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28 Apr 10:00

Age Adjusted D-Dimer Testing

by Salim Rezaie

ThromboembolismD-dimer testing is sensitive for thrombus formation, and in patients who are not high risk, this test is used to rule-out venous thromboembolism. D-dimer has been shown to increase with age, which can cause a lower specificity (i.e. more false positive tests) in older patients.  Specificity can range from 49 – 67% in patients ≤ 50 years of age, but in older patients (i.e. ≥ 80 years of age) the specificity is quoted as 0 – 18%. The result of this is, older patients often have more diagnostic imaging, but a higher cut-off may lead to increased false negative cases (i.e. missed VTE) and make this strategy less safe. So could age adjusted d-dimer testing increase specificity without affecting sensitivity?

It is important to know what type of d-dimer assay you have at your institution and make sure that it correlates to the studies below.  Broadly, d-dimer testing can be described as quantitative tests (i.e. results expressed as a number), semi-quantitative, or qualitative (i.e. results expressed as positive or negative). More specifically there are 5 major types of d-dimer assays:

  1. DVT and PEEnzyme-Linked Immuosorbent Assay (ELISA)
  2. Latex Agglutination Assay
  3. Whole Blood assay (Simplired)
  4. Turbidimetric Assay
  5. Immunofiltration Assay

A nice review of some of the newer d-dimer tests can be found by Schutgens RE et al from 2003. Realize for the purpose of this post, we are specifically discussing quantitative d-dimer tests.

How do you perform age adjusted d-dimer testing?

  • The formula is: Age (years) x 10 ug/L for patients > 50 years of age
  • Example: Patient age 88 = age adjusted d-dimer of 880 ug/L

Where was age adjusted d-dimer testing derived and validated?

  • PE Derivation: [1]
    • Conclusion: Age adjusted d-dimer combined with clinical probability, greatly increased the proportion of older patients in whom PE could be safely excluded
  • PE Validation: [2]
    • Conclusion: Age-adjusted cut-off increased clinical usefulness of D-dimer in older patients
  • PE Validation: [3]
    • Conclusion: Irrespective of which clinical decision rule is used, age-adjusted d-dimer increases the number of patients > 50 years in whom PE can be safely excluded.
  • DVT Validation: [4]
    • Conclusion: Combination of low clinical probability of DVT, use of age dependent d-dimer cut-off value for patients > 50 years, DVT can be safely excluded, compared with the conventional cut-off value of 500 μg/L
  • DVT Validation: [5]
    • Conclusion: Age-adjusted d-dimer in combination with clinical probability greatly increases the proportion of older patients in whom DVT can be safely excluded 

Summary of Studies:  Age adjusted d-dimer testing appears to increase specificity in patients age >50 years, without affecting sensitivity

There has also been a systematic review [6] that looked to review the diagnostic accuracy of d-dimer testing in older patients (> 50 years) with suspected venous thromboembolism comparing conventional d-dimer testing with age adjusted d-dimer testing.

What they did:

  • Systematic review and meta-analysis
  • 12, 497 patients with non-high clinical probability for venous thromboembolism included
  • Comparison of conventional d-dimer vs age adjusted d-dimer


Type of D-Dimer
Age (years)
Pooled Sensitivity
Pooled Specificity
Conventional 51 - 60 100% 57.6%
Conventional 61 - 70 99.0% 39.4%
Conventional 71 - 80 98.7% 24.5%
Conventional >80 99.6% 14.7%
Age Adjusted 51 - 60 99.4% 62.3%
Age Adjusted 61 - 70 97.3% 49.5%
Age Adjusted 71 - 80 97.3% 44.2%
Age Adjusted >80 97.0% 35.2%

Conclusion: Age adjusted d-dimer testing increases specificity without modifying sensitivity in patients > 50 years of age.

What is the newest study to evaluate age adjusted d-dimer testing? [7] 

ThromboembolismThe ADJUST-PE Study

What they did:

  • Multicenter, prospective validation of diagnostic yield of age-adjusted d-dimer cutoffs
  • 19 centers in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland
  • 3346 Consecutive patients presenting to ED with clinically suspected PE
  • Applied either a revised Geneva score or a 2-level Wells score for PE followed by a high-sensitivity D-Dimer in non-high risk patients


  • Failure rate of diagnostic strategy (i.e. Thromboembolic events during 3 month follow up)


