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Цитата #431233

xxx: Кошка в доме - это не только мимими и сеансы расслаблющего мурчания, но еще и, внезапно, с трудом приволоченная в дом огромная треска, добытая на соседском балконе
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November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, geeks!
26 Nov 21:16

Jackie Chan Discs Help Boost Solar Panel Efficiency

by samzenpus
wbr1 writes Apparently the pit pattern on a blu-ray disk is great at helping trap photons, rather than reflecting them. Applying this pattern to the glass in a solar panel can boost efficiency by 22%. Researchers at Northwestern tested this system with Jackie Chan discs. From the article: "To increase the efficiency of a solar panel by 22%, the researchers at Northwestern bought a copy of Police Story 3: Supercop on Blu-ray; removed the top plastic layer, exposing the recording medium beneath; cast a mold of the quasi-random pattern; and then used the mold to create a photovoltaic cell with the same pattern....The end result is a solar panel that has a quantum efficiency of around 40% — up about 22% from the non-patterned solar panel."

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by Reza


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Controlled Synthesis of Ordered Mesoporous Carbohydrate-Derived Carbons with Flower-like Structure and N-Doping by Self-Transformation

by Shiping Wang, Chuanlong Han, Jing Wang, Jiang Deng, Minglei Zhu, Jia Yao, Haoran Li and Yong Wang

TOC Graphic

Chemistry of Materials
DOI: 10.1021/cm503669v
26 Nov 15:49

Disodium Edetate As a Promising Interfacial Material for Inverted Organic Solar Cells and the Device Performance Optimization

by Xiaodong Li, Wenjun Zhang, Xueyan Wang, Feng Gao and Junfeng Fang

TOC Graphic

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
DOI: 10.1021/am5044278
26 Nov 06:46

Цитата #431205

- Компьютер мой где? У кота уже ломки!
- У кого? У кота? - уточняю.
- Дааа! Я за столом работаю, а он у меня на коленях сидит. Лапочки передние на стол положит и сидит у меня на коленях. Второй день к столу подводит и мяукает - садись, давай. Я ему: нету компьютера, нету. А он: всё равно садись.
26 Nov 05:03

Large-Scale Production of Graphene Nanoribbons from Electrospun Polymers

by Nan Liu, Kwanpyo Kim, Po-Chun Hsu, Anatoliy N. Sokolov, Fung Ling Yap, Hongtao Yuan, Yanwu Xie, Hao Yan, Yi Cui, Harold Y. Hwang and Zhenan Bao

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/ja509871n
25 Nov 23:36

Richard Scarry's Busy Town in the 21st Century

by Ruben Bolling

Follow @RubenBolling on Twitter and Facebook.

And "prove your virtue"* by joining the Tom the Dancing Bug subscription service, the INNER HIVE! "You'll feel good!"*


*Disclosure: these quotes actually apply to NPR pledges. (more…)

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drakefromthe6ix: IM IN TEARS REALSHIT #JusticeForMikeBrown



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Increased short circuit current in an azafullerene-based organic solar cell

Chem. Commun., 2014, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C4CC08094G, Communication
Werther Cambarau, Urs Fabian Fritze, Aurelien Viterisi, Emilio J. Palomares, Max von Delius
We report the synthesis of a solution-processable, dodecyloxyphenyl-substituted azafullerene monoadduct (DPC59N) and its application as electron acceptor in bulk heterojunction organic solar cells (BHJ-OSCs). Due to its relatively strong absorption...
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25 Nov 19:40

