip stitch, above.  So, one immediate use of a crochet hook could be to speed up chain cast off by working with a crochet hook rather than knitting needles--the hook is substantially faster (so much faster that it's easy to get moving too fast and get too tight:  you have to really watch the tension). 

knitted chain bind off, closeup

Another common use for slip stitch is to stabilize a fabric.  So, when you slip stitch into a chain as shown in the slip stitch closeup, you get a double-sided, double thick chain (a good trick to thicken and strengthen a chain-stitch for high-use drawstrings).

Slip stitch can stabilize knit fabric, too. When used on knit fabric, slip stitch does not required a foundation row.  In  other words, no need to make a chain, just start right in slip stitching through the knit fabric.  Below is a closeup of the slip stitch through the middle of a fabric--in this case, used to stabilize the neckline of a garment which would otherwise sag.

slip stitching through knit fabric to stabilize a sweater neck

When working the slip stitch through the middle of a fabric, begin by deciding on which fabric face of the garment you want the pretty-looking "chained" part of the slip stitch to appear.  We'll call this fabric face the "front," because it will be facing you when working the slip stitch.  Note, however, that sometimes the pretty side might be what you normally think of as the back or inside fabric face of the garment.

In the example above, the fabric being stabilized is the back of a stockinette sweater with a fold-over collar. The outside of the neck is hidden under the collar, so the purled fabric inside of the sweater neck (which you might see at certain angles if the sweater is worn unbuttoned) is the pretty ("front") fabric face in this example.

To start the slip stitching, hold the yarn on the not-pretty side--the back side.  Insert the hook from the front to the back and draw up a loop.  Keeping the loop over the barrel of the hook, move the hook one stitch over, then insert the hook through the fabric again and draw up a second loop from the back.  Finish the slip stitch by drawing this second loop through the first.  For each slip stitch wanted, repeat the process. Finish by cutting the running yarn then pull the resulting tail through the last loop. Work this tail in as you would for a cut-end in knitting--skim it in (with a sewing needle or with a knit-picker on the fabric-back, or weave it in).

Slip stitch can also be used to stabilize the long edge of a fabric. Because there is already a TECHknitting post on this, the instructions are not repeated here, but here's a photo to show the idea. (Both the post and the below photo show a stabilizing slip stitch on a garter stitch edge--the long edge of garter stitch is especially prone to flaring--but slip stitching can be worked through any sort of knit fabric.)
slip stitching to stabilize a garter stitch edge*

Yet another common use for slip stitch is in seaming, to attach two pieces of knitting together.  This is done exactly the same as slip stitching to stabilize a long edge, the only difference being that you would hold the two pieces of knitting one behind the other and slip stitch through both at the same time, matching stitch for stitch.  The below schematic shows the idea, however, you must decide for yourself which column edge to work along: the schematic shows the hook inserted 1/2 column in from the edge, yet a loose fabric might require an entire column.

Inserting the hook for slip stitch seaming (note that, in this diagram, the purl fabric faces are intended to be the "public" side of the garment, as would be the case with a cable sweater worked on a reverse stockinette background, for example.  If the smooth stockinette side of the garment is to be the public side, then the fabrics would be held smooth-face-to-smooth-face in seaming.)

If you have a slipped selvedge, a very pretty effect can be obtained if you insert the hook through the inner loops on each fabric edge.  Where the outer loops are forced to the fabric surface, you get a very pretty line of V's down the seam line.

a slip-stitched seam on a slipped knitted selvedge. The photo shows how very pretty this seam is, but not the equally pretty "valley" which opens in the middle of this seam when the seam is stretched. It's a subtle touch, very professional looking, but impossible (for me, anyhow!) to photograph.*

When used for seaming, slip stitch can be easily removed if you find you've gotten off your stitch-for-stitch count, or if you find your tension is wrong. This is a huge advantage over picking out sewing, especially easier than picking out mattress stitch. On the downside, a slip-stitched seam is bulkier than a sewn one, yet even this disadvantage can be minimized by working the seam in a color-matched thin (sock) yarn, instead of the bulkier main garment yarn.

Attaching patch pockets on sweater fronts is another great use of slip stitch. Worked vertically, the "knit column" look of the slip stitch makes this blend right in, worked horizontally, the slip stitch looks like a particularly lovely stitch pick up and bind off.