  • Prevalence of PE was 19% (Higher than North American studies)
  • 2898 patients had a low or unlikely clinical probability of PE
  • 3 month failure rate in patients with a d-dimer level < 500ug/L was 1/810 patients (0.1%)
  • 3 month failure rate in patients with a d-dimer level > 500 ug/L but below age-adjusted cutoff was 1/331 patients (0.3%)
  • 3 month failure rate in patients with a d-dimer level > age-adjusted cutoff was 7/1481 (0.5%)
  • In patients > 75 years with age-adjusted d-dimer level vs a 500 ug/L conventional cutoff, PE exclusion went from 6.4% to 29.7%, without additional false negatives…this is a 5-fold increase.
  • 1 in 16 would have PE ruled out with a conventional d-dimer cutoff, but 1 in 3.4 would have PE ruled out with age-adjusted d-dimer cutoffs, with no increase in missed VTE


  • 2 different pretest probability scores and 6 different d-dimer assays were used…cutoffs for different d-dimer assays vary from 200 – 500 ug/L
  • Not a randomized clinical control study, so there was no control group
  • 7 patients were deceased in the > 500 ug/L and < age adjusted cutoff d-dimer, but only one had an autopsy to confirm diagnosis, therefore hard to exclude PE as the cause of death
  • Prevalence of PE was higher than what is cited in most North American studies, but the same rate as European studies
  • Patient follow up was not with the gold standard CTPA

Conclusion: Compared to a fixed d-dimer cutoff of 500 ug/L, the combination of pretest probability assessment with age-adjusted D-dimer is associated with a larger number of patients in whom PE can be ruled out, without a decrease in missed PE

Important MessageTake Home Message

In patients > 50 years of age, using a clinical probability assessment plus an age adjusted d-dimer cutoff increases the number of patients that can be safely ruled out for PE/DVT. It is important to note that different hospitals will use different assays of d-dimer and so the age adjusted cutoff used in the above studies may not be the same as your institution.

Other people have also written about age adjusted d-dimer cutoffs, and for their thoughts checkout:



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06 Jun 21:00

Bane Cat Is Back, And This Time He’s Got Company [Video]

by Nicole Wakelin

bane cat

Previously, Bane Cat had tortured his owner enough that the evil cat had been put up for sale. Bane Cat did not approve. Now he’s back, still for sale, but with a plan for vengeance. He’s not alone this time, and that spells trouble for his poor owner. When cats team up, you don’t even stand a chance.

See the video after the break.

(Death and Taxes via The Mary Sue)

06 Jun 16:33

Simon’s Cat In “Pawtrait”

by Brinke

Someone else gets all the attention in this latest and greatest from Simon Tofield. A certain cat does not appreciate this, either.

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06 Jun 16:29

You’re Getting Old!, A Fascinating Website That Offers Facts and Statistics About Your Lifetime

by Rollin Bishop

You're Getting Old!

You’re Getting Old! is a fascinating website that offers facts and statistics relating to a person’s lifetime once their date of birth is entered. For example, someone born on February 25th, 1987 is currently 9,963 days old, and they were 13 when Wikipedia launched. The website also includes a pie chart featuring an approximation of how many people born on that date are currently alive versus dead as well as many more features.

Do you think time is catching up with you? Perhaps it’s already overtaken you and left you in the dust.
Do the years seem to be going ridiculously quickly now? There’s a reason for it. You’re getting old.

via I Love Charts

06 Jun 01:37

Happy (Late) First Baroo-Day, Lulu!

by Brinke

“This is our Alaskan Malamute, Lulu. (Her full name is Honolulu Lulu Surfer Queen. I named her after the Jan & Dean song, Honolulu Lulu!) Monday was her first birthday, so we celebrated with silly hats and pupcakes. Pardon the mess; we closed on our first house last week!

unnamed (1)

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05 Jun 17:24

Food Zombies, Reusable Plastic Toothpicks Shaped Like the Undead Emerging From Their Graves

by Brian Heater

Food Zombies

Brazilian product design firm Meninos has created Food Zombies, reusable plastic toothpicks designed to look like zombies emerging from their graves. The “party picks” come in packs of a dozen with six green and six gray brain-eaters.

Food Zombies

Food Zombies

images via Meninos

via Sweet Station, Who Killed Bambi

05 Jun 18:51

A Chart That Measures Human Life in Weeks

by EDW Lynch

Your Life in Weeks

What But Why has created a chart that depicts a 90-year human life in weeks. In addition to a blank chart, they made a chart that depicts the typical phases of an American life, and a chart of famous deaths. For anyone who would like to stare at the sum total of their life in poster form, the blank chart is available for purchase.