Upper Limit of Nitrogen Content in Carbon Materials

by Shiguo Zhang, Seiji Tsuzuki, Kazuhide Ueno, Kaoru Dokko, Masayoshi Watanabe


Nitrogen-doped carbon materials (NDCs) play an important role in various fields. A great deal of effort has been devoted to obtaining carbon materials with a high nitrogen content; however, much is still unknown about the structure of the nitrogen-doped materials and the maximum nitrogen content possible for such compounds. Here, we demonstrate an interesting relationship between the N/C molar ratio and the N content of NDCs. The upper limit for the nitrogen content of NDCs that might be achieved was estimated and found to strongly depend on the carbonization temperature (14.32 wt % at 1000 °C and 21.66 wt % at 900 °C), irrespective of the precursor or preparation conditions. Simulations suggest that, especially in the carbon architectures obtained at high temperatures, nitrogen atoms are always located on separate hexagon moieties in a graphitic configuration, thereby yielding a critical N/C molar ratio very close to the value estimated from the experimental results.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Doping control: The relationship between the nitrogen/carbon molar ratio and nitrogen content in nitrogen-doped carbon materials (NDCs) has been found to depend only on the carbonization temperature, being irrespective of the precursor, carbon type, and preparation conditions. The upper limit for the nitrogen content was explained by an energetically favorable graphitic N-doping configuration.

25 Nov 19:40

Gold-Catalyzed Oxidative Ring Expansion of 2-Alkynyl-1,2-Dihydropyridines or -quinolines: Highly Efficient Synthesis of Functionalized Azepine or Benzazepine Scaffolds

by Ming Chen, Yifeng Chen, Ning Sun, Jidong Zhao, Yuanhong Liu, Yuxue Li


A gold-catalyzed highly regio- and chemoselective oxidative ring expansion of 2-alkynyl-1,2-dihydropyridines and its analogues using pyridine-N-oxide as the oxidant has been developed. Ring expansion proceeds through exclusive 1,2-migration of a vinyl or phenyl group, whereas no 1,2-H and 1,2-N migration take place. The reaction provides an efficient and attractive route to various types of medium-sized azepine derivatives in generally high to excellent yields with a broad functional group tolerance. DFT studies indicate that the reaction proceeds through the formation of a cyclopropyl gold intermediate, and no gold carbene species is involved.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Ring expansion: A gold-catalyzed highly regio- and chemoselective oxidative ring expansion of 2-alkynyl-1,2-dihydropyridine and its analogues was achieved using pyridine-N-oxide as the oxidant. Thereby, medium-sized azepine derivative can be obtained with a broad functional group tolerance. DFT studies indicate that the reaction proceeds through the formation of a cyclopropyl gold intermediate.

25 Nov 19:23

Copper-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidative Transformation of Ketone-Derived N-Tosyl Hydrazones: An Entry to Alkynes

by Xianwei Li, Xiaohang Liu, Huoji Chen, Wanqing Wu, Chaorong Qi, Huanfeng Jiang


A novel strategy involving Cu-catalyzed oxidative transformation of ketone-derived hydrazone moiety to various synthetic valuable internal alkynes and diynes has been developed. This method features inexpensive metal catalyst, green oxidant, good functional group tolerance, high regioselectivity and readily available starting materials. Oxidative deprotonation reactions were carried out to form internal alkynes and symmetrical diynes. Cross-coupling reactions of hydrazones with halides and terminal alkynes were performed to afford functionalized alkynes and unsymmetrical conjugated diynes. A mechanism proceeding through a Cu-carbene intermediate is proposed for the C[BOND]C triple bond formation.

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

The ynes: The title reaction leads to synthetically valuable internal alkynes and diynes. This method features an inexpensive catalyst, O2 as the oxidant, good functional-group tolerance, high regioselectivity, and readily available starting materials. DABCO=1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane, Ts=4-toluenesulfonyl.

25 Nov 18:54

The Schizophrenic Programmer Who Built an OS To Talk To God

by Soulskill
rossgneumann writes: Terry Davis, a schizophrenic programmer, has spent 10 years building an operating system to talk to God. He's done this work because God told him to. According to the TempleOS charter, it is "God's official temple. Just like Solomon's temple, this is a community focal point where offerings are made and God's oracle is consulted." [The TempleOS V2.17 welcome screen] greets the user with a riot of 16-color, scrolling, blinking text; depending on your frame of reference, it might recall DESQview, the Commodore 64, or a host of early DOS-based graphical user interfaces. In style if not in specifics, it evokes a particular era, a time when the then-new concept of "personal computing" necessarily meant programming and tinkering and breaking things.