Eliminating gaps on cables is a good trick too. You know that gap that forms behind a giant cable where the cable arms twist over one another? A line of discreet slip stitching right between the arms of the outermost cable columns will seal that gap forever.  The stitching will show on the inside, sure, but on the outside the addition of an extra column will never show, the little V's of the slip stitch simply disappear amongst the stockinette columns of the cables themselves.

Single crochet (sc)
In terms of progression and complication, slip stitch was "chain stitch plus:" chain stitch + attachment to fabric edge = slip stitch.  In this same way, single crochet is "slip stitch plus."  This time, the extra step involves making an extra loop with the hook before the final draw through: slip stitch + extra loop = single crochet. This extra loop adds height to the stitch. So, unlike (the very flat) slip stitch, it is perfectly possible to make a fabric in  single crochet.

Like slip stitch, single crochet traditionally begins on a chain foundation row. So, if this illustration looks familiar, that's because it's the exact same set up as for the slip stitch. However, this time, instead of pulling the running yarn (gray) through BOTH loops on the needle as for slip stitch, STOP when you've pulled the running yarn through only the FIRST loop, as shown below.
Set up for the sc.  This looks just like the set up for slip stitch, but to work the first step of the sc, STOP after pulling the running yarn through the first loop on the hook-barrel: the running yarn is not pulled through the second loop until the next step

The loop just made (gray) is over the barrel of the hook. Reload the hook: wrap the running yarn (which I've now colored red) around the barrel of the hook, slide the hook down along the running yarn until the running yarn is caught under the hook lip.  There will again be three yarns over the needle as shown below--the now-red running yarn, the gray loop previously made, and last on the needle, the loop from the original chain. Draw the red running yarn through both loops, in the direction of the blue arrow to make the first sc.

step 2 of the sc

The result (first finished sc) is as below.

first finished sc, worked on a chain stitch foundation

The cycle begins again by inserting the hook under the arm of the next foundation stitch and pulling a single loop through the arm only.

Work a several sc's and the structure becomes apparent--the top (red) loop looks just like a slip stitch (or a chain bind off, since those are the same thing) but the blue bar highlights the additional layer of (gray) loops.  These are the "extra step" loops--one per stitch--which make single crochet a taller (higher) fabric than slip stitch.

single crochet on a chain stitch foundation, closeup

Knitters commonly use single crochet as an edging on baby blankets, scarves and the like.   Below is a close-up of the look.

sc border worked on knitted (garter st) fabric

For this use, no need to have a foundation chain.  In other words, just as slip stitch can be worked directly through a knit fabric, so too with single crochet edging.  Begin by pulling the first loop through the knit fabric from back to front. * Retaining the loop on the hook, insert the hook into the next knit stitch and pull up a second loop. On these two loops, work the single crochet as shown above, second-to-last illustration. Repeat from * all the way around the blanket. A very neat finish can be worked the same way you'd bind off circular knits (the first method at the link would be the best one to use for sc).

Until the next post, good knitting (or should I say, crocheting?)

* The two photos with the asterisks (seam and stabilization photos) come from a TECHknitting Ravelry pattern for the Elizabeth Cap-- the slip stitch seam and edging help stabilize the cap's very stretchy garter stitch fabric.  If you go to the link, you'll see it works: some of caps shown with the pattern at the link had been regularly worn by the time they were photographed, but the slip stitching prevented stretching or sagging and kept them looking new.

This has been aTECHknitting blog post about crocheting for knitters, featuring chain stitch (ch. st.) slip stitch (sl st) and single crochet (sc).  Thanks for reading! 
11 Sep 14:00

I’m A Gamer

by Jaya Saxena

gamerrrsI’m a gamer. I’m really into games. I’m hardcore into tag.

I’m just saying that if a woman wants to play Heads Up Seven Up, she needs to understand Heads Up Seven Up culture.

What are you, some kind of fake Tiddlywinks girl? Get out of this forum.

I got into Pick-Up Sticks because women didn’t want to talk to me, and now they’re just pretending to be into it because it’s cool? I hate these bitches.

Only a SELECT MINORITY of jump ropers are harassing women, please don’t lump us all together.

Hundreds of millions of people play Capture the Flag. Here are 140 links to help you better understand the situation.

There are no women in Funnel ball. This is an egregious attack by feminist bullies on a game I’ve played for 20 years.

No one cares that you’re a girl playing Mumblety-peg, you just shouldn’t advertise that you’re a girl playing Mumblety-peg. People only specify “girl Mumblety-peg player” to get attention.

If Red Rover is as toxic to women as the SJWs are saying, how come 50% of Red Rover players are women?