Your Life in Weeks

Your Life in Weeks

images via What But Why

via Visual News

05 Jun 18:53

BaneCat Returns in Episode 2 and Gains a New Evil Friend to Both Play and Joke Around With

by Justin Page

BaneCat returns in Episode 2 of the ongoing webseries of the same name by BloodBlitz of Robs Rants. In this devilishly good episode, BaneCat teams up with a new evil friend that he can both play and joke around with.

BaneCat Episode 2

03 Jun 17:30

Beautiful Carved and Painted Skull Art in Mother of Pearl

by EDW Lynch

Beautiful Carved and Painted Skull Art in Mother of Pearl

Artist Gregory Raymond Halili makes incredible skull art by hand carving and painting mother of pearl in oyster shells.

 Beautiful Carved and Painted Skull Art in Mother of Pearl

 Beautiful Carved and Painted Skull Art in Mother of Pearl

 Beautiful Carved and Painted Skull Art in Mother of Pearl

 Beautiful Carved and Painted Skull Art in Mother of Pearl

photos via Gregory Raymond Halili

via Moshita, Junk Culture

31 May 17:54

Fantastic Coral Reef Sculptures Made out of Household Objects

by EDW Lynch

Coral Reef Sculptures by Lynn Aldrich

Artist Lynn Aldrich has created a fantastic series of coral reef sculptures out of household objects like plungers, mop heads, and sponges. She has more sculpture work, much of which is made from found objects, on her website.

Coral Reef Sculptures by Lynn Aldrich

Coral Reef Sculptures by Lynn Aldrich

Coral Reef Sculptures by Lynn Aldrich

photos via Lynn Aldrich

via Junk Culture

30 May 16:32

Finnish Man Has An Incredibly Close Relationship With the Fully Grown Black Bears He Raised

by Lori Dorn

Sulo Karjalainen, the proprietor of Kuusamo Large Carnivore Centre in Kuusamo, Finland, has become locally famous as the “bearman” due to the incredibly close bond he has with the fully grown black bears that he raised from tiny cubs.

The 73-year-old runs Kuusamo Large Carnivore Centre with his brother Jalo, which has been home to more than 20 orphaned brown bears. After working on a research project studying Finnish carnivores, Sulo was asked if he would mind taking in some cubs. And over the years a deep bond has grown up between Sulo and his furry companions.

30 May 20:45

Bodyscapes, Black Light Body Art by John Poppleton

by EDW Lynch

Bodyscapes by John Poppleton

“Bodyscapes” is a body art series by artist John Poppleton that uses fluorescent pigment to paint landscapes on female models. He then photographs the models under UV light for the final fluorescent effect.

Bodyscapes by John Poppleton

Bodyscapes by John Poppleton

Bodyscapes by John Poppleton

Bodyscapes by John Poppleton

photos by John Poppleton

via Distractify, My Modern Metropolis

30 May 21:01

An Incredible Glowing Dress That Is Covered in Fiber Optic Filaments

by EDW Lynch


Instructables designer Natalie Walsh has created a stunning fiber optic dress that is covered in a free-flowing array of fiber optic filaments. She’s posted detailed instructions on how to make the dress on Instructables. We previously posted about her Disco Ball Helmet.




photos by audreyobscura

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

30 May 22:42

Colorful City Landmark Silhouette Illustrations by Yoni Alter

by EDW Lynch

Colorful City Landmark Silhouette Illustrations by Yoni Alter

Designer Yoni Alter has created a delightful print series in which he represents different cities around the world with overlapping silhouettes of their most famous landmarks. The illustrations are part of his series “Shapes of Cities.” Prints are available for purchase.

Colorful City Landmark Silhouette Illustrations by Yoni Alter

Colorful City Landmark Silhouette Illustrations by Yoni Alter

Colorful City Landmark Silhouette Illustrations by Yoni Alter

Colorful City Landmark Silhouette Illustrations by Yoni Alter

images by Yoni Alter

via Colossal

29 May 16:10

Inventor Shoots 12-Foot Flames From His Wrists with a Homemade X-Men Pyro Flamethrower

by Justin Page

British inventor Colin Furze heats things up as he shoots 12-foot flames from his wrists with a homemade X-Men Pyro flamethrower. Colin also made a 9-minute video tutorial that shows how he created the wrist-mounted flamethrower. We previously wrote about Colin’s homemade Wolverine claws and magnetic Magneto shoes.

music by March to the Grave – “BMX Haircut

29 May 20:41

An Interactive Infographic Showing the Global Migration of People Between 1990 and 2010

by EDW Lynch

The Global Flow of People
2005-2010. Image via Wittgenstein Centre

“The Global Flow of People” is a fascinating interactive infographic that visualizes human migration between world regions from 1990 to 2010. The visualization can be viewed in five year increments, which gives a sense of how population flows have changed in recent decades. The infographic was created by Nikola Sander, Guy J. Abel, and Ramon Bauer at the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital and was published back in March in Science magazine.

