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24 Nov 05:01

overthinking it

by Ian

overthinking it

21 Nov 16:00

Tested: The Show — Rebecca Watson on Women in Geek Culture

by Joey Fameli

A good little talk, which drew the morons in the Tested community out of the woodwork to comment about the awfulness of equality and girls touching their stuff. I am very politely making fun of them.

18 Nov 20:00

The Best Digital Kitchen Scale Today

by Christine Cyr Clisset, The Sweethome

These have gotten so cheap!

This post was done in partnership with The Sweethome, a list of the best gear for your home.Read the full article

If you need an all-purpose digital kitchen scale for baking, cooking by ratio, or even measuring beans to brew coffee, the Jennings CJ4000 ($26) combines some of the best features we’ve seen in a scale. It’s easy to use and store, comes with an AC adapter to save on batteries, and you can disable the auto-off function—so you can take your sweet time mixing or brewing. The Jennings costs only a few dollars more than a bare-bones model, but does something none of them can: it measures in half grams for even better precision.

How We Decided

We spent nearly 30 hours researching, interviewing experts, and testing digital kitchen scales over the last two years. Of the 45 models we’ve considered, the Jennings CJ4000 has proved the most versatile for a range of kitchen tasks and the best for most people.

Who should buy this?

Anyone who wants more consistent results from their baking, cooking, or coffee brewing should consider getting a kitchen scale. It’s far more accurate to weigh flour, diced vegetables, shredded cheese, or any number of ingredients than to cram them into a measuring cup or spoon. And since you can pour everything into one mixing bowl—subtracting cups and spoons from the equation—this type of cooking and baking cuts down significantly on dishes.

For precision coffee brewing, as with pour overs, a scale can help you get an accurate combination of beans and water every time. (If you’re into home espresso, see our other recommendations below for even more accurate pocket scales.)

Why we like Jennings CJ4000 above all else

With a capacity of .5 grams to 4000 grams (about 8.8 pounds), the Jennings scale is precise enough for pour overs, but can also handle big batches of dough. Many cooks and bakers may not need the .5 gram level of accuracy, but we like that the precision gives you options down the road.

When turned on, the scale defaults to the last unit measurement used. Simply press the “mode” button to switch between grams, ounces, pounds, and pieces (the counting function).

We also like that the Jennings comes with an AC adapter. (Most of the other models we tested only use batteries.) This conserves battery, and could save you an emergency trip to the store when the batteries have finally died.

The Jennings scale was one of a few we found where you can disable the auto-off function, so you can take as much time as you need to measure ingredients without the scale turning off. If this isn’t disabled, the scale turns off after only a minute and a half of inactivity.

We found the Jennings scale’s bright orange backlit screen, which stays on as long as the scale does, easy to read. We also like that the scale has a small footprint, making it convenient to store in a cupboard or drawer.

Overall, we think the Jennings CJ4000 offers a lot of value for a very reasonable price. It also comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Flaws (but not dealbreakers)

When testing with lab weights, the Jennings scale consistently read .5 g too high. The slight misread could prove problematic for some coffee people, but not a biggie for most bakers or cooks.

If using a big pot for mixing dough, it takes some maneuvering to see the screen. You definitely can’t see the measurement if using a sheet pan. Yet for most baking, cooking, and coffee tasks, we think the Jennings will work just fine.

If you bake in bulk

The $36 My Weigh KD8000 is a beast compared to the other scales we tested and only measures in full grams, but as with the Jennings scale, you can use an AC adapter, disable the auto-off function, and keep the backlight on as long as the scale. It’s a good choice for quantity baking, as it’ll weigh up to 17 pounds, 9 ounces. Just be aware it takes up quite a bit of counter space.

The best designed scale

The much sleeker OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale has an easier to read display, and the best overall design of all the scales we tested. But at $50 it’s relatively pricey and doesn’t function better than the Jennings CJ4000.

For extra precision

For weighing very small amounts very precisely—such as espresso, spices, or leaveners—we’d go with the $18 American Weigh 2KG pocket scale, which measures in .1 gram increments, or the American Weigh Signature Digital Pocket Scale ($8.50), which measures in .01 gram increments.