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teabq: socialworkgradstudents: missknotty: gameofreferences: ...





Michele Carragher, the head embroider on Game of Thrones, made this awesome tutorial to show how she created the dragonscale fabric that appears on several of Daenarys’ costumes in S3 and S4.

Ms. Carragher says that the dragonscale fabric was created because “In season 3 the Costume Designer Michele Clapton wanted a Dragonscale like textured embroidery that starts to emerge on three of Daenery’s costumes, which becomes heavier and more pronounced, growing and evolving as the season progresses” (Carragher).

In stages 9-11 of the tutorial we see how the textile evolves from lightly to heavily embellished. This progression is meant to illustrate Daenarys’ personal growth and the growth of her dragons (source).

Here’s a link to Ms. Carragher’s website.


Don’t care about Game of Thrones but that shit is cool

I didn’t learn about sewing as much as I learned that, no matter what she currently gets, Ms Carragher isn’t paid enough.

25 Nov 15:45

Detection of nitroaromatic vapours with diketopyrrolopyrrole thin films: Exploring the role of structural order and morphology on thin film properties and fluorescence quenching efficiency

Chem. Commun., 2014, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C4CC08468C, Communication
Monika Warzecha, jesus calvo castro, A R Kennedy, Alisdair Macpherson, Kenneth Shankland, Norman Shankland, andrew john mclean, Callum John McHugh
The sensitive optical detection of nitroaromatic vapours with diketopyrrolopyrrole thin films is reported for the first time.The impact of thin film crystal structure and morphology on fluorescence quenching behaviour is...
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25 Nov 15:11

Distinct Mechanism of Oxidative Trifluoromethylation with a Well-Defined Cu(II) Fluoride Promoter: Hidden Catalysis

by Noel Nebra and Vladimir V. Grushin

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/ja5103508
25 Nov 14:31

Journey to That Point

by Dorothy


25 Nov 14:30

Michael Brown: May 20, 1996 – August 9, 2014

by Jazmine Hughes
by Jazmine Hughes

Everything that could've been said has been said; everything that could've been done was avoided. Last night, Michael Brown was put on trial for his own murder. You will hear me repeat this a lot: what age is a black boy when he learns he's scary? Millions learned last night.

Let's focus on the good. Mike Brown was 18 years old, freshly graduated from high school. He was funny, silly, quiet and respectful, a gentle giant. He liked to take selfies. He liked to rap, and there is not a goddamned thing wrong with that. He is gone, but we cannot forget him.

If you are angry, like me, here are some things you can do. First and foremost, always and forever, register to vote. There is no excuse. You can contact your local representatives to implore them to require body cameras on every cop. You can sign petitions like the ACLU's against racial profiling, or Change.org's to protect communities from police violence. You can donate: organizations like Black Lives Matter and Operation Help or Hush are on using social media to garner change, the National Lawyer's Guild is providing legal support to protestors, and the Ferguson library will remain open today even though schools are closed, to provide solace and shelter.

Keep thinking about Michael Brown. Keep thinking about Trayvon Martin, about Oscar Grant and Tamir Rice and Sean Bell, about so many others. Keep thinking about all those little black boys who never made it home, about all the little boys who are afraid to leave. But do more than think: do. "Let's not just make noise," as Brown's family has implored us. "Let's make a difference."

25 Nov 13:50

β-NaMnO2: A High-Performance Cathode for Sodium-Ion Batteries

by Juliette Billaud, Raphaële J. Clément, A. Robert Armstrong, Jesús Canales-Vázquez, Patrick Rozier, Clare P. Grey and Peter G. Bruce

TOC Graphic

Journal of the American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/ja509704t
25 Nov 12:48


25 Nov 12:13

Los 8 libros que, según Neil deGrasse Tyson, toda persona inteligente debe leer

by Ivonne Lara
Los 8 libros que, según Neil deGrasse Tyson, toda persona inteligente debe leer

El astrofísico Neil deGrasse Tyson sugiere 8 libros que toda persona inteligente debería leer.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson es sin duda uno de los científicos y divulgadores que en estos tiempos son más reconocidos, ya sea por su propio trabajo en su área (él es astrofísico), como por su activa presencia en los medios masivos en los que no hace otra cosa que llevar a la ciencia a las más altas estimas, así como la clave para comprender nuestro entorno.