Oh, so female Hopscotch players can demand all Hopscotch boards can be drawn with them in mind, with fucking PINK CHALK or something, but I call them out on it and I’m “cis male scum”? Reverse sexism.

If Musical Chairs actually catered to women they’d hate it because they wouldn’t get to play the victim anymore.

Misandry is going to create pro-male bias where it didn’t previously exist. Rock-Paper-Scissors players now have to act like gender warriors, when all they wanted to do was play Rock-Paper-Scissors in peace.

Feminists control everything. This just proves that we need a by-men-for-men Patty Cake community. We need to insulate ourselves against feminist lies…about Patty Cake.

Stop derailing the conversation. This isn’t about harassing women, but about exposing the nepotistic relationships between corrupt Hot Potato journalism and the Hot Potato developers.


Read more I’m A Gamer at The Toast.

18 Sep 05:37

Aurora over Maine

It has been a good week for auroras. It has been a good week for auroras.

19 Sep 20:41

Clemson Pulls Training Program That Asked Students About Sex Lives

by Eliana Dockterman

Clemson University suspended a controversial online course this week that was sent out to all students as a mandatory program at the beginning of the school year. The program, created by Campus Clarity for college and universities across the country, was designed to provide comprehensive training on sexual discrimination, harassment and assault, as well as address issues related to drugs and alcohol education. The university adopted the program in an effort to train students in Title IX, the federal law concerning gender discrimination in schools that has made headlines this past year as students have protested the way schools across the country handle cases of sexual assault. But students at the South Carolina school balked at some of the required questions that probed into the students sexual pasts, and the program was suspended Wednesday.

One question asked how many times students had had sex in the past three months and with how many different people. The program also asked students about drinking habits and whether they participated in Greek life or were a member of an athletic team. Students were told the answers would be anonymous but had to log in with their student IDs in order to complete the training.

“It’s not that I have an issue with being trained on Title IX,” one Clemson student told the blog Campus Reform. “I have an issue with the personal questions that are asked, and the fact that I’m told it’s anonymous, but it’s clearly linked to my name, and it’s obviously through a third party so not only is my information that I’m going to be filling out—incredibly personal information regarding my sex life that I have issues with speaking about—it’s not only going to the university, it’s going to a third party company that I don’t know.”

“Does the university need to know if I had oral or normal sex in the last three months after I’ve been drinking alcohol or using drugs recreationally or if I used a condom during?” another student complained. “They don’t need to know that for a gender equality questionnaire.”

Campus Clarity did not respond to requests for comment. But its privacy policy notes that student responses are not linked to their names or IDs.

The university said it had been assured all information would be kept private and thought gathering anonymous information from students would both help the administration determine how well it was dealing with safety issues and dispel misconceptions about behavior in the student population.”Specifically with questions related to alcohol, relationships and sex, [participants] would get real-time feedback about how aggregate peers would respond to similar questions,” Shannon Finning, Dean of Students at Clemson University, told TIME. “That really is critical… in terms of breaking down this stereotype or dangerous illusion that students often have that everyone else is doing certain activities.”

Research has shown that college students tend to vastly overestimate the number of their peers having casual sex or “hookups,” for example. A study at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln found that 90% of college students thought their peers were “hooking up” two or more times per school year, when in reality only 37% of students reported doing so.

Finning believes that seeing how other students responded will help students with making decision making processes. “How does my behavior compare with others? Maybe there are people making good decisions like me. Or, if I’m struggling with a decision, knowing there are others making different decisions, maybe I’ll have the courage to make an informed change,” she says.

The White House has recently put pressure on college and universities to conduct surveys to better understand how frequently students are experiencing sexual assault. But protests against the program Clemson used calls into question the best way to gather such information while respecting student privacy.

“Our student feedback from our new students who completed this program over the summer—over 6000 of them—was overwhelmingly positive,” Finning said.

Finning said Clemson is currently reviewing the program.


19 Sep 17:31

Jamie Bissonnette’s Top 5 Restaurants in Cambridge - Condé Nast Traveler

by russiansledges
Russian Sledges

spoilers: all the places I love, plus puritan, which I somehow haven't been to yet

James Beard Award-winning chef and recent author of The New Charcuterie Cookbook Jamie Bissonnette reveals the top places to eat in his favorite Boston neighborhood, Cambridge.
19 Sep 16:25

Ugly Custody Battle Over Ian McKellen Narrowly Avoided

Russian Sledges

via firehose

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND—Following Scotland’s referendum Thursday rejecting independence from the United Kingdom, sources confirmed that a protracted and ugly custody battle over celebrated actor Sir Ian McKellen had been narrowly avoided.