The Global Flow of People
1990-1995. Image via Wittgenstein Centre

via Boing Boing

29 May 21:37

An Adorable Plush Octopus Backpack

by EDW Lynch

An Adorable Plush Octopus Backpack

Artist Jennifer Mones recently made an adorable plush octopus backpack. Mones is also an illustrator in addition to her design work — her illustration work (some of which is also octopus-themed) is available for purchase.

An Adorable Plush Octopus Backpack

photos via Jennifer Mones

via Dragons, Doodles, and Doodads, Boing Boing

29 May 13:02

So Majestic

Ray tries to fly -

C’mon Benny, it’s your time to FLYYYYY…SHIT!

28 May 15:16

Lomo’Instant, An Instant Camera Featuring a Variety of Lenses

by Rollin Bishop

Lomo’Instant is an instant camera by Lomography featuring a built-in wide-angle lens with a fisheye lens and a portrait lens both available as attachments. The camera can take multiple exposures, long exposures, and can use color gels to infuse photos with color.

Lomography is currently raising funds via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the design and production of the Lomo’Instant.

Lomo'Instant Camera

Lomo'Instant Camera

Lomo'Instant Photo

photos via Lomography

via Lomography

28 May 06:00

Great Little Backyard Coop

by Ivory Soap

We’ve learned the hard way, that a “free range” chicken is pretty much a “dead” chicken.  Out of 15 chickens we’ve owned.  We have 4 left.  Four were predator deaths.  One was old age.  Six were killed by their own stupidity: hanging themselves on fences they couldn’t quite jump, ramming themselves under fences they couldn’t escape, chasing dogs, fighting goats for domination of the yard, etc.  So that, and the constant splats on the back porch convinced us to get a Precision Pet Products Hen House Chicken Coop.  We actually got ours on sale at Tractor Supply for under $200.

It assembled in under an hour.  However, don’t drag it across the concrete after you build it; the wood is soft.  See below.

IMG_1002Also notice the bricks under the coop.  The wood is SOFT, y’all.  So unless you’re yard is bone dry year round, you will need to put it up on something.   We built two brick outlines so we can hop it to the next square for scratching variety.  If you don’t toss straw in there, though, you would need to move it every few days.

Totally unnecessary is the Retractable Wheel Kit.  The whole thing is so light, my 8 and 10 year old can put it anywhere I want.  However, be it known that the ramp WILL pull away from the screws when you lift it (or roll it on that wheel set).  If you plan to move it often, do secure that ramp, bottom and top.  In the top picture, you can see that our ramp is gone.  We gave up reattaching it when we realized the chickens could just jump up there anyway.

Below you can see there are an assortment of doors on this contraption.  To the right is the “big door” that you can almost crawl into.  The window door is almost never used by us.  Under the window door is a tray that pulls out for easy cleaning.  The next box in the back has it’s own door and there’s a little door on the opposite end.  All that is super-convenient for cleaning and feeding.
Overall, we’ve been very pleased with the coop.  We’ve had it for months.  I would like to add on the Chicken Coop Extension Pen some day to give the girls more room.  (It seems too cramped in there for four chicks, but I’m sure they much prefer being ALIVE to having unlimited elbow room.)  That and there’s no ROOST.  Chickens want to sleep in tree branches.  This coop doesn’t come with a roost, but you can buy a Roosting Bar or just wedge a dowel in there.

27 May 20:38

Baby Elephant Gleefully Rolls In the Dirt Under His Mother’s Watchful Eye

by Lori Dorn

A baby elephant named Kyan, who lives at the Amersfoort Zoo in the Netherlands, gleefully rolls around in the dirt while remaining very much under his mother’s very watchful eye as shown in this 2013 video posted by elfje999.

via wykop, Daily Picks and Flicks

18 May 23:46

Soy Braised Onion

by Beyond Kimchee

This Soy Braised Onion was one of my childhood favorite side dishes. My mother often made it whenever she had too much onions in the kitchen.

You will only need onions, soy sauce and olive oil. I added a little Korean style corn syrup and sesame seeds for extra lust and nuttiness, but you can omit them. It is extremely simple to make and delicious to top a bowl of rice. Perfectly vegetarian and vegan worthy.


