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Isn’t That Purdey?

by Jake Gallagher


“The taste level for tweed is like art.”

Purdey creative lead, Peter Sant has been walking me through the brand’s mammoth collections and he has just arrived at the tweeds. As we reach this section, Peter’s smile grows a bit wider, and his hands shuffle excitedly between the burly sport coats that define this particular offering. Based on this enthusiasm, there’s no question that this is Peter’s favorite section in Purdey’s latest assortment, but he’d never say that himself. Peter would probably say that he has an equal amount of love for every piece of the Purdey line. I can’t blame him, I mean, what’s not to love?

Since joining Purdey a year ago, Sant has taken a concerted effort to focus on the stories behind the brand’s complex, yet complimentary collection of items. He excitedly tells me tales of four-ply knitwear from Hawick, a Scottish border town, of an Irishman who hand carves sticks (or canes as they’re known here in the states) only producing one every day or so, and of gorgeous cartridge bags, which are hand-sewn by a retired saddle maker.


As a brand, Purdey encompasses a lifestyle, one that is aspirational no doubt, but one that is also reverential. Purdey’s legacy as a gunmaker and hunting brand is never far from their clothing collections. These are the three piece suits, and Danite soled shoes that embody the “classic English country look,” only now Purdey has updated them for everyday life. There’s no reason you couldn’t wear one of their 14 ounce tweed gamekeeper’s coats for your daily subway commute, or toss a peasant patterned pocket square in a patch-pocket sport coat, or for that matter convert one of the aforementioned cartridge bags into a daily carryall. Just make sure you leave all of the actual cartridges at home. —JG






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6 Sheet To The Wind

I blame Film Art Gallery for one of the roughest days of shooting in a while. While I should've been getting some much needed sleep in a hotel in Northern California, I lay awake, on my phone, scrolling through every page of vintage film posters for hours. As soon as I was back in LA, I made an appointment with the small showroom and blew every dollar I had made on the shoot the week before. If you're in LA, I highly recommend dropping in and blowing a pay check or two. Or just be lazy, lay on your bed in your hotel room, don't sleep, and order online.

14 Feb 11:00

Through The Cracks

I'm a film nerd. Evidence of such is littered throughout the pages of ATG, and I don't apologize for it. I wouldn't call myself a film snob, or elitist though... I celebrate the Fast And Furious franchise as passionately as the collective work of Scorsese... I don't apologize for this either. Every now and again I see a film that is perfect for me. I'm not saying it's perfect in the grand scheme of things, but perfect for me. So far Andrew Dominik is responsible for two such films -- The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford ('07), and Killing Them Softly('12). Both seemed to have avoided the "mainstream" of pop culture, and it's too damn bad. Although Dominik used different DPs on either, both in terms of cinematography, are perfect. Here is a pretty amazing article from The American Society Of Cinematographers on the production of Killing Them Softly. And if you haven't seen the film, kick your own ass, then go scoop it on iTunes.

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Alex John Beck for "I Like My Style"

by sensis
Alex John Beck for "I Like My Style"
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snowce: Daido Moriyama


Daido Moriyama

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281320 by Tienlee

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The English Language Ain't What It Used To Be

by Laura Vitto

Remember when a "friend" was someone you called on the phone or maybe even someone you spoke to in person? No? Yeah, neither do we.

In this Sunday comic, Maria Scrivan illustrates how language has changed in the digital age. Spoiler: It hasn't necessarily been for the better.


Comic written and illustrated by Maria Scrivan. Published with permission; all rights reserved. Read more...

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erichcanvogue: casimir-perier: Jeune étudiant de profil Henri...


casimir-perier: Jeune étudiant de profil Henri Matisse

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by rsklyar
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allthingseurope: Library of Strahov Monastery, Prague (by...


Library of Strahov Monastery, Prague (by Michael Langille)

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Posters with cars from movies by Jesús Prudencio

by Boogie nuggets

pfc1 Posters with cars from movies by Jesús Prudencio

Colourful posters with cars from movies by spanish designer Jesús Prudencio.

pfc2 Posters with cars from movies by Jesús Prudencio

pfc31 Posters with cars from movies by Jesús Prudencio


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‘Resume Baker’ Custom Resume Design Giveaway: Make Youre Resume Stand Out!

09 Aug 21:06


by thaeger

two middlefinger Sometimes...
Sometimes two middlfingers are not enough” poster design by Andy Thaeger.
More here.

‘Resume Baker’ Custom Resume Design Giveaway: Make Youre Resume Stand Out!

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by pelayorodriguez perez

tumblr mqcfdqyspq1sp3azwo1 500 POOL PARTY !


‘Resume Baker’ Custom Resume Design Giveaway: Make Youre Resume Stand Out!

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Art by Pen-Tacular-Artist

by sensis
Art by Pen-Tacular-Artist
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The “paradox” is only a conflict between reality and your feeling... - but does it float

by atleykins
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