Tal vez lo hemos conocido, en el mundillo del internet, como uno de los memes más virales que hayan existido. Esto sucedió justo por un video en el que explicaba quién era para él el científico más grande de todos los tiempos, Tyson se refirió a Isaac Newton como su elegido. Este video fue presentado para Big Think, este reconocido foro de internet y cuando lo explicaba, sus expresiones fueron tan peculiares que se convirtió en un boom que aún se ve repetido como meme a la menor provocación.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson fue el presentador de Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Claro que, no solo se trata de un científico carismático e inmortalizado en formato virtual. Neil deGrasse Tyson es el director del Planetario Hayden en el Centro Rose para la Tierra y el Espacio, es también investigador asociado en el Departamento de Astrofísica del Museo Estadounidense de Historia Natural. Además de ser presentador de NOVA Sciense NOW, un programa educativo y científico para el canal PBS. También es el continuador de la labor de divulgación científica del mismísimo Carl Sagan en el programa Cosmos. Su temporada que se llamó: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey y terminó de transmitirse hace unos meses.

Tyson tiene una gran presencia y participación en televisión e internet. Así fue como en Reddit se le preguntó sobre los libros que toda persona debe leer. La respuesta es muy ilustrativa y como siempre este científico da su toque tan especial. Al final agregó:

Gracias por este interés en mis sugerencias de libros. Desde algunas de sus reflexiones, parece que la intención de la lista no es tan claro como yo pensaba. El comentario de una línea después de cada libro no es una crítica, pero sí una declaración sobre cómo el contenido del libro influyó en el comportamiento de las personas que dio forma al mundo occidental.

Para aprender que es más fácil que los demás te digan qué pensar y creer que se trata de pensar por ti mismo.

Para aprender que el universo es un lugar que puede conocerse.

Para aprender de nuestro parentesco con otras formas de vida en la Tierra.

Para aprender entre otras lecciones satíricas, que la mayor parte del tiempo, los seres humanos son unos brutos.

Para aprender cómo el poder del pensamiento racional es la fuente primaria de libertad en el mundo.

Para aprender que el capitalismo es una economía de la codicia, una fuerza de la naturaleza en sí misma.

Para aprender que el acto de matar a otros seres humanos puede ser elevado a un arte.

Para aprender que la gente que no está en el poder hará todo lo posible por adquirirlo y la gente en el poder hará todo lo posible por conservarlo.

Tyson Looking at Space

Dice George RR Martin que "Un lector vive miles de vidas antes de morir. El hombre que nunca lee solo vive una." Así que será la lectura la que nos permita entrar a otros universos que de otra forma tal vez no viviríamos. Tomando en cuenta lo que dice Tyson en el post en Reddit, la pequeña descripción después del título es lo que él considera que puede aprenderse de él y no una reseña, dependerá de que tan familiarizados estemos con los 8 títulos sugeridos. Si ya leíste los libros: ¿qué tal analizarlos con el enfoque que comenta Neil DeGrasse? Si no, tal vez sea momento de ponernos a ello. En Bitelia nos sugieren 10 sitios para descargar ebook de manera gratuita y legal, no más pretextos. Enjoy!

27 Nov 22:19

New efficient (thio)acetalized fullerene monoadducts for organic solar cells: characterization based on solubility, mobility balance, and dark current

J. Mater. Chem. A, 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C4TA05965D, Paper
Tsubasa Mikie, Akinori Saeki, Hiroyuki Masuda, Naohiko Ikuma, Ken Kokubo, Shu Seki
We report a systematic study of organic photovoltaic cells using novel spiro-acetalized and (thio)acetalized [60]fullerene monoadducts bearing five- to seven-membered rings.
To cite this article before page numbers are assigned, use the DOI form of citation above.
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