In Closing

Our favorite digital kitchen scale is the most versatile for a range of kitchen tasks, but some of our other picks have better designed features and even more precision. For most cooking, baking, and even coffee brewing, though, we’d buy the Jennings CJ4000.

This guide may have been updated. To see the current recommendationplease go to The

18 Nov 14:00

Interstellar SPOILERCAST - 11/18/2014

by Will Smith

I agree with Norm and Adam. Promising first act that just goes to shit.

Adam, Norm, and Will have mixed feeling about Interstellar, Christopher Nolan's latest project. Rest assured of one thing though, there will be spoilers aplenty. Enjoy!
19 Nov 19:00

In Brief: Stanley Kubrick's Boxes

by Norman Chan

I'm in a bit of a Kubrick kick lately. After visiting the Kubrick touring exhibit last year, I picked up several books related to the show--the companion book from the original Berlin exhibition, a book about artist Ken Adams' set designs for Kubrick's films, and most recently, Taschen publishing's massive tome celebrating and studying Kubrick's films. (So bummed I missed out on Taschen's $1,000 2001: A Space Odyssey book). A friend referred me to this 2004 article published in the Guardian about Kubrick's legendary personal archive of research and reference material stored in his Childwick estate, offering just a glimpse into the director's organizational obsessions. The story is republished at Cinephilia & Beyond, a website that I can't believe I've only heard about recently--you could spend hours here poring over essays about all aspects of filmmaking. Also embedded below is a 45 minute short documentary on Kubrick's archives.

Bonus: this supercut of Kubrick's use of the color red in film:

21 Nov 08:23

Detail from page 349 of Family Man. In other news: the comic has...


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21 Nov 00:00

AI-Box Experiment


This super-intelligent AI may actually be a cat.

I'm working to bring about a superintelligent AI that will eternally torment everyone who failed to make fun of the Roko's Basilisk people.
11 Nov 19:16

Omas Ogiva Alba, Behind the Scenes

by Brian Goulet

For them's that likes to know stuff about things.

  • (0:00) Intro
  • (0:29) Cotton resin seeds in raw form
  • (2:08) Piston/Clip installation
  • (3:52) Ebonite feed cutting and shaping
  • (6:00) Conclusion
Omas is an established pen company that does a great deal of hand work and craftsmanship to manufacture their pens. Luca Baglione, the Brand VP from Omas in Italy, was kind enough to shoot some footage of a few of the manufacturing processes for the new Omas Ogiva Alba and share it with me.

Check out here for my full introduction of the Ogiva Alba, and check it out on here.

What do you think?

Write On,
Brian Goulet

18 Nov 04:53

Properly Sourced


Everyone is made of meats.

sleep is dumb

Cats, amirite??

17 Nov 05:01

Not Sorry

by Ian

Not Sorry

07 Nov 02:43

2014 Ornament Giveaway

by ateliersisk

You should enter.

2014 Ornament Giveaway

Winner will be drawn on Twelfth Night (January 6th)

We’ve reached the fourth year of the Twelve Days of Christmas bas-relief ornament series. It couldn’t have been done without the support of many, especially with this year’s material learning curve for the Four Calling Birds and increased sales. To celebrate our growth and your support, this year’s giveaway prize is a set of any four (4) ornaments in the series. Thank you for a wonderful 2014!

14 Nov 04:07


14 Nov 00:00



I haven't been feeling xkcd for a while, but this one is pretty damn good.

Life goal #29 is to get enough of them rejected that I can publish a comparative analysis of the rejection letters.
12 Nov 19:00



Via Rosalind.

I love this forever.

12 Nov 00:00



If I could write javascript, I'd know what was going on.

12 Nov 08:19

Watch the ESA's Rosetta Probe Land on a Comet

by Will Smith

Includes link to livestream from the control room.

12 Nov 07:08

Bruce Campbell Will Star In Evil Dead Sequel TV Series. Hell. Yes.