18 Sep 14:14

the-goddamazon: wise-barrel-maker: Why does Voldemort want to...

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Why does Voldemort want to rule over Panem’s lumber district?

Think about…wandmaking.

18 Sep 17:52

Nick Cave told Kylie Minogue to sing less - Yahoo New Zealand - Yahoo New Zealand Entertainment

by gguillotte
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via firehose

"OK, so he did kill me with a rock - but you know what I'm saying."

Reminiscing about their time together, Kylie is quoted by NME Magazine as saying: "When I first worked with Nick it was tender and genuine. And then I saw him perform and speed-read his biography, and I realised that the person I'm watching on stage singing, 'From Her To Eternity' is very different to my experience with him. OK, so he did kill me with a rock - but you know what I'm saying."
17 Sep 23:30

Airbnb To Start Collecting Hotel Tax On Rentals In San Francisco

by samzenpus
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via firehose

An anonymous reader writes Airbnb announced that it will begin collecting a 14% occupancy tax on behalf of its San Francisco hosts October 1. "This is the culmination of a long process that began earlier this year when we announced our intent to help collect and remit occupancy taxes in San Francisco," wrote Airbnb public policy leader David Owen. The company already collects taxes in Portland, and has discussed the possibility of collecting taxes in New York.

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Read more of this story at Slashdot.

16 Sep 18:50

Comstock Saloon rebuilds, looks to reopen Thursday

by Paolo Lucchesi
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Comstock Saloon car crash

car0916_ph2 CAR0916230.JPG car0916_ph1 CAR0916323.JPG CAR0916048.JPG car0916_ph3 CAR0916144.JPG Barbite24_comstock_ph3

In the wake of yesterday’s dramatic car crash, Comstock Saloon‘s owners and staffers are picking up the pieces to the back bar and dining room.

The good news is that Comstock Saloon is currently scheduled to reopen its front room and saloon area on Thursday evening at 4pm. The full dinner menu will be served, along with the usual selection of standout cocktails. Lunch will return the following day, Friday.

The damaged room, dubbed the Monkey Bar, will be boarded up and remain closed, probably about a month or so. It’s a tough break for Comstock Saloon, which just painstakingly remodeled the back room last winter. Now, owners Jonny Raglin and Jeff Hollinger will have to rebuild it. The return date is largely dependent on when they can procure the right materials and the contractors’ timeline, says Raglin.

Fortunately, Raglin says that insurance will cover most of the damage, but one customer did end up in the hospital for an extended visit with a fractured knee and lacerations. As it happens, that person is a fellow bartender, visiting from Rhode Island. Comstock was his first stop on his three-day trip.

Raglin contacted him this morning, and along with some other local bartenders, is helping to organize a casual fundraiser for their injured comrade at 15 Romolo tonight (9/16) tomorrow night (9/17) from 9pm to closing. Here’s hoping he’ll be able to make a return trip to San Francisco, and perhaps indulge in some less eventful libations.

· Previously: Car crashes into North Beach bar – 3 injured [San Francisco Chronicle]

Comstock Saloon: 155 Columbus Ave. (at Kearny Street) San Francisco. (415) 617-0071 or

18 Sep 23:34

Apple's "Warrant Canary" Has Died

by samzenpus
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via firehose writes When Apple published its first Transparency Report on government activity in late 2013, the document contained an important footnote that stated: "Apple has never received an order under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act. We would expect to challenge such an order if served on us." Now Jeff John Roberts writes at Gigaom that Apple's warrant canary has disappeared. A review of the company's last two Transparency Reports, covering the second half of 2013 and the first six months of 2014, shows that the "canary" language is no longer there suggesting that Apple is now part of FISA or PRISM proceedings. Warrant canaries are a tool used by companies and publishers to signify to their users that, so far, they have not been subject to a given type of law enforcement request such as a secret subpoena. If the canary disappears, then it is likely the situation has changed — and the company has been subject to such request. This may also give some insight into Apple's recent decision to rework its latest encryption in a way that makes it almost impossible for the company to turn over data from most iPhones or iPads to police.

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17 Sep 22:20

Berkeley warned of rampant Godzilla across the bay

by Tracey Taylor
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via overbey

we're okay

we were a block south of the power outage

godzilla sign fred werner

Photo: Fred Werner

Drivers and pedestrians on Panoramic Way in Berkeley did a double take a few days ago when a large mobile LED sign, usually reserved for imparting traffic alerts, instead informed them: “Godzilla rampant in SF.”