Soy Braised Onion

24 May 16:00

Morgan Freeman On Helium For Science [Video]

by Geek Girl Diva

morgan freeman helium

Morgan Freeman has an iconic voice, which is why this new season 5 promo for the Science Channel’s Through The Wormhole is so much fun.

Morgan Freeman on helium. Day = made.

Check it out after the break.

(via Laughing Squid)

06 May 19:15

Brannigan's Funklehorn

by Carl Turner

Brannigan's Funklehorn; horns to be added after firing.

08 May 19:00

This Geeky Woodblock Art Features Everyone From Darth Vader To Lemongrab

by Amy Ratcliffe

geeky woodcut print 1

Carving out a woodblock to make prints isn’t a simple task, but artist Brian Reedy has mastered the skill. In his Etsy shop Woodcut Emporium, he offers incredibly detailed prints made from his woodblocks and they feature the likes of Darth Vader, Thor, Godzilla, and Lemongrab. The images are stamped onto rice paper, and they look unbelievably cool!

See more of the neat art after the break.

geeky woodcut print 2

geeky woodcut print 3

geeky woodcut print 4

geeky woodcut print 5

geeky woodcut print 8

geeky woodcut print 7

geeky woodcut print 6

geeky woodcut print 9

geeky woodcut print 10

Product Page ($10 and up via Geek Tyrant and Technabob)

07 May 20:00

More Awesome Nerdy Carved Crayons By Hoang Tran

by Amy Ratcliffe

carved crayons 1

Many people use crayons to color art, but Hoang Tran turns the tools into art. We’ve seen his incredible crayon carvings of the house sigils from Game of Thrones, but he’s posted plenty of other colorful art online. His latest batch of crayon sculptures features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Han Solo, Hello Kitty, Captain America, and more.

You can buy crayons and glass tubes for displaying them in his Etsy shop, Wax Nostalgic. The miniature pieces of art start at $32.

See more of Tran’s work after the break.

carved crayons 2

carved crayons 6

carved crayons 3

carved crayons 4

carved crayons 5

carved crayons 7

carved crayons 8

(MMM via GoA)

30 Apr 13:00

April Tidbits

by Cake 'n' Knife

photo 2

1. Vegas still overwhelms me… So many lights!! Oh and I got to drink soup from a chicken foot cup!

2. I secretly wish I was an amazing guitarist at times. After watching this, I know that will never happen…

3. I would eat every single one of these chicken and waffle concoctions. Every. Single. One.

4. Ummmmm this pavlova?? GAH, someone please deliver me one right now.

5. I just love Ellen. She rocks and this is only 1 of the thousands of examples.

6. This read on how Wikipedia could be so much more fun is SO TRUE. Conference calls? LOL yes, every single time yes.

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29 Apr 14:06

Well, It Has To Be A Squnk

by Brinke

(Squirrel + Skunk = Squnk. Isn’t that the right spelling? Who knows, we’re makin’ this stuff up as we go.)

Ever seen anyone like thees? This little girl/guy was spotted in San Jose CA., and she’s/he’s called a “Piebald” sqwerl. Ah, let’s trot out The Big W for that one.

A Piebald or Pied Animal is one that has a spotting pattern of large unpigmented, usually white, areas of hair, feathers, or scales and normally pigmented patches, generally black. The colour of the animal’s skin underneath its coat is also pigmented under the dark patches and unpigmented under the white patches. Animals with this pattern may include horses, dogs, birds, cats, pigs, and cattle, as well as snakes such as the ball python. [+ SQUIRRELS. -Ed.]





Photos by the San Francisco Globe.

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22 Apr 17:07

Well, U Don’t Have To Be So Piggy About It

by Brinke

These little guys can really pack it in. But where are the little tiny Hamster Napkins to wipe off their lil’ Hamster Moufs? Just sayin.’

From DP&F.

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22 Apr 14:00

Science Makes Balloons Do Crazy Things In A Minivan [Video]

by Nicole Wakelin


It’s something special when a guy can use the most mundane of everyday objects to effectively explain something as complex as fluid dynamics. That’s exactly what Destin does in his Smarter Every Day series, and in this video he uses a minivan, a balloon, and his adorable kids in his demonstration.

It seems like a simple question. Which direction will the balloon tethered to the floor of the minivan move when Destin accelerates? You likely have an answer in your head and that answer is likely wrong. Watch as Destin explains the science behind it all in the video after the break…

(via io9)