Evil Dead is coming back in a big, big way, people. Original creators Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are joining forces to bring the gruesome horror franchise to Starz. And yes, this does mean that Bruce Campbell will return as the one and only Ash Williams.

Variety is reporting that the Evil Dead series is a go at Starz. The official name of the 10-episode series is Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

So where will we find Ash? Turns out he's "the stock boy, aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead." But there's no rest for the Deadites. A new undead evil is about to be unleashed, and Ash has to get his crap together to fight eit.

In an interview, the original film's director Raimi hinted at both the return of the chainsaw arm and the "boomstick." Good. No doubt this being on Starz, there will be plenty of pausing for undead sex. There was undead sex in the previous franchise, but thanks to Starz's lax TV guidelines and hungry-for-flesh audience, we suspect there will be a whole lot nudity and bright red blood for horror fans. Please just be good.

12 Nov 00:51



oh yea that feel gotta tell me mom some stuff oh boy

11 Nov 08:01

Fenrir the Wolfdragon

by Erika Moen

Weird Dildos. Do I really need to say "NSFW"?

So yeah, the type of silicone density and size of the Fenrir model I tried out weren’t quite right for me, but I do think this is still a well-made and attractive dildo. I’m totes up for trying out some different models till I find the dragon dick of my dreams!

If the Fenrir sounds interesting to you check it out here, bonus points if you read the silly mini story they add to their toy listings:

Whether you should buy in or not is up to you, but we whole heartily recommend trying a few of Bad Dragons toys, at the very least, just to say you have.

AND! I’m super delighted to announce that the Oh Joy Sex Toy BOOK RELEASE PARTY is happening December 7th from 7-9pm at the brand new She Bop located at 3213 SE Divsion, Portland. They’ll be selling my favorite toys for 10% off that night AND I’ll be giving away an exclusive print to anyone who buys anything in their store.


05 Nov 20:04

Jupiter 'shepherds' the asteroid belt, preventing the asteroids from falling into the sun or accreting into a new planet.


Via Laszlo. Green dots are Trojans.

10 Nov 07:47

Einstürzende Neubauten / Der Beginn des Weltkrieges 1914 (unter Zuhilfenahme eines Tierstimmenimitators)


Blixa is really weird, and a total goof.

Einstürzende Neubauten / Der Beginn des Weltkrieges 1914 (unter Zuhilfenahme eines Tierstimmenimitator) From the CD "Lament"
08 Nov 02:48

Einstürzende Neubauten / Hymnen


Deeply cutting.

Einstürzende Neubauten / Hymnen From the CD "Lament"
07 Nov 09:34

Patreon: Because November Isn't Busy Enough

by Christopher Wright

The goals that he produced are so, so great.

Things I did yesterday:

Why would I even think of doing this in November, you ask? Because when I make poor decisions, I make them enthusiastically.

05 Nov 18:17

I’m already wearing my winter nose.

I’m already wearing my winter nose.

07 Nov 05:49

A Retired Navy Officer’s Message to Liberals on the Eve of the GOP’s Big Mid-Term Win


Why Tuesday was shitty, but may not matter so much in the long run.

Republicans are poised to take the Senate tomorrow, and Democrats are terrified.

I’ve got hundreds of messages here, “Woe woe woe, what are we gonna do, Jim? It’s the end of the world!”

Folks, first of all, nothing’s won until the votes are counted.

And second, political polls don’t measure reality. That’s not their purpose. Polls, especially the ones pushed relentlessly by agenda driven organizations aren’t designed to reflect reality, instead they exist to shape reality by doing exactly what they are doing – i.e., creating a self-fulfilling prophecy through manipulation of your perception.

The bottom line here is this: if you think you’re defeated, if those polls make you think you’re defeated, you are.

If those polls and your sense of defeat coupled to voter intimidation and deliberate attempts at disenfranchisement keep you home tomorrow, then they’ve done exactly what they were designed to do, hand the Senate to Republicans.


If you already think you’re defeated, you are. Republicans will certainly hold the House tomorrow and they very well may take the Senate. That’s how it works. You win some. You lose some.

America lurches back and forth, left and right and left and right again, like a drunk staggering into the future. Sometimes your party and your ideology is going to win, sometimes it isn’t.  And it for damned sure won’t if you don’t get out there and vote for it.

But you know what’s going to happen if Republicans do take the Senate tomorrow?

Do you know what’s going to happen if Conservatives control both houses of Congress?


Absolutely nothing.

Literally nothing.  

That’s what will happen.

For the next two years.



So, if you think about it, in most regards, down here on the street, it’ll look pretty much the same as the last two years where Congress has accomplished … nothing. Oh, sure, the very first thing Republicans will do is attempt to repeal Obamacare. They have no choice. They’ll have to – they’ve painted themselves into a corner on it.

And so, the first order of business, right after they all make a big showing of swearing in their new majority by reciting the Constitution, will be a rushed bill through both chambers to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act.  It’s already written.

Republicans will pass a repeal in the House. They might even pass a repeal in the Senate by a simple majority vote, especially if Democrats continue to cravenly run away from the ACA instead of standing their ground and fighting. Instead of reminding Americans why we needed it in the first place and why the majority of Americans, including one hell of a lot of Republicans, benefit from the ACA every day – which is what Democrats should have been doing during their campaigns instead of pissing their pants.

Democrats should have stood with their president when it mattered, but of course they didn’t, they’re never any good in the clutch.


However, while getting a repeal through the House is likely a sure thing, getting it through the Senate isn’t.  Turnabout is fair play, right? Especially in Congress and Democrats can place secret holds and engage in filibusters same as Republicans. So getting that repeal through the Senate isn’t a certainty. But if the Democrats continue to crap out and Republicans do get their bill through, they won’t have anywhere near enough of a majority to override a presidential veto.

That’s right, veto.

See, the balance of power? Those constitutional checks and balances Republicans lately like to go on and on about? Well those cut both ways.

In order to get the president to sign a repeal, Republicans would have to actually put forth a serviceable replacement — Republicans would actually have come up with something that does what the ACA does, only better.

Republicans would actually have to create an act that provides access to affordable healthcare for millions of Americans, one that fixes the problems with Medicare and keeps it solvent, one that keeps all the many, many provisions of the ACA that Americans like and have gotten used over the last two years, and one that fixes all the myriad problems of the ACA.  Of course, they could have done that already. Conservatives could have participated in the process right from the start. Congress could have fixed the law, improved it, made it work better. But they didn’t. And they won’t now.

Republicans don’t care about healthcare, one way or the other. This isn’t about healthcare, affordable or otherwise. This is about beating Obama.

This is about putting the black man in the White House in his place once and for all.

So flush with victory, they’ll send a repeal to the president.

And he’ll veto it.

And why wouldn’t he?

No, really why wouldn’t he? He’s got nothing whatsoever to lose.

It’s not like Republicans would be offering to meet him halfway.

It’s not like spineless Democrats can’t abandon him any more than they already have.

It’s not like he’s running for reelection.

So, why would Barack Obama sign a repeal of his signature accomplishment?  UnlessRepublicans offered to replace it with something that’s actually better?

And really, the ACA sucks, so if Republicans came up with something better, well, shit, folks, how’s that bad for us?

But they won’t. Republicans can’t come up with anything better. They are pathologically, ideologically incapable of it. It’s just not in their nature. So they most certainly won’t.

And the president will veto their repeal.

And conservatives might hold both houses, but they won’t hold enough of a majority to override a veto. Not even close.

And there things will stop.

And nothing will happen.

So, naturally, the second thing the new Republican majority will do is attempt to impeach the president.

First they’ll threaten Obama with it, better bow down, admit defeat, boy, or else we’ll do it. We will. We mean it.

Forgetting, of course, that if the last five years have proven anything it’s that Obama isn’t much intimidated by conservative threats.

But Republicans, drunk with their new found power and utterly oblivious to the lessons of history will bluster and beat their fleshy chests and threaten impeachment based solely on the idea that being black and liberal in the White House constitutes “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Saner heads among them will caution that they don’t have a case, Constitution-wise, and perhaps sanity will even prevail. Perhaps.  But more likely, when the Republican congress figures out that they actually can’t push Obama around, that those checks and balances go both ways, well, then likely they’ll work themselves up into a suicidal frenzy of blood-maddened rage, and maybe, just maybe, they even go through with it.

They can certainly get the Articles of Impeachment through the House. They could do that right now. All it takes is a simple majority vote.

But the Senate? The Senate would actually have to try the president. Publicly.

The House can act like a lynch mob, sure. But the Senate? The Senate would have to present proof. Legal proof, the kind that stands up in court. They’d have to present facts, actual facts, not made up bullshit from Fox News and conspiracy theorists. They would have to provide actual evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors. Republicans have tried this before. This time? This time they don’t even have a blowjob to hang their case on.

So what it comes down to is this: No matter what, to remove Obama from office, Republicans would have to make their case and  get two thirds of the Senate to agree. On record. In front of the nation.

And that’s just not going to happen.

So they’ll do nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Because that’s their whole agenda. Repeal the ACA. Impeach Obama. And if that fails, as it inevitably must, then allow nothing to happen. That’s it. That’s all they’ve got. If you want to see what a Republican led majority looks like, look to the House. They can’t even agree on the stuff they agree on.


It’s not Democrats who keep throwing a monkey wrench into John Boehner’s machine, it’s Republicans.

And so what if they take the Senate?

Fix the debt? They won’t do that.

Balanced budget? They won’t do that. In fact, if history is any guide you’ll be lucky to see an unbalanced budget. More likely they’ll just shut the government down again, blame Obama, and go home.

Jobs bill? They won’t do that either. Minimum wage? Forget about it.

Immigration reform? Nope, they sure won’t do that. They won’t even “secure the border,” because that will cost hundreds of billions and require huge amounts of assets, organization, oversight, and a bigger government.  And they’ll need the cooperation of the president they just tried to impeach.


Energy policy? They won’t do that. Fixing America’s aging infrastructure? I wouldn’t hold your breath. Banking reform? Middle East policy? Action on climate change? Education? Gun violence? Tax reform? Trade?

Instead we’ll hear endless, endless debate over gay marriage and Benghazi and government overreach, but in the end they’ll do nothing and count it as a victory.

They’ll do nothing and count it as a victory because stopping Obama is all they care about.

Republicans have no big vision, they don’t even have a small vision.

They have no fresh ideas.

The GOP’s message is one of revenge and sullen resentment and fuck you I got mine and nothing more.

They’re on the wrong side of history and they’re going extinct and they know it and it makes them small and mean.

And the very best they can offer for the next two years is … nothing.

But if you want more than that, more than nothing, then shrug off your defeat and gather up your friends and all the like-minded Americans you can find and get your ass to the polls.

Sure it’s hard.

Sure it’s an uphill battle.

Sure the odds are stacked against you and the game is rigged.

So what?

If your vote didn’t matter, then these rotten sons of bitches wouldn’t be working so damned hard to take it away from you.

07 Nov 05:51



Click thru for rest

It goes without saying that the midterm elections were, by and large, a catastrophe for Democrats. They not only lost the Senate, which was expected, but they lost it by a much bigger margin than anybody had anticipated, which will make it harder for them to retake it in 2016. Just about every swing state went to the GOP, some by ridiculously huge margins. Barring something extraordinary, Mitch McConnell — who is more responsible than any other individual for the GOP’s obstructionism over the last six years — will now be majority leader of the Senate. And beyond the Senate, the GOP strengthened its hold on the House and won governorships in Florida, Kansas, Maryland, and Maine.

It sure all sounds like terrible news for progressives. But while this was definitely a bad night for the Democratic Party, it wasn’t actually as bad of a night for liberals as it might have seemed. Here’s why.

22 Jul 16:34

Straight lines...


Via A. Kackmar

03 Nov 03:21

Another Odd Couple


But in a really clean way.

04 Nov 09:39

Yaybahar by Görkem Şen


Via Mer on twitter.

04 Nov 05:01

Hidden Job Skills

by Ian

The middle panel is so perfect.

Hidden Job Skills