Fred Werner spotted the sign and shared a photograph of it with Berkeleyside. “Commuters beware!” he wrote. “This warning sign on Panoramic Way heralds danger across the Bay today.”

We posted the pic on our Facebook page on Sept. 11 where it found an appreciative audience. “Love it. Berkeley ROCKS,” wrote Fred Weissman. “Reference to Big Soda?” cracked David Weisz.(...)

Read the rest of Berkeley warned of rampant Godzilla across the bay (180 words)

By Tracey Taylor. | Permalink | 7 comments |
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16 Sep 16:56

World's most hipster cities: Top 5 -

by russiansledges
Russian Sledges

shared to incite fury and obvious corrections

Somerville is where hipsters live and hang out in The Hub. It has the college town’s best coffee and some of its best restaurants. With Boston’s quirkiest street festivals, Somerville always has something exciting and interesting happening. For a fun time, just head to Davis Square and take in the ridiculousness of the locals. To do: Drink coffee at True Grounds; brunch at Highland Cafe; visit during the Fluff Festival (every last Saturday of September)
17 Sep 04:06

giseducenter: This survey map of San Francisco in 1891 shows...

Russian Sledges

via firehose


This survey map of San Francisco in 1891 shows that while the city was growing on the eastern side of the peninsula, the western and southern sides were nearly empty. Source.

16 Sep 17:20

Slideshow: Best Cities For Millennials

Russian Sledges

more accurate than metro article

Best Cities For Millennials

12 Sep 13:00

Blog post: For God’s Sake, Stop Digitizing Paper

by Jill Hurst-Wahl
Russian Sledges

via firehose via A

In his blog post, Joshua Ranger argues that we should stop digitizing materials that are already in a stable format and turn out attention to those materials that are in an unstable format, like audio and video.  Ranger makes several interesting arguments, which are finding an audience that believe these arguments are worth making.  I suggest that you read his entire piece, then discuss this with your colleagues. Do you find merit in his arguments?  Are his priorities the ones that you are following?
16 Sep 13:47

The University of California’s English Broadside Ballad...

Russian Sledges

via firehose

The University of California’s English Broadside Ballad Archive is also a fantastic project, with a dedicated team making previously hard to find (on microfiche or in archive) broadsides available to everyone, and transcribed to modern eyes and ears.  Amazing.  What we have online is amazing.

16 Sep 02:21

Obama, a communist

Russian Sledges

via overbey

It just totally upsets me that Obama, a communist, made ObamaCare instead of making the Affordable Care Act.  That was a better idea.  He should have done that.  

16 Sep 14:25

Man Not Himself Until He Has So Much Coffee He Feels Like He’s Going To Die

VINELAND, NJ—Saying that he doesn’t function properly unless he’s completely jittery and suffering from nausea, local claims adjuster Spencer Howell told reporters Monday that he’s not his normal self until he has too many cups of ...

15 Sep 14:50

Night Of Uninterrupted Deep Sleep Really Throws Man’s Day Off

Russian Sledges

this is me, in california

HARRISBURG, PA—Feeling uncommonly alert and rested, local web designer Michael Schlesinger reported Monday that his entire workday had been thrown off after receiving eight hours of undisturbed sleep.

15 Sep 17:30

The Gothic Novel 1790 – 1830: Index to Motifs

by Lawrence Evalyn
Russian Sledges

in case you didn't know: I love indices

Lawrence Evalyn's last piece for The Toast was 100 Actual Titles of Real Eighteenth-Century Novels.

As a graduate student of specializing in eighteenth century British literature, I get to read some pretty amazing stuff. The following is a curated selection of actual entries in the index of Ann B. Tracy’s important reference text, The Gothic Novel, 1790-1830: Plot Summaries and Index to Motifs. Before the Victorians turned the Gothic into moor-stranded governesses and the brooding hunks who love them, the Gothic novel was characterized by:

baby swapping, 22, 33, 34, 45, 56, 113, 119, 154, 191.

