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15 Jul 13:19

Marion Luttenberger’s Handcrafted Typography

by Cyril Foiret

Austrian artist Marion Luttenberger created manually a series of fonts with diverse materials such as food, paper, artificial fur or water drops. She then photographed her projects resulting in this original typographic work.(...) Read More about Marion Luttenberger’s Handcrafted Typography (7 words)

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10 Jun 05:21

Bunny enjoys a good bath

by (biotv)
Cloody the rabbit gets so relaxed during his bath time that he even falls asleep at one point.

14 May 20:15

The Lost 1926 “Gatsby” Movie

by Richard Brody

A word from the corridor. I mentioned to my colleague Joshua Rothman—who writes in insightful praise of what he calls Baz Luhrmann’s “theme-park ride” transformation of “Gatsby”—that the version of the film that gets the party scenes right is the lost 1926 version, of which only this trailer has survived. He replied that he hadn’t seen it and had the good suggestion that I discuss the lost “Gatsby” here. more