Bible-reading, dangers of, 99, 128.

blood: alleged pool of, 53; baptism of infant in, 107; boiling, 158; bowl of, dipping daggers in, 116; cup of, in demon’s hand, 10; drinking, 59, 75, 102, 129, 187, 206; on face, from invisible hands, 108; of lover, on cudgel, 98; as noble adornment on scarf, 100; overflowing room, dream about, 137; as payment to witch, 10; spreading magically, 134.

bosom: bloodstained, 9, 90, 116; as distraction, 74, 99, 167; hag's naked, 75, 100; lover's severed heart placed on, 33; pawed by lecherous jailer, 75; viper in (figurative), 30, 35, 36, 46, 61, 71, 83, 108, 113, 168, 178, 183, 188, 194.

Read more The Gothic Novel 1790 – 1830: Index to Motifs at The Toast.

11 Sep 22:42


10 Sep 16:30

Get Murky with One-Woman Black Metal Outfit Myrkur’s Full EP Stream

by Vince Neilstein
Russian Sledges

via multitask suicide

It's alternatingly dark and light, it's haunting and it's beautiful, and it's generally everything you want black metal to be... yet Myrkur's angelic, almost Gregorian voice lends a touch of femininity.

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14 Sep 23:37

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Christina Hendricks in her 90s teen goth days

I know there’s plenty of people who want to smooch Joan Holloway, but I just wanna grab a coffee with Christina Hendricks and listen to some Sisters of Mercy.

i literally just yelled “i know you’re doing something but this is important” to get my housemate over to the computer so we could sit in front of this together and go “oh SHIT. what a look WHAT A LOOK STRONG YES STRONG LOOK YES”

I wanna take her to see Bauhaus and smoke cloves omg

Oh JESUS CHRIST Christina Hendricks, are you kidding me with this? Could you BE more perfect? Sigh.

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Republican group convinces 772,000 people to oppose “Internet regulation”

by Jon Brodkin
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A Republican advocacy group called "American Commitment" said today that 772,000 Americans have signed its petition asking the Federal Communications Commission to avoid "regulating the Internet"—a reference to the agency's current net neutrality proceeding.

"Regulating the Internet has always been a solution in search of a problem," says the petition, which is addressed to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. "By trying for a third time to regulate the Internet, the FCC is demonstrating that it is no longer acting in the interests of the American people. Instead of doing its real job—providing more spectrum for wireless users or deregulating wireline telephone service—it is trying to move backward in time to 1930s-era phone regulation. If the FCC drags 2014 technology back into 1930s regulations, the Internet will suffer, and so will the American people. Do not regulate the Internet."

The petition's website rotates through several pitches to make its case. One accuses the FCC of "usurping the legislative powers of the Congress by attempting to rewrite the laws passed by Congress." Signing the petition submits it as a comment to the FCC's net neutrality proceeding.

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Death Metal Angola - Movie Trailers - iTunes

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Death Metal Angola follows a loving Angolan couple, Sonia and Wilker, whose love for death metal music is bringing hope to the town and children of Huambo and Angola as a country. The devastating reality of Angola’s history of wars and civil unrest has left the country’s people torn, broken, and starving for something to give them peace. Sonia and Wilker’s dream to put on the first national rock festival ignites the emotions of the Angolan people, and helps them heal from the war-stricken path Angola has left behind. This engaging reality of Angola touches the heart of the viewer and sheds new light on a music genre that is not well understood.
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tinycartridge: Here’s Sherlock Holmes in the Great Ace...

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Here’s Sherlock Holmes in the Great Ace Attorney ⊟

The little girl is Capcom’s version of Watson, a pink-haired 8 year old. Don’t underestimate her, though — Iris Watson is a genius with a medical Ph.D., and the author of novel series The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

The 3DS game is set to release in Japan next spring. Thanks to Kotaku for posting these scans and details from the latest issue of Famitsu.

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Greg Reeves Talks Viale, Soon to Open in Central Square

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Joining the two in their “French and Italian-themed” concept will be bar manager Patrick Gaggiano, who recently left Brookline’s Fairsted Kitchen. Reeves says Gaggiano was an easy choice for Viale because of his cocktail knowledge and his reputation for warm hospitality. “Whether you want an egg in your drink or you just want to chill with a Bud Light, per se, he’s going to make you feel very comfortable,” Reeves says. “He has all the geeky beer and cocktail knowledge, but he also wants to establish a fun, no-pressure environment.”
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FAQ - The Confetti Bar

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Q: How do you make your confetti? A: All of our loose confetti is completely unique and handmixed. Making confetti usually involves lots of paper and an array of paper punches, rotary cutters, and/or die cutting machines in various shapes & sizes. While some of our metallic confetti is purchased in bulk, each type of confetti offered on our site is still carefully designed and hand